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08/18/16 - Beyond Reality Radio - Author/Researcher Mike Ricksecker; The Haunted Housewives

Aug 18, 2016|

08/18/16 - Beyond Reality Radio - Ghost of Maryland, Ghost & Legends of Oklahoma, and more with Author/Researcher Mike Ricksecker; The Haunted Housewives discussed their upcoming events; and of course, listener calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome everyone it is Thursday night. Chases. As we begin another episode of beyond reality radio and oh we got a great one lined up for it and has always put. You know it's always a bit sad when the week kind of comes to win this is less show for the week. Yes it is but I have to say adamantly we have the coolest show opening. I really. I love ever it never gets old right here at every area every day and it never gets old so. Leo we we do we have a great show coming up tonight. Where we're going to be talking with Mike Ritz record he's the author and paranormal investigator going to be talking about some of his books and and then just drop next week we've gotten great gas coming up against Vincent ward of a walking data Monday. Yeah that's going to be pretty cool Vincent played one of the prisoners in the seasoned vet says Rick in the gang took over the prison and live there. I was Herschel and all that and Vince who was a member of fuel the episodes but he was a pretty important character while it was there. He worked with so loose temple who was one of the other prisoners but their. Vincent has a whole bunch of cool stories about working with. All of the cast and just being part of the filming of the Walking Dead it's the it's the most popular show on television. It's got a horror zombie theme to it. It's very pop culture centric and I'm. Cited documents and about on Tuesday Leo while Blackburn author musician encrypted researcher from Texas and talking with him about the beast a body creek the lizard man and and a bunch of other things like that Wednesday weaved issues you hookah. A point and I'm glad you said that. You know that's but claims she is not from the or so ago. Moment I just. What world is from Nigeria Basel figure though now Thursday we got Bob Mitchell and Jason quit. I ground from ground breaking forbidden knowledge reload. Revelations allies like chewing my tongue intimate it was a big words to. That line she can't win it all out then hey Jim. Real quick did you happen to see the video that I posted on my FaceBook page. I don't know if you run around naked but that well I don't know Novella by brighter concern. But now I suppose I posted this hunt it's chilling moments a ghost appears to follow a woman out of a waiting room but no one else seems to notice. Over thirty million views and Chinese social media video and our channel following a woman across the waiting room. Tom and the videos mixed responses from many claiming its feet and as an edited and so forth. I have to beyoncé put my FaceBook page you guys who checked it out. What is my fears were pages and ours and conduct apps I believe there's Arnold's classic types yes last then you know but he stalker penny has come. But I know I put I put down there and and to be honest with you it really and to me it looks more like some sort of shadow or. Or maybe something had been modified with that but it and you guys all check it out when you get a chance and I'd I'd love your responses on the eve even if you want to call later when you know your thoughts on a book. Its interest in video I just don't really have any faith and so you're skeptical of you're just trying to turn acceptable everything yeah I know that but you're curious as to what other people are thinking about it in the capsule and because you know I look I love to get there in the public's view our thoughts on stuff like that despite a lot of times will put evidence out there. From taps whether it's investigations or on the show because we wanna get people's takes on on their thoughts on the evidence. Of course if you wanna call in and comment about that or anything else it's 8446877669. Jake we have been talking a couple of times and I think we even brought up now last night but tonight before. With our guest the whole discussion about artificial intelligence. Yet okay I have and over you know over the good kind of quote unquote cab company. The people drive for and you call and you know you call a car basically anywhere you aren't some new hops in the car comes in ditching gives you write some more. Kind of have not really camp called looper you've made you've all heard about that. It did actually manage it really had a name author not a Longo and I want to it was a concern and Lynn was killing people young and driving all the people around here. Yeah I wasn't cool but anyway Woburn maybe this is why they're moving in this direction because Hoover. Has just. Introduced in Pittsburgh a fleet of self driving vehicles. Really yeah and you we've been talking about and and the reason I bring this up as an obvious who don't really care about. Taxi companies or whatever on this program but we do care birth artificial intelligence we've had this conversation many times whether we're discussion in discussing aliens or. You know just science in general. Artificial intelligence is really taking leaps and bounds and the fact that they are now launching these. Customized mobile X seat nine DS UV vehicles. Self driving. And you can call them on your Smartphone. They will find you you hop in and they will take Huey and are all the information on your cellphone on your Smartphone and then we'll take you where you wanna go now. They're supposed to have a hundred of these vehicles in Pittsburgh by the end of the year right now they're starting to think with ten or something like that. And they are going to start with them they're gonna have a person in the driver seat just to monitor the vehicle to begin with to make sure everything's working. But there expecting it to work in not only are they gonna be doing this with. The over you know consumer cab type vehicles but their. Developing the whole line of trucking vehicles to move product around the country in driver was trucks. Blunt I have seen some of that where they were showing some demos on the vehicles where the drivers actually be in the truck will sit back and then machine will take control. What scares me is didn't Kubel just have a situation where one of their drivers were killed. Because the car there was some sort of an issue with the computer and to guard drove right into the back another vehicle or something so. Yet on Google has been kind of a leader in this technology com and Google actually intends to manufacture its own cars at some time test was doing the same thing. On Apple's involved obviously Hoover doesn't intended make its own vehicles ran out working with a bull bull they've been talking to Ford and some other car companies but. I mean obviously. I'm assuming that the United States Department of Transportation would not be allowing these vehicles. Two to be doing this if they didn't feel as though they met certain safety criteria so I'm. Even when those Google mishaps as a result technologies come. It's been quite far. And I'm sure you have a lot less chance for computer than you do you human hair when it comes down to that so. But really it's like right out of determining which announced Einstein that's become self aware and it's scary when you're sitting there saying the Carl come find you will miss a I don't wanna go any machine's gonna come and find me. That's the least thing I wanna hear. All right well we're gonna take a break when we come back we will get Mike Rick sector on Mike is paranormal researcher and author any combines those two worlds and a lot of his work he's written books like the ghosts of Maryland. Ghosts and legends of Oklahoma. Plus he's got the ghost story in case file series volume one just released recently renewed talk about all that with him. It's beyond reality radio. With Jason and cheesy. Big game it's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you that scare con is approaching quickly we need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of masked his skirt and as a fan conventions for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the scourge that we can include celebrities from your favorite. And TV shows you need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website heads Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. From October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best we can in the here and you don't want to miss it. Visit the website it's Gary Conn dot com that's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. Don't forget to check out FaceBook. HC it's Gary gun. Mike Rick sector is going to be our guest here on beyond reality radio Jason Hawes GB Johnson here by the way stop by the FaceBook page if you haven't done that yet it's a step beyond reality radio on FaceBook. And give us a light. You know if we get what we're pretty close to what 111000. 