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Think Tank 1210pm Southwestern Louisiana Flooding

Aug 16, 2016|

Update on flooding in his district. He grew up in Lafayette. He was with the Governor all day Monday in Lafayette, Vermilion, and Iberia Parishes Will the Electoral College determine who goes to the White House? Also, Do you think the Republican Party is committing suicide? Did the Republican Party...by nominating Donald Trump and alienating young voters, Latinos & other minorities...weaken and cause the decline of its membership? Can the GOP regroup and gain respectability again after nominating Donald Trump? What’s the one thing the Donald says that you love; the one thing that makes you cringe the most? This hours guest: Dr. Charles Boustany - Congressman-from Lafayette Ron Faucheaux - Political Analyst & President of Clarus Research Group

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All the way to booted a horror of flooding in Louisiana continues. Where doctor Charles Bruce on the withers congressmen from Latvia and who was requested them present involvement disaster declaration. For a ankle all votes to win the more or shoes. Then the president is and so for. And I think dog to the sun is been with the governor Buick and the tragedy. Doctor appreciated call. Garland is great to be with you I was with the governor yesterday. Touring areas in my neck of the woods. Katie and a we've had extensive flooding in some areas one stabilizing. And Summers was to a rescue operations on going. The slope or the governor asked for 21 Paris just to be declared as I say federal emergency. That's been submitted to the president the president. Obviously grow for war. Eight were world then approved this morning. And but we still some additional pairs is that you need to be added to this list are going to be contacting the white else again contacted them by phone yesterday morning urged him expedite. The governor's request. And our delegations also called up with a letter that we submitted to president. But people can park across state our first responders and doing a magnificent job. Witnesses in the on going problem. In some ways it's different from Kurt gains because it or any net and then. You have you know obviously the wind damage and then flooding damage occurs in the immediate time backwards. This is a more prolonged rainy and that. As a whole different dimension to rescue recovery. Part of this. And so we're continuing to work to do Ebert this weekend I'm just rise to emerge we have a director of FEMA. Crews polonium two meet with the delegation. And what will Wear eagerly looking forward to that meeting at 1230. A big if you would give me your description. Award troops seen. And if your talk with the in the meteorologist. What are what are they telling about how long that back quarters can get to flow shall. Oh all the one issue it varies depending where you wore for instance if you take Singapore and Paris which is wedged between. The etched in the premier rivers. Backwater answered distorting to become readily evident. But he the green. And the other letting it rain all. Same thing now with the movement taught that it's in crested yet. And it's out west Louisiana that rivers to crest. On Thursday. And so we're seeing rising water Crowley in some areas in Katy Perry right now on that debt problem. In Lafayette parish. We add the obviously water accumulate. All homes businesses and create watered them so in some instances even higher. But. Then in selected areas. Where. You used to have swollen swollen. Waterways small one when drainage canals social work. We are seeing. Some rising water but I think I think most of the water. In some of these Lanier is has receded has beginning to recede LAPD. The debris or crest it's sort the word pretty good shape they're that we in some areas east of rising water. How big that I'm still confused over with is give. Oh goodness forbid a low one hole. And had to re doing a good probably screwed together the money with the bank loan may be in May do little help from being moved maybe a little help. Remind insurance company U of I had insurance. But the second time around. I don't know how why would scream together the funds from between mark and now. Or 1983. And now. To rebuild. Those below come in and take care most of it a lot of those people had no insurance Robert. Well that's correct and that your heart breaks out. If you were particularly over the flood zone and you required to luggage stretched the typical mortgage. And you do what insurance then yes you can tap into the flood insurance you'll have a deductible shall what. And that that can help. If you are in flood zone indeed not there flood insurance. You're going to be in. It left you left out. That the federal program and that's going to be a problem can be relied upon your own personal resources maybe some charitable well. Period in non flood zone and did not a couple of insurance. And you do indeed flawed. Europe that you can receive up to thirty about 33000. Dollars in assistance to help you recover. It doesn't guarantee you'll get 33000. It could be substantially less than we should get some help. I'll the most important things document the damage but I'll get most of Louisiana. Is prone to flooding in it and those who do not let insurance. That there are going you know to fully recovered and require personal resources and in charitable. And that's going to be a problem for a lot of people the quick as I understand in Denham springs which is not my district. 