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9-15 7:10pm Deke: with the View from Vegas & fantasy tips

Sep 15, 2016|

Deke gets the View from Vegas from Vegas Runner and the weekend's fantasy info from Kevin Payne of Rotowire.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And getting it into the final now a sports talk on the going to be here each and every Thursday night in the 7 o'clock now we counted. On Thursday preview it's at you from Vegas and would give it a fantasy football report Peter Tarnoff put out before they cut it is to be taught himself. The biggest round of the off how was last week the first week it and it failed. I end up coming down and it could have been better product any time you turn a profit over the books neatly in the world the plane left in the blink and I'll always a good game and I said. All week he got yourself everyone gets excited but it's only we want. We heroes dad and everything's just off predictions projections in previews. And if anything I think we to offers more down you. In week one because we on the line up for a couple on a lot of about been extracted line did been. Outwit initially. But we do there's only been sixty minutes of football be in better. To own conclusions and a perfect example last year. If you remember we won came Francisco beat Minnesota. Every one thing in Minnesota terrible. What happened they went on and covered thirteen of fifteen games. Support against the red number in all the NFL here. And nobody made money off Minnesota because they remember what they all that was done on Minnesota team looked. That first week to week data because he's strong conclusions. And is it better I think he could take advantage of those perceptions. Based on what happens we once so why did we come and now for sure. I'd be on the hero we are just to quickly get bigger seven ballots haven't beat you know in the NFL Europe season alliance and a you know low in the in the thirties and that was the mid to lower thirties a total. But it colleagues low land would be like image you 4044. Some might that you very seldom but they quit do you take in both the colleges in louis' week. At 42 but what's interesting is that too. Second highest glad this week without without Florida in Syracuse it's in the three and Nebraska and a host and our game it's in the three. Taxes and cap is eighty in hand. Estes so much time every other Monday immediate is that go out week is that unique in their that just it just sticks out like a sore thumb you know. You know when I first came out here and never let the market gets sharper and sharper as the information that people fingertips when I first came out the biggest twenty years ago. Universal total it was. Highly. Indeed in the college and even when you mean to be in the NFL. And I like to compare it to baseball where the lowest total personal. Probably the first 567 years that I was here the lowest total was at it and because that. While why I took advantage of the morning and made a lot of money betting under men on T ball totals like he. Plays. Where you you know. You never go back to this team shop where before Sampras or anything. And now well I would've been able to local police he'd like it is tightens up. And now with the with college football definitely is supposed crying numbers. In a perfect example like he touched it in California. Picked up 81. But that's because when they brought. The exit point for that you know that. We can email them the sixth inning and instead it. Count on the money companies won't be that same thing works. Very cute health board that you touched on. I like the Oakland game in touch that we want but I thought at that point one think that going in now. I'll Wear it like guys that people need. Total calm down and do the market gotten a bit sharper. But. Still he can't be afraid to go I think it's it's safe vertigo a feat that hasn't he been deal on either believe they're not good you're going to be holding your breath. It's not going to be by actor Sidney green they're not all that they'll retain blindly bet the over. But rusty short. A betting syndicate had gotten burned. When the eight ball you know seven visa to sign him and he's the best the Islanders when they don't because they were used to see and then having at a team like Oregon put up sixty by insults. Cost them a lot of money that's changed now you can see why guys don't win over total that high where most people think why guys that don't you know under. Public that's favorites in over not so much anymore against as the market. Becomes more sophisticated. The better at you Lee bomb as well and even the professional batters. Ideologue. Last couple weeks has it that people have been toon need to Nathan Deke the you have BR we Libya without talk with them what to do with more picks so this so we don't do you think they went and they want. Yeah I think they know they won't win as they just he he picks feel. So we are let's start off with a big within their legacy just touch on him a little bit and they give it depicted a right. The biggest Webb is three what you could say the biggest ones as we missed all of the big went. Alabama minus two in ten at Ole miss. Yeah and I don't like it won't waste your time it really. Came out indefinitely he put added it was minus six in Alabama now but it almost. You know two touchdowns. It's that much change. With these two teams in two weeks. I'm not too sure don't think