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Oct 7, 2016|

A story by NBC sports states that there is a declining trend of ratings for NFL games. Why? Could it be people are disillusioned with how the NFL disciplines or doesn't discipline players for their off-field misconduct? Should LSU keep a live mascot? Are you for or against a replacement for Mike the Tiger?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I however it and get much better than this can't say the same for the the people in Florida and those are now present thoughts are with them because we have certainly on Sina shares of tragedies between the floods in the storms in the of the BP spill here in the always again. I'd we're gonna change job ready opinion poll just kind of clothes out on the Mike in the discussion we've been having pretty much all morning long view on the station as far as the name change. Best I can gather from the most reliable source I have he did change his name he was his name was Michael Mont Waugh. And he changed it to Mike yet. Evidently his his mother. On his and it was married to again. And there is a Mike Dee any junior. Another Mike Gandy who I'm sure at this point is not very happy that Michael monologue changed his name to my yen in that is the current parish president the real Mike yen he junior on the original Mike Kennedy junior you might say is not the parent present in the one in question here. Anyway that being put the rest though we'd talk about another topic now and in budgeted discussed as to really curious to see if this matches up with our New Orleans and gulf region audience what is being. On notice nationally with regard to the NF LTV viewing habits. There was an article that appeared in NBC sports. And it's started off what is. Once as an accident twice is a trend. Four times is a new reality. And it goes on to say that the NFL's TV ratings are generally down in 2016 if you base it down to a comparison. With come corresponding weeks and when he fifteenth season sports business daily was. Quoted as giving their results of the giants vikings game was nine point one that was down 8% from nine point nine. In the same spot bile lines Seahawks game a year ago. The Sunday night ratings for the G steel was down point 6%. From the saints cowboys game a year early. The early Sunday colts jaguars game was down a whopping 24%. And the fox late afternoon window was down 10%. The 1 PM eastern time window also have declined 20% down between 2015 and 2068. There was only one instance when the league got a ratings uptick. And that was a meager 2% climb in regional games that started at 1 o'clock eastern. Now wall. What if this is gonna continue we don't know in the reasons for on very clear. But regardless it is apparent fewer people are watching the NFL on TV than it did a year ago if this does continue. It's going to be hard for the league to experience the kind of growth in expects. Win the next round of broadcast rights negotiation. Begins. And in the meantime I would not expect this to a new reality to change any time soon know last night's game. One in three cardinals against the one in 349 as I have not seen the ratings but I can imagine it was very good. Monday night game the one and three Buccaneers against the one in three Panthers. And of course the giants Packers game on Sunday Night Football is competing with the second presidential debate. That town hall debate between mrs. Bill Clinton. And abdominal trauma so and I don't know how much that affected them I'm sure it will have a huge impact and it may have been reason for. On previous games not getting the ratings at that they had hoped for. I do have a lot of comments from people that it reacted to that article which I'll share with you but I like to get some local ones. And you can call us at Bible for 260187. Yards simply text the city seventy. 87. And the question on our ready opinion poll this hour. How does your NFL viewing changed if that changed at all when you watching fewer games board games. The same amount of you always watch do you watch no football games at all. And it's very early in the returns but 64%. Agree with what NBC sports and also this a sports business daily journal has reported 64%. Say they're watching fewer games. A 0% saying they watch more games. 18% said no change and another 18% surprisingly they do not watch NFL football games how about you cast that vote. At WWL. Dot com and I'll be back with some of the comments at all on this article and all through your comments and 8787 and you phone calls that final four. 2601870. With banked in as the NFL finally started to kill the goose. That played its golden day and we're talking about the huge dollars from broadcast will be right back after the. I'd take a look at up ready opinion poll are not reflective of what looks like the national trend. Fewer people watching NFL games on TV. 56%. City watching fewer games zero cents a there watching more now than ever. 22% the same as always and 22% of the people listen this program do not watch any football games audibly. Cast that vote at WWL. Dot com. Before I get to Europe called all means stay when they wanna get to use cell phone call. A couple of love messages that came in from our view is responding to this article that appeared from Mike Florio on NBC sports. It says to me it's the officiating in the land of gains it feels like they're way too many bad calls are really asinine judgment calls. That impact the game and all the flow of the game. Pile