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8-30 4pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' outlook after 3 preseason games

Aug 30, 2016|

Bobby & Deke take calls on how concerning the Saints' 0-3 preseason start is.

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And good evening around the sports talk he's a case again embodied there I'm big Belvedere. Coming up on today's program we're here Christie Garrett conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees almost saint. I'm back an analyst for Cox sports TV Scott Shanle visit to this. Coach lets him out and I have a weekly conversation coming up in the 6 o'clock hour and Mike Conte. Pregame and post game host for the Atlanta Falcons are radio network also the Hawks and also. And as the Big Ten to a ball would it was a little taste of how the Falcons are going to one of their first three pre season games. And the Wisconsin Badgers in the Big Ten when they beat top heavy again this year. With the Michigan's Michigan Michigan State and Ohio State with a B some of the teams can contain several. Double digit winning team Macy's and Ohio State Michigan ms. Kent State. And Wisconsin among those in accorsi knew the time coach in the Big Ten this year in my at least it. And operated jaguar to your photos of online at WW dot com. As a New Orleans Saints compare to prepare to play their final pre season game Thursday night in the dome against the Baltimore Ravens. All the black and gold looking more like a team that is ready. Reloading. Or rebuilding. That is ridding. Reloading. All rebuked it three all vote online at WW real dot com the is the page and canyon. Bobby aid there eight ban which of the law you grow. Well yep to say are rebuilding just look at that familiar faces. When you seven in 979. The reason why there's a light in and atone hope. Because you have a hall of fame quarterback. Indeed I've said this many at times but I think it's appropriate glory that is season. How can united city Alou rebuilding in the last 39 games. The ranking is seventeen and 22. New throw by 7979. That's basically 500. While I don't know seventeen to 22 doesn't the same like 500 to me. And even if they are successful. This season just goes to show you how the kind of behind the eight ball so to speak of they went tendencies this year. The last 55 games. They would still on the I'd be 500 a B 2728. So how could unites a the rebuilding I think I guess than before they won nineteenth I think he'd be trending. In the right direction. As far as where he had an that faces you count on. And young players that you hope and have an impact. I don't know how to say hi to you cannot say the Saints aren't rebuilding. Considering where we are at right now where if you look 797 in nine. And if you look at this season but weren't able to achieve that now is his pre season. And you know we kind of look at Vegas a lot of times in the not a 100% a lot of times they are right. And you look at overnight and there at 66 and a half Sophie B tip and and I we've said this way back and Ortiz in mini camp on the draft. That because it Drew Brees or where they were offensively. The defense gets Alou was better how could you not. B a 500 team. Will Vegas and as far as who's favored and not favored even starting. And again I go it's almost like a toss in type game with the Raiders come in the town. That the perception is especially after pre season where Hussein's Iraq and not winning in the trenches. That looks like a five and eleven six to ten team the reason was given a pharmacies wins is because you have Drew Brees. So Bobby. To me. I'm on it. I don't know that's a reason voting because I don't know. I guess there's are put to put between Rio or re Barrett I guess I'm Gordon not on the state the issue by. I'm not Aussie rebooting just because we got Drew Brees back. Sin you know I'm they had they had they not we have to bring in Dixie union and obviously broken we reviewed in. But with him here in you know him humanness of by chance that's why don't they win we have we totally re. The W and is down got Maya with the resides in rebuilding. Who's to say that. Solidify our solid. Have office of line is that necessarily a solid. You'd say. And eat gives actually because of experience maybe half. You got younger arms that throw money if I've been playing at the highest level and so that's you know two players too and have type players. You know still concern about the guard position because we don't know what's gonna come about. Now receivers. Go to receivers. I mean just look at. Would Drew Brees and Marcus Colston accomplish. You look at would Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham accomplished you look at what. Drew Brees and Benjamin Watson. Accomplishment of the tied in. You hope Colby cleaner works on at a high level we don't know. Willie sneak I think he's gonna build upon. What he did last season that that's that's what I think branding cook's done. I mean I'd is that the same make of it. It Brandon cooks ever be as productive as Marcus Colston. I mean I. I don't know I don't think so knowing tunnel right