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10-11-16 Scoot 1pm - Is Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni done?

Oct 11, 2016|

He says he won’t resign and he will continue to fight to do the work he was elected to do – but the entire parish council and many other parish officials are calling for Jefferson Parish President Yenni to resign. Can he win this fight? Should he?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So sad to hear that Mike the tiger hand it's passed away and it's going to be interesting to see the debate that surrounds replacing Mike the tiger because. Anytime anything involves an animal in captivity there is is controversy. I'm skewed in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture we sure opinions every afternoon herein deputy well. And have a glacier a part of our show in the afternoon. Got some really great bumper music videos related to the topic we're gonna talk about in the first hour but coming up a little bit later in the show. We'll talk about the civil war within the Republican Party. And I wrote a blog about this on our website at WW dot com and it's not it's about the civil war. In the Republican Party and is the Republican Party to blame for the civil war this going on. Now when I bring this topic up as I have in the past. I'm often criticized for bashing the Republican Party. However. There are a lot of high ranking Republicans that share my view and and there has been talk about the civil war. Since 2012. Right after her. Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama so this is a legitimate. Legitimate topic we'll talk about that are coming up a little bit later also. There's a Hollywood actor and televangelists. Who are supporting what Donald Trump said about grabbing a woman there. And gears. There's been a lot of talk about the locker room talk and Jeff Sessions Alabama senator. Is not even sure if what Donald Trump said even amounts to sexual assault. So if I walk up to Obama if you're a woman I walk up to you and I do that. You're not gonna think at that sexual assault. I mean really. You can support somebody. But to suggest that that's not sexual assault I think he is is crazy we'll talk about that in a little bit later also. Coming up in the next hour there's a new song it's been released from an alternative band from. Well the two thousands but this ban was actually formed in 1997. And they were popular in the that early two thousands. Despair and Death Cab for Cutie. Never really understood the name the Death Cab for Cutie has a new song to. And some are saying it's a song about Donald Trump. Well coming up in the next hour you'll hear a couple of clips from that song and you decide is this a song about Donald Trump. First up on our show this afternoon is Jefferson Parish president Mikey and he died. That's a pretty general opinion poll. And we've got some great opera music in the first half of the show here. Dealing with. Mike Guinea. He says he will not resign he will continue to fight to do his work that he was elected to do. But the entire parish council and many parish officials including the sheriff. Are calling for Yani to resign. Can he win this fight. Any said that sending an explicit message to a seventeen year old boy. Is personal. And has nothing to do with his political position. As president Jefferson Parish. Is she right. Can you argue that this is just personal. Is dishonesty. In your personal life. Part of your professional life. And the Jefferson Parish school board believe this meeting is tonight. The measure spare school board is going to vote on whether or not to ban the parish president from wall high schools. How can you even function if if that's the case. Not the parish president has to be at an high school offense but it. But seriously. This is about. Integrity. It's about dishonesty. It's about personal life and professional. And there are some things I think that there are. Reserved for personal life and do not become part of your professional. And I'm very protective of a politician's personal life. But in this particular case. I think Mike Kenny Starr. If you wanna join us with your thoughts or comments this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601878. Text is it's every Saturday. And the question about to my Guinea being done that's our party general opinion poll I give us your opinion I go to our website WWL dot com. He even if you can't help it and we talked about this since this a story broke. We've we've wondered whether or not my kidneys marriage and his family. Is a farce is that political the side. To make him. Politically. Attractive. To win office. Because in this in this country. If you are married with a family. You are. More positively. Seen as a politician. In the role of the politician who somebody who has is single. I don't think he should be that way and I think ultimately that's gonna change. But that's the way it's it's been up to this point. So I think he start. And I have no political gripes against my Guinea but I just don't see how he can continue. To do. What he's doing. And I'm missing something. Is dishonesty in your personal life is that part of your professional life is that part of your professional image. And there's a lot of speculation that you know Mike Kinney got caught with did the text to the seventeen year old born. How many others weren't there was this the first and only one. I mean that seems very very doubtful. I've heard people who have talked about having some kind of knowledge of this aspect of a Mikey any. You know interestingly today October the eleventh. Is national coming out day. And you wonder if somebody like Mike Yemeni. If well see I don't think this is just about. Homosexuality. I think this is more about being a predator. I think this is more about. Power and control. There are those who believe that that had a files are are homosexuals because many male head of files. I have young boys as their subjects. But it's not always about sex. It's not always what sexual orientation. So in this particular case I'm really