WWL>Topics>>09/27/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Susan Olsen (Cindy from The Brady Bunch) discusses her paranormal experiences.

09/27/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Susan Olsen (Cindy from The Brady Bunch) discusses her paranormal experiences.

Sep 27, 2016|

09/27/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Susan Olsen (Cindy from TV's The Brady Bunch) discusses her career and her paranormal encounters that included some less than appropriate behavior. We also take listener calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of be on reality radio was reported September 27 two. All I can. All winners and I think it's Tuesday in every day it is Tuesday morning long lost from the parent who can give the days of the week I can't right the days of the week right I can't get the hours of the day right I can't get night from Dave Wright thinks of the problem it's. Everybody welcomed the show beyond reality radio we had a great show tonight and we've got Susan Olsen. Who is known for her role as Cindy Brady from the Brady Bunch and I'd tell you how excited I am about this interview. Well yep that's in your weird noise posters ever hang up when Walt and I have I mean. Another little dog geared but I am really excited about having it tightness I mean talk about the like childhood crushes I mean. Or talk paranormal stuff but I'm I'm hoping Michelin retain some of my silly fan boy questions as well casually. She's going to be on talking about summer paranormal experiences. And and then tomorrow night we've got mark Edwards who's going to be joining us he's a professional mental as to specialize in the magic of the mind. And Thursday that we got to Eliot that's John. Teresa John Russo now I'm we're heading into the Halloween season. And one of the films that shows up on television. Whether it's cable channels are just regular broadcast TV every Halloween season and I am glad because I love this film is Halloween. Well Halloween is one of them yes competitor and he's the one I was going for calmer. And actually talking about the ultimate zombie movie night of the living dead. Are yet that that is yeah him and George Romero yes he and George from Merrill wrote the film on the both worked behind the scenes in the film obviously were Merrill directed it. John was the primary screenplay writer he was also an actor in the film. Just an unbelievable story about how best film got made and for all its flaws 'cause when you watch or from anyone angle like OK watch it to judge the acting man net. Took it. You watched judge you know the editing meant it's okay or the special effect this it's if you put it all together and it is way more than the sum of its parts and it's a fabulous movie it is it really started. What we considered day to be the modern zombie genre. And down with the whole eating the flag and it could be years Charlotte test or whatever just the idealism that they're zombies themselves or re animated corpses I mean that that was kind of a new idea prior to that zombies were merlot voodoo you know I am part of that things are zombies are just some of the suits in Washington now all they still aren't hacks that hasn't changed Versa. But yes sir John Russo be on Thursday night we're going to be talking about his the days. In the sixties when he Romero and company started to decide they're gonna make a movie. And it became one of the biggest horror hits of all time. You know I can't. I'd I'd be lying to you if if I told you right I've ever really sat down watched the movie. As seen bits and pieces here and there but mine and my thing more started with the dawn of the dead density and I iPhone what with that movie the original because. They've taken all when they were living in a super mall they had it was all this stuff which. When you think is comedy where where you gonna go to. There was always warmer talks will forget with Sam's Club or BG's market. Or super mall I Asia should be OK so if you don't get to a best buy is a big screen talent and we hear exactly when it would suck because you wouldn't really happen that a lot except dvds but but yes so that was where my whole. So things are and I am talking the original not the in the new remaking rhymes I hated it was dawn of the dead the second one possesses that was the seat actual season and in the lead and why I've got to tell you that I've got a bit of a tear in my eye because you haven't seen. Night of the living dead start to finish that's something it's in pieces well I'm gonna come to your house in Rhode Island we're gonna sit down some nice grab some popcorn. And we're gonna. It's gonna it's gonna have to be after that restraining order. It comes out but in a little disgusted at that point of forcing yourself from my place but that's what led to the restraining order in the for a true again forget that I just I've just very excited about all of its you know you know I get. Well all right so Jim remember you know all these clowns sightings and and all that stuff that we've been talking about wall but don't blame me for that too. Well hit gets scary because at one point in. Pennsylvania summon your clone. Mass grant ran up and ended up stabbing another person they passed away but. In Kentucky. Clowns arrested in Kentucky woods near apartment complex. Kentucky police arrested a man dressed as a clown lurking in a wooded area amid a wave of clown reports. In at least six US different specific US states across the leader of the country. And out. Jonathan Martin twenty years old was charged with wearing a mask in a public place and disorderly conduct. Now it's not just that but he was an awful clone custom and if you Ayman opposes on the B on realities FaceBook page. It's FaceBook dot com backs be unreal radio. But he was in he was all crouched down in the woods and everything else when they caught him. And when you look at what he was wearing and that's why I'm gonna posted June because there's nothing humorous about oh. Well what he's wearing it's. It is weight he's got the way civil over his face in these weird stars pain and overs his eyes are black nose and a mall that looks like. You name like he's credited to meet somebody new and associated but it's just it's going on and on him and these people aren't hoping they're really adding to this. Where it's it's becoming a fearful situation four. For parents and children and and there's kids that there there was an eleven year old girl that was arrested in Athens Georgia. For bringing a knife to school because she was so scared by the social media reports out clowns attacking children you know what else that's what is going to lead to yet and that's in you says. That along and down you know we have the Internet is is partly to blame here may be entirely to blame. You know these little. And who isolated incidents and I don't know when this started I do remember seeing an article awhile back were one creepy clown was thought to be luring children in the world. Was this whole thing you could actually you know you can rent it earned you know pay this person dressed up in a scary clown outfit. Two. Track your friends or walk around around your friends all day and just harassed them and then that's him a funny thing the hero when he comes up top hot. But I mean this is getting to the point where well if there was a clown in the woods behind my house dressed like this guy. I have to be on an issue of I would shoot him I would I would I would shoot him you know because that is dangerous Stanley in my fan and my and my children. And everything else they don't like clowns anyway I hate closet to kicked out of says circuses because Collins just harassed Meehan. And I guess it's very very aggressive play on what I was. To save notes as you said this reporting and on social media or just the Internet in general it's in your face constantly and it creates copycats it creates. You know much eighteen years hey let's go down in certain wood's in town off a tough cuts can be hilarious we'll videotape bit. Animal thrown on YouTube and get a million views and you know it's it's feeding itself there's an article in heat thestreet.com. Called clown pock lips. More clowns cited in Florida Virginia and Colorado they're called killer clowns and I don't think they've killed anybody yet that I'm aware of but they're calling him killer clown. It's what I've said it since day one. If you have to paint a smile on your face you have a free skin problem at a if you have to paint the smile on your face there's an issue. And I am amounts paid all the good clowns out there wasn't a lot of points but you know what I think it shows that really crappy profession because. Yet I want nothing to do it again as soon as 90% of the public health and blood on it exactly put these people somebody's gonna get shot some he's going to kill itself. If you're listening and in your one of these people are doing this. Stop for your own safety pin to your going you're going to end up a victim someone is gonna get killed. Now don't forget the telephone number 8446877669. Love to have you. Call in later I know Susan Olsen is such a dual and take some listener phone call also we're