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Oct 12, 2016|

This hours guest: Should Louisiana legalize pot? Five more states could legalize pot on Election Day.  Is it the beginning of the end for prohibition? Regina Hufnagel - Former Federal Corrections Officer from Boston & member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And didn't have a good day and you'll thing take brute blow. Donald Trump says he is at war. Edited or the GOP's. Civil war. In the Republican Party. Key Republicans. Distancing themselves think about a quarter of the congress and have run away from pro Paul and speak about it says DK and different from in the longer and he's throwing his pro Republican psychiatry at the moment in Ireland and on the bow senate and house elections. Seemed like he'd be much concern that the Democrats. My divulge its stake now and again we've got 2720. Days. In the evening can change. Write notes are due to a civil war and to talk about that at 12 noon. O'clock. We have been New Orleans coroner or and doctored chair Frerotte. I'm a big thing. This. And kind of brilliant. And and he's seized. And he sees drug problems he cities. Other societal problems that we don't see improvement viewpoint. And I talk to him today because of it's saying we got annoyed at that addiction all of this inquiry. So they're going to deport Nazis and saying look we want restrict. The amount to dramatic in this and then. I think consult them toxic content there there are actually try and reduce the level of certain chemical. But the problem is we're in Britain. Young people or addicts. Can't get there pill it's their prescription pills are or your roots but it turned her and went to wouldn't try to figure that out. And just stood to show. And as soon tired rug the news gotten so complicated. And sued by exit. In every every law meant that I know that Britain and com don't show. That it's balances to support the war on drugs. I entered. Forty something years of covering so I'm just tighten currency to war to win it and if you're war. That you went. To battle all he's doing when he who should you run on the news. News conferences visible look at the code that we caught of the marijuana bong booms of we caught. It doesn't make a big difference. And then we've got in world wide. Economic connection to draw spot. I think the American people and of people around the world. Or get a little tired of good and looking forward alternative so. Look like it's petrol in five states are gonna put marijuana legalization. On the November belt and go yeah. For signatories to legalize or more and ask about blog at the ballot box called Washington. Glasgow Oregon and and the District of Columbia broad District of Columbia. Legalized it good didn't allow commercial boats. We'll go over notes and and we always turn to will be blown sportsman and in its prohibition. We have a former federal corrections officer from Boston where those. Regina. Hard Nagle gonna get that brought. Campbell usually. Holding it wrong. Good thank you so much for joining. Well we will talk to the abroad. About legalization. Would he's seeded Colorado in in particular. Store all we have hundreds of of former federal corrections office. End up in new worldwide. Organization. That is law enforcement. Against Perot finished. The great question and that's what you ask I have almost if you're a barrel on board met between apartment Jack spent and the department arms. I'm an army combat that your. And when I started on the path that was because I really want people I like being. An active participant and I unity. And let it be able antidote to eat. I don't really outlined Portman as the avenue. Report that. Quantity team member one Portman. I realized. We've got some pretty serious issues. What a criminal past the situation. In particular act like you prohibit. Still I worked for the federal bureaucrat than. Everything Eric come to work I would really I would admit inmates and one of the things I noticed an overwhelmingly. Within that there between sentencing. And in particular as early Q the black and white population. Good morning it release our enemy and in the morning I would be released in a black and me who live chat Dickey ears. Carpet and infected with content in the marijuana. And at the same time I would be releasing a child actor who would only better every year. We and I think it is by and march we. Pretty typical response. You get them I crack. And we have the polite yet that we need to be hot and dry hot on drug use hop on drug ale. And and we don't realize that what we're missing in the process at bat is being trapped on real crime with real physical than them. Odd second rape child molestation and murder now. And punted me and it got the point where in addition to all of the other reason why working for the government is not great. I decided that that was not part of the situation and I could participate Matt more I quit about ten and went on you know start new life. Which is interesting because I had really side out and on workman's provide hole. And then in 2000 and well I was at a symposium at Harvard University. Where. Pannemon per we spoke Jack Cole he would echo under he would aid retired new Jersey state trooper. Ideally it locally here at GE and he'd get that twenty they're at and T and on Portland against pro edition. And about how it an international organ AT and hundreds. I was then at current and former one or Kirk acts. Cop judge and attorney and probation parole and correction. I don't think the name category. Follow wal. And sportsmen. Or long that he feels. That is not represented. In lead. Indeed indeed and so it was eye opening mean sport for act in not only put out of work around. Mean and I had been thinking what an inning and the reason why. I also recognize that I was not the only one to weigh in on Portman who had an ancient there. Probably and that would work. He had it his and they seventy billion dollar a year industry. That has nothing bad happening while our present. And it promote violent it promote drug gangs and cartels. It promote poverty. In math and keep it here at the ACLU report it a couple of months ago. You know weren't Ott and EER. Carroll on Iraq. From about one it happened and then marijuana directory of the blacks at the Massachusetts only increase that percent. Oh the third degree and a rarity in the drug war and all the other problems but it