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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the team itself consist though the Kasey Kahne and Bobby a bear and Deuce McAllister I'm Deke Bellavia coming at this hour with such shuffling in the sound. From today's practice and during that of Saints coach Sean Payton that would lead us all. Operating jaguar Pena Pau is a big WW dot com we're asking you. Why is so difficult for the Saints to run the football players to vote on line. At WWL. Dot com 2601870. You can text this in the heat seventy eights and indoor practice today. Andy Greene brown West Virginia and not long they'll be hitting two. Houston to take on the Texans and a couple of practices and also. On the pre season game number two of the back ago taking on Houston Texans and it's become. I guess it's a yearly pre season thing with the Houston Texans where is sound out the cannon ball spotted by tuning universe is continuing education studies. To even ladies is about behavior takes away one or two things that he. Like most from today's practice and cannon ball well Kenny Kasey Kahne and Woody have his cannonball. Yeah the is it via the power Obama comment on him no personal. You know as well and run the ball okay the thing is. It is scheme. Is how this team is structured but it's also the heart of the Hossa yeah it is the big cars in the front the personnel. I think. That Sean Payton was throwing the ball but I think it's like not run to set up the past is past is that of the run. At that we have that we didn't milk the clock the perfect scenario Mike Bell. In the fourth quarter we always program that we ate at the clock in that that pulled the team has a chance to win. Now. Those that they do what around the ball they'll run the ball if they're successful Olympic which means that I'm the that a patient. Is that you don't want to beat his head against the wall which like second in night. Now we try to run the ball league and anything you'd like is gonna keep running and running we not structured that way. The way we've got a hall of fame quarterback in Drew Brees. But simply weren't able to run the ball have the right right to please who witnessed in 20092011. To fix this rushing attacks I think. It is scheme and it is also personnel who's willing upfront. And like deuce literally depends who you play it. You know you pulled it like the Minnesota by is that okay you wanna run against them yet I would like an economic. It's who's that Detroit it would it would have tuna or to ruin you know OK you can run all you want to run 3040 times eighty united to be productive. So that being that now. As far as it can evolve. It is kind of funny we can't prepare molecule it apparel to keep but. It's an Edith is listening navy what I am saying. Well the year not only during the season. In an outstanding play on the ball a the corner route that he can't do. I was credit goes for an ankle OK on this on this like great pass defense and he looked at me I'd get them face beat that record that. And I think L record. You know the good plays but I'm also gonna record when you don't play well he told you know regardless ankle. He still regard that as a of course I'll record but I'm also the record. Earlier practice. Josh hill via water real real rough. Bottom bullet fifty yard gain the coaches got on that night Barry got cold and I think it's individual who. A lot of players in the eighth yards after the kids promise people. The apparel auto by. This than it should have been about a four yard gain he got it to him and with name one hand touch. At the bit out of it if the yard gains so. Their record that doom and with our record the positive and negative and we need him look RO. Available but he in his rookie year even last year. You look at his rookie year. Boy that looked like a legit. First round pick where you with that sophomore slump what are you wanna call it not so much. Last year I think it is the perils and then will we expect we each hit it apparently yours were the key but. Complicated apparel and it's been a column about it they would execute ways they certainly could blatantly they count and make him a column out that the Yankees. In the car he had with Garza didn't mean. And our lap event and RBIs article on Obama all owned them as it did we were doing the players like oh he was give me 11 word answers them all like me. I'm thinking like dude we we does he does that thing is and then it would mean you guys have any idea versatile. In the mean I am blow one whistle I'd won a damp saint Jets nobody so I'll fourteen to a to a fourteen and do it. Not. Excuse me I got them to do with me if you great final and then to do with it but if you sorry I'm mostly use art and if you Graham was that you. Yes it's exactly always doing his reporting era record that positive or negative and I gave him his props. That that was a nice play on a corner route nice recovery the bat the ball away pro branding coach which would have been at thirty plus our team so in total record that and that's that you have a record that I was sort of positive and the negative. Bigs tonight navy thinks that at times he you know my good off season he has listening. All I'm in boards at all that it what I think it's credit given to get it on a lack