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8-29 6pm Bobby & Mike: on Saints-Raiders in Week 1

Aug 29, 2016|

Bobby and Mike look ahead to the Saints' Week 1 matchup against the Raiders with Jimmy Durkin of the Bay Area News Group.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everybody welcome back to me second guess show my age appropriate there. We had the Silva slipped a casino eight sided Hank got county Mississippi in the area couple by Macias will be here until late o'clock that night in rule book picked it off Cuba. Robin Christian. And Bob certainly looks as though that though we've talked about the first hour possible treatment Christmas to me. This is coming down he's already on it we did you doubt that. It's as though he's hit it to and who dat nation in punt it sure up some defense of line up that he's no sure thing. Four as that's concerned but again his ties to Jeff Ireland. He's a guy that certainly has some say. In the personnel that's being brought into this football team. Well and but you gotta disrupt the polls that quarterback at the one guy that I that I still think. Might end up being the best pick our defense acquisition. As far as with the Saints might be did Allen elevate. Well look at that now Ellerbe and holly in and out with the Saints I mean he had success with the Ravens so therefore the Dolphins paid him. It hurt any got hurt so. I don't remember is that Thursday night game against Atlanta. What you get double digits tackles and a half my uses that's a whole game sold. When I observed. When you look at the line backing corps and let the guys on your regular people it's all linebackers. Playing on first down. When you look at first second third down how a lot of times you are in a nickel type defense would actually the bits of back. That and now element in that number. And and shoot this government and that's Ireland guy. Still I think. You know his evaluation whatever you have to address that. You got to see him bring it Robertson. From Cleveland regrow it's there has to be his guy also right. I mean if you think his influence on. Free agency in the draft and how Miki in notional count on him so I would say. That. Okay let's see was gonna Carl what's gonna happen. But. You know it's never going to be a 100%. But look at that Ellerbe and Robertson and I think it's one area. Or not it's not throwing it to that's you have got an upgrade along with a rah rah right about the Ritalin online that we upgraded line backing core. And that. I think our defense. Will be better but. So is that good enough. I think about the bit that we should it be better out think we. Go put three beating you like one before last or last. But with that being said even up our defense is better I still think all that has to be great. A team that's gonna be better off it is good it did it will what does that really mean I think we need to be a top. Almost eight top five ball and that definitely tops in offense even argument is better to have success. Mike Tyler if you wanted to ban the bat right right that note you gotta do to Larry is a look at him about the pit. Weak aged students. And it rode down the number ten. We need to get about ten mowers sacks. And hit or take away this year compared to last year reason lies CNET. We actually beat takeaways. So blow me in about 33 takeaways now we will and its global Carolina had 39. Solicit we get him or we get thirty we take away. And get article in fact is that at 31 thing that's why put that number at the end so I look at it bought the that was gonna improve that much. And it bullet in the game. As far as getting. It's better 23 takeaways in about 33 takeaways. Think it 41 sacks so he is on the quarterback instead of 31 sack that knocked that about. Quarterback hits a pressures. That the offense even though we did that. I still think all but that I have to be great and I good and a. Yeah my concern is on the takeaways. With the problems you have in side on this I mean across the border along Dolphins apply especially at the caucuses. Drew Brees. Those those takeaways OB a higher on the other side do because if you can't protect him that you got no running attack because you Hewitt you really really really big. Because the one thing Mike or go to caller though lending and a lot of fans don't realize how much better I think you realize you actually watch it. I'm much better Drew Brees has made helmets of lying you know or eleven year or 200 appalled you know as the lead sacked quarterback you know NFL not. Name me any quarterback you want the Saints are noble line. Drew Brees the least sacked quarterback the last them eleventh seed that's on an unbelievable to show you how to make helmets of line better. With DKB where. He's feels like so much pressure always got to make a play because I think you have to turn over puppets. I think two's back to back years and gotten the football quicker out of the pocket. Brady's one. Reid's idea yet beat those guys that get it and that's it that picked up its offensive line is that the right global body. Now a lot of that has to do with the quickness that those two guys get in the football Derek at South Carolina Derrick in other wit about him like. You know my body and Mike. I just one thing all. One parent and Colin Howell and I mean if you're in the Japanese. Comment. There opulent give me in of them due respect who they only on his. Own specially with me. Well not a pitch at the flag these deflecting the attention off of help. You don't know I didn't put a little bit late. It would have been Oakland I don't think he did let him because he. He never played what you gonna do he did did anyone after a couple of things that he did it before we even know. Well he knew a pitcher to camp