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8-18 4pm Deke: on the Saints with Jim Henderson

Aug 18, 2016|

Deke gets the report from today's Saints practice with the "Voice of the Saints" Jim Henderson and NOLA.com's Larry Holder, and talks with long-time listener/caller Reggie D about his mom's battle with cancer.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon the team is now consist of Deke Bellavia here which you and how will be great you to 8 o'clock to see we got a lot to gate to a lot to do Jim Anderson the voice of New Orleans Saints. He will be when this coming after the break as we talked Condo about the Saints. And practicing against the Houston Texans and Eric Holder saint columnist on the dot com a plastic you'd. He will also be witness your column last week we go into the season what we'd like to do is. I think he but with other teams that are in the division meaning Atlanta beat Carolina and Tampa Bay we decided to date because I've taken on the same thing. In the SEC west what is going on over in the SEC US and US EC altogether Travis pricing and lets them bam on line dot com will be when this. Ross diligent keeps up with the avid sports including LSU beat writer for baseball basketball courts football he will be with us in the 6 o'clock and Chris Lowe. National SEC reportedly ESPN espn.com. Is it really a two horse race in the east and the west meaning. Basically Tennessee in some say Georgia after that the Tennessee defused it here. In the way it seems to me im a fighter is it just. Alabama in LA issues about Ole miss pre season rain in the thirteenth in the country. How much of a gimmick in the Ole miss rebels make when you look at their first two of their first three games against top fifteen teams. In Florida State as you meet him dive teams Florida State to start the season in Alabama a couple of weeks at today. So popular in the crystal ball you talk about what he has the Ole miss would win those two they would be a top five teams that may behind the net. If they come out the gate winning those Balkan that the big here but Victoria. And it will continue to take it on the Texans NC that perspective aside I think spreading practicing against the Saints today Aaron Wilson took over the Texans. But the Houston Chronicle. And the national football post will be with 2601870. You can ticks me 87870. Operating jaguar Pena pulled as a bit Debbie did bureau there comic. He Saints players went down today due to cramping from the heat in Houston. As training camp in West Virginia made themselves in being the Saints but does this prove it is better to practice in a cool clam. You can cast your vote online at WW. Dot com. Thing I want to bring up about the going to the West Virginia is it to meet. I'm I'm all right with with that but I think it's a state that we hold tan meaning. If you went to a cooler climate and all along you want it to be where would we make sure we're fresher bodies and so forth. You look at the saints' schedule okay you come at the gate and you got. A home game against Oakland go to New York you got it Ana I say go to San Diego. Did you come home game it's basically Duke don't it is no hot games ago. No not games on the road games in October. And they get myself. Just you know maybe they attacked. This week you go to Houston it's in two so all right and they beat in this hi I'm west today and tomorrow. And protect in the bodies haven't inference is that I would rather our random seat. My point I would rather have him practice in the Ku West Virginia and making appraise indoor all or practice. In Metairie well. Not movement you know there will be here in the habit because maybe I'm wrong but I take the approach it's almost like you know sometimes when you're real real high. Yeah out sample they meet you know you'd is not good just going to a real cold house all of the top collegiate by coming into shock. You go from extremely high core like. Almost like de. I calculated at the same thing there bodies will come and all of cool practice. On Wednesday. And he goes into the hot humid just with there normally practicing in it it would be your full time. I'd be was a bit at the saint Binyamin all they would have people all day. Because it would be used to in in at the same thing case if you would have been in West Virginia. And they McCain in New Orleans in rehab appearance in the all. Might have been the same thing. 26018 sorority you can Texas at 870 eights and take time out come back but it doesn't sound and a lot to get to a where process yesterday. One of unknown caller called in and now he always brings a little. Good information to radio show an inning as supposed to. In a trailer before his smoke well he's that by the showed me so go ahead and makes. But the Reggie d.s in the house and the ability to sports talk on WW. And welcome back. Pretty jaguar team vote players going down today from cramping and heat in Houston as training camp West Virginia made. The thing itself or does it prove it is better to practice in a cool climate vote online at WWL. That calm you know course so you heard governor John bill it would speak a few moments ago will have some weekend programming as well we hit we Q before during and after all. A