not sure that this is just out on black and white straight or gay thing but it might be. And it may be if if my Guinea felt a little more comfortable about two. Being out of being who he really is maybe this wouldn't even be a controversy. Anyway here's a song from buy Skaggs we dedicate to my Guinea I'm skirted the afternoon will be right back on to freedom you'll. Our security afternoon. Is Jefferson Parish president my Guinea done that's also are pretty general opinion poll 94%. Say yes. 6% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site every WL Ty Cobb. Also if you wanna join us for the coming you may totally disagree with me I got a text here that says sense duty is personal what went on with the any and the younger don't. Is only down fall Boies the high school was in the equation. It's none of anybody's business to even speculate about his marriage so sick of people injecting their opinions. In matters like this. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601878. Every coach final four to 601878. And our text is a 7870 a get to more your text here in just a moment let's go to the east. Let a year on WW well. I ain't that text or get baited by the he's the you should be around older and it you know. Any children to it's like what happened to do with an adult. Children. And admiral they do that out. Being around young about. Seventeen at least they are out there. Eating at you meaning it the only Iran that they end up in the again. Yeah you know in Arlington. Mike he cannot. Link between lot we don't agree. And it. But he it would that now. And Linda a seventeen year old might be an amber hurt. Might be impressed by a political figure like Mikey any and I've got something that did bid to authoritative figures are used to take advantage of. I Antarctic press. Wore it out like a or maybe it would be. On it. Or. He. It. I'm dealt with in my. I appreciate the call ideally it could have been easy for the seventeen year old to come forward you wonder if others are gonna come forward or. If they're going to. Simply. Keep that a secret because it's so. Embarrassing. Lional yards every WLA good afternoon. You don't I'm good. A couple of questions and a pickup up that statement don't wanna make that one might yet. He had been charged with any thing had been right it is not joke itself in America aren't we innocent until proven guilty. Well he's admitted that he says the inappropriate text her seventeen year old so that's an admission of guilt I mean I understand the torture making bogeys and greeted each hit it. But that's not against the law. In Louisiana that text to a seventy year. I I realize that if it's done it's it's definitely. A statement about character. I agree I know my interest mapping these fine young man. Is good for. And maybe in the state. There's no history of them having done and it's not about women. Battle with all the kind of in the world spotlight it was a eight year old girl was trying to pull it. So I don't think it's as bad as they're trying to estimate it. That was a personal thing now they dead Enders his ability to do his job into the. Were you surprised when you heard this news break. Which. I was devastated. But I still feel he's innocent until proven guilty an admission what he's. It also admitted it was not illegal he did not in any touching this kid that didn't do anything it's said that didn't. So maybe it was in. And unfortunate contact. That should never happened I wouldn't be the first one to say that it should not apt but still don't think that as any. Barry on Mike's ability to do his job and chips and arch. And I do understand that argument I think it's I think it's a statement doctor character so hidden in that sense I think did my candy should I should resign Lional. Do you do you think. Your wife would put up with you if you did this with a seventeen year old boy or girl. I don't know Malek Maggie for better or worse stopped watching me of fortunately I've never done at the net it. Didn't think he would go to the but the schedule the bedroom negation cross. I think. He was not he was not friendly when it came to. A lot of things in America so I'm always impressed me. A simple when you impressed with Bill Clinton was the thing he didn't know. And they didn't impeach him they try to do what they couldn't do it. It doesn't mean that I don't think that Bill Clinton should've resigned. Do OK so it but it's it's it's it's the same. I understand what you're saying and I realize the difference between wired to Bill Clinton did and what my TNT did. But to be this is a judgment of character so will will disagree and I know I appreciate the call. And from Metairie Randy you're now on WWL. Great food just what I mean one comment. I thought about it though it all down. That that did that content W character is defined by the things you know. Point that's our rates rates thought. So you know nobody really knows open and he when he admitted. He comes out I do believe that there's something to be concerned. At all. Randy I appreciate the call here's a text maybe. Maybe he made a mistake. He bought the young man designer underwear was that a mistake or was he getting caught. And then didn't he wanted to know on the how the underwear fit. So that's having a fantasy about this seventeen year old. In his underwear. I think this is a statement of character. And if the whole City Council mean that the parish council. And if the Jefferson Parish leaders are are. Are not gonna support him. How can he do his job. If he is banned from Jefferson Parish schools. What does that tell you okay so he can continue his job and is the president of Jefferson Parish. But because of this man's actions. We are banning him from schools. If something goes on in his life for anybody's life because issued to be banned from schools. Does that not play into your professional life as a politician. If you rejoice with your comment on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601870. At a Texas a 7870. We have already had traffic build ups on the West Bank expressway westbound. An eastbound