WWL>Topics>>9-28 Scoot Show 2pm -Should schools force players to stand during the playing of the National Anthem?

9-28 Scoot Show 2pm -Should schools force players to stand during the playing of the National Anthem?

Sep 28, 2016|

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association has decided to let the local schools and school districts deal with athletes that do not stand for the National Anthem.

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Yeah it's beautiful out there it's a little warmer today that it will be tomorrow and the next day it looks like it's going to be a great weekend. It's gonna be a great weekend for LSU to take on Missouri LSU has a new coach. A new attitude they played Missouri this Saturday Tiger Stadium where there's going to be phenomenal. Get a pair of tickets to giveaway tomorrow afternoon sometime between one and four listened to the Alicia fight song I give up a conscious line to the caller. You're going to be two game for the pair of tickets this weekend here's are pretty general opinion poll this hour. Do you think high school athletes should have the right to decide whether to stand or to take Indy for the playing of the National Anthem. To shipping by going to our web site every if you don't count we're gonna add that to our our conversation. Coming up in the next hour we're gonna talk about these reports of creepy clowns. And I had no idea. That. I had no idea that the EU can't go out dressed as a clown that you that you could be arrested for for terrorizing people. I guess it depends on the kind of clown you are we'll talk more about that are coming up in the next hour. We have been talking about Madonna and Katy Perry. A stripping down. Fort tweets that they sent out to encourage people to register to vote I'm not sure I understand the direct connection but I guess it was to get a lot of attention. For their message of and trying to get people to register to vote and devote. And I thought that brought up an interesting question. If there are a lot of new voters in this this election. And if more people get out to vote who does that benefit. And conventional wisdom is it benefits Hillary Clinton. But the question is why shouldn't. You if you've got enough voters out there aren't using Republican or Democrat. Just so many people just sit home and don't vote. And do the voting percentage. Of the overall registered voters is really an embarrassment to our country meet every election local statewide national elections it is a true embarrassment. And I realize that in this cycle you may not like either candidate you may not like any of the of the four. But it is and it's still important to vote will be talking more about that as we get closer to Election Day and I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think October the eleventh is the deadline to register to vote in this area if you wanna vote in the upcoming election. And for those of you who wore colonials those of you who have never voted before those of you who are new to the area. And you're not registered here. Get registered to vote. And even if you really don't like to candidate you feel like you have to vote for is that this part of being a citizen. Actually voting. And I know we live in a timely people feel like their vote doesn't really count. But it darts. Because there is. A relationship between the popular vote in states. And the Electoral College which doesn't like the president so it's easy to say well I'm not gonna vote 'cause my vote doesn't matter you know that's a cop out. And a lot of people look for reasons that there are some legitimate reasons why some people can't vote. But there are a lot of people who don't vote who really could. So pure joy and as for the comment this afternoon about any they were talking about our numbers 2601878. Terry Cook 5042601870. And I text is 87870. Here's a Texas says so screwed you're way off on your election opponent for Hillary. The moderate types like Romney McCain and dole failed miserably. To Obama and Clinton. Like Q my first choice was case sick because he is a security hawk. And a solid. Fiscal conservative. But Jeb Bush no way. He isn't any better than Romney or McCain right now with the enthusiastic crowds and polls trump may wind on November the eighth by clear mandate. If trump wins. Because. The Republican voters who were vote for trump are more enthusiastic and I would think that they are. The core voters for trump are more as a group more enthusiastic than the Clinton voters. Espy opinion. If that happens. Then. He deserves to win. If you if your group is not that excited and and doesn't vote then you don't deserve to have your candidate win. Now I said that I thought John case it was a great choice for the Republican nominee. I never said it was my first choice. But going back or go back to dismiss very quickly before I get to call someone a go back to dismissed. About the moderate candidate cannot win because I think this is something that has really hurt the Republican Party in recent years. There's this idea that. It takes on a strong right wing conservative to win the White House because. Romney McCain and dole did not win. And they were all my heart. They were moderate. Before they got the nomination. When Bob Dole a moderate senator got the nomination. He was pushed by the Republican Party to the right. When John McCain. Who was a moderate senator. When McCain. Got the nomination. He was pushed to the right. By none other than Sarah paley. What kind of what kind of running mate with Sarah Palin forty moderate Republican. And the same thing happened with Mitt Romney Mitt Romney was told to the right if Mitt Romney had been allowed to run. The way he. Is the way his image was successful for him in Massachusetts. Because if you are Republican in Massachusetts you you kind of liberal anyway. He was certainly moderate. If he would have been able to run more on his record. And more on his. Universal health care plan or whatever his health care plan wants which was a little bit like obamacare. If these guys would have been allowed to run as moderates. I think they would've won. So don't be deceived by this idea that. The moderates have lost so we need a good right Winger in the air. To win the White House are right wing candidate is not going to win the White House. And it's a shame that all of these guys all three of them dole McCain and