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Think Tank 1110am Remembering 911

Sep 7, 2016|

Since 9/11 America has been fighting wars every day for 15 straight years.  If we can’t win a war do we just continue fighting a “holding action” forever? This hours guest: Daniel Benaim - CFR Fellow, researching U.S. policy in the Middle East, at American Progress. He's also a visiting professor at New York University Jim Phillips - Senior Research Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs @ Heritage Foundation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are dumb. None eleven closing in very quickly. Some of me to take. Oh we'll get the legacy of non lump. We're all remember we were of them Al to destroy him Osama bin Laden would we do it. And destroy al-Qaeda and witches. Debatable. But the thing that caught my attention I was reading number of ports. And that related to them on Lebanon birds treaty it and one of them said the quarters soon troop in the into Vietnam in the nineteen celebrities and tool. September 11 2001. The United States rarely. Went warm wouldn't do it the conflict was sold re they were measured in decades. Gulf war. 43. Days. Air strikes former Yugoslavia. 22 d.s. And we dying went back. Or no the round about four years later seventy days would get us. Maybe you were aware of this though was not. Since September 11. The United States has been biding every single day or did the next three years. The longest unbroken period in the mirror in history. So we thought let's talk to the experts about. All the swings where are we were going. We've got a day annual billing. Breakfasts. He Tuesday. Was searcher US policy in the les said the American progress. Also a visiting professor. At York university professor appreciate the call. Garland and person they were all thinking about the folks and a British Open the flood the open everybody finds a way to say did you guys that are. Remarkably resilient boats and we are illegal. They're cute so much where you located. All right tell them too soon flood relief. There's been there's going to be a big partisan bite greeter. We didn't back to this. If Whitman Biden. Every day for the past fifteen years. That we accomplished what's the product islanders' end. It's what three sport trillion dollars spent that 2000 plus wounded. What what's the product to boats. You know I think you're asking the right questions and we thought basically. You know really difficult spot because we're fighting groups of people who want to kill Americans. Would ideologies turned out to be surprisingly. And fifty years later. You know we're stuck with the group people still want it to America I think. We can point to a tremendous number of successes when it comes to defeating individual errors individual terrorist groups. Without bin Laden who never threaten America and again. But you're absolutely right that this threat turned out to be extremely resilient. You know where we find ourselves when it comes to this kind of thing is basically. Different kind of very in the kind of toward Cuba and new leader urges. There's no surrender on US sets is certainly react was Japan there's no oh the wall like a typical war. And you know it's a big problem in the books president Biden Tuesday. 1% of Americans making 99% of the sacrifice. To get incredibly thankful about what Ratzinger troops to do a bit ago were stuck between two extreme things. That we would really love to do but deep down you know I think we should. First there's the walk away. Entirely from the world and pick a bongo joy at being bad idea that we can only get worse. And beautiful and I interest in the Middle East and at least way the interest. That we allow Kelsey to take root can be captured caught terrorism around the world. I think they're enduring interest and let America. Be engaged in the east are still there. And so on the one hand I think walking away it's. It's not a great idea but on the other where most powerful series history to. I think a lot of people that's why this crusher but we just occupied side widgets are the fifteen years later why can't we just salt. And I think they're frustrated. But election of Barack is that massive foreign wars and occupations are gonna try it on its side there are currently at about trying to. There are gonna cost a lot of blood and treasure. So basically. Kind of mushy middle. Where which is you know get what you're saying what are they. We've got to think hard about investing in what we're getting. It's it's an on like it were about to start the third consecutive American presidency. We're dealing with despite but I don't think we can walk away if we can Obama victory source market. Kind of mushy middle we have helped convince others to share of the burden but we have to act and we need to back with the others where we can. When their local actors that we can work with the lead despite. We do that we should be training and advising. Americans like indicted itself. We have to avoid occupations. We have to build political support for its own. Which is in in some wind up as part because everybody thought we can't be fortunately honesty portrait. You know so that we cut and then wouldn't make sure obstructed in deeper into the quagmire. So. Yeah I think you write that. What we get. But I think the problem is if we go way it can get significant so that