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9-8 4pm Deke: on Tulane and Saints-Raiders

Sep 8, 2016|

Deke breaks down the Saints-Raiders matchup with Jimmy Durkin of the Bay Area News Group and talks Tulane football with Coach Willie Fritz.

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Good evening and welcome to sports talk on location and abbreviated edition tonight where it is the first installment of the Saints players so we gotta go in the night a rookie running back Daniel Klesko could need to be when those. Late draft picks in the later rounds that matches on to the New Orleans Saints had a very good pre season and he. And the black and go ready this Sunday as they open up. Campaign against the Oakland Raiders what talk about today's opponent now this weekend's opponent puts a lot of local team that could this thing to the Tigers Jimmy Durkin Oakland Riders. For the Bay Area news group B with the talk about the Raiders as they come the town with high aspirations made via this the best team open has put together. Since the last and they went to the post season that was the season. It which it was the first year but the NFL broke from three divisions the fourth and they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 2002 in the super bow on this team with some hall of famers Jerry Rice. Also hit Tim Brown richt can't it was a remarkable quarterback but. Just couldn't get it done as at Tampa came up big with a defense is cool with content all the rated better are they ready in a tough. It deep in AFC west we'll find admirable. The Tulane green wait H. Tremendous defensive effort last week shutting down Wake Forest who's exhibit three. They're at home where a ten awards on Saturday UB here a lot of the things that it's the southern jaguar band. If you coming in and around somewhere in the long ones. That will be it jaguar and Tulane university and they've got to take on the green wave coach Winifred will be winners are we could raise it to me to get his take on. The game last week against Wake Forest and us open date comes to town this week to beat him that you would stay. Joseph medley. Who covered Jacksonville State for the and it's install bay would have to talk about the decks him VO. Gamecocks and LA issue on Saturday and it's our weekly segment that has become so popular. The all Vegas for a pro sports betting handicap for the big Move.com will be with the talk about the picks of the week the back and we didn't count this week. Approach this week including including tonight's matchup with Carolina is slight favorite on the road against defending world champions. Denver Bronco Daniel last goal All Saints talk from six to six point privacy and the and the Panthers at the Broncos NFL football tonight. You point of view do you rate to 601870. You can take this 870 eights and whether New Orleans Saints coming up. Taking on the Oakland Raiders fallen. Sunday in the don't. And the NFL has that come on now what kind of a Powell poll it is you know similar to college Bos where. Writers have input and so forth that everybody's got to cut that they're all powerful. Like you could have won put aside anybody could. Earlier that's what this all balls down to ESP and it put together. They're Powell poet consist of Saudi analysts and all the B right it took over the team the Saints come out and number 27. That's five from the buck. Twenties that operated at whopping oppose asking you where would the Saints finished this season ranked. And that powerful at the top team. You beat the Saints are top twenty team. Or do you think the Saints will be where they ought point seven. All below case joke vote online at WWL. Dot com can look deeper into LSU politics and VO. A state game Cox they come to town on Saturday outcomes to looked at 2 o'clock tee Bob Hebert. And myself and also look at their quarterback they're very good quarterback that is now wealth in this the ball club. It is a different level which a plane to cream of the crop when it comes to division one double late in CS division. They went all the way to championship game as you did lose to North Dakota State but had a tremendous Ron and they took Auburn to overtime last year as Albany neatly touchdown to defeat. Dexter gusting that's kind of when they opened everybody's so will it be one of those type of games we've it's an issue. Oh well as you come out. Do what they hope to do have a group of formative feel good about themselves before they open at the conference slate. Nick we can't against Mississippi State in and now we're looking more and more like a huge matchup at Auburn. In two weeks in which orbit is coming off a very good defensive performance against Clinton they say it now one of the nation's best offenses than ninety points last week. And you know all of its got to be replaying it and it's. All those runs in an opponent head. Against him last year when he came into debt that that still a couple of weeks away but tickets have album come back we'll find out more about. Oakland Raiders from the AFC west are they ready. Candidates Allen's Kansas City candidates Allen damp but the two of the playoff teams for the division a year ago and are they better than San Diego. Where is this ball club. And is it going to be a situation where now some other teams and in if they don't look at the Saints. Like you're about to say a lot of time for this game the Saints have to win. I want it by the team look on the schedule of the fan bases look and they go to open them escape and they say it won't that's you know that's it it's a team. At the game we've got a winner. It the last thirteen games to New Orleans Saints want so dominant once. You know high single digits between seven and hand the team in the favorites just about all the time