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"Go For Two" Episode 6: Sam Bradford is elite! No, he's not!

Oct 12, 2016|

The fellas have a spirited debate about Vikings QB Sam Bradford, plus, we recap the wild Week 5 action, including the continuing meltdown of the Panthers and the continuing dominance of Atlanta, and preview Week 6.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and south Dunlap. So I think over two podcasts. Sixth episode 2060 recording this on Tuesday October 10. I'm Seth Dunlap and joined by my partner in crime and the guy who never seems to agree with me on it. Simple and buys things alive and like the door himself he about it there I mean maybe we should've had the the Mike's running for the past few minutes well. We couldn't help but are you even before the shift let's write them Mike's going to be hot now because. Oh delegates are and I haven't on this. At the start last a couple of shows but remind everybody they and a follow us on Twitter I'm at sept Dunlap. He's that he bought 53 B and also email the show go for two podcast at gmail.com. Objectives that we can we get some good. We'll read it on the show I give us followed should share this with with all your friends that they like the podcast let's get right if we can that is going to V. Yeah. Separating it the idea. And that's the fat milk from the fat I suppose with quarterbacks is that I got in the NFL yeah. The milk from the greens from baton on some ideas that matter media giant accused. No I think I just battle our way I think it's cream not not known for a matter of urban farm boy so fat from the current. Also I don't know Clemens is churning butter is your note. Okay. Well we're about quarterbacks is now through the quarter way. Point of this is a little bit further than that. But the oft might debate team having was about one quarterback in particular Sam Bradford this can this conversation go deeper than just Sam Bradford. Is there seems to be a little bit. They felt fluctuation in the hierarchy. Of the quarterbacks in the NFL we used to do up pre season and post season. NFL quarterback rank we did not do that this year we might do it in mid season. Maybe it was a mid season aperture sounds like you because that we can you are you about this further. But it's let's just talk about the hierarchy of quarterbacks in the NFL right now we'll start off. With together talking about off here because like you said the conversation if nothing else. Sam Bradford first it give you our take and your. Argument as to why you think Sam Bradford is an elite quarterback. I hit a wall and be careful what that word leaked occasion because of jet fighters that are shown as any big. It's set up that word can really rankles some feathers are not going to sit here and did Tim records only ride took umbrage to what you're saying. Is a you've said that Sam Bradford is a game manager and and and really nothing more and whenever look at what Sam Bradford has done this year. Bring about some of the rest his career. When all of it what is on this year this is the furthest thing from a game manager. Currently second in the NFL and overall passer rating second completion percentage. He has six touchdowns to no interceptions. He's you you yards per attendees eighth in the league right behind your beloved. Russell Wilson who is mere eight hundredths. Of a yard in the AA in front of him seven point 92 to eight point. 00 zone. His idea of a way I'm not gonna say easily win this competition starred in the Joseph Flacco. But I do concept Bradford yeah. Hey tell he's finally top seven quarterback right now regardless of what the rest of his career would dictate and this is a team without uncle Leo this is team without Adrian Peterson. This is not a really. It is just say that he has just been a game manager for the vikings IE. I disagree with about he's not look. We look like department though is because of the defense but Sam Bradford has played. Spectacular he has played stellar he has political domain uses numbers speak for itself. So I. I don't understand. The reason his game management uses his game managing right now with the vikings he has and he's been a game manager throughout his career. The vikings rely on that great defense they still do not score points. Rates because Olson is something every battlestar. Audience is Russell Wilson made absolutely relies on the Seahawks absolutely not it's his office score points. You're the top recorder back through the entire league last year western believe he was second third in yards per attempt. And big places when he closed down the field but a bullet holes and malice not compare those two quarterbacks certainly right now let's focus on Bret is that overdue and Sam is asleep for sixty years yeah six years sixty as well. A new offensive coordinator kind of hear what kind of Groundhog Day are we gonna help with Sam Bradford though. He was he was batted in Philly last year. They've only system that chart that nick pulls in Q and all Perot is so why go there why are you receding here and allowing that to like ignore what he's doing this year this is infinitely. And I when I honestly ever done with the wind where in the Chip Kelly system I'm interested to seek a cabinet appointees are to tell it. Yeah and Nickels I'd want to figure what it Nichols they get what wise people that another. Goodyear I'd like it did to judge Bradford all his past alone in not allow room for growth I cannot. Agree with especially when you're looking quarterbacks that we're bad at the beginning their career end up being. Incredibly good to prime example breezed through his first three seasons as opposed to the rest of his career and Sam Bradford is not that do an argument wrong. But when you look like when you look in his time earlier in this league. You'll get new offensive coordinators almost every year his career. You look at injuries that anybody got momentum going through his first three years who's relatively healthy. And that third year he had 3721. Touch at thirteen takes nothing at home about for a true. Third year quarterback though. That's that's pretty solid building blocks. And right after the injuries really started to pour in. It was two years later we hit a very positive beginning for seven games in my twelve touchdowns four victorians have. Going down like they were there is always that potential there. Never got locked. And I agree with you in that I'd bought the book was pretty much written last year Philadelphia when he struggled when he didn't play well their probe reasons you just mentioned. But I can't allow life. Previous judgments to just to have me or what's going on directly promote things which are rapidly he said thank you nice QB great and you lead second highest completion percentage look you don't beat the Green Bay Packers. Without seem braver coming in that what the week before. And threw for 286. Yards two TDs no aches while completing 71% of his passes that's not Trent Dilfer that isn't. A game manager. No you know who it is as the quarterback the philosophy and new season who also. Whips into Green Bay last year and beat the Packers. So that argument is right out the windows argue and Sam Bradford Bradford isn't a competent quarterback and he's been a competent quarterback wherever he is the end. But he is for Minnesota fans throughout their key is Trent Johnson. Re incarnate to you. There didn't target zones of tapered rural comrades he did get my head Trent agreement how to grab it has ever asked that I got jobs job jobs and a confused in that Rob Thomas for Matchbox Twenty some times. Would make the waters murkier. Tapered roller last year's 65% completion fourteen touchdowns in 96 Sam Bradford has literally. Yeah he's on pace to smash them. He is low Brett for his 45 in the league in yards right now he's in the bottom. Quarter of the league in touchdowns. He's at six touchdowns easier interceptions fourteen times tonight picks last year for an entire season for Teddy Bridgewater Sam Bradford does what he's done. It does not happen you don't put 24 touchdowns in a way. I don't understand what's your argument about Bradford are these just said he was Teddy Bridgewater he said he. Do you think look at these numbers on the screen that is blatantly untrue. Do you you've had a for example with Sam Bradford yeah. Right and I'm gonna judge him by this for example this season. Like I've got it massive overreaction we rail and rant about overreaction on the podcast every single week and you okay well amateurs are still see royalty. What now wants to know why are ample I've we've argued last week it works yeah nobody told me it's a small simple so bounce back. Like for our user's secret numbers are telling me but I don't this this is my. This is my points to add to your point yes they still think Carolina can bounce back in division. I know that I'm not all of the that back into a deeper conversations like actually wrote last week in my a NFL picks on the weekend because there's a short sixteen games sample. It's just you have the time to make up ground even the best teams in the league for example it back on by it is well big off the big tangent here we're going out but for his Chicago Cubs where this is a 530 article dated research on the bill Barnwell losses its research separately on this but for the cubs were this year if you put in my sixteen game schedule. There is an 18% chance they would finish below 500 and not make the playoffs there is he won in twenty chance that they would win five games are few. Fox 38 I love their numbers why you've got explained to me. How you can compare just the number of games in a sport like baseball and football and have him. Play out 121 like Delhi at least that's some of the highest variance at all sports there's no absolutely not that I know. Not its 362 game schedule. That minimizes variants down off about it single game they yes yes to that and how can you just ought to know. I think it is