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10-17 4pm Bobby & Mike: on Saints-Panthers

Oct 17, 2016|

Bobby & Mike break down the Saints' win over Carolina.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

After I don't know everyone and welcome to another edition of the sliding catch you know my take your obviate there. And I from the soon or a slip a casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi couple that this will be here until 630 tonight. And then we'll purposely radio network going to be Saints coach if you would head coach on pay. And it's just that I don't be wide receivers coach John Barton and then Monday Night Football right here. On the big gate seventy home this late in the NFL definitely help it beat New York Jets plane the Arizona Cardinals. And up on the day two and three at this age what sites. You know at this point. Make it that this team can get the seven wins I thought they'd be 322. With preakness day. It was a shoot out like basically every game that I think you going to be involved with exactly that. And you know again he you've got what you got on the defensive side of football. It's a football team that's 31 in total defense. Second in total office spoke. Maybe listen this is the re run we've seen what the last three years you can put up 33 point six points a game yesterday you gave up 38. And you averaging 31 points a game yesterday yet the school 41 to win. Bottom line is. This game should be being closed. Gave up they want what you will wanted to make it close but you won. And in the end that's what all that matters you put it dug up what report back to back wins I had the kansas'. Well. I'd like. You know say thank god the Drew Brees Anthony. You know that the bottom line is that it. We knew it up 4838. Game at 3730. You gonna win some and you lose them so what does that mean you live under. 7988987. I think that's correct now with the courage and going forward now you got he got to continue to do this. We end up being plus what but he game replies to put his feet and eternal. Mark in Carolina's minus eight. And he thirtieth in the week in the last year he won't hurts that a person plus plus morning wind yes so what do you brake pedal down and the one thing that was outstanding if they continue to do this. Were outstanding offensively and keep it to live on third now. Carolina. Could not sustain anything. As fourth converting on third down. There were three of 1127%. I thought he did it to do that. And placed out red zone defense and it wasn't as good. Against the Panthers and that was if the Chargers are really in this that you think coming out but. There are only twice ever present and we were eight of 65 it was that they'll that that's my hats and atop the pit stop all that illegal third now. But it you look at Drew Brees and showing that he still has nothing left in the tank. If this is the way we're structured. Is it's unbelievable. What he's been able to achieve. If you look at Drew Brees. In the records. Mean it these are records we gonna feel like I've rarely had a Drew Brees is now. If you look at when he does go down the list is OK if they want think that this morning one. We had 304 yards to our office to the first half. That was the Bulls Carolina have to allow in the first half and guess what. Says the Saints did it to him and get it to damage it today in 2012. They had 360 yard. Did that help with Barber's 23 yards total offense. The morning first time since 2006. You wanna talk about Sean Payton and coach Carmichael and all of our all of it does that what they've done. Know they've been the best and about the league's best you've reached at least 500 yards on offense 21 times over a decade that's been number one. I mean it that you Thatcher according to an opinion that the fact. If you look at it also at least through to a belly 300 yards and a contest. He extended his old NFL record. The 53 time in his career that he's both at least thirty completion guess what that also is that NFL more. Now if you look at the third best total in the NFL since 2006. Game winning drive. Are you coming up clutch. Drew Brees now has the 28. When this thing it's have been high on their loose and he's brought him back might think about that twenty times as their best at 2006. You look logical path that the bickering or forty. They get done throughout his that if a real of the but the thing about this. NFL record his fifteenth career four yard passing game. Guess who's recchi is ruled Peyton Manning. So you look at this give them a while what he's done all you whites only act through I think his arm. Oh quite a right arm he can't get the ball well white just dumps it off all the time. I'll know is that 87 yard touchdown. In that 98 yard touchdown indices and over of books that vs the Raiders. Those are the two longest pass late in the NFL this season. I don't look at all the quarterbacks that that's that's on the hit three or four years ago he did that now. At the two longest athletes so all of Drew Brees is critics how could you go and get status force him push in the ball on the puke but that's what he's been doing. And the proves to the putting now I'm a little concern right now. What's gonna have a when it is Pete. It's rock north at the left tackle position and get O'Neal some help yes that. You almost have to game plan a to help a mile because he's going to be I think at times. A struggling. You know to get it done against the Chiefs went with it be in there so when I'm sure sharply Democrats that would you help what do tied in her chip with a back. But if you look at connection. And Drew Brees threw the ball to ten different receivers. You