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Think Tank 1010am New Orleans as a sanctuary city

Oct 6, 2016|

Is the state’s top attorney operating in our best interest or his own?  As Governor Edwards sues the state Attorney General - Jeff Landry attacks New Orleans as a sanctuary city. Is the AG practicing law or politics? This hours guest: Jeff Landry - Louisiana Attorney General

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Anger and morning on his date before Friday the daylight golf Friday eve it's Thursday I'm Dave Cowan in for Garland Robinette. Manning the think tank for the next three hours some fascinating discussion we're gonna have this morning. In this first hour we're gonna talk with state attorney general Jeff Landry about controversy surrounding. His office and some positions he's taken. And let him respond to some of the allegations being levied against him. Next hour we'll talk with doctor bill capacity are US senator from Louisiana. About the pending flawed funding. That hopefully is still coming to Louisiana but how little hurricane Matthew impact efforts. To get that money here to help flood victims in the queasy Hanna will also talk about the vast disarray. That the nation's infrastructure isn't roads bridges water systems and more. And why it hasn't been repaired has been allowed to fallen to such horrible disrepair. And if anything's going to be done about it before we start seeing it get so bad. That we get past the point of no return. Also will talk a little bit about Jefferson Parish president might any. The allegations against him in the calls for his resignation they would the spokes going to be a fascinating three hours in the think tank we start this morning. By talking with Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry good morning sir. You Dylan. Glad you could join us this morning to talk about. Your name has been in the news quite a bit lately. And there have been a few editorials written that are very critical. Some of the things you've done on some of the positions you take. And want us first state that. I don't. Want you here so that we can attack Q I don't want you here is to that weekend. Levy these same. Allegations against you but we want you to have an opportunity answer them and to explain your point of view on some of these things and maybe bring some balance to the discussion. One a bit much appreciated because you know not afforded that kind of opportunity and in editorials and opinion pieces so does that allow welcomed the discussion. Well let's get right into it I have a headline here from an editorial in the advocate. Attorney general Jeff Landry still knows how to make a spectacle of himself. This written by James Gill saying that. You have been trying only to help yourself and not help the state and call attention to yourself. By a grand standing on the issue of Sanctuary Cities it was a recent hearing that you were invited to testify. In Washington DC as the attorney general of Louisiana to talk about. New Orleans. Status. As a Sanctuary City although even that's I think debatable if it is truly Sanctuary City is as we think of Sanctuary Cities. But this all surrounded. The tragic deaths. Three people. Amongst them. Specifically a fire chief. Who was struck by a in illegal immigrant driving a boss. Full of immigrants on I ten. Who was not only in the country illegally but had no driver's license let alone a commercial driver's license. And Gil takes issue with your. Using that as an example of why Sanctuary Cities. Are not good for America. And questions you're position that Sanctuary Cities lead to more crime in our country. Well I would in the first Leo it is still think you know he's in the back in. In a little further than just the tragic incidents. Recent unit did did this start to be brought to light which takes time away. It was a young lady who was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who had been in the custody of the San Francisco police department. For quite quite a number of times. And was on ices the portable in other words if this San Francisco police department would have simply contacted. When they had this subject in custody he would be deported patiently as human ought. So did say in that case you save immigration and customs enforcement. Had been notified by local authorities say we caught this guy you need to kick him out of the country he never would have been released and never would have been edited to murder of the settlement. That's correct that he was all on there immediate deportable as they applaud. The conduct any he would be he would they'd maintain in this country and it had been tracking him for quite some time that was started to target date because at the time. Separatists who was the first major cities but a lot of put policy in place. That was they basically Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. So another words double lined companies opposite. Has someone in their custody that Apple's app and immigration status and it needed to find out that the person in the country legally but not what the hell. More collaborate with federal officials. The. Is there any evidence that in the case on the three mile bridge outside of applause that Dennis Rodriguez the driver of the bus that careened into. Several