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Think Tank 1010am Money for Schooling

Aug 22, 2016|

Which students deserve more money for their schools: elite, average or disabled? The Robin Hood method?   That’s what some are calling plans to take money from the schools in New Orleans that have money and give it to those who don’t.  Is that fair? This hours guest: Larry Carter - Interim President LFT (Louisiana Federation of Teachers) Peter Cook - Education blogger & educator

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Show and a breaded and Nolan dot com and weaken the headline was. Does Robin Hood broad New Orleans schools funding plan goes to court. And when I did a little bit. Detail rating on looks alive he could there Missouri law student and up by eight. In federal court between. Public schools that that happened. And in the debate is over whether or not those that have left should get more. You need some some portion those two when the children deserve more money for the lead we have Britain's is do is able. Or in your article they said importers and of what you were that the city's public schools is taxing rich school loans. To pay you for special needs. Our bullpen setup we go to Larry Carter and I'm president Louisiana federation of teachers Larry thank you for calling in. Good morning. Although Arlen art circuit breaker for inviting me judicial. Well appreciated scolding and canned the show with a untrue. Brewer from the little lead and then I gave tell me if anything was wrong and give me your idea about what's happened. Well are currently we should be about which students deserve more money where it is at least students and an article quarter ever students are disabled student. All children you know deserve an excellent education. Well I'll constitutional promise that both free and appropriate occasion for Everett. Well what it means to me in an obligation to provide the necessary resources. For all students. We're all levels of disabilities all ability. It is just as important for children to me who have specialties. Whether it be gifted and count this papal. Probably ought to mention the ability to succeed to the best of their ability. And I understand you know positioning there are state of the in the morning that the public education meet in the Deval Stoops. But you know owners of our department basically no problem. That Europe be year and the military beat Martin and the president. The executive council so well now also. Current archer has been popular president we've all always ware spoke always tried to go to legislature. Took credit for act and conduct and adequacy start. But start determine how much money is needed to give east Cha and take twelve of an appropriate patient. Opera is there are essential that all school two pick lawsuits and anti matter and out of our resources assistant. You know if it sounds like. We we should give equal money too old school no room that it's not decades. UBS's own men and pound should program. Com or elude to it blood but he needs it's OEU rules life. Sure it's been spread more equally. And mine questions always is that that owns Horry. But if we did that in higher rate care education in this country. Would we have harbor would we have Stanford. Would we have view. Would we have this holes that. More money. The scolds that a product. Better educated. Or. Students don't work car. Absent and it. Feels like we did that naturally. We have equaled owns and in and veteran extraordinary. I think that particular at the apartment there. Run the launch pad to do with the fact that right now we're destruction or honoring the unification. School's back to a local school district. On whereby there's two different systems that operate in at one point later recovered school district and the OP ISP school district. All and their funding. On sources and and and the application wants to talk to. What a bit different between the two entities. So I think what we had a discussion borrow the reunification of schools there was some conversation starter where there are people liberation funding. Christina was special needs students who either were off the disabled and need more resources student or you're there and that would basically quote. The average student liquor bill like that term but that I was kind of quoted in our the average student. And so there's always been this discussion about what doesn't really take it became extremely. And the studies haven't been done you know much but we've certainly will be pushing the particular discussion. Around there were no punting for public education. Krugman from wrong via. Two schools that are suing washer late forests in and New Orleans cities. In the our record Serbs special education students is that the average is eleven. You know loaded into 11%. You know what it is have lecture in league forest. I think the problem I don't know specifically but I will tell you think the issue comes to the fact that there is awake 000. Five follow partly scale. Spector earned him before. While before it was one all weighted scale plus special education. Funding and out there the new plan at about five different indicate this. Where would it go others they're actually spread out more money to those rules there has. Aren't of those students with disabilities. So I have a school like lecture or school like. Well hello Wake Forest will make America are certain students with disabilities but. Our numbers