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Oct 17, 2016|

This hours guest: Is gridlock something we have come to accept from our elected officials? Experts are predicting that even an oval office and both houses win for Democrats would still lead to gridlock.  Democrats from red states would fight their leadership and Republicans will fight each other.  But, we elect them right? Ron Faucheaux - Political Analyst & President of Clarus Research Group

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They Gibbs about 22 today is boo aboard the big collection and thankfully the little. It's debate there's wins we were talking of course about Clinton in trump. During that always score wrong approach and our political analysts also prejudice and to have numbers from the church group. Who serves on the go lunchtime politics poll that are reviewed every day abroad is always can do to show without. Your personal automotive world look at the broad slide 530 you don't think you would agree one of the more respected. Polling for couch web sites. Popularity. Was that god Hillary Clinton chance of winning 87%. Donald Trump's chance of winning. 12%. And to bring the country electoral college's Clinton 343. And trump one night before. Pelican like grueling waves so more or is it. Well. You know awaited what college or fault that we saw in the last presidential rates where we have Barack Obama got. 61% of the popular vote but he got over which 60%. Of the Electoral College vote so. For the way it's structured. If you get up 45 point. Popular vote lead but a lot of the state. Movement one direction. And I think that what we're sitting there you know it clicked in the world right now today. Bowling average once got politics we have or up by six point 4%. Which is big in the little Bobble with less talent and Obama won last time where Utley was slow. 332. Electoral well so. So. You're thinking of people more and is a couple boards speaker that you would ample big political book lead in and I think that's what their numbers are what the. One thing good about it a couple of bulls arrived Joseph saw. One came out of no bomb them which is virtually tied between trump and Glenn but it was very intrusive and Johnson. Is pulling 7%. And they say here's 7%. He's pulling for in the Hispanic community. And if Clinton would. Didn't have Johnson broad and she would be leading by quite a bit bored what he'd think about those numbers and in that situation. Yeah well what does the important state because it does state that Obama won last thought that on both warped. But it does state that has been very close. Trump is done generally are well he's been competitive but about the whole way the latest polls are giving the a small we thereby. But I think YouTube make that point that there. Well what you're looking at the undecided. The you can't just look at. Six or 8%. Law saying there on the audit also have the 8% and so. That's they're going to vote for Ron Johnson in slide in the states. In the wallet. And which which sketch that that kind of on the cited. You know not sure the votes are Oreo. A voter all's well one of the nature candidates. Really close to about sixteen and 18%. And and so yeah it becomes very but you know both candidates at some actual votes that's the third party candidates are out. You know you've got some people who who can't stand point. They are Republicans. But they don't want to vote for trot. So comfortable voting for the third party candidate you some people can't stand strong. They might be Democrats or independents. But they don't want a boat was either so they are parking their votes with one of these or Hannity so you know the thing about there Saturday. Is. You know their votes are in layers that are very complex. Depending upon how late do. That's generally in presidential. Election. Or party candidates. Who aren't part of the debate. About the will city for the spot. It's possible that that. We still have a lot of solution and decide it's like with both candidates. That the third candidates will hold. I think that's one of the more interest and things to watch. And and wounded said Johnson was pullen had 7%. Away from me Hispanics. Brought forward this morning. I would've thought. You're on the Hispanic voters are really angry and they're coming in men out. But are bred this morning. Regardless of what trump says about Hispanics. Certainly bear any growing. Populations. Through their growing registration. A broad prove those that are gonna vote in those voted early. They said there's no change whatsoever and there will not be what are your thoughts there. What you know it is well Barry Bonds stake. You've got a lot of Hispanic voters in this country who were in Texas. And didn't tell form you fortune apple basically Mexican Americans can't. But but neither party is making big effort to win the presidential race in Texas California. Because vote. You know they feel like Texas go public until Ford will go democratic. So there's not special effort being made there. That yet but yet it's state by state a state like Arizona. Colorado. And why are. Most wins the battle. Become the most important ones and Hispanic vote out. Competition. In each one of those states to somewhat different. And the reason why it is whether they would try out the polling is that if what Hispanic voter was born in the United States. They are much less inclined to vote what the editorial board outside of dole also available on activities with well with it well we like called Hispanic vote. You know when it's set also it done but won't win it by epic. Market. The Washington will she win it by big march in little Bobble the wildly five years ago. And at this stage in the game the polls show and it'll probably be about the day not an epic. All right good the big break here would come arrived back for the wrong approach or your arm political analysts. Wrong it is a new independent oh world we're not pro Hillary you forward and one. Questions comments Gibbs called Jews in general 1870. Twos and zero. 187. It's a good deal of tunes two days before the last debate drugs and and true today. When you Judah is booked for the election. LeBron proves true where there's some political analysts president of the class is from search group. And Litsch rob a little mindless sort of caller Tim and to go to girl the wrong. Thanks go one on. I just want to throw the question but do you think that. Putting Arizona. And Georgia and play particularly with Michelle Obama going there as well we'll make a significant different sort of brought