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Think Tank 1110am Dr Ed Chervenak, Last Nights Debate

Sep 27, 2016|

Will the debate influence your vote: First debate topics include America's direction, achieveing prosperity and security in the U.S. Who scores highest on each? Will the debate make a difference in your vote? One you watch one debate will you watch the other two? This hours guest: Dr. Ed Chervenak - UNO Political Science Professor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well here's hoping Ben. Do people in New Orleans a blog sued to breed out there than the saints game. It was called who tells what to opening. Probably won't remove we've dull from 400 pound had heard restricted. To a bit. And they worry if you didn't see to and like I got into a if you're you're sitting on the points. I can't imagine. Any thing in bad debris that would you vote. A dub it a bit Oprah jaguar opinion poll were ruined every hour with a different subject of the debate influence your vote ED percent says that a salute and whenever a talk politics. Go to doctor Ed Sherman act cute little political saw is propose your dog to thank you so much for the call. Oh so what were your thoughts humiliated through the entire hour and a half. Yes sir I did. I would basically. Say that there would that team was revenge of the nerds. Candidate. Who studied the candidate who prepared. Did much better in the days I was on my ST today that they should take heart from that lesson of that you know study prepared they'll do well on their test. Would. You students. What are they did they walked in each. A little bit. I mean it's a mixture of opinion in the classroom some people are told supporters some people Hillary supporters. And so. You know four of the truck supporters that he say they feel that he got a few good points and especially early you know he talked about trading new economy. And then Hillary's supporters pointed out that she just got stronger as the evening went up. And and for the people that are important pro for the people better for Clinton. The debates really make a difference for them don't day. Think there guy or girl did better or or or good regardless of what occurs and let's. Yeah us. A new you know outside of you know anything. Mean drastic that if you supported Donald Trump's chances are you you did after the Dayton and likewise for Hillary Clinton and so. It's the persuade couples out there there's still. Partly due million persuade couples out there. Who might be influenced but the the hardcore partisans they're sticking with their candidate. And towards the end trump supporters out there don't give a teacher and under we're not. I'm not voting for trump or Clinton of old Sega very publicly. But it's not a dollar I get a Italian. Clinton seemed to it it it is vocabulary. Was it was very limited. Even in the points. Where you just knew where there would do would be emails or whatever. Bad at he had been upper hand. It just seemed like Q was rambling and grabbing words. From me urine from bear. The juicy and in the. Well it certainly. Demonstrated incoherence. On the birther issue and also on the tax return issues that she just let go on. And talk and talk and talk and the more he talks. And the fury at himself trouble and you know it's kind of the old adage give them enough rope. Hang himself wet and so. You know one of the big questions was whether Donald Trump would have intellectual stamina to last the entire ninety minutes. And we found out last night that he didn't. That he was running out of gas he was running out of things to say. It is his biggest she was on the economy and on trade. There was you know and he did leave a lot on the table and talk about immigration. He didn't talk about things even talked about the FBI probe of you know Clinton's female server. So his lack of preparation relation. And and one of the things that didn't really job in this morning. My nerves started breeding the back truckers on win two plume of black and packed checked god or. Musa born chief whenever I mention them. Most conservatives think they're liberals and liberals think conservatives. But blobs are wrong it Clinton landslide so did problem. You you don't pay any federal taxes that's probably why you won't let us see. Your tax returns. But political fact in electric dog court that they both of them said well actually. He didn't. Public Brooke would show three years. And would trump did pay you pay federal income taxes. It was a New Jersey who's playing Brooke who's single license 33. Inserted through the report. Trove income federal tax payments from 1975. Through. 