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09/12/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - The Kingman UFO Incident

Sep 12, 2016|

09/12/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Harry Drew discusses his years of research into finding the truth about the Kingman, AZ UFO incident; plus your calls, and more

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This episode of beyond reality radio. Aired live on September 12 2016. They welcome beyond reality radio for one reason Monday's don't suck. Welcome hey Jimmy how are all I am right now you know they can actually there's there's three reasons they don't suck. There's been unreal you radio. And beyond reality radio and and then and I'm just gonna say you and me that I but I you know and steadily made so there's this career isn't there a spouse you know I gotta tell this is the first. Show I think that we've done under current situation where I haven't been in the studio sweating. The that it did the temperature has changed significantly in upstate new York and we've dived right into autumn. Whales from ninety to fifty. And it's chilly but I like it I'm actually very comfortable Manama to kind of like an. We went from 88 to seventy about 7072 today in my in my cousin Johnny up there enough far from you should send and image status now today did a brilliant yet and where he has and he's only 45 minutes from him so I think he's definitely higher elevation by yeah I mean I just did a pretty nice day it was in the seventies but that in the evening cools rate down a title like it. So it in order makes me think that makes me think Halloween speaking of which. We've got some really great shows shaping up coming up in the next few weeks but also as we get in Halloween season October can be really good stuff. Yeah we do and I've actually talked with some old friends or my Christian day who is it's a certified warlock out of five Salem very well known and and a bunch of other people but I it's. I honestly we've got some really neat things coming up some predictions going to be going on Sudan and a among the forty can handle. Yep and new one of the things we can talk a whole lot about it yet but this presidential election coming up where you were consulting some. People would some psychic intuitive abilities and see what they think of this in it's going to be a pretty interesting deal. I wonder I wonder how their thoughts are gonna change now especially with and with what just recently happened with Hillary yeah Hillary Clinton well that's true. The then that's a funny thing I'm one that we've asked the questions are these psychics and they made their predictions are ready and then. Over the weekend we have this whole thing happened which really does change the complexion of things so really especially with everything going on now did any of them save possibly she wins with one issue this process should cost issue when she machine almost went down you've seen that graphic float around FaceBook good the weekend at Bernie's graphic with Oprah yes but yeah it's cracked me up. Again we don't talk politics here but that make me laugh every just. And so what we do have a we do have a great show tonight we got hairy Giroux he's. Mojave county historian and leading authority on a region wide UFO activity and throughout the week tomorrow we've got Scott Smith he's a freelance journalist. And with 16100 articles that appeared in a 175 different. Media outlets. He's written a bunch of books are sold your pet evidence of the survival animals after death. And his latest Dodd reconciled and reckons cement right now comparing our camera in that. Reconsidered or whatever Serran it's all screwed up my man so searching for truth in the battle between atheism and religion. And then Wednesday when that went to lake writer and practitioner of satanic black magic. You know on Thursday Tim borrowing Christine Christina held their owners of of light workers and they have developed a very special technique they call to they call as. As CM gateway it's it's a meditation technique and it. It helps remove the thinking conscious mind completely allows you to speak directly to the inner mind. I'm not sure what my inner mind has to save and make just learn how to talk to a. And they also talk about direct communication with spirits which would be really interesting if if it truly works I think there's that'd be wild suck but. Should be should be inching hey Jim you ever see that she in that movie mine and minority report now. Arnold's movie Tom Cruise are able to. Predict in predict in the future of crimes that were and how did you see or jumped Tom cruises and tankers that I haven't seen. Okay well that scientific class and I saw the poster on your wall back there I don't like. But I'm so honestly now. So there are using computers they're all they're using. Psychics really to help predict crimes before they happen to people get arrested. And now the cops are already using computer stop crimes before they happened other unionized and becoming as a successful Aminu they have well assessment. Aaron in a major piece of research called artificial intelligence and life and 2030 researchers from Stanford University said predictive policing techniques will become commonplace in the next fifteen years while. The techniques eleven major effect on transport healthcare and education protect potentially bringing massive benefits as well as putting millions of jobs at risk. When the hands of the cops ai has the potential have massive in a massive impact on society by allowing law enforcement to have an overbearing or persuasive presence. And the other talking by 2030. And a lot of North America will actually be working off this art fashion artificial intelligence system which will. Maybe if it sees somebody in the reality it can actually predict the the percent chance it's that that person is waiting to mug somebody in the list goes on and on so. This whole I think we're talking about not too long ago with computers taking over now computer's gonna make us all bad everybody's gonna arrest everybody in the news of the world. We were we're talking about the driver less cars earlier we're now we're talking about artificial intelligence are predicting. Crime you know thirty have a bit of a problem with some peace police cameras on every street corner and a lot of cities I mean. A friend of mine just stood just got to a ticket now to them they had but I guess that are rolling stop at a at a stoplight or something and stuff signers of and there's a camera took the picture just mail the ticket Austin tomes Sanyo 300 bucks sort of effect was. I don't know is something very very unsettling about. All that well and I spent time in England and even overseas and but everywhere over there there's cameras is literally cameras everywhere and you can't do anything without knowing. So the people I guess it just that they've been sort of born and raised in this whole. Situations especially when everything was going on there way way if the diary for awhile and so forth. So arm. So it's it's it's common life to them and I feel like the US is getting to the point where were and we're gonna end up in that same place which is scary because you never know who's in who's in control. Well that's it and you never know what that footage abused for Sunday. On the archive everything here and there is there either people sitting behind those two those monitors watching this stuff they see something they think's funny. What's to stop them copying and using it down the road for something I don't know it's a it's a little weird there's a fine line between having enough security in and then just invading people's privacy and I'm not sure that Linus. Yeah arrow will say they'll see what now what happens in time so I also wanted to mention this report that just came in. The other day. From the English newspaper the mirror it says the US foe hunters have claimed to a spot and ancient alien antenna that sticks up off the surface of the moon. Ruined yeah are and what well there's all these ferries that home besides things crash there but that the moon is hollow and and and so for the Ashley is an alien Bay's book on. Well this particular your 400 as it scans NASA images very very closely and he in some other. Conspiracy theorists claim that there is aspire that is what appears to be more than three miles tall offer the surface of the moon that is. Used according to them as a communication tower for extraterrestrial transports. Three mile remarks you know that's that's pretty begged and I that is very high. He said he added that gentleman's name is mark so so soleil thing and he spotted the bizarre spike in NASA image he believes. It could be located on the roof actually of an alien camp. He says it's three point 64. Miles tall this guy is seen as a U apologist any and a and and of his considered NS astronomy Esther what but he's in Finland. And he spotted the the spire in 2016. Of January 2006 sweet sixteen and says. He's pretty sure that's what it's for and he actually found it again in three other images that were captured by the 1967. Orbiter that that went around them. Point and it's not that far of a fetch defending especially with. The whole theory like error saying of the hollow earth and it it actually. And they're being entrances and exits for UFO's to go on amount of and that's been there and that's been out there for a long time so it's not just churning toward the stars on the island but there's a lot of weird things like we we went to the moon that the time when we never go back when. I mean is there there were parts where they they let parts of the ships and drop down. And it hit and it sounded as it just made a huge echoing sound. They kept on going and how does it that makes no sense. Are we had a guest on. Not long ago who we talked about this a few times who. Claims parts of the moon landing situation where hoaxes he doesn't seem to think they actual landing strokes has but he says all the images we saw work. On because NASA was too afraid of something going wrong to allow real life images to be shown so we'll have to bring him back on a chat about that'll. Yeah and then there's all there's a lot of we're new we're claims of that stuff which you gotta wonder. And you release at their wonder why did we never go back you know and it may makeshift -- are over her talk about more of this type of thing with our our guest Terri drew when we come back from break he is an expert. On the Mojave county area and the particular that can mean UFO incidents which I peace according to him. Most of what we know about that incident or what anybody knows about it is false he's done all the research he's gone this far back in in the archives is the teen sixties. And has really sorted all out is gonna Cheryl that with us. This is one I know very very little lumps on non interest in hearing all the details behind its civil bring in that Perry drew when we come back it's beyond reality radio with Jason javy. 