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9-15 Scoot 3pm -Was a coach ever unfair to your child athlete?

Sep 15, 2016|

Metairie father arrested after punching his son’s football coach over his son not getting enough playing time. The father continued to try to fight the coach while other coaches pulled them apart. Some coaches may not be fair – but is a physical altercation with a coach ever acceptable?

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A father in Metairie punches are our coach artists are his kids have football team because his kids not getting enough playing time will be an event here just a few minutes. Since I haven't done it yet it happened sometime between 1 o'clock 4 o'clock and here we are two 310 in the afternoon. So what's gonna happen sometime this hour. When you hear the Alicia fight song if you would be eight. And ninth caller tour contests like log about the contest won its time we do this when you really Alicia fights on eight the link caller to a conscious line each winning pair of tickets to see tell issue. And Mississippi State. This Saturday September 17. Death Valley Tiger Stadium so delisting from that. I if you're just joining us and you're getting in the car heading no we've been talking about. A couple of temper knicks have refusal to stand for the National Anthem it is a certainly sparked fiery passionate debates about the National Anthem. This was sent covered last night of the season premier of South Park along with our presidential campaign. Can't even use the nicknames that they used in the show for. The character representing Donald Trump and the character representing Hillary Clinton. Now also we're talking about dot California high school students at her great lowered. Because she did not stand for the pledge of allegiance. Loan money Thomas. Has not stood for the played since she was in the second grade she's a native American and when she talked to her parents about what the place means. And what it means to our heritage she made the decision to stop standing for the pledge of allegiance. She's done this since the second grade but now a teacher decides to take action and lowered her participation great. For her silent protest of not standing. She students in public schools be allowed to set. During the pledge of allegiance. Is that freedom of speech and and how how precious is our freedom of speech also this was a controversy standing for the pledge of allegiance that tonight erupted. In 2013. When a fourth grader. Did not stand and does not stand for the pledge of allegiance because of his religion he's a jehovah's witness. And his religious police to not allow him to worship. A flag now worship any any animate object we've also talked about some of the new polls out of the presidential battle between Clinton and trump. It's essentially a tie in fact in the CBS. CBS news in New York Times poll. It is indeed time. 42 to 42. And even in some of the key states that will determine the Electoral College victory for one candidate or the other in particular Ohio and Florida. Donald Trump is surging ahead politically it is falling behind. Health issues issues more issues about her emails. Or issues about her trustworthiness. It's amazing to me that there are so many negative things being said about Donald Trump and yet. He's still a serious challenge Hillary Clinton. And there's so many negative things being said about Hillary Clinton and yet she still a serious challenge. To Donald Trump. And then their big conversations about Donald Trump is overweight he doesn't exercise he eats a lot of fast food and a Clinton supporter last night. A CNN San detect truckers overweight eats junk food in the public needs to know. I think Bill Clinton was a big McDonald's and fast food junkies well. Many trucks Oregon tried to make the argument that Donald Trump gets plenty of exercise traveling to three states today. Because he's walking up and down increasing the rows of supporters. In each state. Anyways is whistle while he's bullish talk I'm not glacier that counts as exercise. You know when you and I travel. We quite often have to literally run from one gate to the next. And quite often you know I'm I'm carrying out. Heavy briefcase allotted jumped at it you might be carrying heavy purse or heavy briefcase or something like that and a backpack he might be carrying on air on on on board luggage like that you're taking with you on board. So we've we've got all this stuff with this we're getting a lot of exercise even though we sit in a plane for a long time. We get exercise at the airport and I make it a point when I mean between flights if I don't have to race to another gate I make a point to walk around a lot. However when you think about trumping Clinton they're not walking around very much. That they they walk around a lot but not like you and I do in an airport. Because the vehicle pull right up to their plane so they've been sitting on the plane to get right into a vehicle they're sitting in the vehicle. So you know these candidates a duty to fight time to exercise and if somebody's gonna pick on Donald Trump. Daniel also after bring a defected they know Hillary Clinton might not be at her ideal weight either so you know you I don't think you have to be your ideal weight. To be presidents of the United States. This is what we've been talking about what the organ into the conversation this hour and every father arrested after punching his son's football coach over his son not getting enough playing time. The father continued to try to fight the coach while other coaches pulled them apart. Some coaches may not be fair to kits. But a physical altercation with a coach. Is that ever acceptable. At what kind of example does this father set for seven year old son. And for other kids who were watching this. You know yeah you can't complain about kids playing violent video games. If you're going to be violent. You said more of an example from the violent video game. You can't complain about television shows store anything in the entertainment world that makes his violent if you're going to actually. Participate in a in a violent action. It in front of your kit. And then you also have to wonder you know if a parent is. Is so hot head it. That he does have Casey sheet. Are willing to attack coach. Over something with their their child's team. What other things. Are they doing around their kids what other things are they not. Teaching their kids are what are the kind of bad examples are they static. Here's are pretty general opinion poll this hour. Was a coach ever unfair to your child athlete. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com if you do wanna join us with a comet this afternoon about anything we're talking about her numbers 2601878. Erykah 5042601870. In a text is 87878. A before I get back to live your calls and end more attacks on what I've read this specific text to you tonight I talked about just before the top of the hour news. It says scoot I started my business 25 years ago with 1000 dollars. Everybody said he would work after her lots of long hours and no sleep it's a multimillion dollar business. This standing for the National Anthem to be is a double standard. People say America is against them. And one of my employees says the country is against him. Yet. Right these kind of jumping up against Sony tech some time to jumps around while I'm reading it. The country is against and I apologize for this country's against him. But he only works just enough so that he gets the government help and the government takes care of his five kids. My company offers insurance to all employees but he chooses not to work every day so the government. Pays for Medicaid. For his kids. So my point is they're against America's beliefs. But yet they depend on the government to support them. Double standard. If you disagree with the flag. And don't depend on the government to support you and your family. This is a problem. This is a bigger problem than you might think. There are people who work just enough. In fact they're people on disability. They weren't just enough. So they can keep their. Money coming in from the government. They can. Depend on the government to take care of them in some ways. And yet they don't really want to work any more than I have to. And it seems to me that it somewhere this system is being on toll taken advantage of and more people should be called art and and by the way this is not something that that just liberals do. This is something that conservatives do as well. And they don't see the hypocrisy of that. There are a lot of people depending on the government debt. Think they don't really depend on the government or think they're entitled to it but yet they're very critical of other people who. They say depend on the government. And so if there's government assistance to help people to the point. Where. They're self sufficient. And yet they don't work as much as they cancel they never become self sufficient. The system doesn't work. And the sad thing is there are some people who don't have to do this they're ripping the system off. If you wanna join us for the comet this afternoon to 601870. Text 877. From Baton Rouge John welcome to the show. Pop ecstatic call shouldn't that would Gilbert. Question of our approach and an unfair situation you're drop can. Mosque on Wednesday. Freshman at a high school and not. It is 65 can try to opera for the team and he wore that sporting. Of the top spot it on. Which was wonderful and he had a great year did well here. Junior varsity game again he was starting or order Popeye. What he wanted to try out of his junior year. A strong it would be on RC. And not courses are observing William Fallon. Basically we took it more and it's on this just like left. You know everything you'd want you'd think you should be or we think we should feel you should be record while others think he should be order. Just the way like it as you can always get. Well maybe fair shake Gault may be coached well up in that we didn't you know. So I think are supportive perspective. But he sure and then. I sure hope that the apparent that tactic coach. I don't actions taken. Are. Well he was arrested. You know he was arrested and taken into custody after the services story got out because the coach here called called the police. John I appreciate the call also appreciate what you did and that's exactly what parents should do I mean in instead of instead of always. Complaining sometimes it's it's it's good to use moments and you always stand up for your kids but sometimes. There there's a moment when you have to say. This is an example of how life isn't fair and this is one of the great lessons that every parent. Should be obligated to teach their kids. Right now that we what you want to cross country team and now a utility that it is not been in the true cost country gene and now. Turned out the you know onboard but yeah actually the current. Board well. On I appreciate the comments thanks for sure in the story. If you join us for your comment or your story about a coach and your kid or when you were a kid your coach and this idea that like my coach is it might like kissing getting enough playing time. So I'm gonna get into a physical fight with the coach. That is totally. On acceptable. Our numbers 2601 a seventy. Harry coach final four to six no one in seventy text they 7870. I institutes this is where politics and pop culture reach your opinions. And we'll be right back on Debian QL coach is not giving your camp enough playing time but yet here's attacks that brings up an interesting point. Go dot that I think the parent should have hit the coach by its we also don't know what the coach told apparently couldn't slighted this child verbally. And the parent lost it once