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9/13 "Go For Two" Episode 2: Young QBs break out, Bengals-Steelers preview

Sep 14, 2016|

Formerly the "WWL NFL Podcast," we're back with a new name- "Go for Two!" In our Week 2 episode, T-Bob & Seth the breakout week for young quarterbacks across the league. Plus, the greatest play-by-play call you've never heard. Then, the fellas break down the intriguing match ups in Week 2 including the monster Bengals-Steelers matchup in the AFC North.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and Seth Dunlap. Welcome to our old show the new name its scope for certain I'm Seth Dunlap he has. He Bob eight Blair tells the recording on net. Tuesday September 13 26. Team. I think they're ready to even Elton to weed out some show name ideas and this is very ironic considering what happened to the New Orleans Saints this past week and I suppose. But we are go for two our new email address go for two podcasted gmail.com that is spelled out TWO although us that both accounts so concentrated surprise article as well. Race let's be honest here before we do any thing in the show how about we bring in our heartland and here. The greatest play by play call the last five years. You love who pulled him. Who redshirt only takes the food. They're just didn't. Is just don't want this with Google. Including the food and put everything won't put quoted goodness little little little little. And home food tested so please vote. Oh it's a good political point. If you try to figure out for the. Great Carl but it. You'll our national charter treasure that was courtesy of last load Wanda and good or partly because like it's us and at the end there that Monday night game was in. Credibly boring now's tried to. Trying to make a concerted effort this year just to force myself to watch more football you know maybe a light. I don't know wanna be playing video games hundreds of meals of the time. But last night I EI BI broke halfway through. There and that there'd ever have ever insider's game until like look let's get a movie. I'm over this is an athlete SharePoint can't watches anymore that was terrible football beautiful I that was obviously have never heard it opened up like it. Yeah I got to emulate that it was twenty what nothing. It's like in the fourth quarter they were lucky for being to bring even an inkling of excitement. Civilians. So yes thank you Kevin Harlan for opening us up mr. joining us for the first time now. When this is a more top down view bird's eye view of the NFL we do usually here were obviously worked for WWL radio saints radio network but we gonna talk a lot more about the rest of the NFL and not just the saints. Although obviously. A fantastic football game that was Oakland's. At New Orleans will be a big topic of discussion during this shots. Let's get rates Chu won how we open the show every week with our story line of the week. Really. Crazy about you may disagree. Is very obvious to me of this storyline coming out of all of the week's games going back last Thursday released three yesterday and that boring. The game we touched on San Francisco and Los Angeles the younger quarterbacks coming debates will be decent names here all right all these quarterbacks. One football games this past week Derek Karr James Woods and Carson west Trevor Ximian. Brock costs Weiler junior Rob Lowe. Blaine GAAP ice cool now with the last how does blink average speak on live this I tell the young quarterback adds a poisonous. Let young guys you it was the only place and how long he got drafted out of Missouri wants him like a leader and I know now real good Zola I was 11 I am definitely Gabbert a check because a little skeptical here here's travelers 21 suspect Italy I believe. Porn Jacksonville on here. Let's OK yeah look born October 15 1989 just 26 years old. Never would have guessed Syria get drafted it looks like in twenty and at that man who can't won't really count for in Dallas. He's been an illegal Wilde is so young quarterback he is still a young quarterback age wise I think that also explains a bit of why he stroke that person views only to anyone entering the league but I will say this. Compared to the other guys on this list is a bit and all over the XP it's like to do Lee for half a decade. Compared to a lot of these players who're 23 yours looks yet Oslo is the second most better Allison lives is fourth year in the league. As well I don't know whether your point's well taken he is still young age wise. He has made it was just a fabulous day your week for all of these quarterbacks most of them were involved in. Some very exciting the audience the widgets sue in our week in our view of those quarterbacks is most impressive to. So I did not get Q watch this game but I am here in very good things about James Winston. They made some spectacular throws. That throws on the money touchdown throws over the shoulder. Headed squeezed in between a couple of defenders not just one but a couple of times. And most importantly he's another guy who I kind of put me. Cam Newton camp where he's been a winner at every level and they just beat the falcons then that you're falcons I believe my Atlanta thought in the early NFL history. Winston in the bucks man that's a big win in this is me. It Tim simmers at the box as additives or by the way producer on Tara double covered eight to eleven under did real money in front of him. Has been adamant that the book series sleeper team that the bugs could potentially. God steal the NFC south and like I'm not going that far but it's this could you document Kwon Alexander. From LC they're a lot bigger he's a monster. So this big bucks team that is young. And as much like criticized him over the Lovie Smith firing. After the game which they gave very impassioned speech. Regarding dirt cutter his coach gave the game ball. So that seems to be eighteen by Georg said terrible quarters we did like Melinda Smith fired had he didn't know what like what's going on this ridiculous. It seems like this it team out though that is except it Dirk cutters leadership and is now. Ready default. It was a fantastic game ends up for the bucks anyway is and how about Tampa Bay cancel the first place. Right now in the NFC south that's what he hopes here well Mueller at a retreat house were lost the opening idiots exit. That's my story line of the week yeah storyline Mexican job that. I think there's a story line throughout all of football right now I am and maybe it's a bit too broad message does that leave this week. But that is bad offensive line play in this assuming that I have been thinking about a lot recently this is something that I've been nah. Tried to I guess wrap my head around hypothesize why this could be the case in this is what I've arrived at mrs. Not necessarily support red numbers is all theory. But I think give us a look when you're talking about offensive line the only way to really practices is full contact right. It's in full pads joining real look well unfortunately. Mean modern era full Florida unfortunately just because of players CT makes complete sense. You don't get that time on task you don't get those reps you don't get to practice. In full pads like that running back receiver quarterback you can do three good simulations. Without hitting I do not believe that exists when dolphins of line. Now I think the problem is where you're seeing such O line struggles on every level. Is that you have old school. Are you older schools of thought you older ways of trade a lot older ways to do everything that have not changed the way which retrain O linemen. Is relatively stagnant to other positions the game has passed it all that you. As you know has passed and so you're seeing like guys who just they they looked ill prepared. And it's a reason why pass rush and it great that it's been bloody continue. To gain of values because usually they're adding more and more success so. Any time the pace of change. Outstrips. An industry or will what are what are you how do you solve that problem. You innovate so so we're a long line somebody's going to innovate ways and I think Charles Taylor is at the forefront of this movement has aligned academy. Somebody's going to innovate ways. Two. To train for the modern how do you get guys ready to pass like Eddie you guys were Iran locked what you can't do it when you can actually practice those skills. In full pads that you have to be outside the box and I think we have yet to see that innovation on a grand scale. Now I'm sure some people do it right way and draws Moses there's ideas what kind of seeped down in the latter but. I still just it's it's a subject this lack of O line play on multiple levels of football high school. NFL college is is something that fascinates me and I'm interested to see where does that it was highlighted. In in and week one as well where look if you get that quarterback that's. It's invaluable in the modern air. There are some bad offensive lines yes there are some. Literary and blameless Seahawks I ZLX double or softens laughable that's that's a saturation it was right now it is brutal man Russell Wilson I mean good on the sea dogs are waiting and that was really impressive final drive to. It was Iran or to watch at times on 11 away. But I said it's good segue into our studs of the week. Heartless thugs of the week. Certainly you could throw Russell Wilson and they are because after he was stepped on diet and dot com Sioux. Unintentionally but it is not one of those acts in Nazi yes this is what is overlooked anyways to be completely unintentional by sue. But he stepped on Wilson's ankle rolled over very violently. Just watching that believe it happened very lucky it wasn't broken ankle in a season Ender for Wilson. And really bad season destroyer for the Seahawks to Wilson and they're just on that final drive but my start of the week. Of course come on yeah I call it yeah get me. Excellent poses great but secondarily. Antonio Brown yesterday. Had as good of the game that I've ever seen a receiver. At least a at least ace receiver with the role that brown has he is consistently. Making big third down catch big touchdown catch. Getting separation from other guys a couple of touchdowns 120 up plus yards for Antonio Brown. Very he's done this before but just watching yesterday it much more impressive than those numbers didn't indicate Antonio much. Brown is hustle and there is a whole school of thought out there that will