the voting pattern. Well Arnold though you know to what extent actual ball visit well we'll let that as a presidential elections and so but he extolling but. But powers though. You know has certainly given signs there to play and Bill Clinton has a shot that which is which is important because Arizona State. That move that Romney care was the king terror to be from a tourism and put. But from the Kerry last odd and it's one of the state patrol that really needs to win and it is torture. Hold the Nazi figures show. Well we torture but I happens in any thing in the last week so little city but. But if Clinton can win. Those two states are either one in the states. It's it's so it's a pants on patrol. Thank. I do to them. I did I know the polar Joan Sullivan North Carolina. Clinton from birth to hide bud board trump does Todd because of the big boots from evangelicals. I got an article pull back lands week. Declaration by American evangelicals. Concerning Donald Trump and I mean it is a scathing rebuke of trump. But about a 150. Named reverend and a Christian leaders. Izzy evangelical votes split is sued they're gonna vote for. Well the polls show that white evangelicals. Still voting for Donald Trump there in big numbers. But there is you know some considerable. The finish in the bottom some evangelical leaders and potential flaw leaders. Not so much that they won the four. For Hillary Clinton both whether or not they wanna actually vote for trot so so there are some that are in the air. Where and when it all comes down to a trouble still carry. White evangelical voter. Ohio Rhode from dissolved by four. A lot of lot of that is attributed. To a big increase in independents is that. Indicative believable high or is that something that beginning to move. Well there are independent all over the country and often times what happens. That that you have to watch for years. Is spoke the political party. That saw wrote ball on an actual election often times a lot of their borders. Stop calling themselves. That party and got. Themselves as independent. Other words we saw it last time a presidential race Republicans kept saying. All the polls showing that more in other polling more Democrats and Republicans. In the reasons because a lot of public is saying they would independent. If you thought a significant number. 00 voters in this country. Who. Consider themselves Democrats and independents. You know for a day by day. And consider themselves. Republican and independent state but they're so law. So it looks like they're parties labor camps open it's at point eight. They don't want to be up for a vigorous saying that they're independent so let off it's the independent shop. But the point you're making auto. These on the Wednesday it is is that they'll forward Kris. Independent registrations. And I think it's two reasons one it's it's people aren't happy with either presidential candidate. Remember to a lot of young voters as they register. Oh registry gets in there. I mean. How mud drugs swing voters at this point. Oh well I think the the key swing voter in the country today would be sort of chatter right. Oh. White. Educated. College educated. Men and women in particular. Where the swing voters. Leo white college educated. People who voted far. The rob. While they carried that that category that cooperative in trouble. And that's really the swing vote critical vote right now in terms of Donald Trump's possible. Hum. From his have been talking about large deal voter fraud. Is there any evidence of an end and judge does just bringing that up affect the election one way or another. Well a far should have to know what trawl. Is referring to when he says the elections shall break. Sometimes the heat policy that pogo flawed from probably just ties that you are. You know the establishment against him and more recently he constitute immediate against. And so point. He's making a lot of time just by that. Votes will be stolen. But that the election has been bought up by the media. To which really took effect voting but. In terms Lou you know evidence of actual vote for. I don't know that there's any evidence at all or the selection. But actual vote for me in every election stick with close election you always slide problem. And in double that they before actual criminal trouble that they just stupidity. And incompetence sparked. But. But the voters there's no reason to believe. He had. And and of course there's the issue will sharper back in the end acting. Voting systems they had. Paula and the other day on the show. Which secretary of state thought Hitler was it was on your show policy is made of very. Persuasive case that that it's unlikely that you trees that grow on one expert states. Or don't go word convicted him of attempted payment is Ron poacher. Political analyst president of the Oakland was from search group. They get about the big election debate two days away on Wednesday 22 days to wave for the elections questions comments. They're called ground 0187. Fred welcome back linger about the presidential election. 22 days where intruders wearing brown video the last thing balding debate. Already were wrong poachers are political analysts. Blood and go back to biz because. I'm amazed it hasn't become a much big memory issue. The drug drug drug probe Wikipedia. Emails on Clinton. Talked a lot of about it she was made paid more than twenty million dollars for speeches tests. Between 2013. And the pain. Got 225000. Dollars a speech. Are reviewed them. At that same priorities. M Monday. Have the trend shrimps prolong the meeting with bankers. It and kind of sounds like she's saying well done kinda. Sounds good she is saying something different to them the blood she's saying in public. Has it gotten any legs and if not so why what do you think. Well first of all we have to wonder that get elected president went virtual the man that treat for the inaugural address but. What what the terms of a lot of this has been exposed. What the Republicans call her secrets speeches and and and it is the big issue M and she's gotten. By without taking 00 particularly portrait with that because evolved from troubles the last few weeks. Of course that's what has a lot of Republicans very upset. That you know trump wasn't getting into all these personal matter like that it ends and everybody was focused on Clinton to exudes. It is it could be very they're for greats. And what you think of the meet at this point a broad ago. They got to anger and political and slow groups and analysis. Hybrid froze Donald Trump's accusers. But didn't