WWL>Topics>>10-12-16 Scoot 2pm -Colin Kaepernick will start Sunday - should he?

10-12-16 Scoot 2pm -Colin Kaepernick will start Sunday - should he?

Oct 13, 2016|

Colin Kaepernick will start at QB for the 49ers Sunday in the game against the Bills. Should he? If Kaepernick gave your team the best chance to win a game, wouldn’t you start him?

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If I hear a lot of talk about the the saints coming back from this bye week is he just my imagination or I don't have to the the statistics in front of me. But it seems like the saints have always bragged about the bye week you know we're gonna be rested we're going to be healthier. It seems like they come back rather lethargic after the bye week again I don't have the win loss record in front of me but that's it just a memory that I have to the last a couple of years so. I certainly hope that's not the case of going up against Carolina in the Mercedes-Benz superdome kickoff noon on Sunday. I think the saints are gonna win this game and I hope they play with the enthusiasm that they played with in San Diego against the chargers. Today October the twelfth 1969. Is the day that a disc jockey at a radio station in Detroit. Where his son. Was called by a listener. Alerting him to the fact that there are clues indicating that Paul McCartney is dead. And that's one of the things that ignited the Paul is dead urban legend. And they were clues it it turned out to just be a hoax but they were clues that Paul was dead. And he had died a couple of years according to the the rumors he had died a couple of years prior to this. And to keep The Beatles intact they found a lookalike and it really wasn't Paul McCartney but it was somebody else. We'll talk about that in the next hour which will be a nice break from politics and all the stuff that we have to talk about. Sometimes I like to look for those those topics that are tied not to Pala politically related and and also we'll talk about the in the other. Bizarre urban legends. That turned out to be urban legend spread. When you heard and you believe him. And I'm thinking about the wind with the the person who wakes up in advance of a vice and won their kidneys dismissing I mean I. I bought into that and I mean it is it was localize it happened at the Hilton Hotels that Riverside Hilton. I totally reported that an end and told the people the same story that are realized it was just a host and that I don't even know how to describe this on the year and maybe we can do this next hour. But there was another if this is gonna be a hoax about somebody who went into somebody's room while they were vacationing in the Caribbean. Has something to do with their toothbrushes. And it took a picture of where they put their toothbrushes when he wouldn't have room. And then if people were mailed these these pictures of where the two parties had to 'cause they were brushing their teeth. There they were brushing their teeth after they got affected their of that has got to be under relation we'll talk about that in the next hour count cavernous gonna starting quarterback for the 49ers. In this Sunday's game against the bills should be. It camper and it gives the team the best chance to win should he start. If you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Terry coach 504260187. Or Texas State 778. And that's our party general opinion poll this hour. Also the paperwork has been filed with the Louisiana secretary of State's office has happened earlier today. And to recall petition to remove Jefferson Parish president my Guinea from office. Is. Official. Now according to the secretary of State's. Of the two of the 2061. The 261000. Registered voters in Jefferson Parish. The signatures. Have to reach 87022. In order for that trigger the recall. And that's not easy to move to accomplish. But a lot of people are very very passionate about this and I might Guinea so far. Has been very. Very determined to work to stay in office so we'll see what happens with that we've been talking about that. Our our main focus of discussion so far has been that Donald Trump's a declaring war on the Republican Party. Look if there is a civil war within the Republican Party I have this bit of advice knowing what we know today. With a civil war in the Republican Party don't put up any statues. Because somewhere down the road summer's gonna take it to those statues down. Now I look to talk to you if you're voting for the first time. And that's what the talk to you fury Republican how do you feel about the Republican Party right now. You know trump is declaring war against the Republican establishment. Which is more moderate than many truck supporters. So is this a good thing for truck and this is a good thing for the Republican Party. And if you're Democrat independent or other. What do you think truck means to the Republican Party. Again our numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601878. Tech's 87870. Here's a text as somebody FL on