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And good afternoon welcome to breaking news here on WWR radio is it broken about an hour ago as we have learned LSU coach and as a mouse in the long way LSU coach that's mouse. Miles has been I relieved of his duties have you and look at it out to a porous to a two start. A 1614 loss to Wisconsin sandwich into lackluster win over Jacksonville State and Mississippi State. And the final straw broke last night not just so much about how elation and they lost to Auburn. But more so how they lost to Auburn a questionable clock management snafus Otis become your call it. And I guess the Harris got tired of it this ought to making calls late last night in the came to this decision right at the lunch today. And then it was made a fish will wait to hear from the university gators stay between Joey gonna be speaking to the media we know the coach miles is regular routine was to addressed the media. On Monday now if we go about what is been told us before what has been down before you would assume. That interim coach in or Iran who was LSU defense that line coach and also the recruiting coordinator would meet with the media tomorrow. That's what we all but we do know lists how's it out out as head coach a village you. And so has offered to clinic Cam Cameron. Now we cover NFL football each week here but obviously we are the station of the Saints and LSU. So we break in the NFL programming will had them late at night for the Sunday Night Football game. Being Dallas in Chicago but as of right now I'm a huge news. Takes up much president and much more important especially to a listening area which is compiled of the elation nation idle for 2601878. You can text us and 87870. Will be here in Leeson to 7 PM. Which acuity Bob Hebert in a few moments also Brian as our senior writer tiger bait dot com will be what does. Jeff Palermo columnist at WW dot com and the reason it was sports direct will be with this. And Mike Scott Borough of tiger bay dot com visits as well and as you coach this mouse have been relieved of his duties. Now looking at the whole situation this team's back folks. To about last November when he didn't seem like it was she was on the hot seat all coach miles because if you remember a year ago at this time. They all to a surprising undefeated streak they went seven and oh and they were ranked in the first LO. And in only to lose four games in the season on losing out it to the Big Three in the SEC at being. Alabama. That being Ole miss and all console in the games that they lost Macy's. Now the Tigers lose yesterday to Auburn but again I think it's more so about how LSU lost the game more so then they lost again to 601870. Text this dates and needs in the evening you're talking mentally issue. We had before running into details on this and mean if you heard about not talking yesterday kind of a joke the Auburn and LHU game was dubbed the buyout game. Meaning it who have lost a game they were going to be ball out. Well seemingly that is the situation because coach Miles Austin on the books but the rest of this season and had a full year remaining. On his coach that he is out at the being the coach at LSU. Since the spring of 2000 and bat where he spent eleven seasons there 141558. In six in both its overall record. And of course the last western division championship was five seasons ago when LSU won. Owners of the national championship to the University of Alabama giving your take what do you think about this situation you know if you make the right move at this point time. And I would tell you why that when now Bobby now we're talking about this you know want to coach who loses a game he's started on the hot seat. It seemed to be talk any time something goes right so obviously the first I guess it's a straw that broke was when elation lost to Wisconsin now. Add to that point and it sort of becoming more more clear and if you had a plan in place the plan was to make football coach or draw the interim hitting coach. The discrepancy was win would they pulled the trigger. When they portrait as always with the weight into the bye week which L issue plays Ole miss on the 22 of October then next three games on the injury this week. Then they have at Florida and they come home and they play. Ole miss some mistakenly would be done during the bye week however. Other people I talked to it was going to be done well before then in the ones and not talk to him this with the time. That it was going to be don't know why because it was she was mathematically still laughing everything although they have two losses. They steal basically if you order run the table and they got bigger fish to fry at least you have so much Howell in the in this schedule. Right now in the undefeated eight in him undefeated Alabama. Ole miss. Who as a loss but that's face Ole miss all of one conference game but distant right in the thick of things so you have the the meat of your schedule on the back Ian. And the worry of attendance what it would do coach miles became nine era for criticism. They wanted to alleviate that instinct criticism and the counting the program had been taken. Taking since last November and now it is alleviate about leaving my house of his duties. But again as a mouse is out as their coach operatives and walked in your polling WW dot com today coach miles was fired by L issue. In an issue named coach or drawn the defense and I coached the interim head coach. You might move on not cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com let's get to some phone call to the phone ago looming for Kevin Kevin thank you for calling WW ago. I guarantee you know you. I'm doing time what say that do they aren't you know that problem was the best move that they got rid of them. A lot of credit less miles always did away from the field. Represent LSU and it really good way. Oh are the city was our coach. From you don't think you did in the community. But I think changed had gotten so negative and so divisive among the fans and the boosters and everything that. Probably close to it at the Carlos I don't think anything good was gonna come. From a week in week out drumbeat. Activity. Comes from the fans and from boosters and everything so probably had to be done. But I am somewhat sad that you took a couple of I think that's why I'll really manned. And despite the wins and losses I think he's ready you know it was a good representative for universe. But you'd think this has done in the best interest overall put a program. I'd do you cannot say really the wheels in motion started all the way back in 2011. When they had that dominant team and they had your car and performance in the the national championship game I think people really started saying you know what it's they couldn't beat nick Sabin. I just caution notion that Obama are cartilage. That back in the late seventies we had a coach Charlie back to it not be. Bear Bryant and the Alabama Crimson Tide and apt to get rid of them. They would say and help backpack in and they wanted to bring -- back to the selectors are. But some are. And I know that they I think Kevin and Allen did it mean it's affair on but also it's kind of off beat because. Coach miles is not being relieved because he can be Alabama there's many other things that went on the sized beating Alabama if all you do it was a lose to Alabama. There by a not a team is comic will be looking for new coaches it was brought management it was dead the promises to have retool release of grade all fans. And I I stand firm it is and has allowed did not get fired because he kept losing to Alabama it was other things that he got fire. But the fact that these these two people think still out on the chop block route to create our go back and Ole miss game right out of eight to. Not that now you hit nagging him and then we take care yet. Whether it was the same thing it was the same thing last night I mean it was the same exact thing last night. There and I am now that's cause like we saw this celebrating on the satellite you've got to know you what you got to know that they're gonna reviewed it in the net and dating to their meal. And had to know everybody know what were looking at Duke to get that they have been handed over the ball they had several minutes to get themselves together. They didn't and that all points toward the top and in about you know about Cam Cameron and come in the paying him what they got had to pay him he's had to make one point three million dollars in 2070. On the hook for that. They got to pay him to do. So not only Gilbert to coach is he sick got to pay and time bring somebody in but I will say that I was say it is and I've said this enough at the same way. LA issue there Arabs whoever they think they're gonna time bring in here at this point and don't make the same mistake it's Southern California ideas. Their program is being set back ideas but cause he didn't make the correct move. And always always taken only eight games left in the regular season we need to go let him fully years ago at USC he point six into. He all too highly ranked Notre Dame team in lost to UCLA he got them back they went into our and they want they want some big ball games where they do about Wednesday's talk he's. Why he wanted to keep the UST thing I was trying to USC Bagram. USC's program would be all bad off right now had they can't in or draw it's going to be in Athens Doug moderate to one coach that was drawn. And you got another when they stand now this is all players have beaten up and they came when a ball game they had no. Business whatsoever not given heads out in or drop what am I telling you if it goes on goes down the stretch and issues that with four games late. They got their twelve pregnancies if this may go six into a seven and one. You have your foolish if you look somewhere else meet you are got somebody in place will be. But if he turns his season around in saves this season this season that was both to be the Mecca of all met the mother of all mothers. Eighteen starters back. We've got everybody at home we rode over got the greatest running back Iowa if it goes on turns this thing around he's the man deserves it deserves a chance at. Don't don't look as that don't look as did these eight games should be used as a drop in demand as is and why would one get gritty here. USC's we should right now they would kept it or draw and all of these people but USC's football program is far greater tradition in LA issues I Emeka with brutal that's the whale. Cody Amanda via thank you for calling WW yeah. Dinners and yeah. Eyes are on it than. Way they went down he says you call a command of real. Not named an appearance Burton and oh it's you. Well you know right now and had not won and it's not about at a Iran and that it's that they. But I mean he did that well pomp and attract the whole bit. I gotta remember that brother you go back in time go back to the most recent USC was most recently took over you as he had to Ole miss. And I did and I mean eight iron around old man a certain way and you cannot. It for a bank at 081 in the cotton ball by. I mean Ernie that Greg recruiter and mean all the reason why not bring in my name up about the I mean. We didn't spot Maine I like the let where. We get back pay people a lot of money or not don't doubt. But I mean it it's it's got to move forward and add on it is a great any book yeah I mean not. If you can't jump on board you know what what I was gone. And they you know IndyCar and an offense where Erik can be you mean because what do you think about any Butler. Big inning was with was to vocal pull clock mismanagement and when you've had all clock mismanagement ball game day coach and coach miles been there. It was the same. It was the same as it was in November 2009 at the Mayo down in Mississippi it would nearly insane the next week when he got away about being Arkansas late. It was nearly the same windy and he got luckily no reason why they have another melt down and Andrew just like Mississippi the following fall of 2010 is good they're fully. Duly he's he he did some of followers and coach amount he was fall worst in coach miles on that they sort of got away were Tennessee NT about snap to the balance they've everybody's as that day. So that happened again in he had clock management happened many times. That's where fans got fresher. And a lot of people look at LA issues at all where their fans on Greg though they get tired and see in the same stoked. It shouldn't have been alleviated from the standpoint of preparation and practice. You practice almost scenario you know and nick in and again if LSU practice going down the stretch we wanna two seconds left on the clock trying to get a playoff. If they practice it and that's what they look. That's what they look like at the rehearse in that as terrible that's a terrible performance last night and you got to fall coaches that. They're the ones getting paid to put the people. In place and we knew going into the contest last night you know less amount Augusta mall there one of those two of Colombia in the hot seat and now and as mounties out of a job. Let's go to manager of the Christian Christian thank you for calling WW yeah. Doubt the maybe this jerk that the clock management issues into a burden that your coach Ron. From an altered it import but struggled. You know that particular for the alternates and they're in the off she. Brought out. Right way Venus on this go I'm a mr. Chris can be you know given to beat him tomorrow. At the the weekly press conference and you know we way to get to work from LA issue where Joni were. If they're gonna steal had that coach hours are in those and deal with the media being a head coach of four and forty the USC so went away NC but a bit there's a plan in place that. They just didn't approach it goes on May ninth they want to be in the interim coach. Whether or not this was done all along he Catania he was known to the it is came if you went down this way when that same ideas. Obviously they want this near to be coach miles finish out. Win good may win a championship get to it. And the and he moves on and you know I would echo but they approach it was from before I hired him and told him look if the Eagles down to where we got to get rid of this amount -- BI in Oregon. About a bed John does now he bout we kind of thought going into you know last night's game it would be interesting. I don't am somewhat surprised. At at this move. I think his go to long with the way LA should loss last night not that they lost but the way they lost it's been too many times they lose like that yes it is already. Yeah going to be like oh admit no matter what if they have lost I think there's a possibility of this happening the problem for courage miles is that. Last night's game Deke acting. Let you would be hard pressed to write a script that would work. That would work better against. Coach miles and in like all the critiques the battle to critique that you. Did that it instead of him throughout the years tried a lack of offensive creativity a lack of offensive productivity. A lack of situational awareness. Pork clock management I mean everything that has haunted him through the years it was all on display last night to really was his first sort of perfect storm. Where everything got less miles did need to have been ended up taking place and with a situation that was already is tenuous. As his situation medals she was this is. A unit did this is the proverbial straw. That broke the camel's back this was kind of the that did the final piece to the puzzle and the LSU administration. Finally chose to have made the move. Where would it does now T about is now people can't call shows today tomorrow all week long I'd say Otis is to put this attempt you can't that's it. Where you say L issued trumped you or you got to say you beat last night and so forth. Whale issue did is they alleviated all the bad criticism about less miles and the only way you can alleviate that. Is to distance itself from him as kindred him and they got really Cam Cameron to. So they don't this week you have a whole different tone of talk. They'll be a point to what maybe we can save the season may we came the excitement exciting there's a level of excitement is brought in with the new grass has been in his college before. It has been. At you know one of the storied programs in college football accuracy and it they had to do all over again USC probably would have hired in or wrong they should have any games he went six and two. On to lose in the to a highly ranked teams Notre Dame and UUCLA. But what they did to you about LSU could not have continue to be a lightning rod for criticism. And national media national media can say what they want now now they talk about lesson out in May be what he did an issue if he's gonna coach again somewhere some day. But it won't be about him be an LA issue and it won't be about LSU taken bad criticism because miles or steal there they alleviated that today. Yes and and and at that wire I mean the public pressure was continued amount now I I am very interested to see on the financial side of this and you have boosters. Pay millions upon millions of dollars to someone not to work him campaign millions more to go and hire someone. Does you you know that perception that I'm always talking about the public perception. That is this a school that maybe has its priorities misplaced I'm interested to see that will play out a national scale. But from a PR standpoint Deke you're exactly right right to me that's one of the motivating factors in making this new is that with the unknown. There's a lot of anxiety there's a lot of risk is certainly inherently built in the unknown but there's also. A lot of excitement right I mean is this this is a this is change of the highest order at least as college football at the college football landscape goes. This is a coach and about what many would consider perennial powerhouse. Arguably the most successful coach in that school's history. Being fired after just four games on the heels of the season where did you you know it's why I mean coming into this year I I I was consistently. Of the opinion. That all the talk of less miles job security I thought it was in non starter. I thought because