of students were different character they'll wait is there a lot left for school stews with. Well. I guess you call it these figures are relative. Claire vs the disability class and so you have. On school like election Lake Forest who will certainly be losing on the resource is that initially you know. What it would have because they'll. These student population that has the heaviest bait. In terms of funding so I think the Lawson probably speaks more to the record you have to school. That will be anywhere and sorted out about half a million dollars between you know separately you know and an up or. All of their funding sources from them as Peter so. There you know going to court too soon to try to people are some of the fund wrecked you know the superintendent in the community who actually. Thought about this victory it was a partial. All of about 2% bet they're gonna be lose and all much more than that and so there was some. Negotiations. Pretty mitigate some of the possible twist who practice certain span while they still need to all practiced in the court. We have Larry Carter and present museum of federation of teachers Larry you mind if we don't bring in callers. Or one of our listeners. Lisa in Slidell appreciated call Euro but the way. Current. And I'm right and hi there appreciate it Paul. I'm at my daughter. Two set to land and one in the middle and I could feel older for threw up by the school only if they attended that apple products both appreciate eighth grade. And now my older daughter now on academy and her sophomores aren't thinking I'll sport that. So they academic might as we see there the first war I've bought. Was excellent but there again I papal I. I'm but then my daughter. And action well we they are and she was Geithner subsequently lead. Terrible paltry. They're actually in a lot chicken pot she can read and tracked by I. She would not not too hot there should be able to stave you know at a private school the current public and I got it up. I have never been more disappointed in my life and what that the public school must offer. And that building under that we can't believe web sites like look actually there and I discovered. Bags children do at Sony's camp allot applications before march. You're that they want their child go a private school so like for example a spotlight on actually cannot by the smaller cities in the war. Complicated about that application. And the request that the federal dollars that would be sent to the private. We'll be transferred to them by the all my cheek and and even on that side there's old school in new warrant. Am who will take it especially. And what I'm pleased that OK so for example autism it on the list and I'll tell you public schools. And saint Cammie pared their life now. The hero school private school picnic especially. Copying and there's ones mean the other one but the majority are opening. And I am and of course cult meaning went NC you know settle on. But the way now to get these kids especially at the public but they're not that you are cutting. I've been what we agree. And I am I know last week but I mean to get people. How much. I don't understand why they're not delivered with the elements like it what is expected or child at the reform they've won. Larry Larry in the U response. Yet I would say that while I think some of the conversation Oro equalizing. The funding in terms amount. Funding needed to support. They student with special needs services. On just to deal higher cost that bring the conversation. About spreading it cost to follow a system those two has become. Well. Able to actually meet there in the back of a potential. Is what the discussed at all about and I are intro you as a there I certainly two Ukrainian and their frustration with this. Well on three weeks and and your do try to fire equality school. Two service you're. Daughter so. Certainly sympathize with you on that but I I can tell you it it is about how we equalize the plant through the students with disabilities. Was it gets it out with a special. On the east to beat writer for them and so I think it prepared you to operate. 2018. Charter schools go back under the Orleans birds Kubel. And and and do they remain charters. They will remain sort of been the only difference that it will become on this are the restrictions both these disparate who border never recovered school district. If that would mean nickel back on that the Arctic the all start school district to be you re unified school board. And they will have opportunities remain. A charter school and have their you know their own board and it's just about authorization. On monitoring in all probability. The term multiple roles and responsibilities. And it and it and I think it it will be in very very well prepared. Our troops are really. Become active Oro gold support orders. Bill the way the funds are distributed. This minimum foundation program. Everything I read says the U that superintendent. Of the the only in stern school board. They have the and in that he's in his setup. For his study on how war. And not charter schools. In reload the chargers whose remains charter schools. Gives these superintendent. Gonna have power or over the him. I think it'll work group are still assemble throughout this process that will be those checks and balances will let them not all of students or schools get resources. Vs other schools. And I think that that put into the law to help build and mitigate