anyone tell you have a quick actually this kind of problem. Whether secret plan or carpet bomb that they. I think it just peddling. All right and got a big rig burn when I've come back strange question admittedly. And how many races related how high the remotely did. Zeman related. Terrorist attacks have there been in China. Strange question but I think a good pretty good reason pouring. Say what this. We're a think about the impact that we have been fighting every single day's in September 11 200115. Straight years. Longest unbroken period in American history. And Ralph and I think what is a valid question what are we get in the answers saint stability while a little bit. Blood we have to stay right where we are losing lives. Losing treasurer in the trillions of dollars. Because that's the best we can get. And around the room double mobile. Maybe you knew I wasn't workers since September 11 attacks United States. Imploding every single day a war for fifteen Sri gears longer as some break in two unbroken period in American history. I have app and gold and jewels on the show which would we get that thing because of Katrina they've recognized. Via a call workers. And the majority of the time the Cumberland and and doing their views of what they tell me when I'd say what you will reward them. It's it's almost a pat on the hit. Where they have we. You can't destroy the infrastructure bridges Canadian Singapore Sydney beat. Soiled the environment. In the camp killed civilians could it just makes more terrorist. And so we're not saying so what do we do what we keep doing what we're doing. And I guess since the end your brother I judge there's something doesn't work on meet. And I was always on good to be transferred to new Berry. Professor from New York University. Expert on the move Lee's so do a new bottom line. A day endured suitable for the break on how cute strange question. But the idea probably terrorist attacks on the al-Qaeda union and Libyan terror news. He ices have attacked. Them. China that it either from homegrown or sending doron people and. You know I think it it's an interest in question I think entered that's critical bureau. You know and I think he wire. It may well use the C a purely while I'm out skiing. They are these second largest economy in the world we're purse and who's a pretty good lead. In military they had 3000513. Now. We have 2000349. And now. We have didn't hit quite a number of time homegrown terrorist. Or call. And were in the Middle East I would submit and I think that because of protecting. We are less dependent on middle aged oil than we ever were both four and China is more dependent on oil. How is it that they eat get to practice scene of phobia. And rode their economy in not. Spin their wealth in their people in the fight. You know I think it's a great question I think. In some ways. China where kind of legacy carrier and China's new upstart airlines here their regret it will be clear drinks on the car. And be in the leading country in providing in the national security. For the last seven years which is part of a little the American. And it sparked an Ali if you did not see you Soviets. We do we have taken on leadership role in making a more secure world. Which has made it more secure America offers seventy plus years trying to you know if this. Where American Airlines are open China's. JetBlue. They don't have all the legacy cost of having been involved in all these sites having been involved cholera in the world having taken some steps. Which which earned backlash. So I think it is true I would say that China may have more soldiers but. I think the lesson of the last hundred years in the never ever Beckett did prior military I actually wouldn't and I and try and mr. wouldn't either. So I think we. Oil and guided editing they would go up against our people. I met you have nothing held because of or rule then and political power. I mean they've ruled Russia. It is through zoom little love. You know. Being against the years she acts. So I think. I think it basically a lot of other countries have a lot fewer legacy caught like on the world leadership. That America has because we've been doing more certain way for the last seven years I think. I think that we do that finally later footprint in the Middle East and I would argued that. To a certain extent when you think about where we were ten years where we are. Were already doing what you look at President Bush was spending ten billion dollars months. You know we 180000. Troops that are now you know fighting and dying every day. You know by indictment hundred. Now we have. About 45000. Guys out there. Behind the frontlines doing it by this in some cases dangerously close the front line book editor here there are basic. But you don't seem the kind of American casualties you know he's trying to bankrupting costs. That we were dealing with the last I would go with the stroke. So I mean it's frustrating to be retaking the city like Fallujah that there we wish him the Russians the Chinese and do it. Debt. Absolutely. But you know I mean I think there's a reason that nobody goes to be easier sell the product by calling it the least worst products. And to recognize that the sales pitches and that's part but I think that. I'm a fundamental level we still have a greater interest in the finding a way to deal with these threats