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10-3 5pm Bobby & Mike: taking calls on the Saints and LSU

Oct 3, 2016|

Bobby & Mike take calls on the Saints' 35-34 victory over the Chargers and Ed Orgeron's first win as LSU's head coach.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back and it's like a show like that that you Bobby bell the scope loosen up a casino. Beats it Hank got county Mississippi couple fine visitors up the port up with a Monday night contest. But swinging the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants and you could hear that game right here. On definitely helped all of the negates about that it'd just thinking that is not quite the Vikings have kicked everybody's butt but. And so far when I look at I'm like to put three but dark horses because I listen I'd Mara. Phil steal he ever to feel feel he does. You know that magazine I isn't like that big in polar research. He felt like chopping universe to Washington Huskies. Thought fit is back in like in this spring ascent up you watch it dark cars. The Washington Huskies to be a final fourteen. Haven't opportunities make Stanford. And in my too dark arts always try to pick in the NFL. I'm doing really good all one of of that being the Vikings but not so good with the Jets at kind of like. Yet despite all but yeah last year so yeah I don't open yeah I don't know I don't know that Eddie hill wagon real quick on that. At 630 that I will throw it to the slate radio network in this special edition of the Saints go to show. Special guests up obviously coached you more and NFL hall of fame offensive tackles really rope. And again Monday Night Football interest in the game the Vikings defense that has been spectacular this year you know has been spectacular elegy result in Allah in honor. The deal on the Elmira E. Coli. Yeah it's a playmaker and he's the third puts it. Not even this early in the league is that the rotation and whatever to get an opportunity makes plays unbelievable. We've got to go to telephone lines and we gonna go to pony in Australia. Taught me. You're not always Bobbitt might. But in my life. And it's neat. Yeah well we've we've volley got it done not now we'll what I was that now that it was in San Diego that you have like a good at Mardy are. But he does break it down. The time and not the atmosphere where you bat where you that watch in the game. Knowledgeable about the city in the morning yeah and biting you say those are just aren't. But there are up a lot from part of the lecturer at nine. Awfully hard Cardinals and reds note. I. It ended but that. It was excelling and remind me like that who has when I was seeded George. Initially it. Where it went we yet. We are up fourteen points short in the state court. And then we have come back when it nor are you second in the it was in the agency stopped. Bobby you mean I remember it. You which. Are warm when I was maybe Eagles who would. And you look at that. Always Wear tonight. When the guys with size. All be wearing a game we plan to be. Yet they kitty cat the Carolina Panthers get good those like Cam Newton. You might be still knocked out he might have an opportunity. To play bought but it just shows you. How humbling the NFL is that. There will bullet Bill Belichick yes I mean Q you beat that this guy that. Basic go. They would touting as the greatest head coach of all nine. Added yesterday in a game against Buffalo the fans won't want him because he was so conservative though a lot of that three at will without a great. Places that are straight quarterback I think a lot of coaches because there. And made it on the line they got shutout innings galore but like if you know Tony. When you look at. Neifi Drew Brees and where we it's about time the ball bonds now wait vehicles on the game. Nobody court is so bad sides and stepped up and we like the defense but the tournament and I quote attributed to true quote attributed destruction are out. And million things. We will we will. But can include who open where in the past and we at the end and. Voting scored touchdowns that's a good point they didn't settle put a field goal. They Witten scored the two touchdowns which you needed to win that game and that was that you'd you would think well maybe it was going to be four down territory. You gotta go portal fought down to make sure that this team had an opportunity to win but that's a great point. That'd nothing games they haven't been able to squeeze out that seven. They get Marines there. Well you at the bottom line like yup statement on the agency. The fate of five of five it worked for. At the winning Formula One out there. Can't obviously you'll technically of football. You know you might be in the but not break him. McKay youth sports Google that attack now agreed upon that it means to beat when he won I don't think. We get it checked out and all that definitely. Well and they the team and the success in the red alternate Ford Field goal. Because I do it well over the long haul that will be pitches in the red. The defense stopping them and and fortunate to get through all that was that laws used that was definitely one of the turning points of the guys. Yeah I would and the change up might its drive them back. And you know what I've really thought it fairly this we have been in this game that's loosely. Mean you had to be the dominant he had a really strong push right up the middle now wish I would see that every week in and that's been in the. Real well. At a bond on a night game at times like you just block couple mean now rush that passer especially. Yet I a couple of sacks. He is in a press Ferrari's add pressure to run up the middle and it at that that's what you'd expect it theaters. Where'd you draft is evident to expectations. Exactly a Tony thanks so much