and Romney. They were not allowed to run as themselves. If they had been. And I don't point. The Louisiana high school athletic association has decided to let local schools and districts deal with the athletes that do not stand for the National Anthem some diabetes in Jefferson Parish say they will refuse to work extra details that audible high school. At the football games because most of the team got down on one B rather than stand for the playing of the National Anthem at their game this past weekend. Should high school students have that option to express. Their freedom of speech. When it comes in the national with the if you gonna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy. Every code 5042601. A Saturday tech's 877. Was due to a homo Audrey you're on Debbie WL I Audrey. How are you. Good thanks so much for taking Mac column is from Oklahoma and Mexico and I just wanted to make that comment. After I hung up from talking to you yesterday. Don't commented that didn't know if that's fine moderate two nights ago it was democratic republic and and he definitely is Republicans. Yeah I had read detail Lester received a criticism of Lester holds being the moderator I thought that Lester holt was a registered Republican and apparently turns out that that's the case. And you really could not tell and he went out and dated yet men and real partisan one idiot. But the point that out commitment comment. Is that. Sunday night at a rally. Donald Trump said. That he he rides a Democrat and a birdie and I think. That's unfortunate because hide it well you did not that can eyes being. There on Democrat and concerned. That this application on his sport once intentional. I think he knew from the beginning made. The debate as the poor showing through and he was trying to find an excuse before the debate that took place for example. Giuliani says the lights went on him and eat yeah. It and come all let's have to protect and then and then and then truck was complaining about the microphone that's as being a sore looser. But I wanted to thank you all so overtaken detached EG. From the North Shore or whatever yesterday he would feel wrong and I feel you're doing a great job keep it up. Roger I appreciate the call and glad to have that approval and now we've got to continue with the show now we've got arteries a stamp of approval. You know I I knew I knew this would happen and yes it does happen when Donald Trump kind of had. A couple of moments where heats you know sniffles I saw it's not gonna be long before somebody says trust medical problem. And we're already hearing that trump was on Coke which. I have no way of knowing whether he wants or wasn't. But you know when he was standing up there alone. For ninety minutes. If you did Coke before you started the debate. And didn't get a chance to do Coke for another ninety minutes. Oh wait a minute maybe that explains his performance. I don't know I think that's right you know somebody gets a little simple problem and look at what we focus on that's not the media's fault. That's a fault of the media picking up on what people care about they care about Donald Trump sniffles. We as people are directing the media as to what we think is important and that's sent if you Arnold. Hang on I'm skewed to and we will be back on board and I charge show we're talking about whether or not high school student is so I should have the right to a freedom of speech Steele recent high school athletic association has decided to let local schools and school districts. Deal with whether or not to punish or require that student athletes stand for the National Anthem. Jefferson Parish schools have not yet decided and I believe. They're going to make a decision they've been that well I think the meeting today they might make a decision today on what to do. And some must have Jefferson Parish deputies have said they are going to refuse to work extra details imponderable high school football games because. Most of the team got down on one knee rather than stand for the National Anthem of the game last weekend so do high school athletes have a right to express their freedom of speech in this way. That's a pretty general opinion poll 28%. Say yes 72%. Say no. You're shooting your Mike on their website WW dot com. Before about your calls here's a Texas says a moderate Republican cannot win a typical presidential election conservatives will stay home. You know there's a lot of truth in that in fact there were a lot of people who didn't like Mitt Romney because they thought he was too moderate and so they stayed home. And this is the difference between the right and in the left. The left in general has figured out all right so the candidate doesn't really represented me specifically. I want somebody more aggressive I want somebody more. Liberals and candidate. But I realize that takes a moderate candidate to win so I'm gonna support the democratic candidate. You have a lot of people on the right who don't share that. That idea. And if they don't have a right wing candidate they're Tennessee is. To stay home they will reject a moderate candidate rhino in in Republican in name only that's the acronym for Republican in name only and there are a lot of people who rail against rhinos. But if you don't have a write a bit that the that the math is not day here for a right wing conservative candidate or a far left wing candidate. To win the election. So unless. The rights as a group. Understands what the left understands. And there will be issues in the Republican Party. If you've got to comic this afternoon on numbers 2601 a seventy tech's 878 Stephanie from New Orleans Wayne welcome to the show. Hello Wayne. And hoped. Are you wince when you're on the air. All. Appointment money in the world could we see. Those are line. Oh what appealed to the abominable bill down. Due to a that it should accord to NATO critical. A little bit to the terms of the adults will be tend to become narrow minded becomes so that you and your actions and their feelings. And I'll think that they'll typically did. Go portal configure remote young student and even earlier. And that burst into October were lower Portman and torment of those aptly commit. I had that support our capital city. Mexico and cover with a law enforcement total student could be building you know not that the there with mr. cap and it. And importance such as but it could be yielding