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09/22/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Sasquatch & Bigfoot

Sep 22, 2016|

09/22/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - with guest Samantha Ritchie, author of the book The Sasquatch: Journey Through the Veil - Bigfoot & Sasquatch sightings and contact in the Pacific Northwest; listener calls and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was reported September 22 2006 and. Are welcome everybody it is a another great night and it is midnight on the East Coast which means it is time for beyond reality radio Jason. Pausing JB Johnson here we go jet. Or everybody and thanks for tuning in tonight we have a great show planned. Tonight we're going to be talking with some answer some some into action at Jesus might my kids and I can serie. Samantha Ritchie she's been a bigfoot researcher had and wants a non believer she's at numerous life changing Connors would not only SaaS squashed but other over the top experiences so such is coming face to face the strange glowing light. Portal and norm hovering over the ground yeah I actually saw the pictures in the video on her website of some of that stuff. And one of the things I'm really excited to talked we're about is because I keep hearing more and more and you know I've talked about this on several occasions about the link between big foot. Extraterrestrial beings in May be inter dimensional beings and some people from weighed down south and of course the in the backwoods mountains. Those in the duke but yet now that there's definitely there's going to be a lot to talk to rebel and one thing I do wanna say just a quick shout out from the into the field lost somebody who was rather important I believe and and a great guy and a just recently as name is Jeffrey and and key you might know he might not know him he but he is the person behind paranormal news.com. Where I've I've been dealing with them for for ever and he was struck by a vehicle and losses life next on while I was out walking and just. Big heart man. You know felt. Program best wishes goes out to right Tara street has his girlfriend of oil and inform me also our. Jeff's entire family in and you and everyone who will bundle its using great guy and he. It was ably and with what he'd do paranormal news.com and just sent him that was just revolutionized. The way you get information on the paranormal and T just incredible and I'm open that I extended my. Assistance to it Tehran on anything she knees and hopefully they'll be able to also keep his were going. Yeah I definitely TrailBlazer and it just seems that time too frequently now on this program and maybe it's just one of those in a things come in threes or sixes and nines or whatever it is but. Seems like were more is offering condolences and our well wishes to people because of tragedy a little too often these days and and you know it's it's it's sad enough when it happens you know even the Ryan you'll thing with the would you know what's going on his life. Not necessarily a death. But certainly tragic in its own sense and down in it just seems like we keep talking about the stuff that's more and more common. Wellness for news to all you out there who didn't two in last night my man on her show Ryan Buell was arrested just recently and and he's he's being held South Carolina awaiting. Via. Possibly being transferred to a Pennsylvania where bonds via. Charges stem from it and there's theft error receiving stolen property and and a bunch of things armor and we do wish from the best com. I knew Ryan long before. Colonel state before the show and we are used to speak at Penn state university. I helped the Nepal Penn State universe yeah. I think off the ground and he was a great guy and just to see you know of course when he used on the show that when it was sort of lost contact and so forth. Com but just to see how far he's fallen and also just to see how many people out there who. Benefited off move in on the nature of their friends with the meant to benefit. And their own corners or whatever and now or pretty much story M under the bus in trying to distance themselves. Two. And to save their names reputations. I think it's pour another person just poses something today Amani get into who was but I mean. It's just it's just ridiculous to see how quickly somebody is willing to throw people under the bus I yeah I agree the guy's done incredibly wrong things. And he deserves whatever comes to it to him legally. And hopefully with this all he'll be able to get some help. But I also I'm not one for trying to kick somebody and it down or try to benefit awful awful awful of their own house and their own issues that they're having. And are those out there who seem to think that it's going to help push their careers further by by doing mister ridiculous. Yeah any time you take advantage of somebody else's misery or tragedy. You know just just inappropriate. And especially if you claim to be a friend in the U turn when the chips are down for that person so we certainly don't talk condone any of that behavior. By the way do wanna mention that our first hour we're gonna have our guest Smith Richard talking about big foot and then during the second hour because we didn't get a chance to do it last night. We didn't take calls about the ghost hunters episode on the and I don't and to be even take any calls I don't think we had an institutional anywhere else. Religion nothing against. I against him Joan and and build them but. It was the story took so long jagged turn yet and sometimes it's it's like that depending on who you're talking to you an idea. Really tough with I guess in the pass that'd states to we've literally had argue for two hours to get them to even tell us anything if you like come on just you know you're here to tell us the meat of story. Yeah yes so we didn't get taken calls less nights we're gonna make sure we carve out special love a good amount of time in our second hour so people can call went. And again you can talk about the ghosts and is episode that aired last night or just anything people will talk about anything he worked. You were only days away from October 1 and October 1 you know it's Halloween month and in my estimation. Great time to talk about ghost stories if you had something happen do you. In the pastor recently would love to have you call in and tell us about it. And we start planning for Halloween and like June and July it's like last year right I built this whole. This whole projector setup that it look like my garage errors in Brazil so. And you couldn't tell also look like a wake Rod Stewart walking up. And I and I got his rear projector that are shooting on the a sheet that I had set up on the it's on the site. And if kids wouldn't come to the front orcas are terrified. Literally like. Today it was it was bad the wife told me I couldn't do anything like that again this year that they wouldn't come down the driveway because I also had hooked to a speaker system on the site analysis and so they'd see these these images and their life size I made sure that I had the project act just the right. Heidi you saw that yeah but so is actual it was actually the size and our normal person. And kids were too terrified to come down my drive that's one way to save on the candy. Absolutely. Happy and you know that remains I am I going to goes ourselves now mentally he's got those things stay in a. Garage. You you were the fuel for a lot of kids nightmares last year there's no question about it but I mean I can't I'm unhappy and yet never edit the short. I guess so don't forget the telephone number 8446877669. We should touch upon some of the guests we have coming up because we've got a great week ahead of us. This is the last broadcast for this week but next week looks awesome. I still lead as we've got married in chino world renowned psychic author and radio and I was married the psyche think that you. On the supply sold pretty evenly reading there was that yet what was she won. I you know I got to go back and listen to the mash I think she might have been the one that was telling us we were only we were related to my former life you know you're dating. Jonas Brothers sisters shows the sisters or but we were relentless hope we're not dating our own sister as a that would've been really but I guess somehow we are cousins and I don't know but. And Tuesday we get Susan Olson known for her role as Cindy briefs and we pretty much and Susan gas internal experience is she missions like talk to us about. And well what we wanted him. Its market Edward on Wednesday he's a professional mental list who specializes in magic of the mind he spent over 25 years. In world class venues from high end nightclubs to theaters probably some Vegas time I would imagine. And doing you know magic for a corporate events private parties. He's one of five specially chosen and trained mediums in the history of Hollywood's famed magic castle. He's also performed fifteen years of same ounces that's helped him perfect the role of spirit medium. And psyche entertainer and what I think about just going back to the merrier Keno a discussion. I'm trying to remember what she's the one that that also predicted that I would have problem with the vehicle Mike Clark do you remember that passion I have our term memory of last year I -- I know you're here this was pretty significant for me because he's Jessica. I don't yep she's James yes she said Dunn you know give it cheaper truck and we had a Jeep then. And she said you need to check the brakes or something going on the brakes and I'm like yeah okay fine whatever I know I just had the brakes done well week later. My son is driving with the car and a wheel fell off. The wheels fell off the vehicle as he was driving down the highway. Now that's a tough to break yes but that wasn't there and that wasn't the breaks per say but you know is kind of interesting that she. Talk and talk but it Jeep specifically that's what it was and that he had a problem with the wheel which is gonna recoup related to the break so. I'm anxious to go back and see if there was sir I'm pretty sure she was the one the made that prediction at the time. Then be cool but and also gently Jimmie said it will be taking some calls tonight at 8446877669. And I'm pretty much covering your questions about anything any earthquake in on JV boxers or briefs which I don't want and are or why is Jason hitting on me in the in the chat room and that's pretty important law bottom line is because chasing can come so that's what it is and Baltimore it's I'm not saying a disliked leaders are item on this this is just getting very very odd. On friends' friends and I don't inherit this Jesus stuff like I wanna take a break we'll get we'll get her guest on the phones are talking about bigfoot its Samantha Richie coming up it's beyond reality radio with Jason and GT. 