now articles write to him the first two he and you know Michael Thomas when you look. So that saw a lot of familiar face that's why kind of figure rebuilding approach and you look defensively. Alignment it core we lot more confident. But it is a lot of new faces look laryngitis Robertson. So they they wanted to team like (%expletive) which is probably a good thing is I think we are going to be solid linebacker position in the secondary. Who got Delmon bro. And easiest game on the team now jitters bird can become RO look at the safeties and Albania to live up to expectation I think that's our strong as. Groups on the team. I was at a camp Jordan. I don't know Kassim at a volley he's been here awhile but. Mean he's in net like a pro bowler I mean I think he's a hard worker and he's definitely legit. But you look along the vehemence of line. And I don't know I I still called CS. Ranking having arm causing stress that opposing quarterback. Philip all goes back to. Like Sean Sadie even look at it they gave Phil do we. Impact the game as far as on the line of scrimmage. Do we. I don't know disrupt the opposing quarterbacks nor do we protect our quarterback. Includes Maine said this anesthetist last night the a disinterested cool and the post game. The one thing that's concerning or troubling right now it's week three. Of the pre season and our ability to protect. And in our ability to arrive. The past that. Right those are two things I think that if you just watched the game. Better concerning obviously very concerned. I think Dick and acting they're concerned him but compared delay Sid and not as concerning I've seen progress distributed the Saints. From the Saints themselves and has always had that line UK's no no offense and I have a from the past for us in defense yeah yeah yeah they are better but I think the bigger story is like what you see it. Let's so long into. I'm not let's say renewed as they was don't come and we don't know to be in this season but right now. We. Go back to which is it about Tampa Bay the Saints could be tabbed in the fans an authorized him it was an issue where they won four games five games. Well good thing is that Danny Cubs about oh what you're doing red zone. Right you know all of that the defense did it that ballot the Achilles heel for. For Tampa Bay if you look at imitate and now I'm looking at that you get ready to play. The Baltimore Ravens. Now you look at the Baltimore Ravens the game away eighth. To a lowly ranked defensively. But twelve against the run and ten against. The path. Now tomorrow off as they were fourteenth so anything less middle of the pack are touted type defense. But then when you look at the tour over margin turnover ratio. You know they weren't that they able minus fourteen so you know winning anything we turn over the ball. All right coming back he's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. This is sports talk on WW. And welcome back some of saint. Big chief if a guy regressing. The need to put a fourth on their progressing in the pain opponent missing on the breeze air pat thank you so much. Through 601870. As a Saints prepared to play their final pre season game on the back and go looking more like a team that is ready. Reloading or rebuilding cast your vote online at WW dot com has miles it's 6:20 PM this evening his take on the Tigers opening up the season. And taken on the Wisconsin Badgers Ellis to a ten point favorite coverage starts Saturday morning at 10 o'clock tee Bobby Hebert and myself what tiger tailgate here. On WWL. Radio. Had gotten big you know what kind because we've talked about this to leave the Vikings have been in the conversation as a team as we look at their offensive lineman. And I said this before that. You look at their roster they're assembled ross' today ahead nine line and it's almost too strained. Would at least sixteen NFL starts. I know Brandon Klesko. The guard go right left guard from slippery rock. I mean here's a guy has five years' experience he was draft telling him I would say 2011. Thank you fifth or sixth round pick if I can recall. I'm Mike Harris played right guard left guard tackle he's from UCLA he's a guy. That. You know was with the San Diego Chargers a four year veteran and the reason why on the bringing that up. Because. This one Texas says it could be a blessing in disguise in Minnesota. Can we trade Luke McCown home. Pull one of their office of linemen are or maybe two of them and I have to wait until the cut and he does so you can make sure you getting them. I attended at that that is far fetched as you think because when you say Luke McCown and whose back and a Teddy Bridgewater. The they're young guy. I mean our pronounce his name is Taylor behind kick whatever from humble Old Dominion. Old Dominion I think you just started football. If I can recall he is. This is second year but then they have the veteran. Who I guess now they admit rely upon Shaun Hill fourteen year veteran from. The American University of Maryland is that this St. Louis Rams. Last. And you look initially when he incidentally he was a free agent back in 2002. So. The Vikings