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Think Tank 1010am Dave Cohen, Natural Disasters

Aug 24, 2016|

Which natural disastes scare you the most? Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes... we've seen them all around the world this month.  Then there are blizzards, mudslides, volcanic erruptions, heat waves and more.  Is there anywhere you could live withouth the threat of a natural disaster?  Which ones scare you the most?  Which are you most willing to live with? This hours guest: Sabrina Castelfranco - CBS reporter-LIVE FROM ITALY Dave Nussbaum - WWL-TV's Pinpoint Forecast Center's Meteorologist

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning Dave going in for Garland Robinette on this hump day. As we get our workweek halfway through insert headed toward the weekend. We have seen. Floods hurricanes. Earthquakes wildfires. Tornadoes all this month. Around the globe and much of it right here. And home. And there blizzards mudslides volcanic eruptions heat waves in more. Is there anywhere you can live without the threat of a natural disaster. Which one scare you the most that's who we're talking about this our next hour world talk about the cajun navy should. Guys with the votes be out there rescuing people on disaster without any training. Or coordination from the government or should they be required to be under governmental regulation will continue that conversation. And in the 12 o'clock hour we'll talk about a new discovery international. Scientists are announcing. That's going to be very interesting. And has us asking do you believe there's life. Outside of our solar system. And on any other plants that's ahead in a think tank right now though we have to go live to Italy where CBS three quarters Sabena canceled Franca. Is observing the destruction. Das. And hope of rescues. In the earthquake zone good morning or good afternoon I guess in your if your neck of the woods Sabrina I you don't. We're so glad you could join us Telus when did this earthquake hit and where is it there in Italy. It hit at 3:36. AM. Dirty dirty air this morning. Local time or hit the central part of Italy. Small town nestled. Indy and I. Mountains not far from and track lack. Which meant that around that with the affected by period. OH you're intentionally Ian you out then. And nine in which more than a 300 people were killed. Now the beautiful. Round in the count and it's beautiful weather and because it. In the middle of summer and of course this town where I am a moment cooled my PGA. Related we have a holiday makers. I've because it is night and cool here. A little bit cooler sent me. And down by each. You're in the mountains. So I'd. Did the earthquake struck in the morning and read body with the heat in their very very popular nature channel is that on home. Add that people are asleep in bed when an earthquake. Well. I mean bad Daytona Greg and I mean is it better than if people are out and about and moving around there they. Know the death ball is climbing now is we. The problem is that these some of these buildings collapsed like our card we can see. Cement. And actually collapsed buildings. The center of town ought to be ex aren't. But you cannot crawl from one part of town to the other because there is lit tree a rubble everywhere. So people are no opportunity to escape they were asleep in their beds didn't even know what was happening many had made up and buried in the rubble. As they slapped a wet what do we know about the numbers right now of those welcome. Numbers are there climbing our. Over seventy we're being told that the moment that we can only expect that number to rise the totality Arctic. Like to ride in of course it is. A fight against the clock in the hoop that they can still find us some of the vipers underneath that rubble and they argued the dog they have all cranes and they have brought in officials from Greek possible. Our department from the civil Defense Department to that Red Cross to the forestry department. And beat everyone possible. In many many volunteers. To help with. The rescue operation there. And how strong an earthquake was. Court. Wrong earthquakes six point two. On the richter scale very strong earthquakes can be cells is always wrong. That perhaps they'd be right my family member is how it's very very well Ingraham and live program would Trout. I would not Ingram. I when that occurred that would into a union fortunately I did not see that many many shall Kieran Michael you're there in the morning. And our national continued. They were before he after shock some of them we're strong ones and I felt some tremors here this morning when I arrive. And finalists rank castle Franco is he said that there was another earthquake in 2009 is this an area where people expect or live with. Earthquakes where they kind of know this is going to happen and and do live to deal with it. Yet and day out and then they narrowed that these kind of things can happen. And track them there now that you meet you know IE I didn't get you realized it was not a name that we are. We will be used to it yet it's just a little tram where. You know they argued it is kind of trying. But you that I needed eagle my family out of that house I mean you managed to get everybody in his how to survive. Or could be committed building didn't collapse. But certainly the people here are used to these kind of events and I'm not saying that you operation has been. Very efficient. The man himself that to mean he was very pleased with the track that the goal here immediately and started working immediately. Yeah I guess fabled Eric at the same questions we do here in new worlds people