vehicles including a fire truck hit two firemen and threw them off the bridge killing. The two firefighters. And killing a person and one of the cars is there any evidence that. Rodriguez was ever apprehended by local officials and not turned over immigration and customs enforcement. You would think at the end of different times. Well want to domestic abuse Georgia's. What you had been arrested in India also been. Cited for numerous traffic violations. Prague to. The tragic. Incident that occurred claiming that the death. Lies of of those to be individuals that you mentioned. And social yes indeed there in Indian lies part of the problem I mean this is that the big problem would. One. We understand that the federal government is faintly. They enforce our immigration laws we understand it Supreme Court says that squarely in the job of federal authorities. However when municipalities going to engage in policies. That ball placed information. In front of the federal authorities his hauler for. You know older citizens understand exactly what the particular problem is that they can bring the political pressure necessary to enforce immigration policies. In addition. Increasing public safety crisis that's double what the but to me in first grade right on people live in this country illegally and you die. And it has said that numbers and response because what happens is is that in the Sanctuary City areas. What happens is when the police officers stop. Those particular subjects. Those people don't have driver's licenses they don't have forms of identification. Because you're the country's there's no way to continues to interrogate them what they did to glean information from them after Rudy particularly all. That's different that would would the police stop use days. When he stopped you know they get off the use submit them to drop like that job site and give them the ability to run records on. To determine who you are if you warn in the jurisdiction. So in other words what happens is that if you wanna come into this country he want to recap that you want to conduct or activity. Whether it be terrorism type activity or or drug cartel activity. Guess what you collect these Sanctuary City areas and you know that you can conduct imply that criminal activity without recall. And annual and you believe that's happening you believe that's happening in New Orleans market. Because the mayor here says that. New Orleans does turn over. Criminals what I want to immigration authorities caught. It would use what what is representative. Testified in the ad at the US house committee last week the prop but I would say yes. This is a very important point that people that it that the press has not reported. Prior to that committee hearing on Tuesday the Friday prior to that the department of justice and the city of York. Changed their policy. If subsequently went and recognize that their policy was flawed recognize that their policy violated federal and it changed. Okay so in India. Indeed as we talked it is this kind of to concentrate sizes Sanctuary Cities that don't ask that the don't know what is the ball back and on adult jail. You all it was vote. Up until that Friday. Wendy when the man went in and recognize that it policy violated federal law which is something that upon in Germany. That the state house committee. I mean that we had record this situation legislation. When you recognize. In his Office of Inspector General says that the body yet they change the policy actually move the ball at the ought. Down upon in reducing. Your content classification as a Sanctuary City. They still don't have ignored. But it's very clear now that the New York police department now as a two day. As of Friday before. Bill offices. Are certainly. Two co operate with federal authorities. Including high wind one in custody who is here easy. Now they didn't know if it's a criminal if it's someone who's been arrested for allegedly committing a crime. They will notify immigration officials however they still yet as they still will not. Ask you witnessed Horry victim about there status. As in a legal. Citizen of this. Should say though should. Should should illegal immigrants be afraid to report crimes committed against them or should they be afraid to come forward to help police solve crimes. Because they may be deported if they do. Notation. Some sort of program background. Because again the policy that the we have let me. Laws in the toolbox at the discretion of the police department that would protect witnesses reports of immigration that. Okay in in in and there's planet discretion boat that the law enforcement side and the process could prosecutorial side to protect that. What we're saying. Is that while the federal government is inept in in in in in in combating illegal immigration in this country. I thought was offices should be working with the federal authorities to remove dangerous people from our streets. And especially if you in this country and you are dangerous and you market that the drug activity you should have said to be deported. We're talking with the Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry wanna come back I wanna find out. Who specifically arrested the driver of this boss who was an illegal immigrant that killed three people including a district fire