they'll think they're now but they have three partners because if there but the actual birthday it's going to be against a team that beat them back to back two years old. Now line that you. Stabile Neal missed the even though you know it looks like he shall when he came in Alabama but not a game span. Ohio State minus one and a half at Oklahoma. I took Oklahoma decline was this time to read earlier in the week that was wait to inspect that Oklahoma should. Brought out as the favorite comic and I couldn't see money coming in Ohio State. Oklahoma it beyond that goes it goes back that cut which he says earned Oklahoma probably was the favorite sport sees thought right. Actually extend him in any field must win situation it's early in the season and this is probably. And I don't like that must win team because they have so much pressure on them and you usually hear me out here at a premium. But I don't think that's the case here because Ohio State title that I. To me like Oklahoma in this game. The third biggest game of the week he would be off the Lotte state minus 22 and have at Miller beer. And yet this one was for Florida State before this season started so even though Florida State. Not in the rankings. I think the oddsmakers. In creek creek still can't believe it may be decreased double reported that that's what you're seeing in the number like Louisville or at home in the top. Play the play and it we could win this game. At home against border state and then make about that huge state when they meet cute been on the road in November. Hasn't changed that surprised some people go to you know he could. Himself in the conversation. If they win this game's on like Louisville might think plus they may get caught in the trap here. BR this generous in our rival game I have not been RSC what the mild one before the season started. Step but now I'm Selanne is giving USC in in Saturday's game. Yeah and it was that inning. Include before being in six innings if you wanted to last week. And now upbeat time here I. On their season win total in new deal I mean he UFC. Hi Paul. Emperor is the cream of the crop in the pac twelve side that the under produced the only season went on an annual Stanford. But the prices a little bit too much for me I take the USC's night. But it's Stamford leave the game alone and latest place right now. I'd be all you had the floor you'll thirty this. College picks of the week. All right that the best bet Notre Dame over Michigan State's. At this point you could minus seven minus 120 I need becomes that handsome eight out there within everyone's talking about Michigan State has extra time to prepare for Notre Dame they've only played one game against absolutely nobody two weeks ago. That's not positive that the negatives. I'm that you can't do it on in practice. That the speed and getting hit it to the story note he's played two games already two top teams. I think Michigan State in for a long afternoon so I'm gonna leave the point where Notre Dame. I'll bet that game on that real quickly apologize for people listening. I'll bet that that it takes we're gonna go to temple I think temple against Penn State to wait too many points list and Pittsburgh. Made Penn State deal up in the field last week it took a lot out of bump. And in the and they still lost the game now but signing guys playing in state rivalry I'm from Philly I know. Armed now that you don't get it when when Campbell played big and they beat up on them for a long time out temple got a squad. Catching that many points and earlier in the week I thought that was. Way too much and finally I'm gonna go with the branch got another pick that the public going to be key and Tom they're gonna love this sport in team. But I'll tell you that it down year for our again. I I I don't think they're going to be in the top twenty I'll win this season's over even though they are there and know that too when no team right now I think Nebraska is being overlooked here at the line should have been at least warning fine I thought it would have been dead now. It came out actively. And three and I think ball too much higher because the public that Oregon I think they're on the wrong side I like Nebraska. Ivo before move on to pro pick their but no I think key but we see on social media where they can find the all. Kick me out that Greek underscored gambler. On Twitter and only that the big moves back count. I'd be ought tonight the Buffalo and New York Jets on CNN the picket about 4040 and had the old. Yet he is and surprisingly the public all over the Jets even though it was only his team calm the last couple years. I don't think it's gonna change with the buffaloes look awful they can't squander preceded. Got shut down that final game and last week against Buffalo put up only seven points. Pot guess is common that it can only meet your chance and I think the line's going to be ready for this game he once between. I think these teams show up form I'd like Buffalo in the over I think it's a few points. I think forty minutes wait too long line of Michelob bettors bet it on there. But I disagree with the short money on this under I think what is he some point here. Beyond last year a thousand plus you Owens' thirteen touchdown passes. We head seventh vote degrees six for Eli Manning ought to ponder beat you to look forward now with the final between the Giants and the Saints. Knew you all this that opened up at 3 AMC has