of the embarrassment of last season hanging him out to dry like standard setter that there was no way. That his job did that his job will be in trouble and I always finished with a caveat you know barring. Just an absolutely dreadful season barring right just the wheels completely married I was up well unfortunately that's what this season has been yeah offensively for an visit the first. I'm have a two tee about you know we do one thing coach miles had farm when he came out he might came out ugly but he want. He had those wins. The nonconference streak was lost to Wisconsin you're doing to for the first time and we're going to you twelve seasons in the event to a two before the month does that mean and look at the B or three and one of four now look at the fourth quarter points none zero not I had I wanna say there. If they're not the only. FBS team to not have a fourth quarter point they're like one of what I and I approached about the sadistic look at all the top 25 teams did that late yesterday. And if you sign on their hands full list in her and eighteen yards other than LA issue you'll be shocked. Because that's not the case yeah yeah yeah it just excuse will go allowed to Baton Rouge now senior writer at tiger made that Tom Brian has all joined us now. Brian what is the vibe in LA issue what is going on a van rouge right now. They're players' meeting. Greg are you. We'll be beaten loopy player. Lead the football player beat it out. One under. At the though law. I'll buy jewelry. Eat right don't get beat built up with. 08. And are I tell you. Are. Brad I give your your thoughts all on this situation I kind of politics if there's gonna happen this way that this is the way it was going to happen up out of the there's no way to Kuwait and about a week because. Dick and the continued to take the butt of jokes to be the butt of you know college football's laughingstock. In this country. Until it to the Villanova to the first in November they couldn't do biffle whole month and as what he made his move now. All. There law 00. What. We're. Wore it in November. Were used to walk. Or go eat but there were well. They. All eat at this year or burst. You they're not. While. Not a whole well. You wait to eat there all by. Which. Your oh people were saying what I thought that they the. You know more about it out. You got a tree. They. Are. Are available coach. Opening though. You are in that. LU. Go back here. Out. Will be. Trigger early it yet. These are. At. LA job out here. Coach. But the fact is out there and be. Able. To begin early between out here. Courier is the art. Well I. May or June oh sure. It wore out. LL dot yet. Approach. In our work. You know and I'm like your brand meat from what you see which you hear he he's a hot name and I think they wanna show commitment to him. In the dirtier the guy who want all along but then there's also got to be you know did you get into linger and or if you don't get some kind of word. You tell my you don't wanna be it in November of China China reevaluate who who the guys going to be they've been in that situation before so it lets just say what is a shot list of people Herman bishop who else. But. It'll be. Where we're not. Aware. Irked by the trio. He didn't comic issue. Trio in her ears wouldn't let Diop at more than one or. Even. Don't need a cult guy you want. And note currently out in that out in his players there they'll. Like out like situation. Good football coach Rupp who is the bag. Out. Here are out being caught out again the putt at the U issue. There aren't the guys you know. Change. You know. That. My oh my did you like oh they DD did a great teams that negated career I don't know James Franklin. What about Brett be. Can't get good shots you aren't trying to buy out eat eat any talk at the people the needed two more year. Okay let's go see him go by the. Eat out out out. Out there at. The end you know half. You eat you do a lot worse in bought where. You know you actually go and eat at what won. It evened out one year probably not but ot. You know bar where it is there any football there it out areas in the period. Not you know start and other light and you know Chris Peters walking. That Patrick thought you would you consider. They'll be paid shot lead in Spain at her idol that appetite at all. Ha I know. At the problem would be not opt. But they're not the would be easier than any are you Larry the door or. You know eat got a pretty good job Bowa would air. You know he'd be here at war. From UCLA. And really. Stateless let's say let's say and always on those seven I was gonna as it goes on goes seven Walker's Jesse's biggest threat to themselves into place today he would you know Wales. They've been waived it off even in Hoosier it's embarrass him what they've gone through now. I am or not count. Anyway they didn't do it out. Though there was a lot and it may is there a bit. Like that won it all we were. What they. Right and it because they thought he was more more like speak out and it always journalist but I mean you name any guy you might have been but it means you want to drink like coach too you know. They L. LAQ you're ready you're bony totally different direction let's break up all that accurate. And. And now now and that laissez and that and I I think Atlanta has when people make it takes to make a change so. You tell I'm may be sweeping the whole slate clean everybody that was in net in in them as an out regime and whoever comes in here. From from weight coached all down the land all the way today equipment got they bring in their people. Odd that they're not going to be paid out got to worry it would it would every one. And it though they're. And like he he does this streak dollar were to eat better. I think it'll be absolutely. Though. Not been erect coach lot because you get beat anybody. On that football they support. Brown as our Brian again there's a players meeting in a quick check back in which you if you if you learning thing will be Juli is when is as scheduled for like 5530 as a. Post on a 5 o'clock senior writer at tiger made that Con Ed BL dolby you know DO RE brown is our reporting. Of course LSU is now looking for now look him but their biggest asserts is going to begin for a new head coach mr. miles is out so is Cam Cameron. And is scheduled to have any player's team meeting coming up at five. A little later down the last 260187. Days and Emma get involved reserved for Ronnie Ronnie only team by the Deke on WW ago. Fellow running our youth. Do we have round I write Ron is not there let's go to cover differ Bruce Bruce thank you for calling WW it. I think particular mock call it echoes will be said the on the depth and arrogant or out there that why not let Malle. Is. Or without you because he couldn't beat Nick Saban. And that's not the truth no hall is not an Al bruise on guys. The guys bought for the last six albeit in Arkansas running two other games in the same division used exactly and technically in. Nick Sabin prices put Jerry inaugural ball though and that's right and it it would we're back where are. During that are good you don't want to know what we're not in the repaint predict that accurately the common off that's what an awful lot like 1990. Birds the ones that they you need to have ready to go if you wanna combat some buddies say met. Is that you are now I think twelve and came in your last 22 against power five opponents and I look wall. Wall at some schools that would be good that would be an accomplishment. At LSU where they consider themselves to be a perennial power up. 500 around 500 just above 500. That is not going to cut it. But it is it is what this program has proven its potential. Well the last fifteen years it's been the national championship game 3COM. It's why why. That's the potential of this program. And. Don't go our way a methodical way government like OK this is my other issues that would discourage miles firing you have a lot of the other people who are. Kind of popping up once again same like all of finally now we could see how good this program to really be like don't get it twisted look less miles had. This program operating. Add it into top form I mean yeah he played for a national championship with players that were all recruited by hand like wade has. This even air he had this program going better well he was a great coach. At a time but look all things eventually come to an end all things eventually stagnate and you start to fall behind two may be in recent years. He wasn't there but like you you talk about the potential the program and the program going to championship you have to give the guy who was running the program credit for those accomplishments. All right thank you so much for the call Bruce come back to curl Mike Saint Paul Ronnie waning John. Special programming here breaking into NFL football well the home of NFL's oboe but I see where the home of the Saints and the Tigers. And with his breaking news and as a mouse has been fired so is often going to Cam Cameron. We come it was special programming team about Hebert and Deke Bellavia come back to all you Collison. President at Lambeau will be joining us at the top of next alleys columnist at WW dot com and the reason there were sports director. And Mike Scott bro give us an update what are the recruits saying the wanted a place to be put through the future Tigers. And what they say right now to him via social media again LSU coach and as the miles is no longer he aspired. After a to a to start and the Tigers fought out a top 25 offensive clinic Cam Cameron he's going to. It always drawn is now the interim head coach for the LA issued tied. This is a special addition of LSU programming that's miles being fired idea on tiger radio WW. And getting there wasn't a special programming LSU coach and as a mouse is out. At Louisiana State University it always drawn is the Enron it coach discussion began his face visit me going on for awhile. For a while it restarted come to a hip. After the embarrassing loss an ox and lacy and Ole miss that's when he came to be waiting means you go you go take a man at seven and oh. Ranks second in the first playoff poll and now he's on the hot seat three weeks later that's exactly what took place from a time Milledge had about a week. It was out of bounds. Loose omens. That that's exactly what happened in the course of all talk and saw as well then it came to a head again. When you go out against Wisconsin. And you've been saying that your quarterback is compete in the pack and practice now that no one can watch for you how much better were going to be how much better. People were. Cautiously optimistic cautiously optimistic that was what was happening but let's face it. Brendan Harris when doing great practice show he was he never has been. LSU didn't do anything different offensively. Were they going to I don't think they were now they're forced to do something differently. Less miles is out Cam Cameron is out it or draw is Ian tee but this is something going on for a while obviously. LSU how Arabs they knew they they've dropped the ball it was a horrible PR nightmare for him. Last November of Bobby in in game was going on. They want to avoid that. This time they had all their ducks tomorrow in and everything ready and from what I've told the final thing boys you had to get. The chancellor the president asking Alexander to sign off on it and ultimately his hand was forced he sent off pointless mouse is that. Yeah I mean. I'm hearing that apparently. After last year's Grammy game obviously missed part of this game lightly goes ready made the move at skiing Alexander and shouted down. And death as we talked about it was just the fact the loss to Auburn it was that. Every critique that as. Haunted miles two years it was it was on display. Last night inane and indeed the not only do you have in an and I talked about this all the time but. What determines how upset. And base stands get. Is it always Albertine guys just like objectively speaking it's where that team lands in relations to expectations right. Well you could not have had higher expectations for this season. And you would be hard pressed to fall shorter of those expectations. Then I'll she has the season so that creates a lot of anger that creates. A lot of pressure. And so you already had this situation that was here in it's we described it is new nets for the last couple of weeks your he handled this in chain hanging in the air. In the and you had to gain that perfectly highlighted all the negative aspects. Less miles career right I mean look pretty even when he was at his peak. The things that you saw him struggle with last night. Where did what he has struggled with me kind of throughout the years so that was all on display last night and it just ski kind of form this perfect storm. That provided enough. Ammunition provided enough motivation. Four for the LSU administration to go ahead. And pushed through this move mean look. In any season where. You. A geezer you almost lost his job last year because of a lack of offered to creativity because they lack of offensive production. Like he's the promise was Q change at this season will then not only. Did it not changed the way you. You mean you were grass you statistically regressed so it's not you didn't even stay where you were at last season when people were already still upset. With where you read you became worse than that. And so this does kind of represent a symbolic rock bottom for this LSU offense and JJ had to go to guy judges had a buddy takes you right now former players saying you know like it's it's a little. Weird to see your school's greatest coach did fire in the middle of the season but at least there's not a dark cloud. Hanging over the teams had bad it is here in game people got what you were saying the for me PR standpoint game maximum amount animal from from the PR standpoint the there is excitement in the unknown. Beers they kind of novelty to the unknown remember it could have been your twelve years and and don't discount. How much of rolled that lean that time plays in this fire yet what are all the old saying what which coaches that that guy is responsible for the 10%. Yeah I'd say where he says every year that your in a place you lose 10% of the fan base it was Landry Shula I don't know one of those guys. But basically. On top of everything else you also have a coaching good miles who has been here a long time and he's been and a bit of the slide. For now the past half decade when you look at the teams successful 2011. Was the peak of the miles era. And I I don't know if it's partly shockwaves. From losing the national championship game in the manner in which you did but since that time -- this is looked like a program that's kind of been really a little bit. They got a little Shell shocked. And for years they've been fighting it's of fighting against it and that's where Reese said that later Burnett in this recruiting class they were the final hope. For coach miles remember when this class signed. Two years ago three years ago whatever was out. This was supposed to be the class. Dad's the year in the ensued to finally did here. And then you start out Q into yours yours yours your passing game has regressed to a lower point than ever before. And you have not scored a single point in the fourth quarter I mean I can't really. Overstate how gay I mean. That one statistic is because when people hear that they're jaws hit the floor and and you could see that anger start to creep up in their guys in their cheeks. Jeff Palermo Jones is now economist at WW dot com reasonable sports director Jeff. Your take would being told that a players only meeting is taking place. At this point in time and I think the atmosphere was is that the only way to alleviate all the negativity about the less miles talk what to alleviate that himself. And that's that's exactly what they did now Ellis you can maybe take the approach that we understand who we felt like this was best at a program. And you know anybody bash announced Kelly okay what he's gone you can kind of distance yourself from that talk. And I think it'll the fan base the real. Player and that's something that they'd want it to Duke by. The frustration with coach last miles an offensive coordinator. Cam Cameron was executed very difficult for them to do that. The only way they can express their frustration was either it'll lead and the game time blowing it seem. You know now all of its. That that dark cloud it over you know it's it's no longer above that scene and it got there and play football in. Don't let my outset and in the post game. I'm Saturday once somebody out there about a question regarding in the reps that he's an amateur QQ. And a lot of guys go out there have spot. And now made it open and do it the pressure dot. That you know there's there's no more talk about it national championship. It's still out there and have some spotted. Go out there trying to ruin the scenes of Alabama Texas and metal bats in the but he can put yourself at a very tight ball game at the end of the year. And Jeff so not only did less miles good today but also the coordinator Cam Cameron going as well. I'm obviously that creates a vacuum right that someone passed you take over that offered to every takes over that offense. It's going to be they're going to live in a bit of a fish bowl right mean everybody's going to be watching him. Are there any ideas as to who will be I know Stevens meager someone who has a lot of block coordinator experience on the college level. Well Ferrara or better our company Italy's area network tiger rag. And they've been warned that even bigger will be the end term. Coordinator. You're right. Experience he he staff board very long. And now about the war and that. An Albany on the path Pete Jenkins. Who were Gardner who was an assistant coach and during that Nick Saban air pilots you built for the defensive line coach. They generally anticipate those changes will be announced. Officially tomorrow but that seems to be the direction are going and that it seemed like a good direction and yet they even bigger former cornerback. I doubt it's been around the program for a long time. He would be it would make perfect sense for him to get an opportunity here Kolb played. All out war LB