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9-27 4pm Bobby & Mike: second guessing the Saints' loss to Atlanta

Sep 27, 2016|

Bobby & Mike break down the Saints' 45-32 loss to Atlanta.

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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another addition this again she'll like it to you obviate. From the so we'll see what casino. It's right here and Hank not counting Mississippi about it in outfield until 8 o'clock that night in Cuba. Christian. And special showed tonight that we. Saints coaches show certainly don't hate it is. Assistant coaches that get ready for San Diego sharp week in traveling to the cold so they won't be with his moves real well. Special. Lineup tonight at 630 Jerry Glanville Lowe will deal with this the former. Atlanta Falcons and Houston all those coaches is he cub pup we gave Atlanta in. Mean they got some great stories between doable at 645 Jeff Charleston a former Saints defensive end. Who actually got coached by coach Joseph. When he was the offensive line coach with the Saints and just kept up with the instinct what have been also. In at 715 tonight man himself revealed draw the new head football coach at LSU it Oldsmobile on with this. At 735. Bill brought back to it from the same tree and it went back to the second guess you know and now we'll have Rick audio on a former Saints wide receiver. Special teams star and the pop. Michael bought the and so lot alike talk about certain about the college football world and what he's seen happen Winona Penn State at LSU. Different things and certainly like that just a great run with the Saints did but you know what though but yes it goes to show you how much talent the Vikings head. That they couldn't be like on the squad they had so much talent build up at the linebacker position and merely was. A good acquisition but it's like how good he's played. Not only at linebacker but he's been eight special team. Well. I don't know was he hurt yes they are last night why did Michael lot of plate. I mean the wont last the politics the pocket as well policy upon Anthony I mean I looked like he had a lot of mental busted coverage in the flat. That I look at Michael body as far as production. You know to gauge Eddie total tackles and a sack caused forced fumble. He was meted out by far. The special team that tackles. So I mean yeah it really have a chance that the I don't know if you beat instantly felt like. We have the Vikings defense where you could see why he'd have trouble maybe getting on the field. I think almost force feeding in and wanting in trying to make the line and hoping and hoping that the finance and he can work I'll all on the outside that this season. Yeah and I agree with I guess our tax court they next Monday. I mean who knows you might end up playing against San Diego and you want Michael completely thwarted the and have that opportunity but we can't all the coaches need to fire. Because like you said it to shark week. And are any of the coaches. And I understand it not running away from the mood at nation. It is a shark week get in his cabinet travel yet another go to west Colston yeah. That's it before you know us and he's going to be here and so I think that hopefully they can bounce back it we got to get a win. So kind of woman I guess or a bye week and treatment because it might be goodnight Irene knew before really you'll read it starts. You look at that schedule up fortify their Q you're not talked about this earlier today last year to Saints gave up when he nine point eight points per game. Note most in the national football and class. This year at the three games 32 points a game and that's what. It started probably did I call it a go question aren't there I mean that'd be given up that much that that that that will be dead last and as that is at halftime. Mike they had 28 points. I'm like well that that that that's what you need to give up the whole game at the bolts. Well all that you think he'd get an issue about track we tied in with all that about. Getting in a track meet tight game. You know we're talking about. High twenties low to mid thirties at the bowls and you know not part of party like BC. Thirty Q what targets are rated 3434. Not enough there to 430 two's not enough. Seek to be that should be enough. Now. And actually it is I think it and they hit it NFL. Coach Payton admitted this in the post game. If you give up 200 plus yards rushing and you're not of beating anyone on political step for the if you give it up over two yards Russian and you minus two in the terrible market. Mike given that not a hundred resonated pretty close that it you know you don't want to get that you'd never winning if that's the case. Ya that no question about it again meant just the big matches you saw on this and we get they had some of the film breakdown and you shall we recorded earlier today up that backs. They had defense of people what you think all still. Wide open I hung on out there about well. That was good coverage with a great