9090%. Of homes flooded. I don't know what percentage of those that flood insurance or not but they're gonna have problems. But like carbon tinge of gold an area. We're drug to people that a blogs are home toys more action now. I don't know if they had not flooded in the hundreds. Of years. Didn't have flood insurance because it would leave them a ball and a muted you'd never ever ever floods there. All right are all we're gonna have 101520000. People will. 30040000. Dollars in the pocket on able to rebuild their home or business. I think that it would be the case and knew about it just that we don't have the numbers yet meet those numbers still coming here and talked a number of mayors. You're still trying to determine. Than the numbers of homes have been. Been flooded and so forth and businesses. Calculations are still ongoing right now and as I said it complicated by the fact he used to have rising water somewhere so. This is it's one of those. Than usual advance. Because it's it's. The result of just torrential rainfall. Then you have definitely flooding occurring because sworn loan waterways. And there and problems with drainage in the rivers. Dog to lose sun continues stay with the is ten more minutes. I think so yeah all right triggered quote Greg come right back callers say it was David in the amended bill. We've got numbers on ailments they would there's couple more minutes compensation. Above the one of the again and historic. Floods in the museum. On the rodeo with the doctor controlled who's selling. Louisiana congressman the doctor appreciated son know your visit to Oman would go to David in meant to go over to question him. It requested. Are. Obviously oh yeah. And all the people albeit thought I'll. There is double what it doubles by the at army buddy John Elway ought to buy outs. And and it is there aren't sure what are you don't need it and we got a Belichick. Again that lies and the government. What what are. So you don't get but what. Too well what what ports optical and by house. And yeah you're getting a mortgage and house are you going to do via the process by house. Yet it's determine whether that houses in eclipse so not in it it's considered a zone that you spoke to buy insurance. If you don't and it glides and you have no recourse. And FEMA assistance will not be available. Now if you by the house in it's not you know designated flood zone and you don't captive by law or just like insurance. Well and that's what you duplicate that there is a program that will now. We were you to get up to 33000. Dollars. In assistance from FEMA in disaster relief. It's not always that much yet to document everything in and that's that's what the law reads today. You know and and so but a lot of people. We're not required to a couple of insurance they can access that program will it solve all the problems. The answer is probably no but you know that's that's the best that there will be again it under the circumstance. Aren't Borger Stephen New Orleans your own but Dong drew boos Sony. Yes. Are awful people got loaded to include not sell. And now I'm really conflict with this because I have what insurance but I still have a bit to your heart out deductible. And being that not gonna be outlook on deductible I feel like you know. Chaebol duke it out like sure I'm not acquired at an act so I don't edit that got us edit. Well well I would but I but again study Butte and yet people in certain areas haven't plotted and hundreds of years. Right Don. You know I mean that's and that's what we're seeing today this was on your mother. Mild case I'm not courtship led insurance but I haven't anyway and that that I agree the deductibles are too high the cost that is to harness so that would. In congress were gonna try to address next year because the flood insurance program comes up. To get renewed authority next year and our delegations to be right at the poor product trying to fix these problems with a and the fundamental problem with the pledge or program national plug church program. Is that it. It missed the risk is not spread widely adopted the bring premiums down and so these issues were trying to address going forward. All right one more caller and then they in Covington. Torture on March. You insurance property supposed to. Do what you can. You almost got the most damage. We're. I think there's situations where. Does lectured me back cover everything. You know I guess again take each individual case. But there is FEMA assistance available to help with other thing that's what church does not cover current cents evacuation cost and other other types of things that are not part of the actual what damaged house. And so that that's that's why the FEMA assistance can be very bad people. And I was on the rebuke from amongst during Katrina. And all we heard were complaints that insurance companies. That insured. Found reasons not to totally repair helps or. Give them what the decline and thought they need it has anything been done about that or can anything be done about that. Well yes and certainly. The insurance companies are bound by contracts law to commit here what they've underwritten in a field that in there as we. Know certainly. We would wanna hear about those kinds of episodes in and report those kind of things to the insurance commissioner your state. Are they do board scores show mortar and Annika related lends money. The flood program you'd talked about 24. Billion dollars in debt. We've got everything I read over 40%. Of the population. In this country. Is now distributor round coastal areas. Number one. Hon how do you. Help people like you've been here at this time. When we have a program and 24 billion dollars in debt and honing his spread the cost surround them. To Colorado and Minnesota that are gonna say you should live there in the first bullets. Well you know we have. They'll they'll area in this country is immune to one. And that's been one of the problems that that risk is not been spread more and more