and it did it miss Levy and to use a sixteen game portion of lightly if it's not as consistent as. Koppel on the game to game basis. Well I'm confused about what she's saying that baseball per game has more variance I guess yes but I don't know I'd probably but I don't know that it's vastly that much more variance import on one of these days in Seattle is injuries. You know it's been attacked a challenge overturned. You know we're baseball. As much more in inches baseball is right there is how well I got. Yeah. I'm buying the argument that it disagreed here a minute ago that there's more variance and a baseball game I guess. Well I think that it absolutely is I think it the number or or where I've just been confused at 538 is. They normally do a good job addressing those arguments is they can't sell you. They got the compare at all or did they explain that compares in on baseball on a single game baseball basis. As compared to football on a single game bases because if not I'll buy the you've got to credit and I don't have to do you have to read the arc arc that was ended. At this and fur. In my opinion I don't think that cubs argument. I don't think it holds. Months down OK so you're saying that the best teams in Vienna filming the playoffs every year. Yes those are absolutely I I I absolutely could not disagree more in that statement I absolutely cannot disagree more that statement. Because of injuries for the bears quarterback injured. For four games five games is right I mean it was 100%. Rule but yeah I think the best overall built teams. Are built to withstand injuries and for the most part of the best teams make the playoffs these trees all. Just. I don't I don't know why they're not getting a feel like you're arguing because you what's new you wanna make your point on the Bradford case where you're saying that because it's a shorter season that one loss doesn't hurt you more than one loss of baseball. Or going on a bad. Would say here nearly a little bit of a funk offensively your office quarters of play calling is well what play calling is may be one of the most underrated aspects that they offensively in the lead I didn't really have play calling so the other. You just never doubt office of rhythm for the games and Europe that's important little bit out of sync with your office for 234 games you're saying that those two is reporting that doesn't make it much. Bigger difference than a two for four game difference and a base. All season it absolutely does and he just mathematically but what I mean my point is it's all apples to oranges when you played baseball you know. Today like I mean like. It's a 162 games he's you're telling those players are just as motivated as an NFL players for sixteen for every game. In a sixteen game schedule it it when you're growing up playing baseball you're more used to the grind and having more games in that rhythm as opposed to the blower everything boils down to that once it like it's such an apples and orange comparison. That look what it girls don't read the 538 article. But I'm not gonna sit here and accepted as a reason to why I should ignore words and prejudiced but their support it's good to get it I. Not an easy that's. I thought he picked up. I'm not saying you should ignore it Sam Bradford has done at least four games what I'm saying is you can't ignore what he's done in the five years previous in his career it can't just out the window it's sick we'll look for James he's been. Guess then the other top five quarterback for four games he's been a top ten quarterback. And all of a sudden just that change your opinions what he's on the last Pfizer including all of last isn't top five quarterbacks are now oversee Bradford. Top five quarterbacks are Sam Bradford you have to ago. I'm pretty after the Ben Roethlisberger got Matt Ryan baker Drew Brees there Russell Wilson usual suspects Wilson or more bearable but yeah. How was this is where I know your kind of troll me here with my Seahawks but how is Russell Wilson from terrible to you of advances Sam Bradford. I'm just talk about purely statistically this year didn't we just talk just this season that's like saying how important that Tom Brady's and one game so you result was a brand is better than that on his dark. In that game and end it now if you go look. The bottom line. About like his legacy here and I know there's by court expensive reprimands that. I think he's a get tough seven guy right now but you frustrate me look you can probably tell you mortgages trolley on my point is that you wore completely ignore him. Hell really am good Sam Bradford this year like you're just Utley and here's your hesitant to accept it because of his past but to say easy game manager. But he's honest it's wrong for me that's not all is as an actor Russell Wilson Russell ultimately won the Super Bowl three years two years ago that years ago. That year it was again manager. He's evolved to something more I don't think it's a dig when you say it's a game energy matters to wins liberals. It's not Dick got thanks Sam Bradford and Minnesota can win a Super Bowl this year but to say he's delete or of them evolved into something more that I just. I don't see it I don't see you watched the Minnesota plays these football games. They're playing these ball games. To. Put their defense in that situations to sit there it's up to succeed or not. It's not the other way around older none of them problem that is you're just not so so if you're not. NAV in a team that is quarterback or offensive centric than you can ever be an elite are great quarterback because as I'm the identity of your team I just don't know. If I agree and like I. So yeah it sounds like guys were really unpacking this better and better main disagreement falls over. A game what it gave manager is what it means you seem to think it means having more positive than I do we're ready game manager is a plug and play. Ally if you have an average NFL quarterback you've put him in and he can get the job done Sam Bradford has been all above average in my opinion this year. Well look at that Teddy Bridgewater stat line from last year. 3200 yards 65 completion percentage fourteen TDs not takes. To me that's the definition. Of a game manager and San Revver has been much better in that statistically. Through four games this year I guess my. My counterpoint this Sam Bradford argument here is I believe that Ted Teddy Bridgewater is healthy and in his third year. In that system I think Teddy Bridgewater would be. Very compatible Q it's not like what's ever presuming an idea I am I am now that's I can play I am not no I'm not know because I believe Teddy Bridgewater told. Saying upwards trajectory that we that we were discussing music record in his first three years in the league I think the bridge or what you being a good. They are potentially working in the top ten. Of the vote quarterbacks this season gee you just forget that stats analytics that we're began throwing out here. But do you what do you watch Sam Bradford and you watch these other quarterbacks. He doesn't pass all tests being at least my friends he doesn't know I disagree NBC and throws he's been making this year I disagree that's one point. I just I just I guess we got we've got a got a big disagreement proud about that I just I don't socio how's the vikings off it's been so good Matt and I got a but the vikings office has not been. That's my point. I mean even David what do that in the middle of the 33 up against the Texans I mean I'm like I'm not. Yes Padilla like you said they're going to be a more conservative office by nature because they're going to take advantage of their deepest you don't have to get overly risky. They don't have to get over. Really outside. That's what I'm not buying and that's that's that's my hope we don't I'm not buying that eight. Lately you've seen do you have. Whether or not somebody to gain manager or how high quarterbacks ceiling is directly tied in with the identity. That tees but just because you have an elite defense does not mean that is going to constrain your offense look it would Carolina did in Seattle last year. Those are two of the top four score offices in the league. I'm not seeing the provisional one pets as a one way of doing things the Minnesota Vikings look like Dina probably because ever averaged only been there for four weeks. That is going to keep things more conservative offensively. And the idea and he's going to be that defense. During the day can you a majority of the work but it is it's ever heard in my opinion when I think of as a game manager as game manager is it's really discredited. What you see timber producer thus far this season. To your point and I will say this year point if I'm going to making concession view is that Minnesota rushing game has been absolutely atrocious yeah. This year the worst in the league. And things have been thrust on San rep for much more than they thought they would have especially because McCain amendment so that Adrian Peterson made it but I just don't think that win. All the arguments that's a before and then the all encompassing argument is when the vikings offices is not. I don't think you can save it. Demand leading man offenses. It's better than the sum of its. Hearts I'm seeing an offense that is continuing getting better. I've seen a quarterback that is secondly completion percentage what's here is what we're seeing it pass per attempt second QB rating. Has yet a thorough pick. It is on undefeated team in my opinion that sounds like far more than he gave me. So to get back to restore idol yes I don't abroad is about Sam Bradford is an exit Bradford the storyline we talked about it for fifteen incumbents for it that's your I didn't see what what's here you you may be going through my tears -- words yet your higher I think at the top ten he's there with these right outside the elite here but did Susan talking about the. Elite here as usual suspects in nobody else is