throw away it was like it could have you know people. On that right call on little or model called Google. Yet it would instantly relate man all I know it's Eagles article the ball he's seasoned veteran. He's out there a little bit about that and hit it and make it had to Drew Brees when a guy like Matt Bryant if it goes to show you. Polly spread the ball around like it very field reads one to me before I think 78 giving receivers. If the modular told me. That does it it's going to score Pauley party five point. I'm that you Julio adult is gonna happen kind of eat out actually where he had a target if you are the the portable. A little village jolt when pat is one pitch and all the experts picks which six minutes left in the third water. So we'll go to all this that OK we'll we'll attack the flags look back on that he coverage. You know tied it right back and that's how we can exploit this thing look at the clock if Freeman. The octave Ramon he had to Julio Jones numbers all purpose that you talk about Mike running the football he averaged eleven yards or run. Fourteen to him that the two yards and five catches the 55 yards notes that that was equalled the type back now. To me. The block to agreement. You might like marking it and I think marking with my heart I thought I knew we could run the ball without the Williams to play catch up yet to get away from the run. But it's based on. The bought the Arctic region looking at Whitley had marking him don't have that wiggle highly embarrassed Jared bird a couple of times. Where would you would have been one detected you know that flag football like life to it anecdotally I budget. It got to tackle. Solo would you look at that it matches and the Falcons. I think it's like being totally honest about that scenario. You got to say that now with out coached him. And that has not indicate no he's been a moment yes yes if you look he's been dominant. The thing through 2006. I fourteen wins or losses. Against Atlanta. It is to put all they had eight wins and losses you know double the guards it thing and that's why it's noble over back over. Like you know what bill recruit at Tampa Bay now don't know Monday Night Football ESP is the you know he's gone. The reason why it's old or the culmination they'll they'll advantage. Eichel via the past 58. In the super all they've won four games lost eleven times. I'll battle Philip benefit that would air and it and it Lyle chair. They were loud and proud all excited. Often it they with they will do what did you drive down the field and Mike that's nice to start the game Beagle eleven play 75 yards it's edited zero. Bit fortunate in how you look at what the fans going crazy in the back on my exact. Combination that cam Jordan. Nick Farrelly also a perfect scenario that we could put it to Atlanta. All of with yet he still comes back there next to the court and you will that means a lot harassment that I'm in the and you look you almost jock like with the help this happen. Not that the on the eleven are plead its evidence that acts that popped everything that pop that bubble right and it I think it kind of response time respond. Well we could do. Get all that you away at the via third down scenario are a couple of fourth down. Couldn't get all of the field. It does add up but just force them but the Portland time. That not just at the beginning at five straight shot and it drives the got a touchdown five. Let them. Well it but they'll brag on the defense in that Giants game. Back to Dallas like. It that you know what it's like last year the and like coach factory fitness. This strike you which one Payton went around that at bat that we saw that team it's Atlanta. We'll be back with more second guessed right at this break you on the BB seven. Welcome back to the second guess you'll like it to you Bobby bell lap from this helpless look for Placido. Beat sided Hancock county Mississippi are definitely operating Jack or opinion poll chip Ellis shoot have a national search for a new head coach. Our promote from within. Ed note role all our defensive coordinator Dave rant that you cast your vote at evident DL not now but. They beginning in awe that the coach at that it made it this that I think scenario. And that's you know I think you know they are likely to succeed we all want and six. We won the state championship again they in 1977. He's actually my cousin. My mom's mom was that overall. So you know it donny's felt opera coach obvious on the rules and we won the state championship with 77. News about roommate in college. So I mean we go way back but. What needs to happen. And you got at least and it will what you have to do no matter where you from you gotta you gotta win. If he wins. I think if you go undefeated. And ominously that would come ought can't. I think it's parliament I think they have the talent. You know pushed the right but Golan defeated. And beat Alabama. I think even if they don't go undefeated this they would have one trip up. Which still beat Alabama Baton Rouge I think he had a great chance to