frequently ask us why do you live there if hurricanes. And floods happen they're frequently. Imagining people they're gonna ask why do you live there if they're going to be earthquakes. Cried but I mean you know it's in the anywhere is an earthquake area we. This is the country that is prone to earthquakes and go to beautiful country that's why people live here. The granite we're gonna let her run and you got a lot of work to do thank you for giving us up to date here on WWL. Sabrina castle Franco CBS reporter live from Italy on the earthquake there and it touches on the topic we're looking at right now. The earthquake today. The floods over the last almost two weeks. Hearing greater new world we've seen wildfires spreading across California. Over the last several weeks we've had deadly tornadoes. We've had hurricanes. One. And people frequently ask why you live there if that can happen. Then you have places where they have blizzards mudslides volcanic eruptions crazy. Heat waves even worse than we experience here. Is there anywhere you can live without the threat of a natural disaster. Which scare you the most and which are you willing to live. Coming up in about twenty minutes we're gonna get to the very latest on what's going on on the tropics right now there's an area of disturbed weather in the Atlantic. That's some of the models show developing and moving. Toward. Lower Florida and maybe into the gulf over the next five to seven days. We got to deal with this for six months of the year every year one why don't we live here. Get a line open for you right now at 504. 2601878. We can text me at 87870. Can also log on. To WWL dot com. And vote and our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll which natural disasters scares you the most the floods hurricanes earthquakes wildfires. Tornadoes. Went back with your thoughts and more and the think tank and WWL activists. Which natural disasters scare you the most floods hurricanes earthquakes wildfires tornadoes. Of those belonging on the WWL back common voting in our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion Paul. 60%. Say tornadoes scare them the most followed by floods at 20% earthquakes at 13%. Hurricanes at 7%. Right now we're dealing with most of these somewhere on the map of course the flooding here in Louisiana. We are watching the tropics. Could have we do have a several things on the map now we'll talk more about one could had. This general direction over the next week or so coming up. At that earthquake in Italy the death tolls now read 73. According to Italian officials after of that magnitude six plus earthquake. Hang caked buildings across central Italy today. Wildfires 0% of those people logging on Debbie W although account. Our most scared of wildfires. Sam thanks for calling your on WW. Good morning and thank you particular call. You can on new York and the although I live here in New Orleans originally from New York I can tell you. I laughed out New York after 9/11. Have experience. To some degree all of our urgings and storms sent. Kenyan blood and do without their 200 asked. The my eyes my hung in new York at the time was affected by Hurricane Irene needed water flooding. Our basic rightly so I've been true quite a bit and I'll tell you that. I'm not and here's the but climate change first. And am much more specific event. I'm adamantly. Not because of the bad thing but all the great thing it definitely don't have time on your. Little. Well we're glad you came here and we're glad you staying how long have you been down here. Our options are you don't want the very end that'd be here right after Turkey parlor right. Well Sam I'm gonna welcome you to a club. That we call the Damn Yankees you know the demonstrating Yankee and a damn Yankee right. A Yankee comes down to visit and goes back home damn Yankee comes down falls in love and stays here and calls that go. Yet I go to court. That have been here I've been in the south now about 23 years New Orleans almost twenty years and so I mean that number is well. Do you think there's anywhere though you could live where you wouldn't have to deal with the threat of hurricanes. Earthquakes. Tornadoes. Blizzards mudslides. Volcanic eruptions something. Are effectively not because you're surrounded by nature and only two ski. Those types of events that took the nature of these are all things that. Our function of our planet the good and so you'd think that we have to deal with. But like climate change is so important to me because that's something that we can manage. And hopefully some of these events worst. And I can say anything about one of those try to focus on is. Took particular public and work as liquid. And and we need to be. For kids and our our our future. And we appreciate the call final four to six 1878. Went feud dial up and share your thoughts as well is there anywhere you can move. We you don't have to deal with some sort of threat of massive disaster one person Texas today 7870. Says tsunami scare me the most I guess those are indirectly. Earthquakes earthquakes under the notion though that then cause a tsunami somebody else to access the says no contest the scariest disaster is a tornado. If you've ever lived through a massive tornado like game midwest tornado. It is amazingly scary I have had the misfortune. Of living through one of those. I've lived through many hurricanes I stayed here. Through Katrina and all the others. I have witnessed those never had a wildfires deal with lots of flooding Dell with flooding throughout my life. I'll tell some stories come and out shot thanks for calling your on WWL. You think you know place we can avoid natural