on the old score commercial extra point commercial kick off touchback commercial and I have just found other things to do still tune into watch my team. But I really don't bother with other games anymore. Another says may be people growing weary of supporting millionaires who believe like criminals and the billionaires who hold communities hostage. To get new renovated stadiums separate the game from the common man. And you'll lose it is in fact that happening a Stockton Darlene on line one doling thanks for your call. Yeah go ahead. At saint I do like to watch that. I only watch my teen currently. At. I'll. A lot of things going. I would love to watch the cardinal and repair and patriots and Packers tight. I've just been really. So I need I ask what your favorite team that you never missed. It. And so so you're saying your habits you watch about the same money games you've always want you don't watch anymore and elects. Well I'm hearing you're. Not watching my agent. I would. Every game. And and I am trying to right at the moment. What do you think about the night games on do you do you generally watch this Sunday night in the dollars in nine Monday Night Football is a two month. Can't do watch it on. The exit. Oh you're watching art art. Eight PR. Now thanks Ali appreciate your call. I'm a stock to Tim in New Orleans on line to make him. The brutality. It was. In which in. Which got the it. And dues are almost dictate. That you have to charge. Bullets to. So bottom line you'd you'd choose to watch lesson FL football team. And it's mainly due because of loss of what you consider the integrity of the game. OK Tim thanks for your comment we appreciate it let's go to domino long line entry into loans they domino. So much it is. You don't in bill. If you can you remember OPEC could be used to take pride in sort of like big news. And stuff like it is a game in double play player looks like a utility to update the comments. Those are built. It'd kind of be put babies about it. That's it'll last Collison they thought there was too many concussions a game and gotten to brute. And and is no way it's not brutal enough to admit it was always a violent game. If you really think about game. Agnico object yeah yeah yeah bill bill. Like. So dedicated to beat it. And that bill would like Dick Button. Print equipment known as. Well people who did he debate. It's become a money thing because he NFL. I think if they would allow that to continue it would it would be rule against them as far as supporting hard heating in in in concussions which leads to lawsuits so they are trying to show that they are creating a much softer less violent game. Try to eliminate injuries that you know one thing and if you if you don't longtime football player like me domino you gotta gotta admit. There are used to seeing blood the last time you saw blood on a football game. Sonia and it goes to me it's it's become a very antiseptic game and people like that they wanted. You know it's it is owed it to weasel. Declared it anymore you know thank. Yo ma lighten Geico really they keep it ought to be. You know it made you most it would buy. You're in at the end of the game. And you'll swap Internet. Really been. You know. But still it was. When you know. Money and it would then go to gain these people and it crept up people can't depend on the like. You and good. You hit the nail on the head. You know one win it we've gotten to a point where people give up that time there blog this way it is it treasure. And they have more invested in a football game in the players. Now. Always the best job on NFL team was the second string quarterback with a global. Internet big. Yeah netbook opportunity god made this without you guys got going. Well thanks for coming. We appreciated down on I do there. Let's go to Aussie who's up next looks like. Jeff in mid city on line one Jeff thanks for you call. Hey I liked a lot let's football and I used to I can't stand in the night game I had static at Tibetans be up at 5 o'clock every hour. And I I hate that late game. Yeah that's that's my at the that they don't they west Logan we're on way too late and I think the reason for that. Is they don't wanna miss out that big audience on the West Coast and an order I don't have the game you know not go you know too early then you know they got to put a little bit. Movement late in on and also for the he skulls the New York audience again and I gain element too old too late. Does that game probably does hesitant to midnight there Ali. A look at tonight's game together you know certainly it's football day. And the other law should march is like they say they run to sell. That's in particular the saint and I gave them. Not because of performance or to my dad. Troubled you gotta get there o'clock in the morning at home pill whatever and Mac just to not give up well holes one day when I can. Do stuff run nose in between those incessant commercial. Well I don't know how the in person stadium attendance figures on but this is that we're talking about here is this release that there is definitely showing a trend on TV viewership has fallen off. In his a lot of lives more. I think it's that night game now. Extra sports channel. Where you are a lot of on the Cleveland Browns angles. But accurately. Yeah now he's definitely got a pain is no doubt about it. Jeff thanks for your call appreciate it is it is a comment that came in on that national. Service said this year I decided to listen to games on the radio instead of sitting