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Don't miss Gary Condit it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found at scare conduct. Tom that's still time Duncan. Welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio with Jason Hawes and GP Johnson don't forget to stop by the FaceBook page beyond reality radio. It's called I'm on FaceBook and get the light more of looking to build those numbers we like to see them growing. And we've got some goals and wanna talk about a goals. Com sugar while it would what do you want you wanna try to hit 20000 by the end of the week ya listening that I I don't think that's an issue and all because everybody's been so supportive and just in the last little while while we've been on averages jumped up over 300 gotta like that. Kind of like that thank you everyone OK well it's time to go to our gas line to bring in our guest Terri drew he's a Mojave county historian in the leading authority on region wide UFO activity past. And present. His a professional expertise is recognized and sought by agencies educational institutions. Interest in toward group's new media museums and individual enthusiasts that are curious about your foes here and of course the history behind. The 1953. Kingman UFO story welcome to the program Terri welcome and thanks for joining us some beyond reality radio. Good evening from Arizona good morning as well. Thank you very much carry you have. Quite a diverse history in a wreck list of accomplishments the one you start the program here by telling us a little bit about. How you became interest in the interest in the topic in got started in your research. The nineteenth two G street king and you'll slow. Incident. Bitter crash or whatever waters and those long been a story in an area wore down witches. Kingman Arizona where it came down. From. Rancher out south central Oregon years donors under ago to get out of the snarl. And Harang. Which was of the right moves. And because I've been a historian. And author for better than forty years. A museum director of votes of museums of an apology or girl of your ministry I had an actual interest in. Don't the geology and a lot of things are jerks that nick Arizona so very special. But. Blues you'll have slowed to bring was Richard Koehler of interest because. As a youngster. Or about a week before it turned six. I saw one are you out so well while being led around by mark caller. I'm by the hand way back then. Down so I had some inkling of I'm saying Jeanne don't fly around that I'm back there and it couldn't be done fired around 1963. Water does. Basically and in long iron coming from the east the Russell direction. Headed towards Kingman. Erin there were a series of were ordered. Pressures or incidents that happened. I was starting in 1947. And then coming here is sort began to do research using did the heat. Methodology of protocols are more perfect in ourselves. We're borrowing and at least our amber hands science nearer. Rather down a lot of warm and Fuzzy stories that come around and fly around and I found out. That in fact was one of the biggest problems in regard to this story on Nam I obtained all of the imprimatur Schoen trump. A previous us are counting historian. Mojave county Arizona. Down here as long since passed a whereas an excellent historian but he had acquired. And under Jews can't give an error bureau which is to actually 65 pages long that was done by oh marine noted brewery. Are capable. Researcher back tees in mount chooses by the name of Raymond Fowler who is still living today. And he did an interview with the mayor around and said very nasty shooters as capture. On seeing a story in the newspaper or small story in the newspaper about a young boy doing. A book on new social or use any mention are doing a neighbor. Who had seen a spaceship. In Kingman Arizona and and so Raymond Fowler and hundred man. Around that brown are honest down according jitters eyewitness account spent one hour on the ground. Western Europe showed that came down on eighteen Mary. 1953. And missed person was was it on the 21 of merit. And he was a legitimate person was stripped out buyer mister Fowler. You spent twelve jurors. Wright Patterson. Air force base at the end of twelve years he was sent. You vote freshman slots. Out and Nevada atomic bomb testing site. And he was in the match girls to version and basically what we're would say today he was. Like a bomb blast analyst Ian senate structures. And we're purge truckers that the bombs shard to destroy it or did do is short so that will have some working. Knowledge of how atomic weapons. Mess things up down so he ended up being. Sent by aircraft from. Indian springs or force base. And Nevada to Nevada were. There were other scientists. A total of forty were loaded aboard an. General Motors or to Israel one. But it's an 840 made driver's name is Dennis I am are tied to learn from our research bush and and they came out to look at crafts. In the evening of torn when Mary had been on the ground about three afternoons. Down it was intact to. No bearing whatsoever it's been described this is one hour on the ground is there to witness eyewitness. Who was interviewed by follower. Had spilled on the ground general Odom back in a bus of boundaries gay paper cheers and military police to let him out of the bus and back to the blessed. Aaron so they made a little short report. And then they were taken back to cynics and flown to wherever they came from and what's interesting out of that one hour or shrieking and or more over guns well what happened. I came around down what I wanted to find out was. Was it real. Or is it justice story. An intrusion story about a hoax. What. And it ended up down here and reviewed and 85 year old. Firsthand eyewitness a brilliant man. Lieutenant colonel in our distaste Earth's forests a test pilot a fighter pilot who was. The last surviving member of the retrieval to name. Who went to the king when landing site because it didn't crash. Down and so I interviewed him around egg in just went to America snowballing or just started to bring in 2006. Well pair and Harry not not to cut you short but. It is this story like I'm very on V I follow a lot of the stuff with the UFO's but I'm very unfamiliar with the story is it's almost. I don't see a lot of information that's been out there on the senate gee you think that there's a certain reason behind that. Under a basically what. And I don't see a lot of information. Like you got the Roswell incident on 47 I don't title C a ton of information on the emerging in there as well. Elders not a lot of information on Americans aren't sitting on. Erica or caring I am sitting in sodomy is a hard brown Torre to wish wired Leo straighter. Full color book tutors to debtors Dustin. Four. State library systems for universities of our orange and turn museums Saudi super public yours on everything I have our researchers consists of hundreds of documents. Found on Derek Roy Moore number is an odd and sort of perhaps. Around our own eyewitness. Living eyewitness burgers. On I'd be stranded many of the century family old timers Shearer. And king when you could apply the name. On what happens here worst days your round they lived. Out during the title four or true there was a large. Military training base from seventeen. A bomber traders. And particularly. Like waste and current donors. Air on. They actually were living in terror wanderers. An undeclared martial law what I say is living here are we're on a chick everybody back for a second to do exist as a historian. I'm I am a historian a professional historian what does that mean we don't want. Used to copy somebody else's terrorists 400 yours ago and keep telling an outing a little spin. And by the time we get it to the campus today you're reading seven has nothing whatsoever to do. With his modifies the game so much else. Yeah house so. It's young lusty in some ways and not others but they're basically on wind was down. Chrome people who weren't sure black outs are here and the whole line yards down on they were programmed. Willingly. And chew. Wish ranged from talking about anything was going on and they continued that right on room after the end of world war Q and of course unfortunately we moved it's almost and immediately into the Cold War and so it continue to run on. Oh