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Oct 18, 2016|

This hours guest: Could self-driving cars be the answer to hurricane evacuations?  Believe or not the government and several auto makers are working on such a plan.  Would you evacuate in a self-driving car? Laura Bliss - Staff writer for CityLab-The Atlantic

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I know all you're gonna rule guides and land that many for the show. In fact I've got evidence of Bernard project more opinion poll would you like to wait for hurricane in the self driving vehicle. 100%. Say no it didn't surprise me but but keep in mind on this a little review if it's a thing tac. And and we tried to buy and being that we number one hadn't thought about number two may disagree with the don't think it's gonna happen. But I have had at least the Reid physicists that Britain boats over the last couple years. Talking about acts but doing actual speed of growth of technology. And they big rampant imagine a hockey stick. Laying down on its side booted the short side up. In the grass it is as progress in technology moves along the bottom of that stick. It's hard to really decide April we don't notice it that much Pope when he hits the oft reported that steel. It can move. In times that we can't even. And remember. I have the Jolo and that weren't for a seeking jobs. Given the job and doing away with the language going to Europe. Taken as cell phone speaking in English having it speak from whatever language. That they would country they were and and that person speaking back trends related in the English say couldn't. Over drew three year period. And they came back in numerous Apollo bald dome ballclub that we're going to be fired somebody said can we double at supper. And the head of the projects a juror. And somebody's set on which said damned thing meeting the bone in the center of the cock principal. Could tell us where the nearest pizza yeah that's an boards told them. In somebody's said who was back. And they looked at each other than they ask it again and it said it again and they realize they came at me it came from the phone. And they wouldn't Steven Jobs excited look at this week devote software. Too willing to talk to respond story. Steven Jobs alleged rape that bordered on the market. It took over two years they didn't know how they did it. The X good to an actual speed of the technology. That they were working we're. Moved so fat they got a product. That they certainly found in pursuing a lot of potential. But no way to implement so we're all of that says. All the bringing god do that's all over this article in the Atlantic basically. Skin. Eight hurricane evacuation. There there are people around the country thinking about that in the future. Lucky enough to have the actual author Laura pleased with the staff writer. Stood elaborately Atlantic Laura thank you so much for the time. It's a pleasure. Needless to say April the New Orleans and Louisiana where interest in hurricane. Wage and you mentioned in your article what we all moved lower in Georgia Carolinas got slaughtered by map you. 33 dead billions of dollars in damage. And you mentioned debt that is in the future might be a sensual and Sharon to a little bit of the problem. Of how we get certain people out. But you also mentioned the US Department of Transportation. Is actively looking at the shrine. I mean I would say that there there in. Order. That entered earlier that cord. A little Ott and mean (%expletive) right there at different. About it made it well. You know let people like me you're not jiving car. Card that that and you. Know we need to count. Answered technologies that are. Batter per eating them kind of like it did vehicle about an article. And neither vehicle where where you know they're humans can actually be behind this. The cart might be connected to information networks. Delivering important piece it's they. Pretty pretty. In the context of an evacuation. And then they'd. Meet decades the future we might. You know be seeing vehicles act. Actually taking it out of harm's way and and it does it. And you you even mentioned that to. People who are proven drive and do very huge medical limitations. All all the people. That oftentimes. Come regular bar and the last ones to be picked up and current case and yeah. This symptom sub assists and was even partially. Implemented in the future than they would benefit greatly with the you know. Yeah I mean I think that when you know you start to think about the potential benefit. Connected vehicles and again even further in the future well I mean it vehicles. Absolutely no patent you know so personally and you know covering Hurricane Katrina. It's it's it's there it's really tough situation would be in and you don't have a vehicle and and that the only way you have about. Linear and and they're having a girl I. You know public services that. Now he and extremely easy access order to get information about. So so yeah I mean thinking really creative and passionately and perhaps even a little you're at right. And shared a permanent yet call that. Could function sort of like chattel right that would be able to go into neighborhoods. Safely. And kick people out or or that you know people could go to designated. I'm location to. Two and access. And that that seemed to have a lot as. A lot of credit exciting potential or are you out their eyes and car situation. Aren't don't go where you've got to take a break Q do you for a few more movement talking jewel Laura blew his staff writer for city lab. As the Atlantic video of journalistic web site would Berry Berry Berry could bread and tension. Which is talking about the possibility in the future. Hurricane evacuation being emblem and it would self driving cars and trucks and ex amber. Ironically and we'll talk about it when we come back. Whenever I'd look at these kind of reports are always than people who we can again talk about his. If we can talk to the author reluctant. Laura. But in the middle of the story belong bowl you know just maybe you didn't relish too. Has aids center for a dying to abrasion in French rotation Brazilian. City. That more coming up that stables. I know I know hard to believe but were to think about the potential. In the future. Of hurricane of language from being so planted with the supplement that. Or maybe and do distant future totally drive loose cars. Driving those out of hurricane much better than week and today. Think about all this sort can now we have the author of the article. Bob where are routed to in the Atlantic Laura blues staff writer. Person of the year delay and beat Atlantic. Laura being in the Euro article. A real answer Belichick who has a similar for a expected wage and transportation. Resiliency. Or they starting that as to where. May be there's some problems. Laugh and totally sure to what extent you know real research is being done. Like a permanent scars per say but one