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08/17/16 - Beyond Reality Radio - Doug Ward, werewolves, lost cities, lost gold

Aug 18, 2016|

08/17 - Beyond Reality Radio - Guest Doug Ward from Hellhunters discusses his team's search for real werewolves, lost cities and secret society's hidden gold, plus listener calls

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio aired August 17 2016. So we're talking about the news and there's this guy who is now offering. Courses and how to be demon now just in an X assist online for anybody who who wants to pay the fee. And he'll share his experiences with you. For of course a certain amount of money. One of the one of the courses 4999. That's just achieve the reading material written assignments and final project. Requirements you must believe in god have some experience in the field of demon Knology in have a mentor. Recommended readings in the eyes of the next assist James long also of course you gotta buy his book to start siege by Jason McCloud. But he also has a bunch of other courses in the range of prices. Team Knology course one of them begins at a 140 dollars and 99 cents. And that's individual. And in Connecticut to through your exams and everything else requirements nothing apart from some cash that's required plainly says that says he's not hold back comment. Books are provided to him for parts of the course. And then there's also these other things where you know five dollars a year to keep your membership up to date all the stuff but. Pay for a couple hundred bucks menu to become one of the world's top human knowledge. So for a couple hundred dollars you can registry can take this on line course and that is supposed to qualify you. To going to a home where a family may be experiencing what they think is possession or some other kind of demonic activity. And you're suddenly qualified to handle that and guide this family through that crisis. According to dress you know because he's with the institute of meta physics so worried it's got its online gyms so it passed to get real on the Internet it's got to be true wells of the President Obama is about to hand the Internet off to the international community United States won't be controlling and anymore. So I don't know if we can believe anything after that happens for right now it's got to be true has got to be real it's got to be real so you wanna be a demon on just days ago here's you chance all right well let's take a break when we come back we'll bring Doug ward into the program. It's beyond reality radio with a Jason and cheesy. They gave its TV from beyond reality radio and I just want to remind you that scared con is approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary condi masked his scare comes a fan convention for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the scourge that we can include some liberties from your favorite. And TV shows you need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website it's Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. And October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best week in and year and you don't want to miss it. Visit the website it's scary con dot com thanks Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information and don't forget to check out FaceBook. Eight seats here gun. Back beyond reality radio she's on TV Johnson here as we plow through a Wednesday night and so we should go paranormal Wednesday is just because. No the go senator episode airs Wednesday night's sweet talk about that. We always have an interesting guest on Wednesday night's human Tyrell popped up on wins and something about Wednesday's to me because it's hump day I don't know what it is now with a column on Wednesday's paranormal Wednesday's forever so I'll have it's your job well welcome to the club is Jim Courier era pay about six years away I Celek (%expletive) doughnut effect negative and he's riposte is crazy stuff lately. Yeah what was the thing you posted today and says something I owed I don't know sometimes somebody whose middle name. I don't know what the check at eleven was slick Eddie look into that but in the meantime let's bring our guest in the program with star award Doug. Is a basically an adventurer he searched for lost cities he's tracked. Down gold that was hidden by secret civil war societies I think his first love is as encrypted investigators specifically looking for where walls. Doug welcome to be on reality rated good to have you on the program. Major element. Will be in such scenes of destruction. Are dug that's between bravery we that you're pretty much like Josh gates about the TV show some. Wouldn't hear it would be a dream but ordered that much. And welcome the show tonight. The Kinsler. And yes or correct or parcel post it was well that's what started this whole thing in. Everything else at the winter or senator Gilbert brown and silly YouTube and struck out looking at a news media and then seventeen hours later you find yourself looking your student kick boxing has opened thefts of course. Don't care how this works so that's as. A lot of that's a that's the story of a lot of people enter the YouTube world and up. The weird places Siewert things he has. It's but what is more in the real world there are some part of the chain or. Well into the corner helped recover like years as a full course Warner are talking to people you get bits and pieces of the story in