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10-11-16 Scoot Show 3pm- Trump says the shackles are off!

Oct 11, 2016|

Trump says it will be hard, but he can now do whatever he wants since House Speaker Paul Ryan will no longer defend him or campaign for him. And Trump says the gloves will come off if any more audio is released from the past.

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And welcome back to our show this afternoon I'm scoots in the afternoon on Debian bureau this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions. I get text or once in awhile to Monica just a moment ago from source just can't listen anymore until the elections over all come on just hang winners. Some of the stuff is really really entertaining. And then of course you've got to pop culture calendar we've got other things to talk about and I never know what I'm gonna say so you know sometimes it can be fun even though we've got a lot of serious stuff to talk about today is national coming out today. I'm gonna do. I'm gonna do going into this break you're gonna hear it live on the radio going into this break. If you have just joined us this afternoon we have been waiting for you. Welcome to our show. Is Jefferson Parish president might do any. Done. He says he will not resign. He says what he did was personal. Private. It's none of our business it does not affect the way he's going to govern. Here's part of what unity and unity and he had to say as he was walking out of the GO yeah any building you know what. I apologize. I made that point to roam through mud through the release we did last week. And people make mistakes and I'm gonna move forward and work harder than I've ever worked so that they know I'm gonna be deleted they elected me. Todd just last year at this time. I mean I do respect his resolve but it just seems to me that he's lost a lot of credibility. Just because something's not illegal and in the state of Louisiana it is not illegal to ascend these kinds of messages to a seventeen girls. It is a federal offense descendant to somebody under the age of eighteen. But I made the point earlier about. About a priest. If a priest went to a strip club. That would not be illegal. But that we certainly. Caution to question the priests character. If if there's a male. Coach of the girls basketball or volleyball team. And you find out that he's infatuated with. Eighteen year old nude photographs of eighteen year old girls. Doesn't that say something about his his character. Just because something isn't illegal doesn't mean that it doesn't reflect on your character. Tonight the Jefferson Parish school board is gonna vote on whether to ban Mikey any formal high schools. In fact if you haven't signed up for our news alert as soon as we get news on that will pass it on to you it's a free tech's new solar compromised. And you can pick it up on your phone wherever you are with your phone it's a free service from us but individual client text and data rates may apply. Well you have to do right now is text the word news. To a 7870. Text news to wait 77 and you'll get that date and any other news updates that we have and I I'm sure you've heard the news by now to return on that Mike the tiger. Hasn't passed away. He wears some he was let go. Earlier because of his serve his cancer and his illness. And I'm sure there will be. Conversation about to whether or not he should be replaced. And who or what should replace Mike the tiger so will be we'll be talking about that. I if you just joined us we've also been talking about the civil war within the Republican Party what caused it. Will it ever end. I mean this is something that's been discussed. I know we've talked about it since the end the election and actually which are talking about this before the election I was on a night. We were talking about this before the election in 2012. And then the Republicans got together and they were talking seriously about this issue after the election after they lost to toolbar. So what's been done. Donald trumps the nominee. He might win. Some poll show what kind of close. There's a call yesterday before the debate that showed Hillary Clinton in the lead by eleven points but again it's it's that this is still too close to call. But there is a battle within the Republican Party and we're seeing it more. And more now. And it's between the moderates. And the ultra conservatives. Who's gonna win. As a party general people give us your opinion by going to our web site. Demi WL dot com let me get back to. So what you're cult before we get back to your comments. Here's a here's Scott Baio who wizard touchy on happy days. And even also in Charles on shark Charles and charles' charge Charles in charge I say come on it's a late day it's it's late in the day for me since the last hour of the show. I exhaust note I'm going to an exhaustive it's a dozen and yes. I'm human. Sometimes I say things I wish I hadn't said. That's right Donald. But the things that I say that I wish I had this general little different than some of the things that you say that you wish you had said he was also the start Charles. In charge. He was on the justice with judge Geneen on the Fox News Channel Saturday. Hottest Donald Trump convince women. Then he needs to win this election that he's not a big. I'm sitting on the go I mean this is how we talk. Listen you can you can not like the way I talk with my buddies but you don't like the way I. I'm gonna fix stuff because my opponent. Is going to wreck the country. Open borders says one thing for banks and speeches says other things to the to the country. I mean why is about everything she's I don't know what else to say about this woman she defends. Her husband who was allegedly abusing