wanna go with how mark tedious Bryant. And you can Antonio Brown really threaten a defense without prior I look as far as. Now we have a small that this is all what do we showed tinged with overreaction because of the evidence that we're working with small sample size but. Look it's an eyebrow at her hands down that he is the best offensive player that is not a quarterback in the NFL I think that's been the case these last couple of years. I think he's reinforced it and they grew last night instead Eagan that. Brown thumb. We did his TV guide dominate with the consistency that he does inflated Jerry Rice and whatever I that could be heated adverse cells but that's the level at which he seems to be operated. We'll know it's interesting because you watched. The last two years a year and a half previous of this. Yes indeed that is the best most dangerous receivers were you really big deep yes kind of guys rent like your AJ Granger Terrell Owens animosity is Calvin Johnson's. Brutally deep but the point is may have started with. The way to deepens in the NFC sort of play back with the San Francisco transit seen in a Seattle when you're playing a lot of deep covered whether or not getting those those deep balls are not there anymore. These smaller possession type Jerry Rice type receivers who can create separation. Are becoming so invaluable and from my money. Antonio Brown is the best receiver in football right now I am I think is Doug ball right now. Tugboat and is unbelievable the separation he gets from his receivers against Miami at least every single and then he was on the football so these are the guys for me. Right now in the way Italy's planes are more valuable than your six foot four that you know 4340 yes. It may even look at average your New Orleans. Brandon cooks to a lesser extent will exceed great let dementia. Has shifted in the NFL I think what you discuss certainly played 4000 don't think that they Dirk. Defensive backs abilities to get physical. We've you do that all who's going to benefit the most of the big strong receivers who were always good buddy do that this Kelly or. Is it the smaller guys were maybe in a past era getting jammed up on the line getting held back a little more not able to gain. That that separation zone it's never just one thing that leads he's but I I am in lockstep with you that. The did this is the age of these smaller receive another stupid and want to help management cal patriot that. As a big man and man he is very good and he may he had a very eager are secular and the sweet Asus still spectacular show. Couples who Jacobs put it just 63 elements that are available at all. Either way though he's bigger receivers are still exist but may be unlike any other air at least in my memory. Smaller receivers are really enjoyed success do you think that. Because at the last couple of years that defenses are playing. More zone concepts so the ability to. I guess finals on the defense little space shall awareness by these receivers who is becoming more important and just is Italian able to get off the ball coverage. Yeah I mean look I think it's. It's like we said that an element. To Dallas Wes Welker whose start let's locker. I would say started obviously is before hand and talk about. Real impact best receiver like you and of eucharist dat too yeah just sort of Steve. All of that my head it. I'm just gonna agree with that because it's easier to speak out loud like two minutes but that maybe somebody will come to me. A little bit but I would be interesting to look at the rise of Wes Welker and we're lines up with the film role changes I still they. And to its rule changes more than Morgan's defense I think the rule changes in Portland scheme because you just can't look. In the past eight bringing coats would go it's a quarter it was. Probably bigger stronger that it that he would have done everything he could his jam on the lines in their receivers you can. Do you like. How good would some of these smaller receivers in the modern like to wait for that market he died in the modern era of the NFL's combat today's blast as a whole. Ex jets. My jets voted in the week reviews so close so close. But yes I still always the rule changes the main influence factor there. Any stud of the week for mr. And even though it pains saints fans man I'm gonna go to Jack del re hell yeah balls. Right I mean there's just we'd we'd probably give up don't go it'd obvious you know. He has got Utley to let had a you know lesser percentage of winning the game going for two resisted needed to OT. That was interesting that don't really chose to respond. Figured it petty but it's kind of fun right now are or so of course but dealt all the time that I like seeing a little bit of a human side. All that we thank I guarded yes dinner today coaching and it's like it's good that he gets it as a coaching the raiders have lost their lives. Also reject Oreo what are my dad's roommates Pacman so I gotta get go real love. Well you know we know it earns him follow from yours truly he was he was always be him Jon Gruden were the the kind of white white rhinos of the LSU fan base. Played every year less miles going to be fired and every year is going to be what Jack del Rio's daughter goes to LSU where Jon Gruden said he looks groups of tiger's. So unfortunately he you know he does not in a better use of an Oakland to go for you there. Ball. I guess I hesitate. This deal. I will take a mark who brought him crawl LT eight at ten times out of ten times so each guy was open I still think Italy before it's time. Is somebody's college or tell me that wrote the history of the recent air but this is not happen a lot where he is had a chance this image OT. And they decide to put it up for T subject Hillary you are my yeah. Stay out of the week but accessory at Kevin Harlan jacked Oreo some off. The Walt choices yes I won't look the majority of times at least is going to be who put up I just nets that week's is that. Important and outs of what are we into our week commemorative. Pierce go week in review. Assault with a Thursday night game. Great football games debt the Panthers came up just shy of winning it and I just shy aid missed Google after. And ice the kicker the works that never works it really does come. Normally it's the opposite where the whistle kind of cause the kicker. And Mickey people should he's an adverse. Edwards. Take away from this football game I am not going to be a candidate Nader here because he was beat up he was injured schools certainly played her I don't know maybe her injured the wrong word is certainly play it hurts. I. Couldn't statistics and the best he's in the NFL well. He is yes I would saying he would he'd probably better than the average quarterback Willis here well that's not an. Hotly touted you hugs the other quarterbacks perform. As well against that Brock I. Hated hated the world. And open view is going to against his properties these incidents and he's like 25 feet and easy points for so long lines. But it offshore grand you know misses the field goal on the other side of the football have day found their quarterback. Mrs. don't take one game over blow it here steamy and it. You can react system this is what Peyton Manning brought us why harassment last year there were asked to be great they were asked to believe. For lack of a better word. Ball control op that straight and then. Objectively terrible last year. If you're eighteen interceptions at like nine games ten games. Blake portals and any tied for the league lead in picks despite the fact that maybe started almost half a season last. So they can go to twelve and four when that quarterback play. Look at Anderson that maybe brings other advantages is kind of intimidation factor in the playoffs he's incredibly valuable but. If they can manage the rigors of the regular season with that quarterback play in. What I thought Trevor Ximian although as great as you see why they couldn't manage it within plus. To Sammy and credit but Carolina's defense is still monstrous as well that is they really did they are as well up front I would say they are monsters the boy had. We talked about last week. At that secondary. To not what grade especially against this rookie quarterback earth you know second year quarterback used other quarters. The quarter it's so yeah I thought the bigger problems running the ball. It was a bronco is consistent rushing attack with CJ Anderson I was really impressed that Broncos had much success rushing. As they did consider and that's you know from a K one short Thomas Davis and keep going I guess it just wasn't impressed by the Carolina defense like York and that's. See I disagree when I witnessed on Thursday were too bad. Stevens is not keep the hell out of their post and I described Thursday as brutal. And beautiful full ball what did you eat. That the teams at the top. Look you can steal and run the ball and playing good defense but. The catches. It's very tally dependent. You have to have premier towel for to be successful. Well both those sides Q and what you witnessed was in top notch older school full ball. Which was a guest. Ironic is this new data do you think that there and do you think yeah. We don't we isn't the media ever kind of terrain these type of games. Out of caught in the context of who were actually watching play in other words the team that watching plagues us is if you take away the name is Carolina and Denver and their history that they met mr. overrule as objectively this kind of a stinker of a football game oh. Cordero a little older I don't know I 200 yard. That's an obscene export turnover does is to listen field goals Tuesday I could not oh man won't. I hate to jump in on that question yes no I could not disagree more when I was watching this game I was like oh my that's brutal. Beautiful. Football it was beautiful to me it was. If it made me sad because it really showed how four the saints or help organizations are away from occupying. That top tier was an offensive football. Kennedy they can lead to being ugly but I think it's the only guys who fly around. I I I I loved I thought it was in excellent did you feel like a playoff game at a great environment. That's expected to get revenge on the mind yet to Super Bowl contenders to them and obviously their plane in Denver's that crowd's going to be excited yeah. Work on this kind of an order of the games are played heroes move lock stock. Raiders saints. Were fantastic