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Sep 2, 2016|

Denis Rodriguez, an illegal, has been cited 6 times for driving without a license by JPSO and state police, allowed to file a lawsuit, and to live near Fat City and work to earn money he sent out of the country to Honduras.  Now driving illegally he causes deaths and injuries.  Why wasn't he in jail, why hasn’t he been deported?  Is he a poster child for Trump's portrayal of the illegal alien problem? This hours guest: Chick Foret - Attorney, former ADA and Assist. U.S. Attorney

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And a Good Friday morning to you welcome into another Friday addition of the think tank we got to close out the programmable later on talk and some football Mike detail yet on W Nabil NFL analyst is gonna John says Will Allen one bill. Allen is cohost of the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup program which kicks off tonight with a whole slate of games. We'll get him the rundown now what that will be talking about which games will be covered and what's in it for you. Who follow high school football of course Mike to two yea he'll be talking Bobble the saints and of course the preview. Of this LSU football team. On next hour we're going to discuss the odd cause weight whole issue on the causeway commission is recommending that they increased tolls for reasons of safety improvements. It treasurer board member of concerned citizens of saint Tammany. They have a little bit different take on it will hear from one of their representatives as we will be general manager causeway COLT to do for show. State representative from the North Shore John Schroeder and Jefferson Parish councilman Ricky template will be talking to all the little folks and you. About the cause weight whole issue asking you who should decide should the causeway commission should saint Tammany and Jefferson Parish councils. While the citizens of those parishes who are most impacted. This how horrible we talk about a different topic. Many of you everyone's heard about the fatal bus rack that occurred very tragic now we're hearing three people died. Several of the people were injured. The person involved in the accident has been identified as a Dennis Amaya Rodriguez. In illegal alien. This would be the sixth time of cited for driving without a license by Jefferson Parish sheriff's office and state police. He was allowed to file a lawsuit mature what innate habits who was but he went to court to bring out a lawsuit he's also. I've been cited for a domestic abuse. With a girlfriend to a involving striking aren't a cell phone which I think those charges were dropped. He lives near fat city in Metairie he works he earns money he sends his money out of the country to Honduras. Now driving illegally. For the sixth time. He causes deaths and injury been charged with negligent homicide again driving without a license and a lot of people are outraged as saying. How does this happen. It's not like this is someone who's slipped in has been below the radar several run ins with the law. Why is the law not come forward what about ice the immigration and bureau that regulates. Immigrants and customs enforcement authority where they've been on this. A lot of questions to be answered in Fella has been deep denial on this whole case is a chick forays an attorney former assistant district attorney and assistant US attorney. And he joins us now take chick I you don't want. And doing great Andre. Object give us that the the overview of what's gone on so far with this case what do you know about it where is the and what does it look like the futures in store for Dennis mighty Rodrigue. And talking with a Ramon Vargas who's a writer for the loan advocate and the advocate is totally on proposition. You know mr. Rodriguez. It just the tragic situation for all involved we now know that there are three debts. That were involved in this tragic accident he's charged with negligent homicide. I suspect that there isn't likely that mr. Rodriguez will be. I imprisoned for several years if the facts are as we think they are. He'd be sure he's gonna put what the defense. That the brakes well all the on the vehicles so you've got you've got several different players here and issues to deal with one of which is the acts and it. The tragedies as to injuries and deaths that occurred. Secondly you've got the criminal charges that arise from and thirdly you've got the immigration issues that arise from so we you know it's a very. Complicated complex matter but if you he keep ticket player by player. Mister Rodriguez's facing serious charges where the accident which occurred and it seems like his defense is going to be any hit faulty brakes. I all the first question that needs to be answered is. How does someone get sided six times for driving without a license and not be prevented from getting in a vehicle. And especially if that person is already a criminal and illegal aliens in this country illegally. How does this happen what is the procedure when you caught driving without license first of all I'm glad they identify you doozy carry around Honduran Barroso to make it to have so I don't even know who years. Two part questions of the institute the first part is is that let's assume he went the first Paris court because he just stayed the living camp probably. And capturing with the first our courts several times. Don unfortunately as as it relates to many issues and light a lot of this. Issued deals with money and the economics of the situation. He can't deal like Robert valid driver's license in Louisiana because he is an undocumented. Aliens and he's here he's legally so he at my understanding is that they had some sort of. Identification card but he can't it'll license if you go to first parish court in October for expressed support anymore but dough boy is that an article real time. They checked the Bangalore