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Think Tank 1210pm Banks Bailout

Oct 10, 2016|

The banks were bailed out in 2008. Are we better off? This hours guest: Dr. Rajesh Narayan - Cameron Professor of Finance @ LSU

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Arabia India and secondly how are will open lines again we've done to work zone you debate tonight. Would you know what happened or do you give to our blew it up well. News talk about something and I think is the gorilla in the room didn't know he seems to be concentrating. On. Quite frankly it was totally at war and when should you movie called the big short about the 2008. Caught that in fact my ankle boots a New Orleans. Wrote the book. And I wouldn't see it moving. And I went Cingular and do Dresden that one brilliant corners and banking story. It's all right I'm insults and but Bulaga who earned decide to go back into normal boring conceive market replied what I learned that is. All aspects of the movies are guaranteed to be correct. But apart above the moment cellar though it in the banking side that seems to be absolutely. Right. And once I hit that didn't really intend to shore and it in the and I saw Hillary Clinton was paid. And you million. Dollars. Allred two year period. Force pizzas to bring its. Over two and 65000. Dollars. Apiece for three. I think and most of and and the reason. Revelations he moved on from week he links. And she basically said Obama amblin. And too much moment we're kind of form removed from the middle clients. And I began to look back at 2008. And opponents incorrectly. What the politicians. Not just he'll replace Bob Dole who's in office. Tried to convince his is that billions. Hundreds of billions of dollars. Wind through saving the back its distinctive figure was round 700 billion. The figure I think is most ripe for Marta red because it from the inspector general Omar Abdi coldly corpse Omer. It is 618. Point eight. Would end months. Now we are debate evening and grabbing somebody's. Kiddie. We are debating. Emails. When bleed. And our children. And their true and then that show and then action ray vision and then acts. Will be paying all this multi trillion dollar. Because weak. Government didn't do we rescued the acts they decided we would pay for. The government through big fail to below that says. I thought I would talk to doctor brought huge rise in. A professor of threatening and said I was Schumann and from banking spared from lose and all of us. To see. It if it is changed since 2000 league professors always appreciated call. Garland okay in this movie. And in the things out of verified emperor strong. The rating agencies. The ones that are supposed to show costs. In the banks in the investment firm or open Standard and Poor's. Or saved it by the banks. Is that still true. Europe and you ever and got our came out there being some. There have been some changes although. Fully implemented. But yet the models. Beat it sure paid further rate so the banks would change the rating agencies like it or there Moody's switch. To get a reading for. Any particular bond pictures. So Warner's deal would conflict of interest. There'll always be a conflict of interest to question is how we manage and how old would we are outback conflict of interest. The weight. Work. The ratings agencies in many mobile software. That. Banks could be used to structure the so called securitized deal so they put them loans. An outcome b.'s bond that the outlook public. And what wouldn't need beach you don't want to hear bonds of a particular quality. About what they do it against the AAA grade or are double rate. But the rating agencies have no control Goldberg. You know for all other things like that that the banks may engage. Remember that we are already getting nuclear plant paying somebody. To tell the public. That I'm a good investment. That just didn't seem like a good system. No it didn't want to know what we. Actually shot trek that. But the rating of the Perini. Rating. That's how it all and end its continued. But we'll continue. Pension funds ought to then go and not in. Securities that are in that great so we are required reading this that. Are a mortar duel hole while Rwandans but William thirty million to fifteen minute is too slow and too good to foreign to have we've. But HSBC back there in the world's fourth goal my goodness. They did his thing where their. There are bitter employees were there and ripping off customers. Well they launder. Drug money billions of dollars they got caught. They took over Wachovia in the wondered laundered. Terrorism in the end drug mart and HSBC. Bank. Laundered. 880. Number I mean billions and billions. In your throat and made one billion dollars word. Of just drug money marching lessons terrorism money. And all of these banks including the American banks got a call. When holder was the attorney general. He held a news conference because of media as well wait a minute. These banks have been asked the number of tough. For doing it. And they did they wanted to go. And nobody shards nobody goes to jail and he held a news conference and basically said. Because they're too big deal. If we would do that the entire world financial system would collapse. Has that changed. The order are now. And you look at things are going to a bank can still do it. With a group of anybody going jet. I mean big Jones beach today. Got fun and a water of one year's prom. Yeah but that you know common. EE EE deeper. Dollar. Garland. These are small lapse on the rare opinion about our. Bit in the culture that exists and these banking systems and because they've become so. I think rightly that the government and they're just become too big man. And. They're there's no chance to bring in black the plants the world we separated him from asthma and hammered the war in. But right now there's no political capital to bring that back. But the. All changed. You know what. Used to be commercial banking and what you need. How many gold line that separates him no longer have a distinct lines. Barry career. Aren't them women's egg breaking or broke for