Babin and now it is the highest total for the sake that we can grow involving a Saints team. It's it it did three Giants minus five batter had total beat you three over thing. The and it's. Deal that not that gonna get the most money of any NFL game this week books are already policing for calm and know what's gonna happen especially if they're New Orleans and Oakland put up 69 last week and you know that the Giants in. Come in a divisional game you know and at the east divisional game and they still put up one so that that. That is going to be the over blindly. And I think that's why the books Jackson total ops has ties they have. He opened the three picks before its height told I mean if he'd score each scored every quarter it's going to be tough to go over but again if you're going to be the only guy that. Have to hold your breath the entire game style I don't feel like doing. Instead I. They'll want to be that there bad news. I'll but the way the Giants won on the road Dallas I think they're feeling great right now and on the flip side to witness Saints lost that game against Oakland. You'd probably know that mindset better and I do beam down there in New Orleans. But he can't be all that good right now if the team that hasn't won a pre season game lost game one the way he did. And now they got to travel to New York I'm sorry to say if my dad for me it's New York Giants or pats I liked the Giants actually in this game. All right DVR now a lot with him arrested. You know BI in twelve years I don't know it was that they want is to blow. How it to have their regular season do you keep doing the granite Tom Brady went there. But you've been doing it with points and they would get points last week and they came out ought to have that they got the next three at home. New England comes home apparently wanna know. Give it six and had to Miami team that went on the road it really pumped up with Seattle losing twelve to see him as we. He accepted it. The surprising thing about that on the nineteenth it's it's one time in net the pain I came in and say how many years around this sport. Actually needed to New England Patriots usually they need the team playing in the Patriots. Especially with the TB day like Sunday night life. Com what would the white guys like Arizona the public was Arizona all the tees are from earlier in the day with Arizona just to win the game. So New England actually say that day and the week and for the the sports books. And for me any time what team dog and more importantly looks. And good winning outright is nine point bulge on the road. Com I. Went on the following week you don't see usually that the price just weight to height and I think that's the case here and they're sick. It's that against Miami. Last year out and play New England with eight point Avery. Okay are almost that touched council he would tell me the drop off from Brady to the appoint an appointment. I don't think so. I don't think if the you know I think this line would have been a lot lower if Arizona got it on the last week. And because of I think you're not bargains on Miami I'd like to opted to give. New England some problems is that if they ever England on Sunday excuse me you probably want to do it early September before it gets too cold here from Miami. So it probably great timing for the Dolphins liked about that catch in the points. All right the all Vegas on now that three comments picks of the week. War Notre Dame minus seven of miscues state temple gates in that and I can't. Over in state and Nebraska. They into it had the three overlooked all my game now be off the NF failed picks of the week. All right just like I thought it was the best bet on the College Park the best bet in the NFL and that's the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football I love week two of the NFL because I usually take it into a overreaction if here's a little bit different because we do not think. Close to last week's pretty much every game was decided by a you know less than a field goal. Except Philadelphia Cleveland almost. I'm in Philadelphia with wing with that did they kick from North Dakota State. You know is it's what everyone's talking about in this Philadelphia team and make some priceless and don't believe it. They are in rebuild mode and it's gonna take a while. I'll be forty Eagles get back. The way they want to work. Doubt the one note that means by. Actually. They just happened between Cleveland Melvin and on into Chicago on the road under the lights Monday night. I think it's going to be a long evening for the Philadelphia Eagles. I don't think they're gonna put up many points that's why didn't like the under as well as about his take on the 43. But I think he could bash Chicago minus three I'd be surprised if the Eagles put up more than two touchdowns. And I think Chicago win this game by double digits comfortably. All right at ignoble line yet to. Then we're gonna go to the Sunday Night Football game. I've given you time time today Green Bay Minnesota. And Green Day saying all the right things that they're so happy that they're playing indoors. At Minnesota this year because you know did their skill position teen type. Team you know everyone says that Green Bay is popping plays in the cold but it was now on Rogers this week already talked about what we locked indoors we played great indoors. Minnesota knows that and if there's one in Minnesota and there was not allow this