WWL>Topics>>10-10-16 Scoot 2- Did anyone really win the debate last night?

10-10-16 Scoot 2- Did anyone really win the debate last night?

Oct 10, 2016|

Is it okay for politicians to have different public and private positions on issues? Hillary Clinton seems to think so, is that being dishonest to you or just a way to get things done in Washington?

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It was a beautiful weekend I hope you are able to get out and enjoy it's on the first Pena a festival Lafayette square was actually tactic Greg offense was packed a great weekend for that over the weekend. I'm skirt in the afternoon glacier a part of our afternoon audience this is where politics and pop cultural or speech or opinions. We're getting your reaction to the debate last night. Here's a tax that has says says scoot I'm not sure how you feel about it too but I know I want a president who will manage your money and to be that's only trump. Here's another text that says I'm voting for truck scoot. But Hillary want knob on the debate I guess. I thought I thought it was close last night and in the beginning I thought Hillary was winning but in the end with some of the singers that he had from a debate standpoint I thought trump. I won the debate but again that's. That's my opinion that doesn't mean I think he should be president on Hillary clearly one that the first debate. So it's gonna be interesting to see how the third debate it turns out you were thirty days away from the election. Have you decided who you're voting for and we also asked the question did the moderator is favor one candidate over the other. Last night the conversation of Russia came up and truck said that Hillary talks tough against Russia. But brush is working on their nuclear capability weapons right now. And almost everything that she did a secretary of state was a mistake. A truck was also quick to point out that if she wants to change all these things now. Why hasn't she done that over the last 3035 years that she's she's been in politics. She's ever been president but she's been in politics and there are some things that she wants to change. That trump believes she could have changed if she really wanted to. Here's a really interesting party general opinion poll this hour. And this came up in their debate last night is it okay for politicians to have different public and private positions on issues. It is your opinion by going to WW elder icon that this is when Hillary got into this explanation about about Abraham Lincoln. They he said one thing to one group and another thing to another she really didn't answer the question I think the question is is best defined. By the I think Bill Clinton is a great example of of this of this question you can't tell me. That win this man who is a Democrat who is a leaning liberal Democrat that we presented himself as a moderate during the electorate. Bill Clinton was I I think a left leaning on Democrats. When he signed the defensive sent defense of marriage act. I believed that he did that because that's what he felt like he had to do as president. That's not what he felt in his heart and then of course now he's changed his mind at -- for same sex marriage. So. Is it good for politician or bad for a politician. To have one private view. On a position. And then a public view on a position. Again give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. I hear which Donald Trump talking about his mistake the the audio from Access Hollywood that became available Ortiz. Well he calls it locker room talk and it was locker room talk he says banned I am I'm famous I can grab them by there and I can not do this and and and do that a trusted it was a mistake. If you look at Bill Clinton. Far horse might know words and his was action his way is what he's done to women there's never been anybody in the history of politics. In this nation that's been so abusive to women. Torre is that fair. He said he is here's the stake was just words Bill Clinton's mistake. Was actions. In fact it was interesting that Hillary did not defend her husband bill during the debate last night. But to get back to your calls Tracy here and every WL thanks frank and on. And good. The odd one ups and beaten up let. They want more for Hillary and let her speak and they caught cultural ball a lot more slot this should be your cure that or it. All of also you know people change. Yeah well I'm older and in ten years I think people grow and change and them. So you know things are going to be. That'll mean it's great thing women say things. I don't think Woody's has anything to do with governing patient basically. Are you surprised that what he said and what was released that the comments the locker room talk are you surprised that tennis become such a a big issue right now of the campaign. Are you still was tracing. Our industries he hung up I use are you surprised that's become such a big issue. I'm not. You we can we talked recently about how the the appetite for. Reality television. Has really set the tone for this presidential campaign. And it's the interest in things like the locker room talk over real issues. And I I I guess. I guess it's easier for. A lot of people to have an opinion when it comes to something like that. Rather then. Judge the real issues. Because let's face as a nation and I'm not talking about you or me but as a nation. We actually. Want to pay attention to the most flamboyant. Easiest gossipy. Voyeuristic aspect of anything. As opposed to hard core issues. And it doesn't say much about the electorate and we have the power to change so we should challenge ourselves to change. In the West Bank branch here on every WL. All. Of somebody call that much it's spinning. That through that arm. I they would get two candidates that bowl. Major baggage. Com I would never condoned. Anything that Donald Trump said. In any locker room talk or anything of that nature. But I think that we can just spot. From the issues that are really and is. But bowled well wrote in the country com. The president. And although president. Bill Clinton called Obama care. Age you crazy law. In it. Much party of Americans. Are