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Sep 9, 2016|

On today’s show: This weekend marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11 – the day terrorists struck on American soil. Sunday is September 11. What do you remember about the morning America was attacked? What image stands out most in your mind? What good has come from that tragedy? What lessons did we learn? We came together as a nation – why didn’t we stay together? Do we need a tragedy to stop the finger-pointing and name-calling of division? PLUS: The Jefferson Parish School Board voted unanimously to make recess mandatory in all public schools. A debate over recess erupted when an elementary school in Kenner suspended recess in the interest of more class time for the students. Many parents blasted the school’s decision saying that the kids need a break during the school day. 2pm poll- Do you think recess plays an important role in the school day? What do you remember about “recess?” Is there anything you do to take a break during your work day? Lunch – smoke breaks? If you don’t leave for lunch or smoke – do you do anything that amounts to a break during your work day? AND: The Saints open the 2016 season against the Raiders in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday afternoon! Are they ready? Are you ready? Will you continue any of the game day traditions you do on game day? Fans and players are superstitious. What do you do every game day? And will you continue to do that beginning Sunday? This hours guest: Chris Mandeville - New York Firefighter with Rescue One. His company lost the most men 9/11. He'll be in town for the event Saturday in our building 400 Poydras St. Proceeds got to Louisiana Heroes Project

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As I came to the station today I saw numerous people walking around receipts jurors sees sand saints' T shirts a clear indication that. It's either game day or is the Friday before a big game and Sunday the saints open the season against the Oakland Raiders. And the Mercedes-Benz superdome. I'm looking forward to it fresh new start. Maybe they'll surprise spec got a virus and the raiders also LA issue has their home opener for 2016. Against Jacksonville State Saturday night. And Tiger Stadium a lot going on. It's the weekend so right now reach over and crank it up because this is what you had been working for. This weekend marks the fiftieth anniversary of nine elevenths the day a terrorist struck American soil. Sunday is September the eleventh what do you remember about bad morning. America was attacked. Is this country better or worse. After 9/11. There were a lot of lessons to be Lauren I wrote an op Ed blog about what I take us through the greatest lesson that we do our part at 9/11. And you can read ensures others it's our turn it on our website at WW real dot com. There's a special event taking place here tomorrow and then there's a big party following that'll tell you about that it in in a moment but right now. Let's go back fifteen years ago to the morning of September the eleventh. You've got apparently up plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center here in New York City it happened just. A few moments ago apparently we have very little information available at this point in time that on the phone we do have Jennifer over Steve who apparently witnessed. This event Jennifer can you hear me. Hello hi Jennifer ITV hi can you please tell me why you signs give me any information about what's going on there. Out of that I have to tell us. Did it quite terrifying I'm in shock right now hiking out of the subway at Bowling Green I didn't heading to work. And battery park at the Ritz Carlton hotel and I comment. And if I got a big a good girl woke up and it was a good qualifier I'm now looking no fun at the World Trade Center. And it is a left to play to our I'm looking no I got the Battery Park right now I get an idea but I didn't have the American BN. Beckett secret behind the eight. I had about a parent. And it was The Today Show that morning on NBC and that we all remember where we weren't what we were doing when we when we heard that. We're gonna talk about that said this hour then we'll talk about the saints a little bit later wanted to get precinct things and I wanna talk about with the saints his. The the traditions and rituals the superstitions that did many saints fans have a players have these says superstitions as well. What does a ritual that you have done the last couple of years it may be as long as you've been a saints fan what does that little rituals that you do. And if the saints had a bad season last year and you did that ritual why are you continuing to do the same thing. I would turnabout that a little bit later also the Jefferson Parish on school board. Has ruled that its recess must be mandatory we'll get into that turn a little bit later. The 9/11 memorial stair climbing sixty place tomorrow at 400 ports that's the building that every WL. Is Ian and Denton is going to be a big party at two part Katie bar. And