over just about anybody came to go with the exception of powerful club like knowing until four. But lately the Saints have not been economic program they off four in in their run last thirteen home games with a back go defected down to wait in the dome. Look at find out more about that on Sunday first will learn more about to Oakland Raiders next. Here on WW. And good evening and welcome back to our number two or sports talk on the ability here to help. Just talk about this week's opponent the black and gold the Bay Area news group is Jimmie Durkin the Oakland Raiders come it's not a new kick off on Sunday with a I'm starting to hand out at saint only one. Point favorite Jimmie thank you so much for the damages following the other Boston Vegas that number shows me if it's open was at home you know. A home team that is not a Powell club like you know what I deep playoff team what timid to caliber team. We'll probably be you know maybe a slight favorite home but looking at those numbers at this game without Oakland I think they're raised to be delivered to me at three and a half may be a six point favorite. So what has opened arrived is that legitimate Jimmie and how far ahead they come after what you soul mates as seemingly they. Put a lot of big pieces question Hawks answered and he puts a pieced together. Yeah I mean I think it's too early that they'd be out arrive they hope they have. You know they went out free agency they went out in the draft and they think they addressed both of their major issue probably doll on that note peak in Africa all their cute. And they haven't felt this good about a Raiders in a long time. You know the good young talent at quarterback in their car yet a guy like colonial Mac to have an anchor on both sides of the ball like I did do that Duke players down in and the talent around softer than they feel like is there a year and they admitted it. It will be interesting if they get off to a bit part of it now. Jimmie now when you look at Oakland. It in the AFC west you put me don't squarely at three behind them and Kansas video OK and a talent those gone disease that seemingly what. A lot of national media think that they can't talent so in the way at. Yeah I'm and I think that weapon pretty wide open and dropped the defending champ but. You know they have to break in new quarterback and ensure that in great quarterback play it laughter from from Peyton Manning but. Yeah he was dumping Manny you look at a guy at all and now Trevor opinion you know you don't know what it's gonna be like and they are deep and it was a couple key pieces. I can't the media thing that can be very good. But yeah they are a couple guys including John met with the Raiders were able to grab problem. So. It that opportunity in there I mean they're not that it's not a team you can rubber stamp has been that heavy heavy favorite in the division. So popular rating he they why not like can't we go and in and you know elated title. I caught a quarterback and a lot of people not a good thing to save him what what's the next step but I mean Jimmie is the is improving his game is divot development more public. A report relationship with the with Cooper it Crabtree beating this team the playoff. Open looks like they've got the accord. May I think that the next that it is being a little bit better in the fourth quarter immediately people immediately that work fourth quarter comeback last year. But he often had an issue yet but it. I over happens it in the section seven of the thirteen interceptions came in the fourth quarter. You limit their time when in the moment get being if you get the deliberate than that that's where you have to be better he can be better front side. In you know into it and we lead this team to victory in then Bengie you'd start and it and that that the guy can you then scored the only. Quarterback in the league. You mean you got it can't get there to keep it below market that. Jimmy went when you look at this open in front seven now has quickly become money in feared team and as of about me. Walt Williams Ellis. Camille Mac. This is is this the solid team may about their front four. How how important is their front four to the Becky and at the banking get that a bit of a bad. Play because the funny is so good all are they just benefiting from such a a good pair for us to go back to their old analogy. Anytime you get pressure with four I don't know if this guy has any thing in the long run you gonna wind up doing a lot better not have the Packers to. Yeah what I think they should really compliment each other really well Q laughter in the secondary with a definite weakness. Not this year like I've mentioned it on net in there David and it really well informed at a Reggie Nelson and I'd get that lead me in that last year they think that. And it would be very good and that should be complimented by you know like that a really good front that. Meekly Womack and can really break camp recap on. But people by and now and they need Paramount with route there been two guys. In Dayton Seattle Adam drop and in the cupboard a lot with that number or do you. They feel like it's your egg they're gonna happen is rushing the passer. Well you know on the opposite side of Mac get about it reply but it beat Egypt and the board be double backpack Portman well. Jimmy Durkin given us the latest on the Oakland Raiders Jimmie how you see that's what's taken out Sunday New Orleans and Oakland. Really cut and and I think it's going to be a close game. You know a lot like they get given that the slight one point edge in the Portland that probably now I would lean. Just because of that the rated that. Their secondary do you think you're going to be good but it got. Got new Pete has been there that haven't played much