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Aug 22, 2016|

Many areas affected by the Great Flood were considered no-flood zones…should the federal government step in and help these uninsured flood victims like they did for Katrina? Louisiana Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon, joins us to talk about the state of insurance in Louisiana and what help may or may not be offered the coming weeks. This hours guest: Jim Donelon - Insurance Commissioner

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In the heart of the Crescent City. Beer scooter in the afternoon well I'm Bob Mitchell and fourths through in the afternoon all this week one of the things we are talking about this hour. Flood insurance. Should everyone have flood insurance and what happens if you don't have flood insurance. Should you be on you Roland. Whatever problems and overplay them from burdened you have. You have to accept that on your own or should you be. Help by the government you can call me at 26 year old won late seventy Steve I'll be with you and one minute let me read a couple of our text messages government should give them a low interest loan amount of the money. If we keep giving them money appeal people that a flood insurance will cancel. The problem my seat at the money these people who don't applaud insurance. Let's just say they have 850000. Dollar mortgage on their home. But I have no plot insurance. They would have to again at lol. To rebuild their house and it would still old the mortgage and it would be like in a double borders and I'm not sure what's gonna happen to a although Holmes we are expecting a call from statin drugs to mr. Jim Dolan and he he may have some answers but you know does this have really really really a problem. On the other text most innocent people were told others and drug companies they did not need flood insurance. Because they were not an upload zone and they held for war now. Let's go to Stephen Gretna Steve are you today. Pretty good pretty good. I won. That Katrina on the import outlook Katrina. And I was underage you a bottle out on the insured you know rebuilding and lost in the field and you never insured it would. I want her out and property. On the property but net and I'm sure a lot. My well. I am sure but certain outlook update for you lost under a thousand dollars. Wrote all come into. Our questioner of people sure I'm sure you know shares call won't tell you. Bet you do not sure what they are not required to. Your decision to partner. Like you'd pay you eat I'll. Drop you drop. A need why they. Somebody that you vote in the bag and they're sure you're well. So you believe that pays a people who did not a flood insurance pretty much on their own them. Sunlight coming the government should. You know outlet it give them sort of jumpstart. And yet the tenacity it would it. Would help a lot. Look Gary Locke get out of a lot it would have been. Steve I appreciate your calling but I have a state insurance commissioner Jim dumb little Poland he has limited time so I wanna get right to and a mister commissioner thank you for being part of the show this afternoon. The New York okay here all right since we have limited time let's start by. The flood victims want what. Help they gambled away right now that you know. Well I'll put those who are uninsured. Or underinsured. They should go immediately if they have not already or 400000. The governor's. Recently. To the web site toward disaster assistance. At the web site being www. Disaster assistance dot go. Or just call people 180621. Team. And submit an application for assistance in the assistance varies widely. Depending on whether or not your property was in state flood zone that so. Supposed to have flood insurance in place. Are not. And depends on how much insurance you have in place and other factors like additional living expenses or. Not covered by it but the National Flood Insurance Program. Rent dorm hotel rooms etc. While you're displaced from the property all of that is in the fall ball. Assistance for uninsured or underinsured. Losses. As a result of catastrophes. In the twenty parishes that had been declared disaster parishes to date. Now. I understand roughly only 12% of the people had flood insurance etc. It'd it is correct in wallets announced awful and it is awful because. And so many I mean they're they're saying now opus 60000. Buildings have been flooded out with with this historic for a in fact I'm about ready to meet with mr. Roy white. Of the national flood insurance where he's due at my office here. Shortly. I spoke to him yesterday about his visit to Baton Rouge but two days and he. Estimated to me that. This will be the largest for the in the history of the National Flood Insurance Program Katrina one and so the storms in the two. Hurricane by three and now that spent rouge area in Lafayette area would. The fourth worst in the history of the National Flood Insurance Program. Do you have an estimate on the number of homes. That we're in a no flood zone that people did not have floods in. Though I do not know that I do know this. I was disappointed. The week before. The weekend of this quality. My public affairs folks saw a blurb about it and it might be all and the take up penetration has its call for float our insurance in cities in Tennessee. Reached out to the feminist but that four Louisiana and that's where the 12%. In Baton Rouge 14%. In Latvia. Figures came from. Better news is 39%. In the city allowance. But we've been through so many hundred years well it's over the past thirty about forty years that that's understandable. Statewide I was disappointed I have been saying is I do every year on my statewide to war before each hurricane season. That this is the most important. Purchase that property owner can make in our state the best insurance by its significantly subsidized by the federal government and yet. I thought when he opposite of the homes weren't sure before it turns out statewide it's 21%. With places like Shreveport having only 5%. Of the residences ensured a lot. So even appear in a no flood zone you're recommending. Load by here's here's my conferring while looking at the situation. And I'm sure you've thought of the same thing. In these areas. We're gonna have probably thousands and thousands and thousands of homes that are probably completely destroyed that to be completely rebuilt. And these people. To not have any insurance money at all. If they even give them. A small business loan to repair their home they still gonna have. Two mortgages so how our people go into a forward to rebuild. Doubt he's a no question about it. But you remember that horrific flooding we've had justice as march 36 parishes were declared disaster parishes by the president. Pop thousand claims were were made with the National Flood Insurance Program. Or insured property. And the average claim payment was 53000. Well. That gives you good idea of how much on average each of these flooded out buildings is going to cost to put together. 