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10-5 4pm Bobby & Deke: with LSU's Michael Bonnette on LSU-Florida details

Oct 5, 2016|

Bobby & Deke talk with LSU's Michael Bonnette to get the latest details on the LSU-Florida matchup with Hurricane Matthew bearing down on Florida.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports soccer and abbreviated dishing coming up at 5 o'clock hour promising great color and as Deuce McAllister as witness our review preview segment. Will preview some big games in the SEC and college football this week also would get deuces take on the saints' first one in this season what is like in about a week. And point in the game a little peek ahead at Sunday's. Monday night's game between Tampa and Carolina in which Carolina it's the saints' next opponent of the coming off a shall we depleted on a week from Sunday on at noon. Our communal that they're weak and I told the number to get involved at 2601 hates him you can Texas and 87870. We joined now by LSU sports information director and associate McGregor Michael Barnett. To give his latest Michael if you would just jump by an able gave beautiful what is the current status what is the latest situation on the scheduled game between elation at Florida Saturday morning. Well the game is still scheduled for Saturday in Gainesville there could be a you don't game time change in terms right now scheduled for eleven and collect could change. But purported decision to release which spoke to there is Florida officials as well the FCC offices a little while ago. And that final decision on the start time of the game we've made 1 o'clock. Eastern time tomorrow. New dark times so. Right now we're we're still scheduled for at noon eastern start on Saturday. Will hooters. That deadline of tomorrow 1 o'clock eastern news in our time. To the effect game is that time's gonna get pushed back or not but. You know again we're just kind of monitoring the weather and were at the mercy of mother nature and and what this what the storm ultimately decides to do. With Ellis useful as a major to Michael by and that a final decision on the current standard game eighteenth ranked Florida hosting LSU have been near Griffith stadium. Saturday morning to naming him ought timing decision on where they game will be with a game will be played if it's going to be moved anything. Altar in the game we need tomorrow at noon our time now Michael I'm I would assume that to you guys had to be fluid and be ready to do some different things. Are scenarios like man though because a lot of people get ready to leave on Thursday if they are going to games. That's why it's for Thursday but what what are some maybe some different scenarios of some maybe you could toss out to the fans well if if if it does if they if there is something different besides what is currently on the books and that's 11 o'clock at all says yeah. It bounces that really the only other scenario would be that approach to start come back into the afternoon. You know they're pretty adamant about playing in the game in Gainesville. Which you know they're home game that's so that's their right and so. So you know again we're we're just wait this city were way. Will work participant in this but it not a home game and as long as the league blesses it and Florida. You know Gainesville is a situation where. You know obviously safety and the well being of everybody involved and be considered but. You know. We're just kind of wait this thing out and see what happens it is. You know brilliant like anything I have been through you know we've been through stuff like this before but basically been okay. Tight doctor while we already know that I'll carry on Wednesday it was coming about are we knew that we're gonna have to go to Bears statement this town so. You know again age is an inconvenience however you know there's one thing we can't control what the weather's so we're trying to be is as transparent and as. Forthcoming with information would our fans knowing that we do you have a lot of fans traveling to this game. As possible. So you know we're doing the best we can't this year spread the word. But again when you are reliable mother nature of the storm this magnitude. You know we can only table we know at this point and that's all we. Line is that. I don't know there's no way of floral from the back no doubting the significance of the way and yeah and yeah. Different scenario could it possibly. You said they won the game in Gainesville maybe at a neutral site in Alabama. I was in disgust I don't know you know I think skinny thing Bobby the game has to be played. You know I think all effort will be made to play the game. You know it that being said it's something happened with this storm in a certain scenarios I guess would be discussing considered but. You know right now the point is to play out Saturday at that designated time and and you know that that's all we can do but yeah I mean but there are things that will be considered to storm takes take some more westward bleak turn. Or strengthen their you know there are a lot of different things that could play in this. And you know Michael still not knowing when mechanical it would actually occur and of the game is on Saturday. I don't know from a purely and television arm. I aspect of ours as far as scheduling does it matter whether it's Saturday afternoon or Saturday night or even. Is the end of the have and I'll on Sunday contrite rod and over there is that because I even heard stunning and our name in North Carolina statement in the playing like on Sunday. Yeah well that is that is a possibility if we get to that point but. Yeah I mean I think you know he is definitely factored into this I don't think it will be the determining factor because worst case scenario if you can't find a window. To put the game on television within the games on television but you know so you know all those things are being considered