and penchant and in short lightening up. Honestly until those sixty's. Yeah and this all also. Comes from a time where were the originals. Course extremely. For the aerial was a rancher by the name of Leonard and Neal. Who migrated nor is from the big sandy river and her went cold. We're Kia up to Kingman several the area and her body and hundreds. Though aren't surgery journals are relatives. So they kept it in the Stanley. Iowa or hang on right there because we need to take a break but when we come back and it death I deathly wanna get into that seems like such a tight community. And they just kept this this. Whole thing secret and just I would definitely one understand why but you listen to Jason Giambi on reality radio be right back after this. Welcome back to beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes and JB Johnson don't forget our telephone number later in the program will be taking listener calls. It's a 446877669. Our guest tonight is Harry drew were talking about the can mean UFO incident. Carries an author of the book called seven days in May and he is the most thorough researcher and investigator of this particular incident. Harry let's stick a couple steps back here you get you through a lot of information that had respite. There are people like Jason and we're talking about who might not be quite familiar with what the claims. Are that make up that can mean UFO incidents of back to the core what was the incident. Are and don't won't register at like murder come back at me one to examples of these. These towns poorest claim injures are just saying. Because I condition around. Any of these things from the Justine plus. Stores are out there of reversal popular. On that or an hour okay what are what. Erica yeah I'm not sure so are we really don't have any running as an example of thumb of big Europe or America. That's news. Irene searched. On all the newspapers within 100 miles of Kingman Arizona. Including. Las Vegas. And never found a single word. I'm down or you're so any where near the times ran in all of the main 1953 came in Europe so. Incident crash landing whatever. Down. And for a historian as the alarm bell. Around so I checked there's only Richmond newspapers. So I didn't need to put on Margaret. Might desert boots to go check this out and instantly. Down front page coverage. In the news it. OK and just percent had gone on to say that remember. If the you know social trash isn't in the newspaper it never happened and the logic. Debt is missing with these statements. Is extraordinary. You know there was not. On our crew widow woman who ran off an alien and ran off and one was dead and the rest of the crew fought the retrieval. Team Reagan's. That's a current book. Story that's on Amazon right now. Boy he had an idea but I mean look at who would do well here here's here's the main thing we are but we're just listen listen for one sec week. When I said earlier that I wasn't. Familiar with the story I ain't no way it was insinuating that didn't happen I just said that it hasn't been a huge in your face public knowledge thing. Like the Roswell, New Mexico situation. Now I've I've spent six years and the yield. I'm serious spent six years and that deal. Engineer working on the marianas trench for James Cameron come up. Stop what he was doing for the dollar that's where he was with camel. With my cameras because. Although light can read ancient town there and late habit stated. Abbott how others sites for a primitive man or more modern man on going back five or ten dollars under threat capital 302 years ago likened normally ground terrain reach out because there's been an and farm that'll change. Shearer. Where we're having more more sure Aaron what was pure desert. So we're getting some undergrowth man's innate but rush. And some small pine trees or analysts that due to warriors couldn't see. Areas that I was convinced there were places even a friend of mine who's a museum curator. Spent twenty your version and the second please and now we're talking about I didn't find one. Styles three. And by atomic got to that or oracle litigant site action but when you say you found three phone 31. Sites OK three sites three sites we're entertainers and with the witness okay I edges Phil yeah yeah that's one term trends and track the ambulance site. I found like the airports left yesterday. And on one I phoned. Ice found that because all the elderly. Who's deceased now on edge and wonderful man to elderly gentleman who was an. Where he was he and the retrieval team in the back of military truck. Covered the Candice. And when they made a corner or corner on in 1912 wagon rode the back flat turn and he saw something was a landmark. And I spent a lot of time out in the desert did. Or they're desert down oh aren't. And one I had to land more heads and and a description of what we're beaten it'll. And that his sect had some idea what to look for. Is among the ground and I'm following stuff from documents. And research libraries. From. Eyewitness were all reports. That are contained here. Not. Any morals and from century champ weeks and are are. Down on end and another coral. This type of saying so register and what conferences. You uncover reply the picture too slow. I came up with a description. The early sheriff's office. Back in 1953. This is me Gary usaid. And 3400. People only two roads in and out. Of Kingman Arizona wonders are going selves. You know him and so but but these stories out there talk about the team in Europe was loaded up. And it will and they closed highway forty from Kingman to. There are very nicely and I got to stop her I guess to produce a second because you've got so much information there. But sorry I think there are a lot of people that still just don't even know what we're talking about if if if in in you know three or four sentences. Or five if you have to what exactly. Happened what was the quote unquote. Our support okay very focused a little hard to do. And I'm but because of something or forces doing there was no military present your. Period there were all as far as they're the base callers in August 1945. Or force left. And the was more or based it was turned over remarks account so everybody gets up or down should be but blasts because it's Cold War. Okay and Korean War. Because of doubt. And a shorter though does Soviet Union was building a new bomber they are naming the Bayer could come down over the hole and bomb United States would nuclear weapons. This is all believed high intense he's right they've they've brought in and senate's three. On mobile while. When radar systems with a technician for each one and an operator for each warrant and were trying to increase the range on. Radar what to do is anything the radar only on the ground only 125425. Mile range. Which is not announced it's not a bomber coming over the all so they wanted to at least go to 150 miles. While back east were building a new type of radar system which to get away from the real World War II cents she's so. So with these guys should know what we're doing there were just increased our story simple. You you'll Wear his short holes microwave radiation generators people wonder. The next to double tower and people and although on on a double power again. Does everything to increase arranged to went to increase. Did you Roger got a double power from when it. Gotta use so so what does that mean it means they set up an a without knowing. Without planning they set up on a torrent of position each with these highly overpowered. Radar systems run on a slight way. For UFO was OK unidentified. What they're what the locals call the more discs. Flying disks you are these and these events seen here before. Because our researcher was back to 1856 and walks this weight organs and the roads are what you wore number or else. This is such first place or to record. In 1947. Before Roswell. Doubt there was an aggressive attack by U follows on people and it's front page news here. What they would is so the UFOs actually attack people. Well it's I guess so there were on an airplane 500 year off the ground on approach to land. When they were set upon by multiple Liu wrote those coming from the cell. Rebutted the old timers have told me where you're now don't go there there's an underground base down there. And so I haven't gone down her OK so now we're really jumping out of out of the whack. Because there's so many side issues to bring us altogether and then put it in just some kind of crime and all jury where people can actually read and understand what's going on. So. With all about said. They suddenly have to. Hear and understand that may have been a problem. Over towards Aztec. That was another one before England which is going east towards. Watch. And there was this there was a string of them I don't know all of monsters. Because that's not what armor search and doing. And I'm OK and on your library we got to take a quick break and we'll come back and pick the story up where you left off it's beyond reality radio. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right after an arrest in the when you need to subscribe taps her match. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps her magazine has been completely redesign and re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website its taps her bag dot com that's capture or match dot com. Click on the subscribe now like enter the promo code and beyond and check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it's half. Our magazine again go to the website tab power Mac dot com. That's taps CarMax dot com use promo code beyond the same. Welcome back to beyond reality radio Loverboy bumper music for area on this Monday night slash Tuesday morning our guest. Is Harry Giroux and Harry this is a very short segment we've actually got about him maybe men and half here so what you pick up where you were do we really wanna get to the bottom of exactly what the incident was because our that'll be allow us to frame and all the rest this conversation that we're kind of get a little bit lost on. And I understand and I'm so. With that in mind. I'm going to skip a lot of things and that and that's the meat picked up in the book connect I appreciate it. I'm so basically you have the radar systems. And this this is to carpet for the worst but from. So 1 morning they switched a mom. And coming from the Norris added Sowells. And what was described to me would be. Well they're a much for Eric. But of crafts or not and her stellar crowd was like a shuttle. This is what to describe the difficult to me and talk about the people. In regard to. And the ones who were on site. On August when it first and and the eighteenth of marriage. Nineteen to three down and sent a well it did something I cannot tell you what that is but it did something to the avionics. The propulsion system. Down the told that was an eyewitness went out terror has drama was to determine. The rate of fall and forward speed. And he's a mathematician. Physicist. Down and injured her and he could not understand why can't the crap was damaged. OK okay so you're saying you're destroyed again this. This radar array that the military had set up actually somehow affected the craft of as it was coming in and forced it to land. Likened the is that what the reaction yeah the current auction which percentage. And down weather when jump on our audience in Italy his response was lights out to took 737. Commercials 737 and I don't on Ares army got to do this we got a break coming up we can't see we have to take it it's beyond reality radio. Welcome back to the program beyond reality radio Jason Hans GB Johnson we are in the middle of a great discussion about the came in UFO story don't forget that tomorrow night. We've got smock Scott Smith joining us he's an American. Freelance journalist who has written a number of articles. Including books as well that talk about the soldier pat evidence for the survival of animals after death always a great topic here beyond reality radio. Our conversation now that was with Harry drew and Harry before we went to break we kind of figured out that. The incident itself this whole can mean you have coincident boils down to and I know there's a lot of information and a lot of explanation goes along with that but you know the the military had radar installation. That installation was high powered and for some reason. That says those radio waves are that installation caused some malfunctioning and UFO and an alien craft forced it to land pick up the story there. Or at that's an assumption. I'm. As I can uproot them OK. Partner I'm well I'm going to skip it I'm not used to work with commercials. Our Kara normally when it does speak a be able to talk you know in solvent. Because people don't always know about what that's going on here on so I'm gonna jumping out and please forgive me out there are. Around because I'm gonna leave now while lecture from. What happened as his craft came came down there are it was out it flew seven point two miles made a forced landing. The retrieval team was sent from. Nellis Air Force Base it took about two hours to get a mirror and they went out to error on the stuff about all out. Yeah when they arrived this is. In the afternoon of the eighteenth of may 1993. There was a swore remember crew. Standing outside the craft or Arnold taxis on this nineteen already are road even today you know downs ordinary use that. Here you see crew you mean alien group. Our concern crew. And I asked the out elderly earth forest men. And when I heard there's a big surprise. On I asked him. They were an ace. He was dumbfounded reserve chairman. Just an airman Iran he's saying. They were human. But slice she'd tolls. Sandy colored error. Short cropped terror they were wearing. Light suits they were loaded up. Sent someone out with the oh radio because there's no radio communication error notional or even today and groom lake was in airports days handed Ross Edwards airforce bases and enix. And our operator of the black budget until like you did you fives and it became known as area 51. This craft was loaded up over a four day period where it's equipment brought in from camp one and a whole sorted out that. And it was loaded up and taken out in the middle of the night. Well on on the morning of the 22 of today. And we're ignores a bit on the road to nowhere land and and the whole nine yards and sorts and leaky and to hit on the highways or see it. And at the the crew were removed. Immediately. Adopt secret. And they were taken to groom lake which is area 51 the crap I'm talking about. That landed there are all right I will tell you this eyes down the place based on. The landmark. That was given to me and I was able to try regulate. Roamed out where I needed to go from an interview done in 1973. Willis. By Byron Zoller with a witness. And soy and ordered go. And I pulled out in my Jeep and I was parked at the she'll June. Because everything that the air force left behind. In 1953 was still error is still there it is an archaeological site right now. OK there are objects error that are debatable. Just like I'm looking at a Clovis point. For a male it's under that were made under US government contract. And it will experimental linking to wanted to do too and as hundreds of okay down a rare rare and so anyway all that aside. I thought I was done and I was talking to ray curator. Trend of mine. Coolidge spent twenty hours looking for what is called red lake crash push this is red lake Mojave county Arizona not New Mexico. Downs so. I said Jake lived there a little chip and walked around the cancer at its territory about but I had this I had this hunch and it. In men with the drones. Your engineer that that was working on her entrenched iron and dole out and I and I examine this film and sound. We're ricocheted off a rocky Butte. I know that just since it went before Allred into the desert lower down the skid down all the bottom rock turned up what your reports are taking out the pieces. Four member troops to suffered severe or. Damaged is there a lower extremities were rushed. And Ellis are forced by based indicted injuries the other two roughed up but alive were taken to join the other four broom late. Area 51 only Beckham one more time or they crashed that land. Is UFO. The entire. Area 51 Europe post story is based on. It's. It wasn't damaged itself on machine that one should find out. What was affected by all these overpowered radars which locals complained about lights of birds being killed. General when he was putting out a huge amount of and obviously the operators and technicians died. From brain tumors and discussing and I can't find it out because came and was in the past and follow. They could see the bomb blast from king and that is to go slashing the nuclear bomb test over in the Nevada desert. OK and so okay so I think I'm all done what this thank goodness you know it's like I didn't expect to that I did an interview but found a document and it did an interview with the head of Mojave county. Court okay and I said it's like you describe to you in turn your. John the sheriff's office had not been torn down asserted mental I'll tell you wanna wanna Robert doesn't want more. There's a crash out. Don't read like pressure on the 22 of may. Raised later. There's another one it was right in front of everybody national champion in the daytime. And it hit the side door stays of the walloped by mountain which sits right next to king and about sixteen miles away in itself the entire mountain and so are its timber that was a home a lot mill. Sixteen miles from Morgan to hit the ground down. Around so but the expectation wa news. Doubt that didn't happen and what happened next was. A Forest Service worker taking things up to our partners were volunteer or use large big. Metal cables tool was watering gun Shaq too wet Ramada went down. And to grass with debt to try to keep the park spreading ash and troubles dirt and they didn't have aircraft to come and drop. I'll retardant or any of that set the waited for bulldozer and a poor service were church seized two. Individuals' right near the source to the sire. And he would become suspicious and goes over to. There are supposed to be there in their aimlessly walking around and he goes over Ernie talks Joseph when they won't talk to him he won't answer Anthony's saying. Okay they're taken into custody. And they were taken to the sheriff's office law enforcement has some they put him in a call solid concrete steel reinforced detention room. Bowl great meeting below surfaced in the yours in the basement of the 1915. Mojave county court Els which still exists. OK so on the L one rushing out once secondary because it's the top of the hour and in this is a hard break that we that we have to take but. This is really necessarily get interest in knowing that there is they were taken in the cussing and everything else that wanna get into that we come back. You listen to Jason and Jason Giambi on reality radio will be right back after. Don't forget to nominate it is Scott Smith we're going to be talking about one of his books among other things the soul of your pet evidence. For the case that animals live on after death and then Wednesday its winter lake he is a writer and practitioner of satanic black magic we had a news story. On beyond reality radio couple