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10-14-16 Scoot 3pm-Are all of the Trump accusers lying?

Oct 14, 2016|

Are all of the Trump accusers lying? Who do you blame for Trump's latest trouble the media or Trump himself?

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And welcome to the final hour of our show on this Friday afternoon yeah hotter than we would like it to be in this October 14 but he is going to be a beautiful weekend for all the festivals and there are many all over the place. We get the full list on our website at Debbie if you go to account. I'm screwed in the afternoon I'm glad you're with his we've got a lot going on if you Arnold stay with us are coming right back with your calls also. If you just joining us we've been talking about doctor Ben Carson and is appearance on MSNBC this morning with that Joseph Scarborough. And others on the show morning Joseph. And I have ever seen doctor Ben Carson quite like this. Any cause they're quite a controversy sort of implying that we shouldn't worry about Christian Judeo and values during the campaign. And of course that is come up in this campaign with with Donald Trump and again as I mentioned last hour for those who were paying attention the hypocrisy. Of this campaign is. So entertaining. If you just can't even keep track of all of it we were scheduled to talk about merging of traffic I'm gonna wait to do this review we'll do this Monday when they next week. On our people selfish if they wait till the last minute to merge. Well there's a new study that shows that those that Zuma had emerge at the last minute actually improve the flow of traffic we'll get into that on another day. But I am gonna add to the conversation this hour and he comments that you wanna have on this the University of Florida. Is offering counseling to any student. That is offended by any costume they see during during Halloween. The university officials say that they've issued a plea to the students to think about your choices of costume is and themes. And do not reinforce negative stereotypes causing harm and offending groups of people. Really. The university is set up a response senator called. You matter. We care. Bring your own Blakey. And it's gonna be open 24/7 to counsel any student offended by a Halloween costume. This is out Regis. If you're in college. And you have to be hampered. Because. You're offended by Halloween costume. Then you are not prepared to live in this world. If there is in need story you matter week care 24 hour seven counseling center. For college students. It sees something that might be offensive to them. And we have created a nation that is destined to fail. This is the kind of BS political correctness. That should be. Intolerable. And our society. We be talking about. Former presidential candidates document Carson Sparky controversy today on morning Joseph and MSNBC. Yeah he he he said to Joseph Scarborough. You people. When he referring to the media I do I think that's I think it's inappropriate you people it is that it's very condescending thing. And while I don't always defend the media you know this this blaming the media for the fall for Trump's numbers in the polls. It is is absurd. It yes the media is biased of course it is. But the the more he what he's very close in simple some polls have him ahead so this is still far too close to call. But this idea that. You are. Expecting the media to be objective is a is an is a false hope. I got a text here that says. And Walter Cronkite was an objective ether. No he was knocked. After Walter Cronkite. Went to Vietnam. And saw what he saw when he came back and reported on the Vietnam War. His body language the words he chose the the census that he created to talk about the war showed his bias against the war. It is literally impossible for a human being which not a robot. To be totally objective. The media has always been subject have has always been a biased and not totally objective. So again. It's like a wounded animal. Trump is. Seen a drop in the polls in some of the polls. And he's attacking the beauty. Which to me is as inane as Hillary Clinton attacking the far right vast wing conspiracy. The Limbaugh is the Hannity the Fox News. She she she shouldn't do event. This topic fascinates me because it actually frightens me. It frightens me that those who consume the media in this country. Don't have a better understanding of the media. I'm Scrooge like to witness I'll be getting towards your calls the right Dallas go to Joseph in New Orleans Joseph welcome thanks for hanging on. There are no problems could be warm welcome and show them. I just want and talk about bias media but first the the students and the costumes and you know it universities are just becoming a corporate staters real success. It's. I saw this story and I thought you know I'm gonna have to put warning when I talk about this on the air that this is not a joke it's real. Because it just to see if I mean it seems like a joke I mean. If