some of these BO power that is suppan can that would have. To pick winners and losers so I do believe that I'll bet proctor replaced Carol what they are still a lot of work that needs to be done. With that and our social order character you know. All need. Actual or their show. Can get the service is bad news bad news so it will be important that the community please you know pays close attention. To what's happening and going well with that reunification. Well schooled speck on the nucleus be but I do think there will be a lot more on accountability. On Perez they're somewhat controversial though. Whether or not two or three different systems on operating candy accountability for one but he just. I guess secure arrest the other epic haven't won. All district follow our schools will give the opportunity for in robust dialogue and discussion around probability that recklessness. Larry Carter appreciated that time. It. All right yours I'm a couple of the actual talk to him. Educational blogger who was also an educator. Or collections to exit 0170. Should schools in New Orleans we brought in its moves taking 41. Give thrown out there to make it more equitable. Two's exit one leaks raises the question. Robin Hood broad New Orleans schools. Over the thing good about an area of federal Waltz who have been wrong going on court while couples whose drive in pursuing and because they appeal like the of these state. Funding mechanism. Was supposed to give them more money on a perpetual war basis. And they claim he recent change what they they didn't realize it was going to be he would change. Cut him out of there were opened 200000. From one school 500000. For another. And are permitted. Jaguars in Dublin a built in new implode shoots hoops in New Orleans and have money given to those who dealt. 90% of you saying no. Or understand this we have Peter Cook educational blogger and educated computer welcomed news show. So what are your thoughts on. Well I mean I think the first thing I would point to the fact that this new funding plan. Widespread support from jock overwhelming majority of school leaders. And it didn't support it. Boat superintendent of the school board and are aborted as well and civic groups like the Urban League. New school or your wallet and go on law that are there are all getting behind. New funding plan and based on. Just more equitably. Distributing money to schools based on. It and schools. So I think it but we in for everybody and that's unfortunate that. Two schools are trying. A rally at the wall. Come how can be you have wind toward those who screw. 700000. Dollar loss. Well I mean I would so than written there are schools over the past years. Have an operating surplus but they've been getting more money. Opportunity and weight are about 750000. Dollars more. Than. And that luster. Over a million dollar spent the past few years so that means schools are getting one. And the way that this funding formula is laid out there of beer at a transitional period. Where they can't lose anymore and treat them like you and present Petri. From year to year. So it being. Inward to make it you know so we don't want schools to change it initially. As well blow. And you know based on the operating property law that New Year's nations mission or being this without. You know any harm to that in the education and providing. It all right guys I hear that 2% figure. All been in Jena and talking with brooms in their education reading articles. Don't mind let's bring in illicit or Eric in New Orleans you Rome would Peter Cook. Try actually Erica. Say that on aren't at saint. It does appear to have wide at the port in that it did it in on an amazing public relations campaign. During the at our. But I'm saying that a lot of funding. In board men at Q percent. According to hand met. We better in public schools are being cut out a future growth and keep saying. Many people now realize and I did my question is what will this money really goes. It means children are really gone into the thirty million dollars in transportation costs are not prepared and am. So. But. Basically right now Eric. Wrote every. Beat them and delegated based on the number special schools these two schools. And in particular because there's quite an addition you now saying. Additional. I mean. Lower portion of special needs kids. Distributed in. Now. For me especially in the world leaders school regardless of the editor in the disability so challenging speech therapy. At an international now that child. But severe disability and old yeah. And but it doesn't really more consistently have all of charter schools now that aren't being had heated up money in such away. That you know depending on the severity of the disability in the child. You get additional money delicate new special. I mean is there an example. Well you know now that student who need a full time made. Around when he is about dollars additional to be able to cover that call in and really what we're talking now is now. You know. Taking money from the school but to actually making sure that the money that we're giving schools reflects a call. That it that it exit educate that student. It. While I still feel like that question patent and rat I'll let my. And it is there. And you'd go words of poems ago. I mean right now. Colder out it monies based on enrollment and the based on the profile kids in the schools. You know they spend that money and currently. And the schools