the statistics the saints after. Of the by RON. Two in the last two years five and two since the Super Bowl season. Yeah I thought the last couple of years it was the saints were not doing well when they came back from the the bye week because. I couldn't help but you know think are the teams rested they're talking about we're gonna be Rashtchy we're gonna be ready to go it's like it's like they're still pressing when they get on the field. All right from a Gretna junior on Devi W good afternoon. Tibetan and appreciate you all to me over your guitar. My comment is about the woman at the tent rally that made the comment about you know proper revolution. I don't agree with that and that aspect like on in the street or anything like that. It's good degree in that there should be revolution at the boat or been in that these the Washington if it. We litigate those typical. That always eating there and that Bruce in there for 2030 years and beat it beat out that. Because these guys that stole detached from the people. It's. The people a lot of people or the people it's a politician. Apollo is okay and it. They just so disconnected from people these days in war about themselves. I mean it's. If you look at that and come out everybody in the senate ought congress I guarantee you. Most city people. There let us know what the common Ike goes through every day. And. And we. Yeah you're right here and we we know there's very very they get elected and then they basically become sequestered. On in the incestuous incestuous atmosphere of Washington DC with a lobbyist there. Everybody should be don't get that movie the distinguished gentlemen with the European it lockstep. This thing thing where 08. It's a you don't you don't do what you did it and you vote that's what you get 200 and it's been. The people do not matter and change it but they went out politician. And oligarchs and prove that in Russia okay. And for Hillary Clinton I mean what people on the sheet more what we're really putting year you've been thirty years. And ma am you're looking o'clock in the nation you don't know email server. It. Anybody. You know and it's not that congress and our people not by people sort. That particular text pictures. In their nuclear submarines multiple war and the excitement for a year and Clinton a lot worse than that and his unit. Being blow it. Treat them one thing you. I mean to you and inform the people Apogee. And that's how Washington. One option is you say one thing he'd do different things you and why are treated and shape it's been an old war. I know your market. Now I I knew your frustration Jim I'm glad you called. But in some ways as we've said many times it's our fault because we let them get away with it. We let them do what we put them back in office. You there almost should be this attitude did all right you go and vote. And even if you didn't vote for president you vote for everybody else. And a good to suffer for the bad. You kick out every incumbent. Ands that would send a message that voters are active if they think you and I are stupid. They think you and I are gonna put the right back in office and they believe that because that's what we've done. I disputes are we back on every of URL. If Colin cap or nick would have just done that as he what did you us. Still like this would not. It'd be a controversy by it he the he made a stand for what he believes in by a by not standing. Kelly captain nick is gonna start at quarterback for the 49ers at the game against the bills on Sunday if this was your decision to make would you start him if he is in your opinion. The best person to lead the team. If you thought Colin cabernet gave the 49ers the best chance to win which you start him in spite of the protest controversy. That's a pretty general opinion poll give assure opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. It back to a more vehicles here in just a moment. And also I think there's going to be this. This temptation to. Judge Colin tapper knicks protest. Or his qualification. To protest on how he plays Sunday and that's the position that you're in when your. When you're going your quarterback. Will be right out that John hang on to that we'll get to those cuts are just a moment on the I give you know we've got some more on. More comments from some of the for so the candidate well from trump and from Clinton also from from my parents Mike Pence was at a rally. And parents was told by a supporter is that after the election if Hillary wins this woman is ready for a revolution. I would agree that. You can manifest in revolution. By voting and I I'm got a text here that says revolution by definition. Can mean change. Yes there is indeed for change is there is a need for that kind of revolution. But this woman was talking about a revolution. If Hillary wins after the election. I don't know exactly what she means but I thought Mike Pence was very responsible. But he said no it's not let's talk about revolution. There is gonna be much talk