interest in guys used to seeing that. The changes that are made in and week blocker while I get that week like it's Saturday against them very. You know I'll much for being our league you know being a little bit more spread formation get carted off Welker. All at all those kind of things. And you know I don't know. Lies in store for college UPI and the this 26 season but I related they get or Robin. And defense they're to have an opportunity to group them out here Jolie and what will be worked out from. And a visiting with jet memo columnist at WW dot com he's in there with portrait of just getting an official release. From the LSU athletic department is saying here less miles has been relieved of his duties as football coach of Ellis QB replaced by it or drawn. As interim head coach for the remainder of the 2016 seasons vice chancellor director of the league's. Joseph Oliva saying is this a quote from Maleeva. Decision like this are never easy ones to make coach miles has done a tremendous job here he's been a great and bass before for our university. Which makes this even more difficult however it's apparent and evaluating the program the first month of the season. Dates fantastic teammate. All commitment to excellence and competing at the highest level is unwavering and all goals for the remainder of this season having chains. We have an obligation to our student athletes and put him in the best position to have success on the football field each week. We have great confidence that coach or draw would do just that enormous amount goes out of the second winningest coach. In school history elation to a two overall Jeff one I want in the SEC plays so you know when you look at the conference that they still have everything in front of him. And now it's a standpoint to a I think you're gonna see maybe Death Valley is exciting. As you've seen it in quite some time sport for a opponent like Missouri and I'm not in Missouri but it's not like Alabama Ole miss that come to town. I think the fans are excited about this. Well we that we were better you know after the wood got the game for Jacksonville State and environment what about it I'd camp they are dental law on. I think even a lot an epic battle more about excitement feel to it so. There's no doubt that it is it's been an agent. It dark while you know over the program and you know when. On the back or to advocate for recorder after. That there are discussion about the future of the football program mile oh boy that they were cop like a band they'll let it linger around. And at one mile an extra step within in the way and like he did last November and I'm glad it they got and make the move right now. I think forever not glad to see someone get fired a power. At a bank for everyone involved it might be the best. The bucket about a situation allow a coach miles that kind of decompress bureau. Let him figure out what he wants the trailer and let the players and hurt them. Don't know guys that really count supporters on the scene in new product in the game against Auburn candle pack went Jamal and guarding key. That Pete bet plated art out any wedding you know it's. Outcrop. It's still fight their final back in what are. All there are a lot of Mendez Allen on the heat and I think it's now an opportunity for those guys did you go out there. And now or not B yeah you know what. What the play calling or you don't make it go clutch but maybe not to the level. At that level it's what it's been here now apply. Really since last November when that spring Jets. Completely unraveled and kind of the amazing thing here is that. You know risky and block for the lack the game chip. So quiet is seen by. At that point black the other. The pocket you elect while waiting LSU or been fired up. Was the furthest thing from a lot of people mind and inherited it's it's occur and probable that the right move at the time that's where everyone. That's just where everyone. Took it about smoke for a lot of. Jeff one inner esteem. Kind of detailed all of this is Dave and his contract much is made about the three year deal that he sighed because it Dane and have. The now infamous last smiles clause in which at his job security was not dependent on less miles job security obviously. All the way down the road you know after the season whoever they bring in. I think that coach will have his choice of who he wants to keep who he wants to replace. In two may be rammed his future is is due it a rule what is. What are the immediate without the immediate plans for a understated project coordinator but is there any way of getting an idea. For what the longer term plan turned Aybar and arm. Not sure. In a on no the roll coverage here. On. Sunday article and talk to him as a socially Ellis sixty Shell that. They're on WW well usually it's it's but it ought to Richard on our side. What they ran the table or anything broken needed when you have a care in the world I mean Karrie. That is the electorate. By it didn't seem like gee ya. You know it was just. To their normal normal coach in Serbia and then. I'll act like ten years ago. I didn't I didn't sense anything at that time their no you know what little bit earlier today about the match. And it really got anything too different so I think that it is determine. A lot from. You know who retired the next site tote board. Tell you that they and I again and Albert a lot of talent on this scheme but. To me it would it would blow the next code Richard gave Iran it is fear and exactly improper agent and go out there. This week I think he really enjoyed coaching and talent you that you want coaching their superior to out there any. It's a lot of spot for a guy like that. Through as Dave Berry Berry. People away looking at football. And so you know credit and other school become swoop or mop like you know practice and have to Jack Javed. A few years ago by will they I mean the way that defense is quiet right now you really can't. Argue against the Rico. Definitely am O Jeff again their back nodding a volley on social media. Jeff thank you so much of the time which it and we delayed. All right you know on a sad note to you about. They were eight. Only a both Cleveland as the worst odds. And right now Philadelphia easily in it to Pittsburgh 473. Low cost him wins the taste them if if the cute and Cao was both been number one. In Ottawa where he's supposed to be. This can't look like continue their in the National Football League Philadelphia found his stroke on them on a quarterback I mean he is he's in is in no fluke and he is picking Pittsburgh. And woods who wore it given them and look I don't think you can deny. What what the environment that a player goes into how that helps him I think. Debt Philadelphia offensive line which one of the best lines in the league certainly helps young quarterback I think having. A coach for the quarterback resume of a Doug Peterson and definitely helps with the development of young quarterback that said. It doesn't fully explain just how good. Carson it's his game and that is guy. And he Shockey man I mean I'm I'm I'm one of the many many many many out there that have Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl in the mountains and go undefeated. But I certainly did not expect him to lose to the field they'll be Eagles especially now when you beat the big Eagles bye eight. Right just last week. LSU has found a coach less amount is it always on is interim coach off into playing Cam Cameron is also how it is will the there you see in this Texas this term. Would be says Tom Herman and Avery and there were roommates at cal Lutheran. Redemptive we're we're gonna have to try to you. Flak jackets do you feel that's right I'm on the somebody to come with that that it does seem like too odd a's to me you know they know it it's like. That's the night this to sound too good tonight to make some light still look on the on the serve Tuesday and their mall looking that a Cooper remembered during the next break that we take but on the service lets talk about Tom armour broke it because that's a sexy name. That's who everybody wants that's the golden goose. The question is. How ready is Tom Herman to leave Houston that's where I actually have. Question what it's come is welcome down if he wants to stay would've programs given to go to a pal five conference and in bulk up from man. What he's have obviously more more skins on the wall there in more time and place like Houston not as much pressure. Become an LA issue you don't go you know you win seven games of first year. You go on a year to go way way to me now what's what's going to somebody was that. To me where the expectation levels that and I think it's a bit of an odd answer because in my mind. Icing the expectation level for the first year it was new coaches exceeded ten wins and dealers they know is that what got coach miles fired all of yes and no it was more of Avery was more than that it was a specific ways in which she was continued to struggle I think. Which ended up working against him but. Either way in wins with a new coach people view that as a good starting point and fortunately though. In today's environment look that's where this this LSU job as. It's an incredible opportunity you have per capita in the most fertile recruiting ground in the entire nation. You have booster support you have all the facilities. But there is in the it's also going to be held a challenge he cute to step into an SEC west and this is where if I'm Tom Herman and like oh boy about this. Who's he better set up what to win more games Houston in the big twelve or LSU in the SEC west right they'd tough question to answer when you look at what arkansas' doing right now. When you look at what Ole miss is doing right now we just look at the teams remaining. On Ellis he's scheduled because that is you do as a new coach is going to have to try to take on those of the guys. That they're going to have to try to rise above and he's going to be starting behind the eight ball bid just because of some out of the the negative press of recent years and slide the program of recent years but certainly as Nick Saban improved as. Less miles per. The beat the the opportunity Ed Ellis you can't be you could exploit it for great gain can be incredibly lucrative. It's just get a B I think also incredibly challenging. All right let's go to the phones in a full wind when he thank you for calling WW ago. A low point thank you call hello yes the right out of here or there Wayne you'll have a radio writing it's there. Good to see it go to F from the wandered note what he called and talking about it though and they do this and Auxerre boat people out Mike Bibby and to this this started back in the national championship. Lot of people start a one quote smiled doesn't have a medical situation maybe. Thought all arm loose some an awful lot. Wayne are about five I've I've I've heard other things like this and I think you would be wildly irresponsible. For us to speculate. And I on on tumors and medical conditions. Because of some port calls because of really because as some struggles that as we mentioned earlier even when coach miles is that his best in winning the most games. What you saw him struggle with last night that was steal. That was still there age just wasn't now highlighted always in the manner that it was last night and ought to I don't buy. Any of the any of the medical talking to begin to bit irresponsible of throw that out Willie know. Alright early Gretna thank you calling WW. Is rolling at yeah I wanted to it's saying that it's Eric at all overdue. If you look at the that the in game one. Ops one capital. Gains are out of the team that you are. I. Look at it. The there people. We are perennial power that. Game. We'll be out. In general. Now not everyone goes recently increased in recent. Now we it weekly could go back there we could go back we improve your wrong doesn't 34 he would like Ian lost album being out coached as well Colombia coach. That's an opinion. Right you're you're entitled to have that know me to write. Anywhere you go back again. Mardy and I are out there and it'll. Outlets it. In the Elarton and all my life and I and I go back to the games. Where outlook play not to prepare back at Alabama game but we beat Alabama. And we got humbled in a national champs. You don't you see what is move was made today OTC isn't great so so so you everybody just can't talk about it normal. Are caused because the guy who that we talked about now and the problem he's not there anymore. That's exactly why at least you had to do it now they couldn't take his paled at all week long disputed mr. at least the plays that come way up on the on the too much pressure all this. You could see frustration ball in the an opponent's face last night outlook in the mouth at some type exchange he said some there is bad body answer is that I buy it in the only way you can only what you could alleviate any commonality university just been the butt of everybody's jokes on the top sports and boxes or whatever is to distance itself from the last out in camp gamut and that's what they had to do I do is don't. Body. Kind of would girls talking about would have seen a lot of other department as well. Is that all of last miles as successful as an haired that is back totally not true you don't hit the twelve years in Italy I would. Do you do something you see him after Hibbert glances at the consisting game day managing the consistent when you did lose. In its base in some situations it was bought too much to say oh that's just one in something like what happened old news when you NT about. It happens to some of the greatest coaches of all time wants. Points not almost the next week not hobbled to follow October I'm out not also Ian last night it it's it's not it's a pattern in its a follow. The lack of prepared. Not in the played added to put all the coaches don't feel the momentum back in the box is it's like total disarray and you started seeing the same thing last night is as you can in you snap the ball good the first now with it to forcing them. Then next on the play though is with 28 seconds. They hit thirty seconds left and keep up in the what was going. And end and so if everyone unpack I got air or an article double double to be Elbe comer now where I really unpacked the BD and seeing. Indeed secrets of events from last night's game to me -- the single biggest mistake you got Ellis he made. First off having one timeout going to the final drive. That's just that bad bad bad off the bat you should've had more than one time out right. But but a gates who KJ Malone gives of that set. It makes it third and sixteen you call timeout at that time. It on a when he went and disposing of him blocking. Yes yet at that time there's 28 seconds left on the clock and you're coming out of a timeout you have third and sixteen. So you know despite his in and play right if you get tackled in bounds short of the first down. You know you have to run another play got you know what do you do you call two plays got a call and tell your team okay look if we get tackled inbounds short of the stakes. We're we're call and pass play eighth and then pass play B and two of you get tackled in bounds short burst down rush still line were running pass play be on express. I've I've watched that final sequence multiple times last night Malcolm do you three tries and out the Auburn defensive player give is BB eight ton of credit. For heads up play beats you preview the sideline doesn't allow me to get out of bounds. Clock remains running what I witnessed outside of Danielle Lee Utley knew what's going on Ellis and at least interview post game. At Lee was out there calling plays on his own yup outside Danielle. That is the team that did not understand the urgency of the situation beat. Even if that last touchdown even if that last touchdown had stood it would have been reviewed the wide receivers words said it was a false start dead Paul penalty run off. So the point B look receivers were running all the way to the other side of the formation. When the clocks were winding down at zero there's there is no excuse coming out of a timeout. To not have this actually you'll situation awareness. To have two plays called to stress to your players the urgency. Of the situation and that's when it why why when I say. Last night it was just about as. Portly as you could have scripted it if you were less miles as far as actively working against. All the critiques that have always argue he was on display it in the final thirty seconds of last night's game. All right Mike sobre tiger made that com joins us now Mike we talked about this last night and you and I had a week we disagreed on to win this would go down how I was always in the mindset it will go down before him Missouri game because. You have one conference loss at that point in time although two losses you have one comics lost and we seem to you win the conference with one loss before so you still have that the hopeful. Whereas that they would have waited late at three wins or so forth they may going to go to the buy at Ole miss game. At the current situation before they Garrett in this mouse. With 34 losses at that point out so distant we. Is one that they show on look we not given a bonus season. When I give it a bonus season we think that we can have a good season. And we need to get some new blood in there we needed we needed different look and all the way to you'll get that fresh field all of a problem and relieve that pressure. It's coach miles had to go needing. Yeah I agreed with him and they had me taken that they were gonna happen was. Just do that that the nature of the people involved that would make the decision the conservative nature. And they won it you know all that happened. Get their ducks in a row. But obviously they've seen enough and and in outfield was born and that they did Clinton it was very bright and early in the he's he's using the transition man. Whenever there's a change made and so I got that little tidbit in the you know I was told that there was some movement. Bout noon 1 o'clock I was told that. Every all parties won a two bit of keying Alexander didn't wanna make the move but then later in the afternoon he changed his mind. Yeah no lights a Xanana. Yeah so