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8-17 4pm Deke: on fantasy football

Aug 17, 2016|

Deke takes calls on whether you play fantasy football, and if so, why.. and if not, why not.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon the team is Deke Bellavia our guys are traveling to the eights down gaining said. To take on Houston a couple of practices Thursday and Friday and in the black and goes second game. And that will be on Saturday night in Houston against the Texas where you're Christian Garret gave debrief. Deuce McAllister and Bobby a ban organ about the Saints and their practice today the final practice at the Greenbrier. My discover agony dot com published in recruiting analysts will be with the latest on the by you being was coming off a scrimmage yesterday. And how is serious is the ankle entry to an informant. Kevin Payne who is so with the senior writer Ferraro wired com what talk about fantasy football now if you ever taken. I dive into this you may be a person it's like. I don't care for as a lot of things sport play like we just don't care. And then there's those things there although he meaning camp for the masses completely say. Well if formal Lewis mean the ones that care for something then not. Tennessee football falls into that category. There is something at the bottom of the screen. I think it first started off with being one of the news channels. Probably see it and see Spain. It was a stocks. Dvd. What with stock was trading mean trade him to open down. The ticker crawl at the bottom of screen. Fantasy football and broaden it to hold no level. What's it was like the care to Nicholas green the score you like some stuff now on old school television where there was nothing on the screen nothing but the game nights ago. That is complete change of Tennessee football has really dictated that. You see the top. A score on the team in the new breed an individual stance and it gave you'd have a point person at least give you quarterbacks that's. Of each quarterback it gave Utah brushing use the Utah. Pass receiving guy is. And the unit there's somebody in the return to Mexico for a touchdown or Dunston inspect tech like picks six. That is there because of fantasy football fantasy sports I have not been one as it's been involved aptly a couple of times has allowed. Free sites you can go to will be more educated about it and it's that big the mean it's a billion dollar industry it in a Theo is making more money on. And if a formal way it's scamming all football. I mean is very very very much the same thing in need is a points system you know you can and at the points in this to have been several thousands of dollars. Then one week. And more than an apartment on that down then one weekly. On fantasy football so it's a big deal and it's a high number it's almost like the NCAA tournament bracket with CP to turn it who full. There's a high number of of women that are involved in this mean that. Like a certain team but Beno. How to play fantasy football. 260187. In what has he operated Jack jaguar opinion poll. Do you play fantasy football yes I love it. No I don't like all that adjusting to the real game plea. I thought about playing but I have yet. And it was should take him or you won it kind of started off I'm not much on fantasy but. Somebody got involved in like it may be went to one of the draft means he's so it was fun. And there's there's a lot of people to get to give only cans in the in this is in action throughout the week. You can learn a lot. Really you can learn a lot about transactions and how these teams operate up playing fantasy football. You can know that just like when the injury report estimated on Friday afternoon. Would bet Friday afternoon I'm as the team's final Monday which will be Saturday at noon. You don't know who's who's in who's out there at the mic you know if somebody is out but it frat. In these so I could be out later but bad point and he's when he won Napoli. Questionable game time decision doubtful probable. All of it their place heavily into it because by a certain time you had to submit your starting line. Yet dismayed who your starting and if somebody is born on quote. Maybe doubtful or me it looks like I mean you got to submit that. You really do and adapt part of it comes into as well. How do you place this guy any it to me it's a lot about the game you may have a good matchup. All of football wise from a fan's perspective like this can be a good game but he may be the complete opposite to you who play fantasy football. Like a good defense in game where you got big numbers on offensive guys. You might not start him if the appliance elect to Seattle Seahawks vs if a tie in the game plan is Saints announced on that tight end because tight games against the Saints. I'm starting to run him it has been against the Saints this year because the Saints and wanna pull a Russian. Defense it's things like day in and as a team part of you can pick a team defense. And Jared and as he is the defense hasn't picked. Practice and I have been like Baltimore. Cincinnati's and a good defense obviously Seattle is having good defense Arizona as a late. Teams like that used in that they have. So we're gonna get more educated about it and we do a fantasy football update each Erik there's a Nigerian players sure we do a fantasy for Obama date. And also be Q did you from Vegas and speaking of that who wanna talk to Vegas front of the night. There were to earn an opinion what is a good bit. From a standpoint of a long shot. Somebody might be in 152535. To one. PGA it's