in front of the TV. Get fat lazy I now lead a more productive life. Which also makes my wife a lot of happy it is and you go he's slim and trim. He's got a productive life and happy wife knocking you go wrong with a scenario at us to a lot. Football on the radio in fact some of my memorable moments of listening to saints gained Genoa team drops the ball and when now hokey and Jim I was certain I can still picture myself satin twenty feet up in India stand. With a seven point balk approach in that'll lay the bag and that's where hopeless at that time. So radio is mobile you take it wits you can now work on the car you can cut the grassy can be doing many many other things on Barbeque and out with the kids and still have the game there where you're not glued to a screen in sign of the contain a contained area anyway it's still very popular to give football games at home but. And got a laundry in is an NFL keel in the golden goose here a lot of other reasons I'll get to these two and wanna get to some more callers. Has talked to Terry on the West Bank line for. Darren thanks for your call. They've stigma problem from a big charge what sport there are a big target so there. I refute the watch in their though games are mud midnight Thursday night. And audits and I didn't hit my turn to Saturday. Very capable. Our football Fridays. And I'll watch a little Monday Night Football. In and I think most people don't watch. Update at global. I'm hoping we'll beat you once again I want. I'd probably give it didn't direct this morning and it's legitimate support I can't say that there are actually had a partner. And why a hole in itself bought in calls. If I'm the Democrats as well as that you are literate so gently at any network that idol I'll. Never ever. It out and watch whole unit Opel book game you can read what might be argument from Medina. I used to do. Guided by global is just too much in Arctic ride ago. Located in on this one I really didn't look back on in our poll football. Right. Are now ports like we did go watch in. Played two weeks ago where schools like you know trying to make the big game there each and anywhere we recover from recovered from the you know it's not Cutler go all predicament we're down here. So you look at it I have eight yield on who have been pressing global and not that it will be able to. Somalia mission. An opportunity yet marked so. Arms yet. With Terry you made five or six points there then all reflective of what the nation mistaken because this stack of comments that I've got here a lot of the same very same things you touched on the reason why people are being turned off. While watching football NFL I'm talking about on on television is exactly some of the points that you made thanks week Altera appreciated. I'd let's say we got time for another call let's go to Jason on down and Tara bone on line to pay Jason. Got you he saw out. Alia. Well. You. I love very outlaw. On or did so. REL. Week in after Super Bowl Ers can't wait for the first appreciate. Its so. So what wait 00. Well Russell springs where. A world war in Wales some report. And it's all. It's it's. Also that once every night in their careers and I do apart Lee. Calls aren't normal early. It is. In my book. Allegations. And historical hostages are cities it is Thursday the only. What stadium has never walk into that you do not enjoyable round suited for scenery scene that you used as such is that. New stadiums to sell in May help those world. These Super Bowl. I'm not say which it goes in the statement or own sort cause problems. But if you look at the new stadium in taxes there's mature a little while back on certain television program. And it's just on court. There are so it open you know and when it became the sudden you do see it in Horry a low walk around it. And though. So my view on it and I. Will catch. Every game possible archaeological. It's everything that I possibly stand. And at the same time and Julia are have strong of course there. Are much in other things on their wants and the it is Islam record. And not sit back and I just literally went to. All right Jason got to run thanks for the call appreciate you thoughts and comments on that we'll get back some more calls and text messages and also check on corporate opinion poll right now in time for news. Is Don names with the latest. And welcome back into the think tank continue a conversation. An orchard NF LTV viewing habits you watch and fewer games. Now we've got 29%. So by 57%. Say if you were 29%. Said no change it wants the same as always. Nobody none nada zilch. A zero has that commercial. Now watching more games. 14%. Are saying they watch no football what's on the mean and listen to liberate detail on the big radio guy symbol of people think it. When doing man allows you hands free activities while you got what's going on with the game. I we invite to text in your phone calls a stock to spool on line and one. Thank you I AM good that's an unusual names pool. A nickname. Get Eric earlier go full. I. Qatar where it independent round and Hitler. A lot every single like the laughter well I can't wait to see spark watch all the games. You know at that you know DirecTV. You know hey mark so split channels more more than one GP. And now elaborate on the football game nineteen straight games all the game players on different chains. So you on you have to change your habits and you watch as much you can. Hide nor should the NFL loves his bowl. Golf resort. I'd here's some other comments this