excited about that. Also stop by the FaceBook page it's just beyond reality radio on FaceBook give us like there were still in our race to get to. On and off 25000 or so I am hoping within a week or so between India I I don't foresee probably asked him a thousand inning thanks everybody out there yet and if you're interested in joining the chat room if you're listening on a fine radio station somewhere across the country and you wanna be in Chad Disco on the website or or download the app. And you don't have to listen online you can still listen. Via your local radio station but you can join the chat room that's were all the magic happens. Yet so what we are you telling me though animals we got time for breaking your tong is something about and a day's coming on right well there's the warning of the rare black moon and and it's an Astro astrological event that some people think means it's the end of days in the second coming of Christ. Com and it's coming on Friday but it's also an accident arsonist who are seven months agreed album well it's one of the best selling albums of all time. You Friday is that Davis is supposed to happen what they think with the people who say this means the end of days thank. Is that it could bring with it worldwide destruction and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Who's going to be like a whole rapture finger that's that's what some are saying now if if my memory serves me. We've been down this road three or four times in the last five years likely to happen and why okay Carlos the 2012 would that would the Mayan calendar and there are some nut up in Nona where was just organ or something that we had some call that said that you know there that that was awesome October date was the end of time was that's why is that everybody drink Kool Aid and that was Jim Jones are still would have dinner we didn't we talked about it last year on the pro I think we did so you know this is this comes and goes but in this particular event. It's a it's a black moon and it's occurs when the eliminated side of the moon is caught in the shadow of the earth making it virtually impossible to seat. Which is about every night in upstate New York is of the clouds so I don't know why it's any different. But in the sisters so our and it happens every 32 months or so deceive them. So I don't know what it was a little survived government. But just so everybody knows than if you were planning to come to scare Carrasco or con or scare facets here coming out Jameer scare fest more accident in to talk to him or me. It's probably going to be the last few days questions. Have held a part of so I'm thinking we can have a great party Friday because according to this article the black moon means it's going to be the last one so let's let's do it up so we might not be here on Monday and does not act which would suck for gas because I know they're planning on and the relief suspects are let's go to break when we come back from break we'll bring us Susan Olsen and we'll start check chatting about Brady stuff and her paranormal experiences some pretty cool story she's. She listened through some interesting things that she's gonna share with a sits beyond reality radio. With Jason and javy don't go away. You know a year in central new York and it's coming soon it's Derrick Todd central New York's pop culture and convention is happening September 30 to October 2 at turning stone casino and this year is the -- -- -- -- join -- -- -- parties that -- -- -- -- the informative panel discussions with dozens -- film -- and especially -- celebrities over -- of your favorite celebrities will be -- -- -- photos autographs -- simply didn't -- -- Susan Olsen -- -- -- -- -- and Cindy -- -- -- Brady -- -- they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and so much -- -- -- -- close -- -- -- dozens -- union -- to -- on film festival -- nearly -- never before seen -- -- watching -- special screening -- -- part of -- single -- and then -- the -- Friday -- -- -- exclusive -- VIP -- -- VIP ticket -- can mix -- -- -- an intimate -- with -- celebrity guests -- -- entertainment -- -- -- -- Saturday -- -- -- -- -- -- Ashe for the costume contest and my entertainment. Don't miss Gary Condit is. It's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found. Found its silicon dot com that scary kind dot com it's the best weekend of the year in central new York and it's coming soon it's Erica and central New York's pop culture and convention is happening September 30 to October 2 at turning stone casino and this year is the best skater -- and join us for the parties that you need to vendors the informative panel discussions -- dozens of film screenings and especially the celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply to meet and -- meet Susan Olsen and Michael can -- Bobby and Cindy Brady from the Brady Bunch or they saw us play -- -- special cast reunion screening tonight accretive Franken -- and so much more with Halloween so close up -- the dozens of union vendors to scare on film festival offers nearly fifty never before seen film -- watching a special screening -- all part of your single mission and then there's the parties Friday night it's the exclusive celebrity VIP party for VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting with our celebrity guests include -- entertainment an open bar then Saturday night it's the early Halloween -- Ashe for the costume contest in flight entertainment. Don't miss Gary Condit is. It's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found. Founded silicon dot com that's scary kind dot com. Well I'm about to be on rail and rant and Jason Hawes and TV Johnson our telephone numbers 8446877669. If you elect calling and be on the program. And let's right now go to our guests line GA were very excited and honored to have Susan Olsen on the program Susan welcome to beyond reality radio. You so much thank my goal always for coming it's it's Obama. I'm a big slap. On the front I've ghost hunters and a girl in your arsenal that. Examine big Fanny years to and so it goes both ways as MI Susan and you know before we get started on talking about colonel do you mind entertaining a couple questions about the your life as a greedy. Oh OK good. Because I think Jimmy just perk all up I did yes I'm. You know I've got to ask you because. The as America's heartthrob and you really were America's sweetheart. As Cindy Brady for those years and and well after those years because of the syndication of the Brady Bunch. And your your face and your your voice it's all iconic really an American pop culture what was it like to be a child. And live part of that. Yeah. Average child I'll just that I got teased at school I. Started you can. It. Glamour I you know. I'd I'd love a good job RA you're about the people are working what I think we all kind of same quietly. Yelled we love each other we loved doing a show. You know I don't signage today that. Accidentally. Went back to regular public school. And aren't done yet. Well and I I kinda I think that's really important Susan because that's the way we I've always done it with my my kids my kids still attend public school and and all that stuff we've you know we're we're a part of the community are human too everybody is schools that I I do I thought I had actually graduated the sixth grade twice. And don't have to sell but I'm not an and I think that that's that's really important as you do you don't see that a lot anymore now it's a celebrity days they make sure they take their kids may they put in the these private schools away from everybody and and so forth and and I think that's that's kinda taking away it's just your normal person so you're on TV ignite the TV comes and goes and what goes around. Well and I think that that was absolutely the best thing for me and entered it stat column. Actually bottled I I bought my parents educate teachers in public school. Because they didn't hit it would be weird you know what I haven't stringing you're sheltered life and let it. But it's it was the right injured knee but it was a little strange in the Alex. Our. They didn't already immersed in well look at you like TV show. Quite key topics that. Your your streak. Thank you are. I had and you know can be Weber you know I am sorry. Shark has stolen shots. And Ricky cheat you know mercilessly. And dumps all. I think that there it showed I know a whole weekend hopefully the kid that Cindy. Of course it never you know men and all so the mine's my friends are kids that newbie. Yeah I would stand ups army. Yet so. That article that I have a kid that didn't tell me that you know they want Gramm RT you mean already leaning. Darling stops happening. A did you realize in her real mixed. Yeah did you realize that time at the time are you probably didn't because you were young but as she got older did you didn't occur to you that this would become. The iconic role that it ended up being mean did you think that it would lives on for pretty much ever. You know I can't. I really didn't I'm not in it for psychic or anything. It was it's saying gauged and a lot of magical drink. So to me okay I'm and they showed they shared you're