much that he's now we're here and in less smog here is over in. Couture on the interim coach Cam Cameron out and Ming is the offensive coordinator. Corson and as the PGA can step up there in common and coach Stevens some line. You know our game we we talk we've talked to Cotto is on the day at the he two goals for the link him now they they did a different situation did you see had about we are in a year they were coming on a back. He got Brady went down a street six and two and you know I think within their program and looked. Cotto is a Ronnie he's coming from Ole miss here in his situation. And he does good it's one thing but he's had two stints as head coach wanted Ole miss and one as interim he was six and two and has found a USC. As much as we sit here and be with several local contact discount contact that got you know strong go seven and one of these last eight it's a build up a lot of steam for him to be here. You know. If it's going to be instinct. He is but I'll open it there's there's personnel. I think there's a lot more to it and give direction and in who's the head coach. On the problem I think that there's there's issues personnel wise is to lie that was she's not where where a lot of people think they should be. You tell much the whole pro pro made of people get relaxed over the course of twelve years and so thought maybe it is time that will wipe everything clean into our office the situation all of it. Yeah I. But there's a lot of good very good football coaches on the staff there's people in the building that are that have been in the program forever. Did that you certainly want to look to. We see about Keaton but then there's other people did you eat you need to start from scratch and start all over again I know a lot of people looked at its current step misstatement. And particularly the recruiting class you like but. We need to keep on the staff in order to hold on to all of these commitments. Certainly Dave and has already got a got a three year guaranteed contracts or you're gonna beat Pena would regardless. So if you you know. Rick you've whether as a general Fisher common you know who would they bring with them. You know I I know certainly in the gym both this year you know he's gonna wanna common goals for you. Emotional and may never come from top to bottom probably equipment he winners I wouldn't be surprised so a two strides at least it Jim doe may be didn't I mean give those worked with coach often in the past. But. You know in the end but does he bring him with a history coaching. Who was under. About to say yeah he's like a mob a disciple right. Yeah you know. Yeah I that's the unfortunate thing you know there's there's. You can view life that was kind of frustrating left smiles on the than the collateral damage of a lot of good people. Right Mike what would it work what double on the message board trying to that at all or did he did. The league 1200 miles an hour week. We've seen subscribers come back and you know we talked about the last night at the news there's been an up and a good portion of them. They just sit at the lights out of them and now there's a renewed enthusiasm because they mean seeded there's a change. And the style of football has changed since. One and in and a more modern direction. Will the fan bases in my what's it dated talk going on around a conference now as a. Well you know in a few people who have but look I. We probably. We had a handful of you would would argue till the cows come home everyday. The the benefit but now they were basically. Sports information directors on on tiger bait for. In there they'd pale they at all in the Al last night they were all done so. I mean yeah. Well on my absence violent subscribers to. Didn't want this data com. My but they serve and blow it because I'm a percent of the tiger they subscribers there are are happy with this move. Mike and now what does this mean right now and long term for the commitment several minutes the last two down seventeen. There's that there tweeting out we've we've reached out to a handful of right now I'm number. Saying that there's token you know she's and other ones are saying so Luke warm things. That's why. It it. And I think that that's why you make them now. Because that was you become the premier opening it's it's when the first ones open. It's going to be good job opening of the year you know when Mike is an odd. I'd unless let's say let's say about next week USC decide do the same thing. Yeah I'd I don't. I mean you being the country if you can't. But I mean it would be the only it would be the only major job open yeah I mean did they did they could probably do. Certainly recruiting for the thing to look coaches right broke for a West Coast job. So you use they might do this this is a benefit for the recruits that are. All you take huge benefit for Joseph leave it in and everybody it's going to be a part of the search. Now because the the job opening you're you're not. Sit there and in the in the middle of November saying okay it was going to make a move. You get to put all your ducks in a row you get to have all the Thomas in the recruiting office reaching out to recruits that they look just stay put. You know and then you've got you'll you know if you got and in terms graduate you have anywhere from 46 weeks to work them. To try and you know convince them that you knew I was the guy in in whoever's going to be in Atlanta quarterback from mug a Mississippi. Myles Brand and easy to lead up something instinct an hour ago so these token though you would any other questions talked it was coach. Well the first thing the first day you could argue he you you're making a trip there. Q you're the new football coach so. Definitely get a coach and there in the earlier. I think that opening currently has just been a patella she's so. My again today about know how to get the latest in sound off on LSU firing let's not. Go to tiger bait dot com were absolutely no kidding aside if we get cute story but now we've got a lot of recruiting. I recruits reaction posted on our message board do you. Carr's staff arrival has been reaching out to commitment across the nation. As will the other recruits that are incident that was cheating to gauge their reaction. And we're gonna have a hot Bordeaux of coaches that. And although by those close to done very soon. Mike thank you so much of the time what talk again. All right again coach less miles has been relieved of his duties he is out so offense quieter. Cam Cameron coach Steve Kim's main who will serve as the interim offensive coordinator at it or draw is the interim head coach just diva. And doubt in some texts asking about coach's ears and look rightly so people are going to be looking at whoever's going to be taking over the salt into whether they can produce. In any got a resolve Mangini looking at ends meager. The key was Ellis she scored ranks 70679. Mega Charlie Mack days all freshman. Team ended up I think eleven and six as a starter for his career. He was the QB coach in passing game coordinator at UGA. For nine he won in 93. In 1992 they led the SEC and scored in total offense. He was in the QB coach and offensive coordinator at Texas a and M for 94 to 96 when in him when Cano and one in 93 a couple of years later. He after that he was a QB and offensive coordinator Q because jobs corner Clemson. For three years he was an assistant at Auburn for six years. Where when he was a QB coach he help develop Jason Campbell who ended up being a first round pick so. He has quite the offensive resume I mean he is being an offensive coordinator at multiple hit the body grow it before against. Imminently Tammany yes he got sick and he was posted an ad ago. I think it was just came and is so well that might be at Alabama he cracked that Steve cracked or okay good cash right now was going crazy the way you're right he was supposed to be the opposite corner right ended up getting parkinson's that's and then started to go over but. It gives me anger has. I've he's one of those guys he always heard like whispers about Michael is Mir knows more than anybody in the Ira elegant yet he's been I would only edge he knows what he's doing yes he's been did just Ellis you've been to things you need to know is just that this state this stage is not too big for him. He's been in this situation multiple times for years throughout his career what is have been interesting though he hasn't been an offensive coordinator doesn't look like. Really since the mid to late ninety's prize so it has been a while where he's been a longtime assistant but. He he has the mind to do so he had the experience to do so I'm minarets is he gives. He is a pressure right now I mean there's nowhere to go but up. You go up there you can sling it around you you you really the world is his oyster as far as the game plan would have Padilla what he wants to do. And now I along with everyone else in there intrigued to see where it is all right. All your calls now and doesn't McCall's arrest the way let's go to Mike on nine to Mike thank you for calling WW real. Hey guys. Let the this isn't going to be easy is it one banks. And people being greeted her reality. Five. Yeah racquet change your offense in a week and be productive. Ellis she's got a great defense. Ellis is always had a great defense. LSU has been pathetic offense. Or several years that is not gonna change and the recently have been and it's hard. And you know people and it. The people that otherwise why. While I don't think I don't think in this any dude did to change like in the ministry Lugo go to his office and now don't do that. They can do a lot of different things with the guys they got. Yeah I don't know that they don't do you eat a lot of that was called in by way you know you could do you could call UConn calls a more vertical passing routes they've got and they game blame. Do you know how many times. They're receivers open and the new kid at quarterback. Yet they that was highlighted on the broadcast last night at all it's been that it really good job but. Showing how open Alec I Dupree. Also. Why pro ball. It he put people against F Ing back okay my network what we do that we would you have a duty leaves everything to Spain not the Giants changed. It's going to a couple of years that I like you who is saying that the offense is suddenly going to be great now yeah I'm in agreement with you like that you Baghdad hurries off. Like to think that any mainly because I think they realize now move forward obviously they gotta they gotta get a better all that is. Going to be yeah you know that would be resilient and well. Right Eric and I think if you look. It what they did they try to make the best of a tough situation that's they had to do it they have. I agree trying pebble. And allowed just add that people who seem to have a different all. Out all your guests to come on typical pre at the players that it would what to do shall agree that it's not like. That ought to be back about that letter and you got it wrong. I'd be part about. This all about skill and athletic. All right and if you have not been athleticism and down and skill part. And it you have all few at certain I don't care how athletic you walk out there probably are about as accurate. I would say offense is more mental and technique. All the defense opinion is only words deep into his more. Heavily weighted on the athletic side of things. Now this question of can Ellis you Dolphins become more productive it's an interesting one because. The thing is be looked at that that playbook is not just Howard tossed mean you have right zone reads you have jet sweep you have your gun formation you have your diapers it. The you practice a wide swap the plays and actually analyses defensive attempted to call. A pretty balanced attack this year they just haven't always executed to Mike's point. I still question Debbie LSU offensive line no matter what type ball up and to run and they have struggled at time now. When you consider Stevens leaguer taking over it is a bit of a wild card Deke you don't have film on him. You don't have. Odd tendencies on camera you don't have analytics would years OK with their in this data district in this part of the field this is where they leave this is the play they like to run. So because of the unknown that Stevens your brings potentially that does lead. To some more success yes Mike I think you're correct. In saying that. And you should it expect the offered to suddenly be greater these players is on the get to showcase your skills. Is that in the day look I don't know what better Danielle it is the Brendan Harris. I know that right now he's playing better could bring Harris is broken but it really looks very similar. To me I mean the production statistically speaking. Has been incredibly similar so not expecting just some sort of overnight turnaround but. If your finding yourself getting upset with the with phrases like the cloud was lifted her like. Our kids can be great you know I did obviously much productivity now. That just comes. From the novelty right that comes from the change comes from heading into the unknown. It kind of nervous excitement that you get in your belly when you take that final leap. Into the great unknowns so that's what people are latching on to because even if they got paired deep in the struggle. They do poorly for the rest the year people are gonna say oh what can you fire your coach familiar how does turn over like. There really kind of playing with house money. For the rest of this year coach though this team and this happens let's go to reserve for Ronnie Ronnie thank you for calling WW. Yeah I don't believe so Zambrano. While it all you need troll around it and now one would you. Hoping. I think you wells. You know his keen and would. We went. Back and I'll turn out well below alternately. That way it was one and actually check into. Nolan has. A good defense and and and so it takes. To build championships. And that's. The championship on what you want but certainly. As all of I don't know if you heard this and what. We've activities. He. Team and go to work cut out in my outbursts. So I mean LSU. I mean that that I get his point yet obviously doctors told what's your point here and a thank you rightly got out and say that yet Cotto on its big negated Saints visited changed there's no doubt about it I just I I feel badly for coach crazy if you in the barn going undefeated fuel undefeated and absolutely. You're gonna have Dempster incredibly strong tasty but at this point. I do agree sort of with guys from the guys that we talked to like Brian like Mike who maybe see this as. Boatload of I think the fan base it is going to lean towards demanding further change having the administration's going to lean towards. Demanding. Further change unless they really got out to split the daughter. And a and a understand how lab united is seem like it might put and it ducks whip Tom Herman and maybe he may look he might be the next guy here than me today I'm dumber one you go to the NFL here is I don't think he wants to come I don't know about you about all I'm trying to say he's got this right to the top five right now yeah if they they got. They got a chance to play for an answer Jamie chip OK so that's what he's focused on what I do how we're about makes it a media coach image you onto our about when an answer James it would team back on undefeated now so just to sit and think oh that's our guy he's our guys will come at least you. And issued greatest thing since sliced bread is about it used right now EST if they've got better facilities and a bigger conference. We talked about a scotus in the fourth largest base in the country. Houston you talk about a school is it critical to the big twelve is tailor made for it what's a what's a more level conference eight easier now to get through. The big twelve Houston's in a way better spot waved at as well to have success and win that day jobs for no doubt and LSU is to win the SEC so distant they didn't look. It's a lot of pressure is a lot of pressure to come here and and win it if you don't go out and win right away this second year mean to clock is ticking. Now that's church and an end and that to reach say that would there's great risk reward but at the same time that there's a lot of pressure and there are a lot of there's a lot of baggage. Obviously when you follow up what is arguably the best coaching your school's history. Still think it also does brand your guts in this is the case but it does represented. An incredible opportunity as well I mean. LSU remains. Like we said per capita Louisiana deem most fertile. Recruiting ground you've established lied lied to relationships in Texas he really establish lines all over the entire step these LG recruited airy well. Out of Florida still way you have the facilities you obviously have boosters who are financially committed. If they're ready scrape together what fifteen plus million dollars to buyout this entire coaching staff. When it's all said and done you're gonna have sport gonna have facilities. If you are looking as as a coach if you believe in yourself like this is eight top tier opportunity. It's just. It's a hell of a risk and it's going to be a hell of a challenge and you're stepping into the ring and I know people don't wanna think about this. When you can be arrogant guy who's artist average and our guys can dialogue in the the program become take over this one and many Estes step in the ring with Nick's idea staggering in the same year RD fourth in your own division and they are all fitful and then you're like OK well you know what I think again hand on the exhibit AK beginning and they equaled and you got Pratt beyond that you got. Q freeze that you got to suddenly reinvigorated Texas a and M would John Cheney this and that it did today alma mean this SEC west is tough. Incredible opportunity. For anyone to coach at LSU right now. Also though an incredible challenge Derrick thank you for calling WW under. I was qualities that you guys when you guys think about right Wilson. Edited quote. Does not is not gonna happen he's he's good he's good he's doing years he's off to a great start there he's that that's that he's not even known these not a Rachel. Yet the problem is it Derrick as I