the new year this finished fixing your learned and then win that won't do here to here to here's little art on the summer Alabama trying to figure out. But who trotted this fervor or hurt your future angels holding up. Oh culture and other which eventually to be the next thing here though especially exploration upload O'Meara on the national can actually walk insecure Portland rapidly so much. So you know absolutely drug. Things like register in the volatile oil and little stripped of all is well first love and we actually got to sort out almost arching project but project and try to salute to our. Is our. Who will wolf. Investigation charge and that's what little was elementary or risk reward we are most known for. We do a lot of things that everybody should select who we are rules that would would put oil refining we're really cheap and low profile for the most for that. People should look like. Gamble before we get into the details of that. How did the curiosity beginning knew where what what started making you think about this and making new loan join the quest. Aren't quite lucky in next I was brings. Up all the pressure of the oldest children and Alabama. No children carrying a discerning their connection six you can use those children Kelley book or start. In local or where you're most people have forgotten that this is secure a place where there's going to consider it means that your reporter where I want her to re election laws that are architecture we'll talk folks and the concern sort of what the war. Wolf I got to sit at to have little military actually able to listen to Joseph injured children are some things are secondary to actually went out on. That investigation ones showing her with an eagle soars well in though lord polish actually written a little bit almost put. He told stories about the Shirley is caught my attention but and it was true native Australia cooled well it is a kid. Within it's sucking low low if you Lerner. My dad brings me home some books and one of these books of the year old nurse who looks or some term store sort and sort or were memorable being built except that was. Upside in this book. What sort of bill. Mobile Treo mobile near here about the children killing blow martial arts show. It to my attention that's our little all the world. Was written about books were. Bigger factor and so our struggle the library look at more interviews. On the very. Inclusive more on the person's civil functional being attributed to social and what you care about that do care. But I'd destroy leaning more and more and more there or get more actually into it and started interviewing people and irrelevant really indoor. And to kill global tourism brings lawless conduct our error well I guess twelve years ago. Sure Clinton extremists usually inning with a little of that slips. Well and I I was I was surprised actually find out Doug that Alabama. For over a century now has had reports of the strange Harry humanoid creatures that have been seen. And we would we'll astonishing to me a war so okay so it's gone for a long period of time. But yeah so. But ably it was something that I I was unaware of I'd never really heard the stories from throwing a lot Alabama's peanut country. I would also have a beautiful preached himself the world but on the beach in mid part of golf tomorrow lacrosse will sure. And yes I know George Horner and there was racial and industrial. And when he was first Christian principles are clearly terrible his pulse and no bones here a huge problem. No one is exactly what Rosa Brooks. When there's probably something do their anger of some zealously but it's still got people can gears a little bit door. And where we have a lot of cultures you know here we go under a lot of flux in. Everybody selected markets contributor. From an American should French and Spanish. And we still those who don't do is Google calendar which. In the next century neutral terms weird discrepancies in. Do alleged split their place is here durst walks inning in words there is people don't get too. It was something that exist. Just think it does is paper cartons for who's actually control it all down in the Kabul river there's signs that have been reported for years and years and it was. All the way up in the war little bit more than a group that's where to get real strings are potentially and future a girl. There's virtually what what sort of migration prayer a slump. The interlocutor. Now you have you have a group. And you have a number of people that work with few. On your investigations. And I'm assuming that you do more you know you do encrypted investigations that you mentioned Jos do some paranormal type investigations. Tell us what the group is what's the name of the group and how you put it together. Internally illegal missiles programmers because we like. I don't think of us is something Walter crossed between her book club and barker gearing. We torturing stirred we're also shoots and also. Honestly own memoirs. Are absolutely. Speak only. Where an individual talents and that was during a crucial come barracks and who where were well those students. Lower Turkey was stoked about the markets look for little Salt Lake and pictures but what proportion. That. People as a security and he shall often use germs feel well. Lunch is a walking Google and you can build anything you can merge Eagles who will guess and support the picture let's initial truce. What time