allowed it to Roger Roger Brady Brees. Him. As Wilson broken in the area and by the way you were Russell Wilson is there for less than a hundred yards more than Sam Bradford and one less touchdown and one more eyes to a steely Mo he's also played one last. Well Conan actually. Aren't so so. I don't it. I'm I'll put all Wilson in the league Edwards says that a body executive VP Jimmy much you believe that people wanna put him in the elite quarterback. Category I'd things and reverence of intelligent guy at this point. Bulldozers. That surely covet I actually push for all the discussions in the series have a candidate not always so easily it's at least this last. US and a lot of people that we need that when people they believe quarterbacks always is do the Brady Brady Brees Rodgers and I was Manitoba. Yeah he's got in there anymore. Yes on the I think Newton and Wilson have moved in that range of the Glock was knocking on the door now he's out there and he's not in that crew. Our laws well rob rob and amber is certainly in there. Put wrote this for but we can talk about it here I guess the Steelers gambit prospered snakes and decisions that are just. Head scratching at times but we'll I mean that's kind of the nature of the deep ball obviously right now is is that Harvey of yeah a little far did exactly oh yeah I mean it's just look team. Yeah I've Dillard got blogs that that Saber on Iran. And talked about EE EA's. If we're going often this year like likely to you Bradford did absolutely Matt price MVP that has yet to say that pride is arguably the best quarterback in the league right now once again and he has sixteenth 2013 picks last year. Don't I was because I know I was very low look and an. For anybody who's listening if you regulars who showed that you know that I have no clue what I'm talking about how I had. That Broncos is not being very good this year I had the falcons as being terrible so I don't. OK so last year Matt Ryan was 21 touchdowns sixty Olympics. So what. Be careful. How do you think he's using these these. The past as a barometer what a person can do you currently. Not bullets two of them falcons continue to Quinn who they do my Atlanta Falcons slats are storyline that we go to Sarah Bradford track. Oh let that it met the guy is gonna come and hear arguments in Bradford and waited for his treatment that is and a bra arrows months immersed. It's the week. Are both sides of the week. Studs that plural like our little. That's usually or did studs the you know that you have been very high mountain Everest on the last couple years would be. Dallas Cowboys offensive line just dominated. The Cincinnati Bengals and allowed Ezekiel Elliott threw for a couple touchdowns 130 plus yards yeah I could he do well here but I think this is more. And look Elliott is just like all running backs are going to get. The spotlights. But rather in the office live this is about the Dallas office supply this unit is that good. Easily have like seven broken tackles well over hundreds image here is meant that you leads the league in rushing is that right is eagerly gave me. Maybe I predict how this and it probably is up but above point being. And a hundred plus carries don't we have seven broken tackles. That shows you just how dominant the cowboys a lot and a game that not a lot of people gave them a shot to win especially the bagels concern this was a count. Get healthy game for the Bengals but they dominated Cincinnati and this was about that offensive line and controlling the game. So that's up to you to Dallas office of blank continuing to be the best offer excellent football yeah. Yeah and now and I mean it's been invaluable. For getting deck press got a speeding that's been very Smart and he's made excellent decisions BC to meet deck at this point. Feels like game manager they get is it team dictated like you said by it's often just line. Perry can terrible stats read it to Bradford is down not overly careful as you think symptoms and as Suton yeah do you luggage it's it's a much less productive yardage allies and where were they were not higher. Not five we and we are not all of it. Yeah you know you gotta look as we can't we get to leave that hanging out there. I know that yards per attempt they were seventh and eighth with right behind it. Since you can't use Eddie gets good review that what is support Russell Wilson in the next breath that. But what you just knocks. And second guess knocked the depth press guy who I am getting ready to praise. And I was a guard Vernon mentally I had sent a yards for is a disaster from terrible to Sam Bradford. Beaten. It was a good analysts are they do these exit nurtured him actually. As I have I'm impressed what exactly we're just hoosiers though it I started the week went away O'Reilly similar as well touchdowns no picks for either of those two I believe yeah and 65 to susteren execs that censors record. Alana. 62 Bradford for upper deck deck has played one more game. Then Bradford has been a broad average team to fifty per day which is notes. Itself is gonna have my god Matt Ryan's averaging 340 yards per game right now now face a break point in the Paul Allen's. That is insane and there's no way that can keep up. Okay. I started the week special teams. It's got to be Adam Vinatieri honest interview clients Campbell who dominate on Thursday for Arizona but. Well he played in Gabbert. Adam Vinatieri them. In a week when Indianapolis just really needed women they barely edged one out he was. Well he was invaluable five for five. He had a fifty 54 yarder at 53 yarder came from 26 from 21 and 46 cellar with a five for five. He on the last one he made his career record. 38. Consecutive. Field goal which is insane. And by the way did you needs 44 years old and yet now made nine straight from fifty or further that like want. What does a little bit in my face as we were had a small discussion about kickers and pole here. I think an hour week to podcasts and S and dignitaries. You know is not as good as he once was I only girl a good I would love that you may have to celebrate that but I have so much egg on my face after another beginning. But the season's gone I'm gonna progress they it's obviously happened at a military listen to this podcast. This was is motivated motivation probably have is on his pregame. You know pre and platelets he's very old I wonder who knows how podcasting works into the straight as a podcast in tight now he kind of does doesn't he seems like that savvy. New dirty sports and dirty and yes I feel like all it is okay. Just 24 sevenths just tell us he's completely consumed a lot out of fashion bullet bought like 44 years old five fire. Two from fifty plus two of forty plus now nine straight from fifty plus 38 straight overall. That's a certain that is that that should not be possible. A weaker U. Pierce go week in review. It's been so much time talking about a story island to run through these key times shall with a brief synopsis of each of our quick thought let's start has lions and Eagles. Lions everybody wrote them off this was. And there is a must win game in week five I suppose this was it for them face an Eagles were three you know in the alliance to come back. On the kick a field goal weights and then to get an interception the first of Carson what's his career. To win 24. To 23. Puts them at two and three. And that while it's still looks like by the agent right away. With the FC north at least decent within striking distance of the wild card race I mean good lie and I don't this this isn't news via. That needle much for me as far as their playoff hopes. As I can and so on the Eagles. And I'm not 100% sold on the eagle leaves still feels a bit like a very hot start. Meaning in his seat east as a whole is just a little. I think it's a little hard to judge uses the the best team right now in that division. You're very but I was sidelined for a season and I just. We're we're ready to replay this game every week where they didn't where they fit in the playoffs I still the wild cards probably come out of the west and the east. After the north she's via finally our trivia the west than. Like an out of our I think the vikings and Packers separated themselves when it comes out of the west now. Expose depends on how they're and answering them. Yet the rams are going to be stroke keep this. Peso to mean they are he fell back down to three in two now slowly inching closer to where Jeff Fisher wants him to be just a 620%. Now much better. Them tuning in late last when I was 500 cups on this game was another Ryan Mathews fumble which she is been fumble prone in his career. Down in the second half of the scam. More turnovers we said the Carson let's pick so why has get a big picture here and next up we talk about the NFC east Washington sixteen Baltimore ten. Washington who. We kicked in the NFC east to start the season they've won three girl and we were having a brief discussion although not the level of Sam Bradford the brief discussion from. How the the U. Well Washington team. From the red everywhere over there and drank it I thought it restored to in theory they're actually three into that one in Europe may have won three in a row albeit against. A little bit inferior competition globally I'm still I still think. Isolate Washington all of us literally what. Well in other Washington is. That playoff French team will compete for an NFC east ally as thank goodness it's not optimistic that division they are better in the Eagles and the answer or use these. Do you think the Redskins and the Eagles yeah you know on that and I thought well I'm not sure where exactly your enemy in Washington hasn't been impressing these winds. I mean look and look for humans I know Baltimore's not because they were three in one inning you've been to 31 team that site. Yeah you assuming that you should be proud of and then they should be able to receive it's at the gives. Legitimate but. Sixteen to ten like Kirk cousins is