chief. And did not. Howell immigration and custom enforcement. That he was in custody. And should this man have been deported prior to getting behind the wheel that bus. They crashed and killed these three people let Jeff Landry answered that will also. Talked to him about. The lawsuit that the governors filed against him. Why is the governor suing attorney general will find out after this. Dave Garnett for Garland Robinette we're talking with the Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry. In the think tank this half hour after some editorials not real. Kind to him one said that he was making a spectacle of himself does resent. Testimony on Capitol Hill about the dangers of illegal immigrants and policies in cities across the country. So called Sanctuary Cities where they don't turn illegal immigrants over to immigration officials. When they are arrested. Landry and contends that that leads to more crime against US citizens and creates an unsafe environment. Which are specifically. Sir about Dennis Rodriguez to. In a legal immigrant who was allegedly behind the wheel of Abbas. That killed three people including a fire chief. Just recently on my tan and you contended that he had been arrested multiple times prior to this. But there were no consequences. Of veterans who what agency arrested him in. Was. Immigration ever notified of his stance and should he have been default deported. Well first of all let me let me go back reaction statistic that is it's factual and that is that. Sudanese who engages Sanctuary City policies. Absolutely see an increase in their crime that's a fact if you look across the board major cities who engage in need those types of policies. See an uptick in crime across the board that is that is statistical fact. So you are feeling ill of them M Eric pardon me the illegal immigrants and know which cities are Sanctuary Cities and they go there to commit crimes. Last certainly they do because those cities. Those cities put track that policy they they absolutely. No units in the media. Ought to give particular policies when it went immediate comfort and that the gauge his Sanctuary City. Policies and and so yes. Which you find that those cities again you can pick example Los Angeles last year due in 2000. And fifty. Saw complete update. In crime across the board. In his lead in especially in crime I committed. And at that on to the entire city's crime rate rises. So those cities communities Sanctuary City policies. Has he incomparable to those people has heated up tick in cross so you know so you know when you when you look at it. Statistically across the board you see you start advocate transit what is causing crime increased in those. Well do you consider New Orleans still to be a Sanctuary City based on what you told us earlier about their current policy. What I would is that yours is Sanctuary City policy is certainly 50% that it was. Product that is sensitive changes in need. A couple of weeks ago. And again what would what would. What I think there's change stated. And of course which suppress dissent seems to not want to report is that they recognize that once they fall. In their policy and that their policies. Would violation of federal law because I've been contending. That some of these policies put in place by the. Cities finally federal law. And and when you violate federal aid jeopardizes your federal funding. The US department of justice's own inspector general. I'll bet to be the case that's why I was invited to testify up at the US house. Department chairman intrigue out these committee. All of the he is judicious in the Judiciary Committee. That next to what you testified. Right next to do you have the OG he's old Office of Inspector General who is saying the same thing that York has policy. Tried to that change. Which is known about seven throughout the forty year violated federal. That I know your time shortly only heaviest here a few more minutes on election argument up in an answer just a couple more quick questions if we can cure Dennis Rodriguez. Who arrested them and should he have been turned over to immigration and custom enforcement entity has been deported well before the crash that killed three people. Based on based apple on. It struck me is actually directly economy but he was placed in the custody. And law enforcement officers in the metropolitan area. At least in the custody. Aggressive with the domestic. Battery Georges and he was stopped for traffic violations I don't know particularly easy that stop him for those particular traffic violations or to one right off the bat. Who had arrested and. And whether or not they engage or contact ice. Absolutely the department well there. You know I guess further review it in if you forcibly repress what Google and they could find out and find out what agency picked him up. Okay what the other reason I ask is if you were using that as an example. No one no that was an example of how Sanctuary City policies. Led to these deaths. I want to know specifically well who do we blame it what will alone hot because. Things to go around the fact that the federal government refuses to deport people come into this country legally it is the basis of a problem. And it is compounded when cities and municipalities engaged in policies that they it was gonna