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9-20 4pm Bobby & Deke: What kind of fan are you?

Sep 20, 2016|

Bobby & Deke take calls from fans on their outlook about the Saints. Are you optimistic to the point of delusional, perfectly objective, or negative to a fault?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports talk on to 8 o'clock tonight at the one hand things off to Christie Garrett NT Bob you may have a double covered sports and more like coming up on today's show a fast out with a 7:8 o'clock now we caught around the league is Lugo cross. As the football league in each of the four divisions in each conference the AFC and NFC you a preview and a preview of what's happening in the in and now. Plus are pretty jaguar opinion poll is up at WW dot com. Last year the year before that and right now we're in the same position that being weird the New Orleans Saints. After an oh into stock what kind of Saints fan or you. Ended a feature on this at WW dot com and isn't just strictly on. Guess you take feedback. On things we get emails text tweets social media. And I'm sure there's probably different than you can say it but it's more like jot down what year intimate things you think. So broken down in the three category all you a loyal who'd at which I would classify that no matter what no matter award. When they lose bay bad decisions how tough a loss maybe. How ugly a win maybe you get the point you or Ehud no matter what. You don't talk outside the fan you talk about the famine with other members of offense but you don't talk outside the meaning that it's almost to a fault that you that all. Or your necklace. Would you say you always frustrated who now a frustrated who'd had that kind of with Disney and has no right or wrong a definition justice to just to take the opinion. I think they kind of have a lot of the same feeling at the lol who it. But they're kind of like you know it's like they're close and I gained in that radical on and I you know Seau get rid everybody. They're like. You know maybe Immelman a bit of a realistic approach they understand their loyalty is without question them away with the Saints with their favorite team or anybody and they can relate which of favorite team's situation. But they also understand that some of the things that have been hindering your team from when I mean like you go in the saints' case rushing the football. Stopping the rush things to consistently been hack. Why aren't they among the elite teams like they once were. Free agents. Things like that paid out a lot of money to supreme aids and they have not gotten a return on the investment for the most and a frustrated man is obviously upset disappointed annoyed with only two stolen. And they feel because they have one of the best coaches in the game and they pay to much you look at the Saints. They pay top dollar for their free agent especially the high profile one. That you know they are upset what's going on right now. But they still believe. In the team they believe in the front office. And they believe that there give back to the Super Bowl one day. That's completely. And then there would classify as angry green. One iconic come down I'd just title. You know why can't run the ball blocking we stop the run. We paid junior day Ian Lewis. Colby throwing chairs bird. CJ Spiller. Among others. And we it paid dance pros Malcolm Jenkins and though. They're frustrated. They are upset. In that I guess you'd say that kind of like. I don't question LO RT I think that it is a favorite team with someone whose angry at their club. But. Did their patient is earning the they want and a lot things to make and and angry who'd had a Sunday text and he why did the Saints go to camp somewhere else. Angry want to know why can't Saints. Keep more players in Louisiana. He Oilers you play one neglected. They'll come. Talk on this in the honey bad Kelvin Sheppard meant to of the players liked it from the if you do well. They don't mine in the big money for the tickets and beaters but they want to win. They're proud as a team as them all Uday and as the frustrated who'd. But they want and you want answers now. Angry who it is about to go. To which one or you to think so when he served. Text me 870 eights and to the phone to go hobby for Don Don thank you for calling WW yeah. I don't Goodson Goodson. Our mobile on you know auto race that I'll always be one. But it out. Don't hate to say something about my ankle. Altman and heat cramps. You know I mean we can go no huddle everyone on the jump ball. At the army field. I've expressed. Go no huddle. And not be on. Come down bring it straight down that go. A lot of scrum. Well which. Are of course you do it. But whit what you've seen thus far Don what I mean you would have to say. I would think just from a numbers standpoint that the defense has me Stratton. The right me. I've often that not go now Judy don't get that not all on what. Point game we brag about. The years so you know no but he went where we're going knows mechanic mechanic and nowhere what category that at the that the fans in the right now and I think he you've got a Villa today yes we locker door away. And and healthy you know. You know. And Wal-Mart argued it. Acknowledge plain hard