tackle on a white guy we all know would be the it would bring and they cook unbelievable point five yard Aric 173 yards a look at Michael Thomas. Who just came on board. You know that Drew Brees had a perfect passer rating when he threw it to Michael Thomas. Five targets by receptions 78 yards whose perfect. I mean so. The reason why am telling me there's hope there's a lot of in the tunnel. It's because the Drew Brees and I think we need to appreciate that. Wary that must. Possibly. You know he contending for the NFC south. And that and that it's gonna take I think we can appeal and I it to policy a week in and week out every game. What would it achieve about a touchdown favorite right now. And I don't know if it's gonna be where we got a B plus one or gets in takeaways and we play well a road defensively. Look at them that the crucial game we had against the Giants. Now we fell short and have a look at the two largest impact that the kids so we can just take the weight of football you couldn't. Kind of almost hide the argued given up but it he's gonna be if you shoot out type game and you have that significant stop. They can't Drew Brees continued to play great. It's not really great you gotta be a hall of fame ring at the plate great to me K is because it truly. The continued its winning streak at now to Gainesville Leo beat real on the road to Kansas City. On the tail like like in the cities that we be structured the Saints have not done well against teams. Like the Texans and Ravens won't know the certain way gas and she's a built exactly. Connell along those same lines of those teams in the past. And I've given this football team well wait on it throughout and look at Zach Strief well he's played in this state uniform his worst game goes like it nightmare was against the Chiefs when they came to the superdome there weren't very good and it was just the news that but it gave up three sacks this whole deal and all of our whole match up right. Both bills doesn't go off like the last time he did will be back by the way but you know a quick you'll win all. Ellis results it's aware but the last I'm deeply in the dome all Somalia that not the Arnold attack India absolutely. The destroyed him in that game we'll talk about another body got making a lot of money and he showed up big yesterday despite the fact he didn't get a quarterback that. Cam Jordan what thought played outstanding game as dom and up against the Carolina camp this ball with the second initial run at the break you all. It negates that. The vacuum on the second guess you'll like it that your body alive from the so was that the casino. He cited Hancock county Mississippi I definitely help ready Jack or opinion poll. The campus loss to the slates Cam Newton. Gave another short beverage frustrated news conference should pro athletes you forced to answer media questions after a gain. You can cast your vote at their PWL dot com while all I can answer that now almost gonna ask you you've been in that spot you want somebody who tapped the break. A lot in the locker rule you would. While that you can be ticked off at all what you got to the technical all our our regular it would be an athlete. And even if you give a boring answer it does give and it took almost like. Yeah I know he's frustrated Andrew Luck with the Colts. Russell Wilson Russell Wilson. Look at that play and look at that interview that he did. Maybe because the Seahawks with that plan Rolf the global win against the Patriots. Look at Anthony gave it was like what half an hour after. This that you got to bail that handled that that's part of the deal and and the whole thing we can't unit dealer anything in this who bowl. That was almost like a mirror image of this global both the global and if view what he did after the safety. He's not cooperative you gotta Mike C yeah out of this thing you're not the right guard. What were you keep the you know it just an animal. Coming out the KGB got a you got to bail to talk to the immediate effect of the character and look out Drew Brees handled themselves. I mean Drew Brees has been humbled before but you got to know eat you know who's got a little if they. To me. It's gone and we practice. Left a lot of ability and he's arrogant and any anything arrogant but it does you know well as arrogant Jay Cutler. The quarterback for the Bears but he can't play. Aaron Rodgers you play this thing is you get more of them leeway can't you can't play. So that's why they kind of get away with it but. The bottom line is that you have to know it goes with the territory I don't know if cam you know learning keep it that oval experience. And he's frustrated because it's like golf or tennis. It's a team sport and a lot of times. You know when you wedding you could be Superman picking up the caveman. It's sort of thing in in an act everything's going in your favor we you know when you gonna get a lot of blame where you might word about it. And hell I got blog format right left tackle they get their ass looked every game but he can't he can't say that colliding with those guys to perform for. So you got to understand the situation that your name and you get rewarded financially. Social you got about the handle the territory and I think cam. To meet Dick truly who I think can use to unbelievable. And the but he have to that you learned that Eric he's truly could develop. In that type quarterback and he can be when it's physical talent. That that's part of the deal you handle the media also. Jake DelHomme to Minnesota and Nicky you put it right somewhere. In my life. When I agree to play quarterback. Ice on signs something that I didn't really sign that I would