you just think about what we're saying here your college students. And if you're offended by a cost to see it if you're offended by a costume and unique counseling it seems like we're teaching the wrong things in this country. And another thing in his. Big market couched everybody. And a century ago you went to college if you wanted to go to college. Now it's been marketed and it has become somewhat true. To survive globalized side. Minimum bachelors high school to restrictions senator. Do you good crop of people that are here that don't take it serious serious issue. And down that contributes to also let. Will have to say about bias in media. Police for me. You know of course but he bias. But the problem wit. Hillary in particular relationship with the media. Does that. Hillary is an official state where one is an official statement presently. Trying to become. The heights shall stay. And has seen the WikiLeaks emails there was ordination between her and in particular Bloomberg reporter. And I think that we can inferred that. Much more happenstance not recorded in the minerals to verbal communication. And recorded in the game now. And your wife I think what we don't be surprised if we learn that there's a link between. Between Hillary and the Obama administration in fact we're learning now. That's the Justice Department alerted the day Hillary Clinton Campaign. About the the the information that was coming out from the FBI director concerning the emails that he let them know in advance so they can prepare to Hamlet. If if that's the case that's not fair there's there's so unfair about the emails. I taught him about it being on fair where being upset. When the media becomes. Wing of state because they're like who's our. That's when we sort dipping into fascism. But it's always been this way Joseph in my lifetime it's always been and he's always been buys. And there's always been this fear of the biased media. Student here. I'm not saying the media is not biased and saying the media is listening or. To what the government officials are saying to them to do mayor action. He hit. Sorry send me some of that evidence talk about it. It's got it sort of Bloomberg. Noted that Bloomberg story in which you should she can. How to. Thank you appreciate the call. If Donald Trump. Would not make such a spectacle. Of some of these things in this campaign that he is focusing on. And it's been so many things. He brings it up he creates the story he guides the media. Then the attention. By the media. To Hillary's emails would get even more and more attention and I don't think we're done with the email scandal I think there's more to come. And it's awful because you can love Hillary if you want to. But the truth is if somebody else did that they would be in jail. Happy birthday today to usher 38 years old. I'm scoot but the bright peck on every WL. There was a caller earlier who said that Hillary has a commercial out saying that Donald Trump has ought to isn't this is just a real classic example of how people see what they wanna see and hear what they wanna hear. I'm getting some taxed data indicates that there was some mother. Who said that Donald Trump in the commercials that the Hillary campaign put out looked like he had some kind of disability. And it was offensive because she has a son with autism so apparently there is not a commercial. That shows that Donald Trump has autism or that says he has autism but again you know people hear what they wanna hear. Here's a text about the the therapy for counseling for new students at the university of a Florida that are. Somehow offended by a Halloween costume Halloween therapy it's a generation with a gross lack. A social skills here's a quick update on a pretty general opinion poll which throughout the afternoon has been very very close. Who do you think is telling the truth. Trumped worries accusers. 46 for saints tastes 46% say truck and 54% say his accusers. Before we get back to your calls here is on another part of doctor Ben Carson this morning on MSNBC. I think Judeo Christian values should apply not only. When we're not the Mr. Big campaign but I think it should apply in my campaign you said let's just push to Judeo Christian. Ethics to decide it during the middle of the campaign let's talk about it later. Shouldn't they apply the right now they're much as usual pay as much as a black guy and I. What why is it that you people in the media so my second year AP call this -- and you pay the whole bit and you know that's right only characterizing. Him something else so that I can't tell you exercise here this is free and why not just listen to what I can tell I am listening like they're telling and I used to go back and a great thing is we have transcripts in we have changed. And you said we shouldn't then we shouldn't focus on Judeo Christian values right now it's on the transcript it's on the tape. Do you think Judeo Christian values applied during campaigns are only after campaigns. No let me tell you