football and I know that saints fans listening to this podcast might dispute through this section because I'm sure there. Still hurt by the ending of this game but it is an objective fan just watching this football game it was fantastic yet everything you had explosive offenses you had a comeback you had. Obviously two point conversion at the and you had the longest pass play it Drew Brees career yeah. And I mean you are correct it's football season to see. This is much more thoughtful game not is the fool's game as authors and degree in their quest. Very sloppy points and boy those both those defenses were bad and the I actually. Even in the win. A little more worried about Oakland here because that defense was supposed to be it's much better when you bring in preserving and we will Max got another year. It was. Zach Strief men moved as extreme was much maligned this pre season and really there's a dog's life as a whole they did a very good job. On Sunday against what is a oh I think it's its operators from I guess to your point we have to. Wait and see her serve was apiece preserve and was a difference maker and I can't even though Cutler even though. A couple of hurricanes play he's he was like one of them I think was covered Sackett the forceful polite a couple of times we're. Well whatever I actually wouldn't put on the Liberia heard still. Had success but it this Angel and after being so roundly criticized. The other pre season I think they deserve a a healthy shout out. Right now because they did their job they played well look to a bit of president part. About the saints game set is that it dealt them broke doesn't have does get hurt Singh's win by ten or fourteen. They come back doesn't happen like I've never seen such a clear cut instance. A single player going down in how they just completely. Change the tone of the game all of a sudden Michael Crabtree of every play. Democrats done all they were doing much like we did last year Rick Perry's Brit brat that's a return they're looking at where is came Crawley. That's who were attacking and it worked like a charm and here's exit got David impressed me and there's. What did you do truth and the football gods ago. That team that's already not that good you have three of your passport offenders get hurt yep how to cal for the year. I'm Sheldon right get your first round draft gate bridge suspected mile and now tell them Perot breaks as well. Well we said. That injuries would try to determine if that's what I said on me over phrase that I don't put words in amounts that injures were determine if New Orleans and allow would be kind of sleeper contenders in the NFC. I think it's just. Items to sit back don't wanna hear the assays has only hear this but boy. I don't know how to recover from that existed at entry. And if they gave up the give up more points and I think more yards in the fourth quarter and they did the first three allowed. And all the core lesion doesn't always equal causation and this is a case where it does. The saints done buys their defense demise directly correlated with Brazilian went broke gotta hurt sick of I seventy. And I received in my house that you like. Whom in the skate better and soon because the raiders did they're about to be unleashed like they just it did there's doubt blood in the water and they're about to go in a frenzy dare call more. Since it privately. After the game general respect to growth. A sort of Scott Alexander earlier who hosts a primetime Schwartz got a genital reality TV and he's at that you're talking to you car privately indecent that. Broke my keep this quarterback he's ever brought up against which would ever take that with a grain of salt. But when you lose a player that it packed full team that has no debt like this saves. It was this or it was in the change in thinking was I could never quite seen like. Little behind the scenes I was actually plan some vote this week with that guy who is in a don't remember it was like football league what what you know when he was injured out forty yeah and said that everybody in this get a establishes an animal league a football field so but that they you know he'd be playing. In the National Football League years later and has sort of us quarterbacks who have pets that's. Increasingly be a wealthy that this guy right now anybody there and let. Legend still grows well known by now. But he was like you know I remember when he's that tells you he's supposed to be dispatched big timer crew was supposed to be incredible. And just the injury manages to you'll know what everybody's gonna play and so. Too little quick takes I'd like to get from you Drew Brees. She still as good as ever been an unbelievable no rent point 134 touchdowns to it the right up precisely to contract. The accuracy of the camera's view is like. And your jaw hit the ground pretty coach yards but in stride. Could not be more perfect. Yes soon. Legacy that I did it Brees and the offensive line art. Intrinsically tied together Brees makes steel live a better. A better a lot play helps you bring that measurably thaw you have both on Sunday and that created that classic. There was a big question for me is. Or keeping the saints offense too short of a leash after a decade of success we all kind of off the bed like so like Sox game over well. There they are still top or couch while top five correct. Because coming into training camp we thought this would be one of the strength routinely perform so portly pre season then you're right a lot of us saw that man right secondly. The two point conversion recovered earlier. Right over wrong of it in an amendment context here is it I know that you know we don't like exit we always say we're gonna. If that if let's say that'd make the accident 2.0 version is that that would have made it you know we would have been praising the guys the list at the opposite view. Is that the right mood they would have lost it because that we'd be sitting here. Eviscerate injected over him out. On orphan works and I think we reduce credit ourselves because look at the score of this game what was it 35 to cut 34. The saints. I think the last three times to touch the ball that these go to like yes well the raiders were not stopping him so if you choose to go to overtime you're putting up to a coin flip. Essentially where if you went OK well they're not stuff at you you're gonna go score maybe just regain power but did you give the bull in the saints. Then Malia is still Q1 5050. Or do you want this one play to yours ago where you're you're red hot I mean you scored twenty. Fourth quarter points at that moment. So I actually barbecue in the and the main thing is affecting you had in a more Cooper came crawling matchup like. You would hope that that type meeting between your quarterback receiver is is is well enough that you can win that battle and well. They did so it's. I agree and I actually think it comes down to more than just that for me not criticizing. Jacked a real for this as he said and as people defending him and said. This comes on the mortgages analytics not not that idea aside at I'm off for the new. New age metrics that are becoming a part of the NFL on every sport but you you cannot measure. Momentum or the field to coach ads at the Howell. The game flow was going at that moment on the field and the matchup that he sees in that moment on the field and that's why you put it head coach that much money so. No I'd yes I think it was the right decision because Del Rio not a regular there he was co. You're a single and it looked eerily singers like anything else. Just like you don't make a 100% of your decisions based on gut in my scouting you don't make a 100% of your decisions based on. Numbers and it leaked out that the tough parts of find the balance between the two but Del Rio looks. He made two satellite series thought Randy he got the greater the way they needed it very hostile. Fired up environment. And maybe this is. Although we were worried about the raiders I don't think we can't discount the confidence did that gives that group movie for me even his post game speech to a real talked about how. Last year we learn how to compete. This year we're learning how to win. Are they. Say are contenders kind of other contenders in the NFC I don't think that I don't think will now. Keep it we'll get to the patriots. Brit but. Yeah and also the Broncos over the in the if you messages and what do different to recommit I was so wrong and the Broncos are the Broncos missed in the playoffs IE. Yeah I may fool I think I deserve to be cast. By the way Michael Crabtree on the two point conversion mart super bit okay. Yeah it got to say boys being Atlantic yes I would still take Crabtree Crawley. Once he steps recently do you mention Pratt you had a moment he was having a whale relentless. Our next about bagels jets another really fantastic football game. Really played out how I expected it to I thought this would be very close but it's like we said. I like acts opposite sides to this game last week I'd I thought the Bengals is too early season they're always so good that one on the road before. And somehow some way and it managed to come up here with a win at 2322. Over the JETS jets assessed by the way even. Probably tougher place for them to win that it's as it was. And here members of the that's right I was that tough place for them to win because it was. The anniversary of 9/11 in New York City so. Lots of external factors there for the dangles that was AJ green this is AJ green's. Not coming out party that's the wrong word for it he certainly I exposed. An aging Darrelle Revis cents. Maybe this is it one game blip on the radar hall of fame career that is Revis but it is all AZ grain and it was time after time after time in big moments here. And what can we say bagels and again on the road against playoff contender adage keep doing in the regular season yeah. Give. Agers Dominic Andy Dalton. Really get over all as well I mean. Boy is in you don't victories 66 yards as disappointed in my voice it's Patrick. Also Brandon Marshall have you in fantasy screw you. How can. The jets lose this game expect when that division but at division title aspirations especially when the British suspension can't and all the sudden the script is flipped. They were. Were early to you right I was one point game. Thirteen point is that you like at Apple's app. Mike jets. Ago. Jets. I knew it and then well of course these. Jets are gonna jet by the end of the game and they buy new way to. The united at this point and a but but but but no shame in losing the Eagles are right. That this this this game if you're going to win that I don't get this could be even wanna fight for a wild card spot here at these games at home perhaps it is our. It is our flat out our. Because. The bagels may have a tiebreaker with you now in a wildcard if we think it's usually get is they aren't that yes viewpoint. And there are points though. If not I look it was it's one game long season here. I am more. Disappointed. In the jets' loss that I am impressed by the dental clinic that's media in my opinion being a little bit. It's you know it just use that angles and also give it to get to the deals are depressed when beetles that said. Which has its jets and also a good sign for the Eagles you can deal that sort of pressure and instill your quarterback law. In the manner in which. He did so. At this point the GTS. Jets jets jets but ice deal. Although not your. How always awkward an Alley can have three teams make the playoffs and I still feel. You can't happen but I don't argue these jets won't be in the fight going to last couple weeks I think it's for us it's going to be tough because. 