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VIP party for VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting with our celebrity guests includes light entertainment an open bar then Saturday night it's the early Halloween bash for the costume contest in flight entertainment. Don't miss Gary Condit it. It's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary kind dot com that's scary kind dot com. And welcome back. I beyond reality radio it is the place you wanted to. If you're listening on one of your local radio stations we certainly invite you do was visit DO website which means you can go into the chat room just click on the listen live button there you don't have to listen online you can still listen to the radio station but you can join chat room and. We're all happens. We're all happy it's all gone down there and make sure that if you're listening if you're listening military decision new lines don't like her FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com back slash beyond reality radio. We are definitely the reason why the workweek doesn't suck as bad. It's it's it's let's go to let's. Go to our guest this is Samantha Richie better known her called Sam so. Sam is the author of the SaaS watched Doug journey through the veil and Sam welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the program. And yeah I well if a month yet thanks so much for coming not armed. You have fun then a bigfoot researcher I think it's I read since about 2013. That's relatively recent in the scheme of things. What got you interested in the in this subject and and say he out into the woods looking for SaaS watch. Well the odds with Hewlett. Make things really short I didn't believe it but I mean I remember aryan Anderson put it in movies that night they'll. You know and though. Really if it wasn't because I want it to research it is because I started experiencing. I'm moved out in the mountains so you know to make a long story short. Things are on drawing out there's there's there's a bit of a psychic paranormal fight in this that involved being. I'm gonna have to get condensed version because of the time. On. Because you guys really want to hear about the it stuff picture. We we wanna hear about at all so would have read that stuff let's go. Yet yet. I a basically. Had situations that personal life crisis is that actually untrue mean outs in the mountains and finally was able settlements one low Conklin remark. And zoom in Washington Steve who once he didn't date account yes and then I come to find out that I'm ran into account part shoot. Who worked at eternal store. Looking at last count aren't looking down seen these gigantic. Replica footprints that you know casting. And I answer to all balances these are actual cast into. You know taken a replica of the course but she countless tell me about all the consent because he had a big experience and she was telling me about how she solved one out the field chasing now. So are made really comment surprised me that the counting out Clinton was like ground zero force apps much. Tank. So it wasn't long before. I had finally decide I'd. Basically so then what they say piece of property and Kapanen RT. And I started hearing things out in and backpack and actually hear this. Well but it looked and anything I've ever heard or it was actually buried deep. On on call will be in town and would come across the river and then it would come across just from the of asylum property. One planet came out of my art via headset. Eight campfire and in my part went back in for a second. And McCain backed out so announcer here in disliked child's screams or something running. And I saw something running away from the fire on in the woods and I couldn't. Couldn't tell what the heck the ones but it was obviously cute little battle curious about parts sultan was kind of surprised while wac backed out the door. And night. Finally had. And I as time went on. Started beyond a hearing this sound I heard them com. I'm the local tapper. And one time wac crimes bill in a very dark sections. Behind there I am on what I heard was the kind of the imitation Alps counterpart else out which most people. Will try to claim that that's what that religious but just sheer volume and less out 900 pound this it was it was just way too you know the part two. Right up there images like these things were just I think I made the biggest mistake it's a flashlight and shine up the and I. Did names have kind of see at that point about Alison. And there in the town's beacon horrendous like monkey chatter up in the trees and sold. Two other guys were really. Probably part were on break or something from tapper and that so it should search page and so does that. This sounds sort of moving across the trees so it went all across park where the trees were. Above RVs that I was staying in the time. It and we try to get a focus on what was up there but it just shifted back all the crops back behind it again and finally we got to a point worm. I can hear it that terrorists. Activity right about in this one tree and the minute that's the shine the light at there's Chandler there so I'm at in the vote big ball black in British. Are creatures nineteen. Can actually see it nineteen light lunch units up from one treatment next over twenty that span. When I was this an adulterer or juve are not I want to space. You and I was gonna say because he had the adult skin you know from what we've heard it in. In a lot of people have different accounts of them but they can be 8910. Eleven feet tall and I can't imagine them. Being able to learn some of these trees to be able support an animal that size swinging and jumping but the juvenile yeah probably different story her. Well no it didn't normally it's near come in and close the juveniles. And I'm gonna say not just small juveniles and and its eighteen institute jewels but usually about 6% feet tall. And I can't that they get much bigger that's where you started they they Nolan getting too big when it starts nap in the street. You know. You know and you see that when you Bruntlett. So this to one was just one Jinan and certainly Consuelo across someone up I gave up a set of cats now Permian. Couple other people outside the chase sound as a migrated across the town through the woods and things so. So you can't see him beat not to interrupt here but I'm going to eagle you saw my god yeah you saw the cast of the prints in the store. Yeah you were at a tavern you went outside with someone else and you both were witnessing this I'm assuming that the community is pretty well aware of the presence of these so creatures. Well you know what's funny is started with our bit and and you know people would do it's kind of dismissed that you'd be surprised in the three year period that all of us now of course I've begum. And for our search so between the both of us and the locals actually seen one kicker local actually seen two of them walking across a road to a non believer in was shook up so bad he didn't stay in this little cap and that's where the two were walking past the behind him. Soul into it yeah I mean we went a lot of people I'm America act we have statute. That you know like car gains and things so people. People lead system's specs so low level of release elements are. Well I know it's just thinking about you being in our view you you've got to go to model and held there and you're an RV I end the year of course I gotta be honest no matter what if you're in an RV you feel vulnerable. Beauties Alley being and a and a regular house you know the doors are locked to that effect there would. Everything else so is it is at a frightening situation it is to be dealing with that. Well depends prevent them was. Premiere it was just intriguing of course I don't like walking in the dark and a more here or. Being in the pitch black in the in having found all around me that applicant cities so on but in a more home. Light no less and just. You know I am sorry I'm not I'm not accurate like that but. The the these experiences continued on of course started having. What I started going down one particular trail that Bart frequent quite and started the assault on camera. Mean at the time and time well starting to take pitchers with at