111000 have that was just the other night we asked people do that we jumped up and 22200. Top two company how about if we if we pass 111000 won't give away a couple shirts later net tonight. Welcome president networks networks aren't. So I somebody's face of page give alike. Also feel free to stop by snap Chad and instead Graham and of course the website is beyond reality radio dot com that's where the chat room in this. Let's welcome Mike Rick's record the program Mike is a paranormal researcher and an author. Many many books to his credit one as the ghost a ghost of Merrill another's ghosts and legends of Oklahoma plus. The go story in case files series volume one recently released Mike. Welcome to beyond reality radio. Don't think Bradley I'm shows and I really appreciate it. It was good to have you ask to have you know I think at one point we had to scheduled we had to. Had to move you so we appreciate you being patient was that we've got. You know it's it's kind of an ebb and flow with guests wanted to come on in schedules were in house so we appreciate that very much. Yeah not a problem you know I understand that things happen so young. Marcus just happy to be on the show and I appreciate it could make this work. Yes well and we wanna get started by having you introduce yourself to our audience tones are folks who you are what you do and why you do it. Chair while and and his Mike Rick's checker I've. Been popular in the ghost story and this is what Kabul. And an author Britain's seven book what you said you know it goes of Maryland goes let's Oklahoma. As far as they yeah ghost story and its C yes and it turned eskimo would you describe a person who's. Researches and deputy city Gilles gonna place in which ought to. I didn't think it got a little more clearly the alliance. The role rather than researcher in doesn't step on the toe loop that historians. Actually. The official masters degree in happy. And oh yeah I've been involved appear normal war. How about 25 years. He had never Spears' child is where I got interest. And no really kind of re at all. Genius what started out you'll read her books. Tell us what you the experience I really wanna know what happened to that turn John to the paranormal. Well it was C experience with a shallow person. Eight or nine years old level the bill. And there shall persons in a quarter of Robert Rubin know what was that it. Sure but it was the child actually figure into it did the so in period usually there will be different. Other channel which stories it. Daddy is actually approached the car came to my bed leaned over it crossed my arms. So I'd look at it as it did that and are you re all don't all I watch you run to open at all. So this channel and to Tina and screen out terrorists in. And not to interrupt you not to Brooklyn march for. That's really where. In my. Score yet to hear Jason and Mike can you hear me. It. You know I'll broke her estranged first okay and so with with the with the shadow person. Did you did you feel feared did you feel anxiety I mean what what type of response did you have emotionally. Outweigh our markets are about eight or nine years old it's very sure. Tried extremist first union in couldn't. It didn't. You know or what so ever discourage lie. Parent after the fact so. It's dirty. I was traumatized by an epic at age. Erica. All right so. You were young you've got to you know and he had this experience Hitachi interest that in. In the learning more about it what was the beyond. What was the. Point sorry I'm taking years better now. I hear you better about Jason who union economic. I can hear Jason there Leo how are you know what her shoulder a little over again thank you and her. Little technical glitch but anyway yourselves what's so at what point did you decide to kind of in an embrace the paranormal is part of a professional career weather was writing or investigating. Well I as far as the professional career. Out but he could skate for first eighteen years is more Albania obvious level you know like first investigation led the New York teenager didn't really know. You know what I was that I really do it at that aren't. You'll stay in ball for quite awhile. It is a lot of you know researcher Mario can but that outlook really. Over the last fifteen years or server in the book didn't eat Richard that we've started to think actually started treating videos look at Arab. Let aren't real media I'd YouTube channel. And my ego and now the U hear me I wanted to go back to year experience with the shadow type Wednesday. You said it crossed your arms all you crossed her arms over your chest and them running on the hall. Now get so way to first how tall would you say they said on T Willis. I'll look how. I mean I was a kid but it. Now it had was probably about. Three quarters the way up by. But danger window is basically where it was a quarter was between badger wouldn't want that. So that was Z I don't know are both art and. OK so it's not like some of the other ones are the people are claiming they're seeing these seven or eight foot channel type entities. And went when it was in your room because there's a big misconception that I've I've seen throughout the years of investigating more people believe channel entities are. Instantly negative type entities. And we've found that there's there's all different types of shallow type entities some it can emit their own some that can't fully manifest. And they're just an intelligent hauntingly Q and I. There's nothing mysterious about them but they just can't fully manifest. And a lot of times people mistake those four negative type entities. Which they're not. So you. You beat your child oldest crossing your your arms over your chest or anything else what's what sort of feeling did you get off the did you get any impression negative. In a positive or or anything in between. You know but looking back. You know it it didn't do anything really negative to me into eighteen interacted with new Yorker where. I'll I was terrified how good they were so strange being in her will lose. You know dark in color in future. Gasoline recently. Throw suggestions appear at maybe I'll know what ever it is was. Thought that perhaps. I was eight to ceased being whose car alarms across my chest as some sort of imperial Holmes. While which of course would not being negative nature. That kind of interest. Yeah okay well and it's it's important to say that you didn't feel anything negative you know from of course it's going to be. Startling from the point some some days and a big shadow masses in your room that's going to be startling to anybody. But just affecting you didn't get any negative impression or it was a malicious it wasn't violent. It didn't do anything that I like that and also if it touched you and you didn't get any impressions like that. It would go to say that it's more some some sort of intelligent life on or something else. And we can't. Right here it there wasn't in seeing our concern is that would. It was just yet as part is that being startled at an age. So Mike you wrote some a couple books that I I. I'm assuming chronicle. Haunt things in ghost legends in various geographic locations like Maryland or Oklahoma. Amazing to go to ghosts of Maryland was the first one you did. Yes sure Gossip Girl was the first woman living. So you were living in Maryland and you started I'm assuming researching ghosts haunting as legends so tell us what you discovered and some of the highlights. That are featured in your book ghosts of Maryland. Vulture. One of the more interest in Tampa at our own coast to coast early. When a resurgent pirate mr. Hughes is bigger grounded in literature history and I don't sound a little. I'll one liners Tapia mount eerie and she should. In Upper Marlboro Maryland which has a number of sorts. A lot of different spears Sutter schools to either of all nobody is a story. But apple has won a one liner. About the growing area that. It into the into the target Wednesday at her little one liners out. It was the spirit of the girls who were born over losing they'll well liked. In what we're working hole or I'd. I was curious about this girl was Eric had been injured legal history are on the Holmgren finally in yeah. Eagle or. Early nineteen hundreds and called our colonial. Homes are narrowing it down shore in spot in the Witten are on the story of this Earl. Oh yeah irked that Robert is not locker chewed. This morning actually essentially a large extremely extremely depressed. Now over this Indians finally we will be. Our two great public opinion on terror is broader cold and she is girl are basically. So while seeking out depressed it is cute article broke our. And that you're actually chronicled in you know Storch. Booking so you know here's this girl that are currently no bounds. In that and is. Actually just back HE RO should keep it injury history it's neat. Original roots. You know this thing to have them all the time we are indeed those Beers are always. So any of this oh yeah and those stories that you featured like the one you just told us. Com were you able to go into any way like independent investigations there are verification. Or paranormal investigations to substantiate any better or did you just researched the stories and legends and and put them together and present them. Well he surely one would be on him too much in. Their. Great place. Yeah absolutely yet been there are numbered lines in. One of the other stories like her before. First gear was. Impression in an independent larger will look at look too bad that you'll look like somebody had been beaten her. And we'll be talking to get upset about that into. It here I bet in the morning but I mean I should appear action what they are real early just desserts or there. And I'm sure not that bad bad impression was right there are so it's really a period in. Place or number. EBP. You know people scene operations act. And Urlacher or. You know all we actually had seen him last week we caught a thermal a pocket of something walking right by us. And my cameraman and who has