overseas and that we do I think about oil your points very interest it's true that America. Now producing more oil we import. And it's true that China and countries in East Asia and basically got a free ride. Getting Middle Eastern energy and not really that the insecurity. And I think overtime that gonna have to change their gonna ask you more than that it. But it's still the case that the United States probably the main thing standing between. The Saudi Arabia. Our pressure on Iran aren't support Saudi Arabia one of injuries and we are clear it's among. Two countries. That we could least afford she you know become. That's where enters world and it's more or avoiding right now because America. Strain and pressure and military pressure lines in the Middle East. It's it's still very messy world. I think that part of what we have these ideas and China are. We ignored the fact that the goal there is playing as one that's actually been sitting everybody. And not street be terribly. But I think our investment in the Middle East and actually try all the problems all the frustrations. Guilty a lot of benefits that we know achieve that do make it. Professor. And pretends to the time of experts like Q this compensation become buried short thank you put the time have been great. If there. Our coverage of the bench will load talked to somebody from The Heritage Foundation. And when you being here Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to certainly send its Kumble had to Juba. Let's move faster let's go why glitch could more Darden. Has anybody heard how are we doomed. Double rubio. We got about eleven anniversary coming up very quickly and so would it look at what's happened since then when it comes to. We've killed Osama bin Laden. And we have one point thought weird kind of wiped out I'll kind of that the kind of hyped up pop up and insurgents on one side crisis on the other it's. Kind of felt like black combo. And wouldn't wouldn't win looking for the leaders. All of what's happened. I didn't send slowed down a it was a war out since the September 11 attack. Your mind it's as has been fighting every single day or did ping each three years the longest. Unbroken period in American history. I think it's a suburb near four trillion dollars spent over 50000. Wounded week. Mean all the swords of votes soldiers struggling dude are dead. Medical care from our government after they went to war. So the question becomes an I think it's about the Mormon okay. After all the juniors of fighting Abreu singled they blocked our product. The ribs or implode with the troop surge fellow for Middle Eastern terror would be her road to foundation Jim welcome to show appreciated his time. What do you think that's what's our product at this point. Well I think we're live in and who. Normal. But do stage and history in which. This war. Wouldn't it would initially called the war against her so much I called. The war against Islamist totalitarianism. Weren't bad news going on on indefinitely. You know it's true we've lost. 7000 men in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and since 9/11. Steps. On the heavy part priced depraved but on the other hand you know bin Laden has been killed. The column bond world rejected from. Ruling Afghanistan and they're trying to make to combat. Saddam Hussein who do support terrorism. Is drawn. Yes. New terrorist groups have rural is an open Iraq Kevin Syria. Barked some it'll blows that group crisis all based on the ground is now being pushed back. And just recently the Pentagon announced that it's killed so 45000. Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria. In the so and so 2014. And we've lost three man so and that ratio of 151000 to one. Is on precedent in the in fighting wars. All right well hopefully with the Pepsi is it still fuels like whack a mole. Maybe. Not quite as expensive not quite as many delegates are wounded book was still for every new day and wacko more war. And improbably bed. Analogy blood. Every. General every wrong pat on the show we're nuts have one we win wars and more. It it's almost like a little pat on the head it's a well. You you can't destroy infrastructure and if you killed civilians. It is gonna create more terrorists. And it took me eat it feels like I'm Loeb a boxer come up 500 barrel the manager. There until we get in the ring in the on duty is to knock them now that's when you win but. You know they get a ambling into account kids again make a living. If you heard him to bed. You know the relatives may come at you so yeah the objectives than not command output. Don't knock them down too hard. Hopefully this did I just don't see how that. Has any of the product and we do this for another 203040. Years Hillary in in them item. No I I think I agree acuity Dubuque mistake once you get in the ring from houllier punch deuce. But I would say using their say in boxing analogy. The problem isn't. Quote there will be various. But our problem with this administration pulling its sponsors. Are booked to use that analogy. Once we ignore one opponent now we have Bob of people climbing into the ring in the in the and so you know we do defeat. Tried and her. It was knocked out of the ring and then it slowly gathered it's forces in and made a comeback. A burned out of the people calling into the ring. Or under the same rules not come up a bit