hand. Trying to think the sequence of events with this but. Park had organized at this point I'm camp outs for period steep interest in the picked the correct. And this is about the time that opinions two years ago but two years ago. Where we actually went up and she took the group out this particular trailer I started. And then we came around the corner. Mind you want to talk about the street or were talking about where it's you know it's obviously something that it's. By bigfoot. And and as we're videotaping and all I need here at this moment not something blocked just jumped down took off and then in and then she happened to catch it on our part. Well we took that back. To camp. The next thing you know she east downloading the iPod video on her. Laptop I mean tablets so she can get a better look at it and it turns out and she's going almighty god. Oh my god what is this and so she's looking at this thing and it's and what she actually sees you actually see on the video did you see kind of two is looking very clock carefully upon are wrong ma'am you see this thing that drops down. And at a very translucent. And then takes off whips around takes off. It was a scene right now of the predator. Really don't. It's just totally blending well that's. That means yet and and so it it actually got on the Internet and people can nexis search on YouTube. Our armed. Cloaking picked. And you can actually see it's very soft and sales several people Sam were then and now. We're gonna take a break with that that leads us into. Something will pick up when we come back from the break because you talk a lot about the cloaking ability of these creatures and other creatures in fact I think if I were larger website correctly. So we'll continue that discussion when we come back it's beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes in GB Johnson don't go I. Oral I don't wanna mention wanting to insert by the telephone numbers 8446877669. Don't forget that in the second half of the program we're going to be taking your calls. We'll talk about last night's ghost hunters episode or we will talk about anything you want to chat about to get a story wanna share whether it's big foot or ghost related whatever love to have you calling in share with us. In our guest during Alice Samantha Richie give bigfoot researcher who's had her own personal experiences and she's. Telling us about a lot of a lot of them so far too much. Yes some as Samantha Richie is the author of a book called the SaaS watch journey through the bill and Sam I want to ask you. It just the title of the book suggests something that I think we rule wanna get into when you say journey through the veil what's the reference there. Beyond doubt. That's that's pretty well. Like you were the only US and I didn't know us. I just gave your Euro implied. Do it. No actually the book because let down was what I expected to be a physical experience. Was starting to I shall either everything so that their connection between. Big winner this past march actually led to these other things you know UFO. Or and one something sent packing get into. Yeah well that's that's an important I. And big for it's are actually being put here by. And extraterrestrials. As it has to go out and explore and bring data back. Now one no I believe I I actually. I actually believe in fact that they were. Just like you know there was hybridization. That was done over EU council kind and they came from somewhere else just like we. So like I attendant I tend to go along those lines but as far as let it bite you believe. That's very possible. That base because I had seen pictures of some of the Serb president can't. There are a 100%. And actually seen square. An actual devices that being held in town parents and things like that so on whether they're using technology that's provided to embody ET's which I can get into the fact that I actually. Can't. Taken picture on the keys in the same manner. Seoul. It is it's more as far as party goes. Well and that's so true because our Jason I've talked to a lot of guests who. I have had theories about big foot and it seems to be more and more common. To talk about this big foot slash. Alien or ET connection but also an inner dimensional. So Syria as well the inner dimensional discussions he's becoming more and more accepted. Among them bigfoot researchers as this one that you embrace. I'm I'm actually looking at science of it because. Not jump around a lot the neat thing that I'm discovering that you know how some people as well we take pitchers are complaining Coetzer Larry it's as you know working to clear pitcher so we have out arch and it is too clear and I think it's fake. And there's a lot of basis and one of the reasons I can do and I'm actually writing second book that covers the science of light. And there are lights that we can't see terrorists and we see a visible light spectrum. Armed and various things below and above. And I mean it's really radio waves that are extremely high frequency. So like inference for instance is below the visible light and and this is the the heat range misses the heat radiation area. And then you have ultraviolet light that we can't see. Well my feeling is the Sox are somehow enable raised their. Raised near. Vibrations companies that term or energy. That accelerates the so that they get it tramps poses the color. Like the normal visible color that they are in to something that we can't see so what they appear to us and especially when the music app for that looks like a big black holes are cattle. And to the camera it has because it's the land surprise actually filter all Arlen. But animals in small children. Can actually see things in an area. When you start talking microproze quality. Talked about creatures that you know our kids make a very you know and it's C imaginary friends and every day it may be a basis for that. Because they are able to ski and alt spinal like that. Well and light as eternal investigator one thing I use we've implemented a full spectrum lights. And because they company electromagnetic spectrum and infrared and near ultraviolet. So using a light using light slight do you think it would open up the possibility of being able to catch these things more than if if there are able well ridiculous. Yeah one reason I'm able to take pictures but it is because I understand. Well first law and I'm I think urged. Idea I'm in and get that trust they are still open and a certain area so that you're gonna stay in close proximity. I find bodies in the highest resolution camera market when it for megapixel. Higher would be even better because they're going to be in the background. So Ian we need to focus in the for this area. So that they're going to be in in place that you can't feel your prize that you need to look and you need to enlarge the photo. On your computer so that you can narrow this down and what happens is the camera has it. Adult seat to our lead over at the ultraviolet and transposed Morant to a visible. Perk Alicia. Violet color but it's going to be a little bit hazy. And that's just a result of the camera. Because the ultraviolet has difficulty even make it through collapsed because of the fact that it tends to block the light too in that range. So. So let's talk Internet. Yeah I assume let's talk about Samir pictures. And more frustrating things and Jason I talk about this all the time we get a lot of people but spent a lot of time looking for evidence of a big foot or bigfoot like creature. And yet we can't get a good definitive photograph from anybody in eight days in an age when everybody's walking around with a pretty good camera on the cellphone in the pockets. Well I mean and we keep your video we need a video and pictures of as somebody spends enough time in the woods guerrillas. And Adams and a walk more than willing to walk up to them of course cautiously. And to connect with them I'll also all all these other animals and if people are spending all this time the woods of their cameras. Yeah Hawaii why is that so difficult to get some sort of solid evidence that these things exists. Well you don't business goes back to when your expectations what you think you're looking for. On a truly incurred on mountain made out there and now are something you're you're paying people make the assumption that reduced trying to to her picture and animal. But if you're doing something that not only has just as much intelligence hominid that has just much talent agents are more. And on that are so close human costs may be gifted with the ability change. Color. And I actually transpose consult a little bit. Then your gonna be very hard pressed to be able to speak come on something this tunnel like them. And only can think of analogy that dislike the tortoise in the air you know errors can be pastor. And no way at times Ford Taurus actually it's certainly didn't move lightening fast two assault. You're you're already lose in the battle moral way. So and I you're coming in. We have to we have to create take a break in just a minute here but but it does bring the question up because a lot of us were introduced to do this search for bigfoot. Through the Paterson film from the late sixties. That film and doesn't show a creature. That I would consider to be multi dimensional or you know cloaking during the stats are pretty looks like a blood a flesh and blood. Creature running through a field basically looking back. It doesn't seem to fit the mold of what we're not talking about these creatures so. Looking like in being able to do. To avoid detection what are your thoughts on that particular bit of evidence. And how does a relate to over talked about now. All right I can comment on that because they had talked to. I don't think that discusses why I have not done mr. Yemen pop him and he'd be in on a conference together. And at at the time I think you'd see my explanation from what I get from the community. Is that these sap squad wanted to try to make contact the and slow and now everything is done by intention with them so there was an intention to actually happened souls appear physically in a very 89. In on an upturn I'm worried. Fashioned like like patty walk across click click that and cents a and we haven't had anything like that. Well let calls in the question people will. Always quest there always and the question the validity of that I don't although I personally believe what the evidence that they've seen and it's actually very acre Arctic but but thanks to change that didn't I don't work panned out for the SARS watch and so on beer a little bit more. Discrete about how they how they deal with are probably contact human to this point so. OK good we're gonna take a break when we come back and get a whole bunch more questions were talking with Samantha Richie. Author of the SaaS watch journey through the veil it's beyond reality radio would Jason and javy. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right you're interested. You need to subscribe taps her match. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps her magazine has been completely redesign. Re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the web sites taps her bag dot com that's tap experiment dot com and click on the subscribe now blood. Enter the promo code and beyond and check out and save even more on your subscription. It's that's. Where every issue was built with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Our magazine again go to the website tab power Mac dot com. That's tabs Tara Mac dot com. I'll use promo code beyond just say I. And illustrated beyond reality radio and Jason Hawes and JB Johnson just a couple of minutes of bring our guests Samantha Richie back into the program continue our discussion about bigfoot or the plural bigfoot its. But before we do that it's big feats her biggest the biggest you say about big feet. But do they say about big feature you can get Torre going to I think he'll also so there's no better kill. But we got some great upcoming guests a Monday we've got. Mary Cheadle well I would say it wrong I think it's a Tino yeah Okie you know and assume. But she barely know times and it Ruckus Society can't sell world renowned psychic author radio host. Tuesday we get Susan Olson known for rural as Cindy Brady from the Brady Bunch she's had a bunch paranormal experiences that she'd like to come on and share with us. And then Wednesday we've got mark Edwards professional medalist who specializes in Matt in the magic of the mind. And he's phenomenal honestly if you look up some stuff with a he's been around forever and while this isn't that magic castle Hollywood's famed magic castle I think sort of program but that is not a good special club. You can go to be it's like really really exclusive and it's all about magic. Yeah yeah yeah and and actually well we're a dragon con member Eden different it is clearly I was yes Hayden who is on marriage got talent actually was almost a winner made its near the end. On the he's now. Involved with the places well counsel who is so and it's an acquittal plays in a day of tangles wanna to. Check an offer they actually SS two investigating years ago we just never got a chance to. Morning California because I guess as a whole Lotta colonel McClain and eight. Or roll back to the program it's beyond reality radio Jason in achieving bringing new against special guest tonight Sam. Richie and we're talking about big foot and Sam again thanks for joining us on the program. What are things that you mentioned on your website and I'm very curious about is that there's. A paragraph for your talking about SaaS clutch big footing you refer to them as SaaS clutch people. Now do you how do you view them as it's as civilized and or as advanced are involved or how are we wanna put it is. As maybe human races. Yes in one cents. I usually compare I'm. Beat him in my opinion have been on the condition to what they consider civil citation. Date. Actually can view it as un civilization because. What they have attempted to do it is a little light that's actually in harmony with the planet so it's there protectors on woods in the chorus. And we tend to. We tend to. Or when he is will not let actually. We use artificial structures monetary things down and build buildings in. You know. Cities and and and and work out like destroying ourselves because the fact we have a symbiotic relationship with planet. In hand I can't count on mental connection with the Sox watch and that's one of things why were talking about it through prevail. Because I have got those messages from them swap. I am so. So not enough to cut you off boy you're saying when governor and pretend they're the protectors of the woods and so forth. So are they what a lot of people refer to as elemental also. An elemental type thing now. No. No metals would be something else that would be some something smaller. Armed. I'm not really burst in in those although I'm actually enters some other things aren't actually finding now are seen and so mark pitchers much smaller animals to three inches taller would be human. -- can't call mr. Wilson with. Two or three inches tall. So having never so much going on my research that beyond what I have right here so I haven't had a chance to really get into it but. But the point has. No I would call in the forest people are called force people. On the task march would be the worst people. I'm they would be a subset of the force people forced people could be the unique beast all creatures while though pretty small how many beans as well. We'll throw yet. Okay we'll. Oil so I posted your video on line for people to be able CIA and FaceBook dot com backs much beyond reality radio of the cloaking. Big foot you put out there right guiding get a chance Siegel thinks loss you'll weren commercial break OK now it's routed to you as a rather interesting it really is so. And accept that that whole predator locally yours thing. Yes yes and in nine. The one thing that you may want to check out is on the plane on the on the planet task march dot com site. I have a link up there on the menu on cellphones called shows slides. If you click on that it's actually is from the previous shows on and on hand. Now the eighth I'd what I have and it wasn't. Perhaps the case why it is that video. That needs very more things like creature that actually shape ships and and you could see it correctly at smoltz. If I would say it probably the most bizarre video I've taken. And anything. Our let's go to the phone line we have another Washington residence this is Duane who has a question for all of us actually Dwyane. Welcome and beyond reality radio. Thank you got to be on the show I called rich or assassinated would they put I called for a I'd I can't jump and way back in the day. Can't tell you what a lot of arrogant or you don't want it on anyway. I hear there are a lot of people say that. Libby sorts may be a spiritual. Entity horror maybe terrestrial. Entity. Something. Of that. John wrote. There's something they're not necessarily. Something not necessarily flesh and blood and earth bound his overtures saying going. Yes and I'll follow up to that airs. You enjoy it and Howard were you ever interchange. Is no woods and maybe checking that out what their equipment just. On that basis that it might be or spiritual or apparel normal. Creature. Well I would have held there on any basis Jekyll island what do we talked about it yet what a lot of people don't know is usually for one week out of every year. All I'll throw on a backpack. They go hiking through mountains of New Hampshire and and me a living on a living off land and so forth as to something we've always done and and I'll do that solo and I'd IC I've never had the luck of coming across the bigfoot I've now of course her big things moving in the woods no idea what it is. I would love to get altered some of these locations. And actually try to see these things for myself. Or at least track them for myself and it's a benefit of not having to rely on. Heading back to house to get stuff I can pay its arrival in the woods for a long period of time. So and it just did and there are really trying to implement assume we're able to see. Well I'm kind of wage job which you he presided video I need I need something concrete. Europe in the northwest. It yeah man I'm I guess domino hotspots so. Thanks thanks for the call when I'm gonna wanna get access Sam's reaction to that because there again Sam we're talking about this ET or this. In two dimensional slash spiritual. Idea that that might be the source of these creatures. Yeah. Use sometimes people pick of them in terms of being just simply inner dimensional that just phase tenant pays I think that's more a top. Of their ability to just simply. Raise up raise doubts and I think they did develop some form of translucent term visibility when they do this and close changing colors there's multiple aspects of them don't match. And I I. One of the things. I. When we have this cloaking creature that we that you just pull up on the site on the very next day I walked same trail I let all my equipment my camera on. Behind don't want to have a personal experience with sharks arch and that's win. One out walk up there came across the light port. And the or and it was on. It was visually seen by a media was fifteen feet away from a or was about the size of the beach ball very electrical light coming around it and the need for. Static beams of light that was shaped like geez look like the light Saber from star horse basically just hovering about the ground. Yeah I know you have all have a you have a picture on I think it's on your website. And and then you have today you basically drew some lines in their to represent what you saw is it's not a picture of that of what you actually saw no. Stop these actual period but it so this isn't. It very very close. 