what I actually said and I'm glad it is on the take time to realize that I would love for us to engage. And the conversation on Judeo Christian values. And I would love for us to bring morality back. And we need to do it at times other then a political campaign. But we're not doing that. Right now what we need to do this concentrate. On the reason that two out of three Americans feel that our country is on the wrong track. Our Olivia back to your calls not from Lafayette all you're never WL. Oh yeah sure. 1011 dimension just puddles all in all of this function yeah. He has. You know I. You know we've been there. Yet if most people. Don't eat it is upbeat subject hysterical campaign. But you know both candidates. Have personal. Flaws. That matter of fact from my perspective period before it could go way. Now one that really. Good values like it. Bart Bart it is it is what we've elected. And I think people need to put the personal. Value in the policies. Of the UK. And I think that would make the decision whole lot easier and all that are coming out. I'm like you don't know what to believe. Because. Not far percent of it will be out there. Know what you think either person miss. And I think they're part of the character flaw. But again. You know from my perspective it's real simple it's just focus on. What people say oh policy standpoint and then make make your choice for. Our record the question is do people really care about policy and yesterday on the show I spent a lot of time talking about how. May be focusing on character is really better than focusing on. Policy campaign promises because you and I know how often campaign promises armed are made and how. How often they're not followed through on and then there's always a hundred people were a hundred reasons to blame why they couldn't do it's never their fault they promised during the campaign they get your vote and they just don't do it. Well let me see if we just as strong character. And we all this but first on. I can remember many years ago. Voter. Quote the choice between. Edwards and David duke. And again for me. I just couldn't go over somebody like David did. Machine was with him. But basically decided. To vote against duke. Enter and that's the way a lot of people are approaching this election thought I gotta get to news program I really appreciate the call. Here's a Texan says how come the media be. Looked at as truthful if they're not objective. Art I get to that when we come back and is a brand new song out from Maroon 5 with Kendrick Lamar. We're gonna play a part of that coming out of this WTO news update with Don James. Here's part of this a brand new song from Maroon 5 featuring Kendrick Lamar skulls. Don't wanna know. How would we all be better if we just didn't know. I mean I hate to take this moment to quote the band weigh him. But isn't Carolina this song careless whisper to a heart and mind ignorance is kind. From gentility to land here on WWL. Yeah Albert Albert in debt immediate and I am in doubt I'll. Because went out in the YouTube and yet you would not be the Republican nomination. They hit him so much is yet to that the other black in Etna at it. And I think it goes. I think it's a little deeper than that I'd you know there was a time when the media seemed more infatuated with with with Donald Trump and he didn't hear any complaints then I mean. Donald Trump earned this position because. Of a couple of things discontent with the political establishment but also because. The there where there were there were candidates. That were they were actually too moderate for. Many Republicans. And so they were looking for a candidate represented more of their right wing views and even though don't truckers and right wing he still fed that. That time that fear factor in in that in that a faction of the Republican Party and so that's why he's Aureus and you know if you're a moderate candidate you have a better chance of winning the election. Act act you mapping it out yeah. Drop into undeveloped Hume and hand he didn't mind. But it but it sold but now. Interesting way to put it Glen. And bully everybody has their opinion of both of these candidates are from Covington met here on Debbie WL. Eight game. Democracy. And we if we short. Order. And Hillary Clinton would. Play. But it's hundred again. Oh. But it basically. All. Trickled. Pitcher but at 30. Questions for the Supreme Court. Ended the morning because most of the country. If you look at. The global warming. I think Republican. Abortions do you know I think there. But. She. If you. Were warming. Our. Issues. In an option to go. But look at basic computational. Because she is. A week ago. She started flawed by god if it's junk case it would have been the nominee he would be wiping her out in the polls right now and I. Absolutely and I global. And I. You know bridge. You know put. Out. An op board that. Board. Yeah Rob Portman as an elderly. But see that this is that this is the this is the problem with the civil war