put golf but it we appreciate it. All right don't write Donnan appreciated we gonna go to gave the man to be okay you know how to whip up in Mike. Very and hard don't act like you. Great spirit. Went I don't disinterested in I mean what Drew Brees. Get to the media recently about it. He felt that after coming out of the bye week you know there it was going to be like in new Eaton or even refer. I agree with that. Hopefully order or for the same. And all of our that you got. Out of the next I'm next few months couple months we've got some good opponents like the Seahawks in Carolina and Denver. I think that out of one of those points are gonna you know it came out of those so out of one of those which one would think that would be. That might be can't count on the right time the inning and you Adam well it played well enough I'll Robinson at the row last year Eric outline. Josh dormant we had a double digit lead while we had I hit point the road win at thirteen point lead at the home. So that they play count on well. Now at the aids and it is the ran our. No Seattle. The thing is though diet. Would like out chances better. Because topic the it might be the only if that's the at all that the line wrecked our chances better build. On October 30. In November 13 when the Broncos well. Who now. At San Francisco luck one of our training in the right direction we should win the game with the keys if we can't let that is the arm. The middle October today in November. Because if you beat 500. And if I look at the backhand can be Stamberg. It might. I don't know we got that ran well now we maxed out well if they could they like the draw it lately and a couple of times. And Aaron ultimately going to be at notre Edith Garrett. The middle of knocked over the map and a bye week. It till the middle know that we play Carolina Thursday night game in the opener at that the team. Absolutely you know we have here. Haven't bashes the eyes though they. That. The six and that in night that he yeah I mean it. Realistically that's that's what it and holding it at that gate note the one thing now I'll agree with that is if it was you gain so. It's Carolina you matched up well against them they look at the football well. And listen tickets they would they want it really Josh Norman. Right right you look at what they would Nolan or go to old it was an old rookie. Want to get back at. Have to look at him on the 2.5 it and that's of no was it hard every play. I'm like that I was embarrassed and eat the better. He missed the tackle. Well at the at and it was a very brightly with daddy at the back. Hopefully it's not god they don't they don't get that bush ultimately. Your goal that make bubble all know I want our install our. Wow I thought last year that. Pushed up the middle this year they've not even been close. And you know why does it matter who block them Alex how acts Mac. And that brought. Us write them I'm Alex Mack with kick it off line. In the ethically blade. Also that. It felt very humbling you think about it. And my god you just not enough the action might be a bad athletically in the next game like it you yet like how that's gone going to bribe them with average play. Dave thanks so much for the call we appreciate it will be back with more second guessed right up this break here on the negate seventy. Back to the second guess show like that to you Bobby Hebert alive from the super super casino beat sided Hancock county Mississippi. What they'll Bobcats huge Paula being we've almost ready for the use breaks of local media. In the 530 out popped one of the things is seeing more more Michael Thomas. Getting a lot of throws his way and you see the confidence level Drew Brees has in the young rookie Michael now. It's like you know what a big touchdown reception. That was critical for now play. You know you got to continue to make those plays that's. They expect me to who's gonna have that confidence in you and we need that you kind of passing guitars. I'm I'm not saying he's Marcus Colston but eventually all we need to ever live you know like me yet they've been on the IP. You know we need all of them really but to be collected that we need Brian cook's. I think Randy coach has been all that past a couple of games and we need him let when he released the when he Michael Thomas did it tied it will be cleaner. The critical briefly I mean look at it like they have local weekly Adam look at the numbers. Call me later had three catches for nineteen yards. I mean. We beat dog cuts that. Jimmy Graham had that kind of game in the Saints uniform. Slot but the bottom line is we need him to be more productive Q Drew Brees knows how to utilize the tight end. He did it with Allen would give him dammit did you watch it. Jeremy Shockey gave me again you go on and on and all what does. The tide is a. Kobe communities. Jack himself. And step up. And heard the big paycheck and and all they'll have any drums make plays yet five targets. But only three receptions Duluth beat nine yards. He should have a game. Every game five the Celtics this of a bike at least one pitch. What it blood thirty plus starts Trenton beat him he should have that kind of impact. Why don't we you definitely gets. I mean you're up against Carolina and you gonna go up against James Brett bury your rookie. Darryl Worley a rookie. In many in Mercury. Who got heart a little bit well relatives you you know you got yourself an opportunity at a really makes them pay. Well with the psyche gets she'll write up this news break let mr. Miller. Q on deciding game show like it to your body alive from the syllables with the casino. Beats died in Hancock county Mississippi. Are definitely help ready Jack or opinion poll do you like the bye week. They feel. Some injuries all what you referred to the