to turn into a track meet in June trying outscored the Green Bay pack. Packers you don't beat them that way you'd beat them by running the ball killing the clock and Spain in the game from start to finish. That helped Minnesota and that's how they beat Atlanta timing green if you remember missed only four. Think like fifteen times me and they only blooper pop country yards or even less inactive. In the four ball successfully that's what they do that's what they're gonna do regardless that music quarterback. I think the calendar 4443. And it is the key act army it was his size 41 hit I was hoping to get 45 but short money came in right away. I agree with the short money so under in Green Bay Minnesota. And finally another divisional games since Canadiens Steelers Steelers under the lights on Monday night looked like they could do nothing wrong. You know they looked great but that was against. That stat that week. Week week in Washington Redskins and I not going to be the case against Cincinnati who has read central their mind members not to match the playoffs last year. This same Pittsburgh Steelers and they beat at Cincinnati. Cincinnati wants to go in the Pittsburgh game and returned the favor and if you look at home field advantage in this series well it out the window of the road team is one for the last year I'd. That is done extremely well in this series and they likely job they know each other very well they'd meet every year even in the play offs like last year. I think it's going to be less than a field goal gains but I think it's that they might pull the upset at the worse your game green and a four point I'd like to dangles. The odds Vegas a run out the dog in their battle had to keep but which you on social media. Check me out it Greek on this court gambler passing along information all day everyday DH straight from the biggest threat. The Al we love you baby we were top mixed Thursday night if you move into week three. Of the entails the bank grabbed me with us that you know for the listeners I'd be ought thank you David thank you. Each and every Thursday night throughout the entire football season we're eight hooters on veterans boulevard and Matt Ricky you sit for the view from Vegas that we can sports. And then there's and I folk Boller right now Buffalo in the New York Jets this goalless come on out Angel all great space wings that things at hooters. While veterans boulevard Metairie and of course the Saints players that we don't know of who lose. Is Christine I commando who is a part of who visit the court they're always involved in the things that. The team as a very interesting story. Which she goes away from who is and isn't there and resting anybody it's. Been touched or ball which is pretty much everybody on this year about Hurricanes home to a certain degree for the 2016. Christina with a very very important part of that you know to rescue and be part of analyst Christine thank you so much and as you were talking about specialty count this year. But they were talking about a very very very big game where you going. To help the state of Louisiana next week. We're going to see Washington DC he beat me at congress to do a personal. Nationals purchase and his appreciation day in and once September explaining it I uniform precious banners you eat very. Also know if he wants to use and petition hapless that we need our goal as a main signatures in a precious banners they got bored. That Christie and you can justify there that's a radio thing but we've. You started. He helped me on this take us through. The UEFA this golf that you knew all along you won't go out you know risking ample help people and so forth. How this disease state back to Katrina. Yes I would Katrina hit at a horses and that was my main concern. When I try to get back home and of course is our home and outing when he wired so my big things on the fly it at and Franzen and horses in ponies. Alex analysts remain nameless depend on us. And I would have made some of the month submerged in water with the passing their offense and really that isn't really right in the wind when the great load here a while back. Take us through maybe it is is it like to respond you have to wait for a certain amount of the water or whether that would than you think I mean in. Then people together with just pull the horse is an accident that was you know with the horses are walking through an. If that sounds it seeking to stop. And that this was the part of where you guys it's an update. The mark Dixon right it's and a mark Dixon and probably had to bring and what to do it and you know we know that donations from college of variations it's crazy moments you know how porn healthy right. It would what is it like Christina they're going through the whole process from. Say it again and we'll save you get him back to you know if you've seen him reunited with you know it's amazing. You know to locking the barn and for them to recognize you or you know you walking which shadings and watering finish since its its awesome right to see that put that in the end it to see. Then with the public sport it is and what that belief with just to see to be reunited with the it's an accord to the debates that of it is a lot of they'll make the right. And in this that this project that would you're going to Washington DC for is to make awareness is it to. That tactic not pushed the national first as I understand against the Dallas you know