about after this election to get back to your calls from New Orleans Cho here on every WLA good afternoon. I call. Drupal there. Com. I think. Hey election shears exchange in. That's second debate on press. Culture. Should he would request special product prosecutor. From whatever attorney general viewpoint. But. Are Republicans and generally. Aren't that trumpet the good thing in particular for the Republican Party. And I don't mean in the sense electrons great. I think it a lot of problems terms salt discipline the very thing. I wanted to complaint should doubles against Hillary Clinton by. The Republican Party is stagnant. Years for years people just push button voting Republican. And they keep doing it over and over and over again and there's been no accountability. In terms of boating and toppled trumpet is Republican base accountability coming home to groups. And whether he wins or loses. Too cryptic for the Republican Party because it's gonna changes away from the stack patients. Joseph here's the question that I have been and I I don't see signs of this happening because there was a lot of talk about this after the Republicans lost and in 2012. I don't see the far right making amends with the moderates in the Republican Party and a I don't see that unity taking place even after the election. Now I don't think you're gonna see unity when I think which which can lead to. And heart melting right way right. Where I think it's Italy to Islam I think that a lot of independents and moderate Republicans. Wanna go to the Republican Party as the party shall restore their votes. When its investment and essentially conservative. And then conservatives. Themselves. I think are smaller but more outspoken group put in the Republican. Over working majority and that's why it's so many candidates right guys are more outspoken. If you look at trounced policies in in the themselves. They're not serve and also Spain are. Moderate even liberal policies some case. Would you would you agree that there's something primal about his his his campaign that is tapping into. Those frustrated more extreme. Right voters. Yeah absolutely there's something primal and it's emotion. That he's stepping in and it's not a motion driven by hatred or bigotry all this nonsense people. It's emotion driven by. Corruption. On the national level politics. I mean we know lobby label right. Know that these trade agreements like PPP and NAFTA are a change along which is all you need if you are real free trade agreement. So basically follow Europe's trade goods coming over terror awful lot. These are 2000 page document. That essentially gives. Special priorities to certain entities certain industries. Remain so maximizing their production based on order rep that is based on. They're a lot. I mean that's what usual response to our response to. The bigotry at conservatives. And. I think he has a response to two then I think he's he's he's tapped into and through that frustration whether that's fair or not I I think that there's no doubt that he has we we may disagree on that it. In a win win truck that certain things trump has said in the way he has since certain things is definitely tapped into to two that. That fear. Now he is sure thing. That are specific. Rank and show people user generations ago this what me. But if you look like I were all comment on Mexico. And now Mexicans early. Early on race. And that this com analyst there's something people here there's an angry customers like that everybody. Interpreted damaged common people that are coming from central's South America are all right the smokers come caretaker jobs. And that was that lesson weight drop intended it. But that's not intended if you look at what he sensed in later statement she specifically speaking to cartels. Cartel proxy gangs and the fact that Mexican officials. Encouraged. In order to profit from the drug. I just think he did a good enough job explaining that that his intent was not mean he he did I mean you're you're right about what you're saying but. I don't picky he went he didn't go far enough out of his way to announce his is original and or the the original perception of what he said. And Joseph one of the problems is is that that Republicans have had gone so far. Too. Feed their base. That they have damaged their image during the process of getting the nomination. And is stems their process for the general election. I grew back completely agree with the last eight years knocking Barack Obama or little symbol and basically. Date throughout the baby with the bath water came to this election. Because people were so curious state senate Iraq were not get where I'm happy with theirs but now or unhappy with effort. Doesn't. Base in purple. Democratic attorneys frankly and I join our conversation are proud to have you part of our afternoon audience if you're on hold hang on I'm screwed in the afternoon and we'll be right back effect it was ordered a special song coming out of this news update. On four for