protect these people even land. Some agencies in the federal government what I recognize that these people need to be deported. And very quickly governor Edwards has skewed view. And your office because he contends you're refusing to aid defend him and B and force his policy that says. That companies that do business with the state of Louisiana under here is executive order. Must not discriminate. Against the LG BT community based on a sexual orientation or gender identity. Cannot yes that's correct well first of all I think it's important for people understand that the sole purpose of an executive order. Is to afford the government mechanism of faithfully execute the laws of the things that we yet. That being an executive order is not meant to create all. The creation of laws and I've stayed in our country resident actually branch that the duly elected people's representatives. Six different thought our legislature has tackled the issue of gender identity and creating a protected class and LG BT community okay. Six different times call bipartisan support would bipartisan support they have rejected that notion as recently as this year multiple bills came. Dealing would create a protected class such an identity they feel it again. The governor wants to go round widow of the legislature. Which is going around with a people and to create a policy. Which is contrary to I think that's what topples. System. That would the government is what the law at the governor's opposition would bill. And will let the courts determine who's right and who's wrong on this one. You and the governor will face offs and that personally but. Through your representatives in court we will see how this one and we I know you gotta run I took a few more minutes of your time and we thought we brought. Attorney general Jeff Ryan Landry thank you for joining us directly. I'm Dave Conan for Garland Robinette next half hour what do you think. 1037 Dave going in for Garland Robinette and the think tank we just talked with Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry he's been a under attack for his positions on Sanctuary Cities. And his position opposing Louisiana governor John Bell Edwards executive order that says companies doing business with Louisiana. Must pledge that they do not discriminate. Based on gender. Identity. Sexual orientation. Even though the law doesn't require that. A big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll is is the State's top attorney. Operating in his own best interest or in hours. And 69%. Of you logging on at WWL dot com stays up Green Zone interest. While 31% say he's operating in our best interest to be interested to hear from comic right now. At 5042601870. Got a line open for you to tell me. Why you do think that Jeff Landry is only out for Jeff Landry as some editorials have suggested in his grandstanding and making a spectacle himself. Or why you think that he is working in the best interest of the people of Louisiana. Do you think his position against Sanctuary Cities. Saying the crime rises and Sanctuary Cities where. Local authorities do not turn illegal immigrants over to federal authorities to be deported. Is the wrong policy or why. You think that. He is not doing the right thing in trying to read Louisiana Sanctuary Cities when he uses examples like the drive illegal immigrant driver of the bus that killed three people on the night ten. Who he says should have then. Turned over to federal authorities. During prior arrests and was not he also says the governor is breaking the law. Drew his executive order. Saying that. Companies doing business with the state. Have to do like to not discriminate. Against the LG BT community when lawmakers. Have voted over and over and over again. Saying. That Louisiana. Will not protect. The LG BT community in ball. That they will not create a class of protected individuals. Who cannot be discriminated against it's illegal to discriminate against people based on their age based on the race based on their gender. But not based on the sexual preference that's right now Louisiana it is legal. To discriminate against someone based on other central it is illegal to discriminate against someone based on their gender identity. And the legislature. Has reaffirmed that position. Over and over and over again but the governor said he was issuing an executive order to change. The attorney general says that's not right he's got to fight who's right who's wrong and that 126 187. Good morning Dave Cohen and the think tank for Garland Robinette. Jamie thanks for. I'm doing all right what do you think about what we just heard from attorney general Jeff Landry. Luck Jeff Landry it's so far right line of the Republican Party. I why while we're in the when I'm 61 years old. I'm a lesbian I paid my taxes I have one for a copy cat was. And I hit policy. Making sure that anyone does hit it eight the eight scare people and lawyer a ball. All but gone right de Louisiana legislature has refused to pass that law. And Landry saying the governor is not within his legally assigned duties to create that law through executive order. Governor has a right to create actually make it decade quarter. And I think he would be in the right now but in the right now like that our political. Injury is Barry were. I don't know