widely across country. With regard to the the flood insurance program secondly we need more private insurance options in terms. There and be more competition. Within the program keep premium cost down. And so the number of issues we have to look at what forward next year to assure that we workable program. And I think I think there are a lot of ideas out there on how to access. The bottom line is we have that will do it and because you're right there are a lot of coastal communities. In Louisiana but of Archos is working working coast it's vital for the rest of the country. Whether it's willing to answer our fisheries. A lot of agriculture. These these things all have to be considered in the calculation. And final question. Are all week and a sword being priced out of our homes by escalating cost. Of insurance. And I would assume in free market you can put a cap on what is the insurance company makes but. I can tell you how many people I know that they've moved some other place. Because they can no longer afford the insurance. Well that there's a risk and that's why we have to try to get the policies right. That you know the federal policy that governs all of us. In the right place so that we don't get priced out of our homes that is the risk we race. And it's very acute risk your Louisiana I can tell you it's at at the top of my list of things pretended. From a congressional standpoint no question about world. Darker blue blue June anything else that you moon told the your listeners. This Atlanta thing I would say is those who were in the disaster area. Go here. Here in register with FEMA web the it's been declared local disaster area and not because it will be cold beer and people get all twenty parishes. You can go to W. WW dot disaster assistance dot. Or called directly at 1800. 6213362. That we you can register with FEMA and you know and and for whatever assistance will be available. Doctor era a new your mega busy appreciated that time I have but he better day. Thank you thank you grow it here doctor Charles Bruce on the congressman from Latvia the the to me. The bad news good news is the bad news uses. We keep getting hit with the floods and we're gonna hear more and more from all of there. Mid western stage northern states it's shouldn't be living there in the first Feliz in during Katrina. We were kind of alone in that accusation. And we just don't have the political and economic pulled to change that mindset. But. New York got hit the members sandy. Charleston. North Carolina. Evolve and yet there are all threatened by the same thing we are. Value or much richer. Amending or people with you and there are send written congressional forty's much more politically powerful fall. Sure Obama's army and grow join them. May be we actually get something done covered right back but I via. All right Brees would sources thinking about TO presidential campaign is always on call wrong pollution. Our political analyst president of roads through church group wrong welcomed the show zones thanks for the drama. I was seeing you results of the Virginia poll. What book to all Euro polling. Accumulations. Saying to use. Well in and in the last few days the news despair and particularly bad Donald troll. Even knows. The national. Oh lead that Hillary Clinton as in in polling and not be enormously glory. She wasn't a point where she is 101250%. Polls are the most remote. More recent polls showing your well like 578. Torture. But. The state by state polls. It's a real trot trot for trump. To be able to win the Electoral College Mitchell. Is the current wars. Gained eight to get all. 206. Electoral votes that Mitt Romney got. Thought he needs to get 64 electoral votes that Barack Obama. Went well so that means that the apps. Eric war. In the latest poll showed Clinton ticket to the he'd probably absolutely. Aerial. In the latest poll Schuettler but he is it here. He would like to carry pencil lenient that would certainly. Be a big victory for him but the latest polls show he's he's wearing like they are. It and purchased music to stick. Which in Utica searching electoral votes used to both public and all the time shall bought whites. It right now the poll actually port with that pretty quickly checked. So. So all these polls act. One in number two if there's no rule meant to happen between now election. To resent that numbers. Then then all of bought it then triumphs options to win. Maturity Electoral College. Look like they're rapidly close now. It out the big exception that of course is there's no that. Resent the developers and we're an election year where there's been unexpected events like settle at all. So there's plenty of time. Things happened. Problems or wise at the opportunities for all that nutrient. Electoral College. Trump. Has a very difficult on it would include has a much. Clear out. Arrigo a couple of particularly the horn dog to. Reports have these. The so I guess they appeal. The bidding released including nappy. Interview. Do you you know congress shoes you were there for yours and yours you're and you know the people that that weren't there. Is there really in the chants. Of the FB. Releasing interviews. All blurred the person of the person that could become president of the United States and become their ball. I would think that would be home party for French. Particularly in a situation. Where you don't entity criminal action the legal. And and in that they'll know what awards talk. On confidentiality. But at my kisses. It it would be it likely that would happen. On the other side calling we live in the world now where there's a lot of leak oil auto authorize leaks should illegal leaks. And go whether to open like that could happen notes. And it is new movies kids on illegal. I'd and no one