get that job if not. Let's say. Outstanding coaching performance. Very similar and we did it USC. In May be stamped and all of us that Demetric trip up. They lost the anti UCLA. Even though I have Lane Kiffin he's got to fix it to they would have a direction. But but that's our keys at the California guy and all that is them by telephone. Is. That group. You know a Los Angeles. But you know you gotta be I'll war you got you know be a mercenary attitude is go football is football what you got to succeed. But I think like if they don't have success of the waiting game has changed. I would see. Them obviously. You'll indicate he needed to Hugo the heat coach all drawn the random but that the fans and yet again and again I'll offensive minded head coach not that that's why I don't think it's still got to wait seeing how it's gonna play out. That that is that no good several from a national perspective all they got to the national coaching search your forty they've played a game. Elegy get a way to play the story. I think it's going to be a challenge that they've Iran coach Roland the defense could Missouri could score. Not the prince's lulls out knowledge shame on. Now go to shark week the coach at Atlanta and what they try to do offensively. That day that that that there's no way of Missouri Missouri should stop them they should not stop them. But I think the challenges that it be and now this the first time they they lost the Missouri is a history there. Missouri joint SEC. They've played in the Liberty Bowl you don't have played Liberty Bowl with ordinary Ellis shoot. And my old Saints team me it was a in the Liberty Bowl Memphis. Played that Missouri team he played guard for us that he was that are made the Pro Bowl 1988 Brad adult. It probably heard Andy Pratt and Ohman rather don't want this that this kind of let him Missouri Tigers at at that time. And Mike had a awesome running back with Tampa Bay packet thing. Innings while there James wilder. With our running back outstanding. NFL player and and the end that beating LSU but there's no history they come in at Tiger Stadium. And will build LSU Tigers that are real tiger. You know that the Missouri Tigers yet it's in their mascot like as I guess as the tiger. If you look at it being a big you've got the Auburn Tigers. That they'll let his arm and a buddy art appointment Lori Lori you know I mean whenever you have three three mascots you have an identity crisis. You don't know when you really. That would always like against right up that is used rate quit. Chris Miller. Welcome activists and get a show like that to you Bobby you've been alive from the snow was look for casino. Beats died in Hancock county Mississippi who dat nation Devin Libya wants to see new to us going home game. Just listen to Garland Robinette on Thursday from ten to 1 PM when you hear at this site play of the week. Call 60 wins that's 20609467. For your chance to win tickets this week. This week you can win tickets to this point home game against the Carolina Panthers Sunday October 16. Listen at college in the picnic Thursday's in the one and win Saints tickets from sites radio Davida BL. Op Ed Mike like you like football loved football you love competition look at the next three things home games. Carolina Panthers on the sixteenth. In the got to Seattle Seahawks. October 30 that you got the Broncos. So in the superdome. What we are right now it's at eleven it will bordello. You know full Miller. 11430. In Florida and have a lovely guy that Carolina fans is that the odd. I don't know. Down millions of my challenges. Very very mountains that go to helpful lines. Our permits and all our. I'd say not their big dog but it's that he picked up well I don't. Tonight I'll just take it and you know by now I thought I'd Dick Johnson adopted now. But that's the not the only title necessary as soon as they that all the real now when it but it who were. Good afternoon gentlemen how long ago. We doing fine thank you are right knocked a big job not the Pentagon thank you think somebody got that time tolerated and it got to look at big. A. Nobody quit right away LOB John I mean I've yet to be excited at the beginning it. Like that it could go away pretty fast what. I'll well I just pray our network to train wreck our he'd be my last night might happen to watch the job. Obviously defense was the one but those who watch yesterday. Bomb it it was just that it was so the plate you put it right it was this week to watch what apple with a ought. At the speedway. On was fumble in the end it just replete scratch your head. But what I want this date the guys is that why did what happened to miles this week yet. Should be a cautionary tale brand but I think especially so on state. Because what you saw with what miles are you we have yet to happen I'm glad it happened when it didn't it. Did that doesn't reflect Papelbon last month person but you're at a school like Ellis do you gotta you gotta win games and and collapse was obviously in the way of the of a very good football team. Poppy