Aachen promised today I can promise social media all everything that's exactly right I would take it them out come back get some calls president a lot of sound get to coach Dennis Allen defense when he spoke to the media today. Veteran Roman Harper PJ Williams Toronto Austin spoke for the for attend his camp. And say coach John Payne was supplement some of our resident pros take on practice the most addressed the way to be some sound. And some phone calls. That was can involve Bobby JB has taken its budget by Tony universities. Continuing educate studies this is sports talk on WWR. And welcome back. Each and every day endurance sports talk we have a several speeches ever bring including four including Floyd down to put downs about to buy do got. Has control was thought I would do Spurs deuce a couple of down so some things you took away from today's practice that stood out or coach. Well it is the intensity of the defense practically in the goal are short yard situation you know I thought it was good that a thought yet at a lot of different guys making plays and they were active. Obviously the negative there is a losing rankings in that real mean but overall you have to be in Chris wood how they fought you know. The Rick recognizing Rolen. An and and were able to fight we're a having control of the last groups. Gates again by BA bare cupboard downs have for you we talked I was about earlier you know Kenny the Karo deuce talked about Thomas most days. Defense is these days is usually about their points and that this is how I can't this goal Lambert this kid has been the divot they've been they've been a few more physical parts of his can't hasn't. Yet. They have gone lives I would say a short Maria four days you size the goal line when actually work tackling. You know it's like Dan excuse then he built them fans. Although you know we got a tackle or practice that that's the problem is starting tackles then if somebody like Shelvin rank it gets hurt. Well YZ in there it means that elevated its football I mean it's just bad luck whatever you wanna call it in glad that. It does look like it to be season ending of these I'm just speculating again I guess that early in the show I think is sure. That opened the QB bank when the Carolina Panthers of the superdome but. The ego of the Florida Manama look at it. Not all teams do this. Which on pain that I think does deadly hit pitch and at the tail and like Belichick and I think is sure handful of coaches. Where he goes over all the rules with the players at different situations. And his call the free kick rule. And they have. I think for they call that's on the silent call a money ball it what it is that could get in and a half. Our team could be eight seconds left like you said eleven seconds four seconds. When a team's money and you have to fair catch it. And then all of us that you get a free. The field goal kick. And what they did was because this scenario and if feel that the punt the things right before the half. It would auto rushed Connor Barth that at camp a sixty yard field goal and he made. And so that would be. At the Barrett can't you get a free kick it bit deceiving with four bat but he does this 62. Yarder it was wide right he had put his hat he thought he had to live on a back. When in close now and new here myself though okay again yeah I'm thinking I might have been gladly did enough orbit to heaven knows. That quick not abort that good from 65. In the close but it was definitely down the middle. O'Connor bar. You know that that now the strong pressure type kick. But I got to realize that. You collect a field goal with they can return and Auburn alum and it's so you have to cover. If you are short because that the kids can return it. But it's called in the pre K rule and we called money ball. And that be an unusual situation I think if it is that we do because it's basically a field goal and now the Raj. And you know what it if they can block the ever that it's Richie he kicked a seventy party members that Ashton that genetic now polian told us without Brady. He has if he can he keep keep this seventy yard bugle there was no rush and keep considering you know you like it on a board game a big. With that three picking you to get this seed yet. At the end about half our game when you have to fair catch it and you get a freaknik in. The few who could be significant getting the momentum halftime. Maybe having a chance that in the game. All right 260 warning sending text us any Timmy Timmy. As go to should be took they get the call and WW ago. I mean I do it I'm locals say too much today. Who currently begin and update. Foreign McConnell you know talk about a few weeks spectacle in his age you know we initial night talking about record this in practice. In I don't kill the way I mean yeah. Play practice beacon wannabe. Troy Polamalu well you'll remember you. You know it could be it did it or TJ ward a came at Uga shall every week Steve that would still look you know we we can. Every week like they articles what we do every now and this is basic medical leave. If you wanted to I'm not into that situation in earnest don't know if people respect to everybody in the NC. Now with the guy I would like all the table for us. You don't have to be able to but at least pick you