but. You know it's. We sit here on Wednesday afternoon in just we got to wait we're in another waiting. Waiting period here for into and so many in our town tomorrow. Michael any any thing it's always a fan's point amends today go to a site today file you or somebody. The only would you. Say look we'll try to keep them abreast as best we can't buy that was sports dot net and our social media FaceBook and Twitter accounts Stokes. You know we'll have some commitment to more shortly thereafter and it will just go from there but. Yeah I mean I think you know try and do the best team and to make sure fans are aware and understand. Personal. You know the storm. In the second of all you know. Didn't Gainsville and what time on the game we played in you know so what do the best we can describe or. Mike abundant LSU sports information director Michael as always thank you so much time for doing this is given a set of data we devastate a to a team but I don't tomorrow. Things like all right again LA issue at eighteenth ranked slaughter right now the next most and important part in his summation we appoint to. Is at noon tomorrow we won't know at noon tomorrow. Where the game win the game we played in this Florida. They're in like Bobby we've talked about Florida wants to play the game in floor so there's no way they don't come Tibet groups so if they had to move the game I would think maybe they move and it's time. They may move him like Bobby a day or who knows maybe somewhere close to Florida which to stay you know Alabama's got stadiums there right. But they do not and then not going to come Tibetan. While big depending on what occurs as far as that there's no emerges situations. I don't see any scenario that he wouldn't wanna play in the swamp. Bright and Gainesville when I mean minute weather. Even if it's Sunday I I think they'd much rather play the game if it if they can like on a Sunday riveting go to neutral site in Alabama on Saturday. And at the end the day took the people's lives without question without question the most important. But they also AP there they fact be in how many home game you have a year and what revenue stream comes capitals on games. And the good of Florida schedule whenever they play LA issue at home it is one of the biggest home games of the season even a day at Tennessee in it you know gains and a year. And all Florida State did it is probably the biggest game because these two teams be in the content outside a Florida State or Tennessee so. They they won't depleted gaming floor that even if they had to be a different day or different time we won't know that tomorrow at noon. All right he's Bobby Hebert on the Bellamy is there yet to come dues to be with a some pop to 630. QB to QB coming up Pau later this evening. Brady academic fraud Gator sideline reporter will give us to take on Florida and have a quarterback situation is Applebee's and moved a Rio. In doing go to Willie for it to be with a two lane has seen a game move with Central Florida to November 5 so wave. Now I have a week off to prepare spy into the I guess you'd say. Abbreviated season by a week. A day about we they got because the weather to remain is off to a hot start at 32 in a bunker dog the weight could be five and go certainly for one losing a close from a four. To Wake Forest and we one of the season and losing by six to navy. And though week four of the season. All that's coming up and then the coach our show at 7 o'clock tonight right here on the home of the Saints and the Tigers this is WW. On love it when they call me big putt late. Biggest smallest moment are coming back from the break that's a week ago and of course that is a sample is Kasey Kahne who was young and he has a long hair which Carmen but cut would you had been in the long hair Osama account yet you had demoted back when the original. Course to this song with that that would be the OG. I know that those unique. As the broke well between you heat on court. As Laura clean sheet and that he put in all they've been ingrained that it mom or tko the only been. He was different mayors and I think it's. And they're. Thinking and you did and ate drank a bidding on. This trend that it peony track yet and with the idea mimic him and it. Eight trick machine him like a a us Mans but on top and you with like portable. And you could stick tape in the sack in Duke it was over thinking I don't know Beltran knows that would a that would the first liked portable patron armament imminent that was big that. And the bear 1260187. You can Texas and eights in the gates and already jaguar opinion poll is always available for you it's a bit WWO dot com the Saints and a three way tie for second place in the south August it's a signal places Nash right now. Without doubt. 13 with Tampa and Carolina what should take for the rest of the season. Is just saint glass half full or half empty. K's to vote online at WWL. Dot com let's go to amend the view for rate rate thank you for calling Debbie did you. They. Actually. There's only people that that's been made he ought to know which is what does the they. Did not. They're not typical on the back it's going to and other news and negative thoughts on the play I think with the bottom line is that. They would rather. And the game canceled. Won't go that loss form. That's not been that as not a possibility Hendry cans and I. I. It would be more to do that those idea if they didn't date date I have come in the bag I'll play the game but is no way be canceled. Love made supposedly supposedly can be played corner. Go to Alabama debt if they don't they don't want you kind of know if I rate it LSU and a home team in this situation they were had to say semesters to groups. Well at as a few years back I remember in the league and Arctic conditions so I guess and yeah. You. I'm not putting Seymour plane flying into our local and is well cut well to be going away. Always within they would take a loss. Well so