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Oct 11, 2016|

This hours guest: Harry Shearer - Actor & civic actist Actor, musician and New Orleans resident Harry Shearer is not too thrilled about short term rentals in the city. Is he right or wrong? Also, the Clinton/Trump debate & presidential race….he’ll weigh in on that, too.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ed makes me happy. Every time Harry Shearer comes home. What do grow in the end I take the brewers have outward describing we act through news in action towards the symptoms. And uterine. Movie's story and but it but I get. I get that you get tired I have the dual the so welcome so good head then you. Oh yeah and it's so great to be back I was here in August and one of the people who come here in August and loves it. But I was I was yeah will there be a case alert condition. It's fine and you know you walk slow and their restaurants are there to get into any restaurant town I was the that was Lebanon. But I'm back here and and love and this this this. Early autumnal feel this city is just beautiful and asked him where you do what you've been doing all my god my wife the fabulous Judith on a night toured Australia in June. And it just parenthetically we're doing the Christmas show again this year at the Petit on the 22 and 23 December I just have mentioned that womb and in combat are coming out but the tickets are going to show. And then so we did Australia week. We did a little trip around the South China Sea with what you think it'll surely we toured with Judith and I didn't. Third cabaret festivals in breezed men and adult Ab all right Mike. And we were invited to do those and we've never done anything like that's we put together show where. We figured out that she has songs about certain topics and I have songs about roughly the same topics like narcissism and that's big now fame. Love. So we did dueling songs or or conversing or dialogue and songs. And that she had two gigs one in Melbourne and went in Sydney and we've we like a straight allies it's like America 2.0 you know have have you ever jumped over to news. Been there a couple times and not deceive is the real beauty of the bullies think when things are I you know. I've only been in India Auckland. I'm not into the Indian protect liberty park now has still yet to do that. I used to have little company. Have an office in Cairns. To arrange huge cargo Ali and all of those employees nice business trips you have one of I never got to moves real well on they all did and they said that out of everything news about our borders from. And we we went to Vietnam for a little bit. Vietnam yeah where. Saigon and the Mekong. Which it was amazing. These certain album. Meat to it and to know none of the places the problem is that if you institute which is don't go he shows from there. Hate that saying how bad is that hang how about the Alba that that LT some than men. And. No it was really remarkable to see. That Saigon was not the place that we were told would be if we lost the war. And that I mean it's it's a land in San well all the same it's time to define it Google finally the the Chanel store and the Reebok store in the Nike stores really Coke oh yes always and only saw a guy in Saigon in the heart of of Communist Saigon. It is just not what we were told it would be at all. It's still one party country it's you know it's not that the vibrant democracy we have here here by the way speaking of which. That we're aware wax and very. Outraged the day. About these alleged Russian attempts to influence our election yeah and I'm I can't wait for Newsweek which published a big screen about it this morning. Published next week the list of all the country's democratic elections that we've interfere with. Yeah you know and there's a there's quite a long list we we don't quite have an outrage. Wind and wind diesel are daisies. Interfere with the elections. Is is is it just yards of where the day. Tried to demean one. Candidate over the other you know if I mean like here. I have had people call and said you are they gonna hack RO lynch and some barbed election is not digital. Well most of our voting machines are a there was a report last week in computer world magazine that a lot of states like Pennsylvania a battleground states. Steele has touch screen machines with no paper. Paper trail the paper evidence so few and the via. The hard drive can be hacked and and without any traces of it so there are some but it's it could. And they and the idea is all the takes more and we have proved. What are you won't have proof. That's the problem of any of you there would be one where they yeah look look this happened this came and does that blog have remained if they think every thing yeah it's a program and to its its did its firmware that can be rewritten and then there's no Trace of it. If I you know if I can make a request like Donald prompted to the Russians with the please interfere with the selection and make it and tomorrow the a that's all I answered him would affect. Yesterday gaga did as a pinch marine told. Huge role were you scared me for a moment there board itself to impact a guy who will you know. Pull news reports from thirteen different country now on the leg aha. He reviewed reunion scene you are all little well I was in London they're thinking about between mites. Being here in August and now with the London for most of September and it was. Absolutely bizarre to walked in here. You know our closest and our sheer. And they just look like what kind of repeat he. Circuits without. You know the clouds or lose we note that the that creepy clowns are. Out and I I regard that as a metaphor as the as the culture responding to the election wins yeah. But that's. The disbelief