denied our camera standing right behind me. Nothing showed up desire camera but the thermal it showed over thermal imaging camera so. It goes to show you the difference between the infrared and via the thermal and how temperamental via a thermal imaging can actually be an investigation. I'll absolutely and that's why use multiple piece of equipment like that's news. The air by I'll know what you're upwards. Might quit the with the the rest of the stories in the ghosts of Maryland. You. I'm Sherri did you see any common threads in the stories do you find this is the types of stories to be different depending on the geography. Of you know whether it's Oklahoma are Maryland. Well you know what urgency in. Between two completely different states I mean Maryland had. So war. News in an analyst you do in this state university will be. Gossip Girl are there civil war is so that was a very very common being. Rocket booking future research you know most. I bet civil war games in the of course there were no longer is where we control or just from New York. Every day out it isn't speaking you're so it was so there's a market started well. Well Oklahoma was a area. Of different type of history it was a mistake. And you'll according to native Americans there is nearly tackle where we're going through. It outlaws. Hold. There are yeah hold that thought Mike Weir gonna take a break we'll be back we'll continue discussions beyond reality read here at our guest is Mike Rick's records Jason GP. And it is beyond reality radio Jason pawns GP Johnson welcome everybody in the chat room I see a lot of people in chat telling stories you know things that happen to them when their kids and or even adults and the other she sure those stories with a stone forget that to the toll free numbers 844687. 7669. And we'd love to share stories if you got something to tell us. But right now our guest is Mike Rick's sector Mike is a paranormal researcher and author a lot of books to his credit we've been talking about. The ghosts of Maryland and ghosts and legends of Oklahoma Mike again thanks for being on the program. You know again I appreciate yes you know. Beard. So so yet I much in my groupware ago when you knew you were writing about the ghosts of Maryland did you cover anything. It. In Manassas area where the military base health Iowa. Powell announces it is Virginia so I didn't. Catch. I guess it was stupid of me W one of the closet and parents are so unannounced drug well now you know we actually investigated a ship in Maryland and I can't remember the name of programs ship down and had a lot of claims as well if you tell me that's not Marilyn I'm ticked me off. Thursday house. I don't know if you guys. You compilation local arbor. Yes no hassle yes let's labor I've broken toe in the investigation that was good time but and I'm going to ship a lot of wild activity also on ships. Aaron. So let's move onto the to them the ghosts and legends of Oklahoma now I see the word legends in that particular title not in the one Marilyn book did you expand. The you know the criteria for what the things you were covering beyond just on things in ghosts. I hit actually a little bit because it's a yard or a very different speech. And one of the stores are included in here. Those media conspiracy theory. John will lose. Fixed key. From Virginia leaving me. Alternate light in Texas and in a in Oklahoma. So I included that Kalin your and it kind of we'll also follow up you'd expect at a inclusion or materials. Can go to their political slowed competitor you read two books. Yeah I was just gonna say that's kind of interesting that the Maryland book obviously had some John Wilkes Booth references and that continued into Oklahoma. Yes absolutely and it's still really cavity yet creepy tale at the candidate where. You know this this lawyer in his speech to ironically news media. And it grandfather. He peaks. Knew he toured around with this witness mildly bill that was supposed to be generals would lose. Showcases the scene was world premiere in. I'll go bend your other buyers are urgently even or. Added speaking at that want to hasn't had a very very macabre indeed choose life. It was general's move. So much it's an interesting story how much information re able to get about that because I'm kind of curious as to whether there was any evidence to support the claim that that may have been general I had never even heard in this instance I really interest and. They are and be bought you lose data commanding. Need each short she died in Enid Oklahoma. Poisons. And on news deathbed made it quite that he'd been jungles loose. I'll and so Z you know. People that interested parties. At one that is nephews came out I didn't by the beat her date of the jungle and that you didn't actually take the body let them. In in this so what are opposite in the states. Q where he had previously met. David. Cranberry Texas. Endless are actually done some work within. Down there and her new yeah this is a guy that I knew and Texas who again in taxes would look. In need to go well with this body so the last harm that was seen. Was I believe in the 1970s. They did so. Currently at work on an annual stools and updated technology but we did confirm. Some of the old wounds like the broken leg. I work. On this body and is believed to be in the handled our collector these days but it boots and it's been able to confirm. Well do you think that a lot of times the government just says that they got somebody Oregon person just so they don't look incompetent because if you think about it right now especially with this which I never really heard this this claim. And nine and it's something I gotta look into but then you've got things where you know finding Hitler's now this big show work. It's it's going to show that we knew that he really didn't commit suicide and all these are things so. Almost as if the government decision no we got them this is how it was resolved even if they hadn't gotten them just to make themselves look. Well I spent six years and we air force part of that at in this state so yeah it up from in. Certainly discovered something looked into is given built out. You know the weighing in at the body was mostly identified. And just identification. Bit. The people that are there like their findings and all that well the party was severely decomposed. And loathing they got back into the DC area so. There are a low birth in what about that I can education bachelor's. We're suspicious. He might you mind if we take a phone call and have allowed us whenever listens to share an experience with us. Sure okay let's go to loves Allen Indiana now welcome to beyond reality radio. I they are seagate again. Soon. OK okay I I I don't know I was in a cat that was like rocket about that earlier. And here in a hurry. The story apparently it Alec it's like Eric. Same authorities all it is my life at a ballet. I had an experience last Eric I don't play and I we were sleeping at bat I was sleeping in my bed and I bet they like. Always it is different sort today. And I was I woke up around here in the morning. And the time I was there during the OK so light. When a prank but you know what I'm saying. Evening and on my door quite literally and got all happening and they react that the united retrieving it is okay. So he can about a lot that lady making the right eye contact with me and I really like he looked like market adequately debate really all limited on black. And it started blocking or me keeping an eye contact and I literally like Greek outlook I got up and I it partly. I I I cried because out here I like what went out there I would like be not like all I'd. Yeah if you look at you like what god and I look at the line. But it was so realistic answer why it you know it ain't real army and the moderates you rightly. Indeed it can help me owl and it is so bad about this event like our partners that I I I didn't matter as saying I cannot leave. In the dark and are happy that light TV on and apple have something going I have to let you board now. You know I had to boot and it it re read my bad arm over the weight would he about a week that the war. You know and if you get liking it from Cali. Op. Idea what was bill and I. This we're gonna Duval thanks for sharing that we're gonna lay Hugo we got to take a break and when we come back lol lol let Mike in Jason wall comment on that story is that is a pretty disturbing. Image in having your head but I would take a break right now. We'll discuss it when we come back it's beyond reality radio Jason javy. Hey gang it's GDP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the episcopal application of the death organization. That's right your nest in there. You need to subscribe to taps her match. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps her magazine has been completely redesign and re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website its taps her bag dot com that's captured or match dot com and click on the subscribe now by. Enter the promo code beyond and check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood its path. Magazine again go to the website tab power Mac dot com. That's caps CarMax dot com. I use promo code beyond the same. They welcome back URL a rating with Jason GDP in our guest is Mike we're sector. He's. Author mr. Rangel story and he likes to refer to himself as. Writer of many books and and were. Brick I'm mics aren't where before we went to a break we're talking with a valid she is telling us about her experience. Yeah I'll let you go ahead and respond first foray. Yeah I mean Bill Clinton's experiences current record is terrible that are. That happens in the goal it is. You know even more care for war room which he's. Not even one this week in the dark so. Well. You know this is cases that we really wanted to. Do something you want it to be able to help our home. You know really pending did you do you know. You try to figure out what exactly he beat me beat air. Complete. It's a tough situation. Well a lot of times these things for whatever reason they're just passing through and idiot if they're not. This is the problem is that you really can't stop them from passing through and it's very they're passing through different homes and and hopes of Sony's able to to see them for whatever reason at that time com. Why a lot of times children have a lot more experiences and it's also because. Children are more prone to be we'll see you see these things so they tend to hang around more around children. But honestly if it disappeared and you never really had a problem with that again. That my thought would be that it was just passing through for whatever reason and and might have just moved on because it realizing you were terrified it and you know decided that that's not Palo wanna to a to be towards him and that's my own thoughts I think I'd have to be either a little more tempted to get a little more thought been placed on that. Yeah I'm Jim yeah while I would I would say that it sounded sound a bit by the way you told the stories now that it seemed very very menacing in this woman was at her eyes fixed on you walking toward Donald Hall. But that doesn't necessarily mean it was menacing and if you haven't had a recurrence you haven't had anything that seems malicious and that other than that one instrument instance I can understand why it would disturb you may be in Iraq some of your sleep patterns. But it sounds like it's not something that's as any malicious intent and you. You're probably okay you might wanna try to communicate with a few of you have any other experiences in the home I'm assuming you're still there. You know just just try to communicate and see them if you get any kind of response. It so Mike when I wanted to talk to you real quick also on unity ghost story in case files volume one. You talk about a crack cracks open the case files of the historians ghost story and and venture into the depths of the mysterious historic. Paranormal investigations he description of evil times in ancient stone tablet with a mysterious inscription. Internal secrets now. Is it it and you unearthed in the mid eighteen hundreds is a something that was truly on Arthur is this just. Just added on to the book. Outlook not good our case spouses. These are. Official channels based on real history. So it. It's written at a different spouse this. Opened up in here must file cabinet allow one of certain leaking or you. Read all the case notes and Trent restrictions those interviews in the peace sessions you know what happens so. A home these stories have a lot. Real history was in the air the location notes on artifacts that are so and so. All the people that are within their output appears you'll. Story telling that aren't going along with this is. Okay it's old and the ancient stone tablet was it is that just something storytelling that was add into it or. It was a risky. Actually don't tablet. Yeah the the ancient stone tablet is any real are currently the inscription on it really does it as well it's just. Not located where I put it. In this story. All right hold on let it all on that thought mikes are gonna do this to be yet another break here it's beyond reality radio Jason NGV. And where would Mike Brooks Eckerd and I'm talking about his books. Ghosts of Maryland ghosts and legends of Oklahoma and also the ghost story in case files which we just started talking about before the break and Mike we had to cut you off there but it sounds like the ghost story in case files are you the ghost story in war do you have a character that's the ghost story. No I'm the coast Dorian. I have also mother so a lot of people are characters. There's a lot of people that are true light so it it's a bit of mixture. And he said you use some foundation of history to kind of provide the nucleus for the stories Jason brought up the stone tablets which were kind of been arrested and as to what they are. Under their obviously included in the volume one so what we're the go to the tablets and and how did that out of they fit in your story. The the tablets are or outlook actually. And he's healed in is temple so there are agency period Alex. Basically refers to our own little history. Are coming of age and then there's fire involved in Romania. I use fire as any I'm not sure how this particular story and where it's terrible astounding is now. Currently eight killed at. What looks are down in a bit there's a little bit of the subtle there but that practically goes out. In burned down back and yet eighteen hundred's so. I'd mix. This ancient history or are to crack. With some. I in your history. Back on the 800 India while trying to do really. Trying to trying to introduce. History you people root out a little bit a bit. I voted energy unions. Hands yeah just the way that every in this era and also a ball. You know the way somebody would constructs you know a file of apparel to Haitians are you need to report linking to try to use. That get people curious about are absolutely different period history. The upkeep and asking that question or what really back it. A bit in will start investigating 00 reserve. That's a great cause too many. You're just telling them aboard a boring story BL KR number is 8446877669. If you wanna call in and be part of this program like Cindy did Cindy welcome to beyond reality rating you're on with Jason TV and Mike. I guys. I have a little story that happened to me when I was a nurse's aide and worked as a nurses aid for over twenty years. A one night I was putting one of my patients to bad. And I turned to have apply to all that light over hurry and off. In the girl. And I turn to. Took a lot of the door and as I was standing there. This black chapel blacker than a blackened ever home. They realized I had turned all the lights sound in the room and shot her right eye blinked a couple times. Because I dot maybe I'm just seeing that because of the light being. And I just froze. This thing just seemed to do. Just stand there it seemed like forever but it was probably only about thirty seconds to. And then it just dissipated up. Into the ceiling and it was gone so I kind of walked. Carefully around the where ones they didn't want to stepped where it had been and I just felt really strange. I went and opened the door. To go out into the hallway and another rehearsal final pairing sheet that certainly can you come in the next room because the lady had just expired. I'm the other side of the wall from where I saw that. And you know that one that that was a really. Really good experience for me I have to work days after base camp and but. I just wonder now if someone told me aside doubts coming together. Someone else else told me it was a thrashed soul. That if I hadn't furloughs. One idea better if I would have disturb get in any way round of cuts stock. I don't know I don't know Sony is and it was blacker than black in your room. And I just kind of think that maybe ghosts are dark and they're not quite like everybody thinks they are you know. Well adjusted just a cut in real quick one in a couple different things first off I've dealt with claims out of body experiences where. People have now. So a projected themselves and and then black masses in that Anderson the same narrative of their body is then. But on that being said either you're in a hospital. The possibilities are really endless but there are a lot of claims where people. You can't see anything they've got lights on when they flick off the light. Even though some black mass it only seems to show up in the dark because it's dark and in the dark and with the laid out for whatever reason it. It dissipates it to the point where humanize can't see it. And I've I've heard that numerous times through through research and everything elsewhere. He'd turn off the light to actually see some of these entities which is funny did you take you turn it on the season entities but there were some might Yani thank. You'd think it was so yeah leaving or did think it was step coming to dinner I don't know. I don't believe and Arnold does an amended to I don't believe me happens but they don't talk about it. I don't believe in the death coming to get you blood. You know a very possibly could be this'll go ahead Mike. Yeah I've heralded could be your soul train your return of medical. Source you know similar to this quite all we. Well you know whether it's. Not something that. You know you see. Polite allow people seen her or you know these shall now there are so we could very well be the person that just expired. And what it could even be. Well you know. Eight. Previous. Priestly deceit so that he was rolled it into a busy and see all the person that does away. So there's a lot of the possibility. That you Al here no way to really. I'll deal. We nailed it down a statistically no laws. Definitely a experience. Yeah Cindy thanks so much for sharing that with the so it was really really interests me appreciate you calling in thank you. So Mike we've got about a minute left in and now this segment. We were talking about the ghost story in case files now you've on the release one volume so far. Yet it's one article are working on a combined course. And you must have maybe you don't have an end game here today do you see you foresee how many volumes you anticipate. Filling the series with. I'll have traveled quite a few overnight and that they love a number years left. You'll probably at least would read. Five. So so it's not something he has not assuming he set us salmon right for these on this is just something that as as the ideas work you're doing continue to produce them. Yeah you know what we'll see how goes you know it. Canada can lower your creative energy long illnesses eighty I treat his type project rhetoric and eighth straight up score or. Are you also working on additional. Collections like ghosts of Merrill endured in ghosts and legends of Oklahoma. Are more of those coming down the pike from you as well. How much yeah I am I have the actor Burt fields in the west as well so I'm going to. Robert Wood or I'll actually out. Illinois a lot. Probably be doing any mid west violence featuring. New locations like let's go right show the world that they do a lot of work G. Q school grade school I was sure knows a new workplace says Betsy it's rare that all out so I would coverage but without. Great don't go anywhere we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our discussion in your phone calls are welcome at 844687. 