95%. Clothes back receipt of that on America acted video simulation of the or uploading into me and then pulsing and disappearing. And it's extremely hacker from. Are you suspicious or suggesting that that had that was directly related to the events of the night before or do you think it's just the area seems to attract that kind of activity. Well it does because within that at ground zero that portal area a where it shaved off the ground to. Or perfect triangle on the ground that took the picture of on it was after that that I started within feet of that within like ten to fifteen feet. That I had to the morphing alien. And being appear behind the tree. Okay we're gonna talk we're gonna have to hold that until after the break as that's a whole other discussion and we will come back shortly and talk about that. Opportunities aliens in this discussion which makes it even more interesting it's beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes and JB Johnson don't go away. Hey welcome back it's. And we've been talking about SaaS clutch tonight and it's been rather urged I would Todd Samantha Samantha Richie bigfoot researcher inputs and they have big feet big foot it puts. Yeah whatever. That is the rates right Sam that is the proper pluralism of bigfoot its. The big but yet that's that's basically don't Florida assistance is that people make that those mistakes and task archer and control just the task watch what you're referring to warm millennium. And this is the sentiment is a big foot is bigfoot was singular and I would just salado walking around one big for. You would like to retreat in Charlotte but I'll bet that just wonder from makes alert at all but there's two or three big foot in there wouldn't that before six big feet that I mean this is a make any sense to me it's just that it doesn't matter as the southern round with a math so anyway you know welcome back to the growth trend Sam. What do askew got this evolutionary comment that you've got a new website you say that you know use the term distant cousins. To humans did you mean that literally or is that just a way that to show some camaraderie. No I think parents. But I think here there. All they're been some non of them are DNA it's close some parts that. The the commonality would probable be be the EP component more more so than the evolution of then coming from apes or anything like or are trying to duplicate. I believe vessel where they were trying to associated with the early manner and after all and their their connections and on to hold different type creature. That is next with the common one is CE Teague. Element within the am and lucky were on experiment. Experimenting on time in creating hybridization. Of different how many preachers for slave labors. I believe that they were earlier much much much earlier. Version of that before we came on. Well. But just just a minute ago you had said something about their DNA. But we never found any of their DNA access. Yeah all the compare anything to. Although there have been some studies but you know bent in the mainstream or just former cal only to us. You know it's just whether this is just happened. But we get a dollar buyout group world. While I'm I mean you I NN I but I've heard from other researchers saying that you know sciences are willing to accept this that they're trying to keep it up keep it down and but don't you think that a scientist would love to be the first person to say. These things exist because from their use your name's Kyle and will be attached to a forever I mean. Instantly to be able to show a new species that would be huge thing for science so I have never understood why science would. Try to chew it key and keep this information from getting open to the public. If fact if it would. And leaders of back story ran on. The suppression of information and eating you know I don't someone accounts. Saliva samples and was waiting for the opportunity to. To present it to someone who's not going to use that to discredit it. Not been. Our let's go to the phone list is we have another question this is done from Florida Don welcome to be on reality radio. Thank you Jason in and they can javy you guys are doing a tremendous job I really like to show. Mom you're more. And my eight. Question a comment has been twofold one his old business in the middle of his new business. Sure BO business be full we get its rules say you know. Is I called him a couple nights ago when you. This guy out of radio when he admits his. Thomas -- Walt Disney oh yeah wondering if you guys ever get that clarified. Well you I think you clarified that on air where'd you you had come on and expressed your disappointment in and JJ was the caller who had said that there was some connection manner. And did you call him. Well he has but he hasn't really re touched on the so but we also you know we also haven't had him on long enough to address it and we do intend to because you made some very very good points in that. Paul and down I think it's worth discussing. Really would slow because like I've said before army air Florida. I don't wanna make make less of a spokesperson for everybody affordable once again today. TV is taking the lead don't appreciate people old saying in that kind of stuff what Walt Disney. Okay but you're OK if you Euro case he says like Universal Studios is Satan. I just. I mean you know seemed only partially dizziness and. Especially if anything he. About all of his takes them some bad several wild Donald Trump. Classic example or business. I'm a go but I sort of what that I knew knew part of the question Jeff. The new questions you have Campbell alliance and he spoke of well big foot. With you were asking this question is actually it like thirty years ago I don't know this earlier during the question and not. That was sales this year listening. And I have heard about big foot big foot is bit like a myth. Prominent example these but my question to you they know what you would Jason had JGB. All ownership role have. You. ATM machine bigfoot or B is there anything on you to order Internet lack of fear of four real built picture of bigfoot. Of course you got some of those those are great records you know half a little have a YouTube channel play or any website. Did pitchers. And I and video so it's it has iPad directing part yes they are and may not you do that analogy is that you actually seen don't. Yet some once lived it I've yet. Samantha where would you direct Don I mean if you wanted to gives him you know a sample of the best. Evidence that's available on the Internet whether it's yours or or anyone else's where would you direct him. On well I've always monitored someone in my site children. Putting the bass for the best pitchers on planet task parched dot com I have a photo gallery that I am adding. More pictures or you can go to the slow but that shows slighted at the top. And click comment in intellectually know predictor pictures that we're talking about during the show as well absurd to repeat the low side again. It's planets that watched dot com. War you go to YouTube if you wanna see other videos can go well little rectitude but it plans to ask march. Yeah that is the name of the group. Soon Donna Donovan down medal play in the right direction you make of Lucy some thin there that'll help but you get a sense for release what do you think you know is going on there and we also. Take your comments about Walt Disney to heart and we will have that conversation and clear things up because. We have to be on the side of the Florida I think on that we think Disney was a pretty good guy. Yeah I I honestly I've never had any problems with them and of course I'd I don't believe in some of his voice at the time but right sent him I stand but capsule itself. No issues you knocking him he sees its you know Walt Disney's a Satan has so yeah then you can call and any time. So I wanted to ask. You Sam about says some of the other non bigfoot stuff that you talk about Tom dude there is a video on I think was on your web certainly goes on the YouTube channel where. I think you were. UN maybe somebody else were filming. In the hopes of catching that glimpse of assess watch but instead you've caught. At what you described to be in orb. I look at the video Jason I do a lot of work with the words and we tend to be a very skeptical Forbes but if I wanna do muted tell us what you thought was going on there and then maybe we'll give you a bit of our opinion and as well. I'm trying to think about video that you're Arlington. You know it's it's just it's it's it's a shot of the woods and I think it's the pulse and then all of a sudden you and then and then in the video online it slows down she conceive this. Again when all halls or via. Yeah yep outlook the latest one teacher I'm dumped on state and it's currently. Acts so one of what was going on their what do