sure I have her and I'm gonna keep seeing the out burgers you know. Throughout my life. Which cannot look Larry I will be together this weekend. Scary that's an armed. Yeah I mean tradition outcomes stroke. That would add that at a much. Expense. I I engaged in magical thinking. And when you're when Europe. A child actor doing that show and the other shows that you did. Did you expect acting to be your primary career and was that was that you're like school that point. Now no not at all I wanted to be used to. Go out. And then I wanted to add heart surgeon and that turn into brain shared your agenda Belichick school. Charles I want to be an ouster that that was at a nickel a lot of school. And by the time I yell. At became old enough to. They are really think about the extreme right I just kind of lack imagination and you're well you know on my outlook which you were attached. But. I'll go to school and actually learn how to do have had to be an actress. And we didn't study when we were kids. And how am never very deliberate. They didn't want to dedicate that one that can be natural rate. And let Erica adult let's figure you know I like the American at a picture arts. And that steady on high I I would in the let's keep Crockett somebody great actor sticking out of net. That. I eat. Advocating a role in realizing oh we didn't. Count on it. And I really jar my friend that went on art school. It's now. Taking to the realization. You know actually we're not something I want you and are being in the pack in school mussina did all these people who immediately really really want it out. It will be truly wanted you in. Yemeni I I would have preferred to be an artist are you wish me well I I just ridiculous. All of our. Q take up space in their. Yeah business that you aren't Brady Bunch kept. You know we're. Bound to try ditched it wouldn't ally. At resurrecting and now. You know he'd get like you know we begin to dry out which 100. Guarded support Gore's. Shell in television history fourth worst I TV guide you out one now Brady variety. Yeah. You're like what 78 episodes of that they didn't it didn't last very long. I think I mean I'm not repeated in a blog. Called. Led to a degree which is all about everything you want an end. About the Brady Bunch variety hour it is truly get up. And tiger decried art and hit a little bit that graphic art. Now that was at times that sound. That like what Tony Orlando had a show Sonny and Cher had a show. Gloss or some other other genome god and Murray I mean are you tell Hillary entertainment producer. While you're lying little bit country little bit Iraq general Kenseth yeah. Skating rink everywhere on all dished out. Right next door alone. So did you did you develop. Lifelong friendships demeanor he's still in touch with the many of the cast members from the Brady Bunch. Yeah well yeah elderly elk skin catcher's personality. Is so ET. Yet end up and yeah eight it's an awareness in such. It's a very unique relationship because there's only by other key on the ground. Right now would it look like have a child daughter and then the other explore and fortunately don't have Bobble on and but you know might my son Patricia Lawrence grandma while Clinton and I mean excellent actor Michael look my current. And yeah we we don't feel old. Didn't need sushi and each other card detained but it seems like something brings us together. Every offense. Are less sick a quick break we'll come back we'll continue our conversation with Susan Olsen from the Brady Bunch you know or is Cindy Brady but she's gonna break paranormal story tells too. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jason week. I don't forget the telephone number 844687. 7669. Were our guest and it is Susan Olsen and she's wanted to take some calls later in the program. Susan once again thank you so much for being on the show when this and I'm so excited. To see you this coming weekend and it says at scare con. On top Tampa due to a lot of shows like that is there is if you just started doing them. Yeah. You can say no no no I'll never do any out of Russia isn't and I got involved in animal right here. And the trick in that words. They had a good group that I volunteered score on precious pods. See just clean mind you know you can earn money where alcohol and he earn money tree salt and it's really not so terrible in that kind of guy you know has gone down curry I don't wanna do that. He yelled you're actually animal won't dare not work gal. Is she un cabled to help me out like well. We'll try this document signed I had. Yeah they're pretty magical events you know I I obviously promote on the promoter for scare con but I'm I go to him Jason nighter at these events all the time. And they're really quite magical play him in the fans are unbelievably amazing and loving and caring parent and made in the in the U. I'll use the word worship and I don't mean men and in a worship sense but they really treat with respect I guess is the best or better way to put it. You know that the celebrities in the talent that they've admired all their lives for the most part it's really an amazing X. Variants injury able to really spend time and and talk with a lot of the fans and I think that that's important late. And I won I won't be joining you guys as a scare come this weekend as albeit scare fest on Lexington Kentucky but. But it's nice when you when you get their history ability of the people pretty much of the fans of that genre. Had these locations or whatever you've done your fans and that you just able to talk with them and really talk on I'm on a personal level. I think it particularly want our chance because we're not. We're not part of the string shareware not aren't you eat Turkey lately today and make something very different about. Being currently on TV people and puke. She took a little bit more like an object where is the kind of shame that we out. Is where we've grown up to people and so did this yeah yeah much more votes on the next and sweetness and and it's it's. Billions at new monster and the they don't make it troubled I think we have a special. Experience. So when when you go your website Susan. He has your name on the top and then it says mother artist writer radio personality. Actress and I'm assuming that that order the order of those words is not by mistake mother being first. So let's. I wanna know a little bit about each of those things actually but particularly. And you've mentioned art in being an artist a few times in our conversation already. But writer and radio personality. Yeah that's how. Yeah red eye and started doing radio in 1990. They are needed and I wanted to do some being armory show notes and Aaron Aaron I'm not current putted out there and two universe there. It's something I really wanted to do much and I had a manager to China's civil you know. I can't yakking Gucci for my kids and do you mean you get it spot on. Show an Arizona. Or you're in Mexico and I tell I don't know I I look at our Ol. And I don't know what still have time. And it right well. Good luck with that you can get a shot like. A second biggest market I well OK and I can tell you don't. Man next you know why. I got that show in Los Angeles at the end. And the late great article Kenny over. And we used to follow Howard Stern on Kayla are now while. Outlook to joke about that I'll attack the show was it well you know an engine that decided to go all cocked because. Actually it. They had Howard Stern on their station. And here they had a guy who at that time he C number eight I have to explain these people didn't really understand why. Why he was doing so well you know what was cool about him and so they decided to change the whole station due to being a cop. And we are constantly told that there. That we were not talk about anything yeah charity action because people can get aren't you on radio. And you talk about. Okay we want former like. On the car and how does. He looks Kayla. I couldn't have gash. Jason I think I figured what we're doing attributable were doing wrong because we're not talking about sex on this program I don't know all bluntly you're intimately familiar mute your money and burping a far and all its anti gun. He's gonna start in the might. So it's you know it's funny when management looks at a model look at a Howard Stern and they say okay man he successful so everybody's got to try to do the same thing when. They don't understand that it's Howard being Howard that makes him successful somebody actually tackle someone else doing Howard isn't gonna have the same results. Now but somebody approached me in the wake the hell did it. Would a good idea of how you know I think you'd like district it would be really on running yeah right let his life out acts. And he. Heard that turned me onto it won't be eighty. So now. You know it goes to monitor can contribute all of a key. That talk perished. In. You know it was kind of bitter when he. Again I think Canada you know giving her some credit but I had a great time. And now and I'm still and wait a bit its Internet radio and now. Getting links from the format that we had a partner at eight. It's like I've gotten really didn't sell that