against it calmed it would force them out. On him pay a democratic. Backed bill that was said that we won't find out what's in it until it passed. Palm is cool guy or all that bright today and we're really not focusing on that issue but we're talking about what talks can com. He made it clear that if she thinks that their needs to be some changes Donald Trump wants it to repealed and it totally changed thrown out. And Hillary wants to take the best parts of it and keep that and then revise the rest. You could you can do an animal won anything on board forced down the American people grow with me palm tax. If you don't buy into it. Com. It is despicable. Me. Com what he called earlier thought the bow on top line last night look and I'm sure this thing that he. Like that. Com but a lot easier. On that stage and have been. It's Hillary or. She lied about email. You were given a subpoena. And then deleted email and bleached bullet which bit are are or. Com. Editor in Nam. Email that was leaked on Friday all portray accurately on Friday apart selling. Wall Street that you controlled yourself you know you. And it should tell the American people and I'll. People are taxes that our plan to get this economy move. Is the government began to move on. That note that. The government makes no money other than money that we do. So you know as Americans. That we. On. You probably never thought that we here at two candidates. War. A year ago and whole period and it will continue. The million Americans don't think it. I have to get a break here pretty you'd you do know that Donald Trump does not always tell the truth when he when he talks on on the station where he supports are what are Democrats are rallying today. And panel OPEC that I just sad that a minute ago they let that kind of peculiar that you would pick that at me saying you can tell the truth about that. I'm sure there's things he didn't say that would be true but the things that you lied about all critical thing got me. I mean that's want I mean it's amazing that we all look both critical issues. So why why is this why is this election on Weiss a selection soul. So. Contemptuous why is that so nasty demeanor that some nasty elections before but nothing nothing like this this is. This is I think a reflection of America and it it's not a it's not a pretty reflection of who we are. That's exactly what do. But we're we're gonna continue that war candidates. That we have American. Don't take back our country from the government and it exploded. In gotten bigger and gain more. Bran -- appreciate it appreciate the call if you're on hold hang on we're coming right back with more of your comments we continue with the very very. Passionate reaction to the debate last night. What about the parts where trump said if he wins. The presidency. While you go he said he wants to put her in jail we'll talk about that when we come back. And yet many people regardless of what he says. We'll stand by their man. I'm skewed in the afternoon we'll be back on WWL. Donald Trump said he's sorry and he apologized for its own locker room talk DO hold that against him. Here's a quick update on our attorney general opinion poll. Is it okay for politicians to have different public and private positions on issues 43% say yes. 57%. Say no commission opinion by going to W if you don't dot com. That came up last night although neither candidate really answered it. And Hillary really confused you wish you went into the the whole analogy using. You using Abraham Lincoln I I didn't get it. And I thought it was a a good debate singer when on trump says so now you're gonna as your question now honesty honesty doesn't lie. Not like you. And he pointed at her some people thought there was a moment of bullying. Some people thought there was a good moment for Donald Trump in the debate from west we go Elaine thanks for hanging on year on every WL. I add up our band and a Democrat I'll ally. And acted in good conscience vote the Democratic Party this time. And on line in everything bad. Lie. And she can't apologize for that yet and thank god. He has a product email. Every. Republican that I. Try. And got a lot of good old boy Paul and I'll drop. And they know that it on and it you Arctic. You know that was a really. Interesting moments and and a powerful moment when she said something to the effect five good thing you're not in charge of the laws. And trump said yeah you'd be in jail. Exactly. And it it would be anyone out there would be in jail and I mean yeah. Am I apologize but where I'll. Can't think that we need to apologize for. And it was talk unlike her apartment was right. And will it out in a closet and they get out. Hand and that she bullied and tried to Fallon and bit. Have a policy where are well. What they want you to. Why do you think Oakland's a racist. Rapists consulate which is it race. You know. Now he's. L than god and she should in no bid to bring the gushing out. She did not defend her husband last night. She that you went and she. Will meet people. I. Saying that he and a but what he did the thing. And you know. Well struck president. And this country back and a lot of people out. I'd say politically correct allotted time actually you leaning someone who don't know. Get this country OJ and we need one and each row and apologized that quality content and apologize every. LA I'm gonna have to get Turner's break here but let me share this text or use it just came in. This and a marketing used the word this and it's a derogatory word for a woman this blind meaning you. Is a liar she was never Democrat what are you saying that. That it is what she what she. So you know he's this this this text or he or she is saying you were never Democrat. He's he says you this what he's talking about you know we've had this blank. Is a liar and I ever get. Democrats now that's a lot of people. One went to. You know me. Being. All it wasn't that B word it was another. It was just days it was it's an old school derogatory term for. Four for for a woman Elaine I've I appreciate the call you know. That's what's so interesting about this there are people who think there's no way that only can be