it was going to be on them. We'll let Adam and all of a sudden you a nationally televised game if you keep doing something. Eventually though you know the collar cabernet he's sitting down and put a national land them. Derek only thing with that with which you line up the audience has he done anything. Civic minded. That that he spit out Ron Allen before this. What we haven't museums. You know if you want to. It's just that they got twelve Billy Garrett it gets his deputy got twelve ain't guarantee. Do you take even fitness that would not have a twelve saying guarantee this day his rookie our second year which is on top of the world. Play the quarterback position at the highest level we have taken this approach then. What can happen anywhere. Now because you know when. When he didn't he didn't you because he's trying to take. He's trying to deflect on his play good social media it's been killing them poly stuck to the NFL quarterback. So who's trying to get now. More positive. With remotely ideals and the younger group. As far deflecting and saying look I'm socially colleges and I'm gonna make it different if I can't make it on the field to make it off the field. Derrick the only thing with that is means this there is no people in this world but that's been rule cops and bad things happening. All the cross is enough what. And over the last five years of been accelerated because that the public didn't you bones on every little thing that happened so but think about it it's what he wants right away. He set out there. He's not when he was rotten. Not waive his right high his play this system when he was brought in Lowe. All of a sudden he's a rebel yes. Well I would. Make it in the and I because because things aren't OK now let's use it that you hit point. Our ball. Think that more fevered pitch but here in the last year. I agree with that. But what I'm here. Bit thing he repeats and week out but yet but that some other things that they're going. So I think it is that I've done I don't think it. It. You know the four year old put it below grit movement in the whale on. He often target because started socket at the player is at Dartmouth went nowhere and develop them bat. Because the player that also made the mistake that last year when he was the man on the man to man with bill that beats on their own. Whatever got a he was taken at. All of a sudden started Dockett. Kind of like RT three when Archie he started suck at the quarterback the subway commercials literally. Right at the back. And no I'm out. I'm totality OK take it at my take instead. Let's take a stand it when you've got all the commercials. And and you live it's unbelievable. And at the highest level tickets at the end. And it is indicative. Yet it makes it different than the big big big because you down in the valley. Right now college cabernet at the pro football players Donna in the valley. Eat eat c'mon he's not even harder. But things don't. But the thing is he's still bringing awareness to a. Bring it out whether it's good he's a pro football player not standing up in a National Anthem that's like bring awareness that he initially get success but as of late. He does he hasn't had success he started the black remiss. Playing with a bit of equipment that. What if not he's never picked up right now that's not the point that you make and depth of the people accident that become a. Okay what talent to go at it I can tell it dated that I have is. Right now why don't you have your foundation. And you go in the inner city actually give back all your money you twelve million actually give back. Yeah every wanna make it it looked like girls' club all around the nation actually give back and interact with them every every day what you wanna make a statement. Will do that I'm telling you right now he had the security yet a security blanket that they had twelve million Garrity. Well bullets. What were you doing things that he's noted somewhat that objective reason why they could have both state because they got twelve million dollars guaranteed. It at the magic that 49ers aren't gonna cut it it's on our economy still got to pay him he's on form on the OK firm footing Derek. If somebody gives you twelve million dollars right now guaranteed. When you feel like you won't firm footing and you could be pretty vocal. And they would you feel. No I'll pull one now and I don't have twelve million dollars the only putative I don't have to thank all of you that he did it. Well I don't think it's important. To me more company Derrick be more confident. Bit of college at Buick college camp in that situation he building not gonna be outlets. The incompetent keep it in the and this. Philadelphia top top player a top athlete ticket's dance and they got a pocket. I'm limited Oliver. At the top player. Kick in but whatever sport is on the highest level and no particularly Camby award be rewarded but they haven't been rewarded yet. All of a few tickets to it but I have a guaranteed. Take a stand before you get me dollars the day. Well. You know you don't you you Q were you you. Oh not at the benefit UP OK on the that you are the example. With the Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio brow. Monica and to play on the people what he's got it in a million dollars opposite O'Neal realm. Right now we're college Gabbert at eight but they all that. Has put the cart public at no words he's putting the ball forward before they puppets faded and ending up but he belief now that. Guy that that at bat and that's not they find it to ward yet you don't debate that the but the ribbon ball. Luckily it does not well. I yeah. My question and it that would take away from it messes. Because he's being paid twelve you know. I'm not a fan and I'm not