don't hurting too. There are more I have real problems with some of the political restrictions put on the use military force by this administration to. There and especially. It merely duties of Bart Simpson's nutrients in Iraq and Syria. The most serious more typical sort of because we you know we have no friends there but the Iraq if we have been. Not pulled out back in 2011. Crisis never would've grown from proposal puts it Iraq's second largest city and so and taken all that territory. Our and then. What we do start bombing there were such constraints put on the bombings minutes. We weren't allowed to hit our resources oil fields or even as world trucks it was crazy it's. You'll force was required to drop leaflets over truck drivers would get out of the world trucks. And slowed so we don't choose voting and shelled the infrastructure. So they would make. Got a drug break we continued this column sewage and on the radio. Jim Phillips singer Richard fellow middle of prayers Heritage Foundation. Where think about the path that we've been fighting a war report every single day for the last two years. And I think we're asking a very valid question okay. Kyle looks like we can numbers ha. And if we can't ball watch the product we get with the all of this treasures spent double Libya. All right until we've had two words for Jones who for a on the move les we're now talking with. Jim told her surged go at least in terms with The Heritage Foundation. And we're we're thinking about the upcoming go on. September. 11 anniversary. And think about the fact we've been born every day for the past fifteen years Jim. The things I find curious suite we keep saying. There were planning to them and with there so we'll have to buy them here. I have Google to death. Terrorist attacks in China. And aside from a couple of tribal conflicts. I can't find it. There will be set in the economy. In the world. Jim when it comes to troops. They have 3500500. Of being held. We have 2000349. Doubts. Why did today. Fighting them over there so they don't have to buy them over there. And why aren't they suffering the consequences. Of not being in the middle ball flight eight. That contains goal or old they leave. Well our China has suffered terrorist attacks from. Islamist extremists and specialty and sing during Providence. But not on the scale that we do ignored eleven. Or their M two also some of the terrorist groups well kinda. Were opposed to two US. Before an idol of them are because the US. Has. Overthrown Saddam Hussein. And move troops into Saudi Arabia to defend Saudi Arabia against Saddam Hussein. China didn't do that. On but they are becoming more involved. In the Middle East as you mentioned there because of their more dependent on Persian gulf oil from the US's. There and they're trying to get group relations with Iran in the Iran Saudi Arabia the same time. Which is typical. Are prepared or histories. Being part of the best movies spells some power. And if they do become part of two you know that may be something we moved to to regret Tuesday American alliance with Iran say. Burden that we would have to say so both of them. So is the bottom alone won't be hearing about I just forged Donald Trump. In his speech about national securities Sudanese told Jones have been thirty years of being elected. He murdered plan on Harvard time I news as odds at every general Abdul. A bird colonel I've panel on this show woods head. And a vast amidst this Obama telling it certainly it's that old militarily. You can't hit the infrastructure you can't kill civilians. So trump become presidents. It's give me a plan. Well why can they possibly do different. I think they're likely to come up put through a similar play him local precinct there would be. More. Supportable. Stronger the airstrikes. Which west's political micromanaging. From the from the White House. There and I don't think. They would be. Saying what they were too low there's Q Obama administration. Always does these forward to Mitch trumps that says what it's not gonna do it now let's Vietnamese know. On ways to votes. Toward you or deflect or blocked two votes to. Blows that to US and sentenced them to live over. So and so before illusion of final question. Do we Joe's as Americans did use to whack a mole awards. Forever. Are typing group we wanna prevent. And on and off another 9/11 try to tractor in this country. Are you can't let to a global slovo run loose because they will be barred you're in the ankles and despair for takeover. Our country. Such as a rock or Saudi Arabia there has a lot of moral. The bill beer in a position to grow bigger piece. And that's not something that I think few questions from the. Jerome appreciated the expertise and that time and thank you would call. You. So. There you bet. Two experts. Bold. Different political persuasion saying the same thing. Get used to it. We're going to be at war forever. With a little or no hope or winning. It's a holding. Action whole team. A little bit is enough. In Som is not too much. It's. Does that seem like called reasonable plan to review. Governor bill. Where did say this. And be good was shocked coming up. Something good very pure rooting your troops ever know. Read. Will be thinking bought from Franklin and coming objects and and exit in the content. Governor Abdel big gates ebony and immoral fun to read and.