on scene and means all with everything I think you know that's why I'm not a man and you go before congress. Yes he. Me either yes it. There in areas where Christina Taylor and everybody in this is proud on all the famous for it back in the loss. The common people and and video rooms that room with he has been. And part saint Ellis kept apart remiss that the last but I know everybody has been out here it's the great thing your story and that would get reports on you when you come back all right. Think it's a sure thing here all right Christina I commando here from a hooters Batiste played in much more important bilateral efficacy of the reason next week in Washington. DC Kevin Payne a brutal wired dot com don't just now Kevin thank you so much for the time it is a fantasy football. How well how was week one fantasy whether some major surprises in that you know who after last year I decided to say you know it a few Nickels. I think I would take you know DeAngelo Williams deceive he could score some touchdowns in all B oh he led the league in rushing this week. But it did in zone even a pretty good bang for your buck so far anything can't. Yeah he has an epic game overall. They. Antonio brown and and then there's you know Williams and not a complete surprise Leah about it I'm last year and be you know in building. Really think he wondered though in eagle I would that's got more work when you respect for Carolina Panthers. So you got to the top guys do 33 years so. Got Wellemeyer. And we are gone such. Very. Weak for what they view immediately beyond I'll be able here back there. Or he knows leading up ago glad to take over the majority of the cherry picked it looked at them about it. Are easily it is the upkeep and a lot and so it is such is one way to welcome back. But Kevin you know and it is only so many guys you can play enemy in the all you can go 34 deep would you look at what took place but I see it. And not I'm not insinuating that we're gonna see the same type of thousand you ought to vol fans to 8240 aren't one points and you know thirteen passes for touchdowns seventh withdrew at six that you lap but. If you're naked Eli Manning Drew Brees. Ex marine team meetings we talk about of receivers with sample Odeo Beckham. Sheppard had done Mayo Victor Cruz. It means it is psych like you really can't go wrong in starting someone the Saints and Giants game this week. Now you can and I think you know you guys viewed in a pickle B would be the game. And you look at that it usually high over under total week which I think. Give it a point of giant put up and more so if in the point that Portland about it and how accurate Eaton gave up though. Odd you you can you're right you really can't go along receivers in the game that we are done Willie you know you wonder we wonder not. I don't think you guys can be the real deal. Or the better for you old white are definitely panel pal back from your very tempered and Victor Cruz. Now it Victor Cruz that helped the sell you life to put up big numbers as we. Like it would have been hampered. I've heard that they're going to be the treatment while others that that might be radio that there might be somewhere and actually more so in the back at the gate but. Well right now are being looked like a proud to be one of the better and it's the team pick go to this week. And what time once again that the people to start if they didn't. Yet you don't usually doesn't happen night mostly now got the point where players that night during your line a lot. Well we got much you went to 1 o'clock live each lineup. And even the oval maladies to legalize black stretch out guy that they're playing later so you got cute guys played for them. Support hockey and they're gonna go your way like we were wide receiver or running back position you can go out and make it short right before 4 o'clock. I'm sleeping with the money you happening at Duke got a look back there because he's going to Monday night you don't know dark I got good players are like Bieber. You'll have a echo in here aren't we can make their let it Qwikster also ruled out with a lot of talent that we read reports but today. He played very quote that I know what you know until they absolutely happy other player that good player though are gonna be that. Some distributed the ball third and you look. It's a Thursday night routine we thought it's every years ago it's the view from Vegas in the first half ballots second half out your fantasy football report Kevin Payne a brutal wire. Dot com is it witness I can't I'm taking advice I'm old go to the second highest total this week game in the NFL and he is. Fifty enhance its surprising this is surprising to meet Arizona and Tampa Bay I would think that you know. They're expecting Tampa to score some points. Last week Davis went through what four touchdown passes. I would think they expected Arizona to get all forty feet viewpoint by themselves. This catalyst suppress express who you think about where Arizona's defense what made here. Yeah you think about it was players and I wondered it big time taken a look at what we think it. Yeah you go 00 he treats about lot ground house in number eighty. The court went in there which nobody expected. No to either win then I haven't been beat here they are very important you go. I think that I'd turn it there I would look at the card I think there on the point that I think they're gonna go and regroup after that loss