976. Rings of the pollution that's. Let's move on some disappointment the disappointment there colts. Lions although we both sets to our credits lions dark horse in the NFC Andrea. Could very well go win this game in Indianapolis and what do they do they did 3935. Absolute shootout. In the dome. Andrew Luck he looked good Matthew Stafford mute better. Matt Stafford was snaps Luby's 390 yards who looks like the elite quarterback Blair wrote last week he is Italy quarterback if people just weren't paying attention you mentioned in the podcast last week. Great to performance. I have stats after Jim Bob cooter. Took over is Jim Bob cooter PF best excellent excellent but his stature added to their credible since tutor to go over and it's ID midget last week Max effort will be the highest paid player. In the NFL after this season it's it's going to happen if you did that you split this specially. 31 of 39. For 343. TDs to picks are you kidding me. They're real stat line 31 of 39. So. Good August effort and for Andrew Luck also accuses. He's pretty damn incredible as well yeah quartets to know takes it into love's career. Despite his individual accomplishments. Continues to go the opposite way get Russell Wilson. And that was our wins and losses yet it was always new cardinals series luck always there and he'll RG three got dropped off we are suitable yes or are just about the first yet your those three. RG three is the first to get Qaeda batted down a well he's hurt once again but. Despite it looks like is that despite his individual prowess his team's not enjoying near the success of Russell Wilson you got to help you out of him but still managed come what we've done a little bit open wounds here and not only have put it. The Seahawks are we can review where you ought hesitant to talk about what we know it's our. Let's let's talk about that I didn't put others that thought it was Canada ho hum kind of as expected. I wrote in my prediction article would be a Workman like Seahawks won a little harder Matt lady do the last two minute come back but. But we talked about before Cedric Benson at worst offensive line in football yes they're tackles are our leaders in cheer the lions are they're okay. And that's what it rushing attack will will still be a top ten unit mislead. But Wilson will he'd go party has been injured he says client isn't the most active in the past is the past few years it three most daddy was the most. Hits now we're back. Man I don't know I don't know what's it about this so well that you. Are you more job. Aren't you before you are more less worried about. He ought to houses you know I tell you this this game played out exactly as I expected for the Seahawks other than. The finals is a little bit closer and I thought it would be the spread was way too high ten and a half points is that dolphins team is going to be better than it was last year minority. Pretty good offensively last year on their defense the defense is. Better than it was last year and should because Jerry and Elaine is healthy chancellor and Thomas are healthy. And you only allow those test points on turnover the dolphins' offense last year they were atop the senior and it really. Par I don't know I don't know it's about the that's why did put honor I don't I don't think I gleaned anything from this game than Russell Wilson's now to be playing in Los Angeles. I'd be against the rams were injured ankle participated. Worried now looked like you said Wilson went when it matters mostly an eighty yard drive I. I think that is. I think it's credit by the gets me you can't teach. Home. But that offensive line again is if all the cliches soldier it all starts up front and all this other business. It just it just worries me for the Seahawks going for. And it. And I guess this comes from you're watching so much Seahawks football I'm just. Now used to this openers rice or last year the year out road opener the opening game of the loss to the rams on the road. Some years ago it was a 1613. Game against. Did attackers were they should've lost that job at all. Could be. Well I just look Russell Wilson's ball it looked ugly game and they won. Today despite whatever misgivings I had my sloppy at times image what was my troll he text you listed the cabinet and taking notes. MD eighty minutes it ago. Yeah Graham did they're not. Next up on the list finally. You or your. Aryan Nation mean Arizona Cardinals and losing yet to be Brady's patriots. In Glendale 23 to 21 I don't think we could've said it any better than we did last week on this podcasts would reset with the way the schedule works out. And care Arizona getting New England. All their field without Brady and Seattle having to go to New England with radio later in the season. This was a game that they could not afford to lose if this isn't going to play out like we expected to this is a horrible loss Steve kinda general manager called it embarrassing. In the media Bruce Syrians went off in the press conference and who knows heated behind the scenes this is a very bad loss for hours on. Yeah I mean Mel B golden opportunity missed that we discussed that it was even just pretty loose in this is where. The New England Patriots. Art how light and they operated head and shoulders above the rest of this lead. When I look at. There among a lot of Alabama and that it's actually hard to incorporate them in conversations that. Were you trying to do compares and you know all of this team does that's why can't we there's such an out liar. I. Help me it's to stake in Brady and grow up and have Neitzel older. And he can bitch didn't quite what do. The patriots players you don't you don't names because of their best players. Out there running that what's Dion Lewis may be whatever you get the point right. This team that had six starters missy. It just beat you where most people believe. The Super Bowl contenders is it is an. Believe six hours of music including the greatest quarterback of all time the hands out close to home and tied it in the entire lead. And went topple the climate shall I just. My jaw hits the ground that's probably why Belichick. You watch him after the game right after. What is the plan yeah. If you've ever seen Belichick celebrated a regular season is like Lisa tester and I think it's because. This game for for for someone like Belichick a feeling this game kind of represents the ultimate challenge to play a lot of lord of the reasons Libby called these big nightmare challenge for a level. Different levels of difficulties. Or hear this bill Brady is six your starters. It will be the cartoons and it bears are right and he's like all right all right let's let's do this it's acting craft could come up. Where do you go from here if yours and you think they're OK did you see anything in this game in the points to bigger flaws that maybe we'd expected coming in here to once again I think everything is still tough to judge because of the kind of out liar fact of the patriot. I will say this that this Fort Carson Palmer. Com I guess maybe you'll disappoint in the cardinals' offense as a whole. But. But but but I can't underestimate the Patriots defense it's always deepens and it was anybody's name on. But the India too is being successful way. Whether it's scheme lies just just how wise as the maybe give the Patriots defense enough credit but I expected the cardinal offense you have more firepower especially around the. We'll see how this comes back if it comes back to haunt them like we see ahead. With a common schedules the only plea to separate upon us two different opponents out of a sixty endlessly common opponent now bulls against closer to win and Theo. Ayers and yes members talking and Melanie what was right at the hands bits with in the final couple minutes this sort of dazed and I believe. And I popular I believed in the opportunity to read it forty seconds so there but which means the plumbers and ops team that with my defense. I suppose it is OK if you point out. As we see this plays out down the road. There'll be three and Stewart go back and drives crazy the people. Kabul he made this case corporal Russell Wilson got tackled on this play out of the room margin of error. In the it's that time I didn't think about that right at these games are gone the other way somehow that ticket gone through and there's one that and Wilson hadn't state it's had that on the fire drivers and tired that he did it there. The entire season could be potentially different words in week one they. Week in review and tighten the money I do let's talk about one thing from the Monday night and you said you stop watching. The 49 yards against the did you see them. Bonehead error and Donald heated in that game. If he's not suspend its not coming out of this that he will not be suspended. He did three things were sustainable offenses in this double first of all it was his second personal style so I believe it's an automatic ejection now. In the National Football League that was number one probably ligament but number two he grabbed 140 displays by the neck and finally show up into the ground that's. Pretty close to. He may contact with the official which is a huge none Ellen possibly as sustainable events and authority