together. So going up against through grief that perhaps not expected I think it can be cut by the by had to pick they knew war and been very close it. All right Jimmy circuit team intact and people get the latest on the rated about volley you want to it which it would. Twitter at that Jimmy under order him. Jimmie thank you so much we appreciate. It a problem. All right the phone to go to go to meet city for the teachers thank you for calling WW it ain't me quote welcome obvious that. My argument with the election that the bench. In one game. And that is a matchup that they camp a couple of this ridiculous anger had overwhelming Al all. They want not a game that he would. Obviously got tagged in middle won't count the ridiculous. Game that they could. You greeted. Now what what was. The I think I think we weren't prepared to lose three or four games this year in particular about going to so when you. Yeah I don't I don't it to anticipated I don't think it's ridiculous and you have a quarterback that's means it's a program it's. At quarterback plea other than the deer in the years and his first year has been what one Tony Awards in our passing game and you've got to. Where do you go from there in the state status quo will be run the ball or what but. It's gonna get harder and harmony in the league because the league has got a hit you know adequate adequate talent and when you stack it up the odds against them by. Like Tampa full gallons of water and in a two Gavin book is Kahne do. No no no I argue that you'll manage argued I just think that the overwhelming. All of a sudden in Panama he and that can be good and they don't think that the track I'll know exactly that you're exactly right. But I saw him sitting down somewhere out there at the quack who doubled. And incapable. Of management Cordoba you Brett are in another world who now that the. But there and out of I think Dietz and I'm not going you know some people have caught in this it would you know with fans that they you know they decree that make it but you know here's the thing I think. Strong supporters at a program always MA but at all fall kind of look at things will probably go as well but even at everything took place. Last November I think everybody would agree in agreement regardless of where you stood whose side you don't know if you notice in the middle. It wasn't a good good so it was a good in the portrait. About universities so hopefully during the last several Moss they got together and that that's how they can about expect it was you combat power black just honestly it. But people did because the sit down with the with the athletic director so for bringing on Damian Craig a formal conference quarterback. And receive his position. The ball to Lucchino that okay him that we got a good got coach naked develop a relationship. What puts people on the field to help more. In any thought there was seeded and they may maybe it was because that was cut a deal with they do they've gave a thirteen and a half points last year they gave up fourteen. To LSU but I just think people were disappointed because they saw nothing no imagination off it. It was the same old same and I'm like UT to Gordon's season pop LL SU would go to be at very least like they were on eleven. Enough talent to be able to just dominate some people in the when he got matched up it to a three conference games that's what you need in the habit of past that. But I don't I don't know if it's go competent I really don't I don't know tickled to be dead down with a request don't office of line. They confused is it media that they are good at it. Ever confuse nobody would make. It but you know when you brought him but he's US. Seemed to cope bako miles. If there at the bat well everybody counts in little stagnant yeah. But if I don't know it's very difficult to take you know I actually pick it and now that you edited the whole different at the moment the ball. And loud at this Orchard Park watching the final thing if there is certain that. The cup but not well the true. No doubt about it with a two could be a problem it was see what happens over the next few weeks could that they. Said temple will be the telling San wellness policy team that I need to take and march you know it yet the correct. Naw they write you know all. Okay are quite that you don't want I'll bet they'll. You get a bad then I think it yet. I write the ticket to see no one hates him you can take this week seventy eights and come back to Steve in the race to call it blessed. The Tulane green wait stout defense 73 last week against Wake Forest there at home Saturday against the Southern University. Jack will go to will be for it's it's up on the mean you mix that need to be a new tact. It's 431 outburst news it will go to Chris. And welcome back. Coming up later in the program it is oppresses summit of the Saints players show rookie running back at count Daniel Klesko will be with us to 60 when he seventy. You could ticks me at 870 eights into what the latest on Saints news. College news anything happens in the world of sports updates from the US open which last night Serena Williams was an accident that third set and you talk about. You sometimes I think regardless of some on the favorite not you to in the pool for you know the older person in the sport because you know we needed them at what sports unions. I guess with exceptional golf you get credit 38 balk of around thirty people thought where you're out of Beck's value Korea and so forth. And last night he wanted to put a seven positions read it to a seventh. A seventh. US open championship which would tie heavily almost you can move ahead of a degree Chris Everett Lloyd. And she retained the number one ranking in just you know you look at some buying it and how they