and not to say that they you know have done things particularly gracefully in the last little while immunity that the election campaign over Burton withdrawn from the EU would kind of circus to. But there's some. Indian guy orange I think that's a Boris Boris Johnson. He's he's the opposite from certain way. He's a Smart guys who pretends to be dom for repeal trumpets. A your life and I'm I don't know I'm going to Wharton in two weeks to a conference on BS on a ticket really great great work on a day yeah. It's Orton it's that that's the only country. I'm doing maybe you know I did the series and Nixon Lou well the last really. See a lot of parallels or at least one girl went from an accident to mention. Trump came up in Queens. Witches the other Borough Oakland other boroughs. Manhattan. And as this. And it's it's not a secret means it. You'd written about it the people about it gophers about it this burning resentment at being looked down by Manhattan and one reason he. He took his father's business is building apartments in Brooklyn and moved to Manhattan was he wanted to be. Think I would the big the big collars that pig tall towers and novels squad apartment buildings in Brooklyn. And and he's never been accepted by the New York. In the grandes of the New York scene and Nixon sat California burning resentment at the East Coast. Harvard and Yale crowd in now and couldn't. And let go of that resentment even when he was in the White House so that. That I see that similarity between two any I'm I'm with over London amid other sensors that are. And how long did that broad and stick them you know humans yelled thank you while this is this is interesting for the times were Ian. About a year or two ago oh an acquaintance of mine can Hughes whose story university Virginia came out with a book which to get a lot of attention. Called fatal politics. And the point of the book was newly released next dates are still coming out even now. And these featured Nixon. And Henry Kissinger mainly. Talking day by day week by week month by month. Strategizing. Now necessary was apropos in a moment ago. Keep the Vietnam War going after the 1972. Reelection. And since it didn't get a lot of attention I thought I can do a series. Dramatizing these tapes where a time of perpetual war right now it's sort of apropos so on May be doing that the next year. Going to be making sausage. I brought down everybody. By the way the aforementioned Henry Kissinger one of these people Hillary Clinton cited in the debate with Bernie Sanders has one for foreign policy advisors. Coming right back down of the board of my favorite boy Harry Shearer wrote news. Everything actor awards to send them some sense of guns they're yelling at the radio. And music and everything. Politics. Talk committees and in and knocked England your role of world. Are they looking in saying it like when it comes greens politics or war. Or they sing it and we thought they weren't the ones that really didn't broadly. The leaders of the free world Leah but he citadel of democracy. I think we've we've who we are. The people overseas are lucky because they don't have to see this every minute of every day they stayed tuned into it you know once a week like an episode of WW Ian just laugh about it. But we're we're the ones who are stuck in the soup you know and we were texting off the air I mean we've had. Ugly go to elections that. Rampaged in the gutter since this country blues started. Somebody. We did to me yesterday reminded me that Jefferson called. And a reminded you guys of the campaign against. Grover Cleveland mom ma where's my iPod he's from the White House. In 1896. So we've always been their but we haven't as you said we haven't always had it in our faces on our phones wherever we look close up. Having to stare at it moment by moment by moment by painful. It. Here and terrible moment to bring they're reintroducing. In both agree instant news communications. This type in Dubai you got somebody screen computer screen or screens that ANC where opal now in okay. So were all instant news leaked connect. That is server. Two old men and it's Frost's. Who runs world you can look at running for all this today in thing you know. A little light from the debris. In an apartment for the good of the people. Change and by evening. In the club that can destroy me and apparently in mind. We attract anybody. And and by the way yes officer himself on a better damn well know little oppose. Just what dislike or think you see somebody who you know. You know look. IE I thought this in the in the era of Clinton a bill. That this is the grease used bowl in American society. And then when we asked the people who get to the top of the truth their hands and must be squeaky clean slate. You're not that this is this is down and dirty stuff politics and if they could you know. I would take somebody with a a blemish to. Personal. Set of characteristics as most of our presidents have had. You know the thing is most of our president most of our presidents have benefited. From mate conspiracy a real conspiracy in the media to keep their personal peccadilloes out of public notice. I cannon an affair. FDR had an affair. LBJ used to brag that I he had more women by accident that JFK had deliberately. I mean this is us yeah but now. Will the press has stopped protecting the politicians because there's more money to be made by going all out. But he didn't have indicated the anyway because. If you get somebody with a cell phone that can total graph. Yeah a document that cannot be released he asked now they're there's are we keeping anything sacred book. Who the hell is going to be do or. Or the powers that be the money behind. Behind the curtain. Or they gonna put shows. Dim wits. That well I mean