know all available for us because we get that we you know we go. You cage people form QB plea or a play maker not a plea deal on the tree. I need to beat or be anything else. Guess it may have shot today. So always be here commute. Thank you so much an Italian team and you know he's that they. I think guys. In any sport book particular we talked about and you know keep Millwood to Saints because it is a football area. People if you come up it's almost like Allen Iverson you know practice practice if you do good in the games. In Baghdad go back to one of the of the players you play and you sit you sit Andre horizon was like he was completely though he won a dude on the practice but in the game you could count on him. If you do some good in the games and people kind of kind of blow up I mean not to just both whose play but damn like man you were about it is I know he got it didn't you don't do good in the game when you come up you say it will will call me impressed. This and people go like. Practice you get to right to get. Is that I'd pay rise and Mark Taylor with Payton after practice. For an eagle scout team that fickle Dudley and laid down in front everybody that. Though nobody unit that it. That's kind of stroke like theorize that lords it up like at Iowa linebacker Steelers feel that by not running any scout team reps or something like crazy. I don't worry about it LT. These crucial for the game. And that kind of thing they'll listen it's all about our Duke game guys that you ultimately want a great practice player and a great game where. Because you leading by example when as far as performance. And that's. I can't say if you beat Hewitt practice you do indicating. Which ignited the odds and as a world the largest in a night horizon. It doesn't matter you know due to practice they've done it in the game the inning game out. I've seen Deion Sanders. Culprit a baseball game a Major League Baseball playoff game getting a helicopter. Don't even have his football equipment dues. And all of a sudden you show up that board game like love forty game and getting his pads up and equipment I have equipment. That they want rampant practice in hole Gabriel at the one. Who was a Pro Bowl receiver and had an idea you're about Woody's go to practice. If breed if I don't know much but I'm is saying. But Carroll does it just is that you played it well you have to read. I think there yeah I think there's more out of first race and I haven't unity you know award and the hopefully we've seen a different player because it has to build would be that quote local animal on the EU where he can go out and he can do it. You know for the year he 456. And you know he he could have report surfaces and you'll just have. I'm a dynamic year as far as defense and that's what we need you know and we solved some neighbors to do you know we saw also Manning in his first year. It says that peak at those you know this week ball are Keenan Lewis they'll grow we all are kidding apparel Jerry is super couple of good and patient. Men blew it and I like them or indicate about it things on Sunday he knew we don't wanna be seen here in a good mood. Talking about how we would somebody's Taylor vs innate talk about how we gave up seven touchdowns and six are yards. You got to be audio in my we'd much rather be token good in Maine I can promise that we as the half. Think he can't happen is that income and it Bears are in the local equivalent. All right just happen that input coached in a Sammy came in in May. She as an assistant might have been deep and it's quite if it remained this season in which that is title now he's coming up later but first at the news we'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payne on today's practice. WW induced. Everyone's a winner in this town welcomes. Are right in the last nine minutes of the program we continue can't negating the recap from our resident pros they take on today's practice at the with the went over early but we also shuffle and the coaches and players to sound from the real food at the course those. Who we follow Saints coach jumping always meet things off and his coach on pain at the today's black and go practice at the green brown was the genius. Broke quickly no roster changes. And a couple situations. With today's practice. Situationally. Small players will be off. You come back Wednesday. In practice and then travel on Wednesday night much like last week and he questions. It. And a half for in the game. And the opponent. Is backed up on there two or three yard line and generally there's been no it was a little breeze in their face. Eight seconds left in the half. Eight seconds left in the game. Four seconds three seconds. Eleven maybe. But you feel like you're gonna catch this pond in a favorable spot. It's fair catch free kick it's a rule that allows you to fair catch on. And right from the spot which you catch it. You can attempt. A field goal try with your kickoff team. My experience has been one I've seen it's generally been a little breeze. Into the face of the honor. And so we just that was today's special situation regards the kicking game if it was. The opponent backed up and we have to catch. We have to catch can't hit the ground generally it's a grounder to short of those returners and then. You