is our researcher Garcia is just such an emerging war over you can walk into room where most people wall opening up. That you can listen to people all that much is it. We get to sit legend will Q will we get let. When notre load adversely or Newark. You didn't do it put. Definitely goes okay machinist who finished which and that's usually there's what do you do there and Argo. Or. Elite club a bill to ruin Katrina listening. There. Individually. They're great together. We work you want athletes who have their situations and really try and this is this is standing here. And this is it really is terrible affliction it will be in some situations where we head coach has brought. Corporate trust where there in that we're told that the world. And a lot of people don't realize how important that is currently taps were and where not and really team we're a big family and everybody has there in this specialties but it is when you put us together is what really forms the strength of the team. Stephen and and everybody has who's a part of the team it just it takes everybody to really make you whole. Exactly in the good personnel assess commercial thing you can you can argue like burst but still that girl that would whose chemistry. And I think well. Recession more Erica we're Brothers and union news. Pressures and that helps a we shall we should communicate those folks trying to get in from Mexico. Or spatula and actually the structural units of structural system ever voters won't care scenario were to being. What surgical strike but you still want duck than Democrats including. Yeah now judge you make a really an important distinction. On your website anyway you talk about where walls and or read what you search for. And you say there and you don't believe their supernatural but the really more of a cryptic just an undiscovered. Animal that's what you're looking for. It is indeed and that is very important sanction the wish more people would get worked on the website I'll probably Atmel their threats and any guest speaker or. There's a lot of slope. I. Younger folks who have disarmed or rubles well overeating it's not my job to DelHomme and are looking up at all oatmeal or that but I get at least usually you know two weeks from army outpost that global blah warrior Boehringer charred. And are usually the ball or score a look at elections here. A little bit. These aren't the room twelve go to your. But what we're looking for is not restrictions. I do not by any means please shape shifting is possible I do surge of hope for the evening's over a bit I contribute. At least one example. Do actual current existence. But we're wolf as described by the year church. They exist. Oprah either. But what we're looking forward. But certainly is that many occasions came here and her concern where they enjoy it whatever it is BC news it would do little to which are. This is not the same thing included for actual install won't be X or choose it's smaller it's more aggressive. In its moral. Or wouldn't ritual they collect. And the reports we get. Sure nothing like that split what I hear what it would look look the coastal ocean more patience and cancel more control cluster are real must for a little hippie thing I would do it should be keeping. Aren't we talking about a lot of people get to these things in that it did were not true to do and I know. Yet what we get get him beat you can't do. There well and it did for everybody else there were talking with Doug ward. He search for lost cities tried werewolf sightings hunted down a gold in my civil war secret societies. And more and most goes on and on with your targets. Interest and it's an incandescent disorder that's what. He's can't fear you need something to keep yourself busy iron amounted. It Doug we're gonna take a real quick break and when we come back I wanna get into this whole thing about the where walls and just how real the they are talking now they're not really. Shapes of yours and so forth and has always been something that really interest. So you listen to Jason NGB on the unreality radio will be right back after this. They gave its TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you it's Garrett Connor is approaching quickly do you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 through October 2. What is scary condi masked obscure town as a fan convention for lovers of paranormal or scifi and pop culture entertainment. The skirt and we can include celebrities from your favorite movies and TV shows you need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more. It's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website thanks Gary Conn dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. October 2 and turning stone casino and resort in Verona New York. Can be the best weekend of the year and you don't wanna miss it visit the website it's Gary Condit dot com that's scary kind dot com. For all the latest information and don't forget to check out FaceBook page so. And welcome back to beyond reality radio with Jason laws and Davey Johnson on this paranormal Wednesday night tonight that ghost putters. Airs a new episode on the last season go senators on the scifi channel. On the up our guest right now is Doug ward Doug is an adventurer who call mappings also encrypted investigator. And a hunter of gold and moss cities Doug again thanks for joining us from beyond reality radio. If you and another curriculum so sort. We