WWL>Topics>>08-20 1:10 pm WWL Louisiana Flood Program with Deke Belavia

08-20 1:10 pm WWL Louisiana Flood Program with Deke Belavia

Aug 20, 2016|

WWL's Deke Belavia discusses the recent Louisiana Flood and recovery efforts with state and parish officials.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon. I'm Dick Bellamy on Louisiana's efficient emergency management station WWL radio continuing coverage of what Dow is being called the great blood. A 2016. In the state of Louisiana continues on WW you know radio. Now Lance now we were able to show from in several guests that we continue to do so this now we spoke with Natalie robot of the great pres. President of airs. Saint John the baptists and I she was saying that it's a much better however don't make you guard. Be ready and be prepared as what saint John the Baptist pairs is currently there on standby eyewitness seats giving you may differing. Takes place they have boots on the ground they're close amounting to situation. And saint down the back spares brand and open others can begin to recovery and rebuild things but they're also on guard standing back in saint John the Baptist. There's we also spoke with as president potential openers Robin Miller when he says that the pairs of pants are always in full blown. Our recovery mode now people are starting to separate the breeze. Trash pick up all perish utilities water service suits is up and running and for those who need. Any type of assistance as far as from the pairs. Call 9857483211. Or you go to potential pair's web sites he also encourage everyone everyone who is in a bit. Affected. By the start with a foot to file with FEMA to foul with team. The and we also spoke with the deputy assistant secretary of Louisiana a two out and family services about the snap and registering for disaster food stamps. Those who already. Receive is that food stamps not disaster boots it but if you are a regular food stamp recipient there is no need for you to register. They were trying to increase your amount try to get to the maximum out the government allow us. Now if you have that pre register. From Isaak or since the end you need to pre register if you did register before around Isaak you'll in the system. And those who may think that they may to march they've had too much of it and come. Mr. gallery sickle hates still apply the coast the way to formula is the government formula is. They go by Natalie income. But how much devastation and you took on the receipt you're cued up from the standpoint of if you had to stay in who TO money you spent force travel. It's a promise so be sure going to buy you may be eligible for some food benefits. They would have eight. Officers you meet at all with his opening a pair she's beginning on Monday morning. East Louisiana. Iberia. Nixon point groupie Saint Helena saint Landry has the hole it from me. Now only though it's only those they come out alphabet system. Berlin is eighth you'd be if you're messing it is ends with a third beat you go on Monday. And KO on Tuesday the risk you can go to the website www. DC FS dot LA. That go. We have spoke with pairs pair share potential repairs Danny there was where he said his staff is currently still on standby to make sure that everyone is safe. They had to do a lot of risk your recovery and had assistance from any other parishes and currently right now international players. He had used ever able to give back or shift in regular work shaft. Work staff changes because the load cause a lot of people not being able to get in the work in those to get off work at the time. Because there was no no prepares area was able to. Hands between about Thursday late night till about Sunday. From the east side of the payers to the west side of the payers and all is currently safe and sound it is appropriate now and our number two is up present welcome and the Louisiana insurance commissioner. Jim O'Donnell and mr. Allen thank you so much for the time it's Sammy is I'm here and I speak in his about a stalled. May you one time we beavers biko when it's not about installment dealing with insurance but. We will give you the floor innate Hugo had start off with what you need to first get out to the great people of Louisiana. Thank you so much speak and I really appreciate your. Allowing these chat with your losers which war indeed you wanna happier note that the new you'll look diamond and would rather be talking football you actually listening. Q you talked with. And then do what we're doing here today but. Yeah it is we do and hopefully we can be of assistance. To the tenth 2002 people who have been victimized a bye last week in what. I am able to tell you that as well now. Oh would point up Donaldson flood insurance claims. Have been filed by victims so. Well please the ring tendency bullet. People that did indeed have quality insurance in place and and suffered what the law. Unfortunately that's the minority state laws. Only 21%. Of our. Residences. Statewide or ensure outlook too big a difference between the laurel and in the rest of Tuesday. Up just by happenstance last week my staff noticed that the unit by victory. Put out numbers all and the city's. In Tennessee milk the match will not go and the penetration. Coppola culprit to hit it in the league noticed that. Because in my tour the state