now as the ball. Is buried detaining and and when you look at it yet boy that you watch in the whole game in in bite your nails it goes out of one arm. You know still when you invested. He's still one of the things the world when he's not like so close but no cigar. It is done all he said. Office they beat the Pittsburgh is sport's new wrinkles. They have. To me it's still about execution. Although you said they had and their playbook. And they have utilized it at times. The one thing I coolest. Payton what I do an office to be besieged on that guy in value later. And who we've paid the money to bring it in a couple of look at NFL history. It would no one alive the first nine years now it's the noble one after week. Now they quite work out against the Giants. And the Giants defense is much better look the held the Cowboys in the teens. Necessity got to give them credit that that's why. But when you look at it the bottom line is you feel like team it's amazing. It and you need to pay when you don't win and that's what we do those things that we should do. If you look the special teams. In the NFL as that close and I'm a break down exactly what happened begin Doral started. Of people or even though this Max Unger. Now I feel well that blog because of Max Unger you would tell you why he's on the wing. And it is to trickle down effect you on the Wayne you gotta protect inside out so you know it was a tight end Zach Strief. So goals Max Unger. All of a sudden Zach Strief has the car for Max Unger to run arms they got to carve a zag street. And all of a stunt and as he's getting Rusch head up and I gap the guard right where Armstead is. And in and then all of a sudden he gets beat and an art and and that to me you don't you hold accountable. The special teams coach courtly man and and he'll tell you that. I'd done it at the folk present value you're all alone no matter what you kind of frustrated right now are you angry. I got that think that we could've. One ball game like it's got a bad Romo. Bobbled that. But I have never been great don't know well. On. What the united critical moment are pretty beat now. A double double arch people just the market game a little. And then have it be brought back into coverage in up that Beckett is that very well. Okay look at the web and the Giants have who you gonna double. Okay what are they gonna help part of my game Harris because Shepherd burned so you believe all of del Beckham on island. By himself regularly de Victor Cruz. Whoever you get a WK double team them Diana players and they have three legit receivers UK double team everyone now. A different teams the different attack. Abuse in. And I don't think top to bottom. The Falcons are as talented as the Giants wide receiver now. They got the best that are best would of Devern O'Dell Beckham and Julio Jones we double the whole receiving corps. It gets at a point. Where there's almost no coverage you could've done. Assembly to held the Vontae Harris because then you'd have been exploited other areas that's wildest thing you see Shepherd. Who coach Peyton compared to Cobb that dividends slot receiver to Packers all the signing as well over a hundred yard receiving. All right Fred in Pascagoula rod did Jim Kordell chase and pursue after an 02 start what kind of Saints fan are you in law who'd had no matter what. You just a note Saints can do no wrong in a frustrated right now you'd angry mood that you want chances you wanna match. This is sports talk on WW. Come out say hello diploma targets he Bobby Hebert myself Saturday it's the Gulf Coast bank and trust tiger tailgate show. Will be laps on the sixth annual leasing grow great food music fun for the entire family. In the city at saint moderates and 35 Tony Thabeet and your street will be there from noon to three. It would on the LSU sports network but LSU and Auburn at 505. Kick off and then the point after. All as long as it takes you on WWL. Radio 2601 hates him you can text the city seventy eights and go go around the league. In the entire show from 78 PO all in FAO a comes a's who were less miles has come out and about. Fifty mean to the phone we go Pascagoula but Fred Fred thank you for calling WW. Yeah almost Corey Lowell been there. From the whole time since so starkly your children present so. But I mean we're going to argue they all know do you do you critique them though Fred in the do you critique him now they just don't do anything wrong. You know. So my home right. And above what I'm saying this some scientist like you know it it's kind of ways to do that are here they can do no wrong just like got some LSU fans regardless there Beckett kind of delusional they're not bad people but it's like. No matter what goes on it's you know other team went right though we never wrong of what I did not objective right not objective you objective. Yeah it sounds I am. Yeah. He. Budget or supply I was injection in 2006 when I played pro and Parise and yes and India looked out there and slower than appreciative and propelled him around on us. I ask about some some potential and often to land that I ever actually you know offensive line. In New Orleans and quite some time. And any court you know to start in 2000 Celtics and I was Atlanta in the home