you think you call. Well because vote no way to lighten the art film parts of Warren street some of them are just some of those are. On. The liberal arts world com. Out front and it HD. And those capturing some. Weird. Or addition looking things but they also looked like they can. I have no idea. Fact. I posted be because the fact that it wouldn't retain creative. All the other strange things Seoul on iron in and monologue earlier. They said you're still little uncertain because I have not. Yet and I have to be honest you know why I was watching it and there's just a mere in the middle of the woods. First of all this bright sunshine kind of filtering it through the trees which creates a glowing effect on a lot of objects. And you've got a lot of insect activity because you're in the woods so that was my thought is that that's got to be an insect. But I was just wondering if you saw something else at the camera didn't pick up that made you more convinced it was something other than an insect. Well because times have seen other insects wind you know amongst the other light that would just glow looked. Very very large and so it just looked very far. And it was just felt it was for a trend posted. Lot of console post videos aren't and that will get opinion I'm not gonna try to be authoritative and save this is what that says some outlook figures make some decisions and maybe they can use it in their own research to figure out what some of the spokesman. OK so merely that would that was the reason your posting it because you want to get people's takes on you are drawing conclusions to it so bright idea because like Jimmy was canisters. Orbited the one thing in the paranormal field that has driven me crazy. Since you know since I started because. I can create or is by slapping a pill and sat in a picture. But yet and I am a firm believer that there are certain types of or Al they're as well but. So all right good and I'm just happy clear that a. Light seemed like divisional a vote very large and unseen direct influences our expert did not have a chance they are. You know take him. I similar take a quick break we'll come back with more discussion it's beyond reality radio Jason GG. 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It's it's not it's indeed buried DSL and then Wednesday we got mark Edwards professional mental list. Specializes in the magic of the mind. So I assume nearly interest. Yeah I don't forget the telephone number two it's 8446877669. We are going to keep us Samantha Richie here for a few minutes more. And then we'll open up the phone lines to anything you wanna talk about last night's ghost hunters episode or anything colonel we get a story when assurance as a secret limitations and anything. OK well how variable that it gets slick Eddie expected fuel filter all that stuff but Aaron Boone on our let's get let's bring Samantha Richie back into the program Samantha what are the ailing you made reference to having an alien encounter as well. Tom where does that fit into this whole story. It's is something about that portal there's something coming that oral. Under it for reference the morphing aliens videos on swells agreement look at that putt it was. Exactly almost a year after seeing a world that. They morphing thing happened in August last year and in September almost identical to a full years and so seem portal. I walk through that area past the portal and the man right turnaround I snapped a picture of the background a lot of this stuff like human to deplete them loose like six cents you have to don't have time to elaborate about. In violator to look at pitcher. They are to being standing in the field area within fifteen feet of that portal area and one on mine actually showed on pitcher of that aren't the that's fine. On the initial slides. On its Paul being that had to clothing on it was not a science watch it was actually. Something else look very very strangely. For a look very feminine. And it was was it something that was more resemblance stops or. And so it was Shaq I wish Chinese. Had more information. About that but. I just put two and two together that they're and narrow things happening having lights at night in the area and so this arm and right up to this day. On the I'm gonna get to the bottom of it but it's. It's an ongoing story really is. Then of course of course and dead right so honestly and so do you think that those those things he saw come out of that portal. Alien being so in other words traveling here through what inter dimensional. Travel instead of using spaceship. Well I think you can leader. I mean that Beckett via salute and I can be a possibility but also just simply portal that co locate you from one place to another could be somewhere else on this planet or. Off planet. Another area into it yeah. Our let's go to the phone lines we have Kevin from Washington calling in Kevin welcome to be on reality radio good to have you on the program. All right guys underdog I am rather go on game. Straight in that existed at the end of no. This is I just that. So I just wonder Collins say what stamp or both of may have been on who would. I can match stimulus and one of want a cap. And I can I can't verify what you Shannon's. For myself I'm not. Kind of a skeptic in a lot of ways by my girlfriend my wife while my wife now my girlfriend at the time was very into the whole thing and I kind of stayed away from everybody. I am a little bit addled but you know as far as the encounters is that indication that we're talking about imprimatur. Well kinda all kinds of things he can verify that today. Now things happened I mean and so. You know. He. You know from from one when we were there with what Sam. Quite weak. I Cheyenne Arnold long a bigfoot. There was. Several I mean not the art and Sam and I were spam. In my account for a little bit farther away from everybody because it was just trying to stay to myself that in the morning news get up there was there was. There was actual. Physical buying. The all over the place and you get your mind open mind on that. I have not found my I think I'm right on the money in law and not a lot of things like in American freighter. If any they bring water in Washington or you wanna go and it was great when you need to work on you guys as well as the as the bush. The bush craft guys. Bush craft and its and I remember earlier referred to as the but I know I I penalize I spent a lot of times ice I spent a lot of time in the woods and the are raking in and things like and so on dad honestly. Jimmie and I we will definitely have to look at heading up that way and the spending some time woods and Sarah were able to document now bridge while you guys are in the woods. You waking up in the morning. All these footprints around in south nobody set up a camera on nobody had a camera nice shot there were some something's going try to document. Well the that this that in the bad it is as that I think that part of the issue was is that. I. I think you know again it it seems certainly from my my friend suddenly night. In our I'm not I'm not saying anything other than I've been out with a lot I've been around a lot different animals and things but. And I don't think that they I don't think it's spammers saying that they they are animals I think that I think that they're there for human life quality to them. From the standpoint of outrage. Manner perhaps. What they're dealing. I I've spent a lot of times what what what my life from the woods trying to look for a lot of different things and cheats are very good. Photographic evidence. A different thing. From that standpoint but. Me myself I'd I'd say Julian and aired so I can't you know if I couldn't I couldn't really see a lot of things that are even apply. You know to take a picture of it. Carol can I ask you something and I don't I don't mean this to be in any way disrespectful but. On as someone who's visually impaired and I know that frequently when people are visually impaired they tend to have heightened sentences senses whether it's hearing or. The sense of smell. Is that the case with you. Well I believe so and I and and permit them quite not what Sam when I bend there are I'd I'd smell. Things are those dances in bands I I do's and bangs. You know our act act in our know this is a bite out much and not about ghost and things like that I had I felt like percent it but I mean. I'm from from a from a standpoint of this discussion here are. I in the you know in order for them to make themselves clear to me they had to make. So sort of a very. That permit. I think so. For example. Some so whenever they. Showed me. The Irish. I mean that and that says you know we're not talking about. Five minutes out of town near me that is in the know that these these dark woods himself. There's there's a really. And out fired you know they're required curled up on the mountain thing like that so. I spent a lot of time in Colorado. As well just that mountain inspired by myself. And that thing about it is that you kind of you kind of get the knowing that there's not anybody around especially when a beer in the woods and you know. If somebody came in a car you can hear that from while optimism but you communities. We'll know we we aren't but all I'd sorry to cut you short but we get a lead Italy to go to Vienna wraps him run at a time when America. Goods and yet no semester Wu we actually I'm real close now thanks Kevin for that for sharing that with the so I was actually really insightful. But we have about a minute left Sam and modern to offer you one more opportunity to tell people how they can get ahold of the book the books called the SaaS watched journey through the veil. I'm a little bit more about your website and whatever else you wanna share with the folks. OK art is if you wish here's a link on my if you go to planets pass rush dot com there's going to go of the book Greek new trek down Adams on the search for Samantha Richie. Or other title of the book it'll pull right up. Arnold plug YouTube channel two under pirate task watch. And I even have FaceBook group and same thing. So. Be sure to check it out because there's a lot of great information while great pictures and videos. On UK cover almost radio show right so you know. Well we appreciate you coming on and sharing what you did were able to share with us on some great insight there. And some really intriguing stuff you've got a new web sites encourage people to to check now know if you get anything else. On that you wanna share of the summitry lit slick Eddie known would love to have you back on some time. I'd like credit thank you Samantha Richie author of the book the SaaS watched journey through the veil check out our website as well. I. 844. 