dug a year before we went to break down we're talking knew you were referring to where roles as the year or not a believer in no shape shifting werewolf from. In a man or woman in two into the actual from the back Europe you just wouldn't how do you how do you foresee where rules that. Being reported Werner is their people perceive things just. A classic symptoms of an example while the early accountability. Stores were actually restores her. There is somebody told you and that's then you will there are true there are similar to had gears and talk a little. Talks are you troubled British social praise her. It's now you know what sure. Those wooden church you can bet the people particularly kangaroos. Disintegrated into purchasing the future years optional for all rights. What people are actually being in what is really there is not assume Serbs saying because when good things to Leon's appointment steered. In Europe. Unit where wolf carols for centrist. Most cases Lohse or future elections in most cases it was a person contractual who wore for lunch or. Well cheered when you hit (%expletive) was coming to America this purchasing wolf Mir and a lot of times is approaching the question charity and to a war. Not partial clearly is that. One of them so balloons which is generally are blocked or anything else are we do have a dominant sanctions such put. What are the laws that saw looking for an import will go to that little role of actual orders and hearing and processor can slow news we're war. And I tickets were sort of go from here particularly here the Celtics were your alone fracture. We'll know couldn't couldn't a bunch of them also be. Be drawn back to you and Needham and native Americans. We've talked about oh certain members of their trials and everything else. Absolutely good later distorted world. You know and little look. And I garage just referring to. Some of them talk about how dare the have had cheap shift gears within within their tribes and they would shape me in shape into holes or or into. Some sort of a bird and and things like that. Actual green gave me a wonderful sort of poor. Person Obama looking vulnerable traditional a little strolled. Although local. While below twelve pretty virtual destruction of what we're looking for it actually Peter these cute little bit larger than murder and and it had a curious habit of scaling things or are. Our. Description warriors who looks exactly like the thing we're looking. Well our mission here and feel comparing. Their wounds. Sorry to Europe trichet excuse you to look at during referrals and all personal and political logic breaks bugger forum. We really leaking hundreds or. Are crucial days of school those sorts was shorting rumors there and coach stallings who placed old dog would go there. We do over the years and we interviewed Jim little who portion which English songs and showed little short iron to two and a little lord. We thought shuttle people here if you didn't know anything about his shall we get gears instruction shall we dislike. Wonderful two little history here and anything. Do we trade in the old sister Tulsa world in Mosul killing me and they're able to restore their career scandal are. Do you palatial Faldo looking obviously there's little to the dollar war important report did urged. Well. We'd give me that you would convention and initially saw her and she never actually bring a lot of digging and we've got we actually can get to choose your emotions stored. But this single source an illusion that corruption which special wall collapsing and turned out that this will lose a mirror more so intern pitching war. We are sort location where you're an older and extol the trails or discharge due. So. We have actually. Croatia this wearing. Shut things such as church description being prepped in order to remain acknowledged that it won't potential didn't. So you've got a little little social ego level. But as for scanning something alive it's not uncommon for him in him might seem a little Grossman. When somebody new or something catches an animal and does enough of an incision are an opening. And to grab the top top player skin and pull it back to access to access the rest of Tom which a lot of people duel and whether they're fishing or are hunting and things of that nature so. So it's really not like common to find something that's been skinned alive in the wild correct. Your hopes your shrewd political. The future interest in this guess the current little situation decision. During a Angel looked into Europe orchestras. A low and no real Erica. We're talking we Doug Ward's double gonna take a quick break when we come back to wanna talk. A little bit about some of the evidence and some of the is sightings and an encounters you've had. When you've been out searching for the crypt it's it's beyond reality radio would Jason in GG. There spiritual growth is doing transport ministry or prohibitions stripped it. A lot of close. A lot of ticket. Crypt as well you're you know here's worker and all of us years war should coaching years ago but it will bring her oh are going to structure Norbert insurrection since looks older that's. We'll grill our own field you've got people that aura. Foreign instructors and warns her not you know losing shoes absolutely agree excellent production restrictions incur. The triple a polite and structure actually functional control. And I don't actually think problem is