7669. If you'd like to share an experience or chat with Mike curb. It's beyond reality radio which Jason. And welcome back to the program our guest is Mike Rick sector Mike is an author. And paranormal researcher. And we've been talking about a number of his Baltimore we haven't touched on yet Mike is the books involving chase Michael dale Barlow. Now Max and yet those are pretty popular books Rio. Yeah my way out of my mystery novels a deadly heirs and with a dead into our editors was my first published book. So Libya trick on the start when I was a check out rating ever since thousands are in great. And it started with the mystery stories one that you will. In your late in. Kia is Wikipedia brown books as well you know into little bit. But that he is ever colonial little ghost stories as well let out of all geared to. So yeah and yet hit what could borrow like Ed you have. The third one that our little overeating we hear. The heat does start a little bit more involved with the curls or what across the two. John owners together with a bullet they get a little under rate in that people like those. I didn't wanna mention for those listening we have a haunted house wives coming up in just a little bit on the program. Mike before we had a caller before the break who shared an experience in a hospital talking about a black mask had a few of these. With a very similar scene to what you experienced when your child. With the black mask we accept another caller on the line that wanted to share a similar story Whitney from Missouri welcome to be on reality radio. Okay paper have me Emily Hughes stands. Thanks for calling and yeah a lot of wood actually in a few common places. But one in particular on I had. Lots of such weird trusts are happening when I'm moved in in one night in particular. I saw like huge black man actually got bigger and bigger like floating across my living room. And that's only one thing but I feel like. Like coming to light tickle the bottom might see when I was laying in bed. And faced years towns and stuff like that you know. I. Basically. I would feel like I'm was laying in the bed that he and stuff like that's a lot of stuff happened there. Be back to the black masks. I'm a couple questions related to that one was it darker light in the room when you saw the black masks. I'm actually there was like there was a light on but it was pretty damn so it was like to lie within the other room so the remote kind of like trapped list. Did you notice any change in the energy your the feeling of the room did you get any kind of sense of it just a hair stand up when you're on your back did you get any. You know anything change when you saw this. Yeah actually armed IE I usually get really big now really called will not happen and I are open air stand up and I'm not a bad place usually get really super call all the time like even when it was hot outside and you still live there. No no I don't live there anymore but I'm actually it was like it was a basement apartment this old couple that had a policy and I'm a guy actually died there he had chancellor and he died there in the house so. It sold in Europe that's what was going on. Well did you feel a sense of fear or was it just Maurer. Yes startling for you at that point and did you get any negative type sensations singers like maths. I'm actually yeah I remember when when I saw the match I got like a huge sense of the year. Pick I came over me and I kind of felt like a frozen like chicken really moves. Interest and when he are you a parable investigator do you go out and and do any investigating on your own. I view actually my deal with my friend like nothing nothing professional or anything but I don't watch or not. I've been here Tran a ghost hunters ever since the beginning enough. A low level are you guys do wind like it's one of my biggest passion and I just I just do it on my own with my friends now that I could I've had some pretty good EVP and stuff like that. Well one of the you know. Don't go right into one of the things that Jason I always say there are no professionals in this business so if you're doing it. At what your friends are as professionally as anybody else is on you take it seriously. Salaam. Yeah I I feel that way like you know I'm I'm super passionate about in there's there's like no bigger thrill to meet. I'm so I mean that's that's really all matters in my opinion. I so Winnie stand maligned somehow slick Eddie your information we're gonna receive valued at a teacher. Allred thank god isn't a thank you for the call gas sector colony and Whitney is a pleasure talking to you so. Mike I mean there's another example of the black mass story it seems as though that the experience you had as a child that really turned John the paranormal in the ghost stories stuff. Pretty common occurrence. Eight a lot of people experiencing. These things and Dario with with this particular case you know it could be. You know so being around Beecher residuals for work. And passed it they're just medial sultan the curious he'll he'll focus edited. You Ian knew who this and that they're. You don't really know for sure course I'd love to sit out urged. A shadow figure what do these eight. Eco plugged into the. -- you know we're trying to do that for years that they don't have to carry amber exactly they're very camera shot at if you did that secret out make sure you share with this mood changes there. So are we're about out of time here Mike and I don't want to give you a chance to let everybody know where they confine your books. Yeah absolutely you could summit books at Mike Decker are on our heels in and end up harder road immediate. Now I have on the yen and YouTube videos edit them to channel Harvard media so yeah completely beside his wallet you FaceBook Twitter you know those are your places. In view do you do good book signings or make appearances anywhere. I do expect this weekend I and that you'll content jewelry. Conference in the tune Illinois so that Leah regain then. Are so get anybody in that area to come on down. That's great that. Well AM while yours and you're living in Ohio and he said so if you get a chance to get over near held town Ohio has some of canal that way do some research on the there is so we'll look it up that you be really interest and all right miles thanks so much for joining us some beyond reality radio we appreciate you coming on and I appreciate your. Okay right thanks coming up we've got they are haunted housewives are we talking to them on and we invite your phone calls we want you to share your experiences with them. Jason comment on Amal comment on your stories in the hounded out how to haunted a housewives. Will count continental and how could I say okay get an up. And tonight a tongue twister and relatives it is the numbers 844687. 