women. It. I don't even know how long a quarter of a century and then. And then she tried to destroy those women calling the bimbos. So. You know what we want to hear what what what what if if you gonna accept that. That she's defending her husband and going after these bimbos. That she calls them the U gonna have to accept trump for being a guy. Well you don't really have to accept that I understand the point is Gundy was making and I'm 999 I I know why it goes on and conversations not only with guys but also with with women. But this idea that hey I am a guy and a I talk like it is sometimes we are held accountable for what we say in what we do. And sometimes that reflects on our personality. And in our territory and and who we are. Nobody made Donald Trump bragged about what he does to women. And if he if he's gonna talk about grabbing someone down there. That's an appropriate. In Alabama Alabama senator Jeff Sessions who is so I'm almost a siamese twin to Donald Trump right now. He says he's not even sure if that's sexual assault. Senator go on on the street. Seem attractive woman grabbed her there and you let me know how that works out. Because I don't think it's gonna work out in your faith. I could be wrong. So. A lot of excuses. I get it but. Mikey anti. People do what my Guinea did. He's a politician he got caught. People say what Donald Trump says all the time. He's a politician. He's not a career politician but he's a politician now he fits every definition of the word politician. And he got caught. Sometimes. Sometimes. That actually reflects back on who you war. It's got to you write about Hillary Clinton. She was absolutely. Pathetic. In the way she tried to put these women down like oh it's not bill's fault these women through themselves a deal come line. I didn't buy that many manicured guy and if you got a woman like that in your life main goal fort. You've you've got carte Blanche. You can do that don't blame the woman it's not your fault Europe got its Obama's fault. She's the one with yourself you hook up what could build possibly do. Mean here's this arguably attractive intern. Young intern and there's bill and you know he's that was Hillary for a long time this is that a in 1975 they got married. They've been together for a long time he's he's bored with all mad and so here's this young. In turn offering herself what was built to do. Edmund Hillary's gonna turn around and bash them as bimbos. That was bad. Right let's take a break here and I've and we don't know it yet. Entered into this and reduce its going into the birthright on the coming up we're gonna play. Pat Robertson. The televangelist. He kind of passed off what Donald Trump's and is just being and he's just being much. Here's a televangelists saying he's just being much. If you would like to join us with your thoughts and comments. Are numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach final four to 601878. Tex is a 7870. Today is national coming out day I said I would do it right going into the first break your son doing it right now. I sent I would play I'm coming out by Diana Ross. For those of you or listening who have questions we've already covered that on the air before not gonna get into that here. I'm scoots in the afternoon we'll be right back under review well. And welcome back to our showing a senate Tuesday afternoon I wanna take a moment to largest ever mention something that some sad news that I received yesterday and it. Of people and radio there talking about it I just got a tax department gone a few text about this is so yesterday. But of very popular disk jockey from the from New Orleans who was part of the New Orleans radio market for so long in the sixties and seventies and even beyond that. Bobby Reno a castaway and for those of you who grew up here listening to to a radio you might remember the name Bobby Petrino I saw Bobby. Be a year or so ago. And he was talking to be about to show that's it Bobby you know. You're my idol you're one of my idols. I want it to be what you war. And it made me feel so good because he was so touched by that he had no idea that I that's what I thought of thought of him. But when I was like a young DJ Bobby Reno was well established in the in the business and had his picture on the music played list that was seen issued every week and I just. I wanted to be like Bobby Reno and soda was sad to hear that he is on he's passed away got much of recipes poppy. Opera company to manage your under the WL thanks frank and on. Element. OK and let's go to John in Mississippi your WWL. Hey John. Yet there are. It's hard to say certain. Who are. Ignited payment and will use. I meant to talk about his own. Dollar. And going to are closed on. And it would be cut it in there you go. In Uganda bill Crosby. And you go back years of the things that are not condone. And you wanna prosecuted. Here is that there. John I don't have any idea what you're listening to I don't have any idea what you are talking about what you. I don't have any idea what you just referenced. It'd take the example the editorial pocket power. I did not John I did not say that in I'm not gonna let you tell this audience that I said yeah I did not say. Appointment. And it. Says. Are you are are are you are you telling me that I'm defending Donald Trump and what he said. Good bye John device. I'm John I'm not gonna have a conversation with somebody who's dilution who fantasize is about what they think I said. I had never. Support what Donald Trump sent. I don't know what he's thinking I don't know what's going on in his brain. I'm not gonna have a conversation. And I'm not gonna let him get on the year. As saying I said I Arnold. Even wanna give a hit to that because I did not say it. But that's