he was helmets violently. It's dead across the field adds he's walking. Of the field after he'd been injected this guy who I it written about many people talked and written about could. Have some plant to JJ watt is the most impact full defensive player in the league. I hope I hope for his sake I hope for Los angeles' say that this was a temporary. Insanity right AB can plead temporary insanity his team momentary. Lapse of judgment but if this is what -- Donald is. Boy. Him. I don't understand that this ugly. Really really annoyed but let's let's take it in this context. The worst part for me it was grabbing the neck of the defender in Canada well it was announced that Donald. It's not. He's not someone with the history of this like Ndamukong -- Lakewood suit does something. The importance of five or six other incidences of its allies is a pattern. When they're adults doesn't habitable one off and let's take it like this that would that situation yet this entire offseason. Everything's built him moving to Italy all this pressure on QB and you all flat out suck you look like garbage doll play well. But you got shutout and wizard routinely checked out. GGG eight shutout this modern era we got it happened anymore that was the worst performance. By any team this week in the worst performance and everybody Appleton I I don't know who's happier. Saint Louis are at it like it was partly good rip skip I watch any boards. They've got your book state the curse of laid out of the curse curse. Suggested that if I don't I guess that you know Jeff Fisher men I don't I saw funny clip today where you're like. I'm not ever going to step and I got epic go at it hard knocks about it it's only apple yet yes you you might not be might be like sports well. The sixth and also. Although I get what they're doing it. In this weekend of young quarterbacks as you point out sheer gall now playing. Not a good night address out not a good look. Yesterday and actually. Seattle. It's going to be rough all of golf again that although that Seattle's number of us have of course went. Now we'll say there's hundreds and 00 could've got of course went if gore wins in LA I don't think he'd be dressed up and it's not you take away from Carson wins. I think a lot of I think a lot of what did you golf is like you pre plants like play and I also think. Doug Peterson. It's really good coaching quarterbacks really did get quarterbacks ready. And that out Philly did an excellent job of preparing winced beast just although woods deserves a ton of credit he's just figured out abuse are like a week and a half. I'm not going to personal note grades I'm not going. To may India. Assumptions are prognostications. About Carson went after against the browns there's patella. Yeah. Mr. So it was like he was too great for his opening games or what is it it was impressive to you first drive. He goes down and scores throws touched our first ever drug if that's pretty cool. She gave cool. Move onto our cool weekly previews cocktails and larger. And for those weekly previews. I got tired talking about Rex Ryan when most people are as well. It's like Brothers and really quick note as this old. Got to the separation game. Bills and jets both Owen one jets now have to go on the road to the bills will be at home after. Going on the road and losing to the ravens. This one's Dunn's in the and it probably done in the playoff. I would say already. In so. I remember late last season. The jets seemed to bills beat the jets Abu it was a week seventeen in the Rex beat his old team to keep him out of the playoffs yet that was hit it. It would jets are finally got. Appraisal we keep the pot Tyrod Taylor last week's podcast acknowledge it last week I mean that's. Avoided. That's my boy it and being struggled here live up to that contract he wasn't just he just wasn't he just wasn't predictable. Productive offensively thirteen dissented. He gave me that score and so. A very disappointed in the and Tyrod I had I have high hopes for him and that's his old team the ravens I mean you've got that he should be paid Matthew Berry 1 morning when you are you know it's interesting that when they're going wrong in Ramallah are a little bit so. I don't know at this point Arab. I'm just wanted to both of these students I love this morning suggested they okay no shame Arab League museum. The ravens are not the Eagles he thought the ravens are better than their record tell you last year also may 2322. Loss is not a thirteen to seven loss like the bills look like your team that's still just not that good. The jets are collected. About the you know I did it get above average team who just lost to what are the perennial. Powers you don't discount. My childhood it is Soo weird to think about the bills as perennial power but that's that's what they are. Yeah through the ravens. Their their defense is not nearly as especially in the back in as the jets so I don't. How often have problems here yeah and to topple that the New York defense. Not mess around and I think you're picked digits here if we just and argued spreader and straight up as much loved earth or my bills that word out of I just these games always still goat scripts they just never do they ever do especially when you put Rex Ryan and his previous. Well I guess the self made rivalries that's another east coaches and teams right shtick is did your little hole did he doesn't win this year. What do you do with threats are palace is your two I don't think he's going anywhere unless the of the wheels completely fall off. Avago Lear jets is on the road. If you wanna talk about a long suffering and case. In the modern era nobody matches the bills for all talking the browns and how terrible they've been and they happen. There's one team who has not made the play offs in the new millenium. Tells him in 2009 and men in 1999. Ever since Y two K maybe why you came melted question Merrill something else that city miracle here. What woods tells us against the bills or is that that the bill that's built and he gets tightened its belt. That was around wasn't an air tight again yeah no doubt area that was the titans of earlier I think it monument of the rams. Frankly watching it. I think he's the one who threw back. As well. And it is now that's in 99 they have now made the playoffs. Approaching two decades at 2016 room. The let everything that's happened since the year 2008. That that was four that's true to doctors and by the way it. Yeah. It's your team and you know I got eight. And I think you know I just not about mama don't just want to baseball mind matters settle this shuttle launch playoff drought and baseball spring of 2002. Soon the bills or even or I would like to see that bills well after Oscar appeared the other major sports anybody needs. An update on hockey. Read it yeah well in basketball now bass governments and it it's still an easy task now let's. And just a that he bought the jets the jets are made by many chances but my Friday picks on but right now. Right now just they're obsolete or did it adds that degree saves in those places you can just go play besides incidental. You nicely you know I'll take an acute and NATO. Yeah I think it should give you all well they're did you chose to know when IndyCar and Panthers to repeat it is to win it all senators and yet stated that treatment maybe shouldn't is that we I didn't look I these children I wholeheartedly disagree with him against that defense. Wait until you don't have the the ball on Miller and jamarcus what are commit at you and good luck stopping him. Well it got the 49ers this week and skip around the block action Panthers at home against the 49ers. Fortunately better than people thought I certainly didn't think. But they would be well and they look that good weak ones and granite it's the rams they were playing in San Francisco. And then offensively Gregory Blaine Gabbert Blaine Gabbert rather was certainly serviceable putts here. Watches game. Tuck into a target as some people just kind of getting their pain is what they were seeing and they said didn't. Three different people start to separate times all said this 49ers defense looks really fast really especially. The linebackers now that's is no more open looks like field of our program which pleased me you know it's a knee injury was devastating also. Did he fumble because to me dreaming of cause in the game but it is just depressing story all around to see him dominate like he did last night. Makes you very happy who else is still really get a mark Brooks I yeah Eric Reid just in the secondary who area jealousy shot up river Ellison. Yeah look this is this different defense man. Whatever. In case it seemed like you lose Patrick Willis you lose Chris Borland. You lose alta Alvin Smith who is a hall of fame level players like oil fumes all these incredible talent we talked last year and seen yeah in size. Know when it seemed an exodus of talent like this niners team hasn't yet. And here we want to think they are indeed it's now how much of that though. Is it. That is. Her read this this case Keenan quarterbacking and paid cable Austin forty million dollars because like they didn't know what else to do they're going to have to. He's pretty fast. Certainly. Attest here the badgers play but they've got that. The global quarterback. But it's right up against is you know out of intrigue here obviously the Panthers have favorites in this thirteen and half not favorites look. Those that don't exist in the NFL I feel like if you go against the spread the majority take the points. The majority of the time you should be okay and it's okay disclose bull. Unless you the rams but it. I don't know how to lose a football Panthers that's that's that's my issue so we'll see I. I think and objectively you could say that. At least well on paper what we see them pre seasonal passes in front seven of Los Angeles the rams better. The net front seven of Carolina. Likened to look like in just the do you lie continues whole process and toed the line yeah the kids there. Toughest days we've geek com there's pretty absurd. That's big with a registered life been like the past week but it just doesn't translate to success but they are able if there's team and we're talking about copying that. Denver blueprints and I guess. You the 49ers can do that promise they don't have. You don't have the front four picture yet but Castro's. To markets where it is house to markets where still sort of dim