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8-25 6pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on Saints-Steelers and the trade of Keke Mingo

Aug 25, 2016|

Bobby, Deuce and Deke talk with WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia about the Patriots' trade for former LSU star Barkevious Mingo, and also preview Saints-Steelers.

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And the team is Bobby Hebert Deuce McAllister I'm dig Bellamy we have not heard from Drew Brees yesterday he spoke to the media were here for me right after the break. Operated jaguar Pena photos of WW dot com tomorrow night to Saints take on. AFC favorite yes the Steelers and the Patriots at the top two dogs according to Vegas. In the AFC in during the season they take on Pittsburgh tomorrow night if the Saints have a strong performance against the Steelers. Would it change your mind about what you've seen thus far in the saints' first two pre season game to go only to. Losing to new England and Texans you can cast a vote. Online at WW dot com a couple of interesting game tonight Atlanta is to know the only team and our division is to know teams that have not lost a pre season game. Philadelphia Minnesota Green Bay Atlanta and the LA Rams M and a plays at Miami and a good one tonight if you got the NFL network markets is now. Ezekiel is expected to play and the Dallas Cowboys at. A future opponent of the New Orleans Saints the Seattle Seahawks induce that we go by the rule of thumb where the stars are gonna play the longest and is one. That's a good gauge of what Seattle's run defense against Dallas Roth offered. Well no doubt and you know you re enters and see how much Ezekiel is actually use you know he's been out banged up a little bit what hamstrings so. You know whether they get him for quarterback play in a full half going to be interest in but I think. The proud of Houghton is. What's really been all right a bit in Dillon doing really well bad press guys you know and I know he's he's later to play the second half but. Beatrice and see how he plays. You know and may not be against the stars of Seattle but it's going to be a atmosphere and it's going to be loud a little different. Didn't play in in Los Angeles against Graham so he's had an impressive camp so far have an impressive. First two pre season games so the Cowboys a look like they found it back up and maybe potentially give the quarterback of the future and you know we talk about Elliott and I offered to line that the Cowboys have. You have to go back to think in two years ago when Murray ran followed those yards in you know I think maybe one of them. Would maybe possibly two are not first round there's you know no 10 Collins is one of them. And I think they have one more kid it's not a first round on that offered to Lambert the other three guys the first rounds and so a lot of talent a lot of beef in. The Cowboys may have themselves something. Well what do what I'm interested to is that on the pre season note tomorrow night. As who's gonna step and in theory deviates of lines like Nate fairly did. In yesterday's practice the last practice we got to witness the kind of officially. Close training camp as four is the media. Agreed in the players. The big 000 you well you bottom poverty and a ride they Beagle mix even isn't even as a deck he did not like he's getting better. Yeah every week so I mean. If and what better timing and Sean Pate says I was still trying to figure out the role farm and you know who wells the day before Jonathan Jenkins. He had good prelude to contributor what does that he ran sideline to sideline so hey we need those cats have a especially. Not knowing when rankings and is going to be available slot probably look at an interior. Against the Steelers. Know how those guys keep Trevor Manuel is a dark arts and these are practice squad guy. And is a shy Marbury. From Texas San Antonio. I think he has ability. That could maybe be in the rotation or somebody on on some NFL team I think he's flashed and show that management. And be interested to see. Where did big goal is Nate fairly and that does he also. Take that next step from what he contribute against the Texans. Because he's can become an on. Probably. In that rotation probably an additional fifteen more snaps. And you want it to be at a high and nobody talked about his conditioning. That's a be looking and also it and equivalent of this tape line of fire and Jonathan Jay is playing in a contract year like fairly that then what will. Because he's gonna have a great opportunity where he was may be on the bubble. And who have been operatives like getting cut. When now here's an opportunity because they injured or rank it Coolidge managing it you do something. They you know only play but I think that you play the NFL career as behavior that rotation get paid down the road deuce John and Jenkins and expanding the same. Bowl money you've Volvo money here for both fogleman you know and when you look at early own. You you would probably wanna go with the younger. Usually younger John JQ is India and he's probably a truer. 