with. Charming new evidence in this collecting because most people oracle shares are not looking toward a broken or it's a whole lot more social. People that's in motion that you don't know Pluto collecting weapons which ordered or experienced it is going to get people this collection. Sorry hold hold that thought I'm sorry Dick Korea hold that thought someone and I'm gonna get that answer we just take a break it's beyond reality radio we Jason and javy. Just anything that claim what Claire. Glitter of industries that takes its blinding. I don't have a lot of experience of vampires but I happen to Wear wolves I shot one wants. About how America to a and it turned back into my neighbors talk. Compared to re on reality radio that's to white's quote from the office anybody who's a fan of the office remembers that went. Our guest is Doug ward we're talking about werewolves and and they hunt for them or other crypt ads for that matter Doug. He said you've been able to collect some kind of evidence you're not impressed easily which is a healthy dose of skepticism in our book. Bombed a what are the things have you been able to collect. Trenchant in the interim we infection problems. We've come across a couple of poems were. So probably won't blow things that are Obama wore during its. Or you're progressive shares are up with a Sullinger which potent thing will close. There at that point in time we had no idea what to do the war or carry its board. Your triggers little. So what are all the errors will come along we're we're close we're learning recruiting they're actually very close so they're only a little bit more for a huge cheer if we have the ability Accenture partner false Ingraham you'll see church. More and we've got a future teachers looked pretty good but again photographed so we do to try extension will it or dislike okay this sort of enjoyable. The main thing dirt. Strikes me against whom from a post unit where we get the same church and going from people over and over gay and who don't know whichever. And are chilling things collections serial television and movie swoop in to a which has. You can usually tell them emotionally can with what they know what we're doing better cancel. Our show usually it will sort of component we're going into an area of investigation. All the sudden you get toward typical and appeared to Portugal and stores. Russia policy we're here. Wouldn't electrical a little bit more. Searchable usually you're in a little bit more emotion goes into those questions. The longer process we'd be brought more really doing national opens. One of the biggest change we geared toward healing words its structures and if you don't know what structure as seems. Oh Jesus I knew you're gonna go there Doug does the fox Panama. Through. It we don't know which look in your that would usually girls here yet and we shall we and a. Let's switch patrol or fox or you'll be just actual brand them a lawful virtual pool rooms which we really be brought more little short. Let us as published looking her usual emotional orders and the pieces should be your virtual world that we won't go through resources YouTube and there are a little bit to do picture literal. And I think that's really important what you just said that you. And beat him because that's the main thing if you if you going there as just 100% of a believer and everything that everything you find it is you got to be something has to do wearable. The Clinton and yeah I think you know as well as I do it is going to be looked at as a crackpot bottom line. But you're going there looking for real explanations and I think that that's important you're going they're trying to debunk because. In return debunking. The signal is going to allow some of the evidence to stand on its own. One of the reasons that we merge report. June follow social gruel closeness. Isn't the first. If you're gonna employ a little more important or any more frequently you'll just illegal war in a year and everything around it retreat of the church are. And if we're going to be looked nervous for you we Caroline the Texaco trading and would be if there that's awesome out. So. Legal rule of news and you know the more we talked people. The more believable loans student leader aren't cherished our shelves. Of the change and more potent than our current. The Arab war investigation get a little premieres are well under earning area. Current a lot of abandoned on ships and addiction and the inched her crush come river so it and ruin a perfect environment. For something to her again. We know departing to the file moment cheer her in the that the club. Vicki instant Cha. We're certain acute and me in the Russia got warmed up to keep a close they'll be hearing your wallet or shouldn't you know. That's a little glimpse sloping over drew lots you know there was strong hold period creditors and it's just a quick. Roy including worsening crucial for such. An overreaction to grab camera when that you will be ready. And Russia playing here is usually you're not a leader and we six. Walked Guerrero Holbrooke you're vulnerable changes are in the locker room across a very important that your excellent sort of really are serious political lightning strikes. But it does consultants didn't it's rare original such as you can come out towards ever during the rehearsal. Or more hours of frustration and orders finger in the we're doing more than anything else. But it does the