last week as he met but considered. Out by these top three in the league partners are our net Eaton goes so I look for Kirk Palmer put up the big game. They're the hero looked like he gets that mate Michael Floyd is the guy that I I've touted heavily. You can be up and comer on the Uga can take over it. Once it's decided to retire what is that right now we'd like that we get them like it's happening back there. Gavin how do you not gates gay aired in in and by eighteen befall it's okay especially at the week one. A San Francisco down they and we notre Rams and you know the install at the top quarterback you know they were banged up to them ramblin' Rams. But they found they get down in about San Cisco Torre is zero Carolina's come probable formative which state played a tremendously stout legitimate defense. In Denver but how do you not get skated say you know what a Cam Newton is my guy Alston is my gap a bit of many is my gap on ball with those guys do people sometimes get scared bus gold. Ty I think that this week more people hear about the little AM and more here about. Pot early and everybody but you know Caroline that this should be easy went for the out there pick me up or Utley is there thirteen and a and a you remember here we won these things happen and but it travel this week he Monday night. They were beaver pretty happy they were to meet here that got Adrian Peterson about these are not. There that go one game but that went on remarkable speed and or there that Beltran I would predict that at. I'm gonna be seen property though but we knew that the B that they play in the and that they'd be out like you got travel cross country and shortly. It got Carolina panther he'd leave it. Accurately prepare coming off the third being nineteen. This he could be a lot be quiet but wasn't. That gave them something is there with Chip Kelly as a that I use in the present law. Kevin Payne haven't made a roto Y dot com Kevin let everybody know. How they can idiot on some of these great fantasy knowledge you're dropping out both cannot play some fantasy sports. Yeah you could sign up at roto players dot com slash trial might appear frequently trial no credit card lead it. If you email address that I check out everything we got out there we've got basketball coming up and a lot they step up and down there. Are hot he's hit thirty up under the layer dot com experts try out struck out our and stuff you can follow me on Twitter at. He ECY. Twenty at least keep being torn. The pain he wrote a lot decked out with your fantasy football outlook Kevin thank you so much at a time and we appreciate him adult fantasy folks this week. Viktor via. Right coming back will be to sit acoustic kicking deep I hate that this is bullet style. On home with a saint. WW yeah. Well coming up next is Christie Garrett can't keep up a bit double covered sports envoy on Saints and Tigers and all the big week he would LSU Mississippi State tuning navy and the Saints. And the team Myanmar Bernard. Who were those fantasy football leaders and last week mall. I will start the quarterbacks and it was of the top two almost interchangeable Andrew Luck of the Colts and Drew Brees. Of your New Orleans Saints both guys had big weeks with lots of touchdown passes. Alex Smith of the Chiefs Matthew Stafford Lions genus Winston of the Buccaneers all kind of rounded out. The top five there as far as running backs. Look at a deep De'Angelo Williams of the Steelers at number one followed by Spencer where the LSU product with Kansas City that CJ Anderson of the Broncos. Theo Redick of the Lions at Carlos Hyde but 49ers in terms of receivers a lot of black and gold in there. Brandon cooks at number one for the Saints followed by AJ green just barely in some leagues actually AJ green was better but the Bengals receiver. And Brandon cooks. Not kind of interchangeable one into the got Antonio Brown of the steelers' Willie Snead of the Saints and Larry FitzGerald of the Cardinals. And then as we look at the tight ends. And that and a lot of the familiar faces there wasn't a huge week for tight ends Julius Thomas the Jaguars in the top five along with Eric he brought to the lines Jason Witten. Of the Cowboys Dwayne Allen the Colts but the number one tight end of the week. Jack Doyle of the Indianapolis Colts. He came out of nowhere to kind of take over the Coby cleaner role in Indianapolis he western Kentucky product is eight in Indianapolis native and he showed out. For the home team he is number one tight end of the week. For the Colts need to touchdown catches on the week. All right mark my Nabokov and about his body going to to follow me at mark Menard thirteen all right thanks so much to Jim Ellis the voice of the Mississippi State Bulldogs the all Vegas on a Kevin Payne upon fantasy football report. Today the ball coach would you Fritz and Tulane excuse me Saints defensive back PJ Williams. The topic is a must a mall in prison helping us out here and hooted and everybody at hooters. Come on out to noticed each and every they're Connecticut next Thursday night for the saint rays still with saint slam baca and Louisiana native. Michael body will be our special Saints player the week beckoned studio Kamal went on on the ability we thank you for tuning in to sports topic to the Saints players show. I know the home of the Saints and tightness that in this Emma. Mays Jackie and miss out on the audience he used to this is WW ago but he.