Euro for their own personal refusing. Oh but that the open that the chair department should really think about you know maybe communicating more with these students and but it should. They want to be president oh all the things that the 04 should be there. The so that they will be there to support the team the community. That would that they were sworn an oath to protect. And by the had the will choose not to let you know to support or attendees veto that kind of like. That an epic about it the community that these cute that they should be protecting. And android and I'm sure there are a lot of police officers who have the attitude like you're saying it like I'm a police officer I'm gonna go make that money and and I'm I'm I'm gonna do it regardless because they have a right to do this. But we have today. Is a tendency to Joost so harshly. Judge and totally reject people that had a different. Opinion a different point of view. And while I respect the flag I also have to respect somebody's right to protest the flag. And I think when you're at high school there are people who are eighteen years old and high school they can go to war taken into the military. One K to have an opinion may be Grammer school maybe elementary school maybe that's a little too early to have an opinion on something like that. Unless I it's a case where. You're jehovah's witness in this episode a big case recently for a of jehovah's witness student at Florida. And the fourth grade did not want to stand for the the pledge of allegiance because he is a religion does not allow him to do that. So you know I mean why are we so afraid of of people expressing their opinions it seems like there are a lot of people this country who are very insecure. You probably that it copper iron in older people get a Coke people did in the I let him and equities and I think this is definitely you know making. You know mr. carpenter Kirk a Koppel would stretching the original meaning Obama trying to overdo protests from company Luke. Into and so deliberately. And equality in America in order to address its carbon a lot of people are getting expelled was actual. Actions of the quote and not what it really tried to. Address the you know hoping that going on in the communities where it or spared numbers would you know it into the communities poverty. Be related to the crime levels and imprisonment. And yes community relations blow for trying to think that you commit from steel net that topic yeah. I appreciate the call and Anna I think you bring up a good point. There are a lot of high school students in this area and around the country that has had experience with the police because their their high school students. I'm scooter in the afternoon if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601878. Area code 5042601. In seventy texting 78 Saturday. We're talking about since the election were also talking about high school football players at audible high school majority of the players did not stand for the playing of the National Anthem at the game last weekend. And some Jefferson Parish or police officers. Are saying that they are going to refuse to work extra details at the Bible high school football games because of that. Well since that's DT a work they have a right to choose. Is that the right thing. To do. If you're Arnold hang on overcoming a bright peppers mark your comments and here's our WWL news updates with Don aims. I'm skirted the afternoon ledger with a song is so Wednesday and the weather is gonna just be even greater tonight and tomorrow morning and tomorrow during the day. We are finally broken that incredible. He he series. A series of of of went our recent taxes on I'm talking and that's just not working. I get attacks today it is on asking me to be very very clear about this because. It's not the Jefferson Parish sheriff's department. Buddies some of the deputies. See this tax is just a reminder once again that people hear what they want here I've I've been very clear with that. Some. Deputies in Jefferson Parish say they will refuse to work extra details and out of high school. Never say at all so. I'm on my criticism but please listen to the show. From Mississippi carrier and having a dual. Did you. Yeah. In total IPO. Ballplayer not in Spain. In the summer. They're not there an eight year old writer. Well coming out Talladega Chinese. Why not do it as a player don't have airport. Or you know you've had on order right out there and. Well is that the reserves the right thing to do mean first of all it's an opportunity to Arturs it was actually. Well at Georgia right I don't know I don't like an yeah. Standard of play. Or Jerry may be misunderstanding I'm not saying they don't have a right to do it. Or by going to be a good markkaa just I don't know right. You know uniform or not. That. Country. On him now might be around somebody in the military. And why you don't ornament or ought not to be all protect country. Jingle were about flat. On the Elmo who unpatriotic. Well a lot of people between apple plan and I can't remember mostly. A cult and black Brightcove. I predict but only a couple. Jerry I I I respect the flag I don't think I penalty not standing for the national manager. Jerry. According. To Gerri. I I have. Constantly said that since this Colin cavern a controversy came up I said that's not in my opinion that's not the right way to make his protest. But he has a right to do so I'm not sure what your points. Great I honestly don't want to do it. Are you remotely you know whether. Or Obama or black or great I played right. I don't know I don't know whether. You're trying to picture in actually. Long wait a minute there were some of the mobile where. There were some white students who were kneeling to some license. To do race. We. Are so I'm. You high school students to high school students at the right to express their opinion that one. I don't know I'm. Ordinary. Do they have a right. I would stare in do they do they have ranked. Like usually I don't like there's no allow you you you touched. But you know their account from home you know. Your right. Like Jill. Respect where respect current. Well. I Gerri appreciate. It just struck gold thought. There aren't known I know some people would relate that to the possibility of legalizing marijuana I don't think this country's going to talk you know we've got some problems this country's not. This country is not going down a path toward on toward total destruction. I mean again I've been doing this for a long time. And. Almost every election cycle their people who are saying. This is the most important election of our lifetime the future of America depends on this election. Do you think this is the first time all of this is being sent to people. My god how short could your memory possibly playing. This is part of the conversation from us remember politics. 