a for the people listening again and it costs us sixteen trillion dollars with the professors tell. We looked at rating agencies. That was part of the problem. And friendship and money laundering. Banks too big to fail. That hasn't changed. When we come back led to let's talk just about toxic mortgages but how about toxic student loans. In the trillions. And could bring its own again just like housing. Could capture. Some me is the big liberal in the room that nobody doubts about it. At any of these debates or even in political discussions in the talking it's doubled up. Decided Joomla do something a little bit different. When it comes to the election. We we brig during debates about. Everything from grabbing the woman's Kennedy to email fields that have been destroyed. And and in particular who was doing old news to who's who's taking the job the way. Who's hurting the economy who's doing this towards. And no book that I can pop the unit is talking about 2008. We were tall but we had paid about 700 billion dollars to banks to keep the system from collapse and and I think to most of this we've we've been so we said the word billion and so many talented it feels like a hundred dollars it does point. Not shocking. But the truth of the matter is according to the spectrum Owens then inspector general. It's sixteen point eight trillion dollars. Six point need for real via. Generation. Upon generation. Upon generation forget the national debt. We're gonna be paying this forever. And I have bug doctor abroad as usual broaden. Banking expert there always turn to professor of finance L issue and particularly in an actual banking expert. And the professor and I've been going down the line of some of the major reasons. That the bank collapse in 2008. And I've. Is it changed and everything I've heard so for a good the basic answer is. From what are fast it remains as saying OK professor and acts. 197. Not to mention regulation was loosened. Redundant you more acted respect elation and the capital to feed. And everything are breed that was part of the bank collapse what was going on. Pension regulation. Any changes that are. No. That's why we have a lot of under on the pension. Not being island would people mean evening around. The track news that. To figure out monies need to put in two days to have the money to pay out tomorrow. He needs something called on that outrage. Higher that grade the lower money that you have to keep. Well under pension accounting they allow for higher worried and what the market are currently promised. Would mean the pension plans put in flat okay. Hope that they're gonna have the money they need when the future car. And that that doesn't look like. But we've we have such limited time only compliment excellent. Ruler mortgage backed for an entire power. I think people should understand that Motorola of one breeds are open to. And this is room for sure exactly. In liberal publication. Under a broad. I got a number of the questions about as you from him and blogs have been. From number of publications what Forbes says. At the end of their report. The Great Recession. Billy industry. Is prepared to do it again. They're not of rain to do it again. Because they know no one goes to GO and the government world bailed them out. Important says why more people know that the bank didn't think he'd get paid for millions by arts the taxpayers. They got paid for real Indians. Is that still a situation. Where there's scope to her again. The possibility always. What are we gonna do the banks. What they believe the art OK are we do not let them go forward and a bail them out like. And now they're more concentrated they are bigger site suspect but the costs are going to be other. So no I'm not a whole lot of change. The risk is still there are incidents the banks or bigger. And they know. They've all been saying they won't being jailed there won't be charged. End. Taxpayers will pay them world will bail them out. They really have no incentive to change. That's happening and why. Well the Madison but seeing him in the number one I don't think appropriate and to the extent that it's appropriate it not go at the age and I don't work. These regulatory. Compliance caught earned a spot or complete warmed by smaller backs relative to the locker. Doctor. We're gonna do this again and thank you will know we called you at the last moment. Will do to get or later Dave Woodward really can give in to detail I appreciate the expertise. Have agreed to. Come right back it is news for a. Are welcome back think tank time jobs doing the they get around the debate Atlanta snide comments question gimmick called two's are general wonder seventy that includes a mere. Credit Josh Bard of and a built in new poll looks like. Vast majority are your thing trump one Donald from 77%. Clinton won three. I thought patrol boat landed more punches and Hillary Clinton. A flawed. He it's slipped the news show pretty quickly concerning the sex slave shall what are we call him. And I'd vote she'll voided. Do of the email. Controversy very quickly but I could tell you what my main thought blog posts and drew boos over. My dad died when arms thirteen. The group one of the great generations and he was via. Dirt corporate tied for the goes through that route it's a tough guy. Blue collar oil man. Didn't say a lot. And have a lot of ethics. Brandish cruise fare. And I just thought. About him all of us and reason to appear. And sitting next to medium now. And saying no what's that guy would the the group for women. Well he wants to be president. Of the United States. And one of the women claimed. A former president. Of the Iran it's day two happens to be about husband. Of the lady wants to be president. Of the United States. Rigged one problem. Sexually abuse the other. And his whining. Was cruel to be on the England in court. When the girl words Avery Dick. And then. We go to the debate geared itself and he would say were those people. And I'd say. There'd be. Young children. Upbeat candidate. Who wants to be president. But he'd been accused of using. His fame and power and thank you Bruce Carter