53000. That's in the deprive these people. Of virtually all of their equity. And leave now with as to call just before I went on with you sit with their long low interest but loan and amortization. To play to put Billups back together. And the average cost for a flood policy at Louisiana sixty books a month 720 dollars a year having said that I would that. That we Jia and has better take go. Better penetration. Statewide. Then most of real estate in America. We have the third most policies in place check out Florida as noble one with two million. Texas is number two with a million we have 450000. Flood policies. In place and the and the requirement to bide lowered to four high risk properties when they're making that leap. That market. It's is counterproductive in many cases because when you're making the world Europe may be first on the whole home buyer. Young couple just starting out. And the lender toe issue you're not required to get it we're not required because you're not in a during a low risk area. And in its reach to bill and tell you you don't have to do that takes strong negative signal. To the wisdom of spending part become buy dollars we have an awful lot of working pour in Louisiana. People's budgets are awfully tight. And Wendy a year you don't have to get it as a condition of this mortgage. That discourages them from from accessing what I call the best insurance by any property owners can make. Anywhere in the state or will we easier. Commissioner dial in that that is great of great advice and I know you have to run a thank you so much for being parlor Schoen. As always in Louisiana we'll get through this. Thank you so much for our life it's 90 minutes after. 3 o'clock. As a traffic time of holes. Are first draft her for the afternoon. Let's get it done WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell and first dude in the afternoon note dude also always plays and very special bumper music so we thought they would make it Motown Monday. It's songs like this by the temptations. By the way anyone who has experience plotting to apply for federal law assistance that's even if you have flood insurance to do so. Please go to disaster assistance dot golf. Or call says it's slow for your one. 800. 621. FE enmity that 1806. To one prima. Or 1806213362. Our priority opinion poll question is did applaud insurance that is that it should you. AB on Euro will be be helped by the government let's go to Charles Charles what do you think should be on your world help while the government. I think that the U there should be some help from the government. And I was just listening to the insurance commissioner and as I understand that the policies that led pop policy and not pay at one and it went through Katrina. And and by and the ban it in the I insurance policy but subsidized by the federal government. Mean the FEMA. Policies yes miniature golf is right. Right because parent that was in the soup earlier about. The amount actually chart view against. Actuarial. Rates or policies. And I know they'll be up roar because Maria the premiums more than doubles so I'd of people. So I mean you know for people with artery arguing that they shouldn't. Shouldn't the government shouldn't help at all they're really helping though the people who actually. But he sure. What that what people are concerned about is that. If the government and I listen I do not know where to draw velocity of the government continues to step in and give people grants now. I think today a very very low interest loan or a no interest loan and a big payback period I think that would be a fair thing. But if they continue to give people three grants than people as they wanna watch from a buy flood insurance. I have a text message here and this person says. Bob if you don't live in a club's old why would you upload insurance because we're Louisiana we're surrounded by water that's like. And yet world but but if the policies actually being felt that I subsidized by the government the government and actually get in the policy holders were you money. And it was gonna happen with. Wouldn't you hear such a low percentage of the people in Louisiana I don't have flood insurance. What's gonna happen to property values if we'd just let those properties go to file. You know that's that was a good question. How however. The fact that. People most people and they reprise that if you're in a flood zone you have to have insurance or the government is getting. Well a lot of money back to know for instance. I'll open to Katrina. I'll pay plot insurance forever I mean I don't know how many is 34 years never never once. Never want to had to file the claim. You know what you're hearing things currently in the year where policy gloat too you know they were up twenty album. Or soul. It you know. Eight is that really what the government is about things that these policies for the year out there paying maybe a thousand now maybe admirals would be safe 15100 alone. What would happen as a if they increase of 20000 people would not have looked a little. You'd just be probably better this open for. But then what would happen is if you tried to I think weather we're having problems is that you go to financial house and that the if it's the it would cut down on the on the sale of homes and his people it's night. I cannot order a note like that. I don't think it's a complicated problem but you know when you say good governments and I'm not in Asia sit. May get holes. But I think they should step in and enough that these people eat just like there has been blessed people we have a policy leader is bring