Donald Trump and for all of those who have catered to the base. Of their party. Here's an every WL news updates. With Chris nor. Yeah I see this is what trump would be segment on all about that base. I got a text here that says. Trump is a rhino and rhino is you know is an acronym for Republican in name only. I guess the question that I have for Republicans is. Would you rather have a rhino in the White House or a Democrat. A from Mississippi mark here and having WL. Acre site are due. Out what I want to share I. It. If he were they so it sort bank. I have a chance with our large and there are a bit or did you. Go. She did he ever been right. And you know it might take this thing it. Must. And he you don't know people and kept the line you know that you know equally at the right now that is one. I can't thank our population want me. Most so. So what. My schizophrenia has what are you since Pennsylvania has not bigger I'm I think it's I don't I Don't Ask Don't Tell our market. There. You know people. Argument. You know. We are people. Don't get that they'll. So why that would easily and indeed straight you'd build people. The other election week you know we you know Ager are. Well. A lot isn't extends mark. But I'm trying to trying to you know. But then you notre. Which you don't and without well you know. Donald Trump OK if you think about what Donald Trump represented in the beginning. I'm mark appreciate the call Donald Trump represented. Anti status quo when it comes to politics. That was brilliant. And in the beginning my god Hillary represents the political establishment. She is being. Weaving in and out of the system for 3035 years. So if Donald Trump would not have done some of the stupid things he's done. Then. Think about where he would be right now in the polls. And in Philadelphia did this is something there's a lot of people looking at in terms of how this election is is going right now. According to the polls in the suburbs of Philadelphia in the suburbs of Philadelphia have generally been rent. Gilligan Republican. Hillary Clinton has a thirty point lead according to one poll. As some people think that that is an indication of where is gonna go still think it's too close to call despite a from Jefferson Mike you're under the WL. Gotten to a good night. Questions or yeah. The first one about the recall I am where Jews. Are up for that you have an idea. No I don't know if somebody has that information we will will get it in and for actually coming up there may be more than one place we know may be people going around. Having people on a sinus I think it could actually end up being adored adored thing and one thing that the secretary of state says. You have to you have to sign it and write your name as you are registered. An opportunity if your name does not appear on the petition exactly as it's registered. It is it that it's going to be thrown out. I don't know but if anybody knows that you wanna give us callers in the text please do. This can happen and our armed them quite a few times in the past. And talk about that trump and in the following. And those two aegis. Myanmar. And it into the I don't know what we're gonna do. But that's my opinion and it a lot of people opted disagree with many black job. I hope that these people wake up after seeing and some of the stuff that happened. With cam. I'm sure some most often Kamal ordeal. All I'm I'm sure Mike I appreciate that college you gonna join us with your thoughts this afternoon here's the number. 2601870. Area code 5042601. A seventy. And a text number is 87870. Here's a party general opinion poll this hour if you thought Colin Kapanen gave the 49ers the best chance to win would you start him in spite of the protest controversy. 27%. Say yes 73%. Say no. Give us your opinion by going to W if you don't don't come. On Tuesday October 12 1997. At a concert in Monterey California. Knows on this day in 1979. At a concert. Ian Anderson only singer Jethro Tull was injured when a fan threw a rose onto the stage and the foreign from the rose pierced his arm right. An event was forced to cancel two shows I mean that's kind of innocent and a throwing a rose on to the station that a thorn piers in in the odd. Will be right back under every WL. Yeah somebody just called John we're cursor you producer and says and I said delay to Ian Anderson if I did say that that's incorrect Ian Anderson Jethro Tull is still alive. But this is today that a thorn from a rose thrown onto the stage appears design. I was on this date October the twelfth 20030. Safely Seattle saying the National Anthem before the World Series game. This is that the first time he has sung the National Anthem the way he doesn't in 35 years. In 1968 Jose Feliciano did a slower bluesy version of the star spangled banner and there was a lot of criticism. And as far as I know he was the first high profile person to take creative liberties with the National Anthem and do it his way. And it was very very controversy. 