on the tenth saints church. To have such an extent. That he could grab a woman's private parts. And get a word about who could lead thing it's powerful. And then he would say. My and which today. Who's she who's sitting across from the well and that's the former president. Who are admitting. Admitted to. Two of sexual lives columns when he was President Bush and she was impeached. Gordon's success. But they're trying to do impeach him. And he's the one in the tabloid news or saying. That he abused him. And he's sitting glued to his daughter. Right near here. The ladies that say her father. Assaulted. I got I got a yeah. I think you would look at and say what the hell happened. Would won't. How all of this come about. And I think I would say well. We kind of think it's. Just politics. In the coming Gibbs down under he and I think you would say. Mean and results from dirty politics during the depression. President tour broadens. That's. That's. That's just seems like mud grass. This. Beat it and I'm sure it's me aren't you embarrassed. And I would say well you know and and really talk about. That side though that he would have you should. And I would say to him we you know it's still the best system in the world. And he would say. It bureau and we can't warden they'd tell you. You have let's cancer than anybody else it's. You'll automobile about. Changing. Your sickness. Changing. What are your going. That created this situation. You know I don't think I'd have. And in its report. Is is this who we York. If what we saw last night. To those two people represented. Arts. Really. And the end if you're intrusion cultural juncture of the house majority. Of view it is. Gimmick called totally bought it. Two wizards are 1870. Two's are general when they're 87 in Dublin via. Are welcome back and think about the yen debated out snide let's go to John. John project Inco. Sure yeah they do represent specially. The one represent weekly spin and all that Hillary. This. Comes out. I'm tired of the political correct it is not like he's. So you know you get in light. The news media and then include you. The penalties. And the you know when he. This is what you can yet. We're we're do you give them it's been there with. A little easier for you come out saying that you got that yeah McCann and republic. Whatever is. And back. Yet you create one oh yeah. All the. They go back to England and actually heart rate. Where you. Absolutely taken believable. As well. That's slightly. Troubling news. You know look at them they're. I. Would seem that out of all the people in broad camps in that. I'd take more care. A brief and a dual political show nod nod to the debate. Learn the show I get Heritage Foundation one. I did regrets it belong the other constantly. I would disagree. Are remember and it's time. About. The F series you are coming out oh what went up about how much. You couldn't understand how really. We could not do it properly sir you 21 size two so I say you. Ever heard and we criticized the liberal side. I have never heard you can just the. Renewed old clips of their whole lives and you do go yelled cut me off because you just proved you didn't listen. I didn't do you even broader dubbed herself being good words quite rise. Prolonged hot and I called on them don't. And Republican candidates. Because one side doesn't do anything of the side can't do anything. More constantly gridlock. And it's people like you instead of looking at issue. Like the banking clean laps. The most done two books by both parties. Instead. You Jordan I heard. And you'd just repeat. What do you boom leave. And I guarantee you as long as you do that the more you believe the election no election though the more you booby. Alberta. I was curious this morning when the awoke Hamptons. To birdied. Homer and said it checked gondola newspapers. Around the world and actually. I'm. Red brick quick and cured from thirteen of them. But I thought you might find this in pursuing from Russia witnesses there are top news site and as you know. Russia controls. There meteor Putin's. The fortitude and yeah information from Butte Democratic National Committee file. Underscore for the Russian public and then the rest of the world. That you're as part of politics as Charles as dirty as in Russia or anywhere well. The royals looks a lot less credible is the moral authority. On the conduct of elections. Respectable brother Don pro pro Hillary Clinton is elected. From. Scrooge prospective. At the end of this rule and its political campaign. The New York as president will be wounded. A US president. Who was elected amid this march hatred controversy. Recrimination. And mired in domestic crisis. Will be hard press of forgery coherent foreign policy. More. Challenge. Russia. That pretty interest. South Africa said. Mohamed good month of debuted the machines begin at two monsters. And nobody seems so ball room Canada. But it's the historic William popular candidates testosterone. And outrage at. Trumpet as a pro roller and reporting he claimed not to need or want to use. Russia. And so nobleman. Moscow dominant noted similarities between trump and Putin. Both Rory and time mainstream itself competent people who don't you constrained by political correctness. Bode blown too closely knit system. Shall emblems. Since ripe ones you know in Israel and shoes in pursuing. Trump style is actually wounding many Israeli admirers. Of America elects a person. Red brigades discrimination. Condensation. And even resentment towards minorities. May be witty. Projected crew decides so much bias the west. And Germany. That Communist propaganda ministry had commissioned. And gifted court to lose to draw. A typical year American. In elections effort Khartoum they would want. They would have been printed these two figures. And more. Coming right back double to mobile brigade celebrity among fight to rip all veteran and sort of forgot the word come back screwed. Coming back. Can be talking about the election and saying. So but it come out of wood significant lead or. An extremely. Divided. America screwed mail afternoon and stay with those.