restaurant afterwards it's not a brotherhood fashioned block party was flown tried and I think at the top cancer playing as well. Chris Vanderbilt is in New York firefighter with rescue one Chris was there 9/11. He survived his company lost the most men and idolized Chris welcome to our show this afternoon. Good how are I'm good how are you. Great thank you very much for having me on. Tell me what your feelings are as we approach the fiftieth anniversary of 9/11. You know it shot. You know. At that time heals all. You know like short circuit was dark spot especially. It it'll. Actually. A trio all so so what I think about it everybody. We're gonna at all because. Like Nicole way. On Beagle that all away fire up somebody sole off. You know. If you're really at all. Especially by year. A lot chip that were. By child chip or try your goal all of armor bought or. And dye your. Eye opener all our part are out so. It's so hot Dominique some cute adored her. And tickets or pop it out keep it Chappelle. There. Oh ticket but she'll. And Christmas service 9/11 memorial stair climb this is the first inaugural morning and I'm assuming we're gonna do it to every year after this it's say it's too. I guess act as kind of like on our run oral walk where you register in the the proceeds are are going to. You know better to go to a great benefit here locally. It's it's kind of like a walk or run but it's it's a hair caught. I expect and what they are out the first law actually Beagle. For a yours now rock archery and by an England or Australia. What they diligently. They can anybody. It. At what you do fail law. There are four year follow their court and it cools and they'll be there all the well try it story. Could that out all the on Wall Street Journal. And I didn't memory. The dot buy dot report that you saw. You know the short pictures of people go stairs what requirement all at one dollar op. You know it's got to water that actually a lot for that you'll because at that a new law. Oh great now just being. So what should I actually got now be like. Like that it did it go all these stories each year on it now oh moms all anybody can trying to do it. Com and and great cause. And oh and there you know get the moderate. Yet. An. Hour or New York. Top spot on you know we're all at every help people. If you're just joining us I'm screwed in the afternoon and we're talking to Chris man there's no he was in New York firefighter with rescue Warren and his company lost the most man on 9/11 chris' talk to us now he always they're. A fifteen years ago this weekend when 9/11 hit Chris one of the things that changed about America is I guess we always appreciate your first responders but. This was a flash point in time fifteen years ago when first responders started to to get more attention and more respect from the American pop. I salute you com. And Eric. But only by the police everything out Chanel but fortunately. Side that tragedy. It'll put people realize that and match like yell at where the September elect. You know out several. Adapt the work so figures. Courts are New York. People are. You know we charged area because they took things for granted that hour we either. And it never saw so they wanted to make sure they're there by odd that only no shame. You know and our and I mean the public or what we've been apart and their list. Ordered by your country. You know soul law. You know what not what we're all prepared core or all their help people don't matter crop rated. More eclectic that there. I'm yet they threat so I think that Pratt are what oh what the church always all there are a lot right there. Chris when you first went into that the Twin Towers stood at nine a weapon on them when you when you think about how you felt that day going in and doing your job. And you look back on what you went into if you had had the opportunity to look really and think about what you're going into would you have been more. More apprehensive than you were I mean obviously you just did your job but looking back on it which have been more apprehensive. Well you know to edit I remember. You know it would work on July. You know everybody. In July that you shouldn't. You know people are. All they have been messages all bowl just comment there. That they are traits that are op no power that it by double commercial plane. And not involve them so you know acting all. In all don't so don't I know what they don't. The drop side or what they think I'll something like that what happened like oh you're a good job via pop. A server or so. It would mean partially I. I wouldn't bet com you don't know vocal collapsed coal fired or killed. You know we are first responders. Are you know I would give to the lord and I think I'll although I would joke because. That's sport about the probably were shot. Or about tradition about being apartment or purple that would engage. Chris Agassi tomorrow with this the Orioles they're climate also with the brotherhood bash at Arcadia afterwards. I woke her up beat data out. I was not. The guys Courtney out law you Egyptian patched