not a good. Kirk cousins has not been. Better present he is losing right now on his franchise tag he's here he's been Sam Bradford Esther hi he's been horror and he's. I the perfect example of what a game manager is vs what Sam Bradford has been. This year but could. Everything that attacked us about that despite. Kirk cousins are not solar also and I really hate to play this game but there Reagan's. Just thirteen to ten CJ Mosley picks the ball Lofton he's running into the end zone. He's stretching for the pylon. Any let's go to ball because the back of the end zone for a touch I mean at least a game by six. You can play that game all day point being I'm not sold the Redskins are so questions about the Eagles and cowboys because of their quarterback situations. But they feel like more complete teams at this point the Eagles that punishing defense. There galleries that punishing dolphins blind CI. After four games five games I still think of the Redskins as behind those other two. The vikings Texans speaking of Sam Bradford 3113. May show lack the Texans. The Texas they just are who we thought they were not a very good offensive team the defense had been. The key. Well I was gonna say upper Echelon bit let's say upper half of the leagues they've been. I guess confident defensively. But when you Nalen as well 3113. Vikings office first time they'd scored over thirty points this season their defense still looks like now it. Senate Redford it a little bit dongle that one slide don't don't think it went a notice. That the deal the Texans defense is. You mentioned losing a quarterback earlier write like him how can you judge team for what happens when you lose to three time NFL defensive player of the year. And and he was never fully nobody like that the the impact and so much like JJ watt has. Is bold it's it's massive sort of lose and you're Gibbs Gary going to be that much worse and we you don't have a good quarterback. Like Brock does Weiler who is not a good quarterback right now six yards per attempt sixties to seven picks. 58% of his pass being complete. Yeah there's just not a lot of hope protects you know save for being in the in it is you sell. Now I am I am sold on the vikings so take this. Comment on the vikings' well that and my ass no I said last week I think this is the NFC championship contender. I think they're one of the best teams they're playing like the US in Italy for the definitely the best teams in the league and maybe divested a conference right now but. They have beaten up only six weeks weak sisters of the poor man. Can we talk about we talk about schedule we just talked about it with. Washington rape. That Carolina and doesn't look like it's nearly is as good as it was. My opera with the Washington is that they don't look that period too they just don't look pick favorably dominate her good in any in any game yet this year they've pulled some out. They've never really cradle and where. No but where I was going with this comment is the vikings running and I mentioned earlier in the season I think that is going to come back. To haunt them where they played great defense it seems. When the season and the playoffs and what you do last year and I know that Blair Walsh kick great everybody remembers an additional one affable it was awful broke girls kick but their offense because they could not run the football was stagnant. And this was lost at the cost my game was there was there offense so. It is worried that he Bridgewater was a gay man answered timber for better pension and overcome now blow like that now I will say this up. For the vikings' schedule the Panthers win. That's lost a lot of its luster the Packers when does not Packers would still related and it. But I'm the titans Panthers giants text this is just Lawny about why crude you've been so what are what are you going to play you who's on his schedule and did the tag of being tested passed that. And it. This route it's funny that you ended up going down this path because I was about a with the Texans is. I feeling this is a very unimpressive win but it was a three and one Texas team now not sold in Texas that'll like like you said. I've might lock of the week it was that Brock Oslo would be terrible. Which you do diddley was a doing it. If there is I agree with you that if there is cause for concern with the vikings. Is that they have not been tested by gauntlet worth about playoff worthy teams. Here just again when you look at this as it probably played one playoff team may be too. With the Texas once again and AFC south playoff team really isn't a playoff to. And I look. And every week I sit that you have to sued take at face value what he's done the first final weeks of the season because usually NFL history video. As the old. Famous saying goes they are who they are. They're without they were now. The this is a it is the privacy and this is the best team illegal and the interleague. There's something that I see every week this defense is great it's great as it is and might be the receivers in the conference right now. They're not it's the Denver defense Lester they're not this Yuxi been three years ago I don't think that they can overcome he really incompetent office and by the way or another about that do our own not and I don't think they can when it comes to whoever's gonna go. Is looking at his job it is pass rusher as there is out there that you used in scary. Recently but don't have a scary guys I'll thrills treatments like this to accept they have great linebackers they have ball lower. Andy Barr who ultimately more back there in the Xavier wrote guy in the second here is a lot of play. I just I I wouldn't be surprised if by years or they're being compared it is deep it's been too early to put him in the category just. Now Alison I'll plus over the Broncos might still be the best defense in the game advocate a steel Africa. Well they do it looked down until it ran into the buzz saw that is Matty ice and they. Yes. It's three seemed like the dream that Triad of great NFL defenses and as a real cute their on their vikings bureaucracy art. Menace to Lebanon. This page well Muppets and the nine member admin not regulatory difference and now statistically speaking. Delivery of incidents impressive stuff they're not have other guys like that try to get things the bill ends up OK let's move on us and Atlantic game. It was the focus point three the Broncos sixteen. And Atlanta jumped out suits two squirrelly early on honestly held on. And I want to get the Broncos a little bit of a pastor because they are starting the recorder backpacks and Lance huh. I got mad giving them an and so I thought about this is okay is it a bit like the U Rex Ryan patriots conversation. That we had. Well I look I still think Atlanta improved a lot to counsel god go we did to Denver. Beating this defense on getting the latest pastor is always terrible to get six sacks that that that's a great Big Easy three and a half and shouldn't argue before sex. Mardy. But but could it be that they liked it to be co existing troops impressive win two thumbs up great job at the same time. It's not as great because of the tax from Georgia Tech I think that rookie did that that contributed. To the activities seeks tax agency you know what little weird world we live in though where it's all of a sudden like yeah. Yeah it Trevor so again it's completely different today gratitude that that's lawsuit that I didn't like what you know it's true it's cuter and Seattle this week they're playing with house money because we thought if they were split these games that would be a big win for them and now manned voyage. If there's one race public via an AFC east is overpaid original and Clinton has been the last about fifteen years but. There's another division race that is over and over it's it really is this and if he's out because they're now three games that hands. With a tiebreaker over Carolina look we know that. The bucks is one I'm not rated occult books division title and under so go their way to. But who way to open down this year james' words and still to. Of dolls and books is there a double too much composers we beat the falcons. Are okay the company did what that's wired Marguerite lives have to read what I told falcon socket so I'm except this week my Atlanta yes Europe now so. Jane as well I love the books are putting went in the best position they looked much better last day the ball forty times a game. Going to do yesterday and we're ready for that. Let's talk about that game Packers and Panthers and Bucs on money and affable yesterday recording mr. on Tuesday 1714. And impressive I tweeted it out. I was as impressed with those two opening drives there wasn't any two guys who sees an opening drive actually only went for three points but that you ran the football actually opened the game I think was six straight. Runs I hit it does is watching images what's six straight runs against the defense that you're just not able to run on even the area haven't been able to run on that it was absolutely impressive. And for as much flak is your cutter has gotten over his career not only in McKenna bill but also when he was coaching in college. At Arizona State for his offensive play calling I thought it was a master class and play calling that game. And co host of the book. That's kind of my point though is that he deserved AFLAC this season it sounds like convincing case last night that he did a better job he got 48 yes Thames for game. Is far too much Virginia Swenson. Like if you wanna get away with that kind of balance with leg injury breeze yeah okay all take that nothing that yet. And look at what went and had eight touchdowns just near the top believed that he also has nine interceptions from crime also. Carolina I've big win that game if Newton plays and I don't see that to be like. I don't you know news to Carolina's voters they're good cheated or anything like that it's just that. I think that's why is