political. Machine a medal on Monday nights on LA talk radio. Is that the two chicks on the two chicks starting at yeah it struck apologize. Yeah. Our Asus as Susan and moving on yeah I know that you had your own encounters with paranormal and I'd really like to hear your story your experiences and and see you know to see what you thought of local right. Well I've got a couple of let me add that I'd get cute anymore. The world is your player what was your first encountered about that OK Mike stretched to counter learned and I am. Well you know open minded people. Looking and to be a kid great beyond and you know they are kinda possibilities. And my I had an ample time involved in an automatic right. Yeah and that's where you. You know. And Medicaid with a with a pencil on paper and ash Erik and your body and right. Channel through an anti Billy Connolly when people using ouija boards or letting the their hands move the pallets in the letters Clinton's lead. Putting a pencil in your hand allowing the a spirit to use you channel through YouTube to write down information on paper. Yes. Yes and I am. Sure all. She got my paternal grandmother. Aunt who said that I was going to be containment. I would expired at the time of the group before Brady brunch. And she ended up being right but the key to any future like who. Works. Me. She got Aaron and deceased neighbor. Each piece neighbor king they'll lose you know. Talking tuber. And different but fortunately everybody involved in the storage east like Intel. She told that her husband and step. And she told her win and where can't you all and all the particular actually. Quite gotten that target that he recording just one. And oak. Well my aunt was able to go to the place you'll meet her courage. A while and now you have an end and it that would when he shed connection will record that double. Yeah you don't let whoever needs and is it automatic writing ever again let's start going to church. Well Amanda and I'll but a lot of that's on a far fetched a thought a lot of people do have that feeling that now and not that it's really the work of a double bullet. That allowing something debt and to YouTube channel through you open yourself up to possession and and things like that so market. Well and I I would be one of those people because. I won't go near each. A ouija board. Or another my hand you say on the name in Q did you know with what I outings and church reconcile our spirits but. I. I wanted to do it Alex which leads me to my actual color which was speech here on around Hollywood yen level. Let's start just hold on for now because we do have to go to break in and and this one's a little narrow define know it and I really wanted to give either appropriate amount of time to get into it. So let's take a break when we come back we'll continue with Susan Olsen it's beyond reality radio would Jason javy. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the test organization. That's right he dressed in the you need to subscribe to catch her matches. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps turn magazine has been completely redesigned and re launched to serve you better. 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Use promo code beyond just say it's the best weekend of the year in central new York and it's coming soon it's Erica and central New York's pop culture and convention is happening September 30 to October 2 at turning stone casino and this year is the -- scary -- -- join -- for the parties that you -- -- -- the informative panel discussions with dozens of film screenings and especially the celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on -- for photos autographs or simply didn't -- meet Susan -- and -- can -- -- and Cindy -- from the Brady -- -- they saw us -- -- -- special cast -- screening tonight -- -- -- and so much more with -- so close -- -- -- dozens -- union -- to -- on film festival offers nearly -- never before seen -- people watching our special screening -- all part of -- single -- and then -- the parties Friday -- -- the exclusive celebrity VIP party -- VIP ticket holders can mix and -- in an intimate -- with -- celebrity guests include -- entertainment an -- -- then Saturday -- -- the -- Halloween -- -- the costume contest -- -- entertainment. Don't miss Gary Conn it. It's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found ex con dot com that scare kind dot com. All are welcome back to beyond reality radio and don't forget we've got to L'Oreal we'd love programs to finish out here plus some great stuff coming up next week. Let's see tomorrow and we've got mark Edwards and Denmark that you like mark logic and marks a professional medalist specializes in the much magic of the mind which I just think is just incredible. And then Thursday we got John Russo who's. And he'll he's co writer with. Georgetown and George Romero on night of the living dead on the day all that stuff so. We definitely got a great and then next week we've got a real life warlock witch cliff Eric men from. Finding bigfoot and so much more so. We're gonna take a real quick break we'll back for the past. Jason our team Johnson our guest Susan Olsen also known as Cindy Brady is Susan thanks so much for hang around for that long extended break we doing that but. And part of the game you're in radio you know what that's like. I thought you know well so yeah. We were bound to go into the story that you shared with us are now without spoke with the world I guess I think it was on celebrity ghost stories and I happen to watch that and I was fascinated by the tale that you told and really anxious to hear hear beyond reality radio. Well. Well like I sort of went looking. Mom I ain't I I heard Ed. The seventh generation granddaughter of a woman who hang in Salem a while and down yes I I want to library looking more. Collections if I could find out anything more about her. And you know the witch trial books led to actual witch craft books which led chew the option of seeing. You all and think yeah culture and and at one booklet to another and I was worried that they are squandered high school so. I had a lot of time to really. And down. Well Leon I'm reading all the extra step and I just I I watch actual project. So I have this book Robert ignorant errors journey out of the body. And I and I am trying to get into the escalate between being awake in being actually. And down. And talk to Mexico dominated the politely start by a great. Your dad did the deal Ricky stick your finger in general socket. So when that happened to annual yeah you shipped her to people or are you bought in. Look hanging itself into you know go to Europe and I can't wonderful thing to me you're sixteen you'll go yeah yeah great. It would. Actually happening virtual tour whatever read on at ten and I know. What did. What this spiritual regional and or what textured look all you. Brett play seeking Canada deputy Internet stole eight. Aaron Brown so you know here's a later when I was. An adult and I mercenary. And actually the hunt for started dating my husband. I started going into this state getting vibration. And down. And it looks scary yeah I really didn't want slippery at lucky turned out of the big chick and I didn't want any. And and I especially because they became aware that there are something else which. Each day and and that's what happened without me trying to do it hurts or wake up. And I would be unable to move here it. Come out of lax each and there could be on one hand they would start out being very nice. Extra may be calling my. And then they start making the comment in my. They beeped hang my head and then your senior squeegee my. And I didn't. I would wake up with a really bad headache. That sort goksel while I get migraine. And at this cannot weren't shocked I got married and yes it seems where you. You don't wanna talk it's it's yeah strange summer slump that work. And some of the talking about a gun store or something at all. I can't believe that you guys I have something going arm McNeill right now at all. What are our entry to go to sleep at night you know oracle oh really what's going exported from black. And you know like three times a week. And so I. Don't really know quite what to do artwork I will be able to wake myself up Internet and get away from. The Astros caught this is only happening to you when you went to sleep at nine during the during yet you during when you're in bed going to sleep. And the worst part of that is that's when you feel most vulnerable anyways is when you're closing your eyes only. So you add this on top of it and have becomes a terrifying situation but. Now would you being able again to this area where with a vibration everything else. So you're talking you sort of had lake sleep paralysis at certain points and as well yeah yeah. You know react under decks that the vibration it happened so much. After awhile and that would just be actually pull out I'd be starting to get into prowler. And then there'd be this it's saying. And don't want bobbled Brittany was. Well I got divorced. And where are less money and didn't. Six this thing with stock. And it's not say OK well whatever it out. And. And