pleasure of talking about virtually in the actual week with corruption your track we're live. The bus where actual launching urged shall can crunch were searchable Mitchell. Something most players will shelter ensure normal kid and it appears to care where sure appeared mechanics oracle. The picked up a couple potential global tunes and on our. We're in the that was served relationship after a suburban mode international level play the Australian. We're gonna condemn our way to actually gotten her listening to him and do their we're carry over Russian girl Merrill. Place we're at a junction before actually surrogate in a normal construct or blogs or reversed circle earlier premier. Just when you immutable. Love to see blood in the control our church in the area with what we've seen and heard it we interviewed admitted corrections. Okay. So we're talking with Doug ward. His group is known as hell hunters and they dug the website project to loop fine. Is your website cracked. Her real world are sort of yeah. And you know you have a lot of information on the kind of explain your mission and you have a map of Fy I think Alabama. And a big generally scripted settings are aware wolf sightings specifically. Particular there is narrowly Chris concerns but it's also shall we usual ports so things at all but it years. Everything other Marek is something your kitchen you archer protection. What four. Okay and that's great merchants and and and you you do a lot more than hunt scripted though you've thought hunted for lost cities you've hunted for lost gold. And the ease of the topics and I think we're gonna jump into when we come back after the top of the hour. Break. But before we actually go to that break. Give that website one more time because I know that our listeners as they list some of the check this stuff out. WWW. Real world sort of OK we're Gannett heading toward break in just the second year. Only come back on the other side you were to talk about the loss cities we're gonna talk about the loss cold. With Doug get some of it is the some of the experiences that he's had. In searching for that but I did run remind folks it's mono we've got Mike Rick sector coming up he is an author. Authored a series of books called the ghost story in case files. That'll be interesting if you're a ghost book type. Person also Monday Vincent word from the Walking Dead will be joining us will be talking about the Walking Dead in that season. Seven is a season seven coming up. Yes season seven than Tuesday Lyle Blackburn it's author musician encrypted researcher from Texas. He checked several different he's going to be talking of the beast a multi creek and the looser. And welcome back to beyond reality radio Jason cause GP Johnson. It is Wednesday night paranormal Wednesday's kind of creep and ended 2 Thursday morning here. Thanks for joining us thanks for mean and chat room good to see everybody there and hello to everybody there are no load everybody listening. Pencil in a big MI QTU dug for joining us and hanging mountain stalking amount. Where Waltz and or LC and talked him a lot cities that you men involved in and checking out. I did wanna play one quick piece of audio Doug is John and I guess you interviewed. About two years ago in Alabama who claims he shot aware wolf cracked. Now Meyer wanted to play Eminem plays the audio from that right now so hang in government. Here. Fifty years of almost laughable and fish. Related debt you know. Always heard the story about the black. Good thing though come back back prayers you factor of what. Trip that runs very good to fill out there. Road toward preferable layout very very hard. And our runner up phone wire. And that would come Lippman a shot it will. 300 waving flags. No real quick and Doug he's talking when he saying the way when he's talking about a white where wolf. It's double what Craig huge portion we're fortunate and Egyptian description of Warner wolf yes they do they're actually. Special to look at. Paris on this played real. Show. I was here who shot in the shoulder the. The day own. Together they kept charging at me. I wrote all the way back to him through. But well. I got my foot and a live. And I have been met this book please. All right so he shot this thing in the shoulder it fell he got up and started charging back at him again. He need to go off to his truck and you can seem just listening to him to humbly to see the video. He he was definitely bothered by this he shot this thing in the shoulder it got up it's hard charging him again enter into his truck. Kind of struck took off and never went back to that spot. Each other occurred and whether to brag. That's that's a big bullet. Took a big bullet chain and nothing if you shoot that should get back. Johnson insulin. So they're different part with someone fall it is this is an old school children. If you admit full well here he admitted for the thing. Churchill you don't get which currently they're really slow or remove bill Brill wrote in a while and these are these guys it. These guys are notorious for a walk in vague they go on hikes through the woods all alone in search of and prayed and prayed hunt down so. Already is that right there. Just for a normal normal individual can be a scary situation being in the would you you're sort of out of your element of what you're used to. And doing it alone he evil with a rifle on your side can still be a scary predicament. Bill here