race is over from his prison near misses the C dropped this game we just bought too far behind. And then the books are going to threaten the falcons because really there winds not quite as impressive because it was against Derek Anderson. Tim Allen those suffered at the Panthers experts here that they've been the last three years they have struggled in New Orleans even in wins and get the saints this week and next up on her week in review Steelers ships another 3113 games the Steelers win. Just are done man and we talked about it Leslie and I admit that yeah look up that they would be a borderline playoff team and have in the playoffs up to be better than they were. But they just it looked atrocious. And the calls are starting to come for geno Smith in the calls. And that New York media are certain comfort callables as well yes beaten there was Hampshire makes you so happy speaking you want to say that you love scene game quit succeed in topples failed them enough. With that is it that that is that is not I didn't see Dick and succeed but I had troubles fail no that's it topples man really reviews and there's they're. It misses just visited the waves its. His blitz packages were. They hadn't seen since really the early days of on now for bills he was. Scuba Mobo yeah the early days of the album my early days is really high quality of life yesterday. OK now. Look guys Dugard everything you said though jets are. I in my view over bulls and kind of funny you know we are laughing about the Trevor Ximian situation it's also funny world when it's like. We've got to go to geno Smith yoga Juno though are Dolan. Number owner having your conversation. In our pre season podcasts when Patrick played this who. The jets are Fitzpatrick. I'm not oh well I think I think protecting one means eating get really what do you I buddies actually deserving of Morse at the jets now look like really good in that day. Did slow played so much. I'm just disappointed that tragic as it looked like this is gonna be the year where he is comfortable he grand Marshal it was some did get last year. They almost made the playoffs in the game early this year we had the best performance of his career. The next receivers expects. Was it is adults yeah and any terrorist experts and it throws three more in the week out that's it through nine picks in two weeks yeah after after having the best game of his career so I've kind of inclusion. From the JET ass. Will stay in the AFC east in a team whose bandwagon we're up. Nobody circles the bandwagon like the Buffalo Bills. Holes and then urban say there aren't enough anyway just like yeah circles the wagons like the buffalo part of I think he's always thought of that as well I never I was never where is I don't know why maybe I'm just so that sticker. That the better the Buffalo Bills could come. The more off than I am and I've been on the bills for two years now. A lot of moderates and essence an ally how are really fanned. You guys don't like Rick I was gonna say it's you it's your little bit of Rex Ryan not a once they hit comedy hate to say it's not. I have just I just think. Maybe it's dial. We're as me a little thin to any of the whatever what war is a restaurant and are sorting charisma out of encourages I don't know why he turned me off so much and it felt like to do Margaret go to your. We do these agent Robert I don't really like this play that covers eight. I don't have any passion for NFL team I love the NFL because it's the highest. Its highest quality of football. That you're going to see but it's like that would dislike the Ryan Brothers because. Rob Ryan had a bad couple years in nor to. Next couple talk about the cowboys and wait to real shortly bills groups that recruit candidates to talk about the game. Bills that. 32 of French Syria Iran Brenner on there'd been a similar while to implement the oh my goodness well card they play now street we're talking about this. The Buffalo Bills non playoff streak is now old enough. For Mikey you need to text can buy designer. Underwear for. Hey look he's yeah seventeen years old as a Seattle Mariners baseball fan who has the second longest playoff drought exports next to the Buffalo Bills. I feel their pain so I know what that is all pretty close to its. Yeah. 82 games against them. I don't know a 162. Of tea that's it's frustrating that there Ortiz helix. I want to see past as any baseball fans out there and it's him Zimmer says this all the time is king Felix. Bro and I don't exactly right every man is running Apollo I majors I never going to its playoff head at a halfway talking cheek but I really don't think about fusion and well he's an all the payment guys gonna go on a halt payment first ballot and then you know he's not gonna. We'll probably get out of Seattle. It's like good that's a good life lesson for anybody get out of Seattle U did it. You've and a fine. Patents that you I don't know how to you're gonna love this city but I don't know what I'm Rick and color analyst it's there. It's depressing city full of many people and rainy atmosphere actually this is typical rams going back to this game but I'm human or spotlight I think the cut the rams that didn't Koran is read everybody's on you know starts to believe in them and they go full Fisher. Absolutely both Fisher and it didn't look good. I mean did they okay. Really did did it look good defensively. Case keep him glued to one or both whatever you what do we expect that a case can you look like I think you're originally. Expected to scheme look Todd Gurley he'll look like a stellar effort. And yeah. He looked like the rams Sam Bradford you know like vikings OK yeah. You know who differ you know who has looked absolutely atrocious a guy that we were. Talking about his speed actually quarterback lead Tyrod Taylor 102. Point four r.s. 124 darkness and albeit two touchdowns no picks it. He never. I thought he was guy but he's a real up and comer I think areas Joseph Flacco is understudy. To use train behind as the battle elite quarterback it's it's a yes and batteries yes I believe Joseph Flacco. Yes like we said when you think delete the synonymous with legacy was his understudy. I felt like one of those guys don't really think about pretty finally got his chances I I'm I'm I'm the biggest points statistically in double T. But he's still do you are Tsquared I don't know which is better but he's still doing now look whatever they wanted wrote them. And so he get the. Finally is the Sunday Night Football Packers 23 giants sixteenth. Usually dominated this game Atlanta seven and a half. So spoilers here's tubes but is this the studio because if you wanna separate line. As the Packers did not covered but that you went 2316 giants are imploding before our very eyes the Packers meanwhile. But this coming into the season. Bitter at one of the best defenses in the league and drop since I mean they're offense has not it adds so why does it tell us to relax and I suppose we should because they are winning. Football games. So about their office in new mark McCarthy should in Denmark who's arms like he's my car accident that I giving his plea cult is. Do is up. Coordinate an eighty taken from him this year yes I was I was in Iowa and end of last year his act. How are you how to judge Cordova she reads do QB rating agency where. Well that and I basically no no I think most most new age. Analytics guys which I consider myself to be one hate quarterback rating actually look quarterback rating because it shows you the efficiency. Of quarterback and a efficiently our our per game basis not the end all be all obviously you know world Aaron Rodgers right now. Nine touchdowns three pigs that are geared. Only six yards per attempt rejects nothing at all. Now have you Gardner who didn't run in the in nineteenth in key court Akron. Which is sort of the all time leader in NFL quarterback rating is it feels yes. So what's going on their objection. YRL expert oh yeah I mean look. Whatever it slightly injured when resentment of the included era that crew that Iran is Zain. I figured Jordy Nelson's back. That Jared Cook good receiving tight it's just been that's Eddie lacy still bet. If they can run if this podcast I tell you what's wrong with the Packers offense outlined to you because it's something that everybody across the country has been talking about the last two weeks look at our profits. Do we don't often is though the other side of the ball very similar. Giants you want to know. Aaon insane stat UB two obligated to I mean that's one more coming up that you'll blow blow your mind here and the little that is this one. The Packers have you know 41. Was it mid 44546. Yards per game rushing season. After five games that's incredible that is as a store and always have you ever have a possible really play. Definitely we have iTunes yeah I would that's clinically vikings who have one of the worst will be worst rushing offense in the oh yeah he's doing good our leading into legged chicken and egg sort of situation. How much it played the Packers negatively affect the vikings sets or vice Versa was that the vikings are you be so bad in the back. But I yeah what that shocking that that's in that to me it is a little bit ironic though that for years the Packers lose it just gives you defense give us an elite defense behind Aaron Rodgers and watch what happens. 