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9-10-16 Scoot 1pm-Did the moderators favor Trump or Clinton?

Oct 10, 2016|

Did either candidate say anything that caused you to change your mind about who you’re voting for? Did the moderators help or hurt your candidates chances?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm just opening the show opening vent your Monday is not nearly as manic as mine has been. Trying to maintain cold here but absolutely everything that could go wrong this morning has gone wrong. This ever happened you work really you know sometimes you go when you've got the greatest attitude you had a great weekend it's a beautiful day. And if he's going so smoothly and then you get to this point and everything goes wrong from the computer to everywhere else anyway I'm scoot in the afternoon how are you. It was a great two great weekend for cracked FS four the venue a festival effect I walked to the vineyard festival at Lafayette square on Saturday. And it was not only packed. But once again like with the the fried chicken festival very very long lines are all concession stands. I can't figure out why these new. Festivals are having such a difficult time serving people or is adjusted there're that many people. Going to hear me it might not be the fault of the vendors or via the festival it could be that. That many people are going it was just packed like the first or fried chicken festival so. That tells me that even though we have a lot of festivals in this area you just can't have too many. I'm glad you witness thank you for being part of our afternoon audience. I purposely did not listen to the radio all morning and you did this afternoon Dallas to the radio and all I've watched a little bit of television. And I watched the debate last night so I have no idea what people have been saying. So. Did you wash the debate. Who do you think won the debate. And why and if you hate trump. What was the best moment for you last night. What did Hillary say or do that was the best moment for you if you hate trump. If you hate Hillary. What was the best moment for you glance at. And did either candidates say anything. To cause you to change your mind about who you're voting for. And if you still undecided why are you still. Undecided. And of course there was a lot. That happened over the weekend Friday night. I'm waiting it's like what 11 o'clock at night. I'm sitting home watching it watching television and and now I'm waiting for. CNN or all the channels to break this. This video statement from Donald Trump. About the the audio from the video from that Access Hollywood boss. There was released about how he wants to do this and he can do this because he's a star and to keep it anyway. I don't need to repeat it anyway like he was after 11 o'clock our time. And CNN. Played the whole thing I mean they let the I'm now they candidates. When I saw the next morning they had done edited all doubt but you know I thought the debate was really exciting. And did you like the town hall meeting format of the debate where some some voters got to stand up and ask questions. It also are pulled the it also pulled the candidates from behind the podium. Which is a safe haven for many candidates that didn't stand stoically behind that. At that podium this shows more body language and there were times that Donald Trump was very. Fidgety and accuracy was nervous. But just there was times that did Donald Trump seemed like he was kind of fishy. Last night and he perceives kind of he's got a pacing and I guess he was eager to say something. In the beginning of the debate I thought Donald Trump was not good I see the beginning of the debate maybe the first twenty minutes side I didn't have a stopwatch on an. But in the beginning far far too much in erupting. And I mean it may be a suggestion needs to be made officially that they shot their microphones off when it's not. They are turn to talk. We are they gonna be such babies. If they're not gonna listen to the moderator so they're not gonna follow the rules are not gonna be respectful enough to each other to let each other talk. Beat Hillary didn't really do that are comedic a couple of times but I mean even if your four trumpet even if you you love him let's be honest. Here's. Is it eruptions in the beginning I didn't think it works well for him. I thought there were a lot of things that he did right. And I said in the first debate I thought Hillary was the clear winner. In this debate I saw Donald Trump was the clear winner. If you wanna join us here comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Harry code 5042601878. And a text is a 77. From Jefferson failure on Demi WR good afternoon. Yeah I don't screw. Here. Obama pareto. Donald Trump being inducted. I don't feel that can zone really can't mentally able to being charged her under your approach to our country. Q did you watch that today's lesson here. So lost it and I awards. You feel Hillary's the better transactions in other group. Second man with Cain. He's stable in those moments there was elections. And he's. Good advisor caterpillar belief of that you. Our bill I appreciate your your comment test for New Orleans Janice here on every WL. I was scared and so Lansing about that as well. Happy couple all the women. Could definitely gonna close the ball and wants to drink 65000. Parts deputies and country all of them can that be that it is so wonderful players. What about the debate. Isn't it good today that it was interesting. I think that trumpet much batted that he did romance kind. And about one of the highlights from movie would win and he. That it you became president he would convene a committee. Something a group of people Republicans. Misgivings. I thought that was really that he did much much better than he did this time and I hope he does even better the next time I mean. You don't worry about what you say that you know you bring it out. And that Delhi about the guy that because the guy that not a child anymore and she Patriot Act anyway. Hooked up with her daughter Chelsea isn't. It was late in the day to day you know in the certainty that he said he didn't want to bring up. No because that the god being mailed I don't care about the god of the