want to do anything have a chance. I think in the quarterback market now that to any bridge one water looks like his injury is very series. It was 6018 and you can Texas and 87870. And deacon the configuration Grayson is this season Lance. Instead of winning the last few would breeze kind of been a peak in May be looked out. And picked up a QB. If you two press cut now they have would have I'm on Regis well I don't come in that they had to make a big decision whether overpay breeze with nothing on the beach behind him. Thank you so much at the Saints. Thought the CO product at bay hill where it's every game where element to you're. Good luck to you if you do that there's UBU be in the minority and as you were at bay packing again do you think nobody in the dome goodies. And I'm not trying to start another but it in the standings over to a man we want to win a championship the bags that down and so it is though it is not like. Post Bakes a mean they let me post horrible I mean they've been in a playoff street John's post to Lebow so's coming Kamal. We had this before. It yet at this say that you can whip out the bags. That. He just not educated our ages to write a stand Saints football has been there at the Bulls. Winning they've ever achieve its organization glory of the fifty years just to prove a point Deke. If you look regular season wins. In and I thought this is not ironic. Then the Saints in the Baltimore Ravens are assists on three to 2006. Their number six. And a whole league's that I've been on anything close to putting a bag and the papers write a one. Packers to Steelers second colds for the Broncos and Ravens and you loans are six on a 32 teams so. Mean Colin he is he's is being silly you know put him back on your head and in and might that be a wise decision. As the food nation might be approval. To sit so when he Samuel come back and get the rest of you call was to be to be a new Sam is 430 tap first due to go to Chris Miller. Gas saint three did you like before a trio team in any way too many unknowns voted. Strain on only area for a third round pick Saints are desperate to. And in desperate Cahill on the line on the super rigorous is Vikings might be renewed trade alignment as well we need three man so work. A Vikings and Cowboys trade for lineman whereas the aggressive Loomis and Payton may leave they are guys that overpay. Problem on marginal players is the magic gone thank you so much for the 62601870. What is the Saints record compared to the rest of the NF the last four years no. Well the last four years would you head. Tinian. You at thirteen we were. We were what eleven and five cause Carolina was. Haven't thought they'd be just the disease does and in the last two seasons fourteen if the team with seven and nine to you and those three up seven in seven. And eleven embodies in his 1411 of 25. And in your loss its the five. And 1823. So those that's bad and the year before that put or we would do it was in Toledo with salmon and yes 79 that you go through so. Well age is goes to show you know how far. Had a we were there that's why I say is in the heyday with Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Since 2006. Because when you go. 2006. Are are since 2008. Like this says since 2008. The Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints have the exact same record. And so I mean as I like the same thing and I'll with the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Cleveland Browns. So when you look what would wore it you total disappointment. It would be more Deke. Viewed as status quotes that are hovering around 500. The agency while Tina and a twelfth team in what does it matter. When you look at any kind of consistency and how hard it is to win an NFL let's say they have. Like back to back seasons this is that a seven and 97 and I like 412 for twelve. I think that's more the bottom of the barrel. Because. Really what to Saints have been offensively knob in this in this seat. And he could still be agreed offense 'cause I think he just came because they got to be great arm. Denied even Smith and 500. I think of the offenses I agree even with the improvement in the defense. Would that being said. I meet to consider. Or the Saints have been as a franchise. The last. The decade plus eleven years is is the best in the fifty year history and that's what we celebrating this year through the years. Saints football. Now it could be a disappointing because then look too promising right now and you can say well it is the pre season. But I still go by. Uh oh what's occurring on the offense and defense of line when you know winning in the trenches. And just goes to show you I think it's somewhat desperation is somewhat trying to have some continuity offensively. That Drew Brees has never. Played the last pre season game. And which he will play Thursday against the Ravens you gotta go back to the very first year when you attention is shoulder. In 2006. When he played out last pre season games so. Need you might say oh well we just trying to get our offense going I think it's it's some form of inspiration also. To try and have some