1979. And so we paid him replied gears. You are you who think the problem. That would be a basic. Thing. When they've. When they've prepped him when that trained him would mean obliged and she's gonna come up you for your refusal protectorate turned. Or you have kids Malarkey. I'm sure you bunt by Beers were. One bull backs that stood me wanna look at trial he did you sing so you could hit a and to me knew what is. Well I thought was interesting that she almost. Basically got him to admit that he hadn't paid any federal taxes. And equity ID. The comment that it was Smart not to pay the taxes and that it was just good business. Yeah I think you alluded to two years since his return Torre he's in pain texts she was cherry picking there. But. You know I I think you're absolutely correct that. He knew she was in attack came on the on the tax returns that she was attacked him on the birther issue. And you literally had no answer freedom one. And ended in some of the other things. Though the fact checkers today it's very troll reputed wrong claim. Pretty imposing Iraq War will win you win you go see what the fact checkers are basing it on. It's a conversation with Howard Stern. Of which. Shortly the rapid trump said I don't know is thinking and all the record conversation. With the with Sean Hannity. It is even the fact checking. About these kind of things is confusing. And and it seemed like old from bad to say you're you're talking about conversations. I have with the shock jock and radio talk show notes. But that's true but he also again opportunities say that he opposed. The invasion and so he didn't take an opportunity in and in fact it weakened the invasion he said that things were going well was the only. After things started going for early began kind of an armchair quarterback approach saying well now things are going so well. You know eludes this magazine interview in 2004 well I mean. By then everyone know that things turned back and swimming in Iraq. So we get opportunities they initially opposed that but he didn't mom and so that's what you know those the words you know that people are gonna hold. All right digger and Greg were rump on the radio in the radio realm review doctorate charm and you know political science professor you called Steve's eggs or 187. Did your man win did juror late do you win. In your room. Undecided did you decide to procedure 187. All right Ralitsa we're Jude drink or on the road it would doctor ensured an act. You know political science professor worth thinking about landslides presidential. Debate let's go to William in that room will improve should call. I can take my colleagues and I said that what you get practiced every night said that. Let Mike Donald Trump did not. Or is it Emeka is so clear what he does that is against the war is that correct. Betty had to urge me to say that. He opposed the invasion last. On the radio he said you know I guess they support it. Well okay can black and I heard an hour until debate that he did say he's against the invasion. On out there and which has millions of subscribers should Arabic people and our own Sean Hannity. One ship which they can people about it other than they saddled that is against the war. And then acting if he said that he'd go in civil war and the oil. It would it would funding right that's what matters. An outgoing and with a very open on the back what matters is your comment obviously. Well I mean certainly the transcript service noble college students show. Up you know and and that I would retire what will that well concurrent. Our goods like Google that the dog to respond please. And that it's been shown numerous times that that clip has been heard numerous times. Where Howard Stern does ask them if he supports the upcoming invasion and he says yeah I guess they do that they would he wish that they would have done a better at first. Well. From what I understand and I Eric probably pretty hard out there at their back you know to get it back and he that if you're gonna go and take oil if you're gonna go into a bachelor's. Our I'd appreciated the call and have done. Google more and getting to cope with the specifics. Or were you surprised that doesn't trump didn't didn't really. Hit Clinton very hard on emailed someone who was brought up. Do you think she really responded to food to me it was march from respond she'd she'd just morphed into another Sunday. Well which we get an email to circle of possible. And I think that was a Smart strategy because you know the more she would have talked. You know the deeper she got herself into all. So. You know like I think a lot of people party process the email situation. Being dosage in the private server they know that thousands of emails. We're guilty dot com and that's thirty days and in the numbers and at this point I think. I mean. When you listen to vote them. And you've fully understand that Clinton made a lot of money would speeches for Wall Street. And I've finger was in particular Goldman Sachs three's features that she will not believes the transcripts. And then trump says he will not leaves his current. Income tax when we'll have solid we heard the current said. Brought continue to burden is no problem the road you've revealing it. I'm thinking of Bruins. What's his name and Warren Buffett. Came up and said I get audited every year and I'd turn over money and time income tax. To merge shareholders. The first effected bid two of them have something that the or hiding. Did the bad doesn't affect bear believers. Of all as a do you think did it affects. The non committed the Vince travelers. Well certainly there are issues of transparencies for both campaigns. And that seems to be a lack thereof for both campaigns in the election cycle. And so you know this is what leads to this. Sense of distrust. Com for Hillary Clinton primarily. She's one news viewed as untrustworthy. A much greater extent than now trumpet. And so this is more kind of Angel food for her enemies and anything else irk her her supporters are gonna say yeah okay this is investigated at that she gave speeches she got paid. That's so you