what was the time and I don't know how long did that that the the where the episodes lasting immunity it started was a couple of years and it was going on. Oh yeah yeah I mean it may be it would have worked hard here for about five years. In and then once we got married it was happening pretty regular right. And we were married for two years indicate tango around the time you were married. Yes that answer we got triple X I will go away and only changed irons. And that a year later. He came out to work on project Whitney at them all want to stay at my. Though he did and yet he attacks in the living room and I go to bed and it's stating that. Context. So really significant. Exactly it seemed like he was connected to him where it was despair for Obama came back. Yeah and the explanation and that they went went on shall. Where it would know that as strike it kind of mind. Can't speculate and other I don't really believe in the scary necessarily that I was talking to him how they're thinking. And down. Seats because my my husband wanted to adopt it he Hillary really don't know anything about. It is bird. May be he had a true. And the train guiding Eudora. And have and follow. OK. And I know. I imagine the prediction of have a legal start making it. Well I told that I don't eat my theory is that it wasn't an actual. Here at our other person. I think it was something and the might get too technical but I studied. Options in. And netted his actions yet there is he serial. Which is just the next step from the physical play and you know not not yet up to the actual plane. And that's where a lot since then I think where the sort of an aerial. Or elemental entity that would. Mean more stock and not really an actual. I'm not actual entity. You know Larry I've a whole bunch of questions as as a relates to that Susan we have to go. To our top of the hour break don't go anywhere we're talking with Susan Olsen Olsen Cindy Cindy Brady. I'm beyond reality radio or telephone numbers 8446877669. It's beyond reality radio. With Jason and. Parents concerned he routine I mean it's something you really need to just make happen if you have to go to literally that's fine go to vanity set the alarm. It up to midnight. Listen to the program couple hours spent with us and then you've got player of time to sleep and to get to get to go to work in the morning I mean panel on a sealant analysts beyond mr. Jim we make Mondays through Fridays not so much it's exactly what we do that's why we were put here. The strike zone parent went on to be on rounder that was that's. I don't forget our telephone number is a 446877669. We invite you to stop by the FaceBook page beyond reality radio and give it alike can say hello. Also visit us in the chat room you can find the chat rumored on the website beyond reality radio dot com. Tomorrow night Marc Edwards joining us professional mental as to specializes in magic of the mind. That's going to be. That's going to be awhile numb a huge fan marks the end. Then Thursday we've got John Russo he was co writer of night of the living dead with George Romero also and then next week we've got Brian Kane. A which out of Salem actually Susan where you are but that Knutson meter past relative was. Taken out and yeah pershing head and wanna stay in such a shame how it happened to get Cristian de warlock got a Salem he'll be he'll be joining us some money that is well. Yeah a lot of good stuff coming up from beyond reality radio in the meantime we've got a great guest tonight someone we've been excited about for a long time at Susan Olsen. Probably known to most of America is Cindy Brady Susan again thanks for hanging on for the through the break and for being on the program tonight. Yeah so well I have a question because I did watch the celebrity ghost story where you told. What was really a chilling tale mean what you went through is quite. Quite dramatic and and and scary all the in all packages now on there. But I was led to believe by the program that it was that they had confirmed that you're. But I think your ex husband write your ex husband had a twin that died in hero but now you're saying that that was just a theory. There's just a scary can hand I get my I X. I mean you know I'm inclined to. Believed that air I don't know Gil who talks. But but it has not been and you know I knew that you. You're offering what you saw it was the more likely. Explanation. I. And they you know they cultured. You get why that's a great honor its eggs in tree. Is now. I get in the red handed on our other parts yeah. EL I guess. Amplifying. I but it but it was exciting governor the only people have turned. My story now did you that he can tell you guys yet okay going to do then do. Sooner the better start having sex with me on the and I'm an and that would probably the worst part of it. And yeah. I mean I don't want that. Have to ask you a deeper ties to them I'm lost for words yeah. I'm I'm just gonna read slowly Carmela Jimmy asks a question that you have failure just that one mouse is slowly right now might get heavy low. Susan Heidi I don't yeah I can even comprehend how that would. B I don't I don't wanna Sify out of it I mean Heidi how do you deal with that experience. Well I thank you Eric curriculum being of the. Of course and that's relevant. I mean can I ask can I that was violated I was gonna ask you was of forcible I mean were you did you feel like him who's basically a ready means that now with fell. Allen did you know sure are cute little bit entity slower. It started out. Sure and then yeah beat each Jerry violence while and you know call yeah. So do you do you you're familiar it like in Cuba has since hockey business and and all those yeah I'm special out yeah so do you believe that this was was one of them. I I need. Ask me oh. We didn't want bringing. The conclusion that my my track contract. Period yeah Gary what I don't Cilic influence. Actual. And I don't know for sure we hassle they don't believe that it actually. And that knocking him. And that would open usually any Q Bessie is is known as a demon that it takes male form and is known as a sexual predator. They've yeah they've there's been stories of them for you know man hundreds and hundreds of years you know holding women down and and forcing them into sexual acts arm. So with what you're describing would sound like an Inky biz types and which falls under and in human spirit. Was there anything else leading up to this word and not to get too personal but. If before before. You're you're you know forcibly raped by this thing. Boy who was there any inappropriate touching going on or or any experiences like that that seemed to lead up to this. Currently. Yeah but by the entity. Where yet because a lot of times before people four people are sexually attacked like that there's. They'll be in the shouting get out of the shower they'll get grabbed in in certain areas and spins so these are ongoing. Things seem to build up overtime and then the yeah forcible attack OK so their what their work. Turns out. But. I began by eluding it would be patting my head and and that was hit. Maybe maybe touched my change in very general and. When it was being nice dude did you have a welcoming feel. I mean did you feel like Q were you never OK okay see you never thought it was always are on it it was always on one at weather was nice or not. Unless. Amor silent just coming out of being actually. Right which is and I aren't aware of being bad yeah yeah yeah oh yeah they're like oh somebody yes Artie being I'd probably stroking my car. And vanishes and becomes conscious and aware of seeing who is at its judging by our medical. Now Unix right. Let's go to the phone lines we have let's see this is nick from New York Knicks welcome to look beyond reality rating you're on with us Susan also. They get turned out Israel. Predicted here. That it. That Iman tells slick -- to tell nick to turn down the show and no tournament just a moment so I wanna go back to this naughty nice. Behavior. From the spirit and you said this was going on for years a couple of years right while you were still adhere to your current ex husband I'm while he was in the home. But when he left it left as well and and it yet if the hole between theory is is merely that theory one that you seem to not think was ahead in legitimacy. Then why did this. Being this entities come and go as your husband or as he became later your ex husband. Came and went. I. I I that was actually chapstick. And the that was my conclusions. That big Kmart which can delivered slandered. Add a dark energy unit was attached to her for whatever. Do you think he had something in his past that. Open the door for this particular thing to follow him. Her head. Apps and I think your. You know note on my no ad. I mean something as simple as flown around their ouija board or something like that not sure where it. Well actually loose EU and not know Clinton. Now. Yeah yeah outbid Merck and AM in pollen counts he could actually be the tour and let me away and I artworks are unique and very each juncture it would not in. Well and I didn't and I don't even know why I. And there are actually they shot. I've never heard of