41. Putts. I guess. You know like so if there's still rely as Pakistan and able exhausted by these gorgeous it on your 401. It Aaron Rodgers is 223. Quarterback in the league if you're going to light. Try to read into the future and talk about what's more likely. It did Aaron Rodgers is going to float back up to the top will be able reached a different Roger's in it that defense maintains in the editing scary good. Green Bay team maybe they won't blow at this time against Seahawks who playoffs limited a couple of years. Our announcement audience our weekly preview and I'm going to give you a stat that absolutely. Blows your mind. And promote weekly preview. Teed up feel free use this lobby or you do because I don't think a lot of people know about it it is absolutely grow maybe the most. Ecstasy that I've ever seen and vote. Bagel patriots this week patriots by the way nine point favorites that hole long and it's. The angles to and three endangering others say shows me how for the Eagles stock has fallen that they can I mean it note page into the damn good nine point did Cincinnati. Don't care where your plane that's kind of crazed Heidi completely agree with you and they are playing in Foxboro. Apps Gillette Stadium. And it has been my forums since 2005. Since Tom Brady has lost two and AFC opponent well. Jesus Christ if lesbians analysts say that again it has been since 200508. Decade. Since Tom Brady has played a full game. And it game he's played fully and not like in in the season it was twelve AFC teams for years schedule works right because negatively divisional stimulus. It's sort of the other divisions. Unbelievable. Those games ago. So what is it like it's a sport he's forty I and one in class if the apple gets a FC opponents the water loss came a week sixteen game against the we 17 am against the bills likely the first quarter. And the setup just so he's really undefeated like for all of it's purposes I don't it is parents that's incredible spike in anybody I don't. I mean I care plan. You can go to spike it and look that was a stroke on I want to -- it's not yet know the patrons like to play is that as stacked deck they're like jerks AB because they are nuts and they're not doing every single thing they can't try to gain they're like you and lower earnings targets aqueduct and the heck is well no I actually keep hatred nice day you're the ones figures seventy cards Steve. Activity because brown honeyed all these cards. So you can set your Dick is obese no way he's healthy due to blow. Asked him big actually got down to I don't upload edit Lord of the Rings card games actually can't decide were we talking a great. The forty to fifty straight you know yeah I had some kind of port whatever that is to this cold I must bide its act it. This isn't what leverage it should be impossible to do that that that that's that's truly absurd but now it makes you wanna take against him every week because of how much of an anomaly it feels good my god they have to lose eventually right. Where do you see this that. Yes Dallas. Hello good. A decade they have lost it over it's an AFC opponent. Did not crazy did this is regular season up playoffs and they've had now don't playoffs and knee is almost reverse they lose at home in the playoffs. More than almost any concerns so that's got to be a bit. Anna is a bug that candidacy yet explicitly don't exactly can you bids are doubted that you had more opportunities. To lose those. Tonight credible and I've never seen anything like nothing else there except for that his jaw dropping like the height. For me you said it was like me decrees that you've ever heard yeah. I think it just lets hope or Haitian I think it is that's incredible so we're reviewing. Because the spread that's a huge sprint yeah oh yeah the battle all out at that point still living your big bulls get spread yeah. Vincent moss a look at DVR or an honest and just make sure they did the stretch. Let's see you here. For 48 months. 48. By the way a 2006 not but it November 12 2006. So I get this ray was the last time of loss of home. Not readable. On that is it's Benedict as a junior high school. Is that are those on the saints home game here the deal. The New Orleans is like nothing well we talked about the patriotism of the beds things that they are such that you know but they do have. Eight home to home field advantage in the Panthers even in the panthers' dominant season last year remember the saints. Noted this is played him good. In Carolina last year I thought last year is when others are and it was two years ago they trouncing the home when he came into the Superman thing in the end zone because the fight. Is he that you a year ago or last year notes and then. They they import it on and they'd they'd be but I'm thinking it was two years you've made it to the Panthers remember how bad start they had McDonnell hotly carried that into the the next season I just know that looked at home field advantage for the saints is a thing of the past their fourth 11411. In the last fifteen at home. That was a place where he used to say during the height of the pay to breeze there that won't in his injured and it's an automatic win. I think they did lose and hopefully two years and and images could be further. From the truth there is no intimidation factor left. Two Indo intimidation factor left is there any for the Panthers. Down from not really I mean. Skim back yet now I was yes so last year added this thread it was 84130. Eight's. On the answers to Galileo will make his stand still. Over the saints. Well. This problem has ever bitten and even when they weren't up to digital dollars please. Read it to anybody else the most part question procedures used in keeping everybody else down. On how many times did you see it saves in their down years lose to the box right like out of nowhere and vice Versa so. I didn't think I shot this week in by it. I can't push it down the chances are much better posture. At what point do we stayed the Panthers team that they look like they are not the team that we think are supposed to be. I think they are then they're accurate question. Loses its question to ask ourselves who don't know me too good reason this is going to be the alternate test as today get elements theory and whether you can mask weak defensive back play with just that front seven and they they have not been able to they're not as intimidated defense and if you look at this matchup. This aids mainstream it has to be with their wide receivers and throwing the balls it would seem perfectly. Suited to exploit. Where the pins are weak but it. Maybe maybe not as is evident is high on the panthers' roster as much as I'm very low. On how the saints are currently made up. Good matchup for the saints offensive line has jailed the last couple games pass protection had been 00 it's been good for all the pre season concerns all agree and are making up for the absence of Toronto Armstead and ages PE. Has played well out there. That left tackles. Just this other line it's Panthers by three. Serious threat reliance should be a line when we outlines the sweeter side analyst for the podcast on some odd lines saints are rarely underdogs on even in this bad is still now days now uneven pavement they were favorites against the falcons earlier this season. And they would be they've played this and that estrogen is true the next or is a way to be they actually pans. I'm a sensor. And I'm the saints here. Come off the bye week actually prepared they seem to always play the pass their stuff home or away except for the one you talked about to ask you know aluminum with the with the it proved blend improbable win. 'cause nobody likes to lose games by the way. Another yeah. Classic example of how to lose a game that you led almost the entire time basis San Diego charged way to go boys keep it up it's it's a master class. In what not to do in the fourth quarter. Don't believe. It was a it was dubbed. Bobbled snap yet they were winning goal in that eventually he'll put raiders right yeah they wrangled him into the raised about what you do your core. It's. Not Sam Bradford that's for sure he. He felt little lazy today is still one of the president of his fourth two and he bombs it. To Michael Crabtree in the deal like I love that kind of confidence that he's playing with very Nasser I had enjoyed watching their car. Really start to tape. That next step but is it soars when an old game. Raiders eventually come back they had lead. Charges dragged down according can you go to tie maybe force a teaser and yet they beat the older just completely dropped the ball classic San Diego. If you're you're gonna. Rams lions. Are in elimination game has certainly it a separation in for sure especially in the wild card hunt these two teams. We've lions mines have Morgan Hill to climb now donated. Four but at the end of the season remember these games matter these injury really matter when it comes directors for playoff and that wildcard seedings. A rams are at the landslides exceed three point favorites here at home against the rams. Rams' loss last week just and everybody like we said that popped on the bandwagon. We got here handset alliance so it. Temptation here is to expect him to go full Fisher and slide back Trevelyan three I do think though. Alicia drilling I think they're feeling a bit more confident on the low lying to cover behind alliance. I don't know whatever I mean I was fourth season they they can't and a look especially good line that defensively offensively they put a lot of numbers offensively but it doesn't translate into points. For whatever reason Torrence who. Auditor position on two and three are a 100% and that's it is that that was the point that I think is a rams team that now has more confidence negated the beginning of the year than they did. That's it that's 48 nothing trouncing when you look at the current state of the west. They know this year's zone is already in a bit of a weak position they're trying to claw back from behind that every win the rams get it adds that much more. It just makes it during that much harder for the cardinals and so I got to imagine that. Think first of ignorance or good enough. But then I'd either verified that he got more motivation idealized or almost is equally discouraged. As the rams are incurred such a guy like Kelli you can Muster on the ground are hurt and yes. Ya there are Kelly were and are there certain lines they've. I'm gonna take the homes in Harriman in new alliance Atlantis degree and sickened with maybe I'm just. It's in my own dismay. But the bull will be my dismay after this vehicle city signaled alliance who was on my pre season wild card miners. Yeah and a might mean. We're in agreement but it has ever having an oddly Goodyear. Got it right at the arts not trying for the RC's lead us see I thought he still was doing the yards are garbage is not scored double look mean look look look at these. So they lost the first game it's colts' third and identify the one that's not like evidently it was 1615 to entice him when I was disappointed forms of ever seeing. 