positive note glory to a regular season and a ball Lloyd losing. And nine gains in a role in the pre season because you are. A creature of habit as far as winning and is having a winning locker room I think that. Goes a long way with young players as far from a confidence standpoint. And it's going to be challenging his right now. I look at the Ravens I mean I'm in currently undefeated in the pre season that they are writing three in all right now sees you would say they play in. Outstanding football so for now. What they've been the Ravens are snake bit as far as injuries that was their Achilles heel last year with the number of injuries they had and then. On the end Benjamin Watson. He all of us on blows on his Achilles. So he's now for the year so you've got a hat you got to have luck when injuries. And that's one paying them a look at the Ravens. That they have not had that last year and even now heading into to this year. Well Kasey Kahne in the season easier Friday night was jamboree ninety in this Tuesday and it's and it Friday and Saturday this week in Thursday price at eight. Is the first week of the 2016 propose both these the first tapped hands in Louisiana sportswriters posed on out in class one a idiot defending state champions and selects that southern lab is a number one Hanes or was it to attack for three including public school champion. Can't weren't and saint Mary oh growth in Japan we brazile ascension episcopal saint Frederick in their heart Chara at the top team. In class two a Notre Dame is at number one defending champs can visit to Riverside three. Manny Madison press wants to tell Christian Pickering Magnum Willis and starting ten. And number eighteen. In club history to look to Bordeaux to defending three champs or a number one Amy Warriors are and number two Delis that was that three putt about saint Sainz. Wes police can argue back is Kaplan you hide dinner. And win the class Foyt the no Tigers are at one saint Thomas More is it too. Turner is Kendrick is 83 recommends it board the call Ku was a five. Karen Crowe is down pouring them they are at six Alabama and then blankets and Benton. And the bones and being classed by having to State's largest class at number ten Scott unveiled numb and I'm desperate hand number eight John Curtis. Number seven Landry while number six is awkward the defending so let champion Catholics have Bears have bad route draft by the occasion a wrecking Rams aren't bored. Event to visit to west Monroe is is to me badgers hit three west Monroe is it too. And the brother mark crusade. Are a number one and that's a look at the top teens in the Louisiana sportswriters association by the Debbie at some great teams have from among coach Kong was there and they had some runs but. I'm trying to remember the last time by the Marlins thought this season number warn you had to go back may be. If any may be the seventies and eighties they had some good teams and when ward Manuel was a was a first team all American went on to Michigan. This via its stance was there he was a guy who was recruited all over the country want to play for two lane here. And no Mack Brown but the book a lot of excitement in the city this year and brother Martin looks like a nickel into this season. As claims that can. Well deacon you look at the swelling influence that but then you know is crazy sell foolish one ST chairmanship. As of late before brother mourn. Solid food should be in like forty years in 2017. On the Marten has been 45 years and you April 1 but dating game yet to win in a state championship solo. Yeah high expectations. And that's it. Makes it awful when I'm looking forward to the number of games and he can have a zephyr field or get us on the phone that boys like if you like high school football I am in and week out. And there's going to be a must see game great being you that being gonna have a packed I'll be at bay see how you know and and beat now going back to. Look at it. Think the injury. That's why you never continues in the excuse as entries. You know isolate all had this person that person her when I was looking at getting ready for the game Thursday night I'd say one reason. Why the Ravens were five and eleven last year in Dallas uncharacteristic. Of them. Right the dean will they had put twenty players and and you reserve and had to put eight starters. Who not to a three. Eight starters on injured reserve right and and they don't have fourteen when he Chris Canty Joseph Flacco just to Parse that. Steve Smith Steve Smith to receiver. Terrelle slug right now they demote him to. The goes Micah croc Q what goes on and on when you look at their lists at Washington that that's why yeah I do consider them polio team he'd even noting the ago. I mean Harbaugh is too good of Cote Ledee got some say if you look at the rankings and you say well Lou went on beavis again at least middle of the paint trying to pack. They're David does rank eight there offices fourteen toward a shot themselves in the foot. Minus fourteen at that was thirty yeah and is the date now you don't like to know exactly. And now it when you know by the in the air