again he shouldn't have hit him but we don't know both sides of the story. But again you bring up the key point you don't hit the coach there's a way to deal with that if you're not happy with the situation osment a year on every have you know good afternoon. I called up that the child. A person that put my stamp record becomes so important heritage you. In all likelihood. Current system to believe some audio that was their vocal. Well who was hero for the native Americans. Well there was not a native Americans there could be you know you don't know which. I got. You know on a test for Obama now there's a possibility. Yeah I mean yeah. You know people in that book cultures and fight over property in land that are used to the history in the. But when the Europeans came to it was a it was a little more definite than what we know from history in terms of a native American tribes taking away from each other figure you're right I mean we have always been a two we've always been a territorial species. Absolutely I'm saying that and I'll likely college she's standing up for current system but there's a good change current systems to. Polling in that we would that they were wrong when Europeans took it away from. I would represent what what if somebody just standing up for their right to express that freedom of not standing for the flight do you agree with that. Yeah. Spinning ever appreciate the call it just a point I hadn't thought of that here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll was a coach ever unfair to your child athlete. 50% yes 50% now if your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. I will continue to send this conversation about the battery father arrested after a punching his son's football coach and he wanted to continue to fight with the you know the coach put on the coaches' polls in the part this is the story that I'm getting from the news. What some coaches are not fare as it's true and and if you're a parent and if coaches not feared your kid or EU deal with that. But getting into a physical fight with the coach. It's not the way to deal with. Sometimes there's a moment when you actually do have to fight. But it shouldn't be over something like. You're kids not getting enough playing time you know let's save the fighting for something when. You know it's it's it's really important like it's life. Or or death story it's its property that your that your fighting over not because it just it's it's such a horrible example for kids. How do you explain the year to explain to your kid not to act this way if you act that way and then if you're telling your kid this is how you deal with life. Isn't this what Kris bullies. Are you journal stay with us for coming right back before your comments here in just a minute. And authority of next year caustic comments I want to congratulate Cindy manei go and Smith who's so. Each aboard a pair of tickets to see Allah issue Mississippi State first SEC battle for LSU in Baton Rouge. This coming Saturday afternoon. And every Thursday iridium away at pairs of tickets to L issue home games. Some delisting from one to four here on WW out a quick update on our party general opinion poll was a coach ever unfair to your child athlete. 44% say no 56% say yes give us your opinion but going to have a WL dot com opera Hammond Gloria welcome to our show. Like. Me. I'll go see it. You. That age you. The pain. In. Me and trees are one. And she. It. Out. Yeah I don't that was another that was an iron or a text or something else. We'll add it at bay you're. Being in there that I have a say it. You did think it was don't you think it was okay for leaders are confident that the students are not stand up for the pledge. It they can't. Keep. Do you think it was OK for the student to not stand out for the pleasure relations. At that. You know. Good bad or. Leave it. Really believe in. It. I hit it he didn't. Not I try appreciate the call. Thank those of you you have a good afternoon at him for saint rose Tammy you're under the W well. A quick break story you'd like art and writing op well because our current market wherever. He went and seen. Now. Paparazzi. Why you. Not and she thought I civil matter. At our batting and I brought her appeal and got better and I don't get the and it that. She will lie triple you the finger. At. And a church and any you know you. Play each each arm. So a kid would would lie about. Q would lie about what it. A I don't Ali bit watch my kid actor and I thought it was great. A great opera it hurt the wind. Ali bought every single act that battle. I'm not paying out alive but I am an area where it chipped that what happened happened. Sure. You know. There are only he had the authority to better that the. The Tammy are simply saying in and you know I don't know exactly what happened in this case that it was my impression that this was during during a game and the the father was there and the kid was not getting enough playing time and that's what upset the father. Well matched bang you know what that is the third obviously. Yeah I mean my I can't just take the order of acute. Other got a I would go what I thought at an appearance there. We're just happily a true that you. We. I Cheney. Lip by Carrie Lee or your child. Well you're you're right about that and as some people do with us or some people do reserve duty Pakistan had a lug your enthusiasm I appreciate the call. All right but you back. And from Mississippi Daniel you're under every WL. I you do it's the tight lipped about it coaches you know. I graduated from a as well no pets. You know that would that practice BO. It could be a picture or yes. And it's bad. I've played with frank and it's of course first and established analysts approaching the coat on him. Eight months and its millions partner started he would never play. Yes just something it did it so as evidence that getting an argument like