one says I mean is anyone else shock the league keeps changing the rules shark of brutal Mars has anyone seen a good halftime show recently. They don't enforce the rules equally or punishment the draft is now a joke a 100% version of what it used to be. I mean how do you have a draft party when the first round is Thursday night. People actually work. Another comment says biggest mistake was making it appoint to see who meals doing the National Anthem. That upsets so many Americans in politicized what was previously an escape from reality. You did this to you cells that's an important point do believe. Largely. The reason thought NFL and all football's popularity. Is its in the skate. Political oral fast moving world pressurized on the job all week long. People want to escape they can become part of it all warring faction or tribe and go home team going against the other. Lot of glitz and glitter put into the game. From the NFL and in highly. And it did television versions. Pregame shows extensive but question now becomes is is too much of the killing the goose that laid the coal golden day. 56 cents a day bing do not watch more games and actually watch few games what do you think let's talk the Michael on line one might thank you FICO. I didn't know about it on I don't make good. I am much about football and there's several reasons one is because. Much attention to cabinet in people's view on that subject that they shouldn't shell and those guys on TV. And New Orleans 11 refereed and so. It's blatant that it may do wrong call they don't know what time it and it caught the good team put all of these. All right good example integrated. Well all that can let call. On David then that would parents are. It should have been over thank you want to. Several. And you go to. Three zone and make mistakes. But they needed it is that one out of their so called and got it or go to boot and then you. No he's he's made it that that's where it appears that the one game and that road game all of that was wrong. And smooth it was them. Why not vote. What are you Dylan in place of it. I did not go on and it is great at all you know walk in the park is going on people is. All while being distant and out. Well you know they got a station W dugout carries a lot of footballs being taken with UA amigo it's always good. Why. Thank you buddy take care have a good weekend I would come back we're gonna get some of the east xmas is one of up to export it to as many of those as I can. And also you phone calls asking you this question NF LTV viewing has it changed. Watching fewer games two more games. Same as always or do you watch no games whatsoever fourteen cents and don't watch any football games about you will be right back. Act on the think tank led anywhere this guy asking you for your comments your text messages to 87870. We're on all with the rest of the nation shows that NF LTV viewing habits have changed pretty dramatically as a growing trend. People are watching few NFL games on TV is this assignment the NFL is killing the goose that laid the golden age is it too much of it. Is integrity of the game being compromised a lot of reasons why this could be. But 53% of our audiences they want fewer games only 4% said they watch more games. When he nine the same as always and 13% said they watched no games at all. And here are some eggs you're text messages that are coming in these me Euro a lot of oneness on nationals. Colin cap makes ball. When people see NFL players kneeled they turn the channel is another opinion. No Peyton Manning watch anymore too much nonsense with Colin Capp nonsense. Other things to do rather than watch football. Here's another one current NFL ratings on indicative of ban leadership. Another says non down. NC when all lost my place in jumped communism in east next commander in. Do you think it has anything to do with some players kneeling doing the National Anthem. On them we have this no games at all for this view overpaid drama queens money they make could stop hunger. Another says so forget the NFL in that the debate I'm watching no mercy. And another one says big coincidence that viewing goes down on the same year these loses start taking it need. National Anthem don't think it was a lot of those national comments did its that. And I think just that one incident have not taken in the during the anthem. May have been a sign of dissatisfaction with the mania other aspects of player behavior. Here's another and I am boycotting all games except the site's reason owners can't controlled employees kneeling on the field on the National Anthem. Now watching fewer games due to disrespect of flag and National Anthem I see them Neil. TV goes to another program reach spoiled brats. And another says it's all the fault of the NFL fund taken off thank wage. Actually happening. And replacing Faith Hill. On the waiting for all day for Sunday night theme song with Gary and I think that's hurt him ratings to much prefer if they Theo. I is an analyst says the only sports at a watch on TV is SEC baseball or a rodeo. Yet another Texas Thursday night games on horrible. Another says watching less football too many rules too many commercials stoppage of play. Another says Don Don I'm sick watch in both college and pro football players getting seriously injured. CTE Israel. Another says I agree the brutality is terrible. Another says we watch NASCAR for big Rex watch football for big hits no big hits it's like watching touch football. Is another one hello Don good TG