34 anchor guy you know the I wouldn't put him out a lot out there and im in the 34 look because not gonna give. And and have a lot of pass rush moves but you know I think the nick fairly of Auburn has awakened and I mean he's been outstanding not only in practice putting games as well would just penetration. Running down the last scrimmage in you know the thing about David out Ahmad too is. He is strong as all get out I mean and sometimes it shocks offered to Lima how strongly is in now is just him figured out how to use his hands and be able to. But it got introduced just pray that you see last coaches bounce off of he got penetration they even have to wrap this or third round and he does exploded in Glasgow Scotland like he hit a wall we're here with Drew Brees had a sandy it's a spread is next on WW. Training camp is in the books giving his take on camp 2016 and also tomorrow night's game against the Pittsburg Steelers. Is Saints quarterback Drew Brees meeting with the media on the final day of training camp 2016 right there on saint radio WW yeah. And that is Saints quarterback Drew Brees addressed the media would give that we'll get Bobby induces take Aldridge to say and raised Drew Brees is training camp how he dear scorned our resident pros Bobby can do first derby to be understand. Is approaching 631 as time the Spurs news and we will go to Christmas. Well follow a decade and has been a landing spot but some. Pro football as it may have been good. Borderline great in some places but. When they man in doing in its own that recharges. Rug gets you to re energize their careers there outlook and they know they gonna have a chance. To go to the sumo and win the championship that is now the case for former LSU Astros in specialists and not lived up music that they have to clean the Browns. But TV is Kiki Mingo Mike tell you joins us now WEE. In WEEI dot com it might this just looks like one of those perfect fit to a guy. We know he's got the ability and we've seen him do it in times before not consistently. But if you gonna do good knowing and is a placing we were a lot of players get a second chance and the majority amount legacies in steak on the agreement. They take advantage of that opportunity. They really do and I think you put it perfectly. This is the kind of what the classic Bill Belichick moved. He likes to get guys raw talent who for whatever reason may have been miscast in another organization each or in another world in another organization. And get him to new England and army fresh perspective I mean that's not the way. And every Belichick. You know type player that Belichick really like from college works out perfectly I mean they're bit players like Brandon Spikes or. Ku you know that is one hearing seeing and knowing them that didn't chip. You know didn't work out. In the hand the way Bill Belichick elected hoped there's a couple of other players from the University of Portland worked out. But then when you look at the relationship Bill Belichick pats Cleveland Browns. And namely former Browns general manager Mike Lombardi. Who has been a Belichick confidant the last several years in the Patriots organization. He is very familiar with guys which a ball cheered Dion Lewis and now. Park tedious. Who is in Mingo who is coming to New England I think it's great moat. And the other thing I would say that there are important here it's low risk high reward Patriot give up. Fifth round pick next year to see your main joking coming in and provide some depth on the edge. Now Mike do you think this trade happens or are does that are current. If Rob Ninkovich is healthy arm or do you think even if rob was available week one. That they still went ahead and did history. Excellent question and I can't the source. That I was talking to from early this morning when I became aware of it. Go down set now. Robin and cubic changeable cheered injury to all cheers dealing with an MCL. Had nothing to do with this deal or very little to do it. Bill Belichick has had inside on me go all along he's. Very very aware of that coming go on down. And fallen out of favor. With the Cleveland Browns and that when the Browns didn't. Pick up its that your option on his first round rookie year deal. Com staff may. Certainly Belichick. You know went to Cleveland Browns and started and feelers. What I was told I think Belichick woods and and the Patriots were ready to offer something like 83 round pick. But it turned out that theory Farmar wasn't as willing at the time. To deal with it and now when Ninkovich deal came down. Armor I think try to play a little bit of hard ball in hand kind of you know when the Patriots went our for a little while and then Patriots decided to revisit it over the last you know 24 hours and the grounds that we better take what we can get now and when Belichick decided to pull the trigger so I Belichick has had. I'm mango in. In his sights ever since the 2013. Draft. When he brought and brought him in for a visit Foxboro. You know my you don't really kind of reminds me very similar body type from southern miss Jamie Collins and yeah. And I know Jamie Collins looks 63 at 250 got Mingo. When when you look at him export to party so very similar body types and I think that's what could Belichick's the. I think they they could be book ends but I actually had a out tell me this afternoon that Jamie bell is gonna spend a lot. Would spend a lot more time inside. And telecheck. Would ever consider using Mingo you know who knows I mean Belichick may look at it exactly the way he's just that and say. Now these are great bookend thing you know we need from his days back with the Giants. And the way he uses linebackers in losses book and so that. Now teams can't overload to stop one side and you know that maybe what Belichick was thinking when he saw that. Certainly when you have to bolt sheared down. On the defense line you can put Mingo behind him