somebody being sexually attacked by human type entities so that's why you definitely with some more. The inhuman type which not all in humans are not negative creatures by any means but because in jell OX and Al mantle's oil 400 and human bug. When it comes down a sexual attack. It's usually falls under that the negative type in Yemen because they're known sexual predators. So it it sounds more more like fat. And what's been the history sense. Susan has have you been comply. Alone. Yeah yeah yeah I have a I did but might migrate a partner machine and marvel she's. Actually hurt psych quickly get scared me. Hand me you know what the bald. Around her friends to. Who will tell me elder and there are so many. Surrounding that one communique which looks like death trying to kick at the beach. I. Am not open and. Q do you consider yourself a sensitive and anyway. I'm tired. You've got a couple of bad do you consider what consider yourself a sensitive do you feel like you have sounds out sensitivities that many don't have. Oh yes definitely. I I am an end up and can. I'm a little girl. And pinky to ask me to the egg as should be. Renewed tension. In that you don't. Can't remember the local bar that I like a I don't know how did that psychic but Deborah and eat twelve McCain union has actually know each and she got. All of my irons and short creator blocking. Do and and gotten what what nurture most of the children not getting picked. You're well Ayman. Negotiations that they BC she very Bob and that knows you well. Like. Either journalists or nick again nick he welcomed beyond reality radio. Hey thank you it's a pleasure to be here representing Australia idea of a question for Susan. Yes Susan do you still have that vendor key share that they gave you for your bird they let you know I don't even. Know OPEC. I alert on spying. I've torture I thought you signed stole from you. Well yeah I'm cool I look at my lunch I have to get back. And during. The. It is it's it's so much different hearing you talking about anything besides politics is all right EU about his politics. Are you now we're talking about donut and it's not what you and handle stuff nick do you Sandoz two chicks talking about politics. I am I'm cool. And FaceBook friend of Susan's prolonged time. Back to the little vacation the last few months. Typically going to let it. Little hurt her lawyer giving too much. But I didn't turn out that Herbert is a deadly game center sure you're right I played center. When you're so that's what you're supposed to tellem your son did TK and you needed another. Well. Susan you play a fender bass. Well not well if a I X I placed under a play day nightly basis well and I gives several fender bases in my favorites actually uncle yeah he. I have a offender dimension base which is it precision body but it does this in souped up pick ups and that's currently my favorite. But Jack isolated yet been through on time this is neither paranormal more anything but. Based chat between me and Susan so I think. Looked talk about that a little to Lawrence Garrett con in fact I'm. Up yeah let's take a break when we come back I'm I've got a few more Brady questions of fuel if you'll indulge me and I also have a couple more questions about this entities that. Basically. While onto you for over two years and really hit to make. Those two years you real life almost unbearable so we'll talk more about that when we get back it's beyond reality ray. You would Jason and GB. 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VIP party for VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting with our celebrity guests include slide entertainment an open bar then Saturday night it's the early Halloween bash. Ashe for the costume contest in life entertainment. Don't miss Gary Condit it. It's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found its get a con dot com that scare kind dot com. We're talking geez Douglass Susan Olsen also known as Cindy Brady from the Brady Bunch about some colonel experiences she's had to throw out her life. And as Susan will we will we had left and I know you were talking about how Lola. There have been thoughts that your husband and possibly Antoinette and that didn't make it so forth. And that's not uncommon actually I've got twin sons and their initially. Supposed to be triplets and 10 Logan. Logan has the the birthmark on his side which is common from when identical so one doesn't make it and the other absorbs in on that one and and so hard so now I've gotten in Tucson that'd twin sons that have actually been lucky enough to have different birthdays 21 was born and 11:55 PM. The other 12:19 AM so but they're also so it's one of those things where tickets a common thing. And when it when it comes down to situations like that and and so it's it's. My wife and actually brought up years and years ago about well you know what do you think you do you think the possibility ever could be there that. That his and his twin that didn't make it might still be here. And and it's one of those concepts written really make you sit back and just Buick quality you know possibility is there. Bada and yeah for something to be doing that but in force for his twin to actually be there but. Also attacked use actually I just I just don't see that connection so I would totally agree with you with your thoughts on the. I would have questions that you because while I know that term in Cuba and secular I really don't know. Anything. About them try I'm learning from here it sounds like and you'd better. Well and yen incubation later like I was saying Nicky bus into this is not it's a demon in a male form and and they've been talked about for a thousand years Bada. The usually who they would hold down in the sleeping women and have sexual intercourse with the Minnesota cubist. I would do would it it is the female version of that that would do that suits and I cashed in so they've been they've been talked about for an thousands of years so there's got to be some truth behind that madness and too many people have had those types of experiences but usually when they have them. There's always things leading up to it where. They're getting groped they're getting grading scratch and so yeah it is certain areas of their body whether they're coming out of the shower it's it's. When they're at their most vulnerable. So again when he laid down you're going to sleep here in that state that's when that's when they also get attacked there's always those things that seem to be leading up to those attacks you know gradually boom boom boom before. The big thing actually happen. Yeah Oak Hill thanks Susan let's go to the phone once again we have Cindy from Wisconsin who'd like to say hello Cindy welcome to be on reality radio. High paying the price. But in the and he. Is an essential India I've talked to you on FaceBook. I. And broke and I I want to know you know I was putting up an attack early that. I learned pension medical school that there is 40%. Of Wahlberg just start out as still plan to. Usually just wondering if there are some kind of the connection there with these lot of soul. You know where they come yeah. Each yeah and yeah not my my brother armed. U when he was like humans. And he developed he was still very Gary left and so left sided they speculated that he or any nearer twenty. And that they're right handed version. Via computer hardware and. The record my brother. Are all okay. That he could slow issue external left sided and left handed each and when he learned why you go backwards. Alvaro and they said it that's content happens with Trent could tell being near. Lol yeah like grand old right now my grandfather and my great uncle are. If you looked OK Richard it would be like one side of their case meant to the other side of their face like you're looking. Are loud. Is that we have flowers that would mirror twin means is basically gathered Miriam yeah I mean identical are identical but mirror would be kind of mirror images of each other resentment. Yes they're almost like left and rate identical but it took the pictures are disciplined and have you. It's really cool. An interesting yeah yeah and I hit my arm architecture. And she and her friend sister. They're just laurel island they're just eighty. Their parent know how growth and in a row well all the world in particular actions. So they're very cute little picture down yeah on the backs of their head and children and and the look on. One up Mike Green actually is it has agreed of those in the Beckham has. And what is ready careful not to keep an eye on that can't. I. Well it's okay all right Cindy thank you thank you for the culprit in the US even strangers Susie getting into the hold the old twin in one not making it through birth and the absorbed by the other one there's if there's an actual thing out there that's called Jimmer ism and I'm not sure if you're familiar with that but it's when a twin. One actually doesn't survive and the other one absorbs that one in. Giving that 12 different sets of DNA. You should look and of that. I'm only. Yeah not only are in the deep. Yes unions for usually don't usually you'll find it only in twins where they