not so much. Well below slopes yeah aligned I usually for a net average and reunite imitate somebody out of the out of New York City youths roaming the woods and expect him to be okay event but yet. It's of course different parts of the country it's a different way of life year a little more used to like I grew up in upstate New York. Angle to the in the woods of New Hampshire black pair country Engle make it through with two with that without the gun with a without anything in and feel perfectly fine just because that's what I've grown up with. But in all other other people just definitely know that that's out of their conference. Spiritual if they're true but this is in your surfing around and Easter thought yeah we have reviewed them. She gave the impression that this is something that really stark and people. Holly holy war on how long after his in his encounter did you interview him. So several years those a couple of years after so you do have an opportunity to investigate. The site where it occurred to see if there's blood or any any kind of corroborating evidence at that point it was well after the fact when you talk to. Correct yeah it jetted here that are ongoing exciting and all of the wrought Bill Maher sure. You. While our luster to subject because they're Jason iron in Reston and in also hearing about some of your other adventures. Specifically let's first talk about lost cities. You say that you've done some searching for lost cities what cities of research foreigner and how have you gone about that. We saw but it still assume that anything that is long slow low sort of for murder because all the showmanship could GD PQ this sport. Left Alabama. As a circus her a lot of different cultures that are there and bill or stone. Fortress it's either. Should not be. The law actually somewhat limited treaty that you because we have our people working on involved there airing all of Loescher. The future great Butler you and ask. They'll all legends here on extortion Cain will. Launch perished and there's really tobacco. Well there's there's evidence of support that the vikings have actually been through most of what we now call the United States as well things found all the way out. In Milwaukee that shows that they were able to make it that far inland. So there's definitely better as deftly done a lot of a lot of individuals here Lotta culture here prior to. You know prior to what we initially thought with that with Spanish or Columbus and then people that. Sure literature but it and so produces little bit. Blue ring thing that we were concerned with soaring slot she'll give you this much it is enables a barrel to sort of energy trust solution. Are more than and are prepared to give you much intrigue British woman we're sure we'll mistress and shopping and we have appeared conclude we're to be able to choose a career change. I don't withdrawal and we know. Bill will be doing intra posture actually receive which includes you bill is it important to our. The question was blown the treasurer pushed until won't accuse people introducing. OK I don't wanna storm our question of velocity though just because justice we have the basic understanding here into it. Did you do this with a slight camera crews and was it is a sum in the year you're putting something together. To present whether it's on television or another format or. Was this more of what you're your paranormal group kind of taken on themselves and just just going out for an adventure and in this quest. District of course is going to addiction but what we're arguing it is important. We're hoping that will be influenced into a 200 hours to vote okay all right great. Are priceless let's change to opted to law school tells about that. They'll order his beard are injured and our program is so cute. Much coaching background. Have you ever heard on the organization called march Google and short. Yes I have now. Seriously before you most people through your it was insulting a little more to us so much of but here in our this year about being in settlement and a national. I I can only hear from our traversal for obvious ratings well. There's we're digging around in firm of little. Local libraries usually around a story on golf ball well which is what you should carefully Olbermann trump religion coached. But there's an old Cuban children computer game or Brandon young girls in the working interest you are. It was very mysterious nobody knew exactly what about. Coach your character when our position most culture neutral on current curriculum students that took off well external weird social and or right or. Well we're duke actual results and we know you great. It loose but what little group. No we needed slowed to boot would kill family. Was more likely involved in changing actually. There was oh Australia killed plummet and the word. One of the gentlemen Polaris which fielded sort of human regularly are better than him that much tradition. Was able to find a multiple grand polished well intricate jailed in their chief Wilma blew worst gaga will be over fourteen million dollar single thing in the would kill. From there's the sport gender in this group which killed people that are crowing we're in the mulch which sticky little social celestial. Suppose brilliance in the case you feel urgency knowledgeable and when are they weren't bigger award was structured their grip would true actually. Did you actually changed. During