they can control. The powers that be certainly did not. Put Donald Trump at the head of the Republican ticket this year the powers that we're hearing the powers that be scream bloody murder about that right now. So. Sometimes but you have to be a television celebrity to overcome that and he was and he did. Interest in time we lose so maybe Billy bush a run for president. Is it just in. You know you'd even if it's not the power did the it's yeah so. Where were. Rungs doing something they one thing. I don't see where they breach. To war approved costs. It is news. To report terms of years I can imagine anybody wanting to do this dance of the. Well I I have set for a number of years Garland that. The desire to run for president of the United States should be the single most disqualifying characteristic. That. Are at his gym and time menus they will this. The great Harry Shearer are only needed them with the state what is. Talked to him it was called to secure one that he says. Talking to a New Orleans built for him to reach through live here and you'll and of course at the actor. Musician you name it got to communicate. Well. I'm not not corn farmer ago both of them to and so far so far as an Evernote. And we wouldn't whom we look at pro. I've said did so in the prisons impacting him. How is it is the demean everybody in sight and says it's crazy stuff. While I had an Opteron two or three months ago that Britain blow. And he grew up in Napoli. And beat you on and poor. And the support from people don't. Is that do you keep looking at the low income black community and saying why aren't you so angry. It goes sealed them go to compilation. You've got the middle where I heard him white piece yeah I think in the east of what. But music again John McCain get education. There's no escape from that class at yeah. And they don't care what he says he's not one of them. In the right they. If they're not complete and certainly they're putting their only hole up in somebody that can get in the he has you got. And that's about it for a. You know that if if there's any serious lesson to be taken from this campaign. It is that both of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party there was a serious push for. Overturning the table. In the mid Bernie Sanders candidacy and the trump candidacy there was that is widespread feeling. Think his rate it's not working the way it used to now. You know. Let's let's really talk. As Paul Harvey used to say let's shark right Donna Kopp. If you're talking as we are in this day and age about empowering. More people empowering people who have been. Cota are out of the system who've been on privileged to been discriminated against. It's it's it's not it it it it is not a situation where everybody that is gonna have power. So if you've been in the privileged. Even. Mildly. And the sector of society that seem to be doing okay. And suddenly you're hearing about all these people as your jobs disappearing all these people gaining empowered. You're going to naturally think all that means I'm going to be distant power and that's what's going on under the surface I think a lot of vote in both parties. Bernice candidacy was quashed and I think he handled at the end of a badly by. Not waiting twelve teams don't meet press conference and did you know supporting Hillary just before the gentleman's for a bad timing department. But. What you can say is that basically trump is a very flawed messenger but the people who were supporting him. Are believers in the message and they're willing to ignore all the flaws in the messenger because the message resonates so very. Deep and even that varies like we've Joe's. Lower income lower income and it won't come blacks. I it. There's a section of that middle income America its disappearance would we of their board begin to feel the gamble and go. Or men came by and and you mean my god how you Meehan on you know there are no raises are new again that and it and and the more then what what happens. When that middle pour Jordan said the inquiry parred. Yeah. That's that's indeed. It's big time politics stuff going on below the surface of all this show business. And the other thing is that the more that the respectable people the journalists and the the conventional politicians. Get outraged and angry at what he says. The more attractive he has to that the mortar the more proof that is that he's a danger to the established order. And ended in a very bizarre way you know in the end. A week we've got to take a break Barbara a moderate talk about them and let's say trumpet in we've talked about what it's sixty boom quorum in the and it just to get a bill on the war. He's already bright now why in the fuel he gets. These guys are gonna go and I've fallen to line when he when he where to him when he gets in the in tries to do what he promised. In India any minute now. What happened to the Ingrid and because there's no. June it's it's the tune of okay. They've come like the black community low income blacked brow and whoever deals right now he there's little. Look he he has been it is that particular kind of businessman he's been he has never run a what it with one exception. He has never run a public company it's always been privately held. So he's not even had to be responsible to shareholders. He's been able to say sell list by this fire this. Now it where he do. Get into the White House as you say. He's got. Congress on the one hand the Supreme Court on the other hand a bureaucracy that's entrenched on the other hand and president can't just say this happens and tomorrow it happens. And about six months of that and he gets frustrated says Mike Pence it's all yours. And be interesting times every sure whether it's day weather come and running back Dublin