1968. A very violent year that's the year that two Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated Bobby Kennedy was assassinated riots at the Democratic Convention. In 68 Chicago. And there was an there was a strong feeling of patriotism in America. Don't even some who said Jose Feliciano should be deported. So here we are in 2016. And by the way when he did in 2003. There was no controversy. Do you think this should have been a controversial version of the star spangled banner. All forward. Is saying he. Yeah. All. He's. You. At that wow. Yeah. I am. A live in my. Okay. Were sold. And he. Scream at me. Yeah. OK okay. That I'm. Okay. I always say okay. That's. A. Okay yeah. And yeah. I know. Bolden. Prayer game. 68. That was really controversy. So performed by Jose Feliciano that way on this day October 12 four World Series game in 2003. And there was no longer controversy. I thought diversion is great and and I I know some people laden feel differently but I don't think there's there's a problem with. Interpreting the star spangled banner it's it's the words and not just ability and are the important thing to me. Shall U of WR. Yes. For a new. Look at the wrong. There's cities and different states that way and do it because so. There will probably legislature's. Republican problem so it's in the book. Republican Party. Chill the game ball. Wrong on immigration. Should. Of women. All. Across the broad. Range. Why are put them. Linda in your opinion. And your and you got to looting and consensus so. It actually rule admin. And exactly. Million. Markkaa that would. Open. Prediction. About. Cordless is going to be. And. Royce actually Tony seven days ago like I appreciate the call analyst CO I guess the odds maker now from shall meant. I don't know how it's her turn out terror will no arm closer to the are closer to the Election Day but you know again and what what Alex just said about Donald Trump. Is white truck supporters say about Hillary Clinton. This is an election year. That is equal to no other election year. In modern history. I mean there have maybe have been some might really crazy stuff that happened and at the beginning of his dissed this country and they were. Very content Jewish racism between. Republicans or Democrats. But in modern times this is. Really hard to believe. And I think we're 27 days away from Election Day if you are registered to vote I hope you vote. In effect I actually I'm actually heard somebody yesterday and one of the cable news channels say that Republicans. Really needed just give up trying to win the White House because the market to win the White House not with them their did the image of the Republican Party right now. I think need to focus more on keeping control of congress. And maybe there's something to that because I got another text here about. About two. Not warning Iran I know a Republican in name only in the White House. If you don't wanna rhino in the White House then you're basically ushering in a Democrat. Because the way rhinos are defined. Of their defined and is. Essentially they're moderate Republicans. And this idea that you've got to be far bright to get elected president is is Tracy. I'd if you rejoice for the comic this afternoon here is our number 2601878. Perry could 504. 2601870. Taxi 77 Escude and we'll be back on W. And today we wish you very happy birthday to Sam Moore salmon salmon days. 81 years old today. I'm scooter in the afternoon here's a final update on this hour's attorney general opinion polls have you thought college Kapanen gave the 49ers the best chance to win which you start him in spite of the protest controversy. 26% say yes 74%. Say no. Interesting. It's going to be very interesting to see with the reception news when he takes the field against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday he's going to be the starting quarterback. We're about to run on time this hour if you're on hold stay with us we'll get to what your call sign in the next hour. Here's a text about the Jose police you know star spangled banner. As talented as Jose fully Siena is that was a terrible rendition. But here's another when it says scoot I find that version to be deep very deep and emotional. Here's another text about change change when new. Is always questioned Wen tradition is at stake in this Lewis in man to feel that's that's kind of profound. The definition of being a conservative. One of the definition severe conservative. Is being against change. Do you find it interesting that so many conservatives. Are voting for Donald Trump because. What do they want. They want change. All right I get to more of your calls but also. We take a break from politics and talk about something else also in the next hour. Today October 12 1969. Was the day that a disc jockey on our radio station in Detroit. Got a phone call from a listener it's one of the things that sparked the rumors and say the the urban legend that Paul McCartney was dead. We'll talk about that donor relations next on every WL.