weeks ago where. There was a town hall meeting in Alaska and they opened it with a prayer except it happen and happen to be is satanic prayer we had a lot of questions about that. Well you know it's funny it's haven't monitor it's going to be great to hear his side but we are kind of been on different sides of the spectrum I have been going to people's homes churches trying to keep these things from being in their home is that yes he's doing his own things are going to be interesting to hear what he has to say about that in the whole practice I mean and I know there's going to be a lot of questions from the chat room and callers as well. And then we've got on Thursday Tim Bartley and Christine hill they're gonna talk about a new unique meditative approach that allows. People to remove the thinking conscious mind and completely speak directly with the inner mind and also possibility of its content community here is this America. So that's all coming up later in the week or telephone number for calling. Later in the program is 8446877669. Don't forget to visit the FaceBook page and give it to like it's just beyond reality radio. Also stopped by the snap Chad and it's Graham and if you're listening to us and one of the fine radio stations carrying this program thank you. But you can also join the chat room on the website it's a great experience a lot of people when they're they're able to ask questions we try to monitor Jason and I both are in their trying to comment a moderate. And pick up questions from there as well it's all right I'm beyond reality radio dot com. So once again wolf thank our guest Terri drew for joining us and and anode chief Harry during the break we were kind of in chat about trying to get people's feet sense and feeling as to what's going on and that this consensus is there's a lot of information here it's a lot to digest. On you've brought us to the point where. There's several. I'll use the word aliens but we don't really know what they were you said there are humanoid. Creatures in custody. And continue the story from there. Or this is this is the third one. Iran. Do you. Forest Service worker took the true. Individuals you found at the senator's foreign to custody because they didn't belong there are. The one long weather problems and storms lightning nothing like out. In spite of all the stories are out. About. And so he had a suspicion these. Individuals may have been arsons. To causes far it'll all there were people here. Were saying they saw this come down and at the mountain. So there's a lot of there's no communications. Back in nineteen to ditch or like wearing out to their doorsteps of forget iphones and everything else right out there and swords that way down. Wallace is going on there's a guy with a assured at doctor and earnings at a small pad where the tinsel on Missouri pull out any writes Alan. All. Outsourced service worker just took. Just took two people and a custody and they went by many rides down. Beatrice. True sure arranged looking men. Okay. Annie's followers of Forest Service worker was the joint custody down to the counter short opera's. Am arm which is in the basement of the 92 or 1915. Wanna carry courthouse and I found a document and I went down and I talked to the security mark on the court. But I said if I can describe to you. What do you aren't sure or blue nineteen to injury. Water county sheriff's office look like. Would you just tell me astronaut record specs a long drawn out there and and we don't talk Europe dollars a were never speak to me and he's sad going and I are described it and and so we didn't answer you said follow me. Any let me recent security doors and alarm system and turn off on walked Ichiro and an action you know I'm standing. And the old sheriff's office. Which shoes off. Limits to the public the last earlier because the court as business down there on trials. What some may. Is such an oak bench by the door. Is a detention room were at least two. Short range looking man were taken out and locked an emotional way out. And there's an oak bench by the doorway that don't force workers out on 1953. It's still clear. And soul. The head of security allowed me to push photograph. The end courier including going into the room art contests just like records show was sorrows and of course court security could verify. There's no way in or out of there there's no doors it's below ground level Harry Houdini. Wouldn't be able to escape that room. And to make it even more cumbersome. Story deputies were on duty inside the room one death there were four. One death was sent out to find a char. It's mayberry USA. You know it's probably assure dollar upon with OP or something and half ago flying him and so there's or service workers sits down next to the door which is locked. Sri deputies are right here in this door opens in that where their sheriff's office insiders all optima alarm. So it's like nobody can move around in this room without being seen the sheriff comes. The Forest Service worker breached the sheriff on what he thinks is happening and in the meantime. Newspaper reporters outside he can't get in and and they know him. But it won't bloody man down. And so is sitting out there impatiently waiting. And so assurances open up and they opened up the door and they stepped in this room and I'm telling you know I'm a historian. My doc when does science and this was science to shouldn't Jimmy because they opened the door and stepped Dan and there was nobody there. And the reporter later writes down and they banish. And it's in the paper. Those exact words. And they'd vanish yeah those are his exact words. And are also his exact words. To strange looking man what an odd way to describe and on and weren't by the way what looked like a rolls which flight suits. And you know and but so you're going and what this documentation here I'm more or fewer people around around. And I'm finding those sites will go right. And verification. Arm finding those sites and I won't go way into the link di thing or about Holler found. On the republic crash it's pretty involved. And it's very clever. And it has to do with area to Q1 and some moderate and Howell the charade Peter got to information. And ensure it was me and I took it to the next level and ended drone flights to and cheated in order to adopt a ground so what CE. Well above. The ground cover coming on and get a better idea of the level and it ricochet is a star on the on the dispute that led up on three times I don't recommend it in Arizona or drifting types of where's this group urged. You're in Raleigh county eleven of them including on the green. Now has a very dangerous snake it carries venom like a rattlesnake and end up under our talks and likable. Hold down so you don't wanna get bit in Honduras alone. A 105 degrees impact it'll cards is that I don't wanna tell centering. Because is the work you drew. Well Mittal has suffered a song helped whip the Butte. And which exploded at a time got to climb sideways because rocky ground is so bad and placed reapply your report you also don't wanna have a snake sitting behind. Well if he's saying in the shade of what you. And so it takes a while and something caught the right corner of wireline and I looked down and there is a Berkeley. Up right. Saying okay. And it's coming from mark Wright going to the left and like she is better than a mile away because I've had to walk him. While because you can't get true washers and different day off from all of the thing that happened during monsoon. And so I want it and we're all equipment and started to climb. And icing was saying and I looked down in its like. It's black. It is daytime perfectly clear about a 105 degrees and I'm looking down and it and I don't see it's moving like it's on. Like a hockey lefty on arts. Okay and and just sliding along and I looked down you know shadow. Down. The saying skims along in its editorial a Jeep and got a little bit concerned. If anything he's done to my Jeep a nugget not there. You know under so where it can be very well it was this thing in the that was it in the air was it along it's moving along the ground what was the size of food. OR OK it was like it was a person wearing some kind of because it was all black or couldn't distinguish leg arms. That that data imply that Sri. By the look covered in it was slightly hunched at front it was critical like up by double but no indication of legs and it was skimming just above the ground and casts no shadow. One of more customs and out. While the jurors that I've done this work in the deal is a mic recording. And its user knowledge additional steps Nam war and I talked to the camera because it might be the only and last thing ever thrown regarding war it was like just a tourist summing up and and it sorts like a record and I and I talk and the camera and I states. The first thing I say this is a dangerous place. This creep me out in Erekat and has nothing to do. With two the boob you stole. At all Ramirez has long since gone it was recovered what they are forced on the 22. On May nineteenth two to three and called out basically don't because it ricocheted off a Lockheed yours and and there is a oh. An area impact area were hit Andy chuck just Wear blue stones and there everything out all their original raw emotion upped their. You know only and morons don't have a problem and it's dollar and a deeper areas where water can pool you get erosion. From general desert right like. So arm. You know it's our service in just have met may maybe mr. Herbert go to mark and resentment but it's like Wahl. You know this is like crazy and I was gonna go down and that thing was a faster relies on I'm not