The Beatles. Look at it that stamp on what about Minnesota. Are they somebody gave good bank the booklet it's not right is atop the media like Louis him into the Paxson like in Wales in the early teens. There might be somebody that trophy Nicklas on equipment and to some that. And college football. How big and the numbers that we as VO about how much money is bet legally in them which is not in the each week is phenomenal. It is being I think if it was a good day Hansel summit illegal betting it was going on. There aren't making the big money on the Cubs no doubt about it so do you play fantasy football. You can vote online at WW on deck I'm allowed to get to a day LSU. Bobby visits with Christian and do those as well and plays on Saints practice is the league. Offensive football changed the ball to the worst all these new route changed at quarterback wide receiver running back. Had a football is a football anymore. Fantasy is addictive. I same group of friends so 25 years in my league and the offensive oboe. I did it when it started first started too big now got more state they can honor for him to even a bit and watch you can't keep. A bit and watch you can't keep their current well I guess is person's thing is a lot yeah you know I guess you gotta take the role kind of Virginian too as well. So that's a that's it take next mere eight Sammy Sammy. You take offense if Obama because if you like and I. It's too big to ignore it is far too big to nor have they lay outs in the Wall Street Journal street and Smith this is a billion dollar industry. Along on top of basically if somebody gave you one product. Like if you read. Well disabled Austin. You know oysters and he said art book and I'd do with his oyster eating. 25 different things. Annual making tons of money off it one of product that's with the NFL is doing as a pro football or to a they have come up with kids yet I wonder what's can be Knicks might be something if this is. What's some morning talk tonight on WW. Big fan is if a Bauer ES. It's huge but start out small with a free lead before you think you'll agree only if you that Dario before you might lose money. It takes resurgent updating his sail on the players but it's not hard all. It's all falling you feel close to the NF air and learn things you did know sets a perfect ticks thank you so much a nano seventh. In the final four M there's so much about fantasy football. Honestly I never when I by the pre season magazines. I never thought about band fantasy and and Tommy and heard or just like I've those pains to people on Ku wherever I thought. I I I might have somewhat dismissed at first but if you pick up a fantasy football magazine. You go to learn as much out of it and it's just a bomb magazine. As you Rio. The preview that may be more. Because they give you all of a stood its. And they give you the one they're due a five year trend. On who was a tar brush it may hear what he's done his average is unbelievable. It's a billion dollar business and it's just to be. To read has remarked you play fancy promote or Jim. Yes I do tell me about tomorrow how did you how did for somebody's listening to us now we're talking Barrett. How did you get started off this man's takes in the a nano said nothing brings a bit excellent. Idea I would start all smile on those free leagues first and learn it before got a money well. Oh definitely. I actually played a cup of we we used to do freely here that Steve galleries to yeah. I remembered as so that's how I got involved announced my first experience of fantasy football and and it is I had about two or three seasons of that before I got involved with my friends and and no money league. Which I've yet to win at him but in some money leagues don't they now weekly. Some of them do the the online ones I think do I write I don't do any of that stuff I just have one league that I do my friends and we all put money up front like our points system and in India some mighty wind the pot. Yet have we do first second and third place guys on the first place get the big bulk of the pot second place gets a little chunk of change in their plays basically gets their entry feedback. It's generous and how long you been doing. This could be my third season doing doing my friends and before that I I'd a played about two or three seasons and in our little work year. I got you I can be your body or two tomorrow follow me at mark Menard thirteen I'll probably be telling you know about how terrible team to. That's right but you know it generated thank you Mo or talk DiMarco who have later gained analyze it's become huge I mean you really Hanson. It's a week to week thing but this is about the time I guessed. Fancy people repentance for the lead like everyone else but then when those roster as a sick. Then they had their drafts in the and you go from there and usually you know you demise pick Aniston a quarterback. And the and then they made in the Curtis it's who who compete those always had to go. We have I think we do about seven point I want Thursday nights have authority. After we do the view from Vegas who are some hot guys that like last year you had a guy from the Saints released in Sean Payton being here. It's of Q fantasy wise tremendously union think has him beat. And that was a guy like Pierre Thomas can at a fantasy wait. You know when Darren got here daring him more numbers here parents bros did immediate news San Diego he was in known commodity not like peer. My issue a guy like Willie sneak he can be to some point who with IBM Watson a double DG each year tied in the National Football