slightly. With that W under their belts and some competence. A game you can cast your vote now at WBL dot com. Most people here in the audience Utecht they were referred to slightly on not happen I weeks though I don't want people here at the slip but it would rather him. Leo to really go to Paula that caution or Paula you know how to whip Bobbitt might. First term partner you might certain that you don't. I would question the comment. Com the move that the valuation of the talent sitting. Round ability is there be because it not for the pot that is a problem with pujols election. In a pro player differences in that habit that you PKQ one of the group. The kind of upon the part about it via the long ago. Definitely. Need for the plans to use in going on third year. My anyways and apparently. That's probably the same management. One note that the group job. And I actually improve a bit of a personal note they'll. And then another. There. In broad terms it was about. You and coach soldier on probably range. And back to your comment. Where the issues. And everything else problem and the collectively we're going to Sandberg for Europe offensively they're overly Erica and I are fortunate Inge. Pummeled in the last month. And a. In Europe and over. Paulus was Ochoa you know Bobby and I go to go low. And also I would include. Bought a former neighbor Shane sellers and with one of the great. Jockeys that Worrell in the eighty's and ninety's on the buy you love you know rat pack so to speak but Cotto really. You can see all the energy you brought to this football team and deeply would focus they've played we intensity. Just like what he units and I think what was happening at LSU and they will tell you it to tell you but. Would you practicing this week sixty to seventy please you beat your own football team up. Coach Joseph has brought that back when he five plays that's who we gonna do the walk throughs to focus Friday's. All these sort of things almost like a professional team instead of I like what you did in the sixties and seventies. Well well it would and you look at it that we let the season starts. On the united shake you should eat shape that they train year round. So would you never want to have a slight mental blood. So what you wanna call out a walk through our in the position meeting rooms. That you got to know what you do and not now and Dan are not not admitted to time our president. If you know you you know league. And you fresh come Saturday night our Saturday Cubs Saturday morning against Florida that you're ready to roll. So that's the thing. You know even coach Morrow that we gonna have them on. He'll tell you we Willingham Louisiana. And he wanted to set the tone that you share it down. Marine sniper training it's an out you were you trying to survive training camp. 11986. And Africa and I've talked with Stan Brock and everything. We hit it is training camp if if if if Fella we played the whole season and this season that he would start. Time and I mean all of a sudden Atlantic keep it to arched an -- you know it was a quarterback at a Falcons. David archer who's the color commentator right now let them and and we got lacks a coach or he learned. From that approach and obviously to keep the that you practice and in the not straining your round so if you would shape he's not gonna get better. During the week all we got to learn a block that I got to tackle better note background work here ready have been knee. Now all of us done. You wouldn't prepare every team's that I always know what they're doing. And now and make the gate fund help with the leather that this is like. Practices what you have to do to perform at a high level thinking should be unbelievably fun. It really went all said and done that you feel fresh. At that you'll both get played back to back night games Anaheim. You know you all you brought up the what do but talent evaluation and that's what Ozzie usable while this. It's healing is the chief of personnel. Is the most important person on the team more than the head coach more than two you know within the guy who's the salary cap consultant. Because of the fact that you you're job is you'll note that with restored you up on the team. It's the out of the guys to make sure that they did it which you use system wise in some. Not do you see a guy with another team is simple I wish we feel. But he might not fit into your locker room into which you do. And that but it's nice if Jeff Ireland. Now what did Jeff works hand in hand which don't make this this this nobody on this site football team that's not you would optional to approval. And so the money caliber it has been key moments. Part of it but the talent evaluation is Jeff Ireland. And we shall pay in Vicky all working as a threesome right now the most important guy in the saints' organization. It's Jeff Ireland he's the guy. Now all players know that threw eight solid opinion ultimately able Mike in I don't know where ever seen this. I've never seen a player now playing. Not like back of the plane are Associated Press with professional football since 1983. When commenting on it. In Atlanta aren't here are play. You know for fifteen years they're preparing to play. I have never made it right now. I have never. Seen a talented players like it now Allenby and never available. That cat is I'd label can play at a high level. I don't know he's always hurt. He's got a Kabul a mean it's like it's like he almost no talk many years. And it's still not aware that has to arm and I'm up late and I know Matt my band's. And will necessarily do the team concept. Because that's not in my best interest I'm not on purpose it will win you truly a hundred to have the option right now they're now Ellerbe. I asked my partner every down. Is that even look at Robert this