Pia. A game where we we were just. Talk the talk about something you do all the years have been on the show and and all of that things. That I ask the experts from all over the world. That Pedro leader with I had to Middle East experts people brutally beaten. Admire Panama and many peach trees. And I said when it comes from the Middle East. We can't kill civilians okay gotcha we can't destroy the infrastructure OK I got you. You were broke boxer. That's in the ring being told to knock him out but don't burden to. Don't aggravate the program. Don't affect the way of making a living and don't make other people wanna come yet to be coach who heard them and why get in the ring her and and to every one of that question that said. Well that's the question that should be answered. Why are we in the ring if we can apply. Well why are we in the ranked. A former military. Officer. Turned academic. Named Andrew big save match. Has written a book. Called the war for the greater Middle East which is basically. Looking at the fifty years. That we've. Had military obligations our. Activities in that part of the world and views it in that it viewed in that land it's a fifty year record shall we say not the greatest most splendid for success who knows recede. And asks that questions like. What is the purpose of this would but how'd we get into the first place he goes into the history of where where those commitments came from. And but he's a military man he's an ex military man he's not a a peace nick. But says you know at some point you just have to ask. We're not accomplishing. What we proposed to accomplish by starting this and it seemed to just be getting worse and more. Ahead June ruled on the show. When when I discovered maybe everybody knows knew I didn't know if ices. Had rove behind every now and they still do now. And I said. You gonna help me here I don't think I'm where he can run hot and and that nothing she got prone to go Iguodala truck that did trucks and easiest thing to Obama nor would would win win this first started. He said. And he coupon from the Cuban creed moral crisis and members of code and run driver there well now is that of course and in the entire town homes surrounding the refineries are making their living from the road behind breeze. And all of a sudden we start bonding the fuel but not at all. And with the hope or will they can't get the money to continue the fight and it's it's. Doesn't seem move and singing some discipline it's. It seems make insane especially when you know. There are forces. Both domestic. In terms of industry and in terms of the future of the planet saying. Maybe we don't need to be dependent on Middle Eastern oil anymore we've got enough oil here to last until we convert to Don carbon energy there's something. Historically drawing us to that place. And it did you know. And the other thing garlic is there something to root well they historically we got in their depart out. I'm not hitting it anything anything dark photographers. But the other thing he has. We seem to. In the guise of experts. People who don't know a lot about the parts of the world we're looking around and I'm old enough to remember. Apropos going back to Vietnam for a minute how we were told page story about. The Vietnamese. Here's what we weren't told here's what I learned when I was over there this year. The Vietnamese don't hate arts. From times we've been living in Hanoi's Communist they're not angry at us because we lost their fire widows. They hate the French. Does favor of bad colonizers and whom they really hate the Chinese. Who invaded Vietnam I think for 300 years. But we were told. Way back then own all the Vietnamese were just puppets of the Chinese. So 88 profound. Let's just say ignorance it's been nice. Was at the basis of the argument for the Vietnam War and assimilate Paul Wolfowitz that. Senate committee. In the run up to the Iraq ports that there's never been any history of ethnic strife and or religious strife. Saddam Hussein horrible guy kept a lid on Shiites and Sunni strife and when we move. Pulled the live off the strike came back. We should have people you know they'd be the number of Arab speakers in this government. Was drum drastically low when we started all this most recent involvement. It would be nice if we knew what we that's something about the part of the world remarking about it it would be nice little change. Got about a minute shall have to anything particularly you want to talk about in particular maybe you can Christmas show yes Judith on Diana and all of them are very wonderful group of New Orleans. Singers and pianists and musicians and entertainers. Will be doing two Christmas shows that December 22 ranked third in the Petit theatre and French Quarter benefiting you'll as musicians' clinic as always and also. Charities helping homeless and it's too great to me is fun. And now. People always ask me all they do it again this year we always are so tickets available now tickets starting I believe this week or next week at the Le Petit. And with the windows via a beautiful truth wouldn't come back tune you'll well she's touring Europe. And we do a Christmas show in London and and feet from the comeback for those who appeared to mid December. Are you sure thrilled to have you here playing in this city congratulations on the new hair thank you think that you're about to blow outs alleged weight people people won't know yet that I killed they'll hit it Harry Scherer good season that come right back build it via. Who glorious skirt is actually able to answer the question. Is jobs and to urge for a good remind you and he's done. He insists that it broke the law and will not resign. Several scooters next. Our audio brigade 70 AM 052 real good image Jim hand over time.