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Scoot Show 110pm Too Much Homework for Kids

Aug 26, 2016|

How much homework do your kids have each Day. According to the American Journal of Family Therapy, the amount of homework for some young elementary school students is almost three times the recommended levels. Is this more or less then you had going to school? What motivated you to do school work? This hours guest: Dr. Amy Dickson - LSU Health New Orleans Clinical Psychologist

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Well not today I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for us dude in the afternoon it's so great to get off the couch and come in here and talk to you guys here's what we. We're going to be playing with this afternoon of course the saints and the Steelers tonight we will be talking. Saints football. A lot of people Joe's not pumped up this year for actually it's a lot of people. No matter what thinks that we are not dwell and think that we're not going to have a very good season. I'm getting a little more encouraged a lot of times when you. Stink in the pre season he played better in the regular season that's that's a that's that's my falafel restaurant hoping for. Do you believe in life. In other planets. Scientists have discovered the star closest to earth outside our solutions and has a plan of that of potentially support line we'll talk about that and but about your kids. How much homework to your kids hand each day according to the American journal family therapy. The amount of homework for some young elementary elementary school students is almost three times. The rector mended level. And we have a special guests this half hours doctor Jamie Dixon LSU health too early and clinical psychologist. Doctor thank you for being part of the show today. My pleasure. Is that doable shall work for two. The public varies from school to school public hearing a lot of complaints from parents. Some schools seem to be getting it right and some schools seem not to have. That research in the literature on the. How much homework. On an average you think kids should have what I'll looked going over the top. Well you know we have. Actor Harry Cooper who with Duke University. I reviewed lack in lack of studies on and you had not around that there's any lien. Between. It being that the homework and being able to increase at court particularly in elementary school. So what we really should be seen parts hit an elementary school is. How and then it or black and I ate her rainy. That they change he has been little bit of homework to move polity with Hitler and during the day and left the court you have a child to bury our team in need a lot of help with between your going to ever be mapped back. They get would be all of her they have found that between. The ninth grade about nineteen minute and I eat it helpful for Dan. And once you've got to look out that there has scored actually go to. Do you think kids today have more or less home more than their parents had when they were in school. Like it we all know that they have more fair. I'm averaged and I think a lot of parent. Are alarmed by that. You know they average high school should have about two hours and yet homework at night and we know that at more than act. I don't remember who grew up having any more than may be an hour and a especially in high school and I don't know kids still have a study periods of these days. But I was able do a lot of my homework it can must not entered their fourth had very little to do I came home. You know you're school had it right we should be having study period during the day they should have accepted the teachers that they need help. They should be able to get working on an anti CD it all that we eat huge backpack and back problems. But they're carrying things alone many schools have gone online textbook. That they don't have to carry it home where they won't be limited if they forgot attacks but. You really should be happy chat a little bit to consolidate learning. And not trying to do the bulk of teaching in the heat means we expect and she and extra hole. With all day that the social networks that kids get in flaw with. What is affected the whole network or the social media time I can't imagine kids say and well I'm gonna give up a social media time to do my homework. No and you know appeared Q which is another discussion and parent may need to review the phone. And say you know you look at objector Q and then you can happen time with your friends and then they take the phone again because they taped it. So distracted looking at every. Boleyn in pain and you know their timing and it's one thing at their work and on study group together and they're doing about an automatic social time. They need to now be able to work they need to happen social. We didn't have all of that we didn't have the can meet with games on all on the computers and and baseball and and and texting back and forth. We know will TV may be able radio but other than that in when your moms and go to your room and do your school work there was there was no other distractions. Yes but now I did find something really neat when I was a putting this together I've found a teacher and taxes and this thing is is gone totally viral her name is brandy