witted rushing the passer. This is exposed in this. League for eleven years now are coming into mobile me and go away you're you're not at all not at all worried about the Panthers and not huge prize settlers. Shocked and Carolina. Governor. It's infrared traveling now teams do worse track he's Caster is known that you better keeps you were trapped Wes there's your partner. And no apparent teams you worse traveling east because it's your plane at 10 AM what does and yet again today. Partner so now there's that handle this easily. Also a short week is Jeff you say they have longer. For them short rapid as threats no longer we get short matters that were sent sent things. The profit and very odd jets had a are. Another team going and shoot the east co is your New Orleans Saints boy issues and bankruptcy. I'm just you know. Albert park wholesale minister and apparently didn't have to spend all of this and I decided. Same status and regularly ugly. Hi this is depressing for saints fans really is because a season it kind of started off with expectations and hope into an air. I had an inkling of Korea is I don't think they have an inkling over here no. Like I said. Just go mobile results Sunday the impacts will be incredibly impact the major of the delta broad injury. Has he still worried about it since the Penske need to be serviceable for me here on tasks and going up against the New York Giants are gonna throw the football for the fuel even more than Oakland. Yeah that rookie that we talked about sterling Shepperd. On daily hundred yards touchdown and a really nice eighty yards and a touchdown passes got caught up it would Victor Cruz is back to him. So you gotta stop and go back at you get that picture occurs in years that the show Larry O'Donnell anti tunnels so there. Yes it the only thing that maybe it would give the saints hopeless and in the future is an office he has as we don't want you will be able to beat teams just by outscoring them this. That's what it's probably another 796. Team but it could be that could be 179 which is an inches here and it's depressing but it. It's got to where you this is a roster that when healthy is better top to bottom last year com. They're still not. The best ages. Resilience at the strippers NCAA. Games it's gotten stale at this point where. He ought to get integrated defense gives are gonna go middle attack because of the Grail for planet by the past us now but the second. It this is interesting though. How much of easy theory could raiders' offensive line. Because when you posters and that they are getting hurt and move guys around you would have thought they give more to arrive healthy. As all but. According pro football focus. If you just eight players and individual races and look at their grades from last year heaters at the highest average green line in the entire league. Yeah as far as where is players performed individually so. I think I think what seems pastor's. Obviously right is maybe good I don't know if it's her. And S bowl practice it's a lesser line they're gonna face on this week yeah. One thing I will say for saints fans. Patience you have to have patience as they rebuilding process there's no doubt about it. Breeze below is due Vizio does he elects this week he's gonna be here through that rebuilding process so he's still a light at the end of the tunnel. But you've got to be patient not only the fans happy patient front office has beat patience with. Loomis and with Sean Payton threw this. Heroically I think I'll Ayers and we'll have more control with and I understand it but look we've seen it width on Asia much. More vocal level less miles on a different situation I realized but sometimes that. Pitchforks crowd mentality right towards. Or under the gate three. I see it happen I can see it happen if the saints go something like in an injury ruled five to eleven it doesn't look first time. For years it's in him highest paid player and he's our speakers so he's category where. Mean you Loomis well I disagree you I think Lucas there's a healthy case be made that he can no longer be GM. That's gonna happen he's been since well and he trusts in the more different tickets like. Those guys are as safe as safe can beat analysts' my situation. Like you said it is it is. Vasily. Eight bits that is vastly different and even there although I disagree that you flyer miles because of the monetary implications of the perception that it's in your school desperately needs money. There's also a football case to be made for less miles maybe needing to. To be moved on from as well but the bottom line is that they never find. They're not going anywhere so they'll look they they they will get the opportunity to see this rebuilding through whether or not it works. We shall see. Fans have patience. Michelle docket Bengals and Steelers this is that's Pittsburgh early. Autumn may be the best game of the week. I don't know what do you what this right bagels still Hasbro I think these are two of the three best teams in the entire conference via the easily. Me wholesalers patriots thirty Steelers Steelers bales of one on each other's home fields in the past as a a couple of years. The Steelers coming up short week but it will be at home the bagels coming off that road win against the New York Jets. Should things here I don't know how I do these defenses a host on the opposing offense. Bagels would have a little bit of a better shot I guess bit Santonio bra I'm still a little bit. My perception and his jaded from that performance Antonio brown and on yesterday's tough for me to see anybody lining up across them. And stopping agreement and zone concept is trends and brown has reached that. Wait where the old. Can't hope to stop and you can only to contain him that in my mind now applies to interview. Is this too should slights cracks in the armor for the Steelers ostensibly won an offensive line was not good Big Ben was getting. Bullied and banged around that entire game we all know. Ben Roethlisberger injury history. And early in the game before it got their passing attack going there are no running lanes open at all. For ID Angela Williamson. Did the Marlins in the that he did have a huge game but those lands a right lens opened up after they started going three for right receivers and establish the passing game. Okay which I'm OK with that because in the same way that runs its of the play action then later in the game I am okay is if you could do that consistently. If you consistently used the passing game to open up your rushed to detect and don't have to have your my Russian detect be just great and others. So I think the reason the battles have been successful against the Steelers the past couple years. Is because their defense is set up more to stop the pass that and is the run and had problems stuffing does stopping very run heavy power run. Oriented teams I don't like the patriots as they can go sometimes. And big moments on the dispute the ball the blogs and other. And their other guys so the bank I'd like to see this one playing out like it has in the past of these two teams. Were the the Steelers are able to establish the pass. Thus like we just talked about there and it was that was the round. And again this is anything Israel to go on there and and steel went on the road in the division Jimmy fascinating to watch going to be absolutely fascinating to watch. You the last thing you mentioned on the road I think that's a gives Pittsburgh the advantage your view this is to really pretty evenly matched teams and I think that. That home field advantage plus the Steelers and look to be Eagles always this is well put it. Sometimes when you are so of his both teams have very lofty expectations for themselves right kind of but the Steelers kind of feel like this is their year. Whereas to the jingles it's like all right we're gonna you're gonna make playoffs again in a bit and got our equipment they're used to. Having that sort of success and although this is maybe just kind of BS puck basically do you think that. You can certain power can be gained from a team that feels like it's all lined up. Like this is what we did yes of course this year and had to get to the Steelers feel they're confident after week one. I think they I think they take care of business at home gives me angles and there was weakness in the eagles' performance absolutely and we want like we mentioned seven sacks on and you don't knock in the steals replicate Steelers replicate that our boys can't pay. Hayward where do you like Santa. Kevin steele's Mozilla. Yeah I Steelers in the Super Bowl so I had to choose him to win at home against The Beatles otherwise whatever. We're here and I'm just I'm mistaking how I got to take somebody Gallagher Steelers as well. We just know it seems like we in the media just discounts how under the dangles again they were the best. There were the best team in football last year before doc got hurt there are and some other objectively by any measurable statistic but I'd be eyeball test they were the best team in football and so it's really tough for me to see here and. And and it's one of the best frontal. In the entire affiliate look at Britt that he did as a team built in the draft like the Packers that they know they developed. In house talent better than anyone else really yes look incredibly well run organization but. Like I said is it may be as the media. As an entity if we take the big goals. If we've taken for granted it's because of this just sustained success that I was just talking about like we expected bagels you really good regular season. But in the end maybe they don't register as a true powerhouse eggs and these other teams. Because they don't get it done on the big stage score really gonna here we appreciate out muscled. We are not on this. Very similar that the Eagles discord mid twenties and that you see 2724. What goes on to other playoff contenders to gotten wins at home although the chiefs' biggest combat of last week I have. Absolutely no idea how it certainly on the ball and I was hurt for my charged in aboard Joseph Barksdale contrary kicking ass and attack or San Diego. It. I'll feel. A red nose is all it takes it he'll beat the cheese that's also. And I had to hold off because slowly but surely I watched Alex Smith Spitzer where it count but he ages. Cut you down 24 to three and one point where they. And how the final play and censor where an option that option play spent clippers