gonna do them under is gonna go on up so hard to get at the top of this and then when I got down there are. And back to my Jeep and I'm putting equipment whale watch around the passenger side and the end of the Jane is covered with. They don't Krug. On the on the burden and donors and everything because have been out in the desert with a nonstop. And it's hot and Arizona sun. And run on the load. Is us. Big. Symbol or mark. It lasts and murder of Margie and I have that photograph should not too sure that is on line at my web site. WWW king Manuel spoke pressures dot com. And consider yourself that's not. It's Photoshop I haven't any idea what it means. But from what remain. And you know there was nobody else around so us ambassador let's back up when. On because we we have we kind of skimmed over the blue landings the UFO's and you know for discussion with the witnesses how many people. Were you able to verify. Our foreign to us there are 42 witnesses. This Leonard Neil. Was alive at a time and eleven residents watched the red lake Europe so come down to crash on his property. Okay and our own. I know fifteen. That watched from old town team and I can't tell you. How many others did daughter C east one of my witnesses and go all. Although wanna take a bore witness is now her pastor where one of them counsel and I've always flown back to governance and Kentucky's mister crossed a river from Cincinnati to streaker at the foreign symposium. To release Schiffer Russian and like nothing and Collison or but it was there that I had sound a landing site intact. Was what to air force looked okay. To adjust our war what Maria's and couldn't be there without all of the story sings or quark to bring it together to regulate. World east and sell. 11 of them would of the better witnesses passed away and surgery while I was on the playing who on the way to Kentucky and oranges. It's a shame but. I'm so are you looking at 42 or not countering the curators have permission you know and found that even the archaeologist. What broke on management. It is one of the related group current enemies as as far as quiet. No tell. Anybody anything. Arm bay don't talk to outsiders or they will optional would there are gonna tell Manning to earn your generous MI mean and even bat an eight and they said we're still that way. So what is the what is the official government accountable this or is there absolutely no acknowledgment that it never happened. What did the government saying you know. The government doesn't have to admit anything or are you wearing white your idea that they constitute disclosure. Worse comes from. You know arias like what do they have to do that out in January. Of nineteen to 633. Months. Before months before the king and crush the Robert since panel met for the first time formed by central intelligence. This is now available. It made every doctor quite a bit better it is now been declassified. And they were brought together by central intelligence. Was shared by an outsider's rename Robertson's. I am shine was on this committee OK and there are actual war was sure examine. Some evidence from our. And Baylor and they refused to look at the two best films are forced provided some regards chutes flying disks are saucers. Peaked around because they didn't. They didn't want an acting analysts it was edited wishers. A bizarre in action this story is literally didn't wanna sit. And what what's interesting is that they came up with the policy and coach Andy secretary for the animal was named Taylor and he was it. Current CIA intelligence officer and what they came up whereas. Widths were they needed to poem. Reduced the number of reports and for people to stop taking it seriously. And they discussed. Using psychiatrist. Develop slam it's a deal like a modern marketing now. And parrot the same time also work with Disney industries she wants to develop. Or animations incest and to hold true. Found that the idea that Europe closer real it could be real all down but you know I've got so much other documentarian. And hold on before we get into that I'm would you need to take another break it's beyond reality radio or talking with Perry drew we'll be right back. They yankees TV from beyond reality radio and I just want to remind you it's Derrick Thomas approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 run. October 2 what is scary kind of masked his hair come as a fan conventions for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the scourge that we can include some liberties from your favorite. And TV shows the need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about scary kind check out the website heads Garrett con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. For October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. Can be the best week in and year and you don't want to miss it. Visit the website it's scary con dot com. That's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. Don't forget to check out these seeds here. Welcome back to tonight's program which Jason and TV in our guest Terri drool and we're talking about the Kingman UFO incident a very very complicated story my question before we went to break was to the government admitted he claimed that the government. It knowledge that any of this happened. Perry we had military involved and as you said the air force. Left debris and and equipment behind when you were investigating that side are those sites. You found the military equipment did you ever find any evidence that directly tied to the craft. The landing sorry. The crash sorry. The scar on the bureau the projector. There they line of sight. From the flight paths. Or where the crouch come from. Boring and direction towards what is described to me is an underground base. And thrown in direct alignment to doubt. The richter shorter zero point 21 miles. All were shot. Shall tank which is the name of horrors of war that's what we call the coroner on March and it's for life sock. We're shot. We were ringing. Parts. Because it was severely damaged. Down there and awkward and they're grown and came to was up partially buried. Because is saying and in the desert. And that's where the air force removed everything then they did digging they dug into the us. Desert floor. And pulled up until late bullet bottom rock. So that they knew that they got everything it could do it they swept the aerial twice now that she's strong. Military people who were involved one moreover the does not come from the department of chance they would denies that. I instantly they still denies approach but I can tell you are out and admission. Show on the air force and an official airport spokesman. In 1947. After Iran's world. When they're not supposed to be saying anymore apparently according to the bottles were letter that. Own day they were under equipped and underground and didn't have the resources. To keep up with all of the UFO reports. On nationwide there we're going on within two weeks. On the shores acknowledge sighting. Over Europe modern day Europe post citing. On May 24. 1947. Gonchar June when it for 1947. Within two weeks. AT and already sounded there were 41 states in the United States that had you ripple reports they had been reporting. You know it's so it's like Aaron. And so the airports are saying officially. Oh we don't have the resources and all this is like and and they didn't want it to help and they didn't want to his sterile they were concerned about whether it was Soviets or somebody else so what was the disposition of the craft in in your estimation and from the research you did where do you think those craft are now. Well like Intel due to debt they went to groom lake. Captured that. It's like I can tell you that they were handed off. At what alone. Won't Sears call boulder dam now is already out there and across army corps of engineer was waiting with a barge and transported. The crowds. Out the whole stories based on it was it couldn't cross the top of the damage to wide. It wade slides tons and you know there was loaded on equipment broad term camper when which had gone armor. In 1951 so they had everything they're needed to move Patton tanks and all of the stuff and so they brought in an M twenty fives. Can't transporter with a 38 or trailer they loaded it on slack cars and brought it. Down from four earth from camper and today's cult or launch as you're durable and it wears off floated for miles south of Kingman. Okay our Internet it looked all these places and over courses listing at about and the equipment that was available and the people. Most of the people who were involved on stage or another this whole process but nobody. Is going to be putting it. Our inner an official government report released by the Department of Defense Schmidt and I have no inkling. A doubt double ever happened because the government doesn't release constitute. Announced things that are classified mean just you know why would they do that and then I'm talking now so. So you get an idea but I was not prepared. I was not prepared to find evidence that there was ever a king when your fellow. And I was nearly not prepared. The next you do and the first one landed. A second to crash. Our room. The last one was like a total. As far as the craft. And it caused a Taurus far out of control the birds for a week. All right we'll playing on Harry when we come back we're gonna have to wrap up our conversation more learn a little bit more about your books. It's beyond reality radio Jason GP. Let's go back to work best. Perry drew and I'm Mary this is Ben Ben quite a story. Yeah obviously you have spent years compiling this information and if I'm right in assuming it can all