were identical and one didn't make it so there's that as well sound. But you know wow so and it's it's inched is a whole lot of. The birth of a console. Well. You know you asked mark and then killed eight. People with. Another course are coming out of their stomachs you know. And you are doing what where's the spirit yeah yeah I don't know where humanity and then it Sloan that went in back and pitched well. And external. The end you know the play out of a horror movie right now it's just scares Zurich now now I'm not gonna be able sleep and on the dam goes. Out. Passed anyway is moving on. So is Susan I am and ask you a question and don't they remember a time answered for the break but it definitely need an answer because everybody knows that. On the set of Brady Bunch I don't think I mean anybody nude or even suspected and at the time but later on it was a buried there wrote the book in and revealed a whole lot archived dirty laundry. That was looted it taking place on the set of the Brady Bunch. In about thirty seconds before we go to break. Is all true and can you add anything to it. Well there was so little bearish. Back now while it was all there all children at. The end of. Yeah I guess the big story out of that book was this was the Florence Henderson and Barry Williams Saddam relationship I think that was probably the real actually went and greatly and it's. Was at the vision teenage boy taking too much. You know adding too much into the thoughts. And then a lot of love in sly innuendo. That you promote. I sort of check in right and I. Saw some stuff I think it may have been on you know YouTube or some thing like that where your telling some secrets of about UN and Mike Bobby Brady yeah. Learned little popular and I'll make it out the dog passed both the dogs and an easy goes dog's name. Tiger there are gosh remember tiger still the keys and certificates are at let's let's take a break we'll continue with Susan Olsen now we come back it's beyond reality radio and Jason cheese. He's a professional medalists specializes in magic of the mind and Jason speaks very highly of him and excited. To have that discussion. And it is I'm I've been a big fan has worked for quite awhile yet and then Thursday night we have John Russo coming on. With a Halloween season approaching October right on the corner John's a great guest to have. He is one of the co writers of the seemed to night of the living dead the movie that really started everything that we know about zombies today the Walking Dead owes everything it has. Tonight living dead and so to several other movies and other books and all that stuff. Absolutely and next week we have Brian caning Cristian de Cristian de as a modern day warlock. Living in the which city of Salem Massachusetts and I'm Brian is aware it so I am vol CL a cliff but I'm bear man from. Finding bigfoot on hand Chan buyers of paranormal geologists that's going to be a full week. Yeah and our guest tonight is very very honored to have Susan Olsen on the program Susan's going to be appearing at scare con. In upstate New York near Syracuse on this coming weekend I'll be there as well we're gonna have a great time talking about bases apparently but Susan I. I wanted to ask your question about it paranormal experiences again. He had all these experiences you've had you know. Touching very intimate touching in fact. Did you ever see anything did you receive the apparition. Yeah. So you know I gave him and kill it. I ain't right but no he didn't want. You is this happened morals you know. You know so far and IE. You're usually the way but I tip my salt out and because. I would have to be in this state violence terror lot. In order for half. And and then I got myself out of the paralysis. It'll go away. And so men I could like we've only slopes. Albert Yellowstone would that I could get blood our time one not became harder and harder to get I mean. Am and so you know I could I compete legally like what you hear something aren't aren't Ed. On cash unfortunately my. My real you hadn't been declined. But that was the heavy sleeper and once again please connect me under different and weird with China. You can located Uighurs are you had indicated in the in the celebrity ghosts stories that. Her husband seemed very insensitive to it at the time and that really frustrated you. I. Do you think it was margins it was a non believer and ordered just that he believes something's going on but he just didn't wanna except. All I have an anomaly perhaps thinking that just milling in terms. Of her divorce and tour. Makes sense now. You know you don't let you know we might. Need results and ask. You're having a stern look. Yeah I heard it yeah Google deal aren't. She's now Susan hello I'm not not to get too personal but how long would these sexual encounters usually last four. You know minutes. I am a minute. Advantage. I'm at work or geeky unconsciousness. Near where. Are where Neptune don't want to wake up. I can never opened but I'm not but what I want. But it didn't work I could get something moved yeah that's being you know. Doling out I want trying to move a letter or something and what I would really able to little tumble on salt out of that charms. It rooted in the car. And of course you do that might have also been in your mind trying to protect you and not you know in helping keep your eyes closed for your for your own well being mentally. Gary Gary possibly yet. But I'm not a lot and trying absolutely yeah. So I. I'm not to make light of any situation but at least it was only a minute because there have been some out there who it's talked about something like this going on for you know half hour to an hour I. Fine and at least at least you were lucky enough to get you know the minute thing yes whatever I don't know why I'm you know it's counselor I'm trying to make it better in some weird way I guess but that he. No I I your your counsel why I won't and I think how lucky in that once I was able to move boats. And it's not ever really be totally conscious. Would be I had heard it and staying while you complete it are. Oh absolutely effort I've I've dealt with cases with that where people have. Actually you know woken up or ban awake through the whole experience and I've been thrown around a room. And and you Altera during the whole thing happening as well. And you know it's. It's it's really it's tough it's tough situation. Susan did you do anything you know when these. Basically when it stopped did you do anything or change anything in the way you believe on that you feel may have helped protect you from anything. Sense I did. Yeah well yeah well I I have to get them out of Williams person's. Diet. Like yeah. Whenever something like it happened. It's I would get up there and crack shot. And it would happen. Soon be made but did you like to Wear. A quick stop it. The now get cute wanna look like as religious percent. I usually go to bed without milk. Without you know. And and it's funny as it's not funny. A lot of people become. Religious individuals at certain times like this where me and they might not have a spur aspect of a bullets a stroke row bullet just. Religious belief. In in their bodies but when something happens like just the first thing they're doing is. You know is looking for help from from god bottom line it's too because it's the only thing they feel they can turn to. Well on and Christine and I attracted out these sorts you know armed. You know do it did teachers in addition to work. As a child annihilation. You learn and raised more spiritual week divestitures. And Aaron went into a client of mine. So really organized religion would not so much a part of my life. And I see. A lot of England's government now saying yeah I'm really. I gave got I love god to lead and got can't scandal could (%expletive) yeah act because I believe in god I think. I think I think more and more people or are excepting that exact point of view I'm a firm believer in something on above them firm believer and a higher power outages I don't feel and you the middleman to answer connect with so and that's why allow us. Tend to be stepping away from this hole. Idea of the church because they don't feel that the need to if they can pray at the same price and in their room to pray anywhere they need to be they don't have to go sit. In a pew at a church and you know prayed there it's not him him connect many closers so and it's just the belief that finally coming up so. Susan yeah I think people are just. Now we're just yeah. Reality we're just about out of time and I wanted to take a few minutes here for delight to talk about some of the things are working on currently we did talk about the radio I know that your it deeply involves an animal well being and rescue. Is or any thing that you'd like to pass on to people as in regards to that. Aunts yeah so you don't. Don't keep a hand clubs Foster parenting moral used to. I need to our appearance. And old and abandoned at kittens. I'm restricted kittens and puppies that seems like it it's better that it really all of the late. Police stand neuter your your caps. They breed like rabbits. Out and let out one of the things got to do to help. Armed