and stay in the mop. Yeah and you know I'm I'm sure Belichick has seen enough tape of him. Over the first three years in the NFL that get a sense of what he can do he was playing in the fourth quarter the last preceding game against the Falcons. So obviously the you know the Browns didn't have big plans for camps and a lot of people in Cleveland in organist say you know tech. Belichick maybe. You know buying a delicate here and thinking that he can work magic. With a guy that really isn't that good Belichick's sees it differently he taught differently with two balls sheer when he. Started the move them a little bit more inside. On the we get in some snaps against the Panthers. How Belichick plans he is mango. There's there were might try to get in the lane it's as the New England Patriots have acquired LA's two former LSU standout Cleveland Browns but he now lives of his expectations. Of his top five draft status and being bought Kyrie is Kiki Mingo by BA BAD Bellamy and Deuce McAllister dues. My got a question for you and it's really one man when I first broke it was it was interesting about this it was. I think we're still gathering a little more information but it's. It's about Brian Stewart Ginn you know I edit at one point obviously he's a starting center he can. Competed for the job. Lost little time looking concussion issues I think it may have been even a second and third one. Documented. What what's his status I know they they traded him to Washington. Was that purely because he was getting outplayed where they're concerned with concussion you know. Is he looking to retire what do you what are you hearing or what west it was this status of that. Well first there's. From what I've been told it's actually it's sports. Concussion in as many years dating back with senior year pot Florida State when he was with James went and so. Concussions definitely outplayed in issue and to your point about. Whether or not David enters. From Georgia had passed him on the depth chart answered yeah. Com and and the bay that's where I can sum it up. Belichick and the Patriots will take consistency. Over. Peak level performance every time and that's what happened when Sorkin and he'll help teach you about the Patriots cap and down every scout. I've talked to everybody inside the organization have been able talked to about this. Our topic he says the same things sort is that definite that they had. But the consistency. Became a problem and then a lot of paper a little bit with Tom Brady in perhaps because of the concussion. He could remember snap call he couldn't remember protection call and Butler. The certainly no sympathy for the human beings and the player of the professional. Athlete who is trying to battle through medical issues like concussions which are very serious. But you can't perform and perform and that's really what it came down Q. Opera Tom Brady and the offense line that's why they've been enters. Ask them on the depth chart. And produce I can tell you right now that the reason. That Brian Burke is considering retirement is he's talking with the NFL EA. And his agent consider his options. And what is past in his long term is it better to get help through the NFL EA. And you know three years of the two years like should say bastard but he have. And see what opportunities he has there or should he play for a long term contract with the Redskins stops what he's got a went on the line right now I he has report Washington Bob. Might try your Debbie EEI dot com my cap and people poly on social media. Okay they can follow me on Twitter which is where do most of my football work at rags TR HE ask. Can follow me on FaceBook. And drags 75. WR FaceBook dot contracts 75. And instead Graham drags 750. That's right and bombing of social media. All right Mike thank you so much and it's now we appreciate. Alright boys know just always deuce and gets about as we go to break do it is just seems like on a golden opportunity to Kiki mean going into me. It's it is called ball down to him because he's being put with the best coaches in the best situation. And I think if if he can do some of the things that where his potential was but he was strapped on he could return his career around at park indices. I know Bobby by record and him being similar to Jamie counts he needs an accountant. Jamie Collins high school quarterback and no body why are you had it not go to bat right there about the Jamie Collins was high school quarterback use all state high school quarterback Indian you know the only school that really recruited you know was a slower than me is so. He's an outstanding athlete. I think. People will be surprised it would mean to owed as you know because and totally abilities is enough and a role for him. Whether it's also packages in you know let him get in the flat a little bit. But being in a rush to pass protected him with a big deep into attack come in because this deal a big Cleveland they were upset that he could hold weight. Put a lot of weight you know don't use him in those situations they were also said he was the third eight and you know we encountered. Well that well the quote I remember Morton and the thing. Is it art it was noted as a past team I mean really fast team Ellis you've played argument now with the kick all of this season. And Chip Kelly says. Well marquis is being yeah goal was tracking down there running back Eagles all I know is that we don't have nobody like that no I don't privately yet that it has duties that at all Alyssa and low and