Democrat there's no way. I Democrat could say anything negative about Hillary Clinton. And there are those who say there's no way a Republican could say anything negative about Donald Trump. And yet there are Republicans who hate trump. There are Democrats who hate Hillary. Why are some people so quick to two would know exactly. What they think and what they feel because they don't want it to be that way. People don't believe certain things because. They just don't wanna do it can't be that whites duplicate what I mean the tipping a Democrat who doesn't like Hillary can be Republican guzzling truck. So convenient it's confusing for some people. If your don't hang on if you got a comment or numbers 2601 a seventy. Erick are 5042601. A semi tech's a 778. I'm scoots in the afternoon. More of your calls and text up next after this WW well there's a date with Chris Miller. But as you watch your Saturday Night Live Saturday nights this was the other musical talent to 21 pilots and the coming to New Orleans sometime in the in the near future. A very very it's seeing a new young band. Last night on Saturday night lives they were showing the debate was a mock debates between the two vice presidential candidates. And they interrupted with CNN. Breaking news. Anyway is the breaking news about. When it happened Friday night which is the audio from the video. That was taken on the Access Hollywood bus with a Billy bush. And troughs saying those things about what he can and likes to do to two women and the kind of made it seem like he pushes himself on women he says it was just locker room talk but this is on this is Alec Baldwin doing Donald Trump in this segment from Saturday night life. I'm mr. trapped. Why would you say these horrible things in the first place. C'mon Brooke I've was trying to look cool I mean what normal red blooded American. Doesn't wanna impress. Yes you have to admit it's kind of funny that the only bush who matters. In this general election is Billy. Doesn't really excuse what he said. Listen OK this was way back in 2005. It was eleven years ago. Back when I was just too young childish 59 year old man. OK now mr. Trapp. Many Republicans have stood by you through a lot of other scandals but are now pulling their support. And people like Senator John McCain can. Arena she's a four. And Idaho's senator Mike Craig were like crap boot. But you must admit this is bad. For you but the only person I need is my running mate Mike Pence a love Mike Pence and respect pants. I'll always have. Actually today he said he can't condone your remarks and then he canceled his campaign events. It's a loser. That was part of senate like did on the Bill Clinton said I'm sorry I'm Donald Trump said in the debate last night that if he wins. He's gonna he's gonna have an an attorney general. Appoint a special prosecutor. To look into Hillary email scandal. For gin chilly go and you're on Debian due out. Eight of data and good. I guess what they four or five seconds to make they yeah and you know. What's happening today to people is bit. That control. There and I am when unit Japan and get out of control you destroy you all. And now let them do American public. I'll pay social out of control we don't even think about what we do. And and him as days. They base it on the computer fly in that and talk about you'd Astride yields though. You'll pay as we can't yet know in the cut it because people. Well all law act like it's. The Republican is my team and a Democrat and being an out Kia web app but I could be like I am and out there and nobody wants to work together. No I want to of people that candidate is the people. How can any body. It down at about like Danica will represent. An age. Where no more old apple did he know about. Being. A security information. Everyday. Well Donald Trump was not I mean again you put me in a position to defend Donald Trump which is not my job but I don't there's not. He was not to attested on electoral last night I mean today the comic came up but he wasn't tested on how much he knows a bottle up also he might know more than you he might know more than me about it left on it just wasn't part of the conversation. Is you witness. You know I just was not part of the conversation last night's again I don't know how much you know some bottle up. Ellison is secretary Gary Johnston didn't know where a lot ones are what allow the ones. Yeah yeah yeah but what you what you do imam would go on in the world we don't know what god. You know you can indeed in that we. Auto you re edit they. It. And and would you put a port it would do you control them all and put them control. A double outlook seat in the war. Well you know Glen this is this is the dilemma infect I I mentioned a Sony recently I had dinner a week or so ago with the family members who I would describe as. Very conservative very strong. True Republicans. Very very devout Christians. And they said that. The risk of Donald Trump. Is greater and the disappointment they think they'll get with Hillary Clinton. So they are there are a lot of people and there are some Republicans who think Donald Trump is a big risk. That note those people got it right. That you don't like what they get bigger out of Cuba that Napa my heart beat. In a cut it not get emotional ideas we get taken out there with a country. Not whetted my already are obligated pact yet and somebody by using toward. And Glenn that's it that's it and you don't think about how many people are going to say the same thing if Donald Trump wins. Think how many people are gonna essentially treat trump. The way. An entire group apparently treated Barack Obama when he became president we want this guy to be a one term president where you can do anything to help him succeed. And so what's sad about that is if you try to block the success of a president and your blocking the success of this country. Debt correct. It adequately deep religious down in your children well now. RB eight pitted yet because we didn't put him at the infrastructure. You know upbeat about our control and make that not able to paint stroke. You know when you talk about on controlled passion let's think about this past