for years ever since Katrina have a sense these folks came here to do all this work. If it's a fact treatment first are court it's a revenue source for Jefferson Parish. And there is no which he kept penalty as it relates to imprisonment or jail. For multiple violations it's merely an enhancement of the fines and fees and court costs and these folks make good money these folks. Being the legal yell at them from the justice the. While all these folks here. Let's let's talk about the reality of the situation. They're here because the two wing war that no one else wants to do. I know I don't want to do it I guess if I had to do it and I needed the money I guess I could do it. But I'm not gonna go in there to the war did that these folks and look I don't think we would have. Recovered from Katrina like we have without these Hispanic community so I think it's. It's misplaced. Teachers want everybody together and Hispanic community and have outraged. And the dignity with them when they really contributed. To the rebuilding. Of this area. And the court system has not adjusted. To the fact that these folks are here. And they're being processed for driving without a drop the places I looked at the law the other day when Ramon and I would discuss some of the the advocate article. There is that GO possibility. What someone who was convicted of driving without license but it's never imposed. It's never opposed nobody ever goes the GO four when he dropped one time or sixteen times without proper places you'd pale and looked. We're spread. They note that they can't get a licensed. They know that they wanted to do the work and wanna get paid the court system knows that they can have revenue from these folks were both there. So they get processed the system debated on it would cause. And its economic economic economic. I all where does ice fit into this equation because once the Jefferson Parish has some and they realize an illegal immigrant and in Jefferson not being part of the Sanctuary City which New Orleans is. Aren't they required or should they report them to ice that we have an illegal immigrant here and he's committed crimes. And for the listeners who have not terribly familiar with the whole process. I stand for immigration and customs enforcement that's the federal. Agencies not just prayers not the wall and it's the federal agency immigration and customs enforcement. That's a policy decision on that has been made that it's somebody and that and under the Ramon populous state true source article. And he said was the artist. We we call like they don't com it'll come out for someone who's driving when that went without a driver's license. It's it's a crime of violence if it's in narcotics crimes they'll come. That's a policy decision. Made by the federal government now you ask why would they make that decision. Perhaps the edge to the question is is because these folks are here are serving. A good purpose and they beat building a community perhaps that's why. You have to ask the federal government in the local representative of the federal government why is it that all these folks on not deported. For traffic violations but battle particular perceive that. I would talk politics for a will be right back after this break in a cheeky talked about some of that is the reason why they here and they have helped rebuild. Recoveries after disasters. But is also a lot of negative sides as far as what they take from the community as far as sending money out to out of the country also requirements for medical care. Legal representation. Who pays for that for illegals will be right back. If you wanna get a text message in which a lot of you're doing with questions or comments as a 70870. Please text responsibly no texting and driving. Our policy of Bible for 2601. A seventy it's Friday and you listen to the think tank on WW. Al welcome back to the think tank I was thinking along with chick foray. About the issue of one and Dennis Amaya Rodriguez say Honduran who was here in this country illegally been sighted now for the sixth time driving without license. Jawed with negligent homicide in other various charges and resulting in the deaths of three people. Mine and robbing the Boston he claims at faulty brakes. A lot of outrage in the community people wanting to know why is someone like is allowed to be here operating opinion poll question is asking is if an illegal immigrant. Breaks another law assuming the one being here illegally is the first law was broken if they're caught breaking another one rotting illegally whatever. Should they be deported immediately 75% of respondents saying yes. Ticked so many issues and angles at this whole incident brings up and warned that most of the people who were texting and focusing in on. Are on comments about we need these workers here added that it is almost elected justification that people won't do the job we got to have them here to bring things back. And here's some of the comments come on Don aren't you tired of hearing the same old BS his jobs Americans don't wanna do. This guy was driving you wanna tell us Americans don't want those jobs. Making it so they get away with a cheap labor we all know. Coliseum come around and around together as a Solomon and one of them says some farming jobs are and have also been filled by Americans. So what jobs we really not doing it though on any of them is because. We've got people who are receiving free benefits and if it wasn't for that they would be taking a job. Another one says don't accept the premise that we need illegal aliens upon government would quit given those benefits to able bodied people who refuse to work they'd be doing the jobs. That immigrants are doing jobs that Americans just don't want. Are made possible on buying government that make work unnecessary lights that's kind of a different issue then and there's one particular case that. Question is when when he