ever heard the sound by ads have perverts and I think both for the appeal. Call me before the Columbia bill. Came out made his statement. Where she said I did not. Have any emails that were highly confidential in the open. But there were top secret. Emails in the open and went cold Lee made his statement he basically said. That she did that. It isn't that illegal words of the breakaway. Well it. Talked to a lot of water to get experience and in these types of matters and other ask them what they thought and most of them have told breathe that they thought. Coldly made a pretty strong case why actually did in fact violate the law. And in that its conclusion and not true blood to take legal action was surprising given to Casey made public. You know the Valero. Not there are some people disagree with that putt. But I think this there's a strong real won a lot of attorneys who were. We don't have importers should actually brought that that there was you know pretty solid trees. That call me a pretty solid base there. And it and in what why keep you can prosecute. Well that's not care frequently due to come up with this motor and should that go but that that's certainly been a problem important and you know the irony here is that what was running against anybody else but Donald Trump. She would probably pretty. Wait out oh. Republican candidate we'll probably be way out. Our boom we come back code I'm guessing. This is a little bit too complicated to become the public issue. But the reports are dubbed Trump's campaign manager Paul my report. Had consulted. Courtroom for Ukraine's ruling political party. And handwritten ledgers. Shown. He got twelve million plus dollars in cash payments we'll talk about Dublin we come back. Double of the old big 870 AM monro fund three of them. About the presidential campaign in a bra and pulled through with the Arab political analyst president class roots roots church group. Always called him. Wrong it is this person complicated to come. In a major issue. Trump campaign manager New York tolerances. And ms. Coleman report. Nortel and polygamy consulted for Ukraine's ruling political party. And Britain ledger showed twelve point seven million dollars in under close cash money designated. Or him. Rome is pro Russian political parting but two in 20020072012. And this news. According to hood Ukraine's newly formed national anti corruption bureau. The judges too complicated for the public to the Dodgers. Well it certainly is too complicated now and and it's it's not a the candidates to there's been bought or what we can shut. I don't know the global football map of fort I don't know anything about his business so cute trillion. Whether there's any truth there. To any of that. But we always hear of the a dud crawled people saying. Well that you know that's the potential issues they are where somebody can gin gin maker K. That trumpet this campaign. You're getting hell from. The Russians. That's a very different situations. Just called for being in the middle solemn. Business issues that doesn't concern to him pretty. If they can ticket make a link to truck the truck yeah I think that's a whole different. Killed fish. But that that has not been done. Or did tell me about this Bill Clinton's been a little office 115 years. And nor heard Hillary Clinton say that when they let the wideout they were virtually broke. There words now according to news reports from looking at. Two and forty million dollars but Bill Clinton so. Working story. The I mean for a profit education company and god seventeen and have million. Did think that just from speeches. Well like edit from street cheers that year. Consulting treaties here for both oil trees. That's really the already. Main sources. And and of course they get it because they're celebrity's sit there and play caller in. I guess a lot of people think it's important they may have power. And his schooling there ever released the good trend groups of those speeches. I believe she is not. I believe she. Ballooned old. And we are going to knowledge if that Bernie Sanders made an effort. Are those groups but to my knowledge should at least. Oh and one other quick question. Clinton religion or actor turned. Donald Trump says he can he's being ought to include waltrip born Bob for the says yes we can and I'm being audited to and is in Missouri new way legally where he gets forced to revealed the attack returns. I don't believe so there's no requirement in the law that. No doubt which warships to them. It's really up to elaborate ones to do ordered. End. And so Horry hasn't done it in and I think it has hurt and to some extent huddle with it. That by itself been fatal bullet but it's one of the many issues that are now being used to attack truck. Wrong always a pleasure thank you withdraw and have a good day. I mean. I'm unchartered and I just don't give voting for even more than these people. A quarter of a billion dollars. In fifteen years from speeches and book revenues and whatever else. And if Abuja strictly on the up and Clinton won't allow us to see what she said. In the speeches that she gave to people we can pay that kind of money. And trump. Born choices tax returns when Warren Buffett says or hunting is not a legal problem of course she can do it but I mean. It isn't. I'm sorry. If we were in Germany in the 1930s. In the vogue resumed between Himmler and Hitler. When you go over a third party. Double the video. Are obscure dessert she will ask. We'll have made him pay attention to go drunk planned to do Pete I thesis and the is a mainstream media already thrown called the president raised before it released swings into high gear. Screwed. Come rubbed addicts. Thank you relive thing you have a much better days than we've been having W ago.