on the I ten in New Orleans east coming into the city. So already there are there are problems are once again we talk about how there are serious accidents. Even when it's not rush hour traffic and this is happening more and more often. And it must be because people are using their cell phone is they're not paying attention. That says something about your character. You cars accidents you caused problems. Because you can't get off your damn phone. If you're on both stay with us I'm stewed in the afternoon. Another song for my Kenny coming out under this new story can here's our WWL news with shipments. Is Mike yen he. Don as Jefferson Parish president and academic career and there's appeals are showing this but we're talking about this because it's it's hot news. Editors are now apparently made the national news. We're gonna talk about surrounding the civil war within the Republican Party and have some comments from trump and from. From Hillary coming up in the next sound and wanna focus on this this sour. Because it is this debate about whether or not what my cutie did is personal he says it's personal. That a caller earlier who knows Mikey and say it shouldn't happen and it was a mistake. By he says that it does not affect my Guinea's. Performance as the president of Jefferson Parish I I disagree with that here's a text I'm telling me that I mean I was in my office I didn't hear what caused the the accident. There was a garbage truck that caught fire on the West Bank expressway. But there are countless accidents. During the day and the afternoon because people aren't distracted and I got a text here it says I mean outside sales dude I can tell you it's not just the phone. People are in tremendous hurry to get everywhere they have no care no awareness anything or anyone around them. I see that all the time. And then if you if you're out on the weekend like after after 10 o'clock on the the I ten expressway through the Metairie Kenner area. And even through downtown New Orleans. There are people driving it very very high rates of speed. And I'm sure some of them are drinking. It's a miracle there are more accidents there but you know this is gonna continue to be a topic it will all be sensitive to. Because there are a lot of people who just aren't paying attention. And yes some of it is the cellphones some of it is just the fact that they just don't give a damn and there hurry. We're talking about Tim Mikey any if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 260170. Text is 87870. From. Kenner Larry here on Demi WL. Yeah yeah of course you are fair real art it's. A we'll read them. I hope I hope it will. Visit person. Not able. The topic is not. The public better. Equity. It's gonna open. It up electorate pressure. Certain public. Out. In public opinion that the because it here. Then he can no longer serve the public infected. Or been mentioned about the school Portman and I would expect that they've got a call from there. Probably that would pressure put on. The couple on recruiters are popular who are critical moment throughout. No I think you're going to be right about that of course talk about that to tomorrow afternoon you know Larry I appreciate your insight. Also if Mikey any did offer to give this seventeen year old and I'm saying yes we don't know this for a fact. But this is part of the information that's floating out there if he did offer to give this seventeen year old I'd shop in the parish office close to him. So they can be together and and people wouldn't ask questions. Suddenly that's part of his job as parish president. From Algiers stand here on WWL. Where cargo goods and all right. In which he gets. The it's cheap lawn not the Oakland web page I'm at a wanna make. Asian market and it should really reaching on an ally proceed. He eating again slow to pick someone so seven. It's it's not it's not against state law it's against a federal law and so that a person there who who venture that did say it's not against state law. Yeah I mean it's steel we toward court pistols. For each state stated Errol. We'll liner it's cold you don't. They'll give in now pat heeded that we. We have to put aside a lot benefits and there at Egypt's being at the expert and state. I won't be keen that he resign. You know I've intentionally. And it is excel he's beaten by the federal or just happened so I mean everybody. You know a better person deeply. Pinkie on seating in the mid term you know he's going to be he's going to beat them grow you know. And the dribble they're right where it. He would be a lot in the school functions. I'll walk exit question now that vehicle repaired and that copper off. Is it copper is in such as football games and like in you know the year. Our demo I don't know all the details of that but if you're banned from. If you're banned from schools and Jefferson Parish she would be banned from the schools all the time. Even when there's there's a football game. I got a text a moment ago from on someone who's who who suggested that so on so being gay. Is. Somehow. A negative thing or is somehow a judgment of your character. No it's not. But Mike Gandy was dishonest. Mikey he was deceitful. My Guinea should not have done what he did and and if if he didn't get out this wouldn't be a topic it got out and that's what amazes me so much about people who do stuff on their phones in their computers. We are are are some people relieved that Tom that they think that this stuff would just disappear. And that there's no Trace of it. I would hope that even in your life you realize even if you're not a political figure you realized that. This stuff is is is on record. And it's bear any of you to something wrong there's a possibility you're gonna get caught. So don't do it. Maybe it's maybe it's such a passionate so important to them that they are willing to take that chance. Mike Kenney says. It's my life it's a personal thing. Do you agree. I'm scooter the afternoon or your calls coming up next on Debbie WL. Great day and a pop culture counter resigned Tuesday October the eleventh 1975. The