causes. Has hit really started. Lit my fire. You buy legalize marijuana. And move further beyond that and implement positive public policy he can't fix the problems that have been treated by drug addition. Are you ought to take a break don't go to Greg got 101000. Action. I hope we have an expert here. Warmer. Employed Justice Department fielder. Entities in law enforcement. In the wind when you're talking about. The abuse children getting lists time. And then drug users. Do you do you think practices that isn't good and we should preserve. Orange which which keeps in it's the best system in the world or shall we fix that horribly wrong that. It was called to secure 170. Doped up. Or more states have vote legalization. Of Merrill one on the ballot. In November and one of them is Massachusetts. And we have to be speaking to former reluctance almost pro ball Johnson. And remember it law enforcement against prohibition. June and June and give you what Massachusetts. Is proposing and and think about it. I think you'd agree right now that republic. It yet on court campaign. And to regulate marijuana like alcohol. I hit for adult use exactly one year older and it will outlet you open up active countries and the state that at the chattering. The most important thing about it is that in CD. Sales of marijuana out he can. Gangs and drug cartel. You know than those who don't care and put that in a similar to the way. Or operate. And ballot as somebody who under 21 they find the light and my app and act a light and marijuana dispensary. Al. And in India in it that Wile ER. EET. Exactly and member of the community opportunity Q looked for your input. Q at Kaplan of regulation that we want the EC pew poll that community accountable you know. Fact that you can't and tablet that factory with and you know access. Feet at a cool. You you've he had and in marijuana in public. And things like act that really unique opportunity to. And and though. You know that is similar in Baghdad and other state and it worked quite well. In it and view generating. New tax dollars on Merrill. Don't tax dollars O'Meara won at and go into social programs aimed at eight. And that ankle in the schools to teach about. Brought drug Peter Pan Q you've. That it is it that way back at work network not Al. Only a couple of minutes storage question port you burger abuse unit haunts me your retirement and I think about it. I think over the years drug note it's a circle we've god. Three banks one former bank HSBC. World forgo. BankAmerica. And blog called you a bit used to be taken over by Wells Fargo. Have laundered been caught repeatedly. Laundering tens of millions hundreds of millions of dollars in drug money worldwide even terrorists' money. Then you've got police department chair from parliaments all of this country. Would a large part of their budget would civil forfeiture. Then you've got to other share rooms and prisons around the country run by two major pride did prince and companies. Where they're content products demanding 80%. Occupancy. In prisons. And the small towns around the present economy your I had to Wear it. It if we starred in legalized. If police stop the ability. Of the banks. To get hundreds of billions of elusive dollar. If we heard the budget of police departments. Or what's gonna happen. So what are. At a street outside active at her and I'll be. Kirk is apple it during alcohol or that. There are a bit and 838. Cry. Can eruption at all levels of government. Everywhere you go. Whether it be aptly apartment whether it be at war crap at prisons. And legalization. Would help fix this problem for her at least it is as are alcohol prohibition ended. That made the problem and it is well. That and restart it again as a result of drug addiction now I think that. Personally for me and I know for many of my curriculum on port and we join law enforcement because we care. And the like corruption that we see at all one Portman. And one bad apple rocked the bunch and we don't like that and we would like to see a little bit on the rock act in Q all Apple's government app on where. I like it. Some at Brigham and Gordon's it's from that. Only people like Q and rests in the people and leave and have the Kurds to do what you're doing. It changes so thank you for the number one the number two poll watcher doing have agreed Tuesday. It. Are additives and says what's. Good thing good about the fact that board stated suitable already legalized. Marijuana. In their states and five more. This November I have on the ballot don't see what do you think should we legalize it here and Weezer and that's a portion of our privilege and earn double to mobile opinion poll lead to the 3% of you would say yeah outs. Kevin Baton Rouge appreciated call. I just want to say a couple of things I don't think it needs to be to legalize. I think there's a challenge with the sentencing. That where it needs to be addressed. And need to be under more prayer fairness in the same content it was ironic that the lady mentioned she is from Massachusetts. And you commented about. Revenue generated about it. Municipalities. And things like that Massachusetts. Is one of the most liberal. Liberal states in the United States. This is nothing more than a government program. Or implement a under the guise doing something that's bad news thing to do so we all out. Marijuana will control. And will actually. Aren't. Oh he. Mortuary reverend. That is basically it would thank you and indeed take a look at some other things Massachusetts. It's going to be beat the hardest. Places to own and gone so protection. In the united. He came and keep ammunition. And gone together the lack locks separately. By this. This movement to legalize marijuana. I think it is our guys. Two more in taxes. As opposed to. What needs to be done is to address the sentence. And then to curb rehabilitation. Services to the people. So what figures and games are at it this way or does it ever art and music in and get and I just going to you know all the way to. Generate revenue. And for them to do and news groups and so which most are coming out there. Ariza let me get skewed that is I hear would there. What would you agreed that bad during prohibition. People were killed in that each each other all over the place because of liquor they legalize it. They stop killing each color. If we legalized. It and trust the killing stop. George did everything that goes