needs legal representation and honest and he filed a lawsuit in court he was so when someone. Somebody in this country illegally would no drop his lies in the identification. Doesn't pay taxes does he get legal representation and bring them against someone and now obviously needs legal representation to defend him who has infinite. Well a criminal matter Donnelly and it because the first Spanish court and probably is there a public defenders to assign assigned to first bird scored. And in many court filings bull. Public defenders because of the volume of cases that are brought so if if he or she is Jordan from all of that stable get a reward here. If they can't afford it the court finds that they are indeed indigent. As far as the civil case goes both filing a lawsuit against someone there are many lawyers and matter of fact they are many hours. Who are bilingual and have developed the practice based on that. The Hispanic community and they were a mini mini plaintiffs. Who have filed lawsuits for alleged injuries and are represented but very competent talented. Lawyers who Italy case properly and and yet. If someone's involved in an accident. They won't vote to us civil lawyers and now we will represent them and file lawsuits and probably will do it on the contingency basis and that is. Take a portion of any proceeds that are recovered so the civil matter. It would be a contract entered into between the plane and that the policy to be illegal aliens. With the civil war in a criminal matter it would be appalled defender who would be appointed to represent that person. So gimme a clarification on line is penal citizens are certainly guaranteed their right to their day in court but a non citizen. Can they walked in the chick forays office and said look I don't have a driver's license I don't now I'm here illegally but I want should represent me wanna sue somebody can you take that case and legally represented on non citizen and. Haven't every day it happens every day every day he's a guarantee and and I haven't researched that issue but I think it is yeah. Well let me just get it down and and look in my body Levy you know that. But on the play devil's advocate why would they not be entitled to the same rights. As far as if they wait they were rear ended in an accident and they want the ball lawsuit in Brett know why would they not be allowed to fall losses. Well now the citizen of this country would. Love them now you're talking about something different. While visitors legal. But why is it different for equal protection of the law. Four for someone who's visiting or someone who's here work. And what to get them out trying to argue with in this stake in the opposite side of the issue I don't see the difference. Under the constitution has to watch someone. Who is here without proper documentation. What people are from proceeding for injuries of our oil policy means you really believe that they shouldn't be allowed to. Well it depends it depends on the situation but in the wanted to you know as someone who has that doesn't have the rights of an American citizen which is guaranteed because you more of voting citizen who pays taxes. I think there should be some give. Yes it is what they and remember backing Katrina when that all walk around apocryphal cash. What if they were a victim a bit on robbery could PG prosecute the person to stole their money. Depends on this they would document thank. Let's say he's not documented and he's a victim of all property in its city. Where he's staying with five other people and how else. It's somebody takes 2000 dollars. Out of has talked about pointing a gun to his head are you saying the person appointment undertaken not to prosecute because the victim is an illegal aliens. Probably my. Legit so what Obama also get a lot of questions about insurance was cited for not having insurance obviously has no dramas like he can have insurance yet. You ensure that the vehicle so the vehicle may have had insurance and that's a whole another issue. And what about the liability of the company who hired him and get a lot of questions about that too. And that's a simple matter that's not criminal matter unless there was some extreme negligence or something perhaps but certainly in the civil court. The owner of the vehicle or the employer. May be negligent if in fact they news that the breaks of all the certainly in its fourth civil damages goes. There's the possibility of someone being liable for money damages are money judgment. Ticket you get times they would. The good of a kick I would never did and it used on now I don't approach. I'd be afraid you'd sue me Salem it's sick we'll be right back after the news. I welcome back into the think tank we're talking about the on the case the illegal immigrant on illegal alien which of loot semantics you choose to call mr. Dennis almighty out Rodriguez the person who's now cited for the sixth time about driver's license. I'm Marius other incidents he was involved in. Now also now being charged with two actually three counts now negligent homicide is the third victim has died on injuring wrecked. What's called negligent injuring. Reckless operation and of course to driving without license chick forays discussing this with a asking this question pretty opinion poll if in fact in the legal breaks another law should he be deported immediately 79%. Saying yes to wanting 1% saying no. Cast that vote at WW dot com. You wanna call to discuss the situation final four to six year old 187 it would also take a lot of text messages and 87870. At. Ticked I gotta tell you both you and I've taken a lot of fire right now wanted to text message blah. We're gonna get Indiana's golfer she's been all the normal while but before we do that just on back to go out last discussion and and you could have hit the curve balls a material bit of a sly and he said. Well he'd talked about the incidents of an illegal with