delicate ground woman now. She can take it. And it was pointless and out there. The debate was how old. In the in the audience it was the Clinton and Chelsea sat right next to. And after the debate I don't see an on line in the picture people particularly in the picked up deal. I'm like god I don't know how to describe that those if you can pick out the entity that he'd like. Yeah since he I don't know a bit creepy pretty. I was described looking ahead on this date but it was really interest. Janice I appreciate the call if you're on hold hang on if you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon here's our number it's 2601878. Erica 05042601870. Text numbers say 7870. And did the moderator of last night's debate favor trump or Clinton. Give us your opinion like going to our web sites to be WL dot count. Happy birthday today to David Lee Roth somebody who I think fits in the category of creepy clown and David Lee Roth 62 years old today. I'm scooter in the afternoon we're coming right back under the WL. Donald Trump or sorry just like Justin Bieber wise. Here's part of what trump said during the debate about being. Embarrassed for the locker room talk. This was locker room talk. I'm not proud of it I apologize to my family I apologize to the American people certainly am not proud of it but this is locker room talk. So is that a and a legitimate excuse for that and I have to admit there have been times in my life and I but they've been involved in what would be considered locker room talk. I'm not proud of match. I can't imagine it would never go public but it would deal on different if a talk show host was involved in locker room talk and somebody who's running for president. And I I guess what we've learned from this is in in some cases. Because of your past. You've really might not be able to run for president. I mean there have been some crazy people who have who have asked me about getting into politics one day I sit crazy people right on I would never do that. I mean my life is pretty much out there anyway but I would do have to be honest about everything and I I would be but I don't think anybody would vote from. So you know their dear does. There does come up a point where somebody has to think oh cable all with all of that I've done in my life. Maybe I shouldn't run. But then again. Aren't we a nation of forgiveness and don't people change the whole concept of being born again is a concept of somebody totally changing their point of view of life. From Greg Allen you're now on WWL. An act that afternoon. Donald Trump is very good dominating. But that doesn't mean that would say it's true. I library get discouraged by people like a lady just called it question. Utilized Bruschi. And apparently some people call. What was the lives in your mind. Saying we can't release that actors because. They are asking about months ago yeah we really be debatable. But. They well. Leisure tack as we don't keep doing. And it all there. And we. Really. He shredded. And in adults. When I was in another part. Was there another part due to me it's about Utah over Islam and it. Saying you know saying we gable ran a 150 billion dollars eater that a lot not true. You can go online and look at what. I errors it was interesting now Hillary almost has started every statement with well everything aegis that is not true. Already in the tactic it brought novel things but he knew you wouldn't have time to respond to apparently somebody's gonna. True but most of the people watch going to be reading shortly not orders. A lot but he wouldn't do. I want to say to the way it went that I'm there at times summit is very creepy. That the domination move them and secure and what he was saying he wouldn't have to try to dominate the smaller older woman. Hootie and the debate. Yeah I thought there were moments when. He did look a little TGD. He was pacing at times site. I thought it was intimidating when he he stood behind turns like he was looking out looking down at her right. I'd I did think that that was somewhat condescending but. You know it that's and that's part of his his tactic that's part of a strategy. Of course and I liked credential when. But did anyone care whether these same. Isn't it interesting that we're we're talking so much about things we're talking about and so little about. The actual. The actual issues of the debate and then there were issues it definitely came up why sign allies appreciate your comments. And from Metairie Cassandra here on WWL. Hank is here and good. I try to make this as quick are okay. Army of in payment or you men. Out. You. Comment on one last night by our. I. Any eat quite been qualified you. So it means and pay. He won went right. I can nod. Remember. A point. About what actually. Been. Any immediate need we need. It in and thank them. What he. Meant everything. And we. Hope. That in him you know bloody. And immediately be. Real. He did he deftly sidestepped a lot of the questions descent I I I agree with that but in terms of the overall presentation first he was a lot worse in the beginning that he was in the end and I. I have a text here that says. They said that Hillary lost last time the last debate the first debate because she kept erupting. Trump in erupts the whole line this time and you say he won in my opinion the impression is that Donald Trump one. In part because he put Hillary on the spot with a couple of big issues like the emails she's yet to. In my opinion piece here to answer that accurately and she continues to sidestep that. I thought they were just there were a couple of moments where. She just was not on on. On message to the whole thing about Abraham Lincoln. What the hell was she trying to explain to that I don't understand. What she was saying with that. And I thought he had a good zinger I mean this is a good zinger lines like so now you're attacking on Tuesday. Honesty doesn't lie on like you so. They debate I thought that was a good singer. Beat all of the American public. And eat. It every day had been saying on him out why and the and and he can do. He. Did it and and well. And why. And released yet and then. And let me. I I'm not here to defend Donald Trump and like I can't I can't explain it I think that he should