know we don't really care. You know what we care about as pro running down from from one noise. And at this morning dung where UC prone independent bird pulled shown. Well all most of them I mean is that a lot of polls out there right now in recent polls that showed. Clinton. As the winner. CNN poll which definitely Democrat. But we should expect her to get some sort of bounce that we won't know probably for about another week or so. Certainly the media narrative will have a role in terms of you know how people respond. To the question you know we've seen in previous cycles where. Voters of that one candidate won and in the media. Get into it's been and then influences the public's. Valuation of the polls in a different direction. So it'll take yeah it'll take some time you know if you look at you know 2000 election people thought Al Gore won. But the immediate and focusing on his demeanor you know sighing in this. You know as a rolling in the and things of that nature and and that kind of change people's. Valuation of the debate. I'm good but today. And and you may disagree with me I would submit. That the media is a whole lot polarized. Conservative liberal. Ben was even the inland side aboard senior national politics and and it was one I thought it would be right out of their certainly. A little criticism of Clinton presidency and then broad primarily bullets. How Donald Trump in themselves and more Blogspot actually thought bureau in the beginning. He really did good quarterback on the heels with the fact that she's at. Thirty years to change things and chi house and how does the media go about changing the win the media. Really is the Conservative Party in the Liberal Party. Well. Today yeah ultimately data today people are operating and echo chamber that the media is doing more than anything else is just reinforcing. Thirty held predisposition. That. You know people are gonna have to go out and search for information from you know your NPR's hear more non bias. Media outlets. Because. Media is doing more reinforcing today than anything else you know. You know fox is basically. Convincing conservatives that don't drop one you know MSNBC is basically saying no you know convincing liberals are watching Clinton London and trump did not do very well so. It's delivered much more of an echo chambers as you know today. It. Our Islam and take a break would come right about keyed a doctorate in Sherman act. Of the 1015 minutes you know political science professor did you watched the debate. Didn't sway you one word in other dude did. Or can that. Doom. Good why. Gives to these eggs or 187. Welcome back thing good about the debate landslide abductor if true and dog with the as you know political science for a outs. Professor let's go to Craig Craig Euro and a bit of the real thing but the call. I appreciate that you all are looking. The debate did not. Change my opinion on the other. All that. Letting for Americans I got. Qualifier. And then like there have been doctored comment. Boat builders February responsible. I did. United States then I'll vote for hours. No I have not had met at our amber. And now I'll ever try to keep all eight. All you do it on in practice. It solo. But the other police officers did terrorist attack of that nature this thing play. Is stopped or changed. And that. Thank you preachers to call on your thoughts on. Well. You know secretary Dana take responsibility for whatever Ming got in church you know she had to do it over again that. They would try to do something different. But. Leggett said that. People are pretty much pre disposed at this particular time com and so they're gonna stick with their candidate regardless of you know dredging up information about what happened in the past. And do you think we're we're hitting point in particular referee independents. But we're going bin godsey. You prompts. And and tact for returns. Heard it over and over and over again do we ever get to a point where we're really all our interest did. And what the educational plan is one of the economic plan is what the trade playing in this news. Look I think the next debate we'll lend itself to those sort of issue based questions because it's gonna get town hall format. And there are the candidates will be. Much more engaged with the audience and probably taking calls are excuse me taking questions from the audience. And so will sit for the simple issue based questions where the media tent that's more. Strategy questions and so the but the good opportunity. For worthy candidates. To answer some of those questions. The economy on you know nuclear weapons and transportation. Elf and you know textiles. Our it its code to Josh up down Jones room would doctor and Sherman act. I've felt that bank statement call. I. I don't think the debate it's certainly changed my mind so much. There are trying to add I think it's. You struggle it that stopper that. And quite and talk about today and I talked about one your issued. A Jewish but I feel like. Are most in question how you know once he gets full well that they keep on presidential trump well. Dispatcher. By how well. Teaching law and I kind of wonder if he wore it in any doubt about the issue and that's what people what it out that. Al I don't know I don't know which. Will look when you look at presidential candidates. Electoral students that you know images almost