Belichick shows. But Murray LA there's not gone had a donate the amount he does it these. I mean you're hitting on on some points in but it released beef fat Bono may be reasonable and as you go play. I mean I mean if they did but the thing is. These schools they know the rude way ahead of time and a beret how would you feel if all of a sudden and playing a guy Rodgers to speak weathered the storm. And Billy emergencies that on then it would occur. Could they want it to be played in Gainesville also battered the Sunday. Well yeah yeah. Sure actual. I would pointed. Give them shall we go on to next week and so I don't know I mean what leverage Belichick has probably non. They are a day off from what we understand they are part of it they are informed they have somewhat of a say so but the ultimate as Florida being a home team it its its the and they thought they it is certain they got the follow among ACC but Florida has a say so on his and they don't went down wanna leave the door. Yeah that's such a well I mean yeah you know all the you know would you Mo like 65 years and I'm that you born and raised it to. We we know the devastation and how I'm alright mine areas. So that's how does not race these coups Alec and understand ray YouTube hit the nail on him because it's not like we're dealing with. Fans LSU and had to go to Arizona State they a comedy LSU LSU. Agreed to there was no way LH you can basically you could mean Texas all of back we voted you couldn't play anyway ease. There was so much devastation all around the state in in and trust you know three state area Dick this Alabama Mississippi. So they basically the best situation that you know file was to go out west and the accommodated LA issue. But both of these schools I think it makes it a little bit more understandable Bobby because every year. Florida Louisiana Alabama Mississippi they all know about hurricane season is not like LSU is playing in Missouri or they play in the Boston College somebody don't have any idea of how this go home. Well you look at revenue and you capacities is stadiums. The where south Alabama plays when they have the Senior Bowl that is that it's the lead people get a mobile. I had to give them not to look at it is five I would say somewhere between about thirty OK now you don't lose old school in the big stadium. It would be a neutral site let now it would be legion field I would've Pierzynski to Jim gently Novo Alabama I don't know I have a Birmingham and when it was there and it Julien and I would. A date the date there are places but obviously from from what we talk to Michael and we're gonna talk to about Brady Ackerman he's negate a sound that reports he's inside. They wanna play in floor in and you can't blame him that's a part of it be like him or you lose in the a home game a conference game and that's a big deal when you came late in Tiger Stadium just like it's a big deal if you can't claim being agreed Thursday. We'll come back in now over the phone lines to 60187 you can Texas and 878 Sammy WW unused time we're approaching. For a thirty threes to have a first news to go to Christmas. Tony is they're great Deuce McAllister on just our review preview some big games 313 big ones I guess it's any ACC this week L issue in Florida. Alabama and and that possibility of good just one being undefeated this week or you could name to Alabama these games in this week no one common these out of the AN am and there Tennessee game the Saints in a three way tie for second place in the south the NFC south what you take the rest of the season. Is the black and go play careful on hand in the case of vote online at WW though. Dot com had a coordination laughed as he can't count is coming up in about fifteen minutes here on debuted at about his it takes him Bobby and he goes out of town. Hunting trip over the weekend heard bits and pieces of a story about OBJ. Audio Beckham junior and the Giants weren't too happy. With an MP to atone historically what basically it was kind of when Novoa. Audio back on two bullets and now you met me too much to him you know him and Hamlin. August did this. Actions on the Theo and it prompted GM Reese to have both have like a little outs is sedan made their conversation to form and am imagine it's about. The great player yet to be great. Com download big it's been pretty since he's been in the league Bobby. It's been too much too soon too often right now audio back and gone back when he first got me. We we haven't seen it in the east in the media and visibly. Every week like this it has been since the first week of the season now we've seen in bits and pieces before but it's been some every week with him. Well you could provoke him into getting unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and then all of a sudden you get another one in the NFL in. Kicking out the game and not even opposing players haven't though retaliate it means of times that let the officials put it in there and began his claws out of bounds. I mean it just that you don't respond as that your opinion manhood bright like you almost acts like you know tools to him. Right are trying and get it done in the winter what we have before you go to whistle well. But the physical talent the football. Even in Allen and they're gonna be cheap shots that you came retaliate because. Easily catch the second guy and India yen of you know getting in trouble getting unsportsmanlike conduct so he's just hurting the team. And I think he matures more I think he will be able to handle it hopefully for his sake. That you just pressured because he's having gained his only having two with three catches. And and really and I haven't impact. Philip it's very humbling. And you know with that being said the if you always used to being the top dog and in all of a sudden things don't work out your way. Then emotionally you get fragile and and you know able to handle that so. Now winners in this league going forward. And