7669. It's beyond reality radio. Or 677669. Big game it's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you it's Derrick Thomas approaching quickly we need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of masked his skirt and as a fan conventions for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture entertainment the scourge that we can include some liberties from your favorite. And TV shows he vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website heads Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. From October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best week in and year and you don't want to miss it. Visit the website it's Gary Conn dot com that's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. Don't forget to check out FaceBook page seeds here gun. It's beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes TV Johnson. It's Thursday night kind of Friday morning edition actually here on the East Coast anyway and I could never get it right I still I'm very confused it's it's it's a Thursday program but it's really Friday most critics of a a McAllen is almost up so I guess technically. Where. Medco. Technically we're gonna we're Tuesday through Friday if you broke it down Hillis not confuse ourselves back this week we'll get confused. But as long as we're talking about days we should mention next week on Monday. Which would be the first program of the week we've got Vincent ward an actor from Milwaukee daddy's got a bunch of infect. Very recently have seen a Mon. That that ticked I think it's tick medicine commercial with the does that pets that you see now what. Oh all the we're yeah we're just do mitigate their old gang yet that's the yet yet. Lesnar was those yeah that's his latest project. Bowl talk walk a lot about the Walking Dead a lot of people are Walking Dead fans. We're hoping he's willing to take phone calls from listeners if not on make sure you're in chat you can answer questions that way we'll pass them along. And then Tuesday we've got Lyle Blackburn and that's going to be pretty cool because we're going to be talking about. The beast of by the creek in lizard man and I'm trying to remember did we have Lyle on an older show. Tim we've talked to him about. Counseling and on late night in the name looks familiar so they're familiar to me two hours away you know I'm really Anderson I'm Wednesdays ago Leah Zhu Zhu cool cool RT or whatever cooped I'm claims to be not from this world so that should be a really interesting interview. He I'm and I'm I'm anxious to find a little bit more about them also anxious to find out how to exactly to pronounce the name it's usually I think. Something like that our panel will get me eastern settle the war before next Wednesday and then Thursday it's Bob Mitchell when Jason quit and they're going to be talking about multi dimensional time travelers. And stuff like that so so they may be actually coming back in time to do the show you know what's funny is they were scheduled like two weeks ago and now they're going to be on next week's so there's some time travel gone on right but it did they knew that day before yesterday when they swung back whatever ya. Again are gonna get hitters those confused here. Let's do our gas line we've god some good friends of ours the haunted house wives housewives on the line welcome back to beyond reality radio ladies. Us guys in annual amount. So. We've we've. It's been awhile since we had you on the program you guys have been very very busy if your FaceBook posts are any indication of what's going on would give us a little runt tenable William and up to. I got I see India and we year. Very busy. That summer camp the epic locked her in June and that is preparing for this heat and the have any. Extensive. Speaking engagement tore lie ducked through most of our Ohio which is going to be a lot of odd. Where also. Participating in the world largest cut on her national goes running gay. For one of our favorite store and you hear I'll call our matter. Now that's a little bit what your color. Ours I've seen these posts for this national ghost hunting day it will what is this where they come from who started did I just I have no idea that at a. I'm guessing it was started by scare fast or something there patty and name of the woman. Yeah this is shall. I can't I have to answer missiles last name and I think Bryant you know isn't solved mocha brown on who was an article doctor. Right so there's a lot of a lot of people. And its us shack and I start apps there. Okay are not so this. Is a clock. Yeah and do what is help help me help me understand this. It's national ghost hunting day and it there's going to be a shotgun start to what everybody's gonna start investigating at 10 o'clock. Yeah from 10 o'clock to admit. Midnight Ross close to be at record and you is a nation or other girls and they're gonna try to coordinate the effort. Everyone beginning an investigation. In earnest at and until midnight and some of the sites are going to be a live streamed I know that aren't manners wanna. And it should be entrusting our ain't spears hasn't tried. Mean yeah could cut and a lot of what's okay isn't there were the thing is I know patty starches we'd love Patti so when it's a shotgun start eight. Fee easily could really be a shotgun start at the circle. It just so. One more question about this what's the measure of success Heidi you said you thought it would be successful how do we know if it's going to be successful just if a lot of people participate is at the the the key and is it all to raise money. I think I think you know cricket nation and other match that and the weight that it. Each app rate that is officially involved and I can be a lot. You're actually a ball you're registered wit coordinator. There's. And they helps promote it. And every bag new page a I'll eat it covers whatever the advertising out this site. But that money is all cheered each and each venue is. At a shelter or charity like that. At that Marty Reid is going to donate it and it's all these are people who are all her people in record or. Girl who are panic. Tried out I can get to bring awareness shoot well go our industry. And to these historic venues which are so passionate about it. There are things start preparation. Typing any venue where you are. Probably be a little bit you are experienced great. It out there and you're boring depending. What you are doing. We can't unite trying to actually have a crowd. Of more erratic outward. Some sort. Comedy and Iowa as. Amber where. It is going to be interesting. It anywhere and the Adam answer well really appreciate it great or an acre and. Well and you made a good point there when you said and a lot of times it can be boring to sell and people don't realize. That even like my show it's an hour long really works out 43 minutes because seventeen minutes commercials. But that's lake that's a week's worth of footage there today is whittled down to 43 minutes because. Let me tell you if we aired most of the investigation and we would've never lasted the eleven years because. 90% of it is boring as economic and it's so boring you sit around he sent around a room nothing's going on this. Let's let's go to the phone monitoring holly and I always in Wisconsin wants a share a story with us about music and goes holly welcome to beyond reality radio. I can't tell you get in and I can look Michelle. I'm so when I was younger my mom worked on at the Erica country had her own building or not liking it any. They could have mapped with that but she noted that over a week it will be stationed. And whenever Al that came on radio and really start current. Walking out kind of you know like the modeling would change like it was just you don't really weird. And partly on because political columnist only outlet. No one else like oh my we draw like Expedia Albert and yet maybe you know something do it back. And you've got the median and it was a weird because it would go round not the volume thinking really quietly out. It was so weird I guess my question it you think it possible for guests. Coat and a pickup on that happened maybe Jean king you know what they like pattern. Or Harvard. Well I think it's pretty interesting that you're telling us the story on the anniversary or close to the anniversary of what was at the sixteenth or seventeenth of August was the anniversary of elvis' death and it was 1977. So were low at 39 years now arms that it is very timely to bring the story to a spike Tom. Did this occur before or after 1977 I'm assuming after right. So Elvis was dead and I know they're under an act and I know that despite eight. You know claims of people who have seen Elvis all over the world living still I'm still pretty sure he did die in 1970 said. And so there was this article release sang and he was the grounds keeper. The place OK eighty he'd been out. Eighty no 89 you know he'd be high 8182. Years old the other day I was driving by a house of pancakes I know I saw him and personally eating breakfast that's so and implement them early on yes and you're gonna have to do your question is yes because he and I think immediately to trigger object on a lot of things people bring objects into locations in all to. To entice something to communicate back and forth if you're playing music and as something that. They remember can be a memory attached to that it could be a special meaning to them or just something that they really enjoyed to listen to. That can work as a trigger on object as well and help them help them in and just help them try to communicate and do things. What are you lady says onto those who has. Well I know a story a local pop. Com one of their employees died tragically it was a very young man. And during that time after he had passed. Didn't they would come in at work and allowed times late at night and they closed things out of our. And all of a sudden there on jukebox would. Larry this light metal music and he was only when ever like this particular sign and it happened several times where this song would come on in the rock bands that it was a passage from young and it asked. I think it really possibly can use something that memorable like at a certain piece of music to. To communicate or election out they were still around were watching. Well we know that scent smells. Are frequently associated with the presence of the spirit to do you know news that the memory of or perfume or or something along those lines so. Why couldn't music as well does that help DR Howard. Watched Barry thank you for sharing the story yet thanks very much. So ladies. Have you had any other experiences in your investigations that would revolve around music at all. Well absolutely app we use music as it it's kind of I triggering despite our best and I. Think. Music evokes a lot of emotion and mean when you think about your. Music and really. Strike it worked you. Her hand and it's kind of funny to say at