you see his stock rise in. And so I don't ever want to college I go bigger I think I've utilized. Yeah but you know one David had to do in Cleveland they try to put extra 3040 pounds on him and you let him run and that's exactly yeah they're cracking cry is now. Then him being who he used. All right that was our resident pros by the AB and Deuce McAllister. This is sports talk on saint radio WW. And welcome mat let's Curtis Lendale Petit on TNT thank you for calling WW TO. You do them on. I want exposed some desperately want it. Needed to partner. Those eight thank you. Aren't. Keep Rio Eagles started with an extra. Mean to eat and in close to they. Right and even a couple of gain speed they could be. I'm I'm expecting him to be better. Bag you know. I'm expected mark to get about 12100 rushing yards and Arctic are not not say that he would be disappointed what do thousand but I mean he has the type of talent as well lose. On some looks that he he's gonna see. He's a damn about twelve on the garden he's got stay healthy in order to do it but I mean come on it in and did do well on break it down that he and tell a thousand. Well because of me what the average per game Friday you basically about it that it's route 63. 63 point fives right it's 64 yards a game. To be able to go over a thousand yards and I pay my plane sixteen games. You know that Elliott used to it yet I felt that account. Speaks for itself it is it used to be all bar. For running back. When the game started giving and the number never changed in me and when you look at our greatest when you look at the system an attorney and as far as which Drew Brees you know there should be opportunities where he had not seen an eight man box. A lot. Right Bobby Bowden. You are currently have a bit. Well I yeah. I scoot it might be good TN as our yards game between sixteen games though ended a sixty yard marking his abilities the callous use Cologne. That's why Jays lead the on if you play fantasy football and you count on a bag just get out yards Yugo Obama you'll leave O'Hare are. Irks me out with him a hundred yards and an all purpose because he has a good passes to running back to where that. I think he should be a round Connie rushing and ask him about that Deanna. Johnson together in Mexico TV and you could land the integral yeah it would be. That way as it is you got Deion. What you would like you say water and drags you coach of the ball to them. And again I was thinking you might be bad it was and the ball player he's been written tailgate. Against EM that's all you see you give rated become a coat. I don't know when in school spoke. My tree don't want to play eight here perjury and it not be. Actually I got so you got out to you as a youngster that Olivo. I. Let's go hand as good era I would I heard that on the devote to it thank you for college yeah yeah okay. Threw six no points in the you can take this season eats him. Hootie Johnson named me. Now. That writer obviously. A wave and we eat dog about. Arlington like you know I hate when he was trying compare with team at the instance with the though we have Martinez's do. And now Mark Ingram. Has been being good angry. You know and and we need a solid running back like for instance. They both small receivers but it ran because you Brandi could seed and Smith Antonio Brown's job. Antonio Brown. If you wanted to go to a yardage. This cash. Last year had a 136. Receptions 1834. Yards receiving. If you look no one in NFL history. As though he's done. Now I don't know V replays of pre season dues he's that good. But here he is receptive to any three year span in NFL history from thirteen to fifteen. He has 375. Receptions. Second place Marvin Harrison. To 300 appeared before he did a promote student. That 222 from 2000 to 2002. Wet west welcome printed Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice in 94 in 96 at three at a party to Antonio Brown 375. We talk about return yards rushing and receiving. He had 2074. Yards now. Well when we talk about best that are best likes these bit compact. Toddler receiver. Antonio Brown it is a man ranked I mean I hate that that's why branding coach you might tell he's on the oval one. But I look I think he's a could be a great number two. You know you need two or three receivers but to say he's out now not number one I think you might be in our business of Michael Thomas. Would surpass. A brand could just because his stature mortal likes of Colston and Nevin against branding cooks. But I mean. Atlas and heating Eaton and to his credit Woody talk to Steve Smith. Our training when there are picking his brain getting him bobbled and grabbing as good for Brandon Coke's long term are another thing though right right equate it is you got to remember. When he was at Oregon State they didn't do a lot of receivers stuff like he's doing now. He still learning how to be a quote on quote receiver you saw him more donut jet sweep and you know kits and a slant to kids in the the well the little runny nose spread played doubles Korea already correct so it wasn't a true receiver receiver route so hasty a girl you know can still grow. Idea I that I hit Antonio Brown spectrum as you a league low and I did you do talk about and I mean that that's a huge part of the game but. Thought about them on in in their water ball moved when and again I was I'd be gone like. Well my mom my mom's name and I can't complain that ball as well. Win. We win Napoli. On now almost seven and get back to play out this is sports talk on WW real.