little crisis in emergencies and here we get some caller that called in and they'll talk about sports in the new throughout. You know I am I'm thinking about the people in the fluent on thinking about the police elvis' fan who's. As a kind of community we got here but this at this up one of balk calls the calls and all the time call yesterday he is a call from yesterday afternoon on the issue. Not I need you know with different this is real important and my mother that matters and should get an art from Florida for years Bernard a player listening order. Do you believe in strength in numbers. Jewel. Okay that's an on Terry are models work and I see you. Too commercial four or five years you were the reality our mentality. Cheater cheat a war. A month ago you'd done and what lung cancer. That is one bag all of written. That I believe it's true and then number. Just to share prayer amendment league my name is Reginald. At Robert could be. This strain and number. Q your routine more radiation. And I do in order resonated to me there if I do put it out there. Sure Meyer listened and just feel triple. I'm worried about the doctors stated I know I deplore the printer piece to take care. That is raging deep and yes they may not toe Reggie because I was fortunate enough in 2004. To five. I had lymphoma that I was like young the DN a course of a lot bigger but it was not operable. I was states for being human Thalmann and they said no we're going to regiment of a strong regiment came most of the days on the I've been in remission since about October a little five and at all Reggie and at it's a minority if you get a chance coming I got some. Are a little d.s hand here Rose should be not a solicited beats but I think it's ten over and here is what across somebody gave this to mean missed being a team game just to meet. When I first took six and 2004 has came from mid to gory with bliss has got a little would be from Jerusalem and not so ridge as the Richie. If you get downtown. On the dvds these these and you give to your mom to a good way obviously so Reggie came to studio today. He's sitting there across from me and I'm curious if he's beat original we've wanted to mother whale but I believe and feel good stories and I told this to a top balls later mama B. As in he's coming into what you gotta get him on air. So we got rated the institute on our you can handle the sport's side of things because you've been a big time sports casting him in Emeka for a long time but. I'm glad you made it in Reggie in their we've been good to mow the whale and I just want to present this year to year. And what's wash he's well we don't get this is somebody else has SN. Telecommute it is when Mike Omar. Okay go into Richard. Only once they were getting it to Michael Reid we just when you. Now we're gonna get would you go just a sick it. Welcome McCain ticket out to 601870. You can text to sedate 7870. Easier number to get involved and just said don't most of the year. With our Reggie. You may have a charity event you say by the end deacon you can get this ball signed for us and so or. And we do and that's who we're doing now it's but this is a more from a I guess it's a religious side of things that they got rich in their. First and foremost while. Listen Allen. A lot of fail though trip all the people who have been flooded and we hand. And it is resonate on the again you know I was caught in the flow. Eleven years ago and so on the would be gone through and all of us and an audience that you bridges. Though. You know donate something. Cody McLeod and give them locals. And do it don't matter these people need help. And all lives man. I'm good thing all Latin I'm black and white nine time all lies and they went to a situation. Is also averaging this at the time and one year but on third down I'll go out and meet. And I thought Monty. Sort of what I rely on base Wednesday. And and by listening right now. Just ship that has me. If you warrior just like me. Where Reggie I know we we got prayer Warriors out there my man I'm glad you came in and and we knew we know your mom will be way over I'd be wrong to financially now does that to date this season started today. How many games you think the Saints teams going issued. We're that's 617 week sixteen regular season. The gum on the on the odds would you all lies on defense we got vessel dressed in a league. For a score in our lives right. Book we have two worries the fast so it all resonates along prepares for us how much better defense can do it. Well we just couldn't be in the middle of the pack you don't have to be top defense just in the middle. That we we can out score people. You know what our linebackers. Without defense has been difficult breaks positions dol fan looks at us that we you know I don't want one can add that I really enlightened hands. You know to Donahue was PG. Really he's an avenue B can't be hands on. Then you've got. The guard Darren broke and then you've got James Laurinaitis. They've made some upgrades now they have and you know we were disappointments we've because of the turnovers but. You have to say if you looked at their defense from last year it to that this year with the duties knowing. They all improve and I still