weekend with O'Dell Beckham junior in New York Giants of the former LSU wide receiver. O'Dell Beckham junior has allowed his passion to take over and it's affected his play so they finally got together and said look you know just calmed down. Don't act like don't act like this so. That was a way of saying get your passion under control. And I appreciate the call all of this just reminds us of how divided we are as a nation and I'm gonna continue to say this there will be. As much or more to talk about after the election. As there is now because people are so very passionate about this if your Arnold hang on we're coming right back with a mark your comments. It was on Thursday October the tenth 1999. The song she need a bottle by eighteen nature Christina Aguilera just a teacher at the time. Became number one in the UK spent five weeks number one in America and she won a Grammy in 1999. For a best new artist. A song was banned on this day October 10. In the UK. I am shocked. This song from America was banned. We're gonna play coming out of this break I'll be back reporter calls on debit bureau. I mean seriously on this day October 10. 1962. The BBC band to Bobby Boris Pickett song monster mash. Claiming it was offensive. I mean. With the exception of that wrong that they have on at the beginning of the song coming on some counts this very very offensive. Here's an update are pretty gentle people we've got a majority shift here is it okay for politicians to have different public and private positions on issues. 69% say yes. 31% say no gives your team by going to our website WWL dot com that tech came up as a question on the debate last night neither candidate answered it. You don't good though. In Canada and our collars and call and all of the eight ball and you know and and first of all. You know Hillary did this and cause that are Hartmann now running for president I want okay. And then trumpet governor that's saying something about sending Hillary. If they get a special prosecutor. And making sure she goes to jail. Full well about now what about. It's this university saying. Those people got ripped off on. Okay what about that and something you don't understand that I probably and you couldn't do. I'll bankruptcy. Ever in term eight iron. I thought it was still yeah yeah. Business people do that Ricardo. I mean I thought you file bankruptcy. One when you when you're bound and not an not to protect. Your billion. No I mean does it mean if if you didn't know that this time you learned that there are people who filed bankruptcy as a way EF protect themselves and I remember there was a very prominent businessman and owner fast food chain here in New Orleans and at one point he filed bankruptcy I don't remember all the details that's why don't want to say his name. But I do you remember that he he kept. Oh well for a million dollars and end and became a success after that so it is not it is so it is a legal maneuver that the business people make. OK and you've you've got a very good point to it earlier caller. I'm sad something. On stage. Because he was in the line. He brought ward bought and used an example about filing taxes. More buckets there. It was that I've read on you know to Utley puts on the Internet. I do some news is that maybe it would. Com more about the key island accident he has moved. Sent I've not chipped in 1942. People aren't every single. Well I got a text in my private phone what territory to break or just a moment ago and apparently Warren Buffett has released his income taxes and it shows that he does pay federal income taxes and apparently. A lot to look into this further but apparently Warren Buffett does not take the same kind of deductions that don't trust takes does that mean that Donald Trump is a doing something wrong. Well I mean that's that's debatable. I think I think we don't try it gets away with is an indication of how the system of taxes has always benefited the rich over the middle class. Yeah well I I I really believed that. Watching him more the last two debates. And I'm. Just listener and of the interviews I think he's he's yet intimidated. By. Email that question him or content camera up at the right word. Our home but I do know. He's he's very insulting. So women market he has an Internet debate and it. Com you know. I don't know it just my personal. Home. Very insulting. Ricardo I've got to get to break here I appreciate the call yeah I mean Donald Trump has sent a lot of insulting things a lot of very sexist things too and about women. I'm astute will be right back on Demi if you held. It was on this day October 10 1965. The supremes made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show and this was one of those songs they did. We're to have another another highlight from Saturday Night Live coming up in an X are also more highlights from the debate last night. I mean there were some singers I don't try to squeeze into a called Weaver closed to the the top of the the news. Top of the hour news right now solicit try to squeeze in another call so if you're on hold a look I know passions on are running high. We're gonna get to your calls just relax on its Davis and I'll get right back to your calls right after the topping our news. At 3 o'clock here's a final update on this hour's party general opinion poll is it okay for politicians to have different public and private positions on issues. 74%. Say yes 26%. Saying no. And it's interesting question again came during the debate but neither candidate answered it last night it's really about. Whether politicians. Reflect their constituents. Or reflect their personal views. He summaries elected to office should they do what they personally believe or should they do what they believe the people who voted for them what them to do. For example on the issue of same sex marriage. Bill Clinton as a person I'm sure it was for same sex marriage but he signed the defense of marriage act. Which was reflective of the polls in America more people were against it when he signed that. So he was taking a public position and I'm sure he has privatization. I screwed in the afternoon it will be right back. David bureau.