disasters. Well if you want rattles. But a career now okay where is here. At scoop on her own. Known as you don't you don't get tornadoes. No tornadoes. And earthquakes are the earthquakes or less do you know earthquake barely. Murderer. But I intensity and the intense heat. He'll hit it thriller true enough or beer mule trip more world you. Agree proper government. I'm Eizenstat and once these team things like that parent because it's a dry heat it's tolerable. We incredibly much more tolerable. Where you are you from originally. New war although it arbitrary from the war moved here a year ago and and there are and you don't miss it wants you don't miss the culture and the food and the people in the pageantry and everything else the music. Oh absolutely you know but. Aaron brown and have a lot of good creature is true and it is. My at the fastest growing statement contrary. I mean over the last ten years here population has grown 25% and a lot of retiree communities that. It's if the government Florida thank you art and the word about. Unbelievable. Arm and community they have here and it's beautiful. Mountains. On about two continents or in your. Any mud slides when you when you do get a heavy rain no flooding no mudslides knocked. They have they have been design here in the design them believable in these cities in lever of the war and everything lines to a war. So it was a little connect and I'm pretty cute now holes reservoirs. And I'm literally at war and then I hear it took on the living. It gets a partner in the summer months and months in the fair share of lying. And broke apart and about the Pacific coast. I'll let you know through the accord open matter. He got a great Britain and con. All right so we do have on sans one person did just experience they lived in Arizona. And they were there and they had monsoon flooding try again so apparently still have that threat to your time it's an angle that great a threat. And it happened once in a blue and in Phoenix had a little bit of flooding in couple yours ago put. You know economy is on. If it's an incredible scrutiny. All right chuck we appreciate the call chuck says he's found the place you can avoid the vast majority of natural disasters. I don't know I don't know if I'm given up everything New Orleans has to offer to move to Tucson. Would you. We'll continue the conversation coming up here on WWL final four to 60187 he can text a sedate 7870. And we'll see your voting in our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll which natural disaster scares you the most floods hurricanes earthquakes wildfires. Tornadoes tornadoes are in the lead right now we'll hear your voting is continuing after the news and we'll get to complete update. Going on in the tropics speaking of natural disasters. We've got to keep an eye on one system up there in the Atlantic. 1033. Thanks for joining us here and the think tank I'm Dave Cohen in for Garland Robinette. Doctor about natural disasters. Which ones scare you the most we've had floods. Hurricanes. Earthquakes wildfires tornadoes. All of this month. And. It's to a point where a lot of of Oregon man is there anywhere you can live we won't have to deal with any of this or is it worth living. With the threat of these disasters where you live which was scary of the mouse that's a big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll of those of you logging on at WWL dot com. Tornadoes. Other things that scare people the most 57%. Say it's tornadoes 18% hurricanes. Floods and earthquakes tied 11%. Only 4%. Say wildfires. Well we live in a place where we have to deal with several of these dangers. Hurricanes pride being that of one people are most concerned about here in southeast Louisiana and we're locked in the tropics joining us now mr. meteorologist Dave knows bomb from WW LTV pinpoint forecast center and Dave. This in vast 99 at all which is. Sounds very technical and and not exactly clear what it to most people what that means but it's an area of low pressure out there in the Atlantic could become our next storm. That's right the hurricanes that are designates all these systems in Atlantic invest from ninety did not mean I'm basically eaters things they're investigating something. And when he gets that invests distinction in the models start giving it a spaghetti plots that we see a lot. On theirs or were able to at least get an idea of what's. Might be going on these kind of get a picture it. What that would this which is you know a lot of social media can be good decision to commute Datsyuk. What kind of grabbed onto one model run initially. The European model forecast model. And it did show possibility of a hurricane or tied tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico next week. That model still kind of is hinting at something but it's changing quickly. And the other models really have abided to the intensity of that but still thinking it is something next week could get off. So the thing is while that is a chance it could happen their system hasn't developed yet. And that's kind of the first key we need to even think about something. You need a close circulation at least a depression if not a storm or hurricane. Before the technology can accurately figure out how strong will this get and where is it going to get. Right and you know when the American honors which are currently investigating system now. Doing their they collect all this data that all the data gets into the hurt in senate into the forecast models so. They're able to get a little more accurate depiction when it's about four out of it and there's now a lot of data out there. So you're just kind of using