when the hearing about you know you are in the middle and asthma was it me and so to open about what went for the NC championship in the year. Well all right don't you agree with the is I think he'd be truly a fame and I don't care this major college football our favorite college program. Our professional football. That it doesn't matter how you lose. It was a fade you don't wanna be embarrassed. I like you know got embarrass the eagle on the road in their body was high tomahawk down in Tampa Bay yet they go to Arizona they got pretty and obliterated partisan I think. Hi do you feel about itself. And the team he supported it does matter like a Belichick goes starving and they get embarrassed unacceptable. And I didn't say Wednesday will be favored in the eighties will be restless now yeah if you have a hard fought game and and a ball. Today and like you know make a play on the ball you know kind of like the Crawley. We make that interception as the games jewelry in the window Beckham junior dropped at the plate before that and I think it doesn't matter how high you lose. Even though you say get it do you win or lose but. There is style points I think if your fans supporting your team. If you think your heading in the right direction depending on how they play alright man of opens who's who thank you for calling W dead you know. At it again and it is a question yeah you know in Asia on Peyton who I definitely due respect. Yeah everybody. He had a quiet and pat Gillick reputation and not be in the past. White collar in the me. Not only put Greg powers but they're really got seat now. An article advocate this morning at him about. Pete Michael. 88 you know Michael Pete Carmichael. Deal with Kyle. Yet the last two games now. But you know we shocked. Them money and keep the top dog and mean the fact that and they picked it off and that coordinated it make in the play now. Well is that any head coaches or coordinators eagle was in the same boat the and two. Mike McCarthy on the tomorrow but I'm Michael but I did think Mike McCarthy with the Packers. My. Ball right away the chance. This year he has. Last year of Mike McCarthy kind of settle camel and the coordinator debacles against that point I realized yet boy Deo OK I'm I'm getting back in charge and Sean Payton. Trust Pete Carmichael because there is clobbering and a when he wasn't there 2012 league office is rule. One receiver normal for the look back. But I think that he's in the boot that who'd been in agreement. Would Pete Carmichael like I could almost I wanted to sing it that he he little more ride them right doesn't unaware of who we need to do this and guy evidently they've been around so long that it's a matter of splits that is they know exactly our this when you change positions. And office goes on the side line. A bad knee acted talk it it's amazing. Like Drew Brees and insulin pane being of the same mind it's almost a triple headed monster. Of today with Carmichael. Sean Payton and and. And Drew Brees suit thank you so much for the Ollie got him back got all the phone line and up all your calls coming up next Debbie did understand his fourth 31 time the first news to go to Chris Miller. There's always something new at our website WW dot com a fracking operations moving though when I move photo on the north stored Dave Cohen has a lead it's. Also Angelina Jolie file for divorce from Brad Pitt we've got to beat him as it's entertainment news. He Bob gives his takes on the snake on the Saints RB snake bitten a couple of so which. As a five fame would you classify as therapist who gets law who had no matter what you got back and go glasses on. Kind of frustrated right now morbid to an objective realistic approach all you just flat out mad and angry KG cans got some good next over the that Texas to date him gates. And the guy got to come and it just shows you society was livid at him a word about it Brad Pitt and edgy Angelina Jolie's goodness they merited not instead of maybe North Korea. You know development in a new way Levine can Joan young you know I've gotten no I mean it's hardly even knew who would not have as boring I don't talk about it now it is only. Alive or death situation exactly like gossip like he was an agent is ridiculous anyway. If I look at DK the ball we get every now and Amy gets it taxes that are right on the and and I would say above and beyond board as far as. Their objective opinion and how they look at things. And won on this and as long as Loomis and pain as long ridiculous Sean Payton. Our. Are all right the Saints there'll be no more playoffs and Devin no more syllables. The Beckham. PG interest. There is no longer any accountability with the owner. Are the owners opinion that you oh would because. You're ready won me a suitable 2009 so you could stage as the key you could stay as long as you want. And I truly believe I think mister Benson is fired up. But because of his age he's almost nine instead almost seven he did that I Sean Pena Mickey Loomis denied going anywhere. So I think. You could stay as long as you want because. This has been in the fifty an issue the Saints the best decade in Saints history but. I guess at how long and that honeymoon is over how long does that last when you consider Jon Gruden. Monday Night Football he won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay and he's not coaching anymore right so the bottom line is you have to win I don't ever it's ugly when. And AKB. Oh well but we played hardly wait and there but when you win the game though you have to finish. Side I think that makes a lot of sense would that takes now also this Texas far said the play call and the thing is. Coach Payton is that team who's calling the plays that show on paying Pete Carmichael Drew Brees that relationship. A date is that not even signing Iverson is a 100% accurate. The thing is Peyton. As a headset on and if you don't like it called it Pete Carmichael make you best believe Sean Payton as the ultimate decision. And Sean Payton and Pete Carmichael. 