racially iron slower and slower animal rescue is to expire the islands taking care of all these kittens. Right. What date. Pulling back accounts and looking at the war and right at the wall and all these little tiny shirts. From all these little kitten moon and her dad yeah I'm glad I told. You all are going to run outs. But it looked like to conveyor belt in net editor vial of candy. She's. The idea was born and now I'm expendable excrement who. I make candy kitten crap and I can be copied to a true and that will help some of that it's me and Eric are you hope you come on the scene since this. All icky and actually I may have something brand new year and it did issue an apt. The first prototypes Nady coming let me where it will dolby candidate. On the friend has yes yes now that's odd front dumped. Challenge. Yes and that went with and one month. Well I'm sorry yeah I dump I. Oh you know oil produced. Will laugh you know John well let me. Recently. If you don't pay locally. Or nice of OK there if you may have that it skirt on these set. I ain't hay into its ill at that but it harder. It's a lesson for Dennis can overseas it is in some originals and and you usually you have some artwork available on your with such as well right. You can only a giant motion I want and any. Yeah all. Show but yes. I just did a line of I would column and the Arctic rescue and parred it each and that goes animal rescue. And down. I do some other steps to. I have a lot of our console market problems. That is or what excellent searchable debris out like a nice to get the new. This is like a topic for another show and well it's that it's been a real pleasure having him on the program and I'm so excited to to meet you it's scary cons say hello talk bases whatever. On and hope out. Yet perfect the perfect and we'll have an opportunity to have you back on the program and I still wanna marry you when I grow up. Actually try to fix soon you have a great night thanks for coming yeah I think that someone. Susan Olsen also medicine known as Cindy Brady. Going to be a scare con really excited about meaning for their. The numbers 8446877669. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the episcopal application of the death organization. That's right it your best. You need to subscribe to taps her Mac. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is it taps her magazine has been completely redesign. And re launched to serve you better that's right go to the website just taps her bag dot com that's tap experiment dot com and click on the subscribe now by. Enter the promo code and beyond at checkout can save even more on your subscription. It's capture. Back to work every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening you're able. Ferrer magazine again go to the website tab CarMax dot com. That's tabs paramedic dot com. I use promo code beyond just say. All so when he says we got me listener call in so we're gonna glory to the phones listener you're on beyond reality radio welcome to program. Sample just call you Sams and union Sam. Are. You to produce art. You can only now. Oh and only a group. Of. Okay now the sand. Getting I'm getting the feeling here that. Uniter and regular caller what's what's going on with you here. Crawler and are. And you're screwed over yeah are there. And I. What do you do low when you how do you all of our own arm bar through nude your body. You don't school. Aaron important marker are larger. You're at a motel six for demons woody on we'll tell 666. OK so when these when these demons. Occupy you would they do what you do. We're going to get her problem come and an arm. Silica double B. Throw out. Of 100. Orders were rewarded through your ego or a loved her drew blood and a little school up through it and and funeral warmed. Little she should. Always have been able to do. Singled to victim about it. All brown and robes and older. There nipple or urine samples. So these demons occupy your body and they do things like you said go downtown what do they do in downtown. Applebee's. Why why you go bees. But what if it's a special Applebee's. And well you know if he sees is the what how long these demons tend occupy your your body before then before they've had enough and weeks. And do you do you get anything in return for being a host to these demons. It. Took some features in Europe agree. Do I don't you give it doubled and pretty. Boat with a total of Judah and you know and Roberto vote will probably. Now now you know I have to say is not we've Jason I've been involved in media radio television for a long time. And generally somebody with a voice is deep in jurors. Has a story to tell it is that your normal voice. Gluten gluten in the revolt and off troubled people. Century. And injuring me through every were. Called to order a group of beer or. So as not your normal ways it's a that you. Well thanks for the call and hope to hear from me again. So log says. The so what. We go from city do we go from Cindy Brady Susan Olsen who examined the demon host. Oh what I don't know it's final nipple rubs don't know enough for him over the all right is a relief it's a little appreciation. Arteries and he Applebee's for the for the apps that you know so good stuff. Let's let's quickly go to the phone lines we have foot. Hey guys get more a couple of Thomas Tamika. About and oh boy okay well I don't like caller a lot of truth to what that last callers. There are there any tidbit is that there's got to visit them what people don't realize is even. I guess women and men can both have nocturnal strains are wet dreams and that is what they are. You know but deep deep remorse so worse than if you like actively participating that morning yet as opposed to being. Raped more last. And there are those Alka who'd do who do actually push for a they they call these things and. Yeah it is spiritual blindness I mean and and they aren't writing and so there are. That is they'd meaning you are taking up with the spirit with familial spirit and taking relation up with that because some people do that they don't realize what they're going to other people do so we even know you're doing and you're conscious of doing it it's really networks. And demons employed cheered they Oprah's Q and they polls that you and part time possession. And deliverance or actresses on the politics gonna get rid of and anything can bring them into your life been out of the summer experience because I was trying to be sell a bit. And I started having inappropriate drain. Around July of 2015. And I had not had any wet dream about as a teenager. And all of a sudden now the blue eyes start having them and they started taken on and not normal and inappropriate and forbidden topics. And taboo things like that though you know. And that's why they're connecting up what adding up at all this disaster how long sell the seat. At that point it was probably. I would say at least weeks maybe. Or to. Cover multiple months maybe sub. Okay. Parent well let thanks for the thanks for the cold and it's always great to hear from him is good to talk to Jesus gets a greater incidence of two we appreciate him calling and so we've got just a few seconds left Jada talk about who's coming up well and also why do I loaded grams castles of Celgene. All I want to put it up on the beyond realities FaceBook you know there's been nothing better than to do this program every night from Dracula is Kessel. Cancel it due they're only asking an initial price of 66 million so. I mean. But they honestly the funny thing is dressed in 66 million but they said the unusual property could go for as little as thirteen mil so that's a huge a huge difference in itself Bodo we do I buy loaded that on the FaceBook page beyond Rihanna FaceBook dot combat such beyond real area. And daily guests are great people coming up we've got. Mark Edwards tomorrow night professional medalist who specializes in magic of the mind that we've got John Russo co writer of made of living that would Georgia marrow. And next week we got Brian Kane Cristian de Christian is a modern day warlock and Brian's actually which. And the list goes on Iran. And then were who were into October at that point. It's Halloween month and we should mention our Halloween program which you know they're all very excited about we've got Chris court T know lots. Who was one of the Lutz children that lived through what is known as the Amityville horror. And Chris we have him on before the show was nationally syndicated and he gave us some inside information and he would never released prior you know and just things about Georgia's activity and a lot of things they found in the house brought. We appreciate everybody tuning in tonight we're big shout out to Susan Olsen for a coming on the user experience and a thanks for the support everybody's been shown to be on reality radio. Guys we will catch you all tomorrow night have a great initiation and javy aura. Our current Aurora springs west with Kenny Edwards and -- perhaps by Alexandria Johnson for Entercom radio we don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow up on or you'd like to be guest on beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.