be found in your book. It will be. Yes and what is the status of the book or easy is it is a published now are you waiting to have. Arnold the all of our broader the hard ground. Opel illustrated colored world. As storm sure different market. And that all up and it was seven seeing. Around this six point no hiring US trade book. Are soft cover. Or like come modest earlier as Christmas. Christmas in not in 2016 this year John story just 2006 and this crystals. Down on whether an auditory terror out. Won't. Entertain a couple of different. People were talking around. Chrome maybe putting this is a zone or something big screen. Me because it's not that he could build a wonderful size fiction from this but you don't need to make. Tonight. Cents. In in the players yet just a one final question here before we have to let you go but in the years since the incident in 1953. Is the area still being visited there are you still seen the brass on that what you called route that they're taking that that flies over that area. Air and other areas yes. Why why why is there what what's going on any of Jason I have a lot of people on the program the talk about your foes in the big question is what are they doing here. And arrogance. The conclusion is it's C underground base tonight on the little time to talk you about bill and they don't interceptions and being back as a wire. Fifteen and iron confronted burden. Edu people and those kind of things Waller is out with the engineered. Individual. We did the drone flights soaring. Down on it can also terror that. Are getting back or did a four mile walk I'm on. Porsche property in my backyard up bastard back artist 35 miles an open desert or seals thing out there make your hair stand up and they are hours. We don't have things like that and I have photos of them. In the day and in the night. And in the days I had something. Eventually wander across six miles away from the mountains that are called Serb German between. Two Rangers of mountains with eight miles of the blacks six miles of the Serb bets. In this saying slow over her was brilliant lights. In the daytime and white needs lights at many idea and it didn't work shrewd turned era over me routes ordered to go up to ground. And I watched a singer thought it was adults not. And it rotated. On Dallas Dominican sees sky. Between the two teenagers and they burnt orange of the sunset down this block and armor and are on the way back into mark policy. A camera. The phone rings and it's engineer. And he said you're not gonna believe what happen any lives every five miles all the marriage nation and I just said this triangular shaped craft your. Bomb an hour ago arson just now is leading. From here and I have no idea we had just come back from the landing. What's that mean I have no idea no. Coincident. Right we have so. Carry out where can people get the book when it's released and find out maybe where they can catch you speak gain or learn more about what you're doing. Yeah that the trade book will be on Barnes & Noble Alan I was on. And the and the routine plays were most books are published. Come out it's from I may or may not do something you pardoning electric compressed are down. Or something records are there to roost indeed this is like are quite old paper. Now all of everything it hired gun that I acquired. In my work will be divided and duplicated and divided between two museums. I won't be keeping us in this it's this way best. I don't I can't possibly live long enough. For everybody and it's a look at history editors are out so it's got to go places where can be archives and in Karo. And so my material. On the photos in the documents and of those things and it's on including part of it yesterday nine air Colebrook. It hit a B seventeen I found that out at a place where there was an accident in November 1940 torque which were about a mile or moderately crash site. I have. Thousand people in it or parts of votes a fighter car. I have a piece of the cockpit. Oh embracing city a writer in my office you know so because I regret entering yet so the viewer web sites will be broken following him. WWW. King and UFO crashes. Dot com that has links to mired FaceBook page down and other things that are of interest and the working titled the book seven days in May is that the final release title. Seven days of Mae king and you have to story. I have on Amazon right now. Or. What is called. Are hidden in plain sight to K or Europe or crash urged. That I did because people were asking for something. And it's the Ullah folk on Sam just Obey or you'll folk on that I spoke out my presentations about an hour and 39 minutes. Without works. All right thank you so much for joining us on the program areas it is fascinating to hear. All all the work that you've done and the information that you put together in the book sounds terrific we wish you luck with a again thanks and yes a caricature parish and sent having her own right thank you. Harry jurors are gassed and we appreciate him coming on the program by the way if you wanna call protect open lines now it's 844. 6877669. We're gonna take a break we'll come back with phone calls and beyond reality we. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right you're in a you need to subscribe to taps her match. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps her magazine has been completely redesign. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the web sites taps her bag dot com that's capture or match dot com click on the subscribe now what. Enter the promo code and beyond and check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue is filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Magazines again go to the website tab power Mac dot com. That's caps CarMax dot com use homophobia. But a big shout outs and a thank you Harry tonight on and on and talking about the king in UFO crash. And it's one of those stories where. I've never really heard much of didn't didn't really know it existed and now so it's interesting to hear about those because I think everything was has been so overshadowed by Roswell right and now all these other things that happened out there throughout the years. It just sort of faults the wastes and over that because then that is overshadows our Jules yeah there really is a specialist could've. Unless we have Karen. Here Karen welcome to be on reality radio and he had a question for Harry I think he's in Chad you might go grab mayor but we wanted to put you on the radio into it what's going on. I'm I wanted to ask Kerry or you guys that are you guys about this before on. Like possible messaging strong alien older. Are there were being. Triggering. Now. Well on it if any of the the stories are double B to believe. Are to be believed. That happens now we haven't had him and on the program and open the stock to an ailing communications. Through dreams but I know those stories exist and I don't know if I'm again Harry is in the end I think he's in the chat room maybe you can address at their character in the chat room but I'm that's a great question generous you've got an X. This. Yeah he had owned sub well actually one of them I forgot to mention. You guys along parent I have long term now Larry Don. I have this really what your short during or are related. In her like a library. And errors but the center console and have these books on it. And they occur on a booklet like star system. And all of a sudden there's like this boy stood to send. Something about it and that the world is going to be. Because there's something from states. Like and remember exactly what it fits into the back astronomical. Astronomical. Alvarez when when we hate it when we talked to you last time about your dreams did you have frequent dreams that. That seemed to whether they foretell something or they send you were surprised we told you to write them down right didn't we have this conversation. We said making keep a journal had good well I think I think that's important no idea you know if it's gonna in the world and on the root key compared on the radio show down the road. But you know your other dreams that maybe aren't so apocalyptic. I'm really curious to see you know if we go six months down the road you have a few these dreams. To see if any of them you know come true within that timeframe and we can actually compared the details. I have not updated very cute and I aero car figuring out. Thank you got to find a way to lock by the way this is javy is that that was generated recently just totally not so so your heart and solved super GV look at year look drove the degree I'll watch for the green Joan tunes that I. I am not sit there and stay spark a while back. About a dream I had about hero yet is is yeah you tell on the radio. I think. I would rather than some convenience store owner. I'll in the lakeside town and he would tell me in the house now. Yeah issues and you stated that crummy much talent never did green out shouldn't politically really great during which means that there's something about. It did his color green where there are Kouchner. Is a business is this story had a feeling he lost something in the swing and found. How cares who says the rest of this going to be like a Playboy story. And no amount. So I didn't wanna know why aren't they weren't. Aren't doing that we're not doing that why are looking out for the green couch I promise and in the meantime thanks for call that he. It's always good yeah on the pro okay area. All right we don't have enough time to take another caller now but we do have a couple waiting limo when we come back from the brink only that didn't Soledad Playboy story well I think you know manage