release his taxes because that he's been such a thorn in his side that if he did release his taxes. And unless there's something that would we just would disqualify him to be president I think he should do it. And I knew that yeah well my. We why pomp and not really. Might say. Are. We don't want. Any apparent leak. And he did. Not want people aren't it will be thank. And you know like I guess that's something that we should know I mean nick I don't think guys running for president. I don't I don't criticize him for for for taking the that the depreciation and that the losses immediate did it last night during the debate. But he did use that almost one billion dollar loss. To to to not pay federal taxes are in the future everybody takes those kinds of deductions may be they're not as big as his but everybody. Or does the same thing. And one of the old right now two and one that people who call upon them back and find out why until. Could I have seen dreadful. Now has a way. Even. Donald top net and come. Back end and me obviously and how to. Eat. As an American if he wins a fair election are you gonna support him as president. So you could never be Curtis critical of all the people that said from the very beginning they would never support Obama. I think about it and they don't want a couple of Obama. And I. All. The freak. Cassandra I'm gonna get through news break I enjoyed our conversation easier on hold hang on we are just getting started as I mentioned at the outset of the show. I didn't listen to any radio this morning I don't know all that's been it's been said to an end and talked about. Watch the debate last night to watch them on television after last night watch some TV this morning but. This is all a fresh conversation to be because I didn't listen to the radio on purpose wanted to to be fresh for you. So if you're on hold stay with us on skewed in the afternoon and we're coming right back with more of your passionate comments. After just every W well news update with Jim hands. And I'm sure if you were standing by Hillary Clinton before the debate you're standing by her now and if you are standing by Donald Trump before the debate here standing by Donald Trump now. Donald Trump has been leading independent so he has been losing independents and in the polls the last couple of weeks and that's one of the things that Donald Trump hand over Hillary Clinton. Because it's the independence not the base of either party it will ultimately decide who becomes the next president. A the United States and as. Generally the way it is in every in every election. But now truckers starting to lose independents I'd love to talk to you if you are undecided and if you're still undecided. I've Cassandra we just talked to said she's so undecided but it sounds like she's certainly not gonna vote for trop. Here's a Texas says are the same people who don't give a damn about Clinton's emails are basically the same people who really give a damn about something Donald Trump said. I'm so what had nothing to do with national security. And again doesn't this explain the out the bias that we had been in how we judge what the what the candidates say. I did the moderator of last night's debate favor trump or Clinton that's a party general opinion poll 26%. Say trump and 74% say Clinton. I would think that Anderson Cooper was was more fair Martha Raddatz eyes I thought today she. I gotta I gotta takes a few minutes ago from somebody like I explained it very well it was as if she wanted to debate Donald Trump on her own. So we've got more highlights from the debates also we've got some highlights from Saturday Night Live over the weekend virtual one share with you. And here's part of what Hillary said about Donald Trump. Not apologizing to some people he should apologize to. But he never apologizes. For anything to anyone. He never apologized. To mr. and mrs. Kan. The gold star family. Whose son captain con died in the line of duty. In Iraq. And Donald. Insulted and attacked them for weeks. Over their religion. And she went on and on to say other people that he did not turn apologize to. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy tech state 78 Saturday for shell met Al welcome to the show. Object. I have no doubt Obama and Hillary Clinton. Will be our president and arts page out thing that they believe. Their car bombs total. Crow women. Come out. Demand. Complex and is going to be. A speech. Our rob it's going to be. Big going to be. 824. The latest crop. Doubled in and so on its forward while the thirty. You about. It. If it about. That a complete the way you look like creepy. Back there now. And that he'll watch. You look at you she's. Respect. And waited learned. He has. A great. If they act. Yeah on both. And oh Evan comes. Out. It's a complete. Check. I didn't hear him say that Warren Buffett doesn't pay taxes I heard him say that Buffett and George Soros for different Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party. That they they they take the same kind of deductions that he takes. Well. Games that go. On Wednesday it is. It's contrary. One. Of the Leo. Come election. So you don't blame the rich for taking those deductions if they can we you're in favor of changing cyber. And the people that soul. Of the Gator. Pocketbook and that's contrary Adam. Opel and what does it always comes out and I we will do about it. Al I appreciate the call it fear on hold stay with us for coming right back with more of your passionate comments. So sunny morning you know the big CNN and leave the the cable networks and you know they they set up like on ESPN's game day you know they got a the on the set out there on the campus and they've got some times are cheerleaders and all these people in the background and this was a view Washington University. And now it say Louis Sunday morning I saw the best sign. I thought the Sicily cool this is covering for the debate coverage. The sign behind the guys on CNN read Hillary likes nickel back. And I'm sure that was a a slammed. I'm skewed in the afternoon we'll be right back on every of you out. SA today and a pop culture calendar for today October the tenth on this day in 1980. At a funeral took place for bonds so it's opens drummer Jon bon