yeah I did yeah. She will. He was ma items monster he was that he was excellent. You that win now. So we went tendency urge you Steven Ridley was running back and where it was the back of young guy got some time. When we left for the NFL adage of what was freaking out like well I'd really leave Libya are kind of in house it team was like. The group is pretty good kid and Spencer ware was. Great potentials would grade at home last week Heidi I covered the spread themselves dole does win the chiefs said struggled. By accident or nothing about Texans first I was 29 minutes 211. Was eleven to one minute this wasn't how. Elsewhere I get to Portland. Of maybe it was eleven Osama like that it was looking very. Workman like win by the Houston Texans oss are. Good enough 2314. Kids she had a house went off. And 29. I don't know my thinking of vikings tightens rules by feast its eyes and it's and a game McCain has 2516. About it that's the words I was thinking about sixteen to council's point five. 29 inning Cleveland that could've been that developing. Anyway it's. And now as a restraint in the bottom of here as far as these and scope. To Texas though chiefs I just think the Texans not quite ready yet they premiere on this last week yes but maybe not immediately countered that. Yes I just thought the bears to deal better than expected I agree. Given chiefs on the road I don't know what else about this other than the chiefs. Whatever avoided disaster last week losing to the chargers the chargers or chargers started last year. We were like all four hours on the last season you look at all wheels fell off like the wheels of it just like the wheels fell off this. This Sunday charge. Of of the downs like us Weiler perjured Thomas podcast and played. Last week by the if he. Entered two touchdowns thing. And serviceable. Serviceable. And I yes worth the money in the city of any. Properties yet read these are two possible division players but does anybody really care about this camp outside of Kansas. In Houston. I remains intrigued by the chiefs I assume as a neat it's residuals dual threat but they suffer from the Marvin Lewis in people's curse and that. And you read it's like you just have concerns about his teams in the playoffs everybody's beta Super Bowl though before us Marvin Lewis every one of you know. I don't think yet not so I have more faith in Reid and M I I think I obviously didn't teach when this indeed worked themselves into rate. Maybe a perennial power but yet seems like it's so. Madrid let it make it out now on natural national interest velvet and and David also suffer from flyover sent arm quietly who nobody goes to Kansas City and there's. A small meat market. What did and then there's any. I find it hard to judge midwest cities so we see about Ohio Venus like Alec. But average to Ohio who cares to know just no country but they had a ton of people it's a big market right. A Cleveland and everything and tired state cougars are also. I mean I've never been to Kansas City I had no desire to really good barbecue we go to Kansas City I've driven through Kansas City. Twice three times did you shop yeah. That's a barbecue some local players have to do not like it was now was it good group think including new order was the barbecue actually did. So argues it is really good. Claude until they don't like people in Kansas City kissing and hugging your your people ask your your kid is that it might get scientists. I just don't look we Opel to it's like. It's like he's about your views yet that you try to avoid revered views it as a group wanted to ask don't tell him a starter and damages and he missed out of that. See I disagree. I think that there is a I think there is a US you do there is no there's a healthy. Element to repeat those reviews and see what they like it helps me make choices as to what I do you don't want to zero in games that will. Or will now by now there are certain movies that I know going to games are going to tour regardless. Oh people's eyes which are relevant at that point. But no I actually ice and look because it is because this is where. Essentially bought two thumbs up or thumbs up like I think it's an eight point seven might mean what does that it was an extra seven and eight point seven. But it brought tomatoes if it does sixty or above. That means perhaps people get it comes up theoretically should take it quite put like five minutes or steal. Such a fair that we can interject a little. Movies slash entertainment talk here in the middle. Best show that whatever video and their checked out I think the finale is this vote was two part not first part is this week season finale mr. Obama told you about this show before yeah USA network yeah the season wonders if it is. Ban freaking tacit. Christian Slater. Remedies leaders Christian Slater and he has he's got a field. Us it's. So it's geo tech and by the U rods and as and it's an idea brought out a season to about TV you can score higher on robbed him I don't know why it's by. People reveal that actually wants them. That's important is it insurance I think it's grizzlies v.s herself a new era at minute wonders. Hell hot water. Put that line what are my. Foster. Good posture. Jeff Bridges. To these two country Brothers that are Robert de stalls that it is like. It still could not so critical southern accents and accurately weigh in. Please try to encapsulate the feeling of this Al. I think I nailed it. He actually looked up where all the actors were born afterward succeeded in actually came from Zell. None did. And it was it didn't seem he didn't seem. Theaters for a national it is in theaters this is Chris not Chris Pratt Chris Chris idea of Star Trek and yes correspondent which uses actor. I don't personally did not start particularly east deceit and I'd love to cover that aren't back to our weekly pre two more games to get to the next couple. Colts or Broncos colts. So on one here this is no longer look vs Manning mrs. luck vs the mean this is the Broncos at home for the second straight week. The colts. Eviscerated that alliance defense that lions secondary has an and elected to said the numbers earlier. But this is the Broncos differences in the alliance defense and this is in mile high. I think another test got elected not to hurt in this case. Tried to kill what you did last year and boy if Owens who though it is if the colts and it was in this game and they are dogs in the scam as they should be. Duty calls start coming for truck put off. Yeah entered Gaza wanna now how long it takes to lead the cheer extensions for three years left including a share including a season. It's in the question because is Jim Irsay can hear about whatever you have to pay per child for got a not a word bro it's our six. When we get inside that had ever OK yes we know so that deck and there's a wildcard rigid that judgment be I think economy. And on a warm seat this elites who know what you see certainly needs it up. But you know it helps me out. She's now. Owens who is not so good that deep hole that divisions Alexander Alec had to have that division winner of the night and senator Tate and six like each of the past two or three years. I hit a bad division so. If there is a vision that you can lose two games in and be fine it's the it is eastern sea air AFC south. Know the disease. Because the bucks. And the papers are bad bow and the bucks 10 leading the division in this game though. I actually more treat them as having the other side of the football to determine the scam that is the Broncos offense vs that colts' defense that was shredded by it Stafford. I was not sold on the Kubiak Carol last year obviously Elway I never knew it for everybody wrong with that. If you go back to what he did in Houston with his quarterbacks and made them look pretty darn good names were not good later I'm happy. I attorney in the quarterback whisperer here. I am really intrigued to see what he doesn't Ximian anomaly in his game but the rest this year against him so much pressure off the quarterbacks. He member David doesn't know Kubiak wasn't quarterback he was a back fighting on that. And that is the only Kubiak connection uses when he was hired people were just seem like wow this good or is it's just him higher and his boys at some news well. Look at the job now days. G and skills speak for themselves at this point rate it TE is created. Watch Thursday night game huge just. The the foresight. To the agent quarterback where people are desperate for where. For the browns caught everyone's dreams. He lets it goes that he gives it life is key defensive pieces at all and pieces. And at least we won it started paid dividends by. It could be our I just thought it was kind of like recycling this guy what's gonna happen. Some soup and when it opens up rockets at the legal analysts 33 and a half and look that up from its Ciba and and a line is where it should be. The Broncos impressed me so much last week that if I was to pick a division wondered today I don't pick the chiefs are pre season predictions but I'd. Revise that ensued Denver wins this division England envoy to some impressive I mean in front ever me. Don't play. Well excuse. While I like Bobby Brewster type thing where after Elway got it it's ultimately. A guy just whatever mr. Gerson I don't know. That he threw more six interceptions senior. Bullet through more picks than Indian picks than touchdowns yes that's. Answer it. Although he did that same thing last rent that it's it's it's well that's what twelfth nineteen his senior in college but. They'll obviously the rate that I think is brought in the end going 13 which isn't it. So as to what is it fifty plus sixty plus in the sixty pluses to end close we have away. An hour and going backwards here in Japan air its rockets. And joining joining me joining me on nine Denver run as men I'm Aurilia authority it used to be OK. No I don't trust and it's. It's dig into the archives but we hang out with Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson. Cam Newton Auburn quarterback talk past. So owners give it its teams have kind of sucks Broncos because. What are they could stop record. Last one Packers at the vikings Packers. Actually pretty good it was a closer than expected game. Adds. The jaguars covered. They were five dog Jack is Jack you and I actually think bull those teams selected. Out of the pack these jags she's favored. No colds though I will say though or they're Texans I didn't go to