know your run office boys but that was that was situation. It is our. Yeah yeah that's a normal punt. So old yes. Are we kick it and we're sure it's just like a long field goal attempt they can happen people got back there caption. Absolutely. Nothing speculate. Next question. We win when any player not like him goes down like dad wrecked somebody and it. You're gonna count on how how do you deal with the players we've got a message he's. Were practicing and that's us and we'll get it will get an update and keep posted but. You know we're trying to get you the reps in and obviously you never once you've flirted down and and hopefully the news good. What we better get. Yeah I mean it typically they've been pretty good. Pretty stout defense and well they had a late game last night. Bill now have a chance to talk today and kind of mapped out what we're trying to get done on Thursday. Collectively and then what's the objective on Friday. And of course replace Saturday night. But I I think much the same way both teams are looking to get some out of it to improve and then. You know you get to the game and it's not like you have to spend. A day or two with the look squad simulating the other team you're actually getting the other team and I think that's beneficial especially for the younger guys on the line. It. Yeah well good look at the tape typically. You today when he plays scripted. You know it's our. Pretty normal goal line. Practice that we haven't can't a book to be considered pretty good job you know just on the field without. They can beat you office you have some plays but yeah you're trying to be. Physical coming off the ball you're talking about technique that global all those things that you needed to do well that I'm situation. Got a couple days the the film of your offensive line we've withdrawn that would that would you notice back. Well I mean look it. You're just. You'll healthier obviously Anderson playing inside to Ron is you know. You know we think a real good left tackle he's front that's the rust off and kind of get back into playing shape. But each day there's been so there's something else we're working on it we're trying to improve on them. Just a solid defense you know. Both are successful in our league the one gap defense. Is more penetrating. Defense and it probably doesn't have the same size requirements. To get defense doesn't two gap defense you know there's prototype of what the end. Looks like with the outside linebacker looks like in. We just different styles and philosophies and in both. Have been awfully successful. Power play. Does it matter. Yeah I mean I. My experience and gotten through to get defense is you know those outside linebackers very quickly become defensive ends when it's a sub rush. But you know in a rush situation third down. You're you're not talking about one or two gap that's really how you play in the early downs. Well I think this I think he's extremely Smart I think. Typically when you have a young player that's self like he has there's there's. There's something down inside. That motivates him these extremely athletic. And then you put. His ability. With you know his mental toughness and his and his make and you know guys really grown up right from Verizon. And become a real good and felt players so there's usually a combination of talent. He is athletic and he he's able to stay in front of the rough it's very seems kind of simple but he can stay in front of. The situation. Cool and well. Days. Ago. That lockers in place and there is that like why is it that way. Doubt it gets some high zones in those situations words quarterback it's hard it. You know you hear that you hear. I hear this all the time we got to get a first down depth well when it's that. Long. Defensively there's some times where. Where they're drops take them becomes more challenging due to throw completion for first downs are likely good for her. And so how do you. Plan and underneath throw and then there's certain release pattern walk. You gotta catch it just before they engaged and so it's almost like a plan. Underneath throw with blockers. Here. He'll have bet on that drive he'll have that on somewhere you got to defeat a block if you're still in your zone. And here's the other thing. You know the Smart player begins to see and recognize and then. You know see it pretty quickly bubble sit you don't those Wednesday night's laid on third and fifteen and offensively Sina. Kind of a picket fence coverage and you've got to think of way to throw underneath of this and still get the yardage or give yourself a chance to get the arch. The leaders be it last year he almost couldn't believe he was the starter and the NFL kind of rode the team down. From last year. Well he's stronger. I think there's this strikes line the running game aviary he continues to work on his assets in his pass protection. You know it's plated senator he's played at guard and so. You know he has gotten some. Pretty good game snaps you know even as a starter. So the keys you know is is is just continue to work on those areas that come up in games that that he feels he has to approval was the most. I. Well. At the combine he ran for six something or other and faster than a lot of the receivers so I would say that. And then every