any candidate can get who we shipped. Tom you know even airplanes fly over to catch some atmosphere it way up high. And is gets closer Italy Andy get a little more information out there and then when hurricane hunters complain to get a lot more information. For example right now in the laser hurricanes that are just came out moments ago. They're still investigating in the area right now. They have found winds are tropical storm force and a few of the thunderstorms Qualls but not all around the entire system. So cities haven't determined yet if it's a tropical cyclone or not. Looking at the latest satellite it's better organized now than it was last night. So that's a sign of okay sums going on sums changing with that. But at the same time it's hasn't decided if there's a closer relations with this whole it looks like it's trying to get there. But a lot of the storm is going through some wind shear said the store's not wrapping necessarily around us and yet. And that. Then I'd love and the chances of developing next necessarily over the next 24 hours the woman gets 48 hours out and then five days out. What it's about to an 80% chance that this could become a tropical cyclone. That's right and it look at the latest visible satellite that we have we been visible satellite is basically taking a picture from space. Black and white picture exactly what you see out there and of course can only do with a sun's up. And we are seeing on that now I do see a little circulation tied it with it it's how we just due to the east reporter in Puerto Rico. But a lot of the storms still not wrapping around sinners so. Whether or not they go ahead and say oh this is goodness we have enough information enough data supported being it tropical depression or storm. You know will find out you're shortly probably the next our last and then after that. You know what I have to see how this evolves in his continuing west of Puerto Rico to make it republic which are very mountainous islands. And is it missed the islands chemistry into the Bahamas. The next day or two it still undergoing some drier air coming coming into it which would like in ingenuity in which took the engine a little bit and that's what's happening at the moment. Just when shares well. But it looks like as we get to Friday this weekend is gets near the Bahamas it's not gonna see is much wind shear. Warm water temperatures out there and that's when this could possibly start developing into something. OK so that's why we really candidate to pay attention is over the next couple of days to see. Does it get it close circulation and then what are the models say because. You know we've posted the most recent model run from the National Hurricane Center which was 68 AM they ran the models. And some of them show it staying out in the Atlantic some of them show it. Heading for southern Florida and one of them shows it heading into the gulf. And still the European at this point you know which it was something very between Texas Louisiana border. The American model DFS has going up the West Coast of Florida. There's another bottle which not very accurate at all the Canadian model has going in toward part of you know mobile area or somewhere near the Florida Panhandle. About that was not very one of the ones that look at so. There's an expert in in each model itself that the European American there's also was caught on stumbles when they quit in different. Conditions in the and they run the model for seeking have fifty different outputs for these models. And produce example. Abroad Obama my blog last night about this. The European it has go anywhere from Mexico all the way to South Carolina. When things here. Mesa that we're talking about like a thousand miles and it could end up on either cider in the middle. So I mean in the accuracy when you have a non tropical. System yet meeting we're not leaders have a tropical wave very weak little low forty united depression. The accuracy beyond like the day news way out you're talking 300 miles Easley either way Sunnis draws their line do it. So as a strong get stronger and it's more organized the accuracy goes up a little bit and then eventually have a well defined system it's better at that point it. If this does become a tropical depression and a tropical storm and that's not a certainty but if it does me as we have gas on out there now what's the next name on the list hurt me. Her mean now cats each year so he on. Gas all and now her me would be the next one on the way. So again I gotta love these names come up with that say yes. What everyone really needs to do is you know there's a lot of excitement out there especially with all the recent record flooding we have the last Wheaties tropical system. I get that. But what listeners need to realize that this is the end of August we are in our prime time. For tropical systems and the new ways 24 years ago on August 26 injured may fall. South we you know. Of course August 29 when storms that monument and years ago now and it's an on September 1 basket it was do stuff. So just did those couple days there you concede that's kind of our court time for travel system again not saying this is coming here but. You aware that were in that time of year and one's a little on edge anyway from that and have a plan. What do I think it's worth noting is in all I'm hoping that this does come our way in his chances think it'll die out dissipate too. But if it dies what is your plan where you gonna go you have to go to work whenever you kick it about Andrews. I mean with all the. That is not going to be any evacuating the better it is not as there's not a room at the end can't anywhere in our