687. 7669. Again that's a 446877669. And yeah gives a called beyond reality radio leader. We love to hear from a so. And we're gonna be right back after these messages you'll see Jason GBM generally area. Welcome back to beyond Leo we do have to we'd do have to get a video feed at some point line because of what you're doing and as you're dancing over there and the world and easy to see that they have the arms of rock and how you know rocking out in your chance to throw my hair forward. And if you're he's Ozzie I mean it's Osce its slate and one of the most incredible. And singers of all time and so through this week in the only understand him when he sings that's certainly cannot understand many seeds can talk QB that UBS and these guys hit it what was I need to go to the grocery store our current OK you put a little tone on a day ago. The telephone numbers 8446877669. If you'd like to call and chat with respiratory to the phones now it's Judy in Denver Judy welcome. To be on reality radio good to have you on the program. Good evening. Welcome. I've been pushing your program church pews gays in lone opponent guest. Speaker at thanks. Pretty good thank you we had my mom and I are UFO. Western camp where we lift up on all ranch L. And we are coming back trying to. School meeting. Drop my girlfriend off. It toga party. Fiction forty which is nice every now. And when we pull that we saw this and street troubleshoot. Air. Skyline. All Grand Junction again under. Assault where I forty current Sydney. And I had never seen an won't try that trashed in my life. And then we started talking about it it out. Immediate title became to a dead solid rated it came to a dead stop in the skies were you sank. White trim a thousand miles an hour to zero in a matter of a chance for the Shaq can. It matters I don't know what that would see Nolan do you think human lives are. Well do you feel that it's stopped because you were talking about it. Yes we have the definite Caylee was listening to us or would it mean what we were talking about how. Now how far away was this one has stopped. Engineer and I keep (%expletive) all it's hard it was like flat eight in our camp. Yeah how far we have I was real high vertical. Or their share when it's a little to stop how far away from new ones. I would shape tried out tried this she smiled. Maybe aren't there. Did you make out the shape then the and then and the basically the size or was a more just like a dot of light you. You know it it was like eight shading it a chance to right eight. And it was your actual grain. And that saying I noticed the team to a stop just. There was no deceleration. And when we start talking about it. It went up prior. How about Hershey. How can and a hug and tell that though when your. Your file see full when it went quick question though if you're five or six miles away how can you tell if it goes up 100 feet. Because five or six miles you wouldn't really wouldn't you be able telephone one of a thousand feet because and from there it's going to pump. I know it's hard to tell you how how far away or list. There I do know that it was not liking groups like would be true OSHA and air trying to achieve shall lodges. What to be there at all. Bonus also are playing generally wouldn't come to an abrupt halt like that. Oh no that just doesn't happen you know. What really caught my eight interest in the actual object. And restart talk about it monsters I elite hitter Chad hold sugar and shipped. But I took gosh again and it wasn't like from zero to twenty miles an art. Fisher your check which they posture helicopter. I've never in my idol actually needing like you shouldn't. Yeah well that would interest and got in the US OK. I checked for books out and evergreen school. Angry university. Library. Not University of Colorado library in Denver. And wind solved. My library. Where these UFO we're on US well okay. We have about I never really wanted. Judy we got a we Judy hello set up and Judy got a whole concept for me. We got about a minute in them we won a move that what you told the book you're story we have to go to break in a minute so let's just so you know we have at times to constraint here. Okay well the united. A host. Tries my interest to check out rocks. In April a shift quiche and then yeah FB IQ agent came to our house which we really remote. And wanted the books they even made me go to the high school. In check them out or in my locker at high school really. When I is that what you say what did you say that I'm did you say 57. Interest Internet there was a captain. That was imminent military needy Iowa. That took pictures of this object. And it looked like Lana. And I never may seek it get the axed you and I were amazed pull. They confiscate and. While that's that's awfully scary. Judy thanks for sharing that story was this we have to go to break it's beyond reality radio Jason GB. 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It's going to be neat just to get his take and also on the hole because he also gets into a lot of us. Reading people and and how a lot of so called psychics do that and so there's a lot of different things that come with him and he simply really wild. OK let's go back to the phones we've got raid in Texas. Radio welcome to beyond reality radio good to have you on the program. I think honor to meet mr. also. I don't love him to transfer long time. I appreciate it thank you very much welcome to this. Own. Content at a person's been I've been. Wander and for a long time and that's that technology and and those coming. I want to get your point of view armed the future of technology right. Did he ever think to yourself how far. That technology has grown. And where do you think it's going from here. But for example where they're being likened them at Ascot I could I could go contract above weren't like him. Like twenty years from now on those. Like Belmont from happened contact billions if so what else. Our I know I know exactly what you're saying and honestly I think we're technology and technology's going and agree. Greatly right now one thing I though I've been looking into is. In for sound to also frequencies you know covering different frequencies being able to isolate different frequencies. Wall trying to do EVP work I'm. Setting up recorders on certain frequencies and recording on other frequencies so. There there's a lot of different things that are going on that were also. But working for the last few years we have we had a couple working prototypes. Did you recorders where you're able to ask a question. And it's recording and you're also able to hear with about a 32 delay everything going on. So in other words if I ask a question and I get a response I'm hearing in my headphones thirty seconds after. And it so it's allowing me to carry on a conversation I am I hearing that the they said something now I can respond to what they said. And then third you know thirty seconds later I can hear again what they've what they've responded and so forth so there's. A lot of great equipment coming up and you know we've really it's not link the specialize in making equipment for this field. So you need to take what's out there and that's what we've always done and take what's open and modify it. To suit your needs four what you're doing and and I think that's really important Deanna counsel people to keep on advancing it. Yeah and also I think a very important point to make is that in the last ten years really since ghost hunters spent on television the interest and paranormal investigating a skyrocketed. Whereas you know pre 2004. Get a handful of people doing this things he didn't really have a lot of resources or even people to come up with a new ways techniques and ideas for equipment now. They're you know tens of thousands of people doing it's you've got a lot more innovation in the industry in a lot more people thinking outside the box and bring new ideas to the field. Well and I de Chile when we got involved in the field I remember way back people were just using trite and try feel meters and he MF meters. And that was at there was lady stent of their equipment. And noon and then it was great because right around the same time Sony's Sony really got. As big at the end of the cam corder industry and they started they started work and night visions were able to adapt that so is the timer to a perfect for us. And equipment wise but it it was it was great to release