realistically the way here see is. You can have two teams they'd be ten in six of British you know make the playoffs when you look at the east. In the north Cincinnati's one division what Brad the last four years. Baltimore Pittsburgh cleaned it out to mixed though the recoil caliber teams. New York wanting games last year doing is going to be a playoff team and you got Buffalo Miami Miami is not bad. And you look at the Raiders about a demos guessed fastball or defense so I mean. They just need I've adequate quarterback play. Fantasy. In San Diego's got a fighting chance for the quarterback and in the south I mean you've got two possible playoff contending teams. In the Texans and the cold so I wouldn't be surprising 202 win team they make it in the AFC this year well. And that's why it took me. Wanted to most difficult places to turn things around and to have success is that Cleveland Browns yeah in the AFC central. Because look to bagels are at the Steelers and got the Ravens. And dignity peavy playing everyone twice in the for how many years we've been together coveted draft. Yet that I mean it that. Slam dunk if Cleveland ever has success then that that coach is the coach of the year are you. You know here I came to an extent I did it right away right but yeah I know last time they were 2000 Butch Davis was coaching I still look at the Ravens as. Part of that elite. In the NFL because. What I like about the Ravens is that they win in the trenches. In a Tug or smash mouth football which is not bode well for the saint as the only team. That Sean Payton and Drew Brees has not beaten I mean so it is just the way it is and how you matchup against that team and big so I don't know it doesn't matter Thursday night. But. You know we in this in this the what time we show we have at the beginning of the game Rose quarter. Because when you look at what occurred in. In the first quarter with the Saints and Steelers. They had his first downs we had won their turn at 37 yards we had 33. That's what you do not want to see. When all's said and done and come Thursday night against the Ravens the safe first quarter even that first half. Our economy we it to brand posted yet to come LSU coach mess monstrous in gag visits would Drew Brees. And we're taking an LSU and Wisconsin Saturday is game week the Saints. And the Ravens Thursday night we'll have it for your water while on Thursday and Saturday here on the home of the Saints and the Tigers WWL. All with them and it's not common deal at the moment for themselves and everybody agree. Well imagine sports so. He's a Kasey Kahne embody Graham did notice has this Thursday night taking on a different meaning. The U who dat nation usually. Me and if you heard today you know that Drew Brees going employee. In the pre season game or among likely to come to the game and and you know in person taken out like Bobby says this is the first time since 2006 what's. I would think that this and I'm assuming and you know they say when you as soon. That year. It was kind of set up the red group will play a little more in the pre season what they do damage so I knew coming off their shoulder right way this year and you know what does that tell you. That he's playing in the final pre season game by the. Why I think it's not desperation trying to get some continuity going with the offense and keep an offense. Are trying to achieve confidence where there's still great. And when not dobbins is not as good it has to be great. And now big even though you don't maybe giving tickets away are you wanna come the last pre season game. I think he'd be very entertaining football that first half. You can leave at halftime if you want but you know gun the first half and and see would drew drew law that is gonna do I hate to say one thing. Is not a good common his ability going against that Ravens at the units have front. The Iguodala did this and you know you wanna have confidence in ball we can run the ball and did this is unbelievable this is NFL history. The most consecutive seasons because this is present this is president of almost consecutive seasons. Allowing on the four yards of fuel per carry this NFL history. The Baltimore Ravens from 1996 to 2015. It done it twenty seasons. I got on a Buffalo Bills at fifteen. Dallas at fifteen with the bills data from 86 at 2000. Dallas dated back in the sixties and seventies. So when you look at the Ravens. Even as the game that we try to maybe help drew out and establish some kind of running game. And while we had a good you know Dayne running the football and I'm a look at the first halves seed. If we get stuff but we average in so. You are now have two yards two and a half yards that would not surprise me considering you opponent in. Because the Ravens have been dominant against the run for two days the last two decades. Now I don't forget coming up tonight super anymore Thomas AZ continues this amounts joined us here at 620 we're here we're Christian and Drew Brees at 535. And coming up tonight double coverage Baltimore Kristian garic anti about a bit eight to 11 PM here on the home of the Saints in the tigers' WW it.