contribution. Is always say it he's not the best line back on this team it's 118. He's in the conference field equipment but how many games as the played. You know while a bit in three years what two years in four games in 36. Possible gains over the last two in a quarter years late seven. He's played it picky about seven it's seven out of a possible new latest such a high level with the Baltimore rate if you partly data that make contract with the Dolphins. And yeah bluntly the guy who got it yet level it all but didn't knowledge basically he's gone because he's always hurt. But he's almost like it's supermodel. Ms. Victoria's Secret model. The hottest ticket and all of assignment at which he's never available. There has got to got to look at our from a distance and hope she's available and that's kind of that now Ellerbe. He's hell he's well but when is he well. I mean you know it's always frustrating. So it hit its almost like you know what you don't want to see. Then you get rid of the golden that the round is eighty picture but because he has that ability because that could very well happen. You know Chris the thing is he from the Georgia area. They launch on well with me. An Achilles. Hit it that he's well what did you know if you let him. Dog until now it's with a lap adult not a doubt would let you haven't gotten it. Well with this issue right at the break on the negate seven. Bacteria at this that you get show. And Bob wouldn't go back to the telephone mine's been good Robert L this helpful Robert do you gonna get for a long time buddy thanks to hold it on. No problem guides and there are good luck of not getting very good free agents Alan and actively get John Kuhn on lap. No we reports that giant whose main dominant he's a football player. I mean it in its nightly it would not you know lot of utilized him fantasy football. Because he's not gonna have you know. You've got it yesterday I'll let you look at their. Bodies they walk out on the line. Are McGrady late. But at the moment you hit Molly and the manner Ottawa. No he missed a reliable you know it's amazing what you look at. I don't know the past couple years through three season when. We had a 31 that coach Payton at times now we're gonna have to mix it up in the future. You know in the teams coming up but it was amazing how well we've had out tree components. Even those third well we couldn't just run the ball we get stuff. And we had to out trick them to get the first Allen Alec whom Mike as could ever been held back. No I got it right now what to say four or five times if it's been thirty want to debate this the first now. Robbie you know with the Austin Johnson not gotten hurt. Probably get back into it and Austin got hurt in that little. And money the idea that the heart the fact he caught back at it even know from caller. Art Erstad. Back before. The ball was it is now. You went up and grab. A great act now Peter deflected. At the U can't them and you know. Bills the game open now yet rust guys like that any. System that day. It was. The slate that your wallet with payments it was a natural nose jobs. He knows when he's there for most of the well as the lead blocker but yet it outlines. The money. I agree I agree on whatever we paid all those other people that you made it back at the shore up some. All right guys thanks. Think I would probably appreciate it over to second guess Joseph president Rick you all in the negates that. We're back here on the second guess show live from the so we'll slip a casino side in Hancock company. Mississippi really go to dean and applause being you know how to with Bob and Mike. Hey guys. Real quick yes somebody it was a huge minutes for that span. And seeing and then let a couple of injuries that he's. Do you saying it would be a good idea for him going to we have and Williams and guys like him personally to get out. As far as seeing his future. And not play the rest of the year. He's he's not he's such a competitor that's not gonna happen I think with some guys they might do it. But I know the competitor delivered what and I've got to win against Florida but. I think you couldn't see you back on that football field he wants he wants it back in that helped the team. Others think he's gotten beat her mind standing the rest of the season. So he wants to be ready to roll and it treatment the highest level. So what you play Ole miss Alabama yeah. Are it's all eight of them. That's what you want him healthy. Yes though what nobody. Packing in and out for the rest of the season active adults he has character he's not and that that type individual but right right got it going like some guys the wall yet but I think yeah they won not. He is out and it be at nagging. High injury that. I'm fighting every we have yeah with it and that Elvis night could be a situation that I'm acting you get shot up or anything. Like certain players it when you heard. You knee RRO. You know the ankle and it shot up dollars Celek could do or die scenario. So I think you'll contribute this year. But he's not ready to roll he don't want it to be handed earned him and nag him throughout the season. Corrective and just damage is just for the fact that they keep it nothing else to prove to anybody. He's already probably going to be an odd number one trip they right now. And I just hate to see him get hurt even more in the and that that that that injury. Mean it needs help he's gonna play I'm always got to prove it to you wants to prove himself. The correct players always feel as though I've not done enough in double showed you how good idea so what he's gonna be healthy. The play and where they need him. Down the stretch late October it is to don't know what makes them much but I'll be appreciated. With this national runner up that is used brake ripped. Miller.