have to handle things differently. Playing the quarterback position. That you knew we you'll quarterback. You would have to handle things totally different that you would if you were a quarterback or middle linebacker aren't offensive tackle. Media wise you signed up fort well for how long. Don't think about this whatever it apartment native Carolina continues to struggle and it Riddick and you can if they don't know ward would get a far Ron Rivera. Instead general manager and look bull of a bit of bad spot because Ron Rivera was on the high C two years ago and they wanted him out and it's a continuous process though. Him and encampment to understand the situation. But the thing. The Carolina secondary. Stuck to it helps but it's worth it we got the backing off because witness saint with entries we'll look out he's handled themselves. I read it finished about where they can you. Yet it just look at you handle your situation and in my report via the Kohler to break right now. Let me tell you I think it's about who read that part of lethal marry who read it I'm not there yet your iron from money yet I'm not there yet. And any date with drew did how security was game all of almost like he was nor against air. If you look at Drew Brees what he did his Fauria completion. We're drops. And others think alike always writes like an. Or you know he's gonna get here it's on at the plight of the day which is actually evening at throwing at a target. He was 39 up 44 as the real I mean and I just hope to build on our article I have to get rid of it. But when he had time January with colon 39 of 44 foot quarterbacks it okay etiquette air it in a way. If it did the training camp all NBA it's everything else they couldn't get with no pressure on. More with this international right now that is news Rick Chris Miller. Welcome back that it's like you guys show might be thinking about the event alive from the so let's look because you know we decided Hancock county Mississippi. Who dat nation decorative wants the senior to a slight home game. Just listened to call it Robinette. From ten to 1 PM when you hear when the Saints go marching and Powell June 6 so wins that's too sick so. 9467. For your chance to win tickets. The argument that it's Thursday in the saints' next home game against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday October 30. Listen and win. Saints tickets from all of Robinette Thursday's 10 AM to 1 PM on site radio definitely out but gonna put a big John in that city big John you know how to with obvious might. An element of line Monday has been. And again congratulations to Baylor. Or. And practice second hail. Of the LSU football game that book like a world but Ross via small it up more to business but. That that seems looking more and more alike has become an analyst rusty and that's that's cause for hope of course all the tiger nation. Bomb. You won't guys mentioned already important. And that he really unity at the end. For. And at said he couldn't get respect and that's true but. That kind of makes you almost hope. A little bit in his defense and despite the about the only Ed Reed or corner upon the old. The whole idea that it blocked and more what there is that once you open right it gets back off when the far. And gets himself into playing shape. This these fans I'm mark with so it's gonna be calm well you know all shut them beat that's what you're gonna see some improvement because. Whatever we got cracked on quarterback that's when the captains will fall short or come off our target. Only had time to throw the heater was unity. While I was getting those chances of getting those interference call stocks. Well especially. We didn't get open broke to buy it and I'll make play on his level if you look of fairly. And you know you fell well ease ease playing contract year with the what he's still getting it done. Now collected a big part of us that now with three consecutive games. At the first time in his career now he was credited what happens that with Darryl now. When that occurred but. If you look at it yet you know who you're Russian. And and it what occurs when trying to get after a pulled the quarterback that anabolic finally got his words that. You drop it is appointed we brought in the round Paul Robert. In his it in the net because the group animal aboard but I'll look at it and at a volley. The decrepit and you know he's the reports that guy. Looking at a training camp maybe getting an opportunity. That separates acts that. At that that opposing quarterback I think he's a week maybe against the run overall. Inside but he can't rush the passer in yet what does that you don't like cam Jordan at big John. I mean the bottom line is whether it was a runner past Leighton. Carolina struggled. Really effectively block. Rush the passer like he says he had a couple of hits for Kerry batted down pass. And that's it he's. We don't have a problem that would detonation. We need more production. They can't yard. Now you wanna Seymour may be sacks because that simple like house and shortening the we usually look with the what do we are at the end the Rolen. Are the path I'll always took it and jar is one player. And every NFL team will one. And I think we'd be starting off. Park everybody yet can't jarred is that good. So lucky he's worth the money we invested in him then as a indicates the players but can't jarred is by far. In Ottawa with a bargain but he lipped out his contract and not stealing money. You get through it. But this in the game oh. Learn ideas. Right now at a later Roberts and that day went on past about. Him. You will words we felt like. Robertson out of that. Night. Oh with