27 they've obviously put appointees Packers they put up fourteen against the players and a loss or read this yet. So I guess they think we're learning that this is it very mercurial. Life and Steve beer up that word up easily because then again do you. 23 point get that eagles' defense which has been so dominant against lesser opponents like that's kind of impressive so. I don't know worst airlines. Immigration rants just Kazan. Wow I never thought I would have heard that you Amy Fisher and Iran says Steve dead LE ran its. Still at Washington Philly road. Favorites that does not happen often in that division at Philly road favorites two point favorites on the road at Washington. My money's Mormon out this year Washington I think is the better football team. I think that they in the cowboys' two best teams in that division in the Eagles a little bit of Roger after the streaks like thirty things like we've talked about. But I like Washington at home here Eagles come off Los they lose to Europe. Yeah I. Lone. College Eagles even slot night police alone wins puzzlement team as a whole I don't know who's better between these two teams. I think the home field advantage doesn't for me though and in. In this instance and I don't listen via Italy soccer like lions. Thought. It odd. Seen the eagles' favor on the road. You know I was gonna ask yourself OK what is the is what angle really taking it come up with the number that starts exceed its its system is out of physical just is solely the betting public and that's good data you. If you're like Vegas sets these lines not to predict winner of football games. I guess vicariously do but they base that so they're gonna get equal money on each satellites and they are they're predicting. What the public sees as. What's gonna happen is the ball and not necessarily one is going to happen what they would predicts gonna happen with the ball and so they think the public sees the Eagles the sabres. There are well which I think there writes I think the public does see the Eagles as favorites here. Just because of all the talk about Lance talk about the defense early in the season they're three and start. The Muster the better football team. Whatever I think these teams are kind of relevant to the larger playoff picture. Talking about that. We eagles' Brian ones we shall see wide scale and I still are coming out of the north in the last one of these teams is gonna be four in one form of a British under the west easily beat cowboys skins cowboys defense is important at this aren't good you got Washington here. The inaugural out of Austin on two men they have the chiefs generators all listen to raiders tied for first. In the AFC revenue was Jesus last week and. Chiefs are off Fredricka of those that Iran and remember any I am not and I remember watching the chiefs game and yes there's still here and there. As we are highly season beginning of the season there offices look bad their defense is not look nearly as good as we thought it was going to be two ensues and bad losses there including Matt. While teammates look to Pittsburgh Steelers before the bye week. Raiders ruling but only one point favorites at home which means to you Bob Vegas. Sees them as us he's the chief says the better team on neutral field. Yeah and though the raiders have been much they've they've they've they've had one of those weird years to do much better on the road than they have at homestead to be influencing. Good judgment again a bit of an outlook I think the regular hot I think your players confidence like it's important to the bond Crabtree Marc Cooper caught his first touchdown of the season. This and you dangled and I can't sit here and talk and how impressed there was. We dare car and then take him to lose to the chiefs so I will lie at all under readers here come blunt backed survived five and roll we know former. Factor the dark horse factor in this game and you read off a bye. Best in NFL history often buy over at that. That might be enough for you mean you know anything she says now. Hubs that operators are. After all I've said after. It to a raiders in this one out of saved the best game for last here assailants let's go cowboys and Packers. Well this dead Lola was to form on teams off to great answer we'll go to gasoline is what sorts them this is now that you've inform me about this job packers' rushing statistic. And you'll get a countdown is built this is. On an unstoppable force meeting the immovable object I'm excited for this match of the music should be Packers four points home. Favorites. Which is also an interest in line here just because of the way of the cowboys looked offensively game management controlling the clock him. The biggest thing is that close. The idea here is you take it out of eggs eco Elliot stands and on the one hand you put into deck press got hands like. If the running game can't get going can deck press got carried this team to a victory. I think that offensive line and coaching staff Scott Linehan thinks that didn't matter who they're gonna blame it running intimate feelings with. And it's hard to argue with them. No look I agree talked earlier this the beginning of this year may be more than any other has shown me. How old. Domination. In the trenches rather be in elite defensive line or really only the cowboys have like you truly like great offensive line I feel like. How did you just how much it can overcome I mean you look at some of the coverage usually you're gonna quarterbacks are you really think about being the top ranked teams. So so are your days are long long way to way. I can't go I think I can your cowboys I did go to. After you ha ha yeah Packers here is well just believe we consider that cowboys' offenses in packers' defense a massive eight wash. Then I've got to earn Roger's idea. And actress got there are. No guarantees that it helps them better this year I don't know I don't eligible has been. Think one of the most insufferable things to me every single season is watching Troy Aikman broadcast cowboy games he's absolutely ends up. Nothing gets straight acts like a I don't think he's insufferable I think when he broadcast tablet games are talks about the cowboys it's absolutely insufferable so every time I hear that the that was office lines of defense is better than. We thought I just it just go back to the beginning of last season. When Ned. The and it prime time game Troy Aikman said this is the best defense in the league right now and cowboys proceeded to implode. There are so. What was he during the Kessler Joe Buck yes thank god I you know I was a real muscle lost Juba to fair value a formula so let's go tell the audience about this and Joe Buck for a book. Recently in which. He really opened up about his hair plug addiction. Because of course Joe Buck has that is a real shot away I demand real it almost cost his career because. I guess yes this is all right the Celtics them from the onion it's really not. BA he. He's apparently after every season you said he was visionaries are you worried about losing his hair in the losing his job. And so he started getting hair plugs and he just really love it's ego would go every year after the season ended. And one here he woke up he couldn't speak something they've done in the process that screwed up the vocal cord and he almost lost the ability speaks to quite literally. Joseph books hair plug addictions to almost cost him his college and a career. One of those troubles terrorism ever hurts yeah I like Cuba darling don't do here plus kids I don't know why people. Fans is a whole kind of have this thing this on hatred but there's dislike of Joseph but he's he's. I like it got kind of like that like yeah batteries is gonna be eating that Wright is the whole like Kevin hairy like a team the words like that here is that good players. Oh boy I can't I don't really know why people like Jim dislike George Bush either you know I've. Sort of been in the number matter it is great. If the cowboys Packers is not a game the weakness on certainly is the falcons mile half out and that's why Seattle seahawk. Your being born here in Seattle Seattle. His favorite series six and a half point favorites at home. This is a rural soft spot for Atlanta. Threaten to best pass defense in the league the last four or five years again this year toughest place to place Seattle coming off a bye we've got. A very long trip up to the Pacific northwest it is an outdoor game. Brooke just thought man for Atlanta I would be. Be more impressed by this win the Iowa last week against a Paxson went sled Denver Broncos team at mile high I mean. I think 100% to different stream. Text them lynch and Russell Wilson is. Are you really constantly I'd really like Brussels and not via Bonser game manager you may announcer it's our corporate podcast went now. You were having elected here it the ever. If anything less complimentary on Russell Wilson and reached it yet out as well I can you know let's or want to putt and yes. Yeah every one to three years ago when him and look where neck in neck they war. Neck in neck and there's no doubt the Russell Wilson has consistently had a better team around him. Vintage look but whatever I think we both legislative and second in the MVP race last year. I had him as may have VP pick this year. And while I don't know that's going to happen and I do like the Seahawks to in this game. I like the Seahawks as well though in the