by. Op. So back. And what are they don't touch me all I could do not become that. Your help them actually sample we received the 9/11. People are up for years. You don't want to at the port open out. It odd that this anymore don't local league. That's what my connection to Louisiana they were out there. I'm that old I could trigger an awards but not if it took brotherhood and that we aired. Air. I think twice about it. It will be an honor to meet you it will be an honor to take a picture with you and I would want to post and on via FaceBook page and tweet it out tomorrow. Chris before like you go I just have one question for you. As a firefighter firemen did you ever really get a can out of a tree. I'll actually. I'd Wear it. At. All. Sure. Yeah I. Short of what. It. Chris and his donors and honors talk to you and I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you excellent. Episode is sent nine eleven's so we're talking about 9/11 does this afternoon here into the WL. Here for Alan Jackson song he wrote he wrote about tonight 9/11 the song is called we are you when the world stopped to be right back into the and that's how America felt. After 9/11 bush for his fifteen years ago this weekend I'm scoot in the afternoon. Of all the images that you have in your mind from 9/11 what image still to this day stands out most in your mind. And do you think America is better or worse since 9/11 that's our party general opinion poll. 39%. Say better 61% say worse leadership and in my going to govern if you wrote on cup for gentility Justin welcome to show. They call. We're at here this time of the might actually not distort lie actually what our blood and not let it happen well double fault store. She years later she separated. By. And there and might sinister factory orders went back out and work. It lacks the whole time in order. To eleven was eight. Should it. Or day. I saw it it was being taught at an interim. That example you anymore along well that's the ultimate sacrifice. And you look at mile high city you realize any thought better of that and the itty. Part applicant that the work that. Where you generally good job reassuring him it was interesting that even at that young age he was sick cognizant of of what that day meant and that it was good to be a negative day. In many ways in the history of this country and it was on his birthday. It was it was pain in the near future to sell her soul. And ultimately he's let it out of the family and I will not hear all put. It's not your work anymore that they've lost all now won't be. The way I should start looking at my birthday because I grew up with a big complex because I was born on December 7 which is that daisy Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. And I was always always told that well BC there was another tragedy on that day nudges you it was also Pearl Harbor. What I believe it would be. Marked tomorrow at September 10 right there at the peak of hurricane season yes. That might sit or work that went on. If you disagree she should Collison advancing and let us know if any more kids are gonna be born so we can prepare for something. We'll look. They. Just want gauntlet of people like oh great weekend. Appreciate you listening. If you wanna join us with your thoughts and feelings and comments are numbers 2601878. Got to the stuff to talk about later but I really wanted to. To take this moment to talk about this very historic moment in history. You know my parents' generation they remember Pearl Harbor. I remember 9/11. In some ways they were similar attack on US soil. At a time when I think this country have a collective sense that nobody would dare attack us. Noble people attack are nobody would dare attack our soil. The Japanese stated in 1941. And its members of al-Qaeda Islamic militant extremist. Did in 2001. So historic day we all have memories of 9/11 which was fifteen years ago this weekend if you wanna join us on numbers 2601878. In a text is a Tiffany's have we will be right back for your comments. I'm scoot in the afternoon and here's our WW Valdez updates with Don James. This Sunday is September the eleventh and on that morning fifteen years ago. An American Airlines 767. Loaded with passengers and 20000 gallons of fuel. Crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City about eighteen minutes later. A United Airlines 767 with passengers and a full load of fuel slammed into the south tower. Of the World Trade Center this is what it sounded like if you watching television that morning. And other damage to the west side of that building which is to the right side of your screen. This of course happened just before the morning commute before people were heading into their offices and while I'm sure some people we're already at work. Immediately there's speculation or cause for concern this is. The World Trade Center and it was the center of the terrorist bombing for. For some years ago so the questions have to be asked was this a purely an accident or could this have been an intentional act. I was watching this hours or is it Portland