work in progress but they've upgrade that much better and I'm back now and again more speed they're playing fast at. And hopefully like you see that translate those movement. That would move to twelve spots you know and we would be you know write a sad not to repeat them in nineteen that would be prefer to be in nineteen defense. Were Richie. Again deadly issue in your mama mandate that rich rich you go to work in black and gold as a true through it no doubt about it. And you're always you always welcomed him on the and the guy looked a year we appreciate. Thank you. All right do 60187 that you can take this and 8787. Operating at or imposed three saves as went down due to cramping from the heat West Virginia. As training camp and Debbie VA made himself does it. Prove more now they're practicing and a cooler climate has its advantages to 601 eats at me. You could Texas and 7870. Morgan City for Aaron Aaron thank you for calling WW yeah. The quality popular that the owners so outrage in her adoptive mom my wife was diagnosed with the people melanoma. And none out two years ago. And different issues she goes into a treatment treatment or two weeks and I and Atlanta and keep. There were measured in a way that whip it up and never don't. Howell hit it would sure bird back knows the future article will open up comic crying out of the book. Back that they should act the doc oh (%expletive) live when a bird that diagnose it tonight back it would be honest tortured. Bottom line and it's that you hear. Brilliantly and pretty much cancer free. But the order they'll Reggie. They eat them and their bitten again and at the moment that the key man you right when he says it. And I don't want they have great prayers are going to be answered it the like that and. Thank you so much man every good it is and some good news about Jamaal than Luka I know Amaro when noses sports over to Israel life too and anybody cows in here. And some people call in a bug in that they have and some for fundraisers. We are doing that we can do you know people that that's what you know sometimes we see we see things that don't look so good in our community and sometimes some things that bring out the best in people. But you know when a back into the wall and I think I speak for everybody in this state. There's no no other TB you'd be warned about so and rub shoulders with in Louisiana and because. Not just what we've been through we've already seen that but what we know if there's some coming up with honesty retailer you can just in the ground neighborhoods now. They had people here open of the people and then hand it to golf where it's somebody calls Guccione as now was driving. England's Ellis and went to Lamar Dixon expose them and I'm not going to volunteer. We need more people like that we need more people here to heal that was somebody I was already grown. So. Whatever it takes would do but I'm always take time. To put what's most important first. And foremost. Are coming Debbie Debbie and his time is 430 have a first news over Christmas. He's the voice of the New Orleans say see it didn't practice today Jim Henderson John tiznow jam. Thank you so much for the time in their golf polyps that Jim I can imagine being where you word we we were a few weeks ago and now it just what must've felt like him to. Be welcome now the practice a degree of drivers welcomed the practicing Houston. And you can only imagine what those. What those players must've felt being in that type of environment just basically 24 hours after they went a cool environment. Okay you're exactly right I mean when we walked out of practice field this morning on 8:30 in the morning and 82 degrees. We are quickly tilted back into the reality but also out in August. And for the Saints and back then it was almost compound. That they are all made it Wear black jerseys today unlike other times when. Of the offenses or enlightenment the defense is poor black. All the Saints were in their accuracy today which. Our attitude to the misery that they accurately contributed to what was. Set by bank drew breeze to be a sloppy practice it was drew via a couple of botched snaps in a couple of interceptions by. I think as a whole and the weather and perhaps the travel contributed to a pretty ragged performance. GM might have. Visit with him more you think the Saints a being sloppy it is is like drew said or did with him more than Houston a combination of both you take. I think a combination of both. You know that there. The Texans are coming off a victory over San Francisco did not play well and the first half the starters. I played things very close to that to his players are really won the game. Chargers Saints went their starters flashed a bit against new England and then other racers are down in the second have to I think it was a a combination of the two there were some good individual moments don't get me wrong Michael alma street and other and test it one handed reception. We've seen him do numerous times increasing his in this wasn't an actual line Sean Payton about it afterwards and said. You know when you see Michael Thomas pick one handed reception like and and Sean did not seem that when he was at another place in the practice field. That said do