dynamic. Suzanne notes I was like well laying there that's why I asked if it was okay for redeploy the judge did it actually started on the story just in the past so it's Jesus Maria she's great yet we can trust her weeded restaurant when reporter on the air. Are so we come back we're gonna continue with the phone calls a telephone numbers 8446877669. It won't talk about basically anything you wanna talk when he special topics you'd think an object. Common now I'm actually gave me and we broke the 181000 married people shout our priority over 181000 so thank you for the help on the FaceBook page. And yeah honestly let's. There's a video wanna show you legalized usually jam but I'll tell you about some guys claiming that Hillary Clinton is an alien who. Interesting narratives where it was perfect timing let's listen that we come after the kind of videos images and. Avian the unreality reveal where effect. Welcome back to be on the LD radio Jason. Thousands maybe Johnson again a big thank. To carry drew for spending the better part of two hours when this talking about the Kingman UFO incidents. Gorgeous song once everything Yellowstone became a spring Don and ceremony onset breakdowns street from me Donna welcome to beyond reality radio. Good morning guys put it on pretty good group. Greek GQ Tom. I wanted to know I guess I'm that status for the discussing all conquering all things. And Lindsay does this morning to Jones said it is all of I heard about. On AD and YouTube to show that I watch. And it's guy that it kind of goes out looking like demons stopped and very very and I. Think toward them to get evidence and so forth dish and people started intently into chat south. And that they were reporting. Killing affected while investigations going on and so important. But yet. They have seen other experiments done where they can. And that it would. In place and does eventually did or something where. They tried contact appeared in the the locations the action. And while they were somewhere else and they directly respond to them current location. And so I kept thinking it might be some mention that eighty people are just like license that's about to begin look. Com are susceptible of feelings stop. It possible though. I was the one who called it an recommend fit in winter lake. Right yeah yeah yeah we have had no way to lake we're he's on Wednesday. Right I call in last week and spoke galaxy and recommend an MIT him. Another podcasts on on YouTube and despite the topic. Everybody Shalit salt and Ireland over written deal that's a lot of this course. Just because the topic however I was impressed by how well spoke he is now intelligent. Orbit and then that's that's the thing is first off you know and everybody had. I think people out there need to be enjoyable and do I believe what he believes an absolutely not I'm willing to Paramount. Absolutely and I think that's half the problem right now going on in the world is. People don't wanna. Listen to anybody's point of view and and it shouldn't be like that whether you agree with him or not. Whatever but at least hear him out and just let him state that did there's no issue with that. Yeah definitely a must said that tends printing and I was struck shadow people want. At least be open minded and he is not trying to convert you to his way of thinking to educate you on the subject as. Owen and amber yeah it. And I think that's mainly and that's mainly it is just you know only guessing here somebody's somebody's side undertake or for whatever reason. There in the Arab feelings or beliefs behind but. Makes the call yet Donna thanks for calling in thanks to that recommendation to look forward to that program once and it's going to be Goodman. Absolutely thanks guys have been. You have to ask our let's go to Susan and no Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Susan welcome to beyond reality radio. Hi guys thank you started the lip syncing and you just came roaring nearly ten BI LK Mossad and that. Our return to that Cary. Harry is still. How he'd feel incoherent need to keep. Jumping around when he was running I I can understand you are. I and I thought I think I think there was I think that was with Harry is I think Kerry is. He has so much information Andy you know now he's he's on a show that actually has commercials are that he. Its offer to three hours straight without taking a break him but now he's trying to fit it all in the these pockets and it's tough sometimes when you're doing. Radio show and have commercial somebody's train of thought their on the subject and then they have to stop them go to commercial break. And then come back in chair and tried to regain their thoughts and start start back up from them so it's. That you know he was going so fast it was kind of hard pressed keep up with them you know in a note in a way that we can understand it. I think he wouldn't he wouldn't come here and actor Matt how much and we have all been not only can he can't tell us. And awaited long people can understand it why couldn't it. But outlook is incoherent I wouldn't say I wouldn't agree would you dare I think it was a bit disjointed just again because he was trying to get so much information out. In in these short periods of time he never knew when the commercial breaks we're gonna hit he was trying to get it all this stuff. And there aren't exactly AN and I and I understand sometimes you gotta really nail it down being touted a we did we talked if somebody's recently they're talking about. Another alien crash and actually Iran over the creature. And we didn't get to we weren't in no matter how hard we try to we were able to get him to tell us about the creature until like the last four minutes of the well through an hour and a half of of the lead up to the creature and show he kept on trying to get into it just kept on driving the pointer at the play and it'd just. It didn't happen I hit a lot of information to so we're gonna work on on trying to help focus these gets so little better but I. Didn't really urban really trying to recruit great kids went to I wanna learn things from I want and you know what that you'd save and things that. Other people have found out about what's going on in our world. Yeah. And how will it mean the heat this yet to be entered in Connecticut triple. Well you know I play and do and you don't blame all of that split you'll make sure we we can keep people to appoint a little more. He's got some good guests on an eye on extremely interesting. And very informative and getting to see how other people think is the adult in yeah and listen I mean. He like off the law makes you say oh you can put 194753. Main hour. Yeah yeah we watch it I kind of ironic to me the anger and are really don't. There was there was a lot to try to trade term it is invasion and I think his book is actually gonna do a better job of laying it out. And Danny can the way he presents it in on a radio show but given the benefit of that doubt but I thought. The story was interesting neither Jason and I Orion had really any information about the king in UFO incidents so now it's something. That where is on our radar we and I actually search of markets and too little bit more social problems. Well it is focused like I mean can you imagine a lot on that I'm. Well you'd be fight and I'll soon hooks up for the big to crow or Susan thanks so much for listening and looks. We're an incompletion to not buy and I'm really enter your shell that and I thank you. What interest and it's thanks in theory interstate in another way that yet. All right thanks so much for calling in thanks for listening. Let's see do we have time for one more here we've got about a minute left well not young minorities are obviously have a whole lot of time what Miller and it's. Hey hey guys OK to who lead the series to give you the point I can't record I believe bit. Color is green. The level of money at the root of all the people payment the dollar build a statue of liberty is Korean that is made in the light of the Lucifer. Jealousy. He was jealous of god does is not a on the green eyed monster the violently came up from Linda Blair and exits as well as cream peaked. And LaGrange. They're. Edited and do it with all that being said Jane humans to Seymour shades of green than any other color but not to touch a short but you're probably going to be pulling your hair out come Wednesday weren't aware were interviewing. Which a lot. So sorry to cut you off man but you'll definitely have to give you more time hey. I think he's been a great show tonight to be shot out there Ager phenomenon and and explaining to us about. About the kings and crash and you know tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday year old going to be news connections as. Runnerup Doumit don't know I want him I think chased on the line I can't put him on but I wanted to tone Paul fifteen minutes earlier chatting except Jesse just don't wait at the last minute the got a call little bit earlier can we really do wanna hear what you have to say we just don't have the time that's so but again thanks everybody for two. And then beyond reality radio and makes you tune in mind that he had another great show up until then as Jason did you talk tomorrow. Beyond reality radio. Was produced by slick Eddie Edwards and co produced by Alexandria Johnson for beyond reality communications. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page of beyond reality radio. Also visit the website and beyond reality radio dot com. If you're interested in being a guest on beyond reality radio contact our producer at slick Eddie bet. Beyond reality radio dot com nets Eddie ED DY. Thanks for listening.