young. She is a second grade teacher and I think you're gonna love it cares what she passed out every parent of her students. To your parents. After much research this summer I'm trying something new homework will only consist of war the true student did not finish during the school day. There will be no formally assign homework this year. Re church has been an able approve the homework improve student performance. Rather I ask you spend your evening doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. Eat dinner as a planned read together. Play outside and get your child to bed early is that good. Have my. Secret to us. And she. Play it another way whether they. It died in outdoor and they need to be with their friend and they need to use their imagination. That is a wonderful thing achieved and now I bet she's good to see improvement in Turkey. Isn't that great to encourage the manly to eat dinner together who does that anymore wow. Yeah she's on the right track that was the good thing. I'm so happy you like that. Well not when it comes to the school work though the amount of school worked at a gotcha moment I'd read a little resurgence of that. Sometimes the teachers are doing is because there's so much pressure put on them that their kids in Belgrade so high and and in the national test of scores is that right. Therein but there again they're not reading the research. That we knew pour on all the homework he came here exhausted. They're not getting it done. They're gained op too late in. Boost their test scores. And it needs that the year at teaching to detach and no child left the Ernie and I'm good be fired at the teacher miked aren't scoring high enough with that kind of now. Can't beat that lately anxiety provoking but the kid in the teachers. I'll have a daughter who was a school teacher and the pressure. Put on them to make sure the of these kids get passed on to the next grade and these kids do well that and on the test scores of really. I I I I think there's more pressure put on them to do that than it is to teach the kids are properly. Yep I agree with you and some schools many schools are pulling away from the act. And they're taken at different and I applaud them and other schools feel like it here and I hope we come you know better solutions for about. One low left Russia as a parent if you think your kid is getting too much homework. Can you do anything about it those going to the teachers isn't gonna change anything. You know I had my child and a wonderful teacher last year you said on here and night. We can't minimal amount of homework but if your child at 18 am. 1520. Minute. To view a temple where she stopped. Let it now continent Allah will figure out what's going on. Some time I don't pay teachers realize how long their homework in taking predicts it. That there are many teachers out there who view one here for you in Europe it too much and you guys can figure out better plans. Maybe they can do it at lunchtime with the teacher or in this study hall. Or they don't downgrade how much they're expecting them at every kid has different abilities to concentrate and different aptitude. Doctor Dixon thank you for being part of a Schoen and justification. You wanna look this lady up ball on line her name is brandy young she's a second grade teacher in taxes. I give birth on the thanks so much. All right thank you so much all right 5042601. Point seven do you think today's kids did too much homework and do you think. Our kids at more or less homework then then Sweden and what do you think about the idea. Of homework only consisting of work your student has not finished during the school day. Bible four to six year old 170 Bob Mitchell and those do the afternoon on WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell and first go to in the afternoon on WWO Mike I'll be with you and just one minute but I would remind everyone about the tradition we have here at WWL in New Orleans your. You turn down your TV and turn up science radio with Jim Henderson and Deuce McAllister now. It used to be sampled. Melts and little tricky and all the options that cable. You know Cox and charter and DISH Network and DirecTV. To many of these shores now there's a very simple way to sync up your TV to us saints radio broadcast because. We have to delay the broadcast of its sixteen seconds. All you've got to do. Is Paul as your DVR to synchronized with the broadcast really easy turn on the TV set. True home team join Jim Henderson Deuce McAllister and Christian Garrick on the flagship station and your New Orleans Saints. WW. Let's go to on. Mike Mike do your kids have more or less calmer the human. They aren't bill rarely am I accurate if you say maybe it could've been at school while bush. It regard they have more homework or order and the same amount of homework. It's like if you keep you thinking needle arts he can be successful in Richard Park down. Out of school. At home port it to 2 o'clock o'clock at night. There will be a cool car right Richard it works RD accept. It when you get to college. Accounts the computer you walk. Or you eat more you can come out and you can't you bought. You. Act like a pack your bag it's okay. But it daycare. No you make it soft and you make aren't successful and become adult and that's what kind of