saying that that. It makes him bold I'm not taking anything deliberate message that makes him bold because he had that to fall back on its human nature. Are you get out get your black white Asian Hispanic. If you got that the fallback and that's a lot of security so you can have people c'mon you gotta comets. It Derek thanks so much for the call we appreciate it bore you with the second guess she'll run up his break here. On the big 87. The back here on the second guess he'll like it to you Bobby you've been alive for the single most of the casino. He sighed in Hank got county Mississippi I would tell you at 635 timid Durkin. Who's yell Oakland Raiders beat writer for the Bay Area news group and beyond what let's talk about the Oakland Raiders and I'm telling you. Eagle yet puffed out in game one at 710 tonight Rick Venturi former Saints defensive coordinator. Now the yard television. Color analyst for the Indianapolis both to be on the talk to us all about the AFC and the Raiders. And at 730 tonight while the McCourt. He has the end sideline reporter. Out in baton route won't be back with more of the second guess you don't. Right deputies used breaks here on the big gate seventeen went. Chris Miller. Welcome back. That is what it gets you like that that you Bobby from this hopeless look the casino. Side it Hank got the county Mississippi a lot with the stock Jimmy circuit. Jimmy covers the Oakland Raiders and Jimmie thanks so much for joining us tonight. In a problem. Jim mail we've got to steal a bit of the young Raiders Saturday night and made an explosive offense. At some turnovers and a football game but an article couple weeks back it. And look at that the Raiders and I picked it hot 45 players in the NFL. 25 years of being or younger Raiders how 41. Lil Mac won all our. Ari Cooper and it also gave Jackson and all that support. That's a football team that and you have seen now as may yet turn in the right direction. What did you start to see that you you really start the peace all at all the puzzles together here yet this team to now I think. It's going to be between him and the Chiefs but he NC west. Yeah I think toward the middle lap these are start he'd come together with their eat and that it played better days are pretty awful. That the ball the first half of the year and then eight. You know a guy that they thought we real weight McLane David hammer and a quarterback from Washington now. Picked him up on waivers and by the middle even you ready party given them give them up been in the secondary. And the team Penske gradually came together and you with things that build with car Hooper Crabtree let me be married. And in one that even start looked a little better. He started and that he never hit me pretty good and then they added to it in the -- beaten getting on bit on the cheap. Yevgeny hitting partner from the beyond any written now and from from the Bengals. And at that point would be in the defense put together like that with an offense that should be pretty good at bats when he's there and then you better have a chance to beat them. Now but give me this adult different animal when you look at that expectations. And that's for speaking up an opponent it is like. The Raiders started sexy pick if they won't sneak up on anyone this year it. Jack talked about Del Rio you know he is my first roommate with the Saints back in 1985. And as does he maybe you are yet maybe as a look that far ahead but has he talked about navy. Three at the first four games are on the road they got to come to new all instant. And Baltimore in the lead at could be a crucial stretches far from a confidence standpoint. That through the first four games are on the road. Yeah I did in it in addition of that the close with three over the final four on the road all against divisional opponent. And he thought that we talked lot about that tactic. He's eat and for him he's not happy with the scheduled for one eat he doesn't like that and the rated typically don't mind planned. A lot of those early games on the road that they have this year than beating with the aid to middle plan net. Baseball field but. The fact that they have to close again with three out of four on the road they only have seven home game this year because the play one of them back at city. It that the challenge to me. Bed that early port in the schedule but in game that they can win. Why. Bit not going to be he'd be going on the road you know and if he could be a little bit better with DeMarco Murray noted that the year if if the Ravens bounce back and have a have a decent season this year you've got about three and Reed broke game in the first month that that are going to be cut. Not giving you look at the draft and everyone obviously wants to upgrade. When you look afraid to the draft who has impressed you the most in training camp now in the in the pre season. As far as has it been a high draft make a free agent or what who's impressed you the most watching him this pre season. Well I think you're their second round pick jamaat ward that looked really good he looked like a guy that. He was expected to be kind of be a rock prospect but he can step right in dark for them on the defense the line. He'd look good and their fifth round pick out running back Deion and watching did in the IP 200 back out. 205 pounders that you eat he's quick he he really find the holes and and it can hit the hole quickly at peak he'd get a B and I compliment to look eightieth Marion and should help improve that running game. Jimmy you win you know a lot of people you maybe haven't watched the legal back. As much as it's the Von Miller out and JJ watt with the Texans. Bought out the way I look at it. This right there with those two guys it's been a