100%. Go over the game plan extensively done I mean Pete Carmichael is basically an extension. Of Sean Payton. And the you know Bobby do you think I'm I'm David and all in the same way they are I would be it was a big day coach pains that they've got a certain number on that on that late clock. That they want that they want their laid down from the box to Wear coats being in the remaining in so that way they allowed themselves to me seconds if they had to Alter their play call. Now that there any haven't seen this in a while clock management what you wasting your time modernized and I think drew somebody knowledge this that there was a little bit. Like Q what are we doing and I think is the Giants kind of got yeah where you normally don't see that. The communication between. Pete Carmichael Sean Payton and Drew Brees or what they wanted to do as far as maybe I'll wasted time our our game to the next play. And did taking a delay game how we utilize a time out. No I would see that in Milan as team that a one time maybe a couple of times and Giants game Minnesota for Kordell Kordell thank you for calling WW ago. I got a good. Good good and well Butler. Start comment. I'm a mixture of everything at our. What type of a man Sam I doubt Mario. Definitely. Complain. Among. Other that. About mark we I'll dole I beat them bowl. Probably everything in me and what other people talk about them. I it'll be a bit. And definitely expect. More odd that there is. But I want to. Didn't sound that are not in the model it. Look at roads and you know you prominent you and your comment on it. I had my mom my. Dad. That. And yeah it. You know out there and Edberg whereas other name and and I doubt right now. At the beginning and that's the only human ain't some are bad and bought into that being grand. Wanted to opt out and they are good. You ain't bad that string about the pain in the. Now but that was the case Kodak Jasper giving 80% the Saints game one earned him a standing. Only thing I could see if it would different insane is that the Saints have a a a big elect disparity in talent compared to ten yet yet to tell at that would fit in them over with yet and they went down and you given to him old cardinal personally know you afraid is delusional. Materialize elusive utilized in the NFL if you're not always given under present. Mark as you competing these jobs somebody's gonna take the job thinking craw is given a 100% it's a lack of experience Bryant and help make those plays that what I am encouraged by. And I'm sure erring glee coach Terry Glenn's encouraged. Yeah position. Now he is game plan Albert yeah positions and colleges make the play so you go over the film. Roman a mistake making a mistake we UK continues the repeat those mistakes do you have to learn from the mistakes get better. So now you could say come playoff time. Come championship time. Training camp practice. You can on the preceding game regular season game clubs that you turn up but not. But how you turn up a notch. Is I think comes from experience but I think when you're young. Being just trying to make it team and every game's like is suitable colonial I want it out of new mom lives down it's not it's not an and I knocked in the NBA but the we have seen him we've seen some coaching philosophy most recently pop what is old three united Tim Duncan gone but to right hip pocket. Big day out there is some validity that in 82 game schedule Wichita modest sixteen game schedule is there right now everywhere at the Saints go seven you do realize you come back and you say you know it. Those first two games of his group on nine and Sam had been a while caller okay you gonna tell me can jarred. Who I think it start. Is. Greatest asset on defense could start every NFL team I mean I think NFL abused him that way. You gonna tell me he was and is playing as hard against the Raiders as he was is the Giants he probably got it right tonight. No it was the cat whose blocking them right the guy with the Raiders with ticket is but no and a guy with the Giants he was getting the best stuff. I'll know it like JJ watt not JJ watt the best that are better as the they know and it turned. And have an impact on the game. But you're talking about a couple handfuls. We don't by the masses you play in the NFL you play New Castle every play our you don't have a job against the body L. Our eye out for Ron Taylor damage on Jack great all you college newcomer right Tia puts a lot of New Orleans labor