edit country apart and move on. Ingram school. I had a decent amount of work one out in the sixth seventh eighth grade eleven this record amount of work on nine year old. Homework she gets buried today in Brooklyn about. All I worksheet and teachers. We wanted it leaked these two Dominic you can they're forwarding it they don't charge him on it not work on the next night now give a so called portrait. What do you do to motivate your children to do their homework or do you have a problem there at all. I'm fortunate my kids are pretty good picture of struggled a little bit less sit down or man say. You wanna do in life. Well ordered our Google calendar school I want of these what you have to do this first before you can do that and I'll sit there and not tell them that. An opt out about how my life wasn't a mistake I made. And I try to cultural Pruitt at teach him get what like that aren't gonna not eat then I'll let you gotta be one on the stand back and keep don't want. You not gonna make it right. So you think I'll a lot of homework a couple of volatile homeward just toughened them up and gives them release brochure for college. Lupica you know if you've been college noted. What color sometimes you don't know which direction. And I did and met some in the military. And at the same thing going on in the military now. It people are all regular easier to not only got a get more credit to combat tour. Gallery on the Atlanta want to kill you think care. You're not going to be able come out the Taliban al-Qaeda must build there are no it will put around between your. Tell like earlier. Thank you so much but I got a text messages this persons other totally agree with Mike all right here's another text message my eight year old. Did homework from 330 to blogs or even what baseball practice Donald or on 730 study to test. Till 930. It's absolutely ridiculous I feel guilty bringing him to practice because he has a so much homework. And our big 870 pretty a jaguar opinion poll question do your kids get more or less homework that you did. As a child and that's Leon punch in the results right now. We should affect that there we go. 33%. Slate last 67%. Say. More what do you say you can go online at WW dot com or you can simply just technique. 8787 or probably a Bible for 2601878. We're also going to give you some been a little bit lighter to talk about today do you believe in life on other planets or do you believe. That we are the only intelligent life in the entire universe. Scientists have discovered a star. That's closest to earth outside of our solar system has a planet that could potentially. Support life. Now. What kind of life do you think we will ponder if there is what do you believe there's life and on the planets are we the only intelligent means a million. Higher universe. And if there is light let's let's play a little bit outside the box that there is life. What space movie or TV program. Will that most resemble. Like our trek. Star Wars. Could be like planet of the action ever known so what what TV show. Or what space movie. That you'd think. Life outside of our earth is going to balls for like on you would like this so I would like to think that we're going to see all this intelligent life and I'll give him different species alive but I guess you'd better be afraid on how intelligently and you and tell them but they might wanna come here and take us over Bible a port to secure a 170 it's news time. Which demands so on WW. And I'm Bob Mitchell and first dude in the afternoon right here on WWL how much homework do your kids have it. Each to have gotten a couple of attachments just here. Here's one of that talks about homework if a student has a ton of homework the teachers and doing their job my two sons are bowl honors student there's not that much homework and college. As well the last callers talked about and I'm not really sure about I. Op. I'm friends who say that they've is simply. The teachers teach you and then you do what you wanna do and if you wanna take and do the work you do if you don't in the news flunk out luge remotely. My kids are grown but I hated homework routine may be a half hour reading assignment which touched them. All the video games and ten question what is. The next day and of love thirty things are to remember how much homework in grade school. It's just fooling themselves. And I remember in grade school but I do remember I had a bottom or a day because remember would come home and have a pretty much law must open for an hour. Before I had to go out and and play ball. Your kids get more homework a little work but muted and what what. What's the best way to motivate kids to do home commandos as kids don't wanna know more. Miller to not play video games and text opens back and forth. Oh what do you do to motivate your kids to do Wal-Mart and deal like this this teacher in Texas. Teaches second grade she's trying something new with homework. She only gives the students were they did not finish during that school day. Motivating parents to spend time. With her kids like eat dinners of family read together play outside. That your child to bed early. Does that sound like. A very there he he. The wrong thing to do odd I love that idea I'm not a teacher. I don't know that would work when you get in high school