what is and go eat out now. Are you. Generation. Mexican American. And op city. People change do war and the app there archaic train. Were mostly well now Cha. They're chair all. Readout increase pie migrant worker or not the ones creatures are and show. Our planes that all right. Alec you know that not. Under scrutiny. And digit. So dear do you think that have been illegal immigrant is arrested. That local authorities should turn them over to immigration and customs enforcement. Ballot now. Mercury is. I documented immigrant is arrested they should be odd charge. Should go to court locally. At home as anybody out. So there should be no consequence of entering the country illegally. I'm not saying there should be no consequence back. Where she can't take care. Right now want the immigration. Actions that you. And stroke lecture strike every and that it was. Done well right. We we all know that's that's technically impossible because there are. So malleable. If you want to see a lot of every. Shouldn't construction. Go root of it or not. You try every. Every. Country and people already. What. I got to. Put it it's working scenery in the did you get judged auction went on people why. Don't. Manual. Jamie we appreciate the call and you're being brave enough to share with us all your background in your positions here on WWL. And things on your on WWL. What do you think and. Chris and I what issue. You know. When the game right but I really feel like out voters. This I'm gonna freedom but there are one. And acted behind. You know we care lean mean it in. How mainly come of the things that this nations. You know Christine and me we were on aliens and their nations went in and make it caught everybody who. The Christian content and Asia. And didn't you know I'm not an Asian. We keen you know we wouldn't buy the freedom of American. Mira Nair and let me ask you this on the two points that we really addressed with the attorney general. First on the issue of Sanctuary Cities do you believe that local. Municipalities. Police on the local level. Should it be asking people if there are legal immigrants to this nation when their arrested and if they are not should they turn them over to federal officials. I'm not sure about there aren't heard with the Lebanese and it folk. And I've seen. You know it it. On our own and yet can't does that make you rice. That is because a pampered their. You know round people up and sort them out of me and. But if they're arrested for allegedly committing a crime. Through their immigration status be confirmed. By local police and are not here illegally should they be turned over to the feds. And on the issue of protecting. Gay lesbian transgender and bisexual individuals giving the governor is within his right. To say that companies doing business with Louisiana must. Not to discriminate against those individuals even though legislature. Are. Recycling our group with the government because. Everybody it right in America and it could be very. We appreciate golf. Final four to six 187. Greg thanks for calling your WWL. Greg. I'm just responding to a lot of callers. You talked about. Our attorney general. You do your duty day governor as crossed the line on. Going against our. You know our our industry. Are. I'm and that's the attorney general said when we had a month that he thinks the governor is trying to make along with his executive order that. It has companies saying they must not discriminate against LG BT if they want to business with the state. That's correct and I understand that at all saying it is is that you know. Wanna call it that there was it was against that will happen if Arco and have a different is that should an opinion on again. That the gay lesbian. You know. That the man for the job to do my new job and let the courts although it like they do not. Help people follow the rule of law. So I think the governor it was within his bright as governor. The attorney general read read it right to block that executive order are not a corset. How to use question I think the government ought all step over the line. And we have a gentleman here in place that all of arm and correctly ought to be checks and balances. And the man is doing his job. We appreciate the call I think you make a very good point that on most issues most people see them through. Colored glasses either Republican colored glasses or conservative colored glasses or on the flip side through democratic or liberal colored glasses every situation we Tennessee based on our political leanings. And I think that's hard for a lot of people to step aside and look at it. As an issue on its face. Look at it what is right what is wrong instead they see it through party coming up next hour gonna find out will Louisiana still get all the flood money. With hurricane Matthew bearing down on Florida. Right now it's time for the 1000 dollar nationwide ban as he cast contest the code word this hour is ace. Text eight CE. To 72881. That's 72881. Your chance to score 1000 dollars cash without ever putting down your found you're just one text away from Tennessee cash was in for the next code word. Before the top of the hour news at 2 PM good luck from Smart radio Entercom and WWL. We never charged for tax and individual plan text data rates apply please don't text and drive.