see it is just that. Because of francs a lack of a resume as a head coach. That sort of hiring would be met with semis extreme blow back throughout the fan base and media alike yeah. That's go to calling him called thank you for calling WW. Do Carlton. Prepared you know when you look at the whole situation. I think you know part of the problem too is Ellis you. Started all citizens and president aptly and what went Tibetan national championship against Alabama. Alabama shouldn't have been allowed plan again. Nick Saban has taken a springboard all of that game. As you look at the rest that each week. Not a top contender. You know two hours. It might you look back on that game it looks like a point where two programs that work. Are driving to be neck in neck with each other like it was like. The final battle you at the top of the mountain and one got thrown off and the other has only continued. To a syndicate in you that climb. While LSU is kind of by struggled to keep pace added Paul and further and further behind. And I like it you know they which it seemed that way again. But Nick Saban took that and her heart. And you know something naked and he you know he could marketable our own people because of the spray it off. Where were missing were. I would say this though Carl Walt looked the the only problem with this school bought his age it just a bit like crying over spilled milk. I mean look I I'm very biased admittedly in this situation. I don't think Alabama deserve to be in that game but. If you ask me if I think that the best two teams in the nation played I do think he was the best two teams so what's the goal of your champ Vijay do you want the best two teams the one to most deserving teams. Either answer umpire and they were the two best LSU came up short you have to win. When it matters most data and so you can be upset about 2011 and look I do think deacon this is something that I'm going to think about it a lot this week is the role. That egg game played in the downfall because like I said it feels like that was hay maker punch. You know I mean OK so I'm not a big boxing guy deep you know you're sports history right. Are you. There's boxes out there who have been really good and maybe they get that one knock out or maybe they did they catch that one shot. And their careers forever kind of altered after that you're not. The same puncher they were before they're not able to take is much damage as they were before that feels a bit like what happened. What else you after the 2011 national championship but. That's dims the breaks Alabama got back in. Yet a month to prepare. And unfortunately. Ellis you just got ethnic. Let's go to this go back to the file is Joel Mississippi thank you for calling WW rail. Hello Joel thank you for college. I do is out this go to hobby for came up came up thank you for calling WW real. Hello own. I was referring to. Carl and the beginning and I believe that now all of a bang. Oh with all of I mean. You act in. And let them out is one of the best bit of back on court your attitude history I believe that well. I believe nick feeding team the way. Or well. Went for. It and he was the best coach in history. We did that argument I knew they aren't really I think he has this past it I anyway is that I I say he was a second winningest coach. That's a stat standpoint and NC with the best. There and there is left out you'll have the best you have the best quarterback in college football you want to get home sick he coaches think being active caught worn out. Darian that he's hurt you what I did in my army might argue against say I'm from Cahill as titles and he's hurt he had 28 touches last week. If you look at it did people complain about Ellis you're not running the ball. Is that absurd to me. Because every other week you're complaining about him not throw a ball you're not actually upset. About him not running the ball a torrent of all your six they lost. If they had won there you wanted to be mad about sixteen touches they wanna get disease that you were fired three desert dogs I don't buy that now. As far as his best coach everything looked. Nick Saban. He's the best coach he's he's tell deed for the best coach in college football history Deke. Just flat out that's where Nick Saban operate so absolutely for the short time he was that LSU. You could say he was the best coach for in your school's history yet but I'm talking about. The the Phillip Fulmer types the Mack Brown right to it the guys that. The beard hair for a long time you start Q when you think less miles you think of LSU correct. They are synonymous with one another that's what I'm talking about this is. This is like your Mack Brown this is like your pillow over. And it's kind of a sad tale to have what was nearly the winningest coach in your school history to have him fired. Here in the middle seeds might look I have no problem saying that less miles is. Maybe the best coach in LSU history when you look at his reds and I mean who. Who what which coach is better at Ellis you may be outside of by Nick Saban but he's even an out liar and honestly. Do you think of Ellis you when you think Nick Saban though you think of Alabama when you think you may exceed slide effort. Mary Terry good evening thank you for calling WW. They'd be getting beat by a cart. A tire down right now armored happy he's on that last night with the old sprayed. And have an active football coaches I really believe it got to keep coach Joseph and Colby out of order in the bat that well. But the wind goes yeah it's comedy now and first or well. They're not in sight and go wrong. McNabb link you know a lot of people and at that that the work on the opening. It's a moment they waited Ellis Arabs and I got no problem could if you look if you wanna win there and you win by Amy good here from it. Win by any means necessary the new U you point Oregon active and all Petrino. Right I'll talk with a few new Ugoh wing game if you get a good quarterback. But LA shootings that we if that's the big drawback argue that the news is we had a guy I think given is that is alive important to me but that's about what an asset he's been as according music and to the problem is like luggage you want to hire Kiffin absolutely no Ford that you got that you guys eagle in on. But you're going to get blow back like. Deep if they were to announce the high leg was the first thing we do we would dig up his head coaching record. Well would you find when you dug up his head coaching record while it out of a Diego he immature and him agreed a situation on the unit Tennessee iron drive to go to USC and so forth and that is dead and I thought oh boy I mean he's he's he's supposed retained that tone over new leave devote my point is that. From way LA she interview Petrino back and when when the job was over before they hired as mouse with skip berg was act in a this of owning. And it's album was thirty of 45 minutes of arrogance that he had ever been around in his life when he interview by the train. But again if you Khloe and you know worried about somebody please in the family so far get a guy like Petrino and a guy like Lane Kiffin. There they are they are proven they gets can't unlawful what they've done it in space between noisy hitting coach. I just don't think I just don't think that they go to be in the sweepstakes for those two kind of guys because of like what you see it. Their bags we got a lot to get to do yet to come Patrick. All college coming up this WW yeah. This miles has been fire. Media. Welcome back to about a bear here on this special addition to know exactly what were coal in the show. I called in an emergency LSU broadcasts on Twitter because that's what it has the feel love myself and the big chief Steve Bellamy were here discussing the late breaking news that LSU head football coach last smiles and LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Have been fired. The short term plan in case you haven't heard yet. Is that coach and it was horrible take over as the interim head coach and then Steve in his finger will be the interim offensive coordinator throughout this hour. Rewarded continue to take your calls continued take your questions could texted him need to recall. Five of Ortiz exit one eats at me as we look to unpack what has been an incredibly news field Sunday. It was moons bugs me to think though I hate it exists and it needs it it's it it. And do those which are rooted deep balanced. Have my back went out excused myself to I and no balls and did it under the says it was doesn't take calls or so does it value right up with a guy by the day and I budget calls that give back to the phone to go let's go to the capitals to get better for Curtis Curtis thank you for calling W Deb yeah. Dick Beatty at the senators do visit every minute. And logos shall I thought I'd do a two question in Roma Metallica. For the bottom being in a flat around like. Jon Gruden are in the league at Jack Daniels commodities. Undervalued. Any team on the LSU white Ryan and every hand it always seemed to be you write don't nobody's it today believes it's one that comes up for every Dobson Jon Gruden liked that one girl that you had a huge crush on and maybe one time she kind of flirted review a little. And if you never pursued it you were too scared you. But you always thought what if I guess what in the in the day she only really flirt review for like five minutes right like she does it I don't wave bigger deal to you did it is to her. I got a big John gruden sit out it's out there edges of waiting. For the LSU job double up to all look I understand and Curtis there was what year was that deep was that. Around 20078. Type area when gruden was rumored to be interested. I understand why people would be like on board that's got a great name recognition etc. I mean. Look at the greens happy. Words at his job back there I don't measure he's got her back on the gas that effect on dry in rain might to recall Tom Jackson I'll look a lot he's a lot about it at all but has yet. What I I need to look up Josh McDaniels head coach and resident where he hit the showers at Kansas City when he struggled. No he would whip in my didn't Scott Pioli confused now I think he Danzig was a damn what he was it really wanted he wanted to follow that he was a reason why Jay Cutler left. So Scott mcdaniels would be inner. Yeah I'll just say decide to look at more on Scott McGann those resume before I can give an accurate he's not Oilers you current rate on an actor description of what what I would peak right how he would fitness to come home for JJ thank you for calling WW -- They got a young and subject. Haile just like you know publicly say let very eager and she. He's got what. You know what. Championship. We multiple. Championships. Question Regis yeah. You know he's really gotten a lot and I don't think people are human and it is you credit. And. I think that won't come GA eyes so I think today. Is a bit of a lot of people who have been frustrated for years this is the day where they get the kind of standup blitzer you know finally and and I told you so and all these things but. As you gain more distance. As you start hearing stories about. How less miles handled the situation which roster Alger reporting he. He did see he stood up tall and proud part of the team he told them that this from new. Was for the best he handled it like a man right he faced with economic as as you gain distance as these stories come out and as you start Q. You he'll forgive a lot of the batting you'll start to focus more and on the positive and you'll get more credit what he meant to this school. I think will be more fully realize but they gay gay. Today's just not going to be that day on the heels of last night's loss and on the heels of the announcement that I his time has come to admit this is where. The people who have been in the anti less miles camp for years this is kind of their day. But like I figure I think it's well said you point out the positives to pay coach miles were his time. Because like it not matter where you fall back conversation he. Ledger program to twelve. For you know the majority of twelve years of it just a very successful purity your school's history where it is ranked you know she's history. Run ever and when you probably noticed that they may be out there and how much press yeah yeah me into a couple of they direct its and so forth so he would no doubt about it. It's go to Anthony on line five Andy thank you for calling WW Rio. Thanks for taking my cock are. Here's my white rhino for coach Chris creators and. Okay debt now that can be realistic. Well I mean I don't look I don't know it's got objectives at Washington. Or Peterson's call they are view likes what he's got to go and on. But Ellis you even with all the challenges is a far step up from the Washington job. Army is that about look look on the team to beat when it when he was at Boise. And and sub it. It would do that. And a lot of people say oh you know do it when it probably three are in need if you force start. I think Blanton became Ellis you look Woody Woody keep it would spot start well like orchard or what part are. Go to bed this team SE Woody doesn't Washington for them he's just not gain entrance there and he's one OPEC instinct back to a team induced. He's got his biggest game of his career this week coming up against dampen it then let's let's see what he does have that power. Carney I will say though that I think. Yeah he's got a resonate well with what he did Boise although it's not a major team and a few and you just he had an. He's also coached and up against a bunch of people that got the same kind of town he's got now where do you thing the where do you think that age question. Like where we're it is Ellis you lay and they are do you actively seek out a younger coach. One who. You know yeah whatever the what would be always in younger just one would like more energy more. Ambition do you go younger may be less experience or do you look for. The the the older Vieri proven tried and true but they better take on big money proved. Not I think it's again like -- Boras -- alls I got here Carmen is karma category you can put many young category but Herman. Also he's had a long successful stand from the corny to position. And he's going to head coaching position he's long entries and according position. Let's face it I head coach is an extension of the coordinator. I might not come in make all do do like Petrino goes on like you know Peyton Sean Payton doesn't call a lot of it plays and do things. Some coaches kind of delegate it to somebody but they're right there with it you know mean they they are right there was like Nick Saban nick Sabin runs. He run the defense the bag drills at practice even though he kudos go to defense and now he's not according to that's just what he does. I don't I don't know T about if they've got they've got a shot list. And it would go about their most recent opted Jim both issues on it there's no doubt about it. But I would think that you know is probably three or four names they fear that they can obtain but of those three or four names. At the very least you glad to throw out at that person what you're paying coach miles and you've used do you started a four meandering. It's going to be it's yeah I'm saying five I mean yeah or face it was a four if mom. If Gus smells on is making four point seven rubber years Wright is now I'll vote if you'll save like Herman didn't believe what he's going to get a little lighter load and he's he's already won yet look at Harbaugh you've had is gone had to be a money it's going to be OK now bring Al mild people I mean what did Harbaugh get paid off the bat at Michigan before you raise you got paid like seven million how they their descent into dissent and. Soon you're going Miller somebody wage going to take a Brinks truck. That's going to be interesting man the price tag on this coaching change when it's all said and done. When you talk about the change of an entire staff or we were probably looking in northward to twenty million dollars. I would still challenge all the Bruce is out there knows a lot of you were gonna yell at me like as they always you I would still challenge all the Bruce is out there to ease a bit. Of the negative public perception that could arise from committing twenty plus million dollars to coaching regime change when your school is struggling financially I would. I would I would challenge boosters to matching donation like match where you spend on the buyout where they donation to the school to be around what is it eleven to fifteen million dollars in going. Twelve to be exact that's less miles is buyout. People are very flipped it when you say these only come up with them money easier dude it's a bruised and come out the school's fund. Okay it will it's that easy to come up with a twelve million dollars you come open 24. Matching donation to the school and they did you have national organizations are publications trying to criticize you trying to. Speak of misplaced priorities in in in an alumni basics bettered sitter you have an active defense against those tax. Let's give back to the phone on the endless amounts has been fired he is out authentically camp Cameron is out the new authentically will be. A coach Steve in some anger and interim head coach is it or draw LSU vs Missouri. Saturday evening at 630 fact kick off. Our coverage starts today at 2 PM on Saturday here on WW known as the team to team at the vacancy coming on. But anyway handoff to network at 430 Saturday LSU entertaining Missouri Patrick in Marrero Patrick thank you for calling WW TO. It's taken Marco. One of those. You minority of people who just say about it one via. Let out last year in Morocco comeback this group quiet. But I tell you. Yeah it's this was the team that was supposed to save his job. Yeah. So the you know you go and think like. But. Wanted to thank them the most is when I saw the new quarterback and I don't think he really coach where. The beyond doubt that the difference between him brand in. Resolute if he had poison green but it's all the skill set in Indian coast so. Good says. The it would certainly a good morning actually poly. Yeah yeah now out there on meg now that we've got a larger sample size. IE I