can operate what they do it tennis I was able an individual sport. He's he's just sit him down a bit there was a way with Serena Williams every. Every you know third could use all of a power I don't know him back a return of serve that when she turns it known who. You talk about does it in attaining it Herndon elated she was paid last night they had a couple of exchanges that you could counted 3045 seconds to back four back or. Very entertaining. So what the point is is that if you want also to sports breaking news so for local text the word sports to eat 7870. And you will be in the know. Out to river ridge for Steve on line to Steve good evening thank you for calling WW Rio. Decades bank slot man always great show lecture you know yeah. Being mentioned while it'll burst into it structured much. I'm not forget about it. Are you out on great bodily last night at the special and it was a great great in that relaxes the. I'll share I'll well yet idea except. Yeah you know it's you know I found interesting is. Who was that it was in the gym before it hit it was too. His last two opponents. Out now because the injury. Probably would want with the rains in the end of the guy who was but it means that they came yet the afternoon. It's arena with in the new equipment and other means of matchup last night in the quarter and this is the most of the US open I most pitcher tennis that Watson. Eighties into the ninth Boris Becker and your old who was always my favorite when it seems like now applicable pulled him out more and sunk under and then you'll all be made it to John McEnroe. Johnson I think it's you know just don't watch the tennis players. They are tremendous. Just to go out at court you've got to be active Tutsi amiga ultimate respect for those assets at. Are absolutely it's incredible you know nobody knows that they do behind the change to keep you know it to keep up with the this kinda that they need rhetoric you know. Indeed there have been. And he you know the duration of the matches some album and it's not stop you know people Nicholas I'll. The other other maybe you know I guess some other sports it's. Want to golf and as Kobe it's not a whole ought to think you know you going to eat in situation where could train your body can't train my body that. Practice you know that's they 66 games in this sit on eighteen games in this it. But you as I wanna address that match would note time you have no idea how long has won this it as an epic like. Other route thirty minutes at a person and millions of quarterfinal matchup at night with a wet now so yeah just go oh I don't know how you like it. That's part of prepare for what you don't know how long you won't be out there. You just need to be in it popped you know tipoff yeah. You know engine broke push them up in Oregon where alcohol or elliptical machines. Yeah it every kind of marathons that do what was arguments the OK on. Think they all let it not been for a for a laugh but the actual hit. The changing going to be just fine this year and yeah I think it would at least not in games you know they. Rally together. Dude I know that it's supposed to do. In I really doubt. Wish he would Wear what I hear you say you're ranting do dispose do if anything else you point to. That lead you to believe that they've they've got to be better than what we've kind of seen receive. Well they can't be worse in the appreciate all optimistic. With a aka. I am really Perot. That are out in back let me tell you. You know it's huge it's going to be. It is going to be great she's not really do believe. You. At some you know some of the younger players to finish up well when they do it in the game. And. Pitchers in India did she have a real long gut feeling about you. Schroeder fumble you won one yet sure and thanks a lot berg you know for keeping me on our. Ellis. All the makings. To be a championship. Team again they shot. I can't believe what all the candidates out there and aptly how there. That last mile. And yes there can't recruit. Water backs. Put us over the hall national all things that we are whole game. And it definitely showed. Finish last week. I. And see if frustration at being Eisen because it has been you know it's been a struggle seemingly did. That and a quarterback that's rated oh capable of my many big guy says. At the development of the game once they stepped on campus when he be on the approved by the same Mo you've got to say that I go to the majority of regrets. Coach would have written the tuning green wave of the come down the defense well they was down this week I just aren't as they're about to go to Wake Forest Demon Deacons if Joseph and a three. Up next to be a great crowd to be jam packed that you're mistaken Saturday when they entertain. That's Southern University Jaguars coach rich yankees joining us up for the time which when you look back coaching you reviewed that game tape what did you see defensively it's a team. Maybe needs to do this week against sub them because when I look at the stats and saw some highlights am going right. Well the defense is there an option as a coach you found some things that you wanna outs in approval. You know that we can duplicate things. Defense. Or awkward turn appreciate you had not considered much. But. While tackled extremely well you know who went. Scoring and we evaluated. Kept track on the tackles as it two in Atlanta he's balking at 46 missed tackles we had twelve. On Thursday to really. You know made a lot of progress in theory worked on a whole lot after receipt and you could Internet is that the one area out. Liked it. In true talent he could take lately not. It is important fumbles we didn't intercept any passes. Or viable partner. You know let him being on the number one statistic in football you know