1964. I guess it was Goldwater and Johnson. And during the Cold War this is the election it's going to determine the future of America. People love to get hysterical think oh my god this is it this is it we look at just the right thing right now this is it. Everything is you know we still have to work. To make things as good as weekend. But I don't know why everybody I don't know why so many people or so panicked. That like this country's about to cease to exist because that's not the case. If you Arnold hang on I'm scoot him to be right back on WL. He's considered one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth century. On this day in 1991 American jazz trumpeter bandleader composer Miles Davis passed away from a stroke and ammonia. And as I say he was just so influential in the genre of like jazz music we we had I'm Miles Davis song plant here but we have. A glitch here so we were unable to get down on exactly where one or two over here says here's Miles Davis very very influential guy. And he was. No wonder where this is it to stay in 1991. Hours to wait until the truck got in there because he's got a piano player. I'm skirted the afternoon ledger whether us all also a born on this day that was Ed Sullivan. Ed Sullivan very instrumental in bringing a lot of pop culture to a young generation that is now the establishment. And Sullivan was born on this day in 1902 so. If it had not passed away he'd be a 118 years old today. And from Mississippi Bruce you're on WWL. Good afternoon argues dude. A couple of comic cargo air are all white cop that you order complain about not at all one of the beat tale. That order deputy beauty keeper. Peter after our L owners other Japanese government. You know people who work or get there an element why. That their right it's the same Ryder easier or or what they're doing an inspection and beat chuck does well. Aren't you agree with. And as far as the kids on the spot market you know I. Don't like the protests at our web review number. Here the one issue art schools or while. That saint people better support or locker people who were support any student. Neil Lane for the national. Order sane people. Group tree (%expletive) in high school from the Alina and hurry. So it's okay ill and so it's OK art school Neal and to protest the national them. Why that not so great in the needle on the spot on our and that's where they do I'll copilot. 9% I appreciate you could be your call I mean I think that's an interesting thing to consider and and I don't agree with not being able to kneel and pray on the sidelines. But there's a difference between a protest and and what what is on being described as a relationship between school. Slash government. And and religion. And if you allow one prayer than you have to allow other prayers so that would be on my comment that there's there's a difference between protesting in an prayer based on. The constitution and and based on how the Supreme Court has several was with some of these these issues that is the concept that we have a separation and church and state. But I'm all for me I think they they should be allowed to to do that as well as soon kneel on the on the sidelines and getting a couple of text like this went. Scoot on the football team kneeling are just children trying to emulate the NFL players. I can't imagine that any of them. Are really realize that disrespect they are showing to our US military both past and present. And that may be true I've got a couple of text saying look they're just imitating the NFL. And I'm sure there's a lot of truth is that. From Kenner George your WW well. Based group right there are good made a great show. I'm going to listen it's just you know there is talk. In the US citizen. Is not number warmer in order. Well the US is not number one and everything but overall as a country like I consider the US number one. But it's epidemic of people knocking down again a year. And here are are knocking them you know darken it down you know. Well some people this this is human nature it's it's not good but it's human nature. People don't appreciate what was given to. And that that goes to that goes with housing that goes with a country if you have to fight for something if you have to work for something you appreciated more than if you just. If you if you're granted it. Definitely every bit and I got here and sort of running into along. Mean there's there's not a bad thing happened to me in my third term as current. Where you from George are out the door so I should call you horn. With Georgia. And are you happy to be here. Our main my whole family's here and we're glad to be here we we don't take nothing for granted well. Brothers certainly are sort of step in the military. And and I against these these guys take these things for granted. Because they have been they have been anywhere. You know and I like to comment on these kids a leader in barrel. On the photo and tomorrow. You know operates ports here it was Allstate you know kick their former parish school that amount. In the kids they did not they would the culture shall rule. Oh you are paying this precious. You know we're focused and complicated but it Ridley. Army and its port from my different cultures and share your least Spain. George I'm gonna have to get to break them and I've really appreciate your call and I'm proud to have you listening to our show. If you're an old hang on I'm skewed in the afternoon will be back on WWL. And everybody loves a cloud Roloson creepy clowns out there and now there have been some reported sightings of creepy clown is right here in Louisiana. Never gonna and that's the conversation coming up to the next hour analyze text to get to a lot of calls to get to appear on all hang on. We will continue the conversation about whether or not some high school students should continue to have the right to Neil during the playing of the National Anthem that's next. Under review oil.