Robertson in the middle linebacker in our own aside. Tell you what Mike. Not to speak far. He's shown he may be the best biggest talent that they about the but he will be streak in the and that's one reason why people like all of us. Mr. nice guy but you know you get some players and they will too. So important that way too and that's something that it infect the rest seem well. While John it is it is mental capacity. That with that Cardinals while while the graph which you in the NFL level UK I'm actually you know what you doing all the time. I don't even know I'm not meeting rooms and now which I'll watch it they'll they'll linebackers. But I would say. Every. Middle blood that's it more would have an odd day that he hasn't had any. But every middle but the bars and act guarantee you the but I've. Got no help to do. At what your responsibility. And you know what you can't worry about where you pick him at this they doll you really just reduction got a half but that's why morning. And Robertson instant war or in the lineup. And you know I think jog and you talk about Shelvin rank it's going back. It an upset as before I'm kind of interested because I know he can play and the coaches know he can play. It is like that now elevates not that we need to take that next step if I'm Pat Robertson Ellerbe on the field at the same time they help the fit the prop. And 37 possible games he's leading up. Last year just like seven games. On there in years. That's unbelievable and then you can't get over here it really really good at we made him what is it like 3.2 million somewhere around that so. I mean guys about that but element that Connick guy. That everyone in the NFL. No you can play. But like at us at daddy's help when he well lit if he's not available hopping you've been held accountable. You gotta be available. Now if the Cubs in here. Go on a follower not a note the Chiefs game Marlins three Cubs and it tells me that the Hawks game be cute but I mean to things mentally embraced them. But he almost noses talent level. Yet another job if it doesn't pan out and a joke and have an opportunity but I don't know that might fit. Heatley I liked it via net session we have it now Allah be on the couch what a psychiatrist. And what it is mindset. That's more of his contribution. And playing and being available because that's like our reward I've said that before with the help of the contract. Couldn't get off the with the Ravens. I Super Bowl run. He was a playmaker and he was there. And get all the study gets me about it golly that's hurt in. And in the Dolphins OK we get it going in the direction Jeff Ireland is that reasoning he had met this guy can play I'm telling you any. The late Mike I tell you all the years I've played since 1983. And it talk about football I've never seen a player as good as that now Ellerbe and never be available army. I would like it that cracked up to it now hopefully will contribute this season job I don't know the exact volatile as I don't know I mean. So it was wrong with this or that I don't know would you be available. At a rate of vacate all but he thanks so much. You. Welcome back to the second issue Mike it to you Bobby bell from the so was slip a casino. Beat side in Hancock county Mississippi in the area pummeled by business. Yep the squares up for the Monday night contest between New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals what's next in the presidential election nobody can predict it. He defers to no sign up now for up to be L text alerts. Text the word used to 87870. Message and data rates may apply please don't Texan drive. More with this issue right at this break your own to negate some. Back here on this get shall Mike do you obvious alive from the so was a casino beat sided and it got brownie. Mississippi hit a soulful kid you know lot of wit about him like. You know you guys and corrected it yeah. Yeah I didn't I didn't like the idea that would with a plan called Byrd chipped it dot com. Yeah and I didn't looked full field will be. Were kept it. And it yeah rolled in the putt. Terry told. You know in law. He wouldn't question when we beat cap could not. So fortunate strict main football. It. They. You know what you. Liked him practice like. Oh. Well like it was like water it was like you know them well every practice him. So while it is Q. You know a lot of pot for a at around track. That win with those guys that we have little and just right sunny day. It Roland. If things out ordinary. Couple of sports and ultimately we'll. Look and you'll get that little bit. Yeah I pulled off and a and a McKnight old story right away you know we are. 1980. Playing him I'll let that Michigan again central Michigan last week in week out or do worth it Delanie. Now. World with title like. An average though he's from Houghton. And like all of us that allowed them on the edge and made him go out there. Raiders though whatever but all of these runners are guys can run that they are. You professionally at all of that you treat the Buffalo. But I've been around. Layers that that that I believe athletic ability at the Cubans that are right. There. Oh. And that's what you got with that now I think you got that thing I've gotten like a practice round. Lit him up. Obama Reid meant are you at all and Reid is playing like our whole team. You know and they'd go oh yeah because. Boston did you know and walker that. Think we bought the team that can bail on him. Oh because likely. To reap the no it. Can't be it would be out. The only thing I don't in the third spot at 130 a night game at that point. You know it that yes like it and they did it. There's nothing. And that's what I.