along with the crimes. Related to would be illegal wouldn't have been worth. It would work it could stop that stop the decline. In and partners whip. Would be more rational. If they want June and that your guys were definitely the line and that's. Engines make it legal where you grow. You can grow as much. That would be much by now what do they wanna do they want control and regulate and tax so I don't. I'm a hole and we need Jeanne as to make it safe. To meet their duty to Ernie. A manager who understood amateurs and would you dual agreed. That we needed legal weed killing which saw crime we go. Yes probably if if there weren't that ability to. Habit legalized. Without regulation. That's where that big rub for me is they want to regulate it. And legalize just like illegal. Yeah and legal and grow on. I got did you have appreciated the call to get a break come right back margin that bring you hold on you will our next one do you think. For more sort of five more sedate. Putting legalization. Of marijuana on the ballot in four states have already legalized it. Here's Louisiana or should we legalize pot. Alberto bureau priority jaguar opinion Pope of the 3%. Say yields coming back. Bigger bond thugs aides putting the legalization. Seeing old marijuana on the ballot in November report states have already illegal should we. Let's go to marquis in Metairie mark appreciated. Hello Karl. You should come out recently visited call the pan. If he didn't know the marijuana were legal you would never know. And resort grounds that it is. I didn't know what to expect going out there and knowing that you are a lot of legal or single street smaller. We beat walking around the Abiola. It's. Whatever. Stayed other content in. Them. We need the power. You know when you when you think about prohibition. Of alcohol. One of the your argument one you know it's it's a gateway. Drugs and and Britney and family. And bullion reached a little round wrong. And just like you're talking about cholera and certainly we see drenched stumbling around in the French Quarter but. At all when it in there were notes. And that that's the issue if its control and and people follow the rules. You don't know that air and I that you preview column accident. Reading a lot of local news about it which it could very well documented beer is a sales tax which you and so a city and stay. Well oh very sound like 30%. On each sale. And everyone happy about it. These dispensaries. Growers. Are considered shelling. State coffers with the money going to. And it's all regulated. In the Colorado which it is these should be. That's. All honesty I don't think you ever do it here because of the art history corruption with politician we have a dollar. In jail and a mayor who wrote in jail you know working at the look at the LB. Bombed out and it should be Cote really prospering from. Now we legalized alcohol here and and that things will be going and promote. It did did you win when he was talking about that taxes. Old capitalism mind I think is kind of being on the the that we would like to make money with the illegal. You'd beaten. We don't make money and those who use drugs spending money in that state and the bed so. So good to meet the very fact that it's illegal. The tax argument goes up one of this no money involved other than those selling and blah. That's correct in the violence is is not what he. People think about it sport drug use code when you read about violence and and her drugged and out there. Talking about our core drug. Values and and and set court. But norm which marijuana could be considered a normal you know it is saying a craft a patient. The pilot goes on it with people who are Archie the other they're sure it oil. Deal on the back app as with all are closed or are. Good job and take profit motive away and that goes away markup I've appreciated called frank Morgan City thank you blew the call. I acted. And I wonder oppose speak about. It'll. Change what. Oh. You know. That means. You look now in the immediate. Problem correctly. To make sure to keep the public. It would in the media that they and it won't be. Brought. Back invasion move. Italy and put it that that. You do that sent me. Go about it at. All. I. Right I totally agree with dual MB of regulation. We don't show. Certain marijuana being being sold out there again pleased with PT PD. Even put acting a little bit of detail and among its Merrill while they're today. Is dangerous if you don't torture again. And states like colored water when the wounds that have legalized. They regulated. Their read a re very closely. I mean they've they've got. Regulators in those shops every week on Greg Brady from looking at exactly what they're doing mystery of it. Howard starts in the middle and all the Indians. Drug totally agree Butte it's got to beat regularly. And to me again. Even loads in root against it I haven't found a new Biden disagreed with in the violence off. Once we legalized. Alcohol. Why would the violence not stop when we legalize rugs. And just that alone just the killing in the crime that goes along with that wouldn't it be work. We can still move rehab Oakland that weakens oil people that get addicted but how about we stop the killing in the cross. DO Bill Gates but he mortal 53 of them work a little rug actually with a don't forget. We got the big cash contests coming up. And if you think you're herded all about drugs. Into the year and next hour. We're gonna talk to the core and world war and about the prices were paid for. All of these illegal drugs. From Intel chips all world world war priced. Doctor about a cobbler in San Francisco. In they live and say inferences score lived there which you've got to be very fluent littler. And they were they were too old props. And you hear how they got the draw on the got them machines to make the bills. And made him in the living room. Word the drug dealer groups have anything to do with it it got the thing is pervades it opens opens opens. Ever go. I'm Brooke 1000 dollar nationwide. Tendency cache content. Scoreboard this hour is burned. The cut and apply beat out IRD. Text that through seven to 8172. Way view 1000. Bucks in your pocket just one Texan way. Listened to the next code word for the top of the hour news did 2 PM. Blood from all evidence of double drug deal would that would charge for textbook individual plain text data rates who play and please don't. Text than for.