dominant player defensively in the NFL. Haven't watched him over the last couple years your assessment of the Lil Mac and I know one thing. Then he's looking at this like it's offensive line and spit man you know he could potentially get 45 Sox in this football game. Yeah I mean I agree with eat right up there with those guys that if anybody needs that need to learn a little bit about it. Go back and watch the Raiders team last year in December. They went in Denver idiot by it that it almost single handedly. Got them that we in on the road. Eat in December against the team that goes on to win the Super Bowl opted mean he's a guy that his rookie year with kind of a little bit overshadowed by the fact that he only had four backs that. He did he get so much good work in the running game. That that he's in the probably had dropped back into coverage a little bit too much but now he's that you could eat that many not enough battle back performed any more. It is all about still out there and get after the quarterback and he can do it as well anybody out there ticket eat eat strongly that he powerful. And and he's got a lot of different moves that he worked on it and he can really do at all about the relief as well any of those guys out. They're a media offensive line play and we've seen it you Saints really really struggled. That's seems to be a strong point for the Raiders Aminu went out and spend quite a bit of money on the lead she got keep Jackson. You know. That offensive line is that a great job protecting Derek Moore and I think he's the key and you don't you guys have what sports car will pick you. But not offensive line play is really good up front especially. In pass protection. Yeah that that yes there are a lot about about how much. I'm fortunate he would compared it was Brothers yes yeah currently years of his career kid getting whacked it all day long. I mean I I begin in QB did you eat you'll have a need to come quote that but he kind of brother got. That his rookie year alone. It is though I see it it's a renegade group. That basically pass protection is Eric you know little bit unproven at how good of a run blocking group they can beat the the hope that the family company in Atlanta guarded and being able to kick gave Jack over the right guard that. It got that that gives them all really good interior three along with rod B I think that could be a better. Run blocking group that they can improve that aspect but half block unit means. They only allowed one back in three games here in the pre he'd been they keep are clean they they let it sit back there and make plays that. It's a big reason why eat. Got off to a good start his career. The other thing about it is we've seen the development last year Mari who put him what he's done here we watched him for so long here. When he went up against Ellis who played at University of Alabama. He's been a guy that. A lot of people say well it picks a couple of years for a receiver to develop many NFL all I know is it to get a couple games in the NFL. I'll beat you its a cut above as a football player. You sick got it just come up with some great catches. For the Raiders. Yeah he definitely really cute immediately became their number one year he came. You know there cart team target ill along with Crabtree. Yeah the only thing that really late last year what. You know the grind it yell when you include preceded that twenty game schedule. But by the you physically he you know what the heat but that is what bothered him a lot I've seen that you really heard it two children now. Late but let up until that point and see what he was. On his way now way he feels that you'd be you'd more prepared physically handle the grind. He he's worked on involved in a little bit because dropped for a little bit of an issue form last beat that but. I think there's no reason to think it eve night and it didn't build off what he did last year and really become one of the better receivers in the league. Jimmie thanks so much for joining us tonight. I got a feeling partner that you can be government need that'll they'll be a playoff team this year. I think so I think though. Jimmie thanks so much we started this we appreciated. I Dubrovnik yet right at him there and know I was the Oakland rate it's about me that's got a scare me yeah I'll talk about. They only gave up one sack in three games. Well but the thing is that I look at the Raiders. I'm kind of traditionalists on this point I think it's good for the NFL. Put it to be relevant yes. I think now like you what the Knicks may be relevant again in any way to fifth but that's that I mean I think that's how I look at the Raiders and Olin that the Raiders. Old school playing days are like the Raiders kind of like with the Steelers. The Steelers have been red relevant but I think it's good. Dallas. I think that they tried force that scenario would have to be relevant. But the Raiders own articles because of from a historical standpoint. I'm Merrill and Al Davis going back to the eighty's and even early ninety's. You know when you have a free to file in the charter recruit you is that. He would say the Raiders were always relevant. The team of the decades. Because it was in the 70s. And 80s80s that that they always. Made their mark at some point in that Yankee. And so long we think about the last time would Rich Gannon they got embarrassed up by Tampa Bay. Like to about fallen off the cliff that that's been the Raiders so I that you because of an NFL. If they are back wanted to relevant teams in the AFC. You know like not a grew up in this thing America watched him in the cheese and could go right then you remember back in the sixties and early seventies and they didn't like what and what they say it. Yeah