Oregon at times so this was a 5:45 in the morning my show started it turns 6 o'clock in the morning. Andy was fifteen minutes before we were going on the air and die I I'm watching this and then we turned up the sound of the margarine a studio. And I'm thinking to myself why is their this speculation that it might be a twin engine sightseeing plane. And that was one of the early reports a we're not really sure it was of a perfectly clear day in New York City. I looked at the hole in the building I thought this is no small planes. And so I was convinced that this was an attack before even saw the second plane. What memories do you have of that day fifteen years ago now from New Orleans Janice here under the WL. And idol and now. I'll never forget what day that was displayed in the past. I don't cut. The Ada Cox I think it was fatigue can. It was at 8 o'clock in the morning. The practicality genuine pinky. That was going to be much in the region from Calgary. I see the Donald England guy. So automatically to. I have my guy and I'm thinking about. Until square downtown taken about the the international trade that the American actually and we think an hour. And they said. And when the plane yet and they should point. I thought it might cabinet hideous that treatment. Of the planning and building and benefit inevitably step. And that second and that's what struck me my god this is deliberate this week. So lightweight Q what did you feel at that moment Janice because I was all right so our country was under attack. A destination. And should really disappointed about that to think that this would be done to. Deliberately. Went there to get my upload them and probably the Pentagon said the cardinals and GM but it came on the Clinton you know a completely different desperately. I should. The chip. Did you get to haven't. WW. And the Pentagon to. Now and then you have to wonder what was next a mean everybody everybody result aren't they were so many planes in the air that we we aren't going to be next. I tell you I don't spit on television. Couldn't get a break gonna attract the put another station but I can't navigate back to that the content on this thing you know about the best you thinking about that was probably can't double digit. And didn't end there and I'm not when I went home. It affected me particularly to. Negative captain went. On airplanes going home. I would make of this. This attack and that the talk myself to come in Japan and if that's okay I think it's. Bad and don't worry. I think this is the weekend at the movie Sully opens up starring Tom Hanks which is about the the airline that sat down in the Hudson River. And you could imagine in New York City when people saw that plane flying that low and and you know cruising around the building see I'm I'm sure there were people who thought there was another attack. I can't hit it fat it's then going to frightening dude it's. And like I said yeah it's something that's in my mind and I was mad as long as the idol has its. Everything that put that on and how I felt when I actually realized that there was no accident. Janice I appreciate the collars and you know that you can't. Unseen things. You don't want you see something like the images of 9/11 you can't you can't that white like that out of your mind you can't see something. And an end and don't think that it was an accident. Or just random. That these al-Qaeda terrorist selected American Airlines and United Airlines. I think they selected those airlines because of the names American and united. And the World Trade Center they would do what ever they could to enhance the imagery. Of their attack. I'm scooter the afternoon you Arnold hang on we'll be right peck on debit and you'll. On a pop culture calendar it was on this day September the ninth 2005. U2 and Mary. Mariah Carey Madonna. Sheryl Crow leash or create Alicia Keys and many many others performed in different cities around the country to benefit shelter from the storm. A concert to the Gulf Coast and that was to raise money for people impacted by. Katrina. From boutique Jerry here on WW a good afternoon. We. But I don't speak during. You do it. And I enjoy each hole and that but it happened gutless. But show too good. At it it that there. Eight years ago with. The city art or. India tree. I took seventy tree guy. According true muted. I. But I went all the calls are so Big Apple built that came out. His assist but. You. Bashful. Here. I'm with a group called it acts. Eddy a bit of motorcycle in this area. Every year we. We they all fire eyes and we keep that but it. Sure keep. But also. On the net and gentlemen. It killed us. Work out so. We do you do that because I call said Doug York all Europe's. It all our. Organization. And I am tomorrow. Sweet though. I like come on out and see what we do. Now go support. Jerry I gotta I got a phone call and I was asked to to emcee part of that so I will be here after the saints game Sunday afternoon. Yeah. We'll be here you can just get. Hartley would have told you will beat it to our. Yeah. Beat their Sunday