the chance you take when you get on the radio. Because people. Don't listen. They hear bits and pieces and they assume. And I think what this guy saying is I wanted to prosecute. Bill Cosby because he's. And I don't want to prosecute. In order prosecute. Donald Trump. Because he's white. That's the implication that I got from it and that is stupidity. Because I'd be critical of Donald Trump for saying what he said and I be critical of Bill Cosby Anderson the damn thing to do with the race it has to do with what they do and obtain something else. But Bill Cosby did is hell on different. From what Donald trumped it. Even though I think in their own right they're both wrong. But what Bill Cosby did doesn't even compare if you wanna make an excuse. For Bill Cosby. That's authentic. If you are mostly winners. I'm student. And we'll be right back after this WL news update with Chris Miller. I would like to apologize for getting upsets but I can I'm a human being and I can get very very passionate. I don't mind being criticized. But one thing that really bothers me is the people who criticize when they haven't really been listening to the show. That is always bothered me you are criticizing that's fine but criticize him when I sent. Not what you think I sent her what she won't be too upset. We're getting text here she'll come down I'm gonna calmed down I will try never to lose my temper again. But I can't make a promise after Terry town and change your mind every WL. LL PG games yet Nolan do it. Job outcrop and so on. How okay I want to open up rapidly follow while. Annie artery. I wanted to Syria and I can't understand. Why why all these people. Call themselves Republicans. Could be against trop and and it it was albeit man sought in an item title bought what no buyers order hurt him. I don't think he knew he was being. Audio don't know do wonders program. Darkened sky sports web. Site. Immediately. He might. Our director actor to do it real reason. Why I couldn't apple bowl for Hillary Clinton. A recent record now hopeful Hillary Clinton is one very. She is pro war should. I'll troll like. Our scroll all board it is you believe. In. Sixteen year old fifteen year old is important things like it. All anybody in abortion. There's too many young women out. Wouldn't allow that Arab children paid all on board. I have what. It was on it to you via black sock at all achieve it but a year ago. That got Betty debate it analyze it our national mood. And Ali big invention a little wars. These babies would be ball one. And a last semester. And it would be born alive. And he would snap. Yeah I've heard those stories he would sit. Cot. Oh cool you know it's horrible to change you you know there are there are a lot of there there are James there are a lot of Republicans who are pro choice. All right great. But now odd I'll drop what he. What he was rendered properly proprietor. 181. People change their minds about things like abortion. But what. You are it opened eyes aren't I didn't. I'll hold you need to what people patent under. But anyhow. I got into the union and I was in the AFL CIO yeah. And and what I would like Eric thank you and will have a big unions say. What we're hopeful that you'll that we call on those stupid to and it finally went up or how or apathy and yet there is stopping near. And laid it. I don't believe in abortion I'm I'm I'm troll I Bob. Well when you get whatever. He didn't have to create a pit stop. Its so what did you do what I did. I realize we are right toward. You know you could care you know you'll in and yeah. We have each could take away from. Now a lot of you only knew a lot of states are not outright toward. Like Ewing and ultimately. Right there were obvious Udall bought it. Well unions can be very very liberal and I don't think unions should be politically you know like I remember is working at a grocery story in memory is my first job. Fifteen years old and we had to be in the union to toward this grocery store. And so there was a union meeting at two. Some. Upstairs owns some lounge on and on south Carol and so like I go to this meeting and they start talking about who we should vote for. And at the time I didn't agree with what they said it's on this fifteen year old kid I start say wait a minute you can't tell you vote for. Alice fifteen that was he voting anyway but I just just talking about how is wrong that you need to tell people to vote for. Word got back to the manager of the grocery store and they were reprimanded me for talking up with the union meeting about who to vote for. So I'll units can be very very political. Police say all you in the means I had been sort. I've it went for about 28 point five years I picked you you'd be better. I couldn't you all ought. I'll call or give me a barrel goodies priests these guys could be at the union meet me at. Knows it well. Rick paper remembered what brings you all legit and anybody. And UB UB yeah and you could say and you could even what you'll. But it'll. Be. A bit. All right Jason I've got to get to break here and I've I've I appreciate the call. It wonders say you've got to remember. What role do a lot she cracking chief problem and it which he dug up. And it now. Sure we'll know it's for means all these are you be reckoned. And they meet me on how that it regions. Oh well until. They actually raided a better all the Arab children. You know that the debate governor. And so like MBE. I'm James I I appreciate the call me a lot of people agree with you and thanks for sharing your opinions. Here's attacks that says pro choice isn't pro abortion. And that's true. And that's pretty much my stance I'm pro life but also pro choice. I don't think it's my position to tell a woman. What to do. With her body when she's the one who's gonna be responsible for. What happens. Sometimes quite often after a guy want to look as a complicated topic and I want to start to to get to that patrol. Pro life pro choice is not always been pro abortion. I love this song by hole notes because it's titled who said the world was fair. And should we care and happy birthday a day to Daryl Hall who's either 66 or seven he had seen two different ages torrent. I'm scrutiny if you do we'll be right peck on WWL. On this day October the eleventh. 