which we think about your teenager and how it all could be. Art you. I think it should answer are chipper music brings up. I think we definitely abstract. Spirit in an investigation. Check the situation and we'll use our music boxes sometimes. Our belt or even have instruments that. Will play out there on occasion we got about that we standards venture projects that we know that should be manipulated that way or radio. Our record player or some sort of instrument and act apps. Really quite actually we're right or experience that the child. We're hearing and or a lot and church. When there was a skirt they mortgaged our. That was definitely. Quite intense experience for me I think music and that paranormal apps apply. When you said it perfect there music especially in your teenage years it defines your teenage years. And yeah it's it's such an important thing. Because that's when your. UB all the sudden you're cool you're driving around blast in the radio you do in this youth unity everything and you're playing just what what sort of music really defines who you are. And yes so it works great as a trigger object when you're on investigations playing certain kinds of music and that's why of course you don't wanna play. Iron Maiden to somebody from 1918. Because they immediately went and saw there it is I geez what's that sound. But you know fights has done users from Iron Maiden on and I'm I'm gonna be jamming out I'm going to be enjoyment and trying to ten to communicate what you know good job great choice in his. So. You know and when she was telling us the story I thought she was going to. Say that says they're playing the radio they sort of hear like voice is like franks box type. Yeah situation but when she went into the fact that the radio would start to change volume and and we are things would happen every time an Elvis song came on on the amid much more interesting and I who's really really curious above that. I wish they'd taken some video or something of indices you know as we could actually look at that to another kind of music comes on them and the volume gets turned all the way down you know there's an election. You can play that. We're on the phone with the haunted housewives Teresa urging Kathy Webber I don't go anywhere ladies we're gonna bring you back in just a moment after the break. Will remind you that coming up Monday night it's Vincent ward from the Walking Dead we're going to be talking about that show. And it's success and if you like to share a story with a us tonight we'd love to have you calling it 844687. 7669. That is the tool free line if you wanna call until Jason Knight or. How did not hop high once it counted the haunted house wise. It's beyond reality radio we Jason entity. 67660. Welcome back beyond reality radio Jason Hawes TV Johnson as we. As through another night here and about a half our left. We've got the haunted housewives with this Teresa. And capping. So ladies you know you guys have a critical nature and you you give presentations you give lectures he gave tours you do investigations. We have a lot of people asking us frequently you know how to we get started how to we begin in the world of paranormal investigating you must have people asking the same question. And how do you answer that question for people. We aren't people that. Enjoy our club. And literally. We appetite and gently. That we're not a lot. June. We are that you different organizations that operate more air odds. You know either they go and Cheney's. You know will bring fourteen people. Sheared off and it's great that act out what he do. We try working hard outsmart it larger group. Op with airport people in and day out and work our. Ot work better. It's about oh we try to tell people aren't Q join achieve it all year all. Burke and do it by like white people and outcomes or are back he has a lot of our our RAZR that are public art. And we act people. They are back and forth. And you really find some that your personality Jack. And make sure that your going in direct for the right reasons and you have somebody who's. Check it directly to their Spartan early in your weekend that break your career. Personally and regular on the court hearing about it you want you can actually get more scary screech. And you're into its workers. Right like we are all week. Like to act as well so I think social media. Help people connector at great arm. And networking are. Aren't people again there are lots of other people that you are patient and workshops or things like that and need that. And he apartment rent and it and stroke is not about Eric I'd bet. I like the saint you do cap same belief system because we operate differently than machines and or I mean he hit it. Although like needle like that you'd think they're very strong about. Eight. And that's great picture that you're an epic are. We've seen teens and add people disintegrate. Because that's terror. They take our pets are certain issues now less important I step. Yeah and I think that's important but the team has he made up of all different individuals with a whole different. Expertise or what term Walden lights and taps were to remain up we've got stay at home moms who who only have time on Fridays and Saturdays to investigate. We have other people who matter retired individuals who invest in any day of the week. We have some that are dead die are they wanna be an every investigation and we have some that you can only try to try to be number one month. So really it comes down to the as long as the team's wide open and you know everybody just meshes with each other while they understand. Each person's limitations on I think that's all that matters and for people judging. You in the way you investigated well first off it's it's nobody else is Plaisted to judge and others and others investigation methods it's like people ask me all the time about. Zack and all of them and again nothing bad disables act. As he investigates differently than me. Well that's great but you know everybody doing at their own style is what's going to help put up pushed the field forward. I. I agree I think that there is any wrong ways to investigate necessarily. Other than I don't like being released on disrespectful. The spirits are two it's that value. I've seen out as well you can't you've got to have a lot of different people we do you have several hot honorary. Com we've worked with for years and years and probably have come from I'm afraid to go to Q what are we going acts out you don't need it Hitler went. The big question is to be a haunted house were idea after have to be a housewife for you just asked and it was Marquardt who had been in my request until I see you guys have you ladies have guys and your team. He's got to bring Mexico. Because you yeah. And on how they feel being how they feel about being part of haunted house once. It. Sounds like a good time hey we've got Andrea on the line a good friend of the program who wants to chat with you ladies in your welcome to beyond reality radio. Right. Now I. I think planet they're college age and say that I got fair weather impacts. About that can't believe that was high in America I remembered that at a correctly. And I let it I can't believe in this state in two days I disliked Barry at it a bit. So it's okay because I latter they hearing the stories in. Reading about late date the histories of these places and wealthy saudis came from men. Are these experiences. Then. I like that is this. Are you jealous jealous of them on things over here one. I mean you've user in Canada we get better on to new. Let's let's let's be honest. You know. Well let let's do the fans got about it in the Canada many times let's be honest we got screwed in the Niagara Falls you guys gestured on the on things. I don't think it's nearly cut. I'd say on it and I'm only I yeah I I don't know if you. Play I know I actually couldn't do you places within Canada that tired the others at least until it. I don't know if they really not that they have agreed and that. I've been many girls up there through Cornwall and ever and ever morals and I love Canas got some great locations with a lot of a lot of history behind it. Yeah actually seeing these guys you know need to cut back ahead in the calculation DA may begin to. Wouldn't there ago so it sounds good. 88 yeah feel ladies I decided you know if you have. See anywhere except set up. I did this century sag and I believe that was my book you were ski are there. And and I actually. Worked at a party together or. What is more an international book out. Mostly not my engine Ireland and and more. About are Ohio and kept trying to pack. Jake offer our presentation scheduled this year were eerie soc. She'll start Erie shores. Doesn't Ohio. So I will buying books on 00. I had little computer cash and I. And it turns out or start. Over and then court chassis now. Antigua is 99.9. Percent happy new income and respect her. And sitting on yeah yeah. I got called pretty lazy and Elaine. Yes listen I. Hope that they get past. Clearly there is peaks and IA and it made you pick up another planet in the last time he cut back on their cell I lit for eight. If that it is clear thinking I'd been. I would sell off to Santana did Qaeda and you know late goal I need good feeling that I think it would be a much buying. It will stay out like that didn't. While they were to back in the country and you'll you'll get a chance that's what makes the call injury got to let you go as we have to take a quick break it's beyond reality radio Jason and GB. Seven. 