sled and sale last week that. Jaguars are ready Nate. If things go very well for them maybe united sevenths yeah geeky like almost playoff team I could see it and I can definitely see it. I don't know Packers like that here it shall publish on at all. Boy there about John of these kids were pretty impressive. Last week to the vikings are very good team did defensively there I still have to believe that. Didn't sergeant Miller is still to believe that every effort to better quarterback chart. Who starts this yet centers there's lot of talk about dollar and you got to deal. Throughout his he has to have Bradford I don't know man point 516 I guess you just want that. This I gotta I gotta have a traits are paid dividends even though maybe that that's especially not the attitude that GM or coach should take them to go with whose moral ready but if I mean I really stand ups are you a little pissed. What is life like poker analogy right it's like you're dealt pocket aces if this hand and you wanna play all the way to a pretty well every sign points that you would be exactly still dumping money into the pot even though you know you're being described it but it's life. How disappointed here vikings fan page on Hilton's exit be the starter you at least one free giveaways. If you narrative of first rounder for Sam Bradford. So I. I think I do think a reference to bitter court John L he will start obviously four this team if it's this week I am not sure who did not look good last week who's Adrian Peterson. On the ball Ott was not Peterson asked whether that's agent that was this week one month. Obviously hasn't been Peters a recession in 2000 currencies lose leave rushing champion last year pluses and well. Under the radar is completely. Cards in an old saying Peterson's. The Packers. One apps Minnesota Minnesota one apps member Lambeau last year. Boil add it to load it up and well until people Pedro for Oreo I'll give. I open. I guess I'd go to the Packers I think I saw enough out that office last week. And who's a packer. New tie again. Generic pain now who is that she chooses. And yeah Greg it's Richard Rodgers last yours now. Is. What plays late Aaron Rodgers looks like he's back. Obviously cheered and jeered at your records and other weapons and fuel save at least he's lost the way I don't know if I believe in but look whatever is largely he plays good. So it matters because the fact. The vikings have either Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford started out with a detectors I was riveted went on each other's home field okay. Certainly be keeping with the times that the integrity Irwin certificate. I got a Packers here aren't I mean you're talking about Aaron Rodgers is under Sean Taylor Sam Bradford still exactly it scares. Him yeah. Yeah. Weekly preview. Move on here as we close out the show in and do a segment that I'm just horrible afternoon. Sucker line. Stretches it is actually. This is now become such a running joke of hoping it continues here you're you're nothing it's a fictitious Josh. Funny though. It. And hurt is that is it clear biggies although losses there you're does not consensus view. If people. Just take against what you tell us regularly it would be okay. Of money we may picks against the spread here that was equally is terrible and my weekly predictions. I call on that aidid's at Purdue and slams well well I picked the skins last week they were. Three point home dollars Oxley. Are now against the Steelers. Two lines jumped out at me here France looked so terrible they did so against the hole I believe they've won it. At home against Seattle three out of the past four seasons. Seahawks three and a half point favorites on the road the other line that I wanted to look at because I wrote this down. Before it was that was the giants saints line right now. Mommy see image had a friend that there. There. Looks like the latest is this the latest minus four and has a draw is different it's a second column for for a half. It's jobs mine's more. Yeah. I mean. Denounce our stick the Seahawks on the road here just I don't know how I don't know how anybody is going to be taken grabs April we saw on Monday night and they're playing a better defense the well playing what should be a better off insulin knows about offensive line. Seahawks. Giving it three and a half human hawks on the road at grabs one of them Tampa. June 6 and have procedures. This can't prevent it or the guys in the right there are not looks as if Michael stuff and don't forget it. What how how could I yeah early in Atlanta. What well I just your average your Forrester fair weather in 96 at had a ton of Packers gear and then in 9790. Broncos head. And terrorists have been like copper fell slightly rippled. With story lines and I re the only light the success of Terrell Davis satellite. Effective rockers and have a single linemen over 300 pounds adds Allen Eskew zone right to develop the Elway. Story lines with for the four years Tuesday got sleep Almeida so and are we bookmark chew Marcus out like to pocket. Which is always a plus yes I was but you're a young Star Wars fan losers always doesn't come down some deaths now I met him ninety's my when they re release mean dieters and it took me out of school for the day. Ultimately one of the greatest. So the LA bear so or spend as well yes I think anybody who grew up in the late seventies was probably right in it releases it. Kate you guys can access some out there base but could it was view you pick the alliance the road dogs. I got three and a half. Plus three and a half they have security actually won out yeah I don't know our out now for Mike Sackett. My excellent but I'm. 10-Q and pick six as well ownership while which is not spread against you that you can get right it's is taking six. Tough zero Friday we're ready for the crash rate just riding high bit here is why it will not actually put money in my case because second you. It'll come down. When your house call it a try opposite the opposite there's an element who. The colts getting six Denver. That's a little Tim dean of identity and July it is like to release it guys a while it down as well. Is still with what the ones that jump ball the page to me. Man you six and have yours you don't want to go what I talked about earlier where do you get a super spread in the that they'll take it. Can be seen Brandon plus thirteen and how. Thirteen. Reversed competitors out there as questionable T beginning at nine plus thirteen artists line of the season so far. Finally. Locks. Now rag map that we should probably check on him struck her who lock of the week. He'd test your lock it flatly denies. Think if enacted if it was Bradford is there it is it is. No mind. All without it for me for my own home team the hometown fans sick I guess by the didn't surrender all the sap Russell Wilson and saw Tina Allen. You know out over the contenders. RG three does that count. Well if there was a brands like I thought I'd give it argued there is not a superstar in the since. Now I get myself and all the analysts categories is the big names and happen lastly thank goodness and it like. That happens I'm kind of glad I'm on one and Allan what are arguably your offer sleep differently from. She is. Luck of. The week what I think is an arrest team that's going to happen this and you go first to get engaged previous sentence arguments. And yes. I will go. Back to Antonio branch is he was so impressive and he's still in sync right now is big band. I will go a hundred plus yards and a touchdown for Antonio Brown. I'm Jim did you ride the same Brett Sam Bradford train once it weighed a hundred plus yards and a touchdown for attorney of brown. Do you just want I mean you want it. What you're not a guy that a game will be played us I I've gets used I don't resumes take a little bit jobs. She will start injuring about predicting the best one or zero global good. All right are at their lowest I've read. That is above average it for them Santa Brad Bird will start this Sunday over Chicago and not feel he's 353. 202. TDs if pay 200 TVs out all over reverse nine it. A orders locked the Cadillac seal and I was going to do. Was Ezekiel while it. I was gonna go another hundred plus yards two touchdowns okay daddy's yes much more acceptable and sees that he's a rookie even though pool man. It should be really good because cowboys on the line he wasn't last week incredible. Yeah what was his bottles that this is now. 57 yards and degrade the eighty ready to get a great game last week that anybody Bruins yards. De'Angelo. Now your noise Spencer ware. It's measured up with. He scored 24 fancy points he Haniyeh and a nights ago and all lab work is currently the only way I got. Was the water my friends didn't let me do we drafted him had hoped the cut. That's a two. It's by far my best to avoid. And it's an all chip lead and it definitely sixty bucks at Dover that you. I answered but it gets us the most points over the conversely you know yours truly. He's Yorkshire would be hold an argument or yours and a power you. Did I hope your happy. You know I feel bad for David or telly pictures were the second most points in the league and Mo alpha that whatever misses the way of fears he could grow up. Physical laws for him stupid anyway. And over but you're in for a leaks and a terrible and all pretty poorly report here that never made the playoffs in India I mean one. Plus one years that is deep I've written by one point 81 game at one point in back to back weeks as it. Well for us we too ego. Podcasts wanna remind you can send some emails to our new email address it to go forward to add stimulus to meet you over to podcast and gmail.com that's to afford to podcasts to spell out. At Gmail dot communism on Twitter and announce that Dunlap from. Imagine about fifty history thanks so much for joining us downloads read it and check this out. Our guys like since I'm stolen you were. Not monitors the wrong words instead make her boss. There you know is at right now just like yeah. List RL touching actually enjoy the games yeah everybody okay. Great week on this and you don't opportunity to go to talk over it or not even podcasts and it's. He's very ironic go protection then finally we named that before we'll. And Hanover Insurance doesn't last hour. Have a great week we'll see on the news. And so we can't really. Don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't own their own home. Around. You mean. Okay.