and he was found dead and guitarist Jimmy page's house. From what was described as X sixty Haitian. After inhaling his own vomit after excessive font a consumption. He was only 32 years old. That night he consumed. Forty shots. In four hours. That's ten shots and power. I think your body can metabolize about one shot an hour without you really feeling too drunk. He did ten shots an hour. For four hours. Coming up right before the top of the hour news at 2 o'clock you gonna have a chance to win some fantasy cash 1000 dollars in our nation might Tennessee cash contest. All you have to do is do what you're doing right now listen to the show right here and having WL I'll give out the code word did you text number it 72881. You text the code word to that text number and you got a chance to win thousand dollars this afternoon. A mere year and every avenue on good afternoon. Hey I got home and would be that are almost. I'm a mom that the leopard I'm ordered this. Collin Nolan an appointment and about as I've debated. He can't go full debate I can't violate. I'm open to criticism. And I noble you know candidates had their courses in Clinton. But I don't know well obviously the markets from people and I mean these side with him right. I hear people saying they yet about it the night. And seen everything they do that not content type on YouTube and so Canadian. Listen to that we would act don't him being quite suitable to give credit alma people in their heart control people he. Someone like trump. Is that it would it would like in it'd be really hear about things like you know that he come and tell me you know and I want to pile of old news by. This again you know well. Probably handled the united. And as I think a couple. On putting good. And kind Hillary Clinton you know. You know it's interesting because what you say about trump is is exactly the same thing that a lot of people saying about Hillary Clinton that's what's so interesting about this this election Paris it's like. How can anybody consider me you can just fill in the blank trump or port Clinton how can you wrote for them knowing what you did. I don't know why. It's a Republican debate is really more like open to better as a candidate. Opel for. Or are you tired are you looking forward to voting. I'm definitely an I wouldn't be voting for Hillary. And I'm like trump and in the view that you probably he's the straw present in court and. I don't believe it is arrogant she could get some. If he were to become president. I would think our war. You know chomping aspect that added he's not used to comment. Billionaire. And making fun kid you know. Property to meet you more tired and the person. I don't mind he could be really simple what the president might agent. And I like amenities that we do not like some of that but it policies. Put in place like you know we'll look forward to staying into the trading and and China are legitimate data did but it is. Giggled at its active parent is what that's like local actively. That you you don't have a lot of BIs include. I'd. Totally collapses we have is that be out in the in this election and. I would certainly have to have I would pass the senate to have particularly at least. Pop music hit when he allowed time I think that it acted mad at each. Or are here earlier artillery are are your friends engaged in this process are they looking for we're devoting as well do you guys talk about it. We have at least. Despite that you. One that might well. I'm not gonna go on iron and fully backstroke the knowledge you know in the around the neck of. Mean yeah I'd be open minded you know how with the human beings and what you complacent what better for the country but. I did I I look based you know we're going to be suitable to run this country. And that's you know a few tired of people cannot hurt you were being troubled but it dictate its sense of him on the air it on the week. He's like well we like. It is like. It definitely does little aggressive mode. So. I heard yesterday I it's an hour what Betty he invited. Three woman. Are there and Lebanon might have been told him. I'm Amir and that's a break Joseph I enjoyed our conversation I'm proud to have you as part of our afternoon audience and I hope he'll lie to express your opinion throughout this process and then let us know how you feel after the debate as I mean after the election as well. Are difficult if you Arnold hang on I'm skewed in the afternoon we'll be right back on WL. And happy birthday to date is Cyril Noble's Cyril levels 68 years old today. On the code word in your chance to win a thousand bucks is coming up next we're getting very close to time for the code word I don't wanna try to cram a call in Sofia on hold. Just relax a readers a lot of passion Tuesday afternoon after the debate. And we're continuing now with your reactions of your hole stay witness I'm sure you heard earlier today did tell house speaker Paul Ryan says he will no longer defend Donald Trump. He's gonna focus on the campaign that will help the Republicans in the in the senate and the house. So it's kind of a it's kind of a big statement now a lot of from a lot of traditional Republicans are very very upset with them. Here's a Texas says if lies were bricks we could have built that wall last night. Here's another text to wonder if Clinton paid money to these folks to call in today. I don't know did Hillary pay anybody any money to call on the show today. Stars are no people just calling with their opinions are coming right back after the news there's more your comments we'll get right back to your calls. It's time for the 1000 dollar nationwide fantasy cash contest in the code for this hour is cure text CU. RE. 27288. Point at 72881. And score thousand dollars without ever putting on your phone. It's just one text away fantasy cash was it for the next code word right before the top of the hour news at 5 PM. And good luck from sort radio intercom and elements here to be WL. We never charge for Tex but individual plan text and data rates may apply please do not text and drive. So we'll continue our conversation about the debates. We'll talk about some of the things that Hillary says some of the things that trump said coming up next on Debian you'll.