every year what our game entities of in the all the metropolitan areas. I it's at people as we're focusing on the upcoming hurricane season and getting prepared for all the notoriety in coverage that goes with that. I heard first and foremost. Separate property older in this state to access the blood program because it's on Tuesday all or no it's the best insurance line. In property owner anywhere in the state can make. And in only 21%. What insurance and plate put in in the city of the world. It actually 39%. In and unfortunately in Latvia it's only fourteen in Baton Rouge it's only well I think that the little higher when you look at these are all area but but but that's driven by the fact that. That two things simple ones. The literally back to mortgage. Industry. Then teammate Freddie Mac than. Mortgages. Require what insurance for folks who are putting putting alone all of their property in the flood prone area. But if you're not in a prone area the moral they'll lender rather tells the ball war. That they don't need to do it and in that sense of very negative message. Too but many on first. All homebuyers. That well that they couldn't get me to do it at no expense now. In their talent is not necessary. And truly I don't spend that excuse certainly books almost. That it would cost to. Abide quality insurance my my property must not be. And the like program point out that nationally twenty operation. Of the calling in sick. Oh loss on or all in properties. That war not what Corey low risk areas that was ought not to be vulnerable to flooding events so all of that. The number of folks the percentage of votes with. Bought insurance in place in our state where we have an awful lot of working poor. Where where people buying middle of a really tight they don't have a lot of excess money to to look forward to spend on things that are not considered necessary. We we we don't have the the culprit that that we all want would hope I hope would be in place. And when that's not available. York you'll you'll ran through the assistance that. Available for a cable and in the berries parachute and improve the web site that the governor has been urging in the last number Erden quote. Was some 85000. People have have access. Well or at least registered. To get whatever assistance is available to them what their uninsured or underinsured losses so with those things. I'd be happy is stopping intake in the questions that you were any good as mine. And the reason any interest committed jammed down graciously joining us here today to have any questions that. Commitment dollar and you can text him to mean 8787 there we got some open lines at 5042601. Hates him. It certainly miss that down I'd be the last to ask some on all I was somewhat be a judge that that's a listing him as you by. When you look at it the number of percentages and you say in Orleans and new ones about 30% of residents with insurance you send that he had 14%. Two full question do you signed after maybe a a tropical all awful I'd. Those numbers may be Golub psalm or at the urban area and then also and Coke by you being on his radio station for the years that I've been here. You cost me ten and people is not to Q seven a then at thirteen distant look this is insurance. You need to have it why why is it or I was as something may be nation while when you go to these different continuing education things. To what people sometimes feel like it they don't meet in danger. Absolutely the when when Katrina hit a living years ago. Say what we have 360000. What insurance policies quipped you know by. Eight in 2008. Some some three years later that it spiked the ball under in 90000 policies. Unfortunately. Today it's back on the 450. And up until this week and have been slipping on an annual basis each year. As memories for me. As is people get past that the tragedies that have witnessed already inexperienced. They can get more complacent and decide. That bit there and spend their money on all the things other than. What is still a substantially. Subsidize. Federal flood insurance program better pinning our state more than any other state. In in the last 35 years Louisiana's collectible sixteen billion dollars in losses on the national bloody entrant pro they're next. Read most benefited state. State that that. New Jersey New York some sort sandy and taxes. They're big collect the Jets over. The so we have collected. As much as the next three most benefited states in America. From that Pro Bowl the last 35 years it's more important than any other state but yes people. People do. Forget and they get complacent and they pick their priorities in the money. In other directions. As I mentioned earlier in a lot of cases that very understandable. With people trying to raise trickier in house notes. Operate the car insurance all will be a ball but but this is truly the best insurance buy property owner can make. In Arctic. All right let's go to John on Lyle wind John your own with Louisiana insurance commissioner Jim Donovan. I go out there and I don't. Art my questions for the commissioner as we go to beat the constant yearly increases in the flood insurance premiums. Com two years ago. How pretty and war 300 now. You've won this year. In now on page 15100. In the main reason is because. Or once story. Because that one or. That