in this week's prep. Oh it was across the state of Louisiana due to the top ten's next here on Debbie Dubuque. We as sportswriters holes in class five a Jack Curtis and number one candidate the band rooted to walk wait three. Brother mark is at four followed by deft hands at five Scotland the west Monroe ball visit eight. To lose in I hate to me and teams events in class for eight noble boy's statement one they are number one thought about it you know car coups. Karen Crowe saint Thomas point two innings candy ran at the top five the 35 round Eagles a meg down at number six men and is at seven d'antoni is it eight. Not a solo and Pacman round at the top team. And class 38 that Amy why guys on the oval on Dallas now is it too much or is it three was from Louisiana. Is saint James is at number five followed by the Jennings bulldogs at six. Kaplan tied the eighties you high and Jenna. And I'll wait is at number eighteen and in class to me Notre Dame is one Manny to Madison press pretty wants to oak Christian Rivers sat around on top five. Thought about manga and Canada will students and Catholic new beard. And their class wanted to go to Tony Haynes the number one battle by southern lab assistant is Kabul a sent to Catholic Arcadia attack the 60 Logan sport. Anke would central Catholic is at eight Saint Mary's in and impact the team and his code Christian and oak grew back to the phones we go. That root for Al fret Alfred thank you for calling WW ago. Q is there he can't came in Bobby. I won't say it if you look back a couple of weeks ago. Pre season my about it was ever really. See the product. But he a deal to me he was pretty or. It came time you can only lost both games we didn't. Break so much. Yeah we've been reported competitive I mean they went out and a wire what you gonna win or lose yet. I'd feel much better now and B yeah it. Two weeks after at a pre season 00. Or. More. Us fresh outlook and the offensive line and we get enough but was and and yet also look at who you play and I mean the Steelers are right up there with the Patriots I think. Who's the revs in the AFC the front runners and those only to gain solid. I have the Patriots and the Steelers in that category. And and you look at the Ravens we never managed that against him as far as entrances. Great. Break all right I'll out of anything else well one other thing it's a huge up and do I already in the I'm actually. A fan of yours and for me you wouldn't that report area. The same time the thing that pain go away. It just all him. My question is would much better quarterback play right now. I would that would. And I just want an honest intercom I'm I'm all right so we got you yeah I'll a these people even. At this point we can build up but it would. You know where to work where you ask aside and work the way as the SEC now. Well bacon burger double. Alabama the Alabama that stretch your. Oh count that. Quarterback of all how do we shop. Well honest Alvin I I think in and I don't I don't mean take coach approached the but it LSU they don't need to worry about nobody right now but Auburn. And how entertaining and I've done that that's what date that's where they are right now. Bryant and it you know Auburn is going to be Auburn last year oiler shoot on the Auburn makes you one of these to the front of the and it worked well and you look at it now for it. Okay you go by what occurs in gains IE starting team. You get the fans involved bars and positive plate now with interest in the can. You know it was crazy right now Allah issue. They have not scored yet in the fourth caller. That's kind of like a baby steps and not scored think about that in the fourth quarter. Now when I look at in a third down passing Heidi sustained drives that are going three and outlook and linked. He was sixth at 996 yards a touchdown pipers announcement there now. So that's positive. So now is the B we do in the fourth quarter and also why you start to game I think on the road hostile environment at Auburn. A Hewlett and I guess you'd say hostile environment Wisconsin into the as the number of Belichick and Belichick did score in the first quarter and its first two games we had what. Nineteen yards on twelve plays you have Saturday night. Totally different story. The Tigers made 21 plays in the first quarter. 127 yards and two touchdowns. So how could you know I give antley cred now they might come a time. And I think he's humble enough ugly bitch you've Purdue. That and I think he wants whatever is best for the team. If you would be struck and I think he's strong enough and mature enough. Then all of that of Harris could be that sports. That we might need him somewhere down the row I don't know what it's gonna income. But but all of us and do whatever it takes held the office be productive. And one of those ways is 'cause it's gonna take. And equally UK. Continues the league have a chance at it if he it and Albert peanut. Scoring in the fourth quarter. Brian any a couple of it has to be a time you have to score and a fourth quarter where do you get a winner and all right I'm back to all ecology KG can am Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Bogor around the league coming up at 7 o'clock next hour lesson house here at 520 on WW.