a lot of cash and somebody comes up and robs him does he not have the right to prosecute that person. The loss today on protecting. The rights of someone who is in active committing a crime and has a crime committed against them in other words. I'm old and gone legit four way he hands me his wanna cash and in guy number three comes up behind me and says I'll take that he's got a gun in my head. Do I have a right to. Go after him. As a criminal act even though I'm in active doing something illegal 'cause I guess you could. Extrapolate that to say that the illegal alien is series Macon money but he's breaking a law allowing to do it. The answer is yes but Q but practically speaking you wouldn't get much sympathy from the disk return it but yes it sure that if you're a victim if it. Ill on the US scenario. If someone robs someone and then they get robbed it and it's a separate incident of course. Anybody as a victim of crime in the way he described to my appointed Don that are to me that's of is that person he or she is a victim crime beat could be prosecuted but remember. And then we talked about that this week in an interview that they would channel for the district attorney is the most powerful politician in every parish in Louisiana. Because that the aid gets to decide who gets prosecuted. He or she being the district attorney with apple look at that issue examine it closely and make prospect oral decision. But that's the ball school answer would be we checked the multiple choice box. Yes. Everybody can be prosecuted. We'll take some go home is to do it though. But let's go to Deanna in Mississippi on line to Deanna thanks to you call. Today and happy. I think whoever put it. We that. Is it. Well as he. Should be brought up chart. Should not be OK. To. Reach. But tropical outlaw like yeah we're right in the CPP. It to be up to where other. But key. Patient. Needs. He met the week and Max out the and we may remember. People to work. And not in and there. To Cuba or whoever in the country not at the jet of the government. And built. Up. And rapper. And current in the works there. You know. Job. At should be criminal to which didn't but. I. Know. Each. You know. On the ball you know for him. The job aren't you open border. Eat. Eat eat eat eat all that. And then. Pay taxes is. I'm not eat out at all. I'm Rihanna objective on Clara unclear on this Deanna you're asking two questions one. And they go say in this case after mr. Rodriguez is resources and on door to pay his legal fees can that be done number one in two chick. The bus company and also the company who hired him. Can they be civilly or criminally charged in this case. Criminally if there was some sort of conspiracy they could be charged perhaps in the conspiracy theory. If in fact the employees knew that the brakes bed near the it was a possible illegal immigrants so that means that it date back scenario they could be drafted this say that there is criminal. Liability in theory but in practicality. Would be very surprised. If the employer any representative Webb was in charge of the bus in the business gets prosecuted but I think there is the theoretical. Legal basis or criminal prosecution as far as pain of his legal fees going to Honduras or whatever reps and meets. I think dot we're having a better discussion with YouTube lady caller just now on immigration immigration issues that I covered in the presidential campaign. I've not heard anything from Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is so far off the reservation I don't even know what he's talking about. We've had a more logical intelligent discussion apologist now it's very good questions. And these are issues that need to be discussed and you're doing a public service spot discussing today but I don't hear a whole lot of of people drilling down on these issues. And peeling back the layers and looking at this. Andy is a very tough questions. That they are not easy answers for. Well I think one of the presidential forms is gonna address this very issue maybe you'll get soft and out of that. They are attracting the narrow little personal note the Mercury. The broader picture and we're in new. Rate that we eat on the country that part to. Cotchery are not. Getting any trouble you try. I thanks for the call Deanna will be back in we'll get to Henry that Maria and your calls a final 42601878. And don't forget about text message board 87870. Text welcome back into the think tank we have WW a legal analyst Dick for an alignment now we've been talking about this issue with Dennis my ego Rodriguez on the person that has been charged with negligent homicide in three cases. Spencer shall manage firemen. I think it's important point out that the other two people who died were both American citizens who are also on their way. To do those jobs that people say nobody in this country once when they were killed by this illegal immigrant. Object let's go to a lot of long ago Maria in camera on adultery Maria thanks for you call. Yes Maria go ahead. But. I'll. Eat the whole company. Around but chip charge. All the good bet your. Paper what is. It. And quiet and Richard sending back door. They I think should call eight. Well Murray got to pay under center I'd be used that term bank. He's going to be punished if he committed a crime here for what he did before I ECB gets involved. Immigration and customs enforcement's. That's a clear decision there that he's going to be prosecuted. If he gets sent to jail he will go to angle are state prison before I see India as well. Welker and. I'm Maria thank you for your call list moved to gentility now talk to pat on for pat thanks to you call. Is that their net. Yeah go ahead. I am a little frustrated our top the law that we have on the books. All week you what you were talking about an illegal and rights to be able to sue and stuff like match not yet been illegally he. You came here illegally I