around baton last. Yet included that as well there's bluntly Charles that. And then if it goes toward the west you know the need you know. Houston but if you go that way so keep that in mind. You know the better plan just think about it in this is just do we Edward is talking there's no reason to think minority view this. Go north. You know they haven't had as much winners as we have but. Again nothing anywhere about right now which is you know we think about it you're typical planes is to go to Baton Rouge for something. A community that this. All right we're keeping an Diana nothing's developed yet some of the models may bring it in our general direction bit too early it's now we know you'll watch it. And will continue to update folks if this is something to worry about but it is that time of year oh and by the way if there is a storm in the gulf he can't buy flood insurance then. This is so might wanna buy it now just say if you don't that's a lot of concerns hopefully we've learned our lesson here and that everyone in Louisiana will buy flood insurance. Everett takes thirty base for possibly could again side kick so on the obvious about it they would be covered. It buys in my next something good to have. Thank today we appreciate your insight your expertise we know you'll keep us posted here on WWL and on WW LTV. As we watch this system Dave knows bomb liven direct from the pinpoint forecast center right back to your input text messages at 8787 in your call to final 146 187. And is there anywhere you can move. Where you wouldn't have to deal with the threat of so. A natural disaster I'm Dave Cowan and the think tank for Garland Robinette. I'm going floods in Louisiana. An earthquake today in Italy the death toll climbing wildfires. In California tornadoes and hurricanes we've seen it all over the past month. And that doesn't include mudslides volcanic eruptions blizzards and others are storms someone Texas and it's 7070. A pretty got our opinion poll which natural disaster scares you the most 55% of you say tornadoes 20% think hurricanes tempers anything floods and earthquakes and only 5% they wildfires. One person Texas today 7870 says Dave we need to live on the moon to escape. Not sure that that's a real good out another person says I've lived through three tornadoes scary as hell they're nature's terrorists. Now I gotta tell you have lived through about a different natural disasters. And Katrina. Was very scary. I'll never forget his Katrina roared ashore. Watching streets go from drying to raging rapid rivers in a matter of seconds watching grooves low right off of homes. And blow away and this year power and destruction the Katrina Ross was unbelievable. But I think. Tornadoes I've lived through still scare me more I'll never forget when I was at the University of Missouri school of journalism. And I was driving through Columbia Missouri one day gone to pay some bills. Back in the days before the Internet. And I looked in my rearview Mir and the sky. Was deep green and purple behind. And I turned around and watched as a tornado. Blocks wide. Came down out of the sky. Tore the roof off of a pizza pies and rip right through a Wal-Mart and was coming in my direction. Quickly. Trying to find somewhere to pull over. It was two of us in the car we both opened our doors at the same time to jump out big mistake is everything in the car. Blew away. And running. Into. A Stew war. We ran into the back of the store because the word concrete walls in the back in no windows. And could see out the front as the tornado came by. There was a steel and glass. Hotel right across the street. Watched the hurricane literally shift the second floor. And partially collapsed under the first floor. And that came without any warning. At all. And I think that was scarier because hurricanes. We watched for days heading this way. We know when we're in the path of American. Is tornadoes. Into the huge ones supplement midwest. Powerful. As the ones scares me the most packed with Marcus. Hide so far no one has Texas are called us with a place that convinces me. That there is anywhere on the face of the planet you can win without facing some threat of a natural disaster at least nowhere worth living. And while I know we face the threats of flooding and hurricanes. And weaker tornadoes. Here in southeast Louisiana. Can you imagine living anywhere else is worth. The threat to me. Of those natural disasters. To live in such an amazing place. Went next and one person Texas and in 7870 enters their biggest fears tornadoes during hurricane jacket you get those. And those are scary notices tornadoes come with no warning total devastation with lots of debt and yes 55% of you more than half. Of those of you logging on to WWL I commoner big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll are telling us that you are most scared. Of tornadoes more so than hurricanes floods earthquakes wildfires. Or any other. Natural disaster. Coming up next hours speaking of disasters we're gonna talk about should. The volunteer. Rescuers. Have to be registered with the government. And trained. Before they can come save your life. Why are we even discussing this. Well we'll take a look at that coming up specifically when talking about the cajun navy which ran an all kinds of problems trying to help. Rescue people. The tens of thousands of people who needed rescuing. During this recent flood event that stretched from just west of New Orleans are a 150. Miles to our west all the way to over the lake Arthur. Louisiana. What are the issues who's right who's wrong we'll try to flush him out of think about a minute think tank next hour here on. WWL.