think everyone that it was out there saying that look the problem with the offense is not necessarily the quarterback. Like is those struggles trains in multiple quarterbacks trades in multiple coaches. It's certainly looks like it any at lane is going to be seniors are markedly better then bring him here LSU offered to problems go deeper. Just one personnel change. And like. Coach and he did an Cuba. Not one. But proven where now we got the money that the question. I don't think recording. Their first. Deal and a gold because of their natural. The track below my issue. One that. 0101. We you can always hire great recruiting coordinator Q right I never assistants were at bats like. That's their bread and butter. I want. To him one bit. Yeah somebody in power and B yeah. Group who winning that span I mean somebody. Man I mean it is it is David show all and I think it was these very was saying yes they don't own show the you know that may be may be an SEC school. If they had a big it's he would try to make a run you're talking about the total package I'm done about it and a lot of people when you think of west it takes is they all they run is look. Stanford is an SEC east now would they do they run the football they play action. They hold court defense and they've been they've been solid I mean their program is decade Teflon proof. From hall ball to Coach Shell. I just I don't know I don't know if he wanna come way over here but look anybody in any program in accord to dig out of David shout that would be huge. Appeared to be jailed. Deals that it all mean it would be a big deal here today to date. With. Attention to detail and the fine. And that we I mean look don't trade him. I love them and didn't. America would we. We put coats that. Can work school. And. Where and that and the thing is to pledged to bring a viewpoint if you got Tom Herman let's face and I'm not knocking because he got his greatest win as a coach yesterday. You have as an S and Japan Butch Jones like Tennessee did you go to a school you'd hear him that wants to went to Cincinnati turned it around just like Kenny the Kenny went to Notre Dame. Which Jones goes Cincinnati same success goes Tennessee. But that's who Tom Herman is he's a that's a successful coordinator he's at a job that he's built them up to be a power they had a great year last year was no fluke I would needed to Florida State. No fluke the issue would date on so far to go play Louisville at the end of the year. But that's basically your heart your hiring him on that like OK well he his first championship is gonna be with those way LSU fans and I think even the Arab to think like when eating guy who already got a championship is goal lead us to a novel. Right and you know tell the person you are. Mormon. But at this track record and all hail and do want him himself. And good coaches and in the coaches do you know I mean. Carmen. I'll ask them not to my knowledge the this and point you know he heroes he Rose to fame on the big now what we're Ervin he had his own track record. Its in small places but did this is is this is his dios I would imagine haren standpoint. He has had that much opportunity to make is Ohio those him when he was a huge. One thing that would be attractive part about her man eighties you'll what whatever the fact that he has used him potentially as a playoff team competing in that realm. Consider him lucky you're having to recruit against Texas and your haven't recruited Texas you have recruit against. Baylor and we'll talk about our trials people continue to bring up his name. What I like about hermit is the youth is that he seems to rank. Like what what is ready save it and how he connects with his players he seems to get these younger generation meets that are Saturday excitement. So it's added I love hold decides to deal is German I I. Oh wow oh yes brought okay so let's talk about Bryant's nugget probably an unnamed your younger coach I would think browse the B Mona old guy they had no sane Herman an alien I don't know here he fits easily the most Herman's attractive because of the potential like he's not going to be as proven as a gym both Fisher. Who has the national championships on his resume. But he does seem to have a very high ceilings that's that's somewhat like our trials that to mean they keep coming up and look again at what he did at Baylor. Was nothing short of spectacular all the sudden I lived in college football world where the big twelve when you thought the big twelve he thought of Baylor. Right in the greater parity out of TCU but deep I don't think you can even go near our trials even though now I'm hearing rumors. I reached out today him but. I'll be viewed in a year or browse all the baggage hanging overhead rounds Houston Petrino now it's sunny and see I see now I don't know if I put QB to B trio that people would want to go to. I put him in the same situation as follows the question marks yet some bag so to speak if lane were to go somewhere else NBA head coach to be successful. Did he might be reform of those adjustment for him he's got the throughout his own first the end he needed throughout his. Well so yeah and in so maybe that's the key separate team kicked in and those other two guys it would if it. You have questions about him just as head coach and your question about some of the questionable. All the appeal decisions like use him leaving how how he left Tennessee high and dry. We've Brian wills and with Petrino. You have two coaches that ever proven on the football field like you know what they can do the probably did is they are questions are almost entirely all outside simple bullet. When I think Katrina deet when I've never really gotten over when he comes him. Is it the way he left the Atlanta Falcons like you talk about one of the most publicly kind of cowardly moves yet that I've ever seen it was in the the dark and nightly knowing that people out of your ball to atletico was like that no leg leaving notes he knows how to handle yet yes so so he says that's what you're gonna have to fight against your ails you yards and then you go after the trio. It and and and there's just so much would riles is in the sexual assaults that went on a paler and they run poise out there like an object and I mean I don't the end you can go low. So Q are you Riley got a little Nash shouldn't have rain and you bring in the end that's going to be the biggest story about him Nuys success at Baylor what went down at Baylor what about this name because popped up a few times of that sign and I will give. Mr. 6150. Credit here what about Chip Kelly. I don't know village you'll stay at the mid table reason why it was you'd want high. Ellis who has been a traditionalist who deeply defense and with that type offense you'd never wanna find that type office and on the other side they have a very good defense. Baylor in illicitly in Dallas right now Weis because the tempo yet you're not allowed to have a great office and. And an eighth and exist and I have talked about this at leaked it it's why I think Kelly has. And actually cal is a better on the NFL level and people think people be his failure intended Sixers first two years. Achilles doubly bad on the NFL level I do think they'll be due to get away with that defensive strain that you put it you get a win that more on the college level. I also think that while you may you won't have a great defense. There is something attractive about the idea of combining an organ I'll opens. When they very good LGD did that although statistically there won't be as great because they'll be more tired to be more worn down you're still working with a wealth of talent. I I find. The Chip Kelly name mean vastly interesting even if it's unrealistic I mean I don't see him why would you leave San Francisco. Right anti money where his new country there too as well looming for the Ferris Farris thank you for calling WW well. Nate they take my call him drew hill during the week and I appreciate that comment on rumors calling. Well I don't looter. Absolutely that the one point Allen make about less smile and think it's history. Obviously that now a little like how Bill Brown went down when he handled that talent we have all that talent new wrinkle they. Change a winning over and you year. So that's all about do you think oh I'm his tenure but I think the talent. It was kind of ironic payers one of your calm your biggest strengths. Becomes an albatross. Around your neck party like my leg and let less miles recruiting. Witches. One I think you you could say is his biggest strength he constantly had an L talent popping out and as good as that was in the and that's what did it man. Because that's what led to the questions well how can you have more guys in the NFL then any other school. And not be winning at that same you know at that pace and not like you should be. Yet the question short amount right now I think that's the problem yet. You earlier for them and so a lot of things that you guys we can all chat about that a couple of names come to finally be able swinging well with the previous if you come. Gene Chizik and I mean he's doing too great a great job coordinator. Becoming and local. And. An entirely related gene just walk out dig it all meld it and then I'll hit him on that one by one payers. And then we we we we've heard you know Chip Kelly native of Auckland which the Kryptonite to a couple of teams in our division. That might not be adapted battle like Chip Kelly you know that's a name. And in the past they have the according in Europe they would Bill Belichick but it potentially brings professionalism I think to the the team what you feel this time clock management being. We didn't feel all day Arnold COC. The nearing the turn of the Daytona yes. Well the sudden you're doing. Right I I he would and as far as you know Jimmy Kelly is the guys on short tracks because he has such a successful wrong he was or. Soda that's offending to bring out I'm not sure I do is not visually as his tally once you go to college what is Gene Chizik done knocking on the ocean nobody can own. No Gigi did the gene Gene Chizik to out because the way he went out at all again is exactly means it is but it's not like he came back in the playing gangbusters these things and. Good for North Carolina don't date yet they've won games is because they often but it's not like it's not like a guy if delegate Dave random where he was at Wisconsin putting together top five. Right top ideally you'd think the entire nation put together good defense yes third chizik and also learning and you know have a great defense with that before or now the way that chizik left Auburn where they've been so painfully clear that that was national championship really just one by Cam Newton. And even you know kind of a bit by guess miles on his elected bells on May give me get a couple years later. Yeah you can't go to his grad dabbled Sweeney. Odd to meet. Will as a fan of them but I think it just a personality whatever he'd turn right I need to do for me but. Why would he leave Clinton he's an ACC he's had a golden position he has to win the equal games as yet whenever year he has to beat Florida State. And they do they play little ball every year. Dallas Maria now I do so now these are you going to be bad terms employed being. You'd be floors that you got to be little Devils swings to leave income Dallas you. He's not really giving you much in terms of national prominence and then all of a sudden. You've got to deal man it's gotta be Alabama you gotta be text in and you've got to beat Auburn yet but you gotta beads and these traditional powers so. I just I don't see where the motivation for dab it leave would be no coverage at the jewel jewels thank you for calling WW. You'd think he'd be baker called view. All of it back from green's trade to Milwaukee for me. We talked about. The air went out and there was nobody saying anything about firing ma matter rocket Cole birthday party that I able. Same exact thing happened so today it's almost like we knew it was coming as a matter of time and time I'm certainly glad. Pollard would be pull the trigger early keep recruiting contact and looked cooked for a good coach I'm ready to which all the talking. Out but going to be replacement I think it's more important that the kids we have now. I disagree about less miles. Legacy in the future we dating 39. Point seven million dollars. Yep that's a sign of the times right immediately our top seven embassy when he got to pay dad but he coached in an era where guys make five and six million years. It didn't seem also players did he recruit and sign up. And then ray at all just you know you're a little caller went and it went scene you'll a couple of weeks ago. That's. Or Quinn dropped two passes in your main ride upon what I'd do Korean he could be a manager in Lee being protected three years each time it was hard. That is where I disagree jewels with the hole running off being on that his college football man he would have been there every school. A guy loses job I struggles loses starting position in that trance like that happens everywhere they are I had somehow unique. Or a flawed coach miles like I don't buy that there are plenty of flaws from which to choose. But I don't think that one might not maximizing talent. That's that's when you go to. Lack of situational awareness. Lack of offensive productivity like all of this yes but I did. How much money he's been paid. Or or him running off guys those are kind of non starters my. You know our colleague who would cuter and watching ESPN replay it right now. It is the same game plan and I've seen for the past 45 year yes and he and he never adapted to that talent. We keep. On coaching picking coaches I remember Stephen Peterman when he recruited out stance when you seduced. We got we got rid of DiNardo artsy in the coaching change. He is coaches come coaches will go this will always be college you believe that still be true today. The last thing is ball miles greatest faults was he had a four hour and drove it like water or more. I don't I don't know if I agree with that jewels I do think there's like look at those you football's history indeed this is where I get confused. We did then start thinking that LSU is a national championship or an SEC championship. Team a year any year out that is not be NL she'd throughout their history. Now I act if you like per cap not get a lot of older if you go back before rounds of a bear brown Alabama Ole miss and Ellis unit some. They had some good time I mean it was kind of you know I guess in the fifties yet it was their time with him when Alabama came you're right that that's when he. Less miles. He he had it he had a for Rory he drove like a Ferrari DTE did. He has a better record than almost any coach he has a higher winning percentage is he not. In any coaching tells you his right would have coach that long yet he's still oh so I don't buy that he. Massively under achieve I think these last four years does that have decade I think the under achieving is clear. But as far as the duration of his tenure no I guides figure flat out wrong dollars just because the banking analysts away epidemic they took all the juniors. Laurie in bailed taste thank you for calling WW. Hello Laurie thank difficult. Yeah young. I hit it one question I have two back formation and format and guys. Aren't they under utilized. Let him maybe some need to move overlord. I. I suppose. Lorie. If I'm looking to critique last night's game I don't know how high up. That is on the priority list for pigs that I beat should be changed. Belt and I don't I don't think double formation would be a lot better and more we have. Well two backs yeah I went all right thank you so much for the Carl you lord Terrero got Mike Mike thank you for calling WW yeah. On the beginning which trot second all. I'm like it was. Are. Not occurred and compact man their goal line only to lottery ticket in. Cuba I object. Black I pictured it. You can. It is sad that some that are by globally we heard about bill don't. Talk about that. And he and I. Am. He's gonna have a tonne support my best and Anton support behind him in his can be bang for your book. David is it's every day if he goes them along to you he's all eight if my opponent support behind is going to be extremely more extreme I always not to give him a shot I. He at least has to go seven or one. And the guy I think what you hit on earlier are the two biggest. The two biggest factors echoed Joseph we'll have going form. Is if you go seven or did you do it he will have a stay 888 fan base where he looked he's already blown straight he he is as Louisiana. As he gets down to his DNA down to his court so he he's already beloved member of this could step by the general public. If he didn't win Desi and arm head coach at love. He's going exponentially increase. I think also deeply you consciously brought up today when it's just kind of joked the fact they USC has now kicking themselves all for not allowing him to stay productive union that opportunity. LSU will be forced you take a long and hard look but it's going to take some stats look absolutely and I. I looked. I think coach Joseph is more than capable of being a guy a successful leader of this program and good coach little. There's a way to UC had his team plays Saturday might that's all we wait having come out to their body language and see how how excited to go will be. Oh. I doubt that I liked about me mixing in Cleveland to a law mean it. I bet you got it back. Or Alou tomorrow and what they do at the plate and an excellent part of Iraq. On Alou cultural put out. Yeah we we we got him out regatta where we got out of my debit card which we to atonement at thank you so much not Deltha David David. Thank you for calling WW yeah. Yeah I just want to tune agent and they're Brothers. What about the bout order which would want probably or care. The war I didn't really care to hear where they have topped Tommy and as our time it was a motivational speaker he's not coaching anymore and the last outs it was that Akron. Yeah. No money out. You know but he's he's so good luck I'll. Get go to get him guy off the street has been out. When he doesn't. Mean. Oh yeah as coats and use what what about Bobby can we get