and able to do what they have the potential to do so. I think it was a good decision on the part. LSU to relieve him and like I said I hope so on me was locked in the post because what that really laws. Was the example goes to bat to park added. And was not willing to make any changes or adjustments. Now the last miles there's changes and adjustments that he would make for a balk that side football. Sean Payton last couple years it's been Al evaluation of this football. And you thought just meant being house you know Mike Martin was partly in game at all. And that phony Anthony was in the game. That the that the camp will be in harkat. I don't keeping him and can't a lot of money but you've got to get out in you gotta get the most out of players that payout. And in fact get the most out of the highlights the pony happening when you kind of go to somebody else and goes for everybody on that football the. John beat John I agree with you in the go to shoot a difference. A Rob Ninkovich was not only cut one honestly he was cut twice now he's suspended now from the Patriots but guess what. Got a first round pick got it sitting to pitch because Belichick thinks Rob Ninkovich is better than him. That that they had a store. That's all that tells the whole story right there. At one time. You know tea cup you. We was payments the Saints were the standard. Along with the New England Patriot especially and a Super Bowl won in 2011. But we can't say that anymore we're not we're doing what he's doing when does New England is doing when he hit three inaudible. They got a third string quarterback right now. We're a story. And and we're playing the odds and win which wrapping guys. Who just not getting the job on the talent evaluation on the speed. For some reason has really dropped off and I will compromise what apple coach Moore back in 996. This was there an old guy who had and had tremendous success outs. But it was going to be this way of highways in the and that got back up web smiles as he could pitch on Peyton India. Well you don't pick John and I. Like to think that whether it. Have ugly way they have embarrassed that. Losses they have a cutesy. You have ugly losses. I don't know why you mental losses where you'd get embarrassed. Our you have. Oh good feeling losses when it goes out the Juarez and that's that we had it as bars. A competitive atmosphere. Ethnic the first two games but what happened Atlanta that's an embarrassment laws right now when I look wherever. I look at it in tonight looking at the browns' party in the Jaguars because. They round at that they hope with the heat it the 500. But I'll look at the pride at this organization. And I think it worth all that but. I don't think we have the advantage because the quarterback would be the Bears. Look at it to buckle whether Bears in Iraq right now in the end it's me and I think you know at the net the way. Because the quarterback which you look at I'll I'll April form. Play in the game so you bored to watch. That night football. That you want to watch that press that would you like that was it out and and and Chicago. At this late date Chicago while Whitney when Cutler now. You know that the week before Philadelphia yes. I mean at night it looked like a lot but in able able. Is it looks like that's where it kind of estimates are at right now that's at night team. Don't look at it as McDonald out Roy yeah. Over the last five years name me a significant free agent this team has sign. On the defense it's like if football. If you got to pick a body that goes to show you. Keenan Lewis could've been that guy out flash of pain but a little and the injuries got him. No we talk about any when he did a probable that nobody was a good job but started. The players on the night dog lucky. But you know what the fans would say he went even approval he was solid for us though. Well he'll make it next Jabari rare. Look at but it adds a partner. And and his kind of productivity went April bullet you with a great start for us but that goes to show you. All the misses we've had it read it. Because when you all your body Kenya on Coleman picked up Butler. Champ Bailey. A second round pick which is the only job that these money thrown at Harrisburg. Money lost that CJ Spiller on the offensive side the football and you where if we if we if all across the board. Well we really hit the field would be. Harper. And Jabari where Greg Robertson got a shot yet had a shot I Robinson's casualties on that level now we've it. Oh I'd trade is that it you know role. Hollis Thomas. Brodrick Bunkley. But no one thing you know. Like like oh. No parades. Later that that added that a team has given up we have like we gave up and Darren Sproles. And ladies of the Eagles well and how my body. Well Dallas you don't have money why I mean it out of four million and I think that's all there aren't that they've got eight. I got a not a question watch out you know you matches and he's on that he we take the time we step on to LSU cornerback and process. What hit that would not