them. Doctor Charles let's go to Howard and Denham springs. Power did you survive the plug. But. The club dog you my album the other hand not that much. Deploy you were you insured. I know I was not actually had two home that what I wanna move didn't do about three months ago on the other one now bit about a foot for Bill Clinton got locker room. So what are you going to do how are you gonna rebuild your house with no. Flood insurance money at all. Luckily it actually no money pay up to where we can kind of did get it back up beaten everything. One of the fortunate people went there and but I opted not yet do it went down and barely got you moderated altogether after the page board yeah I've already managed to get that outlook globally. How do you feel since you have no flood insurance do you feel that government owes you a handout. So hopefully the government and out because I don't have bloody insurance. And I did they do government reduced blood is this deputy help people at the biblical bit. Like the standard life that's what they've dialed in your blood biblical proportion. Of we're not gonna do great places that it never ever want it before. And I wouldn't worry I would worry if we leave the thousands and thousands of home just sit there are people. The dog who maybe are not as fortunate do you have the money. And they they say it does not that I can do. What is that going to do it took to the economy of the area. Would you have blah I'm athletic our blight and you're. The blade. You'll have blight neighborhoods power. I appreciate your folding and if you wanna call and answer our caution that if you don't applaud insurance and disaster should you eight. Beyond your own beat be helped by the government right now WWL dot com 73%. Saying that you should be on your role. We'll take a quick news break and come back for the phone calls on WW approach Miller. And I'm Bob Mitchell and force you to. In the afternoon. Our opinion poll question is pretty much taken over the show. If you don't have flood insurance and disaster hits should you paid. The on your own beef be helped by the government and I'm in love to take. Some phone calls from. From people may be that that volunteered this past weekend and did something good for someone or maybe someone has did something good for you help you out you wanna give them a little. Thank you on WWL but numbers Bible pour 2601. Late seventy. A quick text message before go back of the world people that mortgage and Oakland for a gonna walk away from the aisles rather than make alone. And have onboard this will turn the halt in market upside down. And I have something from an insurance agent I'm an insurance agent please stop saying no plugs its low hazard. Hi this is part of the misconception. That people gala ball Social Security let's go to Janice Janice how are you today. You can't. I'm doing all right. Don't be sorry if these people. I truly believe it. I think that they should be held until then county to them. You know that we're not expecting. You know they're expecting. And I tell you something about that until on the insurance as deeply as anyone who has got I don't know. And advocate. It's extremely. And duct people actually believe and I can't believe. That they don't know that people. With a major responsibility. And Atlantic and trying to hide it Anthony used to pay any body and neck. And what what you're going to have yet again how is. You can have a lot about people. Now game now having to Iraq. In crowded since. That hasn't been flooded the capital. They had it a lot. They're still talking about that important because they could see. Make bad and we may be dealing with that but Q he cannot country. Janice when it comes to the flooding people who don't have flood insurance. How much of the government help them. Now I I don't know that you know that they can I don't know exactly ban is not that they can get out there. All right let's go to Byron in Mississippi Byron thank you for calling WW well. Yeah I have worked out our our people whose lack yet or are we there. Which liberty the best. Ordinarily that they had after going to Katrina year. It is the reopening has started. Because the people on chartered out our house in order charge them sticks out now year pledge or not well not. Homeowner not fire not just what concerns. Doubt about 6000 dollar a year. Job. Yeah a bit different. I don't say my mother's outward (%expletive) she bought a modest home. 100000 dollar neighbors who achieved in accordance working class and most people couldn't order insurers would teach you wore closure. Ian and now how does it should bar commercial ordered out in the stalled or. OK okay they get rid of Orange Bowl combine words that are they come and turn them into rental property which means that people go out. Homeownership there's no equity. In future and so renal. On the people the people that live in the news low risk flood zones and decide well. I don't wanna spend more 500 dolls a year or flood insurance because in our heart out Leo I'm not I'm not in the. Going to give out those people in church rate once you become generic they're gonna change or where there are some rovers congress to want to plug that. Eight known to lie around you know run to and once certain areas go in the quarterback become you know and people out with injury and want to do after it they're changing all that what's. Are what are bulk ultimately what it about right now what about the people that rolled the dice. Bought nice homes financed nice homes. But we're told us of the lower as flood zone and they did not choose to buy the plot interest partially understand in those areas might be 500 girls a year should I don't. Taylor when he can and should they be on their own mobile. And at that question because right now is not just what not deter change. Its worst fire earthquakes out on the West Coast. I'm problems. They're hurting now borne out the East Coast and other countries we got inside and help or neighbors and gain and we've got to look to Holland is to help itself. If for you don't down on what went on that were murdered on these are soon you'll be stronger you people you'll get to know your neighbors and people well. You're right that's a tablet that's however Katrina. Do you buy himself. There is no way it sort of cap and injured a