amount of money vs my neighbors with two story home court basically is 600 to 700 yeah. So for be in on the clay he averaged through clip vs. A lot of money so I'm pretty sure it will clear and what it. Kaplan sure and I live in. They live and stone were in the compare. So paid that amount of money it's it's hindered considered my area that you know flow. But yet and spiel on it because. The elevation Marmol is so you know you can do some entry fees. The thing this year and I mean I won't be negated the wind in jail on. The heat just just be too we have an even amount time do you have a direct question John. Can you do the thing leads the citizens who can't do it should. Can be. Yes they're like your job and I appreciate your call let me go let me make a couple of points in in response that noble one. This does not undermine jurisdiction in fact none of these inner by the victory circle the ball. Program that is design work in well an act. In being handled just like. Insurance and it's actually government program that frankly been. Running a deficit using news when he creek billion dollars total opposite to the federal treasury at least stand. Build those premiums are so extreme out. On a national basis in their base on a variety of issues but the begins what is caller indicated that elevation and but he. The relative up or down Rome sea level that property is located. And if you elevate property. You get a treat a premium pork. In the metro or Owens Terry protected by the blood system that was operated over the past decade to the tune of fifteen billion dollars so. Well that dollar. That that made it better protection for us. In metro oil and shortly shipments in sync and ordered Blackmon goat properties whip in the the levee system not Banesha Els or or Derrick area programs now. Outside the system will pilot that they'll grow but that matter but those repeated. That new upgraded system. Has really stabilized. Rates. Ball multiple flooding insurance in that war prior this year the rest of it is set. By these these maps that in the rolls out periodically. And that would be approved an accepted by local government. I have absolutely no control that I do that responsibility all of sports and I'm pleased to say. Not my. To my credit. As a result of the competition we have been able to attract to lower our state. In the past a team months now the average statewide increase all the owners insurance is going to present. Won that award present statewide impact because of that we've lowered its state sponsored residual market citizens. To decrease premium each of the last two years. Commit to Downey tournament take a quick break and I've got to coercive impatiently when we get back Maria and Joseph who run it to get to question commission also got a couple from a excrete. Joining us in answering questions gracefully is Louisiana interest commitment. Jim Donnan on Louisiana's official emergency management station this is WW all right we've got some questions it is. At this a agreed to stay with a so and to some new questions that being. The commissioner of insurance in the great state of Louisiana has to jam down and you have a question you can text him to me 87870. Before we get to a Maria in Joseph and I promise I'm come idea. He is on and I found a pretty generous in a commissioner is his wind is slowed insurance available to back meaning wing can you bat is you need to animal how does that work. Absolutely. Any time but no that visit thirty days away. Oh sport goes into effect in fact one of my employees if you my two and when he. In police in Baton Rouge. Warp flooded out in this in this event and war and it just bought insurance three weeks ago. But was one week short well having the coverage in place. On the side or came purposes speak yet that's some companies generally stop writing new policies. One of hurricane or tropical storm enters the gall. That separate them would call that burst election. But the blood program has but there definitely. The the win aside generally stopped writing is not available once a tropical storm art centers should go. All right to a Maria on nine to Maria thank you for calling you always Louisiana insurance commissioner Jim dom. I. You. Get. Married. Went on. A lot I can let me by or you can't Allen's future ain't going. On. So that they can win and like she was there. Got called in our Calder on counsel him on Ishikawa will actually. And Uga and mail check in here doing a great. Two weeks lately. Arm on. That and policy. Went cold. Weather like after we did you know it was supposed to meet prior. So they can't while. ILE. At Doral. And won previously twelve. And now it's forty odd and so obviously can't afford it on. Now call. That I. Or. Well eight I told you I would. Ella and went one count that. He had to do the flood insurance application. I mean do in the quote there. And paper and everything the agent at. That might can't let them back I wrote the check or is an ethnic and it it well because he did it after. There after. What do you what it is yet. I I do what positions represented there. And in what I although I do not. Have authority local complaints. Originating with or or dressed to the national church broke from. We do you have any contact with the program that we pass information back and bullet. That that first