cede the field. Really get behind us using that kind of stuff and how it really skyrocket I remember. They did this whole thing Sony have this thing out there going Bakley eight years ago how they. Talked about their sales are through the roof for their camp quarters because of the show goes on owners and people buying equipment for investing maternal death of it was awesome. -- great question let's go to Denise in North Carolina Denise welcome beyond reality radio gotta been a minute for your questions for Jason guy. Okay thank you guys sitting in my column called by my question answered Jason yes would environment you've been doing he. Paranormal research and investigation into what is your. When you aren't. Personal side on this spiritual side. It. Would retard spiritually talk in the religious aspects of. Right I mean he dug ourselves go to have a need bigger. So go to have an and we have the ability to come back to earth in. And just stay where we love beanie. Well then that's great question and it's it's a great question I do believe that there is something after this that we're able to and make the decision if we wanna move honor hang around. I'm not sure what that is a Monica I can't sit here really say that I am a firm believer in heaven help. But I believe that there is something that comes after this world. After this life I've just seen too much evidence to to support that that claim. So I definitely think you know our loved ones are somewhere that and hopefully will be able to spend time with. No one's in the past on when at some point after after this well it but they and thanks a lot for the call. Yet thanks to these are telephone numbers 8446877669. More calls after the break it's beyond reality radio when Jayson GP. That's beyond reality Radio Disney TV welcome back to the program and a big welcome to everybody in chat good to see so many people in there if you haven't experienced the chat room yet. You need to go to the website click on the listen lied you don't have to listen there you can continue listening to your radio station that's the way you listen. And you can just participate in the challenge Nance as I said earlier through all goes down but don't do it Walter. Good point a very good point but there's some crazy stuff that goes on that yet anyways let's go to the telephone lines we have Terry Terry calling in doesn't say from where but hey Terry welcome beyond reality radio. I gave them an babies I am that I. Recall from. This report come I call them the recovery at all this. I cannot go Alex the last time I had calmed. And I don't believe everything and and Internet but I came across this creepy. Thing I had never seen that forces documentary. And that's com about Holland of the creature. Oh yeah I saw something yet you that you would actually sent me something about that right lewis'. Did you and. How close you could ask Alex let it might take it too much and panel could I yeah I saw that and people that people walking. Because he's so mysterious. Well and I saw that and actually go from a Clayton Morris for Fox News FOX & Friends actually go to report on it as well. And if for those those you Alter it looked it up the holing creatures it's weird these guys are. And Hollander or heart breaking through the woods and so for me start hearing this big banging sound. And they look and there's this weird thing it definitely leans Al from the tree. And it now looks and then does. Really loud bang sound which they all took off running but it's it's a weird video and I get a look a little more into that because I haven't really checked into a much but. It's yeah it's slow news journalists there's cite these. Anonymous friend called the cameraman and sound kind of like. I don't know. The medical. Carnation which he did bring him I don't this is crazy that's what I mean would be. You and javy would be delighted to figure out. Well we'll beverage. You know definitely check into it thanks for the call yeah looked up close look into the new we get somebody to come on has got a little more experience and can give us some inside information let's go to Rick in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Rick welcome to beyond reality radio. I don't tonight. We will see. Art that you. Ain't just wants you gone totally buy it for a moment. About five years ago how. I was in like out here them. Out talking to a couple friends. My wife. And try to edit his mother couldn't bring his mother with a I'm no mind you she doesn't. Drink if she doesn't smoke. She is very. Turco person. It definitely H. 8080. Civil OK okay. On the oil seemed the same thing. Which happen to be. Look like term when it hit a flashlight and you put your fault. It didn't go right back and forth in this guy. RM is buried very very very skeptical person. Believed that it. Oh so does this. Rigs this like those those like search lights that you'll see in the sky you like who have been just a beam of light going through whether it's clouds or fog or something along those lines. Yes. I mean further so I it's it wars. And for the height. I didn't want to create light at the (%expletive) up. A wall and end use saying that your very skeptical person I think that's important but. All skeptic is is somebody who hasn't really all full blown skeptic is somebody who has ever had at an experienced before. And Yuri experience and now I'm sure you're not as skeptical as you were prior to that. Well on the Null what they did do it that Nicole local. TV station. Altitude being in clutch sixteen here in our area. They didn't have. Several. Hundred reports that other people achieve the same thing. And they said there are going to. Figure out what it was they came on TV the next day at work skating that. NASA had some kind of satellite or something but how. The I've never experienced anything like that attitude you wouldn't be what kind of explanation or. What are you write yet and then they start calling them but I will say the government definitely. It's funny on NASA or the government always seems involved in every single UFO or object to people see in the sky even though it's not being reported at that time. It definitely strange but most of you receive again. Ethics of the call Rick good to have you on the program keep listening and Wolfsburg or let's go to let's go to Jay in Florida. Hey guys okay. So real quick I want people know that we're going to be on asteroid why it's starting tomorrow through which an advocate people are aware that. Unheard of I've heard about guys together there's some there's some theories out there that we're it's going to be the end of humanity some time before the twentieth right. I thought it was the 23 the 24 the 28 bit and there's the video I. Subscriber whoever the Pope appealed to be all that is. Watch and of the hard bit. That video of the an hour an app for two hours and it's called abomination. Of a debt of desolation. Well I definitely some accommodation and I think if the first one. And it has the date of tomorrow with a question mark behind it that studio all. Sojo and then we'll just thinking about that than should javy and I let our guest now we probably won't need the next week. I don't know I. I'm just did what did you enjoy it but JU one thing I do want to touch base with you on there's a gentleman who's called in whose very upset with via. The Walt Disney the 66 say access the sadness type thing so can you explain this a little better. Real quickly and might not happen. It edgy about how we don't have much time I'm not yet kind of odds are. But it's not like its editing patent is to shoot the messenger of I understand it outraged and his frustration that we actions is that I felt like I'd discovered how moral how evil this world was I told you earlier on you talked about the Dartmouth. Yeah instead of delving into that point yet he was predates in any case people don't know most of coming bothered her pre made them. Their god is Lucifer. You can look at there's people admitting it and YouTube videos. I think people would just say OJJ. Wouldn't. My father actually was a Mason I know he didn't worship Satan you know I think that. Maybe there was a time where there may have been some kind of connection and not admitting there was they don't know for short. But I think that may have been either an isolated situation or it may have been some and it's evolved over time when you do with the are only about 152 ship yet. Well I wanted to tell the gentlemen if you look up and I don't have time to read any revolve. These are just type M Walt Disney. Aluminum bodies statement was at variance 666 exposed on being. Org YouTube thank you look the all of the proof and evidence and documentaries and videos out there. All right thanks Gerri thanks to you better regularly to go and you know again I think that Tom you know that's something that's I mean the jury's out a little bit on but we appreciate the point of view. Like. What's about different and I checked and silly of us who are up to show tonight but again next week we've got Mariucci you know Susan Olsen a mark Edwards coming on so it's going to be a great show thanks for tune continuous and Jason JV and the unreality radio catch on next week. Beyond reality radio is produced by slick Eddie Edwards and co produced by Alexandria Johnson and her concrete yet. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike can say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you'd like to be guest on beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY add beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.