League had a big issue is a pro and you know among that. In him to ago. That that's the kind of guys that can it can swing a team I mean people are gonna draft Drew Brees is the candidate Jimmy Graham's. The gronkowski is Tom Brady's Adrian Peterson's. What about those other ones that come what may be some negative at the end you know you get I only pre season. And he's him a guy's gonna break out like right now if we were talking about the Saints and I noticed Armisen Saints fans probably like the place Saints players. You'd think in the named you've heard us talk about the last few weeks this season well I think Mike Thomas is one although he care about a week as he was had to date. But Tommy Lee Lewis is somebody that he doesn't matter what happens. Only good to meet in New Orleans fans or the people who keep both fantasy football. And follows Saints would know a lot about Tommy Lewis and you gonna give him he's not going to be a big price cap. Let's face rout the bet now after one week or two a few weeks if we do is really good. Dan is is price may go up that was kind of a situation what area of Boston. Was that daddy went into the Texans in boom came out of nowhere dislike there a guy like alpha blue and how they thought a you know in the first round of the playoffs may issue of those four teams on that block on Saturday. Period of four teams had a starting back from LA issues you ago where. Our starting unit. Out of blue started Texans and you had Jamie you don't have for the being. And I mean when you talk about a starting player as fantasy points. Huge and being you talk about what about him in the season we're about my quarterback meaning threat dimension Tony Romo what do you do the it. So you got to have two good wins at those positions you've got to dump out. To get some bang for your book. And then you know who'd you started into. And other than guys who just great money. And have learned news following assert if the defense is really really hot like Seattle was the can be years ago. There was some guys that you know hall of fame caliber running back receivers quarterbacks. Did some people who didn't start. When new plane that week because they knew he wasn't a good matchup. So to me you learn a lot about the matchups you obviously keep that would be in Juba are. And I would put fantasy people who really Cuba with face if football or is educated about the gain from that perspective. Injuries who's hot who's tops the position. They could come on hand throughout that's the ball better than I could because they follow fantasy football. It's a lot of information that comes with fantasy football. It's the same step it we follow we as you know analyst and broadcast as if we carried it into a pitch count. We'd be better at what we do them and just from a pup are paid them a fantasy Garrett and I was amazed the five year tree anyway and bad. Wide receiver quarterback defense I mean usually mafia's deal goes about five years and in his books intact team's schedule with his team has done in the bowl. Players defense numbers all that is huge it's huge and you know you think about look at who's going to pick this year from the defense to stand point. Then you'd be rolled the dice you'd be organized but wanted to achieve a defense is without question will be the Saints. And you know just to try and Sam would do something get real real cheap and see if it works out that would be one. What do they want to being that teams want to be in the when he did you we've got some really return on investment. Because they're not expected to be right now from 31 point as a member of that place you know. But he could net we saw him from three on me from twelfth thirteenth where from the Lance in the lead to force them. A BWR news time it is 430 is to have a first news to go to Christmas. And welcome back. Tennessee for about how big a part of a game is it to 601870. You could 687870. I don't know fantasy football each every Thursday night during the season at Doug you've Vegas at 7 o'clock hour. At the players show at hooters we do in Tennessee for both saying it's become a billion dollar industry. Do you play fantasy football it's operated at whopping implode you can vote online at WWR dot com in when you Google these. Mean if you may remember last year the NF Theo product season assist on the draft kings. In other until they got a language right but now. 50% tax. Opted to you know I guess to be illegal. Eight to be legal they season assist for awhile because that was on the ones it was paying them money. If you remember DirecTV had a hole thirty me in sixty Munich. Promo about the draft kings and they had to go to barber Brothers that was due Tiki. And Ronde and they are promoting it they would sit down explain it to be huge deal review would this mean like I I think when the people who Texas while ago sitting right track. A free one and you learn and you go from there Matt I think it is could you argue the manager of the team. You'll you'll GO. Speak up Primeau wife offense for about it's he's a bonus for me now. I know a lady beautifully Houston needed wanna Franz. Got involved fantasy and in Q just kind of invited to kamikaze needed extra person. And they thought huge Disco beating Gaby you want to beat them all down and it can only wanted to play anymore. Because you see she learned the system. You meet want to learn in part it's almost like that of the moving money ball to O'Neal played again. He took those numbers and that was his system. And in a lot of people can do it they can beat their name in the local about okay