the schools have been spending money. And you know that education call Mo and partly live there are equal and educational well because. Today are things portrait a require the paper transportation indicated that washer and it or not but it. So I mean that and a lot certainly aren't the benefit of not having to provide meanwhile what they're good but art he's cool and had to provide for the active. Sewed could could some of that money for a special needs children. Gold and two boxes. But probably not into the school need to be able to come to meet the need student. And they're legally required to do that and their Rory coming up for transportation. Thought I mean that kind of like. You know kind of a red Herring because our economy in the ought. For transportation. As it is and that additional money Israel and the kind of caught me in pay for special need services and additional services like courts. Power in the plant in port. All right Gerri get a break come and ride backward talking with the Peter Cook and educator. And our broad and jaguar being polls asking the same thing that the news media headlines. Should schools in New Orleans that they have more money gives some of it to those that don't. Or schedule. Education children. And 84%. Say no but it's far. Coming right back comments questions Susan 0187. Are where things get better about local grid. Between educators. Cub local schools and federal courts threw. I think Colbert stayed mechanism that provides funding for schools in two weeks and I'm. Two bedrooms in the repeater group with the education bloggers and educator. A prisoner abuse you're your teacher right. So. More cute saying fortune as Lance app Bauer. If if the concept. Of of equal parrot the money going to screw ups. Was applied nationwide. Would we have Stanford. And fuel and Harvard and MIT. Overall schools get virtually that saying because of empathy because of parity. Because he beat quality. Would lose the schools. That do respond to a put it bluntly codes that sports marketer in more motivated. Well I think I mean I think sort of low like that. I think there's there's two issues of equality and equity. And the fact that matters in you know that. Some students based on their background based on the disabilities. Need more hours. Then other children and that what they like Ottawa which is basically means federal funding. Mechanism that's what we have. The minimum foundation program which is that's how all this data leaving at the money among. Among school and and that's why you know we had missed the new approach we're taking in Portland wouldn't make sure that the kids. Who you know caught what it because they've faced greater child and I don't have of the resources available we just made me rule. Then you know that we kind of shortchanging. Kids on. Who are paid more down. And I think that you know we were at. And probably will use. A lot is have a lot of potential but. You know just because of that circumstance what barber. Or because they have challenges that most of them don't have. You know we would be amusing. Because they wouldn't but wouldn't be meeting their needs. All right if we will look well I deployed. That Craig and if I'm wrong. Minimum foundation program that the funding mechanism for the schools isn't not set up for. The power oral of the superintendent. And school board. The minimum donation program you know because most. Of the district and state are not like no meaning their traditional school district. With a centralized bureaucracy they're not and nearly you know Blake in New Orleans where nearly all of charter school they have large that law that it. And and that it and the superintendent. You know we kind of delegate. Al money does school kind of based on their school. To make money on the amendment that Asia Europe and which which he does stay as they did you know and then trying to. On our resources based on the wearing the school. In a while and you can. Dance rockers you were all charter school much more thing that happened. And it essential law that danger and heritage cabinet. Level that what we need outcome of the differentiated approach. Where where ensuring that on being in you know kind of Wear black. That could cause the starving actress kid. Our idea we only have a minute. I've covered that centralized. And to deceive port twenty years in television. It was KL on its it was wrong. It did not. Fund a good education. We keep that from happening again. I mean it important thing in parliament that it is that the charters school I mean. The reunification. Of the system really. This school and charter schools are well you're not. Bureaucracy where money was going money is being banned. You have yeah you know money out in the much closer to the student and student. And well and recognition in the community. You know need to come together unification plan that we need to make sure that this war. And I think you know the war vet that in the upcoming election and there's a lot of people who are on the scoreboard. Engine on the scoreboards. Outta golf. Out of time appreciate the call and the information. World of Paula and hopefully we'll get your own again. I have good days ago but via. Oh we've done minimum showed zone tribe did prisons. And the minuses. Of them. And all of a sudden that journalists whose apartment. Announces lands week. Payer or going through phase out private prisons showed states dude whose name. So whether it's a via.