during a shot at a Saturday are. It started. Folk art is jump borrow. Well but what about that the music in the concert that's Sunday as it. No the the music they're V that the bands that are gonna perform at the west we go farmer's market that's Sunday afternoon president. It at all but I'm gonna show. Anyway I'm whichever whichever day it is a difficulty of the day I am I will be easier the happy to be part of that. Or I rejoice I appreciate the call I appreciate you giving us that information yeah I'll be I got information on that we'll talk more about that coming up. If you would like to join us with a comment this afternoon we're nobody saw coming in and yet they were so many signs that maybe something was going to happen. But. 9/11 attacks in America this was a powerful wake up call. That the threat of of of terrorism was was everywhere. And the operatives that orchestrated that terrific attack. 9/11 were all members of the Islamic. Extremist group al-Qaeda. Most of the terrorists were living in America summit they're taking flying lessons with the goal of learning how to fly a large commercial aircraft. And when it was learned that the bitterly wanted to learn how to steer the place and had no interest in learning how to take off or land. It should have been obvious that our guard was down. And people were not alarmed. That there interest was in only steering the planes and and that was highly highly suspicious. Things have changed since then. Thank god. Those attacks. Changed America. Since 9/11 our and our nature has been much more aware of the risks and the contributions of first responders. Before 9/11 America felt. Safe from attack and a great sense of security coming from the fact that ocean separate our shores. There was a general attitude that no one would dare attack America. The morning of nine elevenths erased that false sense of security fifteen years ago. And we did it differ nation since then. There are numerous images that are embedded in our minds. By the one image that stands out most in my mind. Is how divided America once in 2000 point. And George W. Bush for president. Many people hated George W. Bush. And America rallied around bush. Not as Republicans. Democrats independents. As Americans. Republicans and Democrats united on on Capitol Hill. We as a nation to look at each other as white black Hispanic straight gay Christian on Christian. We looked at each other the way we should look at each other now. As Americans. So fifteen years later here we are more divided than ever. We look for ways to accentuate our differences. So as we look back on the fifteenth anniversary of September the eleventh of that terrorist attack on America. Let us remember that when we upper attacked as a nation we came together as a nation we embraced each other as warned. There are so many lessons to be learned from that day in 2001. But one of the most important lessons we should learn in my opinion. Is that we should be more united. Than divided. And it should not take a tragedy or disaster. To bring us together. I'm scooter the afternoon and we'll be right back under WL. This weekend is the fifteenth anniversary. 4911. A moment there are generations will always remember as a day America was attacked. And for many generations. They don't remember Pearl Harbor this was a data will be remembered the way our parents' generation remember Pearl Harbor. This is what it sounded like on the NBC today show when the second plane hit this was the life reaction on the show. Of course a major concern is. He went and masa Ain T know if there were many people on the bill. When it hits and something else just hit a very large plane flew directly over my building and it's been another. Collision meaning if I had a shot at home like something else have you look at. Just saw play and certainly I'm building isn't. We just saw a plane circling the building. A second go on the shot right before. The may have been another impact can you talk registered another very loud bang and a very large plane that might have been a good. DC nine or 747 to go past my window and I think they've had betrayed her again. Yeah there was some speculation now when the first plane hit that it was a twin engine sightseeing plane or that it was an accident but it was a clear day in New York City that day. And what little I knew about flying I thought this doesn't look like you would be an accident because a plane and and and when I looked at the big gaping hole in the in north tower when the first plane hit. A look at that gaping colossal this is not some small plane. It might have been. It would native of would have made a hole but not that big of all this this was a huge. Airline and then the second one hit and many if you because the media after the first plane hit the media was focused on. That. CNET. And many of us saw the second plane hit life. So the Jefferson Parish school board has now made recess and mandatory this good or bad for kids alone getting to that coming up in the next hour. It's Friday afternoon major witness I'm scoots on every if you'll.