what I'm looking at this gas and the name away from his or relevant what is his effort to. What does he do on. And then you put those people together and Antonio there one of their own in the N eight you could come down to one week two ways joke back. Had a monster week which eating getting into you and starting intact and in other words he wonderland and you miss out on you know a huge dated. Mr. safest summit since you did submit your then mind your union to meet your starting quarterback on top and you forgot to put Eli in when they played Saints. He threw five touchdown pass of the day. And through to success. So I mean that's the kind of thing it it's paintings and at the tail is dead man it really is good yet to watch all the games to pick. Our players on the away Warren who are your place in and it's all. That's ago when there and then you know there's almost like this fantasy football. Information on players. Just like it is on and on up on a scout. This guy's tendencies to do this we forced into that he's not tied in the goes up to see he's more so good in the flat. Great running back blocking or not they're good exceptional case the ball out of the backfield. Such instead paying that. And that's you pick up on in each of these players has a little fantasy bio by in the mean you've group like top fantasy players. I'm looking right here and just gone back. It's on the had a top running backs in top overall and a look at you know who with a top 200 rankings and they'll go by overall rankings. And you know go by. They'll go by your position a running back quarterback and where does that one rank across the top. And in their talk about the ones who should improve fantasy wise from last year to this year. 601 lights and you could Texas and eights and eights and as go to fake sweaters. In the North Shore hello fix what is our U. I don't think jade they GA member JaMarcus Russell for the race. And they would always going to be. Enemies they used to you face voters. I remember JaMarcus Russell from LA issue I don't remember him much from her raised but I know right and I were to talk about. Our. Government are you in any at all but you know no Koppen and always come. Terrible at the net or that sort of get it. We have the same thing at saint right now eat in a player who does not belong on the ball field. And ship wide which put him out there. Why you are gonna start for the New Orleans Saints went to breathe on it last. Haven't contacted him for being here and get guy's injured we're in. Or. Because you are round pick it feel like. The quite a huge liability put him out there don't you think is better but the best out there matter held accountable both put speed out there. I agree with your whole Harmon and I think that's that's you know that's what you hear but I mean I'm with you it when it comes to Pete I mean it's. These next thing you know I looked at the Mike Hinckley Cologne I guess you know we'll see but I don't know. When he comes to him is a B hardly believe it he's Staunton Bigby in the history more pre season game the game might. I don't I don't see him be in the best option at and that at any position on them land right now more I mean is this somebody as good as him abetted him but because. If it's the same as him being back equal or all the person might just be slightly slightly that much is not a slam dunk. They gonna play him just like you say it because or your draft. Right number two Iran arms bent out our game order for Troy Brown at the Panthers yeah. He got is at stake and probably 8 o'clock or article any just gotten better out there you everyday and then you seem to progress. And he's a premiere left tackle. Actually entered the third no progress it's weird doubled like you're getting mark because the it was comical ever worn ala that's what our interest in the right tackle on the right side he's gonna get the mileage out of it I'm not predicting future. Never about. I don't want to be on the negative big cheap but out I'll skip out naymick has seen a ball we aren't I think you might did you not intact this year. What you think about that. Not I think that's about you know I say between about seventy in a big threat as but I. Yeah I Kassim has had a very good camp and I think from the first move standpoint I'm drama off the ball Russian he's as good as the coming out stance is we hand. British do and I think he is gonna have a good use them to sacked him nine the first quarter and that's impressive the rest of way but. I'm going to be cautions. As always you know where were going to be. Because. Just from a standpoint here alone and I would hope I would hope if Anderson Pete turns out to be had to mom bush tried numerous you know he came all wearing. There's not thrown and we uses you know it was with 2009 the same time accurate it Texans. Jammal Brown goes down a practice. They put him on bush Rania. And Mary Joseph Williams and really put Anaheim mayor Williams derivative of the Miami area we have them mayor Williams. Was dominating and I mean they were just like a man beginning it's in the net. Don't know about you going up against bush era but somehow between that Thursday and it Saturday when we played. I don't know if he'd just turn on the light he wants to famine it was just some small he wasn't doing right we needed to do. But he turned it around he turned that he polity aides to night contracts Jemima shrugged. Here is a such incidents about their fantasy football. I am in the offensive to about me to pay a small amount to the high score team before every week and in the playoffs. First