1960s. The Bugs Bunny show debuted on ABC. I remember watching this is a kid. There was violence. Very violent. Lot of gun use. I saw heads blown off. On Bugs Bunny. And then Bugs Bunny was always making a fool out of the sky Elmer funny read a speech impediment. I mean. That was just wrong. Before I get back to organize your calls I I've I promise I ever played is a segment of Pat Robertson on the 700 club. Listen to what this televangelist says this this man of god this Christian televangelists. Was apparently trying to incite east is through what Donald process. Decisions on what happened with nevertheless. How it was a wonder who. Basically the pundits were writing him off. I mean that was facing. A guy does something eleven years ago. There's a conversation on Hollywood ladies China looks like he's my show. And eleven years after the fleet services from the Washington Post or whatever. Bring in and it it within thirty days or so of the election and this is supposed to be moon. The death row and everybody racy not okay he's did not even a little inlet Mike Pence running campaign then. Allows us noblest thing is like the thing they see Healey who they think he's been he's come back. And he came back strong so he won that debate can actually see what happens in the meantime. He has things to cruising collector what Pat Robertson said I just uneven he kind of eased over the net to. Nice is being macho look and I know what happened eleven years ago by two it was not the right thing to two to say enemies really. Point Donald Trump his age is suggesting is. Sexual assault. Some people disagree with our Chris you're on to BW auger type record comment. If you think that sculpture. Called lies and more in common on that's likely situation and bring. Awareness and senate armed. I think it's become fundamental. I mean obviously. I'm item can on his activity but we ought to look at. On the map out like this maybe years something that it. As McNeal on May be able only consciously act. Palm Beach or wage I'm acting it's really important look at past you know I don't intend to be on them in my. Albert. Mentally it's a swift because. A mental health issues then that needs to be addressed as well. Yes you could be more. As on the as well you know I'd get a chance GM needed. It's got these people argue that not only covered but out there a community. And other influential and argued in be completely in the Arctic wherever you are into that maker is I mean. I can add that neck and activity that is the addition. Where he could be you know. All of the presidency. And I. Would school board is getting there and I think is appropriate. Armed and angry really projecting how oh. Where are welcomed from our you to incur. I think it's a good pointers mean. I think what you bring up is important because. You know seventeen years old you know. You know a lot when you're seventeen I mean I was seventeen I mean there's nobody on this planet that has been seventeen longer than I was seventeen. So I get it I mean I've got experience being seventeen as much as anybody else. And and I would have known this was wrong but I do know before for some people. If you do look up to somebody and you're getting attention from somebody in authority based on what has happened in your life you what's going on with you it at some times at home. Despite these so important that you would. Deviate away from your instincts and follow along with somebody who's in a position of power which is why it's so dangerous for people in positions of power. To make these mistakes. Yep I make anchored in more and I mean that come to America our presidential election now are now you know and armed and people I mean it's wanting out governed country but I think you re elect leaders view that I personally think it's spelled right. Sure in Lebanon appropriate role model for the men and women in the country and I am not saying it now he's. They've done a great. We eat at you what that he failed. On being president. Hurt our country Chris I appreciate you calling join our conversation make going to part of our afternoon audience. We'll be right back. Under review. I got a text earlier in the show this engines rest in peace Mike. The tiger. And Younis political career. Here's attacks that brings up an astounding thoughts. What are the Jefferson Parish school board said is that my Guinea cannot go to any schools. The Texas does that mean Mike would not be able to attend his children's graduation it's while. That's how far reaching something like this. Can be. Sports soccer Bobby Hebert Deke Bellavia coming up next the chief goes one on one and L issues interim head coach and no Sharaud. And the like director of LSU show now only got. Joseph Alina says that the tigers will play at home November the nineteenth will be SEC forced the tigers to travel to Florida later in the season. And the falcons painful to recognize this there form one at the top of the division. I'm screwed in the afternoon wanted to die in Newman our executive producer time and assist our associate producer and John wick our studio producer. Have a great afternoon thank you for being part of our afternoon audience we're back tomorrow when a four under revealed what your New Orleans.