have no idea what is how much polled were a kid should have. I know I'm kids nowadays because I am. But your grandkids and they always seem to have tons and tons of homework and right now if they don't do their homework and no one line. And check and see well the Bradley did their homework and nebulous middle Columbia. Strange side to talked about this afternoon. Do you believe life exist on other planets. Or do you believe that we are the only intelligent life in the entire. You have yours do you believe that there is life out there. But right now there are probably. Far superior to us. And it is waiting for us the touch with them but the portly conflict us. And if you wanted to if if you could picture in your mind anyway you want is for us what life would be and other planets now. Which TV show or movie. Wouldn't reply. I would like to think that eventually on to a big start for me and start of so many different worlds and Lotto world of humanoid although world them all common in all different types. Of species of people I would like to think it would be morally that. 2601 late seventy the complexity and 8787. Here's. This person says they were like on live on the plans to be like more and and he. It's well the couple. Xmas for him. I think we're looking for something about carbon based life forms plant there may be. Light forms in other ways it'll play you know without the agreement that. I. Don't know public want to go to plan. Or. Have space travel and run into. Beams. As advance of the war in it and Star Wars for the event that that would be they would they would try to come in and and capture. As far as or as. Is movies. I definitely. I definitely hope that we never get tool planet. But as these characters like panel on the alien. 2601870. Let me take a break and then we'll come back with a more your phone calls were also gonna start talking about the saint you know it's. Big pre season game tonight in the saints do anything tonight. To get troop positive policies and 260187. And I'm Bob Mitchell. And first boot in the afternoon do you believe in life on other planets and if there is life be that you should be more. Or less intelligent than we are if you had two a day a TV show or a space movie. What do you think it'll be like we'll be like in Star Trek where. Mean they have planets that are less developed the most and more development us. Let's go to a just an engine to adjust and what do you think if replied intelligent life putting that it's going to be more or less intelligent and we. Let it. Being born Leo. He struck out roll our way into the war. Eagle or are in the news now. And when you're one of which one. Or the life out there so it. It leaders. Zone is pretentious. But human that we were the only one in this universe. Well if you had a model. What's going to be in space from a TV show or movie. What would you choose. All well you don't that you go war based on. Our. Well he usually the second called seat belt and and should be. Tire war group I have that outlook definitely and I think horses are there explore the act to Alter. Very what I like would be another plan. I don't I think if we ever get out that far. I I think there are intelligent. Beans are their right now. Who know we exist but they are waiting for us to get a little a little bit more ahead. Or larger. I. If there watching if there watching this presidential ways I don't know if I've ever seen anything as deplorable. As what's going on between these two candidates the forget about the issues such as who can who can smear Hu and I heard Don Dubuque make a prediction. He said you can balked at that Hillary is going to be. Your next president. And but odd Clinton not. I hurt easily and he like you life. Let us say that aren't as pretty what country this war. The best leader. Here who won a man urged Iraq to 11 of those people but a on it back. States and all presumptuous for you to think that. Everybody that result will need water and oxygen we email like a lecture theatre you hear that. One more thing I'm actually. Kiwi who are successful by these are decent check out the emerging as musicians want to. Well I'm not Jamal run by check in and out and your outstanding great. Well what you're quick I don't know all these evens the lie probably not at war here but why he is. Cheerful while. Re not good for you and me. I hope so we'll. But one thing you want well argued to. Check out New Orleans. Mayor. And you have. You're 1969. TI here says on there. Were a bad that I. Usually that's what. Are. Your view. No I didn't know that I'll check it out. Everybody is on YouTube but thank you just and I appreciate that's so much. All right if if you believe there's life on other planets do you think they're going to be more. Or less intelligent life and we are here to text message on that. Sure hope this. I sure hope there is intelligent life on that because there's not much down here. Let's say I did have another one pretty much along that the that same line about in an intelligent life. I know there is life elsewhere in the universe because they told me but I also told the to not to vote for Hillary I was thinking about every everything is going on and on. Where you are going to be talking about the saints sports are really don't wanna get in the politics but. And