first Saturday Night Live premiered on NBC. I used to watch a lot more now I just occasionally watch it it's it's not the same very very brilliant in many ways says still went. You know I remember iris young married at the time and in my wife and I got together with a friend so from New York. Every Saturday night and we watched Saturday Night Live after going out to dinner we do watch it at their apartment or at our apartment or house. And it was it was a great time people really did make an appointment to watch I don't know if that's still the case. If your health stay with a look at your calls here in just a moment here is a comments made by you might Guinea as he was leading the GO yeah any building yesterday. In the on what area. It must state into the council upset them let us stand mama statement. Met with the coldest council members that are gonna help me govern and take care of the day to day operations of Jefferson Parish government that's foes alike to do that's I'm gonna continue to do. We're gonna move forward and that fashion. I've met with my staff they're behind me a 100% we're gonna keep doing the good things we've been doing for the past nine months. Here's my Guinea done. Or did he continue to govern that's a party Jerry brought to you told us we're talking about this hour I got a text here that says on. Rest in peace Mike. The tiger and Guinea's political career. I got the code word right here my hand I'm gonna get out the Covert right before the top of the hour news at 2 o'clock is just a few minutes away. I'll tell you the number to text the code word to it if you do that you've got a chance to win 1000 dollars in cash. Right here from WWL. From Saint Bernard Bobby welcome to the show. And I warned him that. Yeah they do center on the talk he they showed in the apology. Dead of the date mentioned something about closing them one that is what Kamal. With the ball away and boredom and beware the board. For him and their basic page Egypt's. I had never heard these school. I I had heard that. Yeah but. He oh it's it's it's it was just can't stand. As for the I don't know. But I don't see what you could say it's the seafood and see if you're about it you know what mr. and he came that it and so I don't know what is he what is it's about. An idea about this topic. Well it's don't you think the actions of of of doing this as soon as a married man I mean and lessen his gave consent or she think that's deceitful. And I think as well. I guess as simple as she can't. If people Nikolay. I did you do you know IdeaPad interpreted it. Hillary glad that the difference is how to. But I don't that would follow proper you know but whether you get state. You know that's what they sit there and by. But art if things aren't there are things that we can do in life there aren't illegal they do on what I did do that. Reflect our character that means that even if it's not illegal maybe we shouldn't be doing that if that's our job for example if you're if your priest. It's not illegal to go to a strip club and if your priest you go to a strip club that's something that defined your character. Oh I agree but what it's lower than they present the United States and indeed extramarital affair in the White House and it. Everybody. Around him. Well not every party rallied around him did a lot of people didn't know. What he'd he did an end Bobby if you were if you were caught appreciate the call if you were called there were Republicans who wanted Bill Clinton to resign. And a couple of them got caught having their own affairs on the side so you know again there's just such blatant hypocrisy in our world that. It just it almost make your head explode. If you're on hold hang on I've skewed in the afternoon that we are coming right back with a more of your comments. Here is attacks that says he denied the allegation a year ago when it first surfaced. Here is another Texas and is he needs to resign. What happened to so called conservative values and man this is something that we talk about a lot on this show the hypocrisy of using god as an endorsement for your political campaign. And then you don't act in accordance with what you campaigned on it's pathetic it's really pathetic. Here there may be a new Bruno Mars now about by the end of the year. I'm scooter the afternoon and we'll be back on every WL. And welcome back to our show I'm screwed too and the afternoon is Jefferson Parish president my Guinea he's done that has been a party general opinion poll. 88% say yes and 12% say no give your opinion by going to WWL dot com. Let me try to get to a very very quick call here Benjamin got time just a fan's comment 'cause I've got the code word coming up for the targeted children. They're appreciate it Marco sure believe the gentlemen. You're resign they're not the open air but it it certainly is. Simply beat he was involved would do without and although you border in. You elected office. EE sooner. Wouldn't that it it it is if I'm them by. If spared here. So these children and armed India greens he hit the other. You appear. At both the. Benjamin I appreciate the call if you're a whole stay witness will continue this conversation but. We're gonna edge of the conversation next hour the locker room talks off Scot by you know from on happy days and from Charles in charge. He is defending Donald Trump and death Pat Robertson said did he was just being macho. And Alabama senator Jeff Sessions is it even sure that grabbing a woman there is sexual assault all of that more coming up. It's time now for the 1000 dollar nationwide fantasy cash contest. A code word this hour is or we'll text WH. EEL. 27288. Point. That's 7288. Point scorer thousand dollars in cash without ever putting down your phone is just one text away profanity cash. Listen for the next code word right there for the top of the hour news at 5 PM and good luck from Smart radio intercom and Alice WWL. Whatever charge for text an individual plan text and data race may apply please do not text. And drive. And were coming right back with more your comments. To be of you well.