you encouraging discouraging to leave them alone except for the most part you'd rather see guys make it to him reception but the certain times. When because of the coverage because he's locked up on the defender he might have to make one handed reception which Michael Thomas. It's certainly on the ability to do in Inchon and necessities go back and junior's mother. At this summer and kind of chided her about it that. It was her son has now made this trend in the NFL you see everybody do it doing it particularly warm outs in the course it doesn't. Scintillating catches go back and union. Jim and his his greatest checking out the Saints practiced the Texans today. And Jim yeah I realize that you know we hear coaches talk about how valuable it is to pride is against those teams. And I'm looking and I go back to win the Saints went to cut the Greenbrier to 27 in July. And you know would you go out at their first road game is at New York which isn't terribly hot. You come back home and you go to San Diego where I'm toast and it goes a mile climate so it's it's a long stretch did you could really argued this team has any type of gains. In Haim Baram in Houston this week the last two in the dome so if if the whole premise that all along Jim was delight let's keep their bodies fresh. Maybe to me is like you know start in the hot. Early in the income in the Ku because today and the Duke you could just they ought to have just want to get your take it is it this this may be that means more to the point that coach pains as a look. That's why we go up north this is the cause you can have less Wear and tear on your line. Well I think exactly so it was about a week ago at the corner out of practice field. West Virginia and one of the guys one photographers noted that it was 62 degrees. And White Sulphur Springs at the Greenbrier at that time. And in new world to feel like temperature was a 104. So you and thank you could see the point being amazed. If he's from that so it's a good players today to. There were three players who were carted off apparently two of them he related cramp related deal that brought PG about. We did afterwards that they were fine but it really it really well it was a long practices well so the combination heat humidity. I think it's a tool in the players and their performance analysts and very long after the practice. Listeners that we're conducting interviews and the siren proper. I'm lightning storm so those were moved inside act who recently got a pretty good range so it was a it was a good test. In the first on the same thing and it in humidity and heat like this. Jammed the Saints come on the first court do extremely well 81 downs to two they really out gain their knowing that 25 yards thirteen passing twelve rushing. I thought they did some good things defensively good pair Astros at about late but the two turnovers win GM looks back at the Saints performance against New England. Moving forward now what what are you take away from they gain jam. And what do you see now you you'd think you'd need to see this team need to do in pre season game number two. Well you'd like to see him clean up the turnovers and have an edge in the turnover differential that was one of the main point about assists in pre season Nadal is is that. Particularly so for this team. And when you look at these turnovers mean two of them cost the same touchdowns directly into the deprive them. Potential touchdowns. So that was the turnover differential and more you won't win many games that way although there was some flashes. Of success there over the Bollywood is Shaq. He showed well in that they do in the sack about Wyler. And I was very active on the defensive line I think he's well on his way to oh I don't mean that. Defense have been an open position. He's performed well. Brandon Cox was rested. Today for whatever reasons there a number of players who didn't participate. But there were some some good low moments as well I mean it and other. I'm really nice action deep out route for him I think it's gonna come down to consistent consistency. Piece and in almost two successive. Replacing me and I catch over the settlement throughout the relatively easy ball struck the that he easily can jump in and audience so I think for him it's probably going to be a matter of consistency. Continues. Q certainly showed the kind of ability and speed Saints and surprised increased season. Tim innocent final one GM. Offense. The fins TV needed new more than one do feel free to. One bad it's really stood out for you on both sides of the ball. Now it all ended in tact can't look to today. Well actually I think defensively at the on earth she kept kept dimension and the east and one doesn't surprise that the creation. And that of course would completely clueless as well. Offensively that I continue to be impressed by his team that about it is mentioned him I think he's going to be a contributor this year. Cam Jordan cam Jordan is going to be your best player on defense but I think that the team metabolic and have a great year on the defensive. In the defensive cord. And they'll probably need him to that's our offense goes. Against Tommy Lee Lewis probably. I thought Kobe cleaner had a rough practice