terminal particularly Archie. But toward toward your coach wouldn't pour water better one. 91% of working so that that would work on this week and we welcome all convoluted could try to emphasize little bit more. During coach Willie Fritz hospice is tuning in attaining some universities we can you missed a insanity. In uptown New Orleans coach you know it seems that that this value by ground and pound obviously there was some balance there when you think about it. A totally ought to at 134 passing Torre prepare as if camps 47 rushing so total one but you had some balance. And and people at Tennessee will make just 73 you gotta wonder how it to me BP it's mandates but I'm look at the time of possession. How how important is that according to what you wanna do eat offensively how the offense and some of those long drives. In a game like it when you're able to sustain defense from the first quarter to the end of the game to have that category talent position in your favor. If you go to something. Kind of connection category. The poor can pick up truck it is and I'll play. You know we have offensively. I think he'll be out. Obviously on the field as much in yeah in Cox plate pretty good pizza. And golfers out there on the field. Alcohol you know he didn't do a good job. I can point to get it they'll move the ball pretty well between the twenties. We don't do much better job. Of you know scored touchdowns a field goal. You know toward the end of the game we can get through Q school got to block it and I'll put it 76. We get down there it was gonna kick another one. Week you know people actually get. Great field position in and can quote few occasions in knows our football game of the guys who. You used to our style play. I don't like tackling do the pre season camp can. Are limited depth depth that few conditions could definitely. Improve on. Go to thousand look in this college really had a break out your legacy with three teams going deep the season undefeated and has him ranked. Temple Houston in Memphis in Memphis and Houston go winning last week opening week in America and that account with. Tinian to temple led to upland. So did you how it's important if that you continue to give it to the rhythm what you wanna do before you open up conference here race there. Very important you know. I told our kids few weeks ago. Color code a lot more about this game really and we know right now I'll look on out there on a daily basis. You know you can do all the practice why are you trying to public electric seeing when you when you play actual teams blocking back. Strategy involved. Leave you wanna take a big step forward from week one that we too. You know this Saturday. You know Cedar Point can get well coach usually make their greatest improvement between equal. Hurt at all yours coaching I really do believe it. And coach Faneca fans come out is going to be a packed house Sullivan travel extreme who should be exciting to have a great. Home game to open the home mostly with soda in two main well could you tell us about the settlement at what they had a really good shown up in my own statement. As we could Bill Monroe so they they kind of got that state battled a pretty good when Monroe now they'll come down south. Does that bit about something you break him down and getting ready for coach Dawson old subject well. Candidate. And look academic game you know kind of like a tackle or they couldn't won all. Excellent. Do account you know a couple times I think you know 160 or you can. Well yet it guy pitching can direction concede. If you're seeing your form alternately quick receiver. But to sit here in the senior yeah. Fourth kick return touchdowns in his career really really that big Rex. Again Monroe and until it is going to be dramatic jail. We're looking forward tune it out Saturday. 02 really great coach Fritz thank you so much to on estimate human Greenway Saturday if you retain its seventh day. And Gerber. All right coach we've creates its that you Duke and Alex the program and it's dale. All the players back and think that dale and two it's a completely different now. I'm a data now its ground and pound yeah very few teams on the ball. As it is so it's like. Pollack out when he was at navy now go to nick. In need to yet through two category but if you talk about finding equipment the packets at a football the number one thing helpful. It's to get off the field. And in the least about and there are all on the field the injury he has from the standpoint and that's where it out of position question comes to appealing to me now means. Wait for us as an eternal battling like that was oh so crucial that spew it by seven Saturday they announced a college football right here on home. Of the New Orleans Saints at the mister tigar's WW. Is game weeks stuck to football weekend I'll write them off for clocked. With Kristian garic and Deuce McAllister in the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup tomorrow night week two with a prep football season. And in Saturday's game Davey LSU Tigers take on this out the deck can go state game packs in Death Valley pre games at 430 T by a bear myself. It would on the LSU sports networks QB at 2 o'clock which Laviolette used what's there work at 430. Kickoff is at 630 and then Sunday it is Saints gaining the black goal opened the regular season. And 88 campaigns first take a Christie Garrett and former saint great ski court in about my camp at a kick up outside the gates C. Of the dome I knew I could call the Saints and agrees with dues in June turned down the sound it sit. It sort of saints' radio and the Keita can't point at Tampa at south of wall to wall saint clarity it's gain date Sunday it's game week right here. On the home of football and the ghosts out Debbie get.