through fourth win the money. At the end of the season. Because tried it one year with my two sons I was actually winning on the but the Indians. Deer hunting season game. And I quit making moves my son was so mad at me because I could have Warren where did you get to books if you got two books I don't mean to dollar books on the new books. After the deer in their might be worth it. Degree of players has 1988. Is one they had a good one thing about him and his sons. After a hand as it appeared there was a terrorist here we go need to play Tennessee for twelve years of my sons and his brains for six dollars. We scream and laugh at eighteen weeks we love seated. Brought some people together though he you can visit. And you could be like now it's blow but a nerd and keep that reference to football. But a billion dollar industry is something that you you can knock it in the rule it's a reason why. And don't every NF Theo shall on Sundays fox CBS ESPN. Is he at least one full is dedicated saying at least one full dedicated on air a segment. Two fantasy football. There's no doubt about it they talk about it on insanity FAO. They talk about it on all of and there was shows at that there's just strictly fantasy shows. Because there's an audience or you're not gonna see something that's out there and do spoon feeding it to people. Just to be doing foolish service no is a reason why they don't mean because is a market for there's a market for people. Who'd already keep up with Bobo feel okay about the standings but they love fantasy football as a time on a folks out there. There were involved in football evaluation before long but now they are involved in the infield loves. Remember the NFL wants kind of money if old's not jingles. And they want everybody's money is not just about what money to gain but what money was left on the tape. Whoever came over Desantis an idea they bought a lot of money and off the table what's interesting move forward what's going to be next. What is and next thing like these where you interact with faint the people involved and you complain all we know it's you can bet on the game to battle the total. Also to stuff that is fans but you gotta think somebody somewhere is coming with some idea about something. But take a timeout will come back Christy gave reasons reduce Macau's Aggies take on training camp at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. You play fantasy football if so tell me why you're not. Why not. And had a good start is good though got not a tech coming in baskets and calls. We'll get some face of the above numbers with some guests and also talk about a view from Vegas. Who got a long shot bits who wasn't deemed you can bet on right now to get to the national championship of Bobo. It is suitable. In the NFL but might be considered not so much it's long shots. But good bang for your book out we flip a hundred bucks it and I say. 1516 grain was he would defeat at out. This is sports talk on WW. It's a billion dollar business. No doubt about it. Tennessee for the body is going I don't play because takes away from being a Saints fan as seasoned member on the oh chain for Cam Newton against the Saints. Well. Not necessarily mean you can play announced and we come from a you know if you love the Saints. Count on those things it missing you of the Saints and you feel like man. Seattle who it was the best bit you bit not Seattle within you've got to kind of take the approach where a house on Mondays it's Saints want you know make if you Garnett. Now if somebody wants. To win the fantasy. Points of the week. Over their favorite team Dan I mean I guess tickets seated if there was a lot on the line and a lot of you know money but. And attitude true diehard fans are something they're not gone now and I'm hopeful for anybody. Offense the only team at least that some people were really fans I'm not known at the tape a low or they would like to see your team news. The B I've played in playing fantasy football and my family and friends and we play for trophies all the money over if you immoral war. It is it's the wrong. A whole year operating it over here from your peers I got you kinda Stanley Cup when you when you get to keep it. Each player gets to keep it all year all know without some. And we ought to do you consider that we could do draft on lion. And you know. You go from there and in some B we do like that to draft pains and some of those. Date they have some that pay out a certain amount of money each week and you follow the -- show you some this though where a lot of these guys. If there is such a thing called a professional fantasy players they have and that's what they do all he alone. The their fantasy people. And it to a big game that way because they know the system but there watching everything I mean they know as much about to gain. Especially players is is some of these big them. Analyst UC and former players if it's that is more connected to the players. Fantasy is that in the other thing out a broadcast a semi in the media if they get the interview to play but I'm Thomas strictly knowing what they're cleared as. Their production their lack of production. Fantasy people I would put him at the top what they know next to probably coaches in the darkness because that watch and it removed him make big they are because they got the no. How good they're going to be or how not good they're going to be in who they matched up. It is so it is it's like following the football when you follow fantasy is a lot of football hours to complete it this is sports talk on their BW Rio.