wanted to look like did Darrell Monica that the mad bomber. And Len Dawson and you had Kenny stabler snake stabler. No. I think. The black focus you need to start beating any kind of a villain. Kind of thing in the as you part that Raiders fan base you know is kind of like almost the Michael and and and and the rebels who without a cause or with the cause of whatever. That it makes good for football think that when the Raiders around. We'll be back with more second guessed right. Upton is Rick here on the big game seven. Welcome back in the second issue Mike it that you Bobby realize from the snow was with the casino. He sighed in Bangkok on Mississippi a quarter race man on the dark sure. Rich man in the huddle Bobby Knight. I don't bombing. That's why it's a Mike and Bob got Ramon. I'm all right brother I'm doing good going to. But anyway Bob product Dominic you know it might get the only opinion what they do about you know I can't get on clinical. Whenever he needed ban on it between him. I don't know why but whatever it down as that of the cabinet you know we don't let them involved in America and all the things about life and money. That's right and I don't doubt yes the Celtics at. At a NFL would wanna go to different direction the repercussions of that yet you have to what you Pete be bold in his statement but you also have to realize. That yeah NFL they do not like distractions. I hope all of a sudden if they don't think you talent that they can no way you'd talent. Vs maybe how they think you disrupting the team Brian Wright are flat out does that they'll that they don't ride around you to get ready. I know I know I know Bob you write you indeed gotten out of the end of boggle your mind about ever I got here and I am a that would go home well Levy's bag but dol admit that flag you know what it's all about. We the government do a lot of bad stuff bother you indeed been in the back up that would beg off but many here I think it was that a lot. I don't do it they got me do what what family do. Just you got it going about it fighting expresses. Being talked about body and out there that you don't like to meet again April by do. What that thing is that America is is so great because you can't express yourself. Larry and and other countries he shot it the hard eight million it does it in detail I don't know I think a lot I don't know that it appeared you know them. Arrive Bobbitt I'm like yeah about and you write about it but it weight don't go I'll wake up and at that is a good. Don't have it by the now that's playing. Albeit that admiral big problem. As screenplay is Bobby indeed. It might have a bad grip Bryant brought buddy get me that any breed the -- you get free time he keel team we already know it right don't Cedeno. Right but at the I don't. Again thank breeze and they got eaten off rather I hate it but you've given me time. Yup chop you up at Jarno Bob. Bryan Wright I mean the thing is this there's a lot of quarterbacks you have time you don't look successful. So those those bars at Edmonton and average now at the end you can get away with that that'll go right army got to be able to make plays in the pocket and I'll do it whether we have success or not. This year and it was success to me would be. A winning season and ultimately may be colored a playoff you are in nine games and have a winning season and not be a playoff team but I still think. You get the nod went. I think strip this gadget that you agreed achievement. Could bottle it and you only once seven games now bought with that thing said with with that being said. That. To me if this team is not successful as they like Las Vegas thinks. Rocked overdone that that Las Vegas think the Saints to get a went about. Like Iverson asking that I lay out okay Phyllis tell I don't think that they're. If we were at that. Under 500. It would be because it Drew Brees that I worked all that we at a different quarterback. We would be great and he's had a word I righted actually yeah yeah so. Yeah it. Yeah I'm telling you by the bird and Drew Brees Monday night there will be chopped up like top level about. That man do we he played all right he he'd do but he can't and I'm telling it like a pony. Two weeks ago if Brees got time probably he would chop you off and got that month with Bayern. I think two time. You can't let it get that day and visit that's why I don't know beyond this year with that I have little to it would drew. Whether he's quarterback for the Saints or not but I know supply demand. Somebody else to the teams that will pay him that it's supporting cast and he might be them just a piece to take in the championship. They got no order it probably got noticed. Drew Brees of them may in what a lot of beer but I'm telling ya thought man he would do it man time he would chop you up problem. But it you obviously game time. Rick and thanks. Ray ban takes so much for the top brother we'd appreciate it will happen or you know on this issue. Right up to this race you all in the negates. Finishing up here on our number three of the second guy show. Through an eight its source believe Boyd has signed with the New Orleans Saints. 34 years old six foot 6320 pound tackle guard the games the second round pick back in 2005. The same year Jammal Brown came out. Worked out today lashing of last six years he's been with the Oakland Raiders so. 34 year old complete boys who his play both tackle spots right and left and Gordon has been on the. Terrell bother me what it's like you might as Hodges can't Jahri Evans. I mean he's come out and out of film like. On this delegate you know and it Joba looked contract he signed with Seattle is basically not that we'll be back over to second guess show. Adapted his news break let Chris Miller.