within the Republican Party that the battle is an every year they do this autopsy of the apartment after every election and they dated in 2012. As we've we've got to change but the problem is they never change and the more they cater to the far right. The more they produce a candidate that is not as capable of winning the general election. Why do you think that happens do you think spot. It'll be right you're one of them are collectors show your your moderate. You say but yeah yeah yeah. We're. Both sides. Yeah would I. I think I I think I think the Republican Party has not gotten to the point like the Democrats there are extreme liberals. But they have learned that the best chance they have to win. A presidency. Is to have a moderate candidate. And there are those on the right who so object to a rhino or a moderate candidate. That John date they focus more on on on on right wing candidates admit it and he's got Mitt Romney and you've got John McCain and you've got. Bob Dole moderate moderate politicians who were pulled to the right during their campaign and so they they lost. You know happy duke is global war lord. And you know how this country and don't try this chick. The so called green technology there. At this peak and well you know. We we should be looking for on more as the facts then at the at the rhetoric and politics man I gotta get to prevent appreciate the call. If five year old stay witness you gotta come I knew I try to get in our numbers 2601878. And our text or receipt sanity is seven here's a Texas says are the people have spoken not the Republican Party. Well you know it's this is a fascinating. Battle that's going on within the party. And I. I don't know how was gonna and I heard once suggestion that the Republicans needed just this just from a Republican. Forget about trying to win the White House let's just do the best we can't control congress. Happy birth Saturday to Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks I know lot of you don't like him. I don't like what they did she's 42 years old today we'll be right back on every have you realm. A recently we've played Jose Feliciano says star spangled banner because it was a very controversial thing back in 1968. It was not controversy when he did it again. And we had this on a pop culture calendar. Yeah yesterday and the day before. In 2003. And there have been a lot of different versions of the star spangled banner sometimes it is controversial our pop culture calendar for today October 14 on this day in 1977. At the personal request of Los Angeles Dodgers. Linda Ronstadt who is a huge star reaching her peak in 1977. She sang the National Anthem at the beginning of the third World Series game against the Yankees and here it is. Using the National Anthem here at Dodger Stadium. This Linda Ronstadt. Hear me okay. Okay. Okay. And he okay. And yeah. He's got and then Bryant com. I need. It where his son and a and then these. Okay. Okay okay. Okay. Game. We're. World Series game. Los Angeles in 1977. And not not a bad version not the best I've heard but not bad. It's interesting to hear these different to people in pop culture of Signet National Anthem. I'm skewed in the afternoon will come back to wrap up our show next on WWL. We are slipping into the weekend. There is so much going on this weekend the and the divine mercy fair one of the best in Jefferson Parish fantastic food fun music family. And friendly time so I join everybody for that. Also via crescent city of blues and barbecue fastest today tomorrow and Sunday Lafayette square. A bridge city gamble festival this weekend in bridge city the undoing festival in the plus. Also saint Matthews I say merry magma and seafood festival and the rate of these are happening in Metairie. And then the a race festival is happening today tomorrow and Sunday and by you Saint John at city park near mid city. Night every Friday its fans and the pro that's coming up next at 4 o'clock your chance to check in with six color analyst Deuce McAllister. Sideline reporter Christie Garrett and our resident pro and tiger ITV operator these guys are a lot of fun. And OB a lot to talk about it that there there's a conversation that this is an absolute must win for the saints against Carolina. Saying sir are warning three Carolina's one in four Cam Newton is apparently going to be back. And in many ways emotionally this is a must win for the saints the last two years the saints have come back after the bye week rested. So rested that they were even ready for the games they lost hopefully it's different this time and it Brees can Muster up. The intensity. The desire to win that he had in that game against the chargers in San Diego the saints will not only win Sunday but they'll also have a really good season. When a thank Dianne Newman our executive producer timer necessary associate producer and John wick talent to studio producer I ordered if fund Donald Trump's favorite. Played as the pussy willow just a thought. Bloody New Orleans.