whole community just dissolved Wahl. Into the corner yeah it would look at what order insurance. The property values and good count for local morning there how does your basic and it. Value and are part of a. Are not. I think and I think you made some very very good points I appreciate you. Polonium will take a break and then to Michael Moore your phone calls I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit in the afternoon on WW. And I'm Bob Mitchell in for its roots in the afternoon instance dude always plays some social bumper music thought today would make at a motel Monday and nothing that is great Motown bumper music. I'm trying to guess. Marvin day Tammy turow. And your all on the to get. Baited. All right let me read a quick text message vote or get back to the bones Bob I was. Bob of course the government should step in the local government has already taxed assembly and threatens tops are children that they don't help. The population much as give up and leave and OL's four. We are all not that route we need a break when the national disaster occurs. For a good point let's go to our own Steve Steve are you today. Good okay I'm Regina about that you wanna what insurer and a lot in need to flood insurance all but it still have to pay twenty I'm honored in deductibles. And date or hotel tomorrow I was benched. The an insurance. Homeowner's insurance. Does not provide them. Or flood insurance I thought I. I thought I heard. Early October and a Jim O'Donnell and who was the insurance commissioners say that there was some help available in the rent and rooms no. Are not according to my. Last bit of these people but all we can't be Bernie Sanders archery yeah. It it you know it's it it's a tough call because I'm sure. If we were in their issues which we would want some help and the thing that of them I'm trying to figure out and I mentioned a couple of conflict what's going to happen. And in some of these subdivisions were that they're nice homes no insurance. What happens if even if the government gives them a very low interest loan. They're gonna have to Morgan is the place they gonna have that the that the original mortgage in the mortgage rebuild and I'll have to say that probably more than half of the people will not be able to afford them. What happens to the neighborhoods and I don't know. It's a tough call Steve I appreciate your phony NN. Let's go to crystal in North Shore Chris how you weigh in on this. Well let me finish street isn't categories of people in that situation. You've got the people that. Mortgage in Florida and you've got people don't have a mortgage or what. And you got to be able that that. Or that corners that are not once. So sport people have more in my opinion. More jail everybody's on to Europe based on in congress. And if you don't have a mortgage. Your fourth. There when that require you to have what church on the mortgage backed by. The FDIC morgue. What do monetary and if if if you're in a low hazard zone. And you're holding on rancher files but you don't need it insurers that doesn't mean you can't buy that Richard told. You don't need an Angel how many of us that if we look at a situation. And say this is an ever flooded watch on the money I would think that that's probably a lot of people to what about those people hardly going to rebuild. And in that situation. On the porch or not what you know what we did not flight. But I almost had flooding occur from during Jewish umbrella girl that Irish. Is going to the same situation. Where war still rising in his area he's concerned about it and lecture. So in my opinion. Yeah actually and the liability. That warned that establishing what now flood maps that determine whether churn one. If they were you'd sure interfere into one they're the one that stating that your what. There are some people that are probably one that luckily that why I missed it from the. But there are so that they are not just beat you from getting the insurance they say in the letter correctly. That it I don't know how you. Welcome in the place as to whether you have a mortgage on your property because the bank's local banker in the area in the bank were choir customers that are excellent don't have like. Policy in place you can lend money on that particular problem. But then at Indian look at it that way you can almost get on the mortgage companies and say you should require. Every one did you London draws does an insurance and today in a low hazard a flood zone is very very very inexpensive so. No maybe the mortgage companies are gonna if if if they lose enough of all of if enough people walked away on the mortgages they but the mortgage companies starts and I don't care where you live you have to have flood insurance. Well George W at all directed based on the flight and he predicts. And an easier to work warm and obviously kept homeowner did you decide it mortgage company requires that whether they wouldn't mortgage and you're not the you know in my acting it would take a look at what happened historically from. American working to train you know. That came out on the road home international thirty out abolished LD teacher. And the amount of another 100000 dollars in state grant money elevator out. And call where we're going to Hillary and came out and now which is available through Armenia and that your programs and Obama and she beat out on the field. Chris I appreciate your opponent and we'll have to pick up a traffic break Bob Mitchell and pursuit in the afternoon on this Motown Monday traffic's next. On WWL. And before run out of time today on sports talk with Bobby Hebert Deuce McAllister a big bill will be alive from the saints training camp. In Metairie wanna thank big John who route they had to workers rare off the Big Dig it up all that Motown music and panel and all of phone calls we'll think amber for producing the show and Oliva with just xmas text much. They step in for every other country meaning the government a rock Africa Afghanistan and they want us to take refugees. Take care. Of Americans. It's do it's going to be off all this week so I'll have the fund in the pleasure of hosting the show all the way through project. You don't have. A great day and thanks so many of you for listening and for all the text messages on the phone calls we receive see you tomorrow.