everything. Side by side framing of the two candidates in the state. I think get a great disservice to Donald Trump we saw the face contortions. And rolling any. The interrupting. And that does literal demeanor does play a role. Because we do want. Our candidates to act presidential. And so this is something that people will be looking at. And they're talking about probably for the next week at least until the next debate. And so. I think the music of the callers right that she basically gave him and he took the bait every time and this is what led to you know these facial contortions and him kind of looking and presidential on I'm on television. All right got to take a break could Josh refute called and professor. The user whom we can do you know the five minutes got a couple of questions I'm I'm done now excuse they would lose. Callers what did you think did you see that the big did sway you at all. Do juror candidate. Do well and why Jews in general one 878. They get about debate ignited was doctored true but it drew nor political science proposed share. Doctrine move forward go back to veto of bones. Whom he is early voting is it under way. And former state authority under way. We start here on October 25. And Missouri and wouldn't try that then org is injury and wouldn't sued to look at. The overall conference. You know who does is an indication of. Well. The secretary of state releases. Early voting totals and they break it down by gender Barry's. And by party and so that can give us an indication of who's turning out to vote it's it's kind of a blunt instrument to determine who they're voting for. But it is an indication of at least is turning now. All right look we go to radio on his cell phone you would doctor Sherman act. John has been gone. Question directed to what you short. No mention of low ones or Hillary. Are double. I questioned argued boat. Yeah yeah. I'm good on the boat load Terry. The took it out well good question. What there's there's. Election trial election. State election that we. Years ago governor. It's. Not the typical typical let me even though that is what you. I don't know because I want to bring back to. Duplicate that now 20 well. It. And what about. When I. Not vote for Edwards because it no way that. So you know the you know what it is there. Nationally and you know yeah and that back and I'd travel too. This election election and it's been meaning there. You know. I'd vote. Hillary. Obviously in my point of view the most all on the job because of experience. I'm. Aware. People. Ought. Outlook now. That great. People. Would. Regret regret it at all purpose of our level in us. It. Which sort ago. And yeah the concern as it is August and that bridge building. British arrived. I respect your opinion. Have been inducted timed to explain to you why I'm doing blunt I'm doing. A feel very strong and solid lead screwed too autonomy in Slidell hero with professor Sherwood. Tommy that religion we do. On OK before illusion. One of the things I would ask you about. Of a what did he political analysts. And about an hour ago grab while respectful and and and he put down to India on a Texas says post the big media coverage. Has been heavily skewed in Clinton's favorite scene in post debate poll even taking into account the sampled democratic. Idea. Shows Clinton to be a landslide winner. Can you do that Interpol can you sampled the the Democrat or Republican by X. We'll know what scene and did was they conducted an earlier survey and that these people they were going to watch the presidential debate. And then those people who responded yes they went back. And ask them who they when the debate and of course. It seems that most people that they were analyzed to date. We're more likely be Democrat. And Republican and so that's why you're seeing in the democratic leanings sample. In the CNN poll. And would what do you think of the of the next debate. I mean. I cannot imagine Rudy Giuliani's. And Roger able all the experts that Donald Trump had. That couldn't convince him not to do the facial distortions. Not to. Moment that the basics stuff do you see him changing for the next debate. Well you know a lot of it depends earned. Donald Trump's attitude. She seems to have if there's this sense. You know his style look at him to areas now there's no need for him to really change. But of course primary elections are much different and general elections. And so it'll be interesting to see whether in fact he does take. Advisement for the next debate seems to have. Kind of scale back with a new campaign team that you know Caylee Conway. Campaign managers and that kind of has to be here soul I suspect that. You know I think he might be more willing to listen to the next time any good for the time. A Dutch German Reich always a pleasure thank you Tom I know. Kept hearing ordered them we usually do but thank you so much how to play on. All right stay Willis we won't continue our compensation. On the debate it's what you bring to its eggs or 187. Gibbs call. All right Soo pointless we're under continual. Our conversation. On the debate last night will be bringing in another. Ph.D. in political science. Expert from ULL. Lab via some say Willis. Call your thoughts to Germany and did your later when. And pure independent if you were all the pinched did you get swayed. Tuesday at 01 aids. This is over of the wow.