Bobby commander retired. I'm. I. Yeah that's by David that day but it's you don't need guys to be good coaches in the past -- eulogy that guys are good coaches right now. Yeah true what. Junior. You mean yeah or as you sound out and I don't know if they go today in the attitudes once again though a whole as he's on the Jim Morrissey and you know my coach more you hope. Okay yeah I don't know if they'll go to guy isn't it all over the place him and his yeah it's going to go school rapid Gretna John John thank you calling WW mail. How to go off 00 and you'll. Albeit. I think it try to support lab I gave it everything yeah it was let them ago you had tool because it may. You know category. And when he as a national championship he did it you. Was not treated unfairly he got this final opportunity right I mean where we can all agree on that this year. Was his final chance to solidify himself moving forward this team would be a lot of expectation a lot of talent. If they if those you had been born over and others never would have happened to yes I believe that less miles got a fair shake. As related to certain. And they really what it is about her cute. Turn our program and it ended up about. Done though everybody I mean what are you got Bob. Is that always a good coach but I mean again it's this team this team win you know get a championship he's. He's hot he's hot right now he's hot isn't he sexier and again he's he's proven with you go about my issue which who can be considered the bowl because to a reporter. The ball as it will pick among the six by the Powell colleges but you know I mean they they have some people that are in the amateur around that would be like I want somebody it's more proven and that. Herman is the new girl right right Herman is the new girl Jim both Fisher is. General page's tally the popular girl who's been in school since junior high everybody around her she's well established she's super hot whatever and then all of a sudden it's nude sexy red head comes in. That's Tom Herman maybe maybe not like just objectively speaking probably not as pretty. As Jim both pitcher not as popular Jibril pitcher but the allure of the novelty right now anyway the lead in the pitching he's just just the fact that it's a new face she's rabbit. And she becomes that much or as easily as well customize it Herm there was some Isaiah Tom Osborne. And Barry Switzerland very Switzerland Switzerland yes look at out of court that's again. Great coaches but I'll I'll update their goal and this is a rout you know I think they wanna game at least at the very least a middle aged man. Knotts in my mid seventies and eighties the problem with players Switzerland as you could never can get him to commit to a son. He goes to neutral he is he always his hands up in the middle got him back get to Marty cost less miles has been inspired so has offered to clinic Cam Cameron. It goes on as interim coach. Eric coach. Haas in Meagher is the offensive coordinator Ellis who battles Missouri Saturday night. I can't this just thirty and coming up next to visit my did TV here on WW yeah. And welcome back NFL analyst Mike did Didier judges now Mike your thoughts on less amount manly ago. He can't they came as a big surprise then. No and we knew we had 77 and you'd think that we do well and you have gone. An unbelievable job but. At this thing ulee's. I had we went to war that aren't in more. Was that you know. That comes a time where he fails sport unit. And I think we we saw that and last week that it wouldn't use it you know. But then I went to go about it that. It ought ot but why I didn't think let you return back to back a return back in week seventeen. And some of the things that come out about this. Later on it and you'll understand why but. Yet accountable on and but you know for all of us. In any profession comes to Indians and yeah that's what let it it came last night. Mike eat your take up who was who's maybe three or four guys on a strong list. Conducting. Part of what you got to get in touch with with Tom Burman problems Houston because the gate is that not think Bobby but you know is right there with him. Our guys that are a lot of people may agree with him in the same boat this. That Nick Saban went into Michigan State and that they went off. There. Ain't nobody gonna calm without bucket load of money. And you gotta go look at that in Tampa available why we left Michigan. He will not be king pitch in these old. Look where which audience. And the other thing. Seven out of the last nine years the winning Indiana has would be more full national football players per capita. There's any other than Indy you. That's why it came here yeah that that meeting came in the and he knew that it now well. Mike now what do you do what do you think is spare a thought played or Iran and and and coach. Coach in listening in now moving forward it bring in Pete Jenkins coming to demean this is a lot of they want to bring up Ole miss but he. You gotta go by his most recent record what he did it USC with six into the final eight there's only losses were to two ranked teams. UCLA who won a converts a year and Notre Dame who was in the mr. Bragg Kelly's this year at that point on that was a year before he played for the master Jamie chip. So I mean it's me a lot of view behind him if he does well. Yeah are going to hit in the head not go back forty years probably a forty. We talked about this you know while back that. You know so many complications and pat and you'll get the balk call and and he admits he messed that up oil. He wanted them micro manage that we think at home. And didn't make it went for a player. And I think when you saw. Me belly is well. Yeah one for you look at you again in the group would have thought that. Line and the open. I wouldn't get one heck of a job in that spot. You know if you can operate you know. What do you want. Wait with the emergency. In the via. One thing. Green-Ellis should cooperate. And and you bring them out. Or with. The way it is but I think the biggest thing. Well it that. Way. For the player. And I think the whole department of and now when typical but that eight game stretch I would. You know in the because everybody knew was pat pat wanted but he's in the worst way and weapon it. Bottom line but I would you look at how they play. All know either. No one of the out of I think that's where. It is about what his movement. Is. On Wednesday in the awkward would be the one camp. He'd keep it was back on LG staff for a. Yeah. What it out by Boca. I didn't know he might if you ever come back all of that. I looked at. Him that well but you know because. Jenkins with the law or Harvard haven't watched him and I was. Within. What was it like that it was like. I heard that. Oh. Yeah and you know that's all it is and between Duke and ideas in punditry. But I. One of the things he does in this football scene and then hopefully witnessed some of urgency and excitement. I think it over the we. I'm how they respond to that because the human league and football team will go on line you know they'll. I don't know sometimes how that. You know when that might occur tool. So. And as raw that next a week with all the old but. Ottawa and it'll give great effort but one thing. On this football team and not gonna happen but I think you could see a scene playing with a lot there. Mike did Didier and my detail on to an end Mike deteriorate dot com Mike thank you will see him on I'm the countdown. All right to think so point 87 he could Texas and 878 says Michael is. LA issue his pride did at. All off its quake Cam Cameron along with head coach. Mr. miles an order always draw will be the interim head coach in coach Steve Hanson who will be the new offered to Cornet my. Affiliate. I had one of the one of the greatest little fun facts that I've ever seen commodities we do indeed they do about it. When you ever guessed it a million years that you would see the Saints and LSU lose games during the same week. It which the opponents did not score a touchdown. Think he did not know how dollar dead deep at that do New York Giants. Els you did not allow execute and all that touchdown to the Auburn Tigers. And both of them still lost games yeah that's right is no doubt about let's not just next it's skins coach hue Jackson to JD JD thank you called after mark WW. Baghdad. Big names today that question fatigue yeah. And. I'm at a time I don't know I'll have no 111 you know that playing with a no no don't do it don't do it. Go there way it would just go JD I've got this question so many ties and NC you're asking about ready to say were really happen. KG you wanna know man. You and now you are you sure and we conclusion things come on duty at suited to boil inside in tackles and a man. All know well. I'm. These. Guys. Not happy it did I even if it did I even if they do you look good so I guess that the pair boy I don't I mean even if it did your group knows and that's just don't you don't call a local local government out of it now that you raise a good point. I guess you really can't well I wouldn't blame you because of what would you have to gain I mean you're you're already built upon one of most bizarre. And historic plays in tiger history here you yet you never turn total when you're going to school university and things aren't they great it would be in. You mean the game pertaining. Fair point to maybe that's why nobody's believe you look I've I've said before and I'll say it again I just IE. Now nothing happen that day and all the people with all the kind of crazy conspiracy theories notice. Let's miles stood to get a million dollar bonus had he won that game right east to get a second national championship attitudes resonate. Do you know how much of a difference that makes in the coaching legacy world. Like and nobody had more to lose a nagging did did less miles so did. These ideas of him like actively sabotage the team or some sort of revolution taking place it just makes no six. There inexplicable questions that arise out of that night. Absolutely and I understand and that's why these sort of rumors have gained so much action look I've written about this league that talked about it linked. The truth is that it was a team that was fully committed to winning. Nobody was going to rock the boat the night before the game nobody's gonna rock the boat leading up to the game everybody was just tried to do their job if you have questions. About why somebody player why this happened why that happened yeah there's one person knows the answer less miles but he's not saying. I don't know the it to there was no fighting. There was no hopefully there's got there were an up and total BS man. The bottom line is ugly truth is we got to ask it thank you got out coached and you got outplayed deal it when that happened you guys you know it's hard to accept that because you kicked everybody else's ass that's it. Trust me. It's hard for me to accept that more than all right but you accepted but it's the truth you we just flat out and look when you go up against the best. You you could get beat down and you wind up against the one of the best game planners in college football history. I mean. They have that for whatever Nick Saban had psychologist study our team they'd determined that. Tire mat he was like the head of the snake gonna be worked on him cut up Adams they'd the body balls lately. You got out he got out coached out scheme and you got outplayed. And it just created history basket too that is what happened happened and an end and it bugs me more than anyone but it's true. Tony thank you for calling WW Tony. Hello Tony. Yes I go right here please. Hey they stay on the call you know it best. Oh and named it should be drawn out there and know that maybe you reach it gave it Shell out a bit about yeah. And that's why outlook LP want to negate. Probably Indian roll call which Uga and watching it in other stamper. You feeling. And you wanna talk about you know what will called it was it was it was it was weird because. It was the same of this LSU. Needed the points. Too lenient. Less than three minutes on the clock and acting muscle pull it. So call they were to leave Israel took prospects yeah. Can't one out I don't know I'll not only productive ones are now in that didn't to try. Good I think there's a lot of the best out there and don't get hurt a lot of them are a lot of the gamblers out there that finals if it's not a no no doubt about. Jockey Indiana thank you for calling their VW India and. But they're very moment comparable and that would be built up opposite block or you'll not use of a job or bring up. The one thing I've been more barrier. You all bullpen NFL farm in the battle of the law that gave the car is you're the ball squirted to report about the problem well. Yeah god knows also at an incredibly tenuous situation. It. All over the topic ever are both you and did all of the people. Off. And while the that it is there go out and beat them but what their balance between the Yankees probably that was. Aptly and DN on the back. Mine. Dan Mullen was a look Dan Mullen is a very good coach I I really I'm. Talked about it at length what he's done and has to be state I'd in the mid to be state could do he's done very well I. But at needed AD he's just not sexy enough for for what else usually for now you know I think you know they go on less child he's fallen about follow in his same category. You know the jaws sixty and I think coach talked. It's an category. He's great in need to prove anything else he's already proven it. But I asked CSC a little bit of that of the Trent Johnson thing Tennessee coach out. You know did did he come me dizzy except the fans in sofa and act and he has some of the same things they said about Trent Johnson that well became many mayors who went all right use your coach but as soon as some goes on and then have liked at Rio. Damn I guess you'd say our attitude or are your real becoming so to speak he just about football. Allen copy he would down here that I theater talk the talk they like it like you did yeah we. Yeah we want to win too but they wanted to be a part of things and able to do it at least in these played a part about Saints fans love majors Pete. Yeah it looks that you are you guys at they're all about every exactly I come back thirty moments. Annual handed out to a south football Saturday and Sunday night. Chicago and Dallas but LSU is back coach less miles and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. It was on his Enron coach visit WW. Continuing coverage of the LSU news this afternoon at LSU quotes that's a mile was fired. So what's offensive coordinator Cam Cameron in our offense that one is coach Steve in Maine on an interim head coach is. It or drop final four to 601878. LSU made this move coach overdrawn is interim coach feel like the moves and not. It's operated jaguar opinion poll at WWL. Dot com to the phone to go to go to and can't thank you for calling WW real. Eight strike it off. What are only wanted to mention one name. Jim Herman Houston yeah. And I are very LSU what adore him they are. Are. And I I think you an answer to the problems. I got to Kenya he's he's inane and a lot of people is to bring in up he's a hot name because of what he did last year finished up strong. A dominating Florida State in the bowl game in the Georgia Dome in the coming up the issue and starting in the in RG stadium in Houston. With a big victory over Oklahoma and basically everybody now as point toward. The you know at the second last week of the season regular season when they have Houston in attained to Louisville it could be an undefeated match today. It's there what are Houston loses that game. Is it is everybody going to be all on Palmer and then still like they're ready gonna be well anybody on the trio and Sammy at least you know is you don't ideas. All you had to be excited I'm just saying in you pointed this out the and look I understand I understand the appeal. Behind her and and I give it its its incredibly sexy at least from where it how everything looks at this moment. It's still not it would not be the most proven of high honors right mean yeah as far as he rarely goes I refused YouTube had him potentially he's going be the guy get to do the championship you use your hiring on a ball into what I'm OK with I'm not somebody. I IM OK with going with a lesser proving guide you dig ceiling is higher although. I mean that's higher risk right to me that I dread that they bigger risk but there's always. The with with would they change. This large in scope. It's going to Kyrie and in here amount of risk but it also is going to care and a fair amount of opportunity as. Bunch of proven coach is this you want a guy like coach it's in the mode of a coach David shout it's proven it comes from a great coaching tree. Then my treat you gonna lose a Utah both colleague he's a proven coach a minute for a long time out. The coach who's in Boise State he's been he's winning the one it's a wash and now that was at Boise State David Shaw. This is so many names out there approving cats LSU what they've had Duke. They don't deal with the of people and on the sat who they want economical car pushed probably at one strong guy and single you're our guy we are committed to Duke. We want yes and over and you now we need to stand back and back on anything to disrepute season. And that's it but Timmy if you're looking again like Tom Herm. You are banking on he's had wanted to the player. Because there's no way Ehlers Hewitt can be a program has called broker a deal it says OK you can come to us at the player on. That coach is going to be here at the things you I can promise you whoever the next coach is you think oh it is going to be here that you can get a coach in January. This is college football you cannot get coaching him you're the only I don't if you program this will be the same thing like Tommy Bowden or what time about it to an undefeated. What do you do to me it would be. Brian Kelly he could go to Cincinnati and in this in the superdome and a Sugar Bowl Cincinnati had one loss the opponent Florida suitable Tim Tebow as game of floor. He couldn't goats because Notre Dame is Notre Dame with you coming to Notre Dame Duke and goes all one coach it's anyone's game. Now he's