believe Bill Clinton's accusers. Dude do you think the media is playing a role in shaping does his confidence. Lot like that thing so you know the media. What makes the medium now it's very different there were talking 1020 years ago. Because it's so fractured in so many sources of information. That column on the law on Capel PP in addition we'll put called mainstream media. I mean by that assessment of just watching it. And observers you know last year is that yes the mainstream media is on its cultural and and an embattled simply it's later in particularly soul in outrage expressed Reese. That's certainly advocates in terms of well you know people expressing opinions. I think it is the case some instructions. On hold them in storage structure. So I think that there are two legitimate. Of course. You have other media sources. Such as the Lotto. Two observers talk heroes and and the Lotto. Shows on Fox News for triple. That ability level so that there is some Trump's support the other direction but but you know I think it's. It is an issue they get it's an issue that a lot of voters. Had reacted to get in the course of the skin. Hearted I mean take a little early break Kara Noah only get a couple more men with the Ramona talked about an article that that talks about something that I've wondered. If Clinton or control. Poured some form of furnishing give you Oval Office and both houses you would think okay. Gridlock over Bernard a writer ago. But the Atlantic had an article that challenge of governing with a congressional majority. And says Republicans Democrats please has several obstacles next year no matter who holds the moved seats. And it sounds like even where a majority. You still have the potential blow gridlock. Or get your opinion on that book we come back Dublin via. Are welcome back finger about the election 22 days away. Broad broad issue where there political and run. Britain through nordic and that. One always wonders and hypothetically. It's Clinton or neutral. A majority of fuel. Office and both houses. I was reading an article that said it would say that Clint. And she picked up from the Democrat. To take over now. Well and again there. Is only and these freshmen will be. Absent and so. Thrown their party because they come from Neitzel. In any move by Clinton to goad the sender. Is gonna aggravate the left wing of her party. So even with the majorities. Are pretty good change so group. Well here it is possible you know you know I would like adult but words. In that Democrats when senator. And it is very out of respect and I think their last chance for. Ripped law because aside because they would control over you know but I think you'd. Group. Democratic senators and house members pretty much unified support what the options. The longer she sticks to Banco. You know. A liberal democratic agenda. On the other. Problems like it. I think they would deal auto dispute among republic. In the house of mr. terms of what they may support that doesn't mean that would support enable auto injury issues. By but he gets such. Or relations with well you know. Paul Ryan oh illegal bunch of Republican senators that would be more difficult regular monthly. It's so important. And you even have any Democrat would win both parties. Where in the Republican Party be fighting so in the house just like they have been the patents. Well great they probably would go vote but it was resident Mike guesses they would they would be happy unite against are all. As opposed to well if trump will prisoner. They would they would they would probably split optional part. But you know a lot of it depends on uh oh. How well Weydert. You know. If you're Hillary Clinton wins by two point. That's one thing you would spot twelve point that's what ails. I'm Donald Trump wins by four. It's going to be a product of an option that most people so wat so so troll. You know what the land slide or trop option that would help with the system is really hard to measure the sport. Oh boy of what are you seeing here and a early voting is is it over. Across the country there's still some states doing. Yeah there still some states doing at the end you know a pretty high percentage of voters. Say that they intend to vote early. All before Election Day so being so so that's become an increasingly important part of well all politics. Politico article today. Early voting revealed warnings signs for trump. Democrats are ahead of their 2012. Pennies and shoveled say it's you being on the B can report to lose a consummate political who's pretty liberal. Give any credence at that Agilent. Well there are. I think the date and there are basic those conclusions on its probably about light and and that is you know what's what's happening. But. That a lot of knew where. A campaign. That probably put. More organization that money at the now spectrums you know it ends twelve would really be too. Sort of alive on the back the what a lot of trees. Republican senate candidate should Italy and so states particularly states like we'll audio. Pennsylvania. And yeah and guerrilla war. You see anything it's that troll king dude should turn it around during the debate to attract more women voters. Well while our Auburn news on that very well what awkward point it will. What he's gone I mean I would. I would figure out what way do. In one statement. Apologizes. Explains. What we should. Tories aren't in that the gap. And the focus on partner should talk about chain bought about. Economic. The would like to help Yale law. 238. Days. That he could do very well. All right Robert. They don't discredit what boom for a illusion Huckabee Bogut your lunchtime politics told and probably every day. The total one side politics dot com is wary of just send your email and we'll stop and figure. Can do do shows about should thank you again have a great day. Recovered right back stay with us double dubbed Leo brigade celebrity AM 1053. FM. Don't glories scooters and acts. Could serve as the presidential campaign. Could train wreck you don't know what do you don't. Want to watch but you can't help it. Long way and think I could if I was just how to. Stewards Edward good review of religious controversy. From the candidates in the media. And big feel like indeed the information returned signaled the same bold thing of course. You bold talk about the saints Greg performance against the Panthers. And the rest of the season. So. Very Marge worth staying tuned for scoot. Have a great day and this is dubbed it a BO thanks to John wicker and dale and Cindy and the who put this show to ago.