time you set on on a real good pass rusher you know. Thanks to see this consistency in his technique is that what this is a but he he does a lot of things. Really well. Yes. That. Well if you were Paul and did you would have been here we will come back I think. We're going to. Carolina. So are you tough matchup there. And against you defense. And and couple weeks later here we go in and all of a sudden. You know he's playing well you. In the belong you know so matter of four or five to six weeks. You know it was just guys are in in. It happened. In one season where. The mistakes in that first start. Gotten half were cut in half and handle the sudden. You know by the third start of force or next week where. That was knows. That was notes. That is Saints coach John Payne on today's black and go practice and why do you think the Saints have difficulty. Running the football that's operated day or Pena polyp the derby derby or the outcome comes with 20. And get to take in also for the first time this. Season I guess you'd say going into the season this training camp will hear from one of the best offensive lamb and all of football recently. Struck it rich and of course earned every nickel of it that being Saints Tony missed tackle. Enron on Stan Deke Bellavia all of our resident pro Bobby they've been Deuce McAllister here on the home of the black and gold this is WWL. From a gold and I am aware of Arkansas I'm blog to a 65 million dollar contract and they're notorious Ivan putting guarantees Toronto Armstead is quickly. They've taken a game to another level that they in the game of the left tackle one of the best in the National Football League where he was on the PUP taken off and now he's back connects including talking to the media. College days back and go practice. Cause a daily process trying to get better trying to improve. Any aspect of the game focused on today. It's been trying to do this is so long ago when you. It's kind of hard to say. Maybe when I when I got my first thought actually doing it against really I felt that week week after week. You know you get the confidence from initiative abilities over and over so. So once I got my ball lays under the west Coast Guard them. This week after week kinda tellem called to do it's it's yeah it's a it's been good doing good doing good conditioning part of you know. John Mark Russell take because in the groove and off as the flows. A long work as a unit so it's trying to get back in the same. Same group was this the rest of those guys that. Feel pretty good feel pretty good arms field knocking Russell. This item lives up. Tussle and so. What he's seen you play next September we'll kind of broke. See you save. No it couldn't believe you handle similar to. Tim's views critic on myself and as a good thing. He you diagnosed everything he does try to work to give us. And I mean you got to go to guy like that as trying to get. It's no way he would he won't so. Mean the fact that he's so hard on his so few words to get better our guard got all the faith and Toronto that you. The Dolphins. It would take terrorist thing that I solo as much time elation of my guys that you. Yeah. That's the guys Mays drugs in this offseason home whatever reason he's learn more about the game more experienced Russian he's. He's he he's shown challenges. He's incorporated some some follow it was Pete Rose. A cigar were a lot off the field. He's. He's improved. As. Well. That's him that's as the and they these days ago. These are Mota since he walked in he's. It. Anything and it. I can do to help any team mate and it's the same him telling me something that was on themselves and we all just sort of much of a forward part. Yeah. He's been improved a lot he's been as they worked really hard any technique thing I see I kind of incorporate in my game left elected to help him out I don't know and these Elijah to help him be in between him and yeah I'm I'm kind of like the third most experienced guy on the O line is. It's kind of funny. It's that thing this already good. I mean I'm due within our embraces. A lot of young guys the match he a lot of courses and it's I would work with anyone else. You. There for sure it was sort of film room. I assume the other guys what to do what those guys. Our goal of small details that need things. Watching practice. Given up on defense look at that other teams so. Yes and it's my job Islam is all I'm doing. Just let them. Celebrate here what what is this gives him experience here been like here and have it there. Haven't been out practicing for the first couple weeks. I mean just Watson and me going through this is one of the it's early but I think his best of this thing we've trying to count we've had since we've been coming to. Energy and got the defense because fun and who got me enthusiasm and experience. Mean is it's nice Alou out of the way a team is. We've got some tough ones you can feel. So it feels like. Good to me he uses. There. But guys that. They decided to much doubt the best my ability whatever that is we'll have a coach. Any player in the news do those are the best in my view points. And that is sates of a dilemma Tyronn Armstead anymore sound a come to a lot of our resident pros Bobby Davin Deuce McAllister this is sports talk aren't Saints radio WW.