the this'll probably a little bit more about this strolled into the church or you know sort of anyway. So we get a little over a greater or just for giggles and we discovered. What will result being that now. Are the illness and love it partially is that you're older sort of people look at what portion period underground or you're out. Treat their world where no American market are more interest global. The consumer organization and she's on her grip local Powell they were in. Contreras in the terminal port particularly want to eat anger at what will be in slow published. And sure we share and rail or won't change. Just for giggles we start following which. There and we you know scared or what spiritual here at the old Frederick street in Chile where elderly children. We have turned this thing that you of one actual credentials such charms terms as we go to your controller or actual or Marxist computers. Medallion and loose on the spot this share can carry. We'll needle is are gonna cost you Molson wore little picture in any busted open old church. The ball. Well. You know so we are close. Month or so samples so you think that was the treasure and you think it's already been discovered is that what you're saying. And that was one of them now are convinced. But they'll sell more games well two you're that your agency because. A lot of the members Jesse James suppose which its own soil and about to shoot more and and you've got married and that force extra oil from some greens and certain herself moved him Earl Wilson who registered. Everything was moving sir I'll just for the civil war. You had. The britney's circus could burdens the most move into the sure there's legend Dick tale was written it and matching. Good date so anyway it is muscle where that your users groups. In. He says it was a bill Jesse region and substantial costs but. You said the securities legal troubles underneath a lot of cities and so you know new missiles be able to hold positions in the hole. What are supplies and whatever our. And so we're treasurer of the golden Arabs to go cheap debt should. Also know they'll mention anymore resolutions curious tunnels underneath situated and negotiator urged all. Cost for a brother certainly contribute to your social transfer or go too old for. What we'll look. Specialist first Lendl and they're not directly Anderson single pork. It's a home or the total still. If there what you are looking forward and launching an action challenges the Accenture park itself it's. And the culture dreams. My own a team do you mind if we take a phone caller was a question freedom. Yeah shortly OK let's bring Cindy on the line Cindy you're on beyond reality radio. I hideout. I live in Wisconsin and I have a question if you'd ever heard out the these don't spray road. Well absolutely that's where the bridge builder couldn't handle those concentration extension education groups out there. Yeah it's about fifteen miles from me here. They've they've found deer that were killed and they don't know what did it take. They think it's like compare her walls far nobody's really got a picture of turn anything so it's kind of a mastery. In the end there what. Go I'm gonna in 1930 should expect knocking her fiction is garnering more shark. Lunch and he report ritual that's strange thing you're losing your. She slipped molding you know. NRA eligible yeah and that they're going to bluntly it talks and and you're real ad agency people wore via chase unfortunately true Google starts and earnings or are huge like oil that. But they'll all you are you've got a good way to go I'll let any idea who delivered the alleged tiger with the real world so that is an absolute arched a lot of what you that they want who's next. Well out there by elk horn where it beast of bray wrote has there is. There was an asylum out there it's been torn down many years ago but there's a grave site out there. Are some of the peoples in a lot of them are like unmarked. There's a great site out there and it's not very far from man. And demand in the thirties evidently was legitimate or something. At that look asylum. And he had gone out in the back to the picks and trash out or something that's what I heard. And that's when he ran across this these two didn't want to say anything anybody you know it's kind of like com. There's a straight people think is an optional so. Jim hello people go response so in Portland because their political it will clear. And. Then Cindy thing with the and then beat some very road. They're talking about dead deer and everything. They've never been able to figure out and they've never been able to check bite mark send and track it down to some sort of creature. Not really you know not really and I suppose that once something is found there and it's been. You know I'll wounded not by hit by a car but I mean at some position there anything good come up Eric cones that are. You know I don't know what else. Coyotes could you on it. You Alter after sitting there while well they said the Colson chair thanks so. Our age Saddam we're gonna say we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we're really didn't some more this you listen to Jason. Javy on the unreality revealed. Big game it's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you it's Garrett Connor is approaching quickly do you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. 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