when you first or grabbing your scenario it reminded me very much a bullet we wore people there all a month ago or all that. That splitting extorted. Issue we're building our house whip financing from Whitney bank. Two horse. In Slidell. And I will go into the details but but she was very grateful when we wait or awkward in get it. All the way back down to where it was when she'll bid but. But. For technical reason thought well you whipped. Are going to. We wore people to implode in. Implore on our backs have to and that and that I needed to grip and release. I would call a loss on Monday at 1802595300. I'd like to repeat not to pop 95300. As well like consumer affairs well they were there every day of the week. Fielding questions. Most of the battle about quality insurance that again we only have jurisdiction over. But we do. The ability to intercede on back apple oaks with the event by Ian I'll be happy to try to help you with that. Got by thanking them about it. Maria thank you very much to gain command of Louisiana Tim down an easy would this in the aggregate to Joseph justice ticket amid summary disappoint all of the extraneous is. Committed as insurance companies send out a raise it to your home before you can purchase footage there. I don't think so they do typically do inspections book for you confide. Property insurance will not in every instance and they're not required to do you I don't think there's any inspections done. Well toward the up before policy of flood insurance policies written. And I think the basic reasons but that is. It the maps are done by satellite in effect the elevations or determine did and being but it's roll. Draws up and it rolls out. Snaps ball the entire United States. Setting the premiums based on that. And the square footage and in such that that comes with your application I don't quick bit of physical. Inspection. As importantly application process put. I could be incorrect about that but I'm pretty sure it is not. All right let's go to Joseph on line three. Joseph good evening you all were Louisiana insurance commissioner Jim Donnan on WW. Yes sir thank you for doing. I'm a matter of not being in now and body. Body in great people are all saying the hole and the concern me that. What is. They broke. What happened upon or general on the country. More like sure I'll Wear a whole new. So much much. Like here we. I'll probably would. Well. They're committed fraud. In danger in New York. Or whereby. Doctor engineer report after the war. Oh. But I don't know I don't know if that will be done. In this instance. I'd do bill that. Bob thousand planes have been filed now for what losses. Resulting from the march what we experience. Here in Louisiana. Is with 36 of artsy people art is. Being declared a disaster. Paris. And on those pop and luckily set that we're filed some tort 225. Million. Has been paid for an average of both the 53000. Error. And I also though because I was looking at the numbers trying to given that middle and all of what will and they'll whip. In that she'd been wanting when he paris' declared it is with two problem being much more. Populated in the industrialized. Lap Vietnamese that route. With whip higher dollar properties that are ensured a lot of certain. And and money. Extrapolation of the numbers. That have been bout 0425000. Is that that will result in about 40000 total being filed. And opal one point property in being pretty high in IP. I asked how that compared with superstar Indy and got goal that that eat that resulted. In eight point three billion. Dollars being paid work in troop losses in new York New Jersey and an average of 64000. Per according. So I don't know if they shorted it one cheated anyone I saw the the expose you on sixty minutes. I hope and pray that that doesn't happen to anyone in our state and frankly. Call me naive but I. Choose to believe that it will it will be done but to Arctic. Louisiana. State insurance commissioner Jim Dominic in his office is 1800. 259. 5300. That again is 1800. 2595300. As we gear to go to break commissioner Don and you'll final thoughts you've got to flow eat paying you need to get out to lawlessness. But like Duke and peek at the do three things that you have a good lead with with those who were victims who have not yet. Sorted to do the B group the filing a book playing with they had insurance in place noble one. Make that claim. File that claim as soon as possible contact or agent or you bought the policy direct on line go long line in and follow clay. If you have any trouble with contacting -- agent or doing that via the web site call on Monday will help you through that process number two. There is an obligation in what I'll speak as with almost every kind of property insurance policy. When you have a law and minimize your your damage by that it's meant to air outlet carpeting and get rid of what hardship furnishing. To the extent that you can hero whip drywall. If you incur expenses having to hire someone ought to do that you keep your receipt. That's a culprit expense. As part of your playing. Then number three. Take pictures of all your damage so lead you to do itself all the more it is better in piling in processing your claim. And finally keep all receipt any expenses Ewing cart so by your claim. Minimize your damaged hair out all the