Carroll era there are one and three against Matt ran falcons Ryan's been there and the entire time that Pete Carroll has as well. They have problems they scored on Seattle as well. But it's. It's not written off as a massive obviously Sherman this kind of built to cover a Julio Jones Olin literally shut down damage on his hands it's. Really honest that's the scary part of the falcons is that it's judges who did you know anymore about this year's Jacob Tammy. Dovonte Freeman's Kevin Coleman. Isn't harmless and no not really I don't I felt I was gonna go with Colin Freeman here and be head of the world on fire best 12 combo probably most of Versa running back crew. Core in the league but since those you know they are not gonna get those. Those of us basis base running has those quick Seattle linebacker sort of a tough spot here I wouldn't be completely surprised to see them when this game just because Seattle is not good often finds Seattle's defense corner. Chris Reshard who actually is been with Pete Carroll since his USC days which I've been little or USC. Who wins the battle between Chris Rashard and Kyle Shanahan. Lot of talk about Kyle Shanahan guys coming hot it's right now about this who wins this battle between Dan Quinn and Chris Reshard. Oh yes pitchers who believes he didn't quit kind of understand as. Yeah. The men's tour this is all sorts relaxes you get Quentin Carol you've got Reshard Quinn that deals really be into the falcons for an offense that pod. To have the mastermind of the deep in June. Try to go on one. You FR Carroll's this is Carol system okay well. If if he's on the mastermind he's one of the he has a masters. There this student we got. Student pupil opening day here so it's Errol is the original professor he's the creator of this course and you have two guys are in big regular guy who majored and it got his masters and it. Has now gone on in his teaching it elsewhere up. Yeah understanding he knows that subject material. Inside and out I feel like these is my circle I'm the week now. Six and a half I mean all technique I'll take six and a half of the falcons tickets that you don't know historic. You would be losing money but I'm not gonna say that is even ask that if he had that he's kept their home. None out all its but it just historically telling Harry how are always kill her. I say this is gonna be rockets that we fund Brea was real fun starts so. I like the Seahawks to win. I think it's closed or use kind of threw me for a live pointed out that day and there quickly to studio. A lot like Seattle and all those. It's always up to fix these games you know with my Antioch bias but it oyster is that there's too many to be a confluence here. For Atlanta traveling again all the way to these goes in it's out of the West Coast in its outside against Seattle on that secondary. Adios at a football. Atlanta defense is good last week that. Seattle's offense and really prolific since it programs are turned swells. James Graham is. Back to float plane kept Ciba. That's our weekly preview let's get into our suckered alliance. Soccer line. So in essence. Duels eight point favorites against anybody in the league what the grounds I would be tempted to take the browns now line services deals. Eight point favorites against now the tabernacle at San Francisco 49ers so give me. Caught cap getting a night's. Yeah I kind of agree that I feel like. This kind of sounds dumb but it. Well first off the bat and this is a terrible point to make because why did he win the job in the first place. Important reason Colin Kevin feels much more like the type of court Baghdad Chip Kelly wants right when you look at his offense in college made eligible to in the NFL. They've had you'd imagine that Kevin would bring a little more versatility but once again monuments or job I think it's more. Going to be the emotion a lot of times that we saw as it tells you recently the head coaching change. Sometimes when there's change yes. He doesn't even didn't matter. In the long term weather has been in it being good or not. It's about that that novelty that freshness that brings an energy that brings an excitement. And so I can see the niners kind of feeding off of that in. Because it's cabernet and they know all eyes are going beyond next game is gonna be much a much larger. Media spotlight he event that's great soccer. Line out imagine not every birdie I do think that they aren't yet out of orbit are the main point you made that I think is spot on is just that. One hell of bills and his city yeah maybe if anybody. Bret I have no I don't get it now is the home and this is a West Coast East Coast now but should note that says it's too good for high zucker lines to my three into Dell last week I have the bad angles taking the Bengals road favorites the cowboys that obviously backfired you don't buy the skin of viewer sees it by half points giants plus seven and a half yeah giants. Lost seven design PowerPoint and it fell four point. It'd be so that our house or this or 03 John two and 40 yeah and where you afford to. On the heels of what we just talked Atlanta Seattle. Six enhance large sense of what is management in mountain. Couch and him time that ride through fifty yards per game. A mistrial is deep and I'm silence on the agenda and trying to think in my hands he rarely play as close games at home state. Now we jails and our rights finally you hope they don't have. Close game. I'm excited for this simply want to. Luck although week I just I just just has her eyes are gonna say I don't tell everybody that is. Been talkative back overly excited about this because Seattle's played just to stinker of a schedule so far. First test of they have this general Austin has sleeves and grabs anyways I'll lock of the week. This week for me tell. You can feed me this week if you would like we've been fading he showed the last couple weeks so last week we what is gonna have to help me out here what does beating each other. Trading means you'll allow me to please see dead or make the prediction and and you basically maker prediction based on what I mean micro and what do they view this week I for once did. Free. Showed breeze on my alarm clock yes yes that is the literally ever happened no doubt that it is not out of Imus is here my luck of the week is that the browns tight. We'll be not just always gain game of the week which I like TV ratings wise so well for this week. You can't judge it as much legal drinking game of the entire cease browse jacks no browns titans. A browns tight brown signs this date. In Nashville. Browns titans lowest rating game of this week it easily easily. And it may be below street the entire year. I was gonna feed you hear stuff. The attic well I think that talent is there are more on the drill. Absolutely Jack Jack Ayers but you got into the third biggest Chicago gag at third biggest market the countries like can't. And Cleveland that basically it's peaceful words are and I don't think yeah. It's pretty in for once again I can't added I did a year growth I really can't Phidget. I also lists. Wait last week saw two weeks of ago. Well you know when you that we were opinion so I'm brought just enormous yeah. Like video yet Zenyatta hit TV and just try to get prefix feet and hit the certificates via but. We you have brought Basra playing poorly. In a nutshell I have brought Oslo are playing better in a win for the Texans though the Nolan now 12 and three are locked weeks are. I'm going to go. Patriots here and Rob Gronkowski for the first time and breaks out big away twenty plus fantasy points as he gets back on a roll finally with Tom Brady. Twenty plus points in a standard leagues were talking a hundred plus yards no touchdowns no PP ER I'd give me garrote. In the league grow. 2.3 oh score the most points in early and Russell two and three us. Oval pole and what is might wreck and get your three to having scored huge points. I am better. The only I don't know. That second part the only. Yeah it could be only made the playoffs I if any like is we ever I was actually low scoring team league I was just. A big area of scheduling. My oh my goodness but I get three to go. And outsource girl grows. Iced as I agree with her coming from because the image breeder also. There is not a better one to tide didn't punch right now that mark tells him that Rob Gronkowski to its name out. And had this well and now that aren't yet another murder exactly yeah and it now if navigated it's been so dominant team to get a starter caliber candidates are to lead to par that direction will the new guy. Grown nearly three. I was waiting sunny with Sam Bradford we can't. Why do not want you talking anymore since wrap for today. Well because that's our. Basically it's just think it's over it's been weeks ago but guess again shared with everybody involved and when I asked of them lateral. He is at Tebow did three gives share your comments so as we like about podcasted as exit an email to build her shoe podcast at gmail.com and things like blogger Nelson your hot seats we will read some of the missing emails if we give them. Our show Lou in open fewer and far between Sosa and email people that you could come off. And greater murderer or how long we played around you're supposed to be just me. Yeah reader questions and act like you got emails and some people think that we like analysts yesterday that a lot. Yeah definitely help wanted real email and we actually we got Osama Australians didn't do which is cool but we that we lost a little bit of our savvy. Now we're out here just panhandling day. Stroke I don't want your emails let's be clear. Sorry to instantly funny to say. Hands and well here here's a funny this buckets like 23 minutes long and consistent. He gets an opening salvo fifteen yes okay I I really don't like resentment for peace and obviously not an accident and it. Our job. Don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. So don't. You mean. Who else. Yeah. Okay.