it a little prank. Out of that school and when it's that Bible school. And all of a niche. Because it plea. And again that's all after every time. I was born in high school night you must now. So the you know he did he get revenge by playing really well against the other school. It is not a doubt that it you know and keep it up there now being you know being. The present point that he came to the chapter the second and it would and again and said. I told David muscles aren't you blissful to be the sort. And everybody to go with it what it is today that the regulations that he has started. Yet it's the Chicago so. Good to it it suit to deal with it you know. I love the story Daniel I'm so glad you are share that with us. That there's every course I mean if if your child athlete is not being treated fairly there's there's recourse but the recourse isn't you get into a physical fight with the coach. That's not the way to handle a problem. If you Arnold hang on we'll be right back under review well. On no mistake introduce is trying. A very sad day in our pop culture calendar for today September 15 he was on this day in 1992. Federal officials cited pilot error. In a helicopter crash that killed guitarist. Stevie Ray Vaughn and 1992 Wisconsin. The National Transportation Safety Board said the pilots didn't plan properly. For darkness. Fallen Haiti's. And rising terrain for owners were also killed in the crash. So it was pilot error and turn you know there's so briefings that path in life that I guess will weaken. Due to best protect ourselves and in each others to just it do all we can and that's a blatant pilot airing their particular case from Harry hand Larry here on DeVon avenue or good afternoon. Hello Larry. Okay. Let's go to Covington Wayne welcome to the show. Yeah. Britney human. And I. Got to. Put. Oh. I wearing you know there are a lot of people to believe his country should be run more like a business. But there are some aspects of the business world that are not part of the political world in the political system and while we don't like many aspects of the political system. A businessman. You can't fire your adversaries you you can't fire senators in fire congressman you can't fire the media. And you can't you can't treat another country another country's leader. Like it's your business competition. Other than that there aspects of the country. Needing to be run. I businessman. From Metairie Robby or WWL. Base here Colombia. Coach you. Wondered. Tell you what happened. But now Arctic. Did not complain to on the fact we can it was starting wide receiver and quarterback when McCain. Dispute was over the quarterback. The court the starting quarterback of the team was Eckert and so on. And apparently it is. On the fault in who was better and thereby won and the plea QB. And the church. You know basically put a squat and selective in my market playing QB combined sales well executed play QB columnist Arturo contemptible thing yeah. I brought if they'd if they did come down that way amassing and it didn't but that's approved I have to say that. You know that's not that's not fair on the coach's heart like that getting into a fight is not the answer you that you brought with it you deal with it another way. Well maybe it on the field anyway it's at five and point them in the news about them date manners things and his oh. Think that if Arafat in the game. And that's kind of ridiculous. Now rob I appreciate the insight to the father in Metairie is so Lance motion. 46 years old and you know he has a chance to turn this into a positive situation. Mean he couldn't he did admit that he was wrong. And at that he made a mistake. And he could use this as an example of saying look I I made a mistake and I should not have done this. There are coaches. Who do give preferential treatment to their kids. And sometimes their kids aren't the best that's really unfair. But punching the coach is not the way to handle but we have got time for a real quick comment. There's room glad you're on properly as the hours of all baseball coach art coached 1112. All the way up to their teams Iran. Took it from playgrounds here on the west bank and lower limit I don't harmony kids I was notre out of volunteer I enjoyed it just has put. About. One of those are children but the borders. All you're not a accord great groups are on and did you fundamentals that you get all been that different level level the thirteenth I had them actually at its. Don't want to high school implant based on one of that and the plan they ought to mind is whose name situation. They're still got dropped the body Indians there. I. My other place spot based Bard to line. That you might like take Condit. As I like to thirteen in thirteen years old and not have children I was on the ball to elect said. You cannot get close to the parents because they have. Tunnel vision most of all problem don't look at Dick kit only account all sides on sure I'm at trial. And I can understand to a point predicament they got dude they've got 88. All the players on that baseball. Dario appreciate the call I got to move on to a break here we'll be right back on WL. It's Thursday afternoon so sports talk is live from voters on veterans highway we have found the saints players they're show starting at 6 o'clock today special guest is cornerback TJ Williams. Meet the big chief joined the big chief today for 48 and voters 4740 veterans. In Metairie here's a Texas as a land since the father in memory. I should've known better he was an athlete a player. Suggesting that maybe there was just something else going on other issues other than just his kids not playing in. Maybe that's the case but here's a Texan really sums up this hour. Life isn't fair get over it. Thank dying and Newman our executive producer Tommy necessary associate producer and John Richter studio producer have a great afternoon lucky New Orleans.