way. They pick two of everything and end up and keep receipts of all expense you incur. And built with that again just remind them where there they'll eight under to pop nine. 5300. The commenced the greats at Louisiana interest committed to him down and I'm sure mr. down and between now and two weeks that they were in the seasons though it's that group RB duo is the most special program and it. If we do with certainly be two on a game commissioner. Jim Donnan commissioner thank you so much has always. Issa. Are next day it is a commitment dominant. Always comes on and always answers questions are right coming next we were gonna get to an update. From the great pair saint James has president Timothy Rizzo joins us next. This continuing coverage of the great blood of 2016. Here in Louisiana on Louisiana's official emergency management station this is WW I'm Deke Bellavia 1:47 PM here on WW or radio Louisiana's officially emergency management station. 878 AM FM at 1053 and on line. W did you know dot com the great pass to saint James fares Timothy resale pairs president joining us now there was a bit on the conditions. In the pairs Izturis out thank you so much for joining us you have to draw now what do you need to get out there. What is the current state is aging. Oh. Man what you do. But I think there's great sigh of relief. That you want the war novel seemed to have dropped at least. Last night that I lose me. This morning but there and we old. Years and the young needs some good new thing confident. Corey who could step. In the water. But with. More. Of course. This week with a long. And cured that we. Call 255212. Under on. 562 Tony 200. Yeah it's important to have a deep. What that. Went with the war going down. And you could do. That well for the serve and it's it's where the ball right ball to him. And and ultimately out at about. That that got it. Right. No doubt about Paris president great pairs SATs there's Timmy. You've been around these parts all you live and I've had all of the players president's own and so forth what what is what is different about dealing with this disaster. Maybe it's some Hurricanes and other things you had to do it may be from prep prepare for it lack of hand on such short notice what are some things you find different. In this is it more so would it you know abundance of floating compared to like a hurricane tornado other disaster you had to deal with. And eked out and we ordered that morning call. Him or. We need is. All that. Keane or what do you do that. All in all. We don't comment. And a we'd we'd. In. Q yesterday. We. Beatles. Are in 32000. Toward war and and distributed thought about it. And that's the best saint James pairs people who do and in this afternoon and as I've talked about best that's able dale all taken care known as we spoke to be. And looked you should've seen that now of the and you go out okay all right it just meant. That great. Oh yeah and become a clean up our community and that they do. That's about it Barrett is not into all sink the ball on the back. And it came down need terrible Barrett. And then. Eric got pregnant they don't. Break as well. Oh well sand bag man doggone ball great help. That's all that's all right at it did you like the and so a past president Brazil the good news is a wash has gone down some we needed guys to rest a rain. What about what about any damage it was being done what what does seem what you hear from your residence frenetic call your. We have. At an adequate but not. Area and one in a grand point error. Are benign program it. I. At the grip did not and and it. Is. It'll be scared of the old court goes we still have a lot some of these holes against so and so mentally we we. We keep. In. See remarks heavy rain all the three spot balls go well communities of course. In saint days past president Terry. Has president wrist out now finally you got to flow we get this sub I hear greatest days of big signal. What what else do you need to get out there what can we dude you know you have your. When his sport keep reminding. Everybody that. Q we all they'll. Don't come ride to go able to see all that water. You know respect that respect those holes and not do anymore damage and they already. Sold. Important to keep it. Away and of course the war. Oh they battle it would be. More outlets in both. On tour does not know eagle and celebrate within one goal and. Man. Just did their eyes in the my bread alone worth the trip down there and you're you know react and there where we we we've finally do get together. We when they we were not a talk about no float that Nancy was the only time I get to see you talk about it. Is up like that can be doing a word but is always thought at all football so next time I do see you with sit down talk about some phone. Right in and it will be at the logical and goal. That's right past president of the great as a saint James there's. David do resume Predators say oh thank you so much god bless you and all the fine folks over in saint days pairs. You are right. I'm talk about a 100000. Plus sandbags made up. By residents a say geez there's abuse down is difficult it is tough times. But stories like that here in people opened themselves in neighboring parishes. It makes you feel good as surprised in his beard a Louisiana and the ability at this is WW.