O'Donnell trump called Hillary lie in Hillary. Other call tough loss. But everything thinks it's a point on it just bolt is awful hard and I don't know does this election is absolute insanity. I don't think I've ever seen. To Canada's goal and each other with which such disrespect and mean what are these people. Is going to be. Resident of the United States. Here's one Bob I'm still looking for intelligent life on on this planet all right now we also talking about homework. Talking about eight a new study came out according to the American journal that we therapy. That a lot of kids a lot of elementary school students have three times. The amount of recommended homework. Kitchen on him homework teachers have to assign homework because the class students aren't up to speed wobble on the left Olympian Todd. If the education system to a better job of grouping people by learning abilities. There should be less homework. Or really none at all odd teacher and in Texas have a new theory on homework. She said that the only homework the tree is going to give the kids. It's things that day. But they missed in class so they didn't do while they're working class. Then they have to do homework. All right here's one that says it Bobbie think Wayne Newton is human but not at at that. Tell you one thing he's he's got a great hair stylist and Ellen great cosmetic surgeon. We will take a break at 260870. If we can probably get in a call or two before the top of the hour and we just start talking about the saints. Saints are planned tonight the Steelers in the dome is there anything the strains can do tonight that I gonna change your opinion for the season and really pump you up. Bob Mitchell and was due in the afternoon on WW oil. And I'm Bob Mitchell filling in force don't in the afternoon. Talking about homework and how much is too much homework for kids. Waited to hear this text message. I'm a retired university instructor with MA so and a lot of guidance as my elementary school child with her homework. But she had so much homework contest in second grade. In public school in saint Tammany parish that it took her till midnight several nights to get it all done with me helping her. So I report this to the appropriate person the school board who agreed with me. What are brought up to the principle it was reported to CPS for child abuse issues that's terrible. For kids in my child up so late doing a very homework they gain ever. One child was taken I spent the year in my life savings and attorneys to get her back. And now home school. Doesn't that sound just just like. Our government and things that go on in this country. Well we rule on next hour we'll be talking to saint Simon report Christian Derek and talk a little bit about things. And here's what we are going to be asked to new what areas do you hope to see the saints improve in three season. And do you think pre season as a measuring stick fourteen or just a precision you know I've got the the honor and opportunity of doing. Who I think about two or three years doing that the fan of the pro show with pokey. And hokey year after year you know I'd I'd come in pumped up after pre season game and you tell me over over Bob Johnson pre season. Doesn't mean anything. And you know what I would say man would look madness just pre season so do you or you're looking for any improvements the night. Or do you look at this no matter what it's just pre season. I've noticed and listening to our own sports rose and Paul with some of the polls. But the majority of people. I'd just not up this season and I've got to admit I am and that I'm I'm very very skeptical. On what type of season this team is going to head out. 260187. They will start taking calls after the top of the hour and a point called and what not to level. Hold on from bush too long felt after we talked to question them local opposed. Hope you wearing your black and gold today like I am it's saints run it like John is time for the saints football mobile portal home town crunch going to be great tonight today. The saints battle Pittsburgh Steelers at home in the Mercedes super dome. We're gonna win tonight. Wall to wall saints coverage starts at 3 o'clock. But foremost claimed the pendulum in state court and say it's silent report Christian Derek pulled the plan's first thing this is your show. Time illumination checked in for more every detail gaining. And given gut check on the saints season and a five. It's the above light to come down a tick problem Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live from gates the superdome game time is 7 o'clock with the absolute. Bar none best play by play team and football. The voice of Jim Henderson color analyst Bruce McAllister and sideline reporter Christian Derek after the game sound off on the point after with big tree on the cajun cannon. Till 1 AM. Or later if they get if they get riled up that that they do they just don't stop. It's ten hours of wall to wall saints football on the flagship station of your New Orleans Saints WW LA and at and and dot com and remember. You can now stream the saints live. On Europe. Laptop or dust up all right we will take a break up for news that we're gonna come back him for the last hour. We'll talk saints football on the big day it's seventy WWL AM implement dot com.