IF ma feelings on the ratings drop. The protest going on National Anthem by several players and remarks supporting those by the NFL commission. The crazy presidential race going all of all the media coverage as for me watch the New York Giants patriots. And the saints it's but also Obama Red Sox in MLB playoffs and HO Bruins have a lovely week and enjoy the holy cross. Rommel game that's from Boston Bobby yeah now being that tonight issue and zephyr field OC that game. Yeah what's on what bill playoff baseball's going on right now and not a dale watched one of the best baseball games ever than I've ever seen in all the years I've been watching. On a playoff game between that the Dodgers. And the New York Mets for the the just deciding team the the poetic call the run the mark caller block artists a one game you play a 162 games and you end up. The two top teams play each other in a while card games who continues on the playoffs and why two top pitches like a pitcher's duel that was a great. I'd is an island down I think people are fed up with multimillion dollar players that beat their wife girlfriend a shoot themselves by accident like the dental plan last week. Why are they carrying guns into a nightclub. Aaron Hernandez convicted murderer I really think people had enough of this foolishness. I'm will be back to take some more viewer comments Fred in man to milieu be up next you wanna talk about design. Falling. NFL's TV viewer ratings will be back to do it right after this time. I this morning we've been thinking about the NF LTV viewing habits yours in particular do you match up with the rest of the country Weathers a declining trend 56% of our respondents on on WW well. Dot com pretty opinion poll. I'll say that they're watching less games only 3% sit there watching more 26% same as always 15% say they watch no games at all a lot of text message in that kind of reflect. Many of these comments that were made in response to an article that unit NBC sports here's one that says. Too many commercials too much social justice and politics involved too many penalties for celebration. Most of the commentators stink. There how's that for a start. Again these are not my comments this is from viewers of NFL football. Here's one that says for me it's not a difficult thing to figure out first to many nights with a league is playing games is no longer a special thing to watch Monday Night Football. You have games on Thursday Sunday morning games in London noon afternoon Sunday night Monday night at some point will throw in Saturday night games. Then add in the officiating confusion on things such as what constitutes catch. And just generally bad officiating it's not just special as it used to be when you add Sunday games and Monday night. You only had two days and three times wants to sit down and watch football. Is the and a cell killing the goose that lays the golden day here's some. Text messages from some of our listeners. Wanting to say no more comical celebrations but disgusting displays two in the National Anthem law as his income and up. Here's another says people don't realize that for the advent of the forward pass eighteen college kids died in one year in college football. From being trampled to death. The game we'll have to evolve or they won't be anyone left to play because parents won't let their kids play eventually. Another text. At this rate there will be no longer a Super Bowl just give participation ribbons. This one says Don when the NFL told Dallas they could not put a memorial in honor of the fallen police officers on the helmet. But encourage players to voice their op unions on social issues. It's time to change the channel David in cinema. But a bite queued to Google I guess you can funded the message stated Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave to his team. In response to the kneeling do in the National Anthem thank you find it very interest. Here's one that says he'd gone a night games also fifty years season ticket holder I can't afford not to use the tickets. He is one that says I think people worry too much about stupid stuff. It's entertainment. Who cares if they dance when somebody took a something good. That's no reason to stop Watson and good point. And is another one too many games not special anymore. Another Linehan had this when yet the NFL wanted parity this is the result. Another says I think people don't watch as much because the players don't have as much fun. Don't eliminate the nine games it will be wars the commercials or a problem. Too. And then we get several text into in in speaking in praise of high school football. And then we have I they Donna mr. games and bowl it was about the game the players. And Garcia jumped on me again. Games blame all the players play hard and with home now this too many prima Donna's in this thing with the National Anthem is stupid. I'm mostly listen on the radio calls ago. I we're gonna close out this particular discussion but we gonna talk a lot more football might do to you is gonna join us gonna talk about the coach Mike closure wrong phenomenon would relish use the cancellation of the Florida game on the handing of the game on a ball boy to the suspect it's last week. In what the prospects for the rest of this season might detail yeah RN FL and college football analyst and host of the second guess show. Joins us for a whole lot you can call in talk with a sought to act as will be back to tell you how to do that. And after the news on the big days seventy WW.