today and a couple of draft eye drops and when he's on an individual drills. When you had a tight ends blocking blitzing linebacker. I hit it just brought to the forefront how he's going to be years thank you very seldom see him instant. Inline blocking tight and it is is crammed inside he's going to be mostly split out why during the slot as a wide receivers as well this body type this. Is most. Going to end peg it in the ability to do so. I think those are probably the people that have ever struck out the most in the. He is the voice of the New Orleans Saints of the best in the business Jim Henderson Jim always a pleasure. Thank you so much of the time or talk on Saturday. All right Jimmy Anderson joined his now. But more gentlemen that have been covering the team for an awful long time to another one that's been here. And talking about the New Orleans Saints via the times Picayune of paper and only dot com is a saint Thomas B right and area go to. Eric thank you so much of the time in there I met you throughout the difference during the heat today when you're not there. Odd mistake and we didn't Wear dry pitcher that would drive which are all over the place in West Virginia what that spot and I got here we are on it and hey even employers got belly. Period and try to get acclimated. Yeah. The end really away from me eat the vast majority betray Egypt's. Blair from last year it is time to the issue distaff I see I see improvement I see improvement in person now. I see improvement I hear words tenacity as me then of four from the defense of players. A kick out comfortable. How I'll feel better. It's like I'm knowing more about the beef it's I hear stuff like that. I think this team is better I don't know how much better but I think they are better your assessment on this team from Malaysia distant right now. Okay then word got to be all looking specifically on defense are you seeing that they are that are. I just finished up a column. Libya and all dot com and predictions that prospect you'd. Tomorrow a buyout. Having a cautious optimism about hey the young quarterbacks because we've been writing and talking about them per week. And you say good luck there and crawl DJ Williams I mean none of those guys though have ever played in me so we're basically Jews. Writing and talking about what we're seeing we're seeing improvements. Predicted that practice this is still pretty heat in game. So all I I do think that what was all that stuff. You gotta be careful because. We we know every year there's optimism and but. I think that we are being. Better on the east and I do like them at your position players think that often that there some concern on the line bit. I do you think overall. I'd seen in improvement from what we saw last year again buried very early. Right now but it's bad enough thought and negatively. Bottom which we've done the last couple years now. Mary holders there where it is now marry out. They don't mind offensive line. Is it. I don't I don't know like right now who'd with a five would be a mean I don't I don't think the coaches really know what with the fan I would be. Take a stab at that and in what five combination. Had you seen that it has been the best in your estimation. I would say and and you know going all the way up to today's practice I would say. That you'd have Armstead. You have Leo at left guard you would have Unger senator Pete at right guard and street at right tackle and throw it not mean that. Probably their five. Best guys right now. It and I could see that play out bought Ford and yet. You know just because it fifth spot that guy doesn't mean that they have some issues there but it that they don't mean because. Yeah it's a you know you go on from. Up watching. On T yeah two years ago to the best guards in the NFL Kotnik in Jahri Evans and Eric yet in. Now he's got a really give and so. I do think that. But all those spies. That group that the spot I think it would be rotten at the start the Eaton today. And like what. It is. I don't know we're gonna have question marks going into the season. In even deeper what would fifteen on the as far as on the offer before and so it certainly. I still a work in progress. And do something that while we're talking about their best five are still might not EU we still talk about it could be alive they'll. Mary Hart can be the Tebow ridge on go to at a social media and that they're by no what you got coming up in the paper tomorrow. Yet at Larry holder on Twitter and of course I'll recover and all are apparently you get out on the practice occupation and now my column more. Cautious optimism on that. Young trio of corners that we keeps me in the David. Think cracked. He is an area holder Eric thank you so much of a man would talk against him you gotta be all right this is sports talk on WW. I know not to give Duca and I'm next hour ticket book Chris Lowe ears being college national bee reported a current SEC a terrorist trap. A ban on line dot com get the latest in the SEC west in teams taken with the Houston Texans and more of your opinions operate jaguar opinion poll. As training camp West Virginia made the Saints self or does this rule it is better to practice in a cool climate you voted WWR Beckham.