don't think you should ask the same rights and how wall the belt laws. Should be reserved for people who'll born citizen. It's about promote you comment and Eminem who had. Society you know and illegal in some somebody it's kind of like someone shopping mall my pants. Which is a great dialogue to trotting him out pulpit medium to prolong death. You know it an ad just out in the law should be changed and all go out I love all that bad. Bring them on albeit weak. But it it's not legal I just don't think they should be a couple clutch and get a drop a line of what Kabul and in Java vehicle. Platforms. That took power that was the problem. And that district or out within a year that they do as a result of this incident. The Louisiana legislature is gonna change the driving issue I think. Once again the legislature and I'm not a big scandal we've and a legislature but they are very reactionary. They are going to react to what has happened I anticipate. And you're in his seat judges to abort to react to what has happened and you may see. He legal immigrants sentenced to jail ward traffic violations. If in fact the pendulum swings in that direction. Aren't there. Utah thank you that chick what about the his challenge to law that on someone who was not an American city citizens should not have the right to sue here. Well want to get that that's not an issue that I researched extensively Don but I mean I think in the United States constitution. That they had. I know for a fact act. If someone even appear illegal you have the right default policy if he would get the right to access. To the court but I haven't drilled down on that issue and not actually out and sort flabbergasted that people would be troubled by that because. I'm not troubled by that issue a muted some once here illegally. And when I go back to my crumble example if you're a victim of the crime which the criminal does get prosecuted because the victim is the legal citizen I just don't understand. I think what bothers them is that they are in the act of committing the crime themselves and I think that is a lot and all that out by that body. Raced in that Seattle think you'll ever see. The right to the court system denied to those folks Celtic illiteracy that in my life. We'll tick go and I'm glad you can think on amounts are we we went out on all over the place but there's so many. Fastest whose sole issue issue to be discussed as far as what's prices role in it. The Jefferson Parish district attorney. You know also the legal aspects of it that the company's involvement of people one hiring them who's liable who's responsible. Just are huge not just give a candle warms and I'm talking about a ten iphones. Yet at the top but it was a it was a it was a lively discussion we and a jar I think we had some good callers. You know a lot of times these politicians non. They'd they'd try to find solutions that the general public is is not a favor and it takes a tragedy. For the loss to be changed and I think you'll see you'll see some laws changed but the problem we have locally. Is that it really is and national issue. And the people that we have running for president now on and the congress senators represented their back and address this issue but it it's it's too controversial and well and they'd be. Alan chick thanks taken at Tampa Bay it was really legitimately are always there when did you except when I need a fisherman meant to get you to come back. Fry. All right I think it takes Laura and I will come back try to get a couple of calls and if we can get lots of tipped text messages days of the know. This is not everybody gets a trophy on the tax board resolved only though that the top Tex. Are those of the most significance. Get red on the show so if you wanna try to make it. 87087. Zeal or breed be right back to check them out and also pretty opinion poll question. Right after this. Now welcome acted the think tank and a discount following up on our discussion would shape for a you know he said he really didn't do the research on whether an illegal has a right to. Two Su in this country although he point announcement this is where he would not be bothered with the all Clinton a lot of tax he should. Sending the same message that you have to have automobile insurance in this state to sue in the event of an accidents on sure it could be done. Legislatively. Where if you wanna hear and you in the act of committing a crime a crime of being in this country illegally. You would not have the right to use a system of Jews Britons now think that could be done I don't know whether it is or not. Will have to do some research on that wanted to follow on it. I'd we also have some text and here that says I didn't hear your entire discussion and anyone here illegally commits a crime found guilty. Should be escorted back to his country of origin. Not spend tax dollars for him to be treated like the king and penal institutions and a tax dollars wisely. Send bring him back to his country that was kind of the topic of opinion poll if someone is here illegally. And they commit a crime of any nature I should they be deported and that's an issue for the the nation on the federal level to discuss. All right coming up in the next hour we're gonna talk about the well isn't gonna happen is the cause weight told going to be increased in order to provide some more safety measures or is it going to be left up to. The councils of saint Tammany Jefferson Parish or assist in some calling for a referendum to. To vote on this issue whether or not it should be continued we've got several gastric template Jefferson Parish council. Representative John Schroeder also on Charles is on Goodwin from the Dion sing concerned citizens of saint Tammany. And the director of the general manager of the Pontchartrain causeway. Call to do for issue will take your calls and your attacks all coming back and that's the news. On the big 870 WW.