you can't get on the biggest stage in New York to see how Lee handles all this and and to see where he's at as far as. You know if he continues to get discipline and not. Playing at the highs of ice level I don't see the Giants mention him are kind of like you know pennant island lot of national media thing putting them in time I'll. I don't see that happening well but it. Hey I know he's hurting right now the Giants yeah receivers in the teamed often Wear and in his act. Eat he eats he's been more known for his antics and that he's he's he's he's he's off to a good store there's no doubt about it. But you know he's overrated right now and they knew he did but that's not his fault and field does he do that everybody they all the hype them and in the end you know it's like OK you got these. Tremendous expertise and we talked about yesterday did you last order of two ago. Two and they beat the Cowboys about want any B to Saints team it is you know that good. And in there about oh the Giants a bag to bag because his New York is new you know what's happened since the end. It has been more news about Oda Beckham what he's not gone football wise and what he's gone. Outside of football wise than anything so but they blow things up. They get a bit on things a Bible we ran out of a bit of time yes they talk about the a Major League Baseball playoffs and there was still in the eighty iconic moments in Toronto. And another one last night in was in causing Omar. Encarnacion Encarnacion hit that home run about it through Oklahoma. In the eleventh to win five to two. And he was almost like I'm sick as Joseph caught did it to the World Series but it was one of those joke auto moments. Info on what round is staying keeping Bobby dating anybody any by Toronto Texas. Boston leaving anybody can come out and American League and whoever comes out American leaguer and have a good shot to win at its best and I say if it's somebody like the Cubs. Because the Cubs they got history working against them big time. Well and then the Cubs. You know heard the commentators talking about a match of yes. Now they don't. Necessarily matchup well whether it be the Mets or the Giants news in. You know so yeah I mean now that time. That you have to win you can have a great season and boy and in. Quick disappointment. ID you know I was trying to. Pity. You know winners for a season even started to write I picked the Blue Jays and nationals. Minnesota and Washington was good for awhile but any kind of fell apart and yes that that that slide it four receivers are and who's been Aldo. I won't popular win. Now Boston and coming he's this he's been so good for the game and he's kind of one those guys it over the course at times he looked he's been hot headed it has with. He's kind of stayed I've done this right I've done this wrong. If for him to go out just beer to go to the to the post season. Before boss and they have a chance though. Unload see Boston Allen loves seeing him win that you have while Boston went over the codes. Oh yeah I think I think Bob until I'm out I read you an hour talk in the Red Sox security one that's wise yeah sort of comfortable we were you kind of token of the day though is that. It I think detonate nannies yankees won the last team to have the district in baseball. To win a World Series it's it's not it's only been little more than maybe I think it's less than a dozen in here's a Major League Baseball in a season the team has had the best record. Jay and Jerry does not gonna win the World Series right. Enemy next you think about over the course of a 162 games. Did the best in that stretch but they they they won't be the best in the course of four weeks but back to your point I thought you'd have a Boston because. You know I've been markets. Also and he's Chicago big Amaro balls. Chicago's. Because now the Cubs. Would win few World Series obviously that would but the Cubs have anything you know I know go and that's why it was Boston and Chicago for the longest time I still yet and and Boston would that's why I would cheer for a day in the and we found out last night listening to about the longest drought. In north American sports professional sports right now in playoffs for the Buffalo B you mean we talked last night. The capacity over the you don't sound Ira port for the BO if he was tennis that and that's why they think you know close I was to to come off of the wing and even though wasn't Tom Brady to win in New England was Meeks. But I realized that there the longest non playoff drought in north American sports on all pro sports as baseball basketball football hockey. Both will be if I would. Go from I guess a local perspective. Considering you know what you grew with his Major League Baseball here at UT trips. Obviously going to number Braves games ago watch and Brees and TV. That's oh also the look of things WGN as you can and the Astros and the Rangers oh yeah yeah Texas school tactics Justine immediate those Dallas. You know but I a look at the Rangers have been in the cowgirls so. I know I like Girardi even the Dallas Stars hockey via into an Iron Man yet. Can a full wall to wall to thank you going to BW Rio. AJ Buckley at all he. Part that I owe Sacramento built that put and being an old angry really remind me to grow numb because. You know you have alternate days summed it up. It seems to be dirt just just watch an analyst in here and different things and you know there's some players that Talbot. Bobby tell you players talk amongst themselves morning anything in that that kind of small you know word amount of I grassroots talk is still the strongest among the players and a National Football League compared to the media. The players know what to do they know drew DiLeo is so to speak but I'd I in the me too which is saying about because that they. That that is some of the things that begin today here with which Odeo Beckham is you know they can get in his age but he gets in his