7669. Big game it's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you that scared gun is approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of mask his scare come is a fan convention for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the skirt and we can include some liberties from your favorite movie. And TV shows he vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about Gary Conn check out the website it's Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. For October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. And be the best weekend of the year and you don't wanna visit visit the website it's scary con dot com. That's scary kind dot com for all the latest information. And don't forget to check out FaceBook page seats here. And welcome back programs beyond reality radio Jason Hawes TV Johnson and toll free number is 8446877669. If you want and I'll call and share an experience a chat with us with a champion yeah I -- I have a question for the haunted house toys now are you get because I asked Mike Aaron previous guests if he had known any of the history behind this held town Ohio. Are you are you least familiar with the. Yeah. Coming out of me actually that's not that far. From where. I think worst that that places there. 90% are Asian markets editor at. I became an. On the reason amass is too and on 1974. Gerald Ford president Ford had signed a bill to allow. The national parks to buy and buy this Tyrone. To turn it into. Part and nothing ever happened when there's been reports. Admin just researching it lately but there's been a lot of reports on on the area. On the and then at one point there was a big fire in the test so it anyway they they claimed eminent domain and it pushed thousands of people while. And it was a big fire of one point so half the Thomas burn down the stole these. I'm vacant homes up there and there's claims. Satan S that are there there's a lot of different claims. A serial killer that was in the area and the list goes on and on but it's a really weird area that now has just Royce and sparked my interest. Well the best thing is there's a lot of urban explorer is going there so there's a lot of good pictures but. Urban explores usually it out of appreciate hunted actor but. I've seen some fantastic pictures out of there and similar places. Pennsylvania and there's a couple of goes towns I am so it's it's. A place like we get such a reputation but. I was wonder how he would really in place like at its mainly outdoors. Yeah they're organic and you know have you been their ladies have you actually visited your cells. Now assume bullies them so you just from reputation as well as to what you know that race. Right now. And a lot a lot of acclaim. It she is thirtieth that's. All it takes like this there were a lot of rumors that it was that they claimed eminent domain to reduce toxic waste. Being dumb and and a lot of different things by the I'm just I'm really looking and then when you talk about Pennsylvania you're taught him Alex and trillions that yeah which which. With the smell as any. Yeah which that people who are out there listening to show. It truly is a played you need to do a lot a lot of underground mining and somehow spark happened and or whatever and the coal underground caught on fire so the city has actually. The town has still been burning birds Jason and javy we're gonna take a real quick break will be right back at the business. Welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio with Jason in Jay-Z and we've got the haunted house wise witness. This hour and we're gonna go right to our phone lines 'cause we have a couple of callers waiting this is Amy in North Carolina welcome to beyond reality radio. Hello and the. Carrying yank them. I'm good about yourself. And then tired. And pounding. What's up Amy I'm tired. I did. Thank you know. You know and you bad and wrong turn and hand. I'm matter. Don't ever have Bryan but I'll I'll look is having Billie Lee and I. Honestly I have no idea com all of us have pretty much cut ties within. Just right for for various reasons we wish him the bastards. Far far away from you know he he you know had a lot of reasons that you had to cut ties and and kind of thumb cut ties himself he disappeared for a long time. And some really strange ways so. He is kind of hard got to keep tabs on nine you know even if you wanted to yet it's hard and Knoll are there there is web sites out there are dedicated to people that he had sold teachers do never sent the T shirts and all that so often. I don't contacted by a bunch of people and I have nothing to do with edits in France to noon and then going on for quite awhile with a and we wish him the best just. Nowhere around us and that's pretty much hopefully hopefully added that also hope that answers your question Amy thanks for calling in to be on reality reading we appreciate you listening thank you. Can thank game okay. Let's go to Mike in Colorado Mike welcome to beyond reality radio. Well eventually take my college days you slow backcourt is light years. Anyway yeah there's a lot. Honda absent here in Colorado so Wimbledon England in Denver I don't know murderer. Claiming countries. And so they had a chance to. Investigate so bookmark Colorado. A novel Asian. Please have you have you got a chance to invest in anything Colorado. I'm I'd. I ever I'd been Colorado it never go near oh. How are at it each actor by. Honored and high I researched it extensively and it it in. Our Gary and our staff. And I would love it lautner get right may air while out your writing. Rate by. They were all art what I would like to reach higher there's a well and that mountains are gorgeous and I would likely get a chance to get out there by. I'm Emily is to meet by the most on a united state are strictly by that story were occasion it. That burst at a child and I like it. Stars out yet you've been out there and and you Wear it out there. Now I've really never been to Colorado I've heard a lot of different I'm. Places in Colorado elect their hotels. Anderson behind it and it was one and Molly Brown announced it does now on to replace. Asking. That would certainly entrusting. And Robert Brown. Yeah. That's my favorite characters history you know in an annual sort of feel good L corn lodged up there aren't near the Stanley as well number on to location and yeah the size and great locations are there I'm always loved Colorado it's one of the very few states and I love that you know aborted the ocean Mike I have to ask not a I have to ask that question Mike before we let you go do you think there's any thing. To the conspiracy theories related to the Denver International Airport. And let conspiracy unilaterally yeah. Well I'm sorry ass trucks that you know me but usually the Colorado in Lebanon who are doing the big blue I. Yeah that and and there's talks of underground tunnels going off somewhere and talk and that under the buildings and don't come out and India and the murals on the walls are supposed to have secret hidden messages whole bunch of stuff night what the look and I don't want to a program about what you call back in her right. Definitely don't want to party you'll do it at that I don't know you know the guy who made analysts would kill my goal our. Yeah I'll just like wah. Pretty good urged my I learned about the other groundstrokes. You might want you might wanna look at that has seen its your neck of the woods there math well I'd usually. Are probably well that's the good thing I will check it out but and I do believe this spiritual. Energy is because the site. It touched by it but I've. Let all the time there. But I really handy goes but I get judged by spirit all the time. Wells and spectacular on and Mike we appreciate the call from Colorado keep listening. Ladies the you know you've mentioned the the Stanley Hotel it is a phenomenal place I know it's one of Jason's favorites one of my old favorites we spent a lot of time there. And of course some of the best of footage and ghost hunters came from the Stanley tells wells replace. There so we're out got to find some time get up there yet we're just about time before we let you go we wanna make sure you have an opportunity to tell people where you're going to be appearing and you know where they can get more information about you guys. How hard next upcoming event is. About turning over her partner manner. While I was out there are taught third. I'll get there are outlawed certain costs. And you keep you keep her in line answer. Just it's just that lady here don't experiments to its led to a AM don't compete with Arianna. Don't let an Ohio or not. And I'm not Jones Babineaux. Fields in prisons cornfields in prison so I really could. Ladies they do so much for. Among non and I you know those you'll we we look forward avenue again on again in the future. Take place. To visit Teresa energy and how well are those ladies there Austin house as they are great a lot of fun and a lot. On the program always has some great stories and it is a great things so you know a few entering your area check amount. We shall we got a great show coming up Monday it's going to be Vincent were going to be talking about the Walking Dead. And you know how can go wrong talking about the most popular show on television that's about zombies. We needed talked on this he's believer in the paranormal goes on things on that stuffs you know. And right so that's gonna doing you know we were talking about Bryant's I figured maybe we should. Distribute Ramona. Now after this. If I can we'll catch you guys on Monday.