gonna have to beat whoever the next coach is an issue. It's gonna have to be here when the season is so I would say in these before Christmas and I mean you not want to you Bogut mount. If we just about everything is not my elevating a coordinated hey coach we talk about elevating it coach yeah to a bigger head coaching job. Out the problem with that is it that is it 100% art and pastoral how many potential names do you rule out. Because their respective teams might be having success I lightning bolt donated it to the playoffs in Houston's guard while obviously both him Canterbury babe you get the point like. Do you miss out on you could be the best fit. Because he was having a very good season. Well pat as they did that kind of comes with the coaches are to do I think Dick coached the coaches who had these big time places to go he's big time jobs. I think the Noah comes to territory and there's no doubt about it dislike it have been generous deceit last year you know what would have been the situation. If if everything would a win down. And Jim both vicious suppose it was was there it was a money issue what if you would told an issue yes. He wanna be coach of Florida State have bogey when he played Houston he was going to be a back up but yeah point yeah I know that's I would nature I think that's what it is because they dated this is the win now program on that same wind. Eleven games next year or so four but that they want somebody coming here and win now and they feel like they've got that kind of talent it's best when you see some coaches are doing so much. More with less so much more we missed out. Let's go to JP and finished JP thank you for calling WW. It out quick question are. I'm Herman if not available to both they are not available. I yeah it was just knew you'd expect. I'll on the third day I don't know probably a laugh about it well yeah would repeatedly beat order all right now embark but that but who else they don't end up at. A gauge it in so. IE I I love what really for it's been generated to thank you doing you I think he's good where he is also Ellis you'd is now wanna commit to be an option style team they just don't I think that works at Tulane. Aids it they said imagine injured in auto camel from Vanderbilt would if this is an effort has so refined like down to its core element he knows exactly what he's looking for. And it does it he can make it work added two lane I don't know. On the highest levels. If that offense can still hang on a week in and week out basis that is to get this out against Kubel could Fritz is an incredible coaches resonates features self. As far as Hud's bit. His name was a little sexier couple years ago or do right he's that. He's not trending in an open direction now as nosedive you know they get a bit of my head there's what 34 straight nine win seasons no doubt about it. UNESCO to. Gretna for mark mark thank you for calling WW. I got good there it great I wouldn't think about to. Dilute opened up as an era on the coordinator. They had their name date date -- coach and Luke is a great coach but he hasn't been in a coordinator position yet there it's there it's going to be Steve ends meager market he's a tight ends coach he was an offensive coordinator at Georgia in the early ninety's and inherited this is coach looks for here in college ball and we an excellent time a and M in the mid ninety's when they were good he was an assistant and all over for your. He has eight on of could engineer has over thirty years of offensive coaching experience on this level I just got to go and Tom Izzo of Michigan State okay yeah I miss found out he found it what about time. What about your chefs do you think we got all of Friday reaches just you two years if I'm down would agree nephews somewhere and be good to. Leon in McComb Leon thank you for calling WWL. Hello hello Leon how are you thank you for calling WW real. I Leon is only a must be the draft through so many outcome exceeding minimum in just listen to your phone and at decorating at least a this go to college in baton route Colin thank you for calling WW it. Thank you and let me go out to. I was so and there was a better person I don't. Represented the university and the football program must. Annika on inside my house leader realized that. You know history of the school there's not many people who. He'd been years in the proper trajectory in age and I feel like that reason he peoples so we didn't execute it and out of this point but you know after last night I think we are excuses as light should be our typical edged. Yeah did look and and and and and I think Colin that I think it's very well said and I think. Like like I told someone earlier in the show it's just that today is not the day were that of going to be highlighted right as we gain distance from this as the out. The time starts to change in and regimes or did you injure going to look back on the last miles a year is very fondly and there will always be. An element of errors terrible year but you bring you're going to start to recognize a lot of the good and look if you do end up exploring hiring. Someone like Bobby Petrino Deke you know these guys with. Some very serious pretty different to what Wilson series off the field gaffes Ramirez made it you're gonna look at miles Tuesday he was excellent. From a public relations they would from being a member of the community against those were all some coach miles strengths and I think they will be highlighted time it is that the day. That's not going to be a topic of conversation yeah. Not not at this point in time back to DO phones we go and let's go to Mississippi. Forward to white the white thank you for calling WW ago. Is it remarkable. One win now you wanna go to the proven record at different married. I've got to give in my case for Urban Meyer. There's a neat tip at Ohio State team who is not allowed to postseason play and he kept that team together. And it was in a decent catcher congress that board. Either there or you begin got a that got a big brother and at the moment go back to when he was at Bowling Green go back to when he was Utah before everybody here knew whoever my I was. Nobody more of a mile was when he was that you tell nobody knew we wasn't usable green. That's what dogs Alabama that's what his success came in it doha I had time to keep keep you on but why would but it is is why would you want to leave Ohio State yeah that elation that's the question why we generally take out more tradition of there and he's in the Big Ten he's different part of country he's been in the SEC before. I'd I'd commit to that question because he took that undefeated team could not terrible game and the and he did a national championship. Ordered him to play our system he's been to the mountaintop. He's been a coach in those in the so lenient and stage right. There are important all the money on the table tops and compare them accurate then Michael. Yes I did they call it didn't answer why would you leave Ohio State at Ohio State's go Mets the money. They're not gonna let him go out there that there are three programs in college sports and in the black every year three programs in the black of the University of Florida. University of Texas and Ohio state university and come out all day and it program put together. That's only three. Football issues reason why they got tremendous support out there he's game pay out the wives who he's wanting you to I went undefeated at the he won national champ to the floor. He's one in this now now he's open and all. So I mean he's been everywhere in all an epic that's when he's gonna stay. Andy he made it goes back can we talk about with Herman in the big twelve argument or no excuse me we've Davos Sweeney in the ACC argument is. Right now or Meyer has to worry about beating him. He has to be Antonio yeah he had to be or ball. And then outside of that I mean look Wisconsin looks good dude what was council's I don't know yet right now but but but he doesn't have QB makes he has had to beat Alabama and they go beat Ole miss in the go beat Texas a and am in the Gobi. Like the SEC west looks so incredibly intimidating. Right now outside looking in. That wears the what tangible benefit it would Urban Meyer game from the switch. Nothing if not it would be in the meeting it's it's not even a lateral move at this point I'm when you look at where Ohio State program museum that Arizona youth program is in what become a tradition Ohio State has more tradition and an analyst you've. That's just just appoint his demise in my eyes and not leave last exactly that's what we say it. What about his. It I love his name is Bob though viewed Dodgers don't like Michael each Washington State swing your sword you he's at one good year out there and motivated now when pre game it seemed like I had two sets at Dunlap are hunted down my major Washington State and I would that knows I'm for him. They lost you at CS schools to open each of the last two seasons ago while Mike immediately and I game and as you know meaning what would you do they always announce which is even crazier than that they started off last year by losing to an FCS team and it went on to win nine no doubt about it that have been the team we have a disappointing very disappointing Metairie today it would dale thank you for calling WW. I put up big thing is that a little bit you in the and I'm making a quick comment and I got a look at Atlanta now. Of course they'll be excited Israel. Herm range all day that'll be great it retreat don't know we don't need a motorcycle about it often. Yeah and then look at that of that than not against Barbara trio but one thing's for sure if he comes to go win he's going to you you'll quarterback like a Brandon Harris we got on his team now. He wouldn't be him I guarantee he would be Davanon has been about is Saul when he played Katie ended dome in his senior season that and a. Because I don't doubt that all of Vegas. And I'll read bring publicity. That we had guys that are generally you're on. I don't have a prominent social beat them. Amenities if he does away if he does where there he's gonna have enough of this type of fan base behind him would you support to be like you know it. While miss that a good thing while mess ups up and it's a good thing and Cotto knows he knows and I guarantee you when it was on came here. Eating Columbia predicated all I'm just can be the time coach and now he wanted to be elevated to a deep into Corning's position all eight recruiting quarters disease. Which he was. And if it did come to a situation where they had to be a coaching change. He would be the interim guy if we don't if we don't city and really it's me. Think that that was discussed before he came me will smoke and rope on the net and sat somewhere else because I can promise you there was. An even though that it even though even though it was probably on. And okay look we're going to Uga is in in my adamant through but they told him that I guarantee you he caught that abuse was you know it. Always a shot yeah I'll allow this out because USC he was a USC gap. So he's it was more of USC gap because he was right up on the he can I'll be able to gamble he was close to detail tree. Then coach Abe able he was just as face. It was more tied into the USC's sat on the Lane Kiffin sat things not the Pete Carroll sent things. That's why they went with hockey and that's what he messed up it's and gave him the job he pro with the the season it was like talent there he won six out of eight games if he does that here. I doubt he's going have a lot of support him here and it's can be way more tangible support we have with the ball which broke down here it was out west. I did anyways wrong I think get mad when it's normal I think if you go six into and you beat Alabama. Oh it varies they aren't thank you I think if you don't beat Alabama I Pete he would have to go seven and one right I was really guys do it in 061 Alabama yeah. And an end in. I treat me and out all once he'd look at what was the big story line with the day USC was one of those is like Tom Coughlin yeah there. Tom Coughlin was we don't know the story he was notorious for be in this you know this rigid kind of task master and not allow his players to. To be themselves setter Excedrin and he. In Michael Strahan and Wendy told the Michael gear tell everyone I got to retire like we hate you right Tom Coughlin changed and he was that would great Eagles. But they he has spoken himself yeah a similar team to be playing for Ole miss USC and I don't we saw it had success that you missy and I I remain. Vieri intrigued to see be carries over those lessons it'd those less involved in bear fruit. Here at LSU. Thank you as a think UC how about let me see hit Lovie Smith points what he wants to be his final job where he is now the university. Of illegal really is yes that he just likes to go out and do you in the University of Illinois is on guys if you don't the big twelve I don't think Herman leave why wouldn't I agree with you. I agree with you you're in a better position to win championships. Right now he's if you're Tom Herman Houston in the big twelve that if you're Tom and at Ellis in the SEC way his is takes the would have been if you're right handed and you smoke room. OK yet I please let me clear I said I've never heard that before but I've spoken rope on the left hand side of the road win I've. Around you. Don't have you young young kid out in a yoga teaches young young had a one that had a lot of area yeah dollar budget to be in the first three or devious that we yeah it. The impact right bank and tonight is still out there tonight you turn of the jam and I did which like man. I love those movies him I'd like with the best impartial exact probably coolest of all Alia a new hope is my favorite because of the novelty it was like it's incredible. Emotion you ought to be. She. Kind of sucks like a look at the special thanks jet higher easy the final battles arm easy. Like it's a line to treat Kerry featured players border absolutely in this. They console and it's kind Modano and that and I in the autumn. All unseen is look while there are parts -- that I like. He walks he walks down 31 like he he walks are actually kind of crazy thing you know you are ready to. Luckily you know his his his opponent Tomas when you ever be faced week if you had your choice as domestic. Iwo. Mark block which will which McGwire went to mark one degree in mind is I I have never seen grimly god. I've got this immigrant got the seeing Allen in the main he walked it again I tell you chose to walk all man between those two as Q you I don't address any walk if C three PO had not convinced him. That'd guy a guy if he had not done that. You look at that on soul and being caught in Eaton right is what about Hugh freeze you reason I'm going where. You that would be lateral move. Immovable instantly you remove it isn't there yet could you think about it you're right yeah detail at a village you in the game we go back to a team that's it. It's about. About LSU Alabama. Loses job because Alabama it was the things that happened last night the people started looking in front of the main stat. Twelve and then in the last 22 in our five. Q were you entries you look where you finished in the SEC recently. As you point of the north you would be hard pressed. To write a's for that could have Morton negatively affected less miles. While we saw take place in last night's game out of every critique. That is haunted him threw out the years you know this late in the game to get him a Christian. It is just. It pays like. Every Cree it was it was errors there and they want them look at it repeated Pittsburgh. Net. Per year this is too great the most UNESCO to lose. Him as go to Metairie for Anthony Anthony thank you calling WW. Our couple quick point one which saw her ready used to not very cautious about what he brings to table because of the fact choose. Competition not in the qualifier conference and also it's a big job coaching that the university east jumping into the huge. And I that you make about upon but all we can go by its who he's played from the south welcome. You never hear part of person right it probably won't be again from what it. Jumping handle on his bandwagon and putting all my chips. I agree I like Kenny and that people are acting like that would be guaranteed success and there's way more question marks him did Diebler given. One question I had to buy a possible candidate would be at the 49ers don't do well how and how much interest DJ Chip Kelly would have. In coming to bat he. Be the most intriguing name I've heard thus far tonight for me I just don't know. I guess would take about forty niners he's I don't know if I see Jim Kelly seems so pride pulled me I think he once you make it work in the NFL I don't know if I see him coming back. To the college game and LSU would be intriguing to. Knew he had he had a chance that he heads into his that they too. In May be a situation which of Kelly he may be offered to go back home even though he immediately there and are in the right situations. The way it's going now what they offered eight he may want to upon. May want to leave Jimmy doesn't always knuckles on deck around too old Sean Payton Joseph there's you know Peyton Manning the you know he's going nuts. Because Mike knows the Saints are struggling all right. Jones. The Saints have only got a fire show on paid for the Saints and then hire Dallas you all. All right folks. We got to his immediate view is we can't with the special program with four hours but we have to. Go to Sunday night for about a night if the Dallas Cowboys. And the Chicago Bears they surmised Jack Harris also Joey all of our wonderful staff and it just showed again on such on notice again for the latest. On dumb as a mouse situation go to WW dot com. He is. Gone that being less miles has been relieved of his duties he's by no longer LSU needed is Cam Cameron the new offensive coordinator is Steve in Maynor. And the new interim head coach is it always drawn. I'm big ability team that they've antibiotic into the house. Aren't you all crazy times it puts stick with us here on WBO throughout the week will be bringing you. All of the latest coverage on a double Libya like com WW off FaceBook.