own here in become a problem. And he would be a labor council might it. They cries of the two. Well right for current year career all in the meeting rooms I guarantee every week that the with the bags coach and his players talk about how they can get in his head in the goodbye language ball to his mannerisms and I am not saint Pete cheap shot him but with the now provoke them to get him out of his game and Mueller about fighting instead. You know it is going about it and planes and all it was retaliation where Walt. What are you a note in which he's also can shoot around look at all of it. Who ordered you offered bomber he viewed more chances something else that you are due props look if you go bust out of that one. That they support him. Me and muscles in the line judge. Yeah oh. Oh what are you really know what. What I mean he's solid catcher with two aunts and every game has wanted to drop right L market this eight. You write everything that they'll love it for lastly before yeah Doug Kroll and had advocates yet in his Barton then go over the back of dropped a ball right on the four yard line right before. Well although not all hype that you try to build my turn it not. Not there no selection Nocioni. You know transition crowd visionary what was on the. Walter thank you so much for it to put a call we appreciated his that takes as Yankee nation here Marrero well and I mean there might be good but the Yankees a guy would in the bush on it that's got that tag Koenen. Got I mean not and then and then and then irrelevant and then that basically the team did gentlemen Bobby who hurt right now who put. The Red Sox over the Yankees and they bend that way sands. Just got a huge extension with the Chicago Cubs and that being Theo Epstein and when you read you know it is something to this kind of like. You know I guess you'd say this stigma on people in the end if what they really are. If you Maria they have big full page feature on him or ESPN two weeks ago for a regular season. You know they locked everything up long time ago but they were told about him from his days in Boston to where he hangs around the clubhouse and a Beantown in Chicago. He is just he's all business man he's like he was like a childhood prodigy. It was almost like he was he with the gold in tout to be able to do it. Architect a baseball team and he's done an eighty east Bobby could do this for another party fifty years he's a young dude he's a very young name. Well yeah that's. You know when you look at obviously behind the scenes you have that kind of guy that we would hope right now as of late we have that kind of success behind the scenes with the thing yeah. You know I'd rank it B right well ovals you look at Jeff Ireland coming in here he never deviate from his plane in an outstanding you know job with that yeah. Well one of the things that success that you dig deeper and you say well the talent evaluation. Of an outstanding job when you do it two different. I heard the other night about me that they were talking about. The Thursday night game it was Cincinnati. On and they I think this it of defeated three players Cincinnati has on their roster. Fall in the forty somethings were drafted by the team and is the highest in the lead at the day in the Packers in it was just gone back there philosophy. They allowed to go how they how they approach things and I looked Cincinnati and wanna play a game but but this is AJ green and in a Dolphins few years into the playoffs every is that they've been again. While the day day. Let down their fans but the you know in the that you write ever question. Anderson. That could be challenged today pressed. Yes. You down to see Woody says. Like Dallas to win the game behave badly why you hate the Cowboys so much my 'cause they overeating. Known in there while the L and haven't won anything as right as of late as of late look at the last twenty years Dallas has not been relevant. And. They allow became the Steelers think as I was coming up everybody. Was like that was a majority of people read you know knew a few fans here in there. Some had some Raiders fan bit. I knew Pittsburgh always beat Dallas and I got had a team people around me that we lived in Texas and along with a tumor was in Louisiana. As so much Dallas the last night at the likes somebody always beats Dallas. That's last on like in Pittsburgh well and even when Dallas. Well winning those who blows and in nine days. In olive to a personal perspective. The goblet of sports injury. Yeah had agreed that before you know if you want from the look down garbage in the through born millionaire brown in May and am. He give rev to you know he give me through in straight toward. Fans as did in the first week of the season against Wisconsin this and gave Jerry. All a lot of credit. For a business perspective Woody's though in Dallas mayor. I. Defeated checked his eagle at the door I think Kent Jimmie Johnson already here they don't want to more yen in the two more. Yeah I'm like I like Jerry Jones in my managing arguing. He did Heidi the eagle and he's going to be when did Eric at all their life here what Woody's that is players Tomlinson. He said that you Bettis and a National Anthem always coming in the locker room and unify our you know would. And as all media are all a coach gene would have bet that's their team is no different yankees you can't know fascia and I'm hitting it long out Jad. John Wooden did did did it you know Bill Walton Heath Bill Walton was like. You know pro peace in the war volleys OK you can do all that but you that yes you practice and you go god damn long hair. Team room always supersede the resident that's Denny's I believe and yeah that's a lot of people respect Jerry Jones stands as the months ago well yeah that's his team you know it's advertised. In inning eight as his team you can't abide news no doubt that the American. And he's Bos B America's team. May ego I'd this sport talk on WW yeah.