hands on a cookbook eighty miles up the river and David Affeldt becomes. You can say what you want our last miles as a coach. But he was producing NFL talent at LSU so wide at that on me and I'm looking wanted to. Productive at the players that look like he's been nailed honor in the tobacco. Yes I eat in a row overall belief in the rotation getting that and you got to 38 year old Terence Newman. And I don't know would drink and all I don't know because he actually didn't feel was there from your wallets and if she put on. They Facebook that says success is drinking red wall. When that might you that was the case thought about it and he knew that it 35 years old I've been expended Korea that it probably be all world. Not excellent but went up but it did it. And will mean haven't bowyer on the second guess she'll run up is break on that negates that. Welcome back and it's like to get show like that to you Bobby you've been alive from the snow was slip a casino. Beat side in Hancock county Mississippi we're gonna go to any New Orleans didian huddle with Bob and Mike. A my. So yes go ahead. Hey I'll Ciba beans and I might not but uttered for you guys. Sorry man I mean here we the idea that situation I'm in. As a consultant quarterback consultant you know. The question is. And also. Martin. As well. Won't repeat call put all his bulging wanted to play caller like when he did Stevens going to. Yes I think out the game. A little while ago when you look at it. It's out of first rodeo and development supported the three yet once that Georgia Clemson needs in Louisiana that ended. And it was an eight yet to be. With these call late or. I'll Ellis struck right now at odd to me too much at the Eagles about this Brad. And not be surprised at that time yet packages that the earth they. It will definitely. Whitney more obvious that bird and I quarterback that's alive that they yet that flexibility. That an experience that they trust me at needles the whole college coach quarterback. Well yeah yeah yeah before you board acted had a trial with the things. Another thing too is they don't break is gonna have some say in that went on it now look what a back who coaches the receivers. Damian is gonna have some input on what happens. And being a former SEC what a lot of those games back. Network. School football. Player because you're report yet. Much personally you mean he came and we executed what went in me and him and he's. The only one. Support against them. I think that you know you. Don't want to you play at night. It's been much been but. I'm making. Mark Ingram looked awful tired and he knew he would like 3 o'clock appointment. The public you know it is at all so. All I know is that. You let them in the hundred tackle Tony. Our outdoor he led the team in tackles with eight. I don't know how to apply a little wild that today. People say what you got to beat six foot and went to a fifty pounds to play linebacker. All I know is one Alex and you lose and Tampa Bay needs another form LSU tiger he's beaten that team in tackles and people jones' lead that Falcons and that. Well at another it's non line back with the Cardinals can't admit there is another way it's all LSU my bags that they about that on the inside. You got the Cardinals and how well for next June in the back with that that's all all former Tigers you know lately it's night and on the first rate in the NFL. Then thanks so much but well we appreciate it will have more here on the second guess show right at this rate Q on the negates that and finishing it up here the first hour of the second guess Joseph we're gonna go to shock and Abigail jockey and huddle with Bobby might. Won't necessarily. My job. I'm at home. You have real quick is one of the honorable emotion and I think diligent pupil was the Kumble or can be group and crew. Now what saint. Meanwhile those in China on political Blaine who was will be two and we have to think about it right. Mean Nolan thank you know what. We think we know that I figured I think is part of the front off the bat weak game. You know we government for the belt a couple of injured. Wood on the bear that is and Appleby won multiple ball being in the long been a pain we Melamine Cleo again and it took up all going value. Doc you know our Cowboys missed more than Jimmie Johnson coach Jimmy Johnson a player personnel director. Jimmy was the best in the business he knew talent and how they would with the Cowboys and when they lost him as a coach was one thing when they lost him as a talent evaluated the Cowboys get this year it's never. This thing yet because you look immediately that this the players to Eric our director Barry couldn't do it W one want to double but he didn't what did you guys yeah didn't adjust to talent. It was that the players there but you had different coaches still one. I think to look Butch Davis exit the pits a brilliant coach did not gonna go that route is a puny offense it's not not think so much but golf won't be back with more the second. Again show right after this news break swept.