of the things that they're starting about and and actually work have you at arm it's Agent Orange is. Looking at Hal. What we call connected vehicles. I start to help improve it back situation though. It vehicle declared earlier is is on the level scored only permanent cart either cars in which. To communicate it. Sensors that are attached to pieces that road infrastructure or even with other RQ. Learn about things like Shaq said and wrote Panthers and and even you know I think in the context and things like where you know the cop or shall there. And yeah acting absolutely people started. Out. You know if you had at certain sort of critical. You connected vehicles. That and are able to alert the driver about. Traffic hazard and you know important resource and you actually see potentially. Singing. He pretty crazy congestion. On the highways and it's. I mean this is that in this era radical step because it. You know people people done Ali act that they normally do and in you know urgent situation. That there are not that these kinds of cars. And yeah there's that there's that possibility. And we've got. Pro government back we probably your best program troops as a factor where additions in the country. For any kind of bug catastrophe is in you quoted the executive director of one. Saying here in Louisiana and a bad day so drug ring bosses who would be a huge factor huge benefit. Fluently I mean I think one of the things that was Keeley wrapped Roy and expect detractors back each year. I'm act which it was just that with the accusations. Nor islands and and yeah I think one thing that she really excited about it or how. You know not only can stop driving vehicles or even expected vehicles any any kind of vehicle allotments. Credit Smart in that spectrum. That not only in addition it real potential are back and real emergency situation you know. Big extra arm but also an intricate and it's dated date. The data de. You know rain and answered it weren't normal flooding at bats that that they're reaching guilt swept. You know just just having pastor Matt. City about the that are able happened this kind of information. Would it be helpful and and potentially lifesaving. Final questions. You're in your story was pretty detailed. You talk with the representatives. Carnegie Mellon university. Technology director. And then they'd talked about there's still plenty of hurdles when you got through would this report did you say introducing but still. A lone long wait off. Yes I think that's pretty vague and it actually becomes you like this thing that we are here at parliament car any car we are really built our our our way round. Adding in vehicles and sort of having them. Take it every now. And that's that's still did even in normal to under normal conditions are probably. Decades down the line and tell me about you know. Moving from NAFTA an emergency situation. You know how much testing would need to be involved. Or you know you or anybody that it could really stressed that kind of vehicle in an evacuation procedure. And you know. By definition it's gonna be gonna be hard it can't really out there vehicles and make sure exactly. And either more rare situations so long into it but it really interesting to think about. And potentially an important and in the area and a researcher for that these. These that. Laura blips. Thank you Brooke taking the time Madden calling that's. You have good day. Thank you so much I appreciate the opportunity apathy of. All right time for Jim hens though. Come in right back with the news. Some don't know little different than the intent and word think about dry amber is scars let's see what do you think. That's code to chuck in Metairie drug appreciated the call. Oh thank you girl you don't. Hear yeah I was. I was trying to help them and they come home from vacation a week or two ago. We're gonna go and be our radio and we're talking about the very thing. And there and accurately or inner feeling where the the big league hyper and as a judge you you know about her concern because. That's where the big question right now in the eighteen Wheeler oak. Back. And it would probably. Sorry okay the first tribal. Rig in the Betty. Google hello Google won't bother her border and Tesla. All working on itself drug and trucks. Three and a half million drivers very concerned about being out of work. But you know there was and that it was in the immediate future they gonna continue the drivers in the truck because. They can any of them all the computer equipment and so. Let a bit of news that the. It's interesting to me. We we keep hearing this is a long way at all and we keep hearing that well it's not gonna happen for a long time. A couple of thoughts in go along with that but a couple of thoughts. Our our board can't turn me towards and over it's gonna be about long. Did the head Bloomberg. Was in a big fight with the New York numbered drivers. And they were very concerned and fact they were suing. Over how much money they have to give to Lowber. And there were concerned about reports would drive those cars. Now Nagy 2014. The head of movers sent out distracts. Drivers on Newburgh New York City making 9000. Year. Driver whose cars in the multi decade transition. Let's take a breath and you won't see this happen to 2030. Baht. Two years later. They've got off hundreds. Bribery lose coffers in Pittsburgh. Now a lot of people say. But their bid got a very expensive book crude from all the technology on them. What they're doing. Is all of the things they say a double keepers from driver whose hearts heavy rain snow. Heavy ball. Cars not being able to talk teacher or the running into each other. This is very it's brutal ground and they've got to get it done. Because. They're wagon survive. If they don't get rid of the drivers. So will we talked about an X bit and Schultz beat. I think between these in major. Companies. Moving towards self driving trucks. And more broad with a hundred cards in Pittsburgh. Which puts a little bit earlier than we thought. I think so I mean that the technology to fear and under Germany's RT delay big cost and you know it significant figure thing in the long news you know there's going to be a problem with the probably. I mean probably like and it went well and their ability in a statement element of this that monitor track and trail in the it is unbelievable. It is under them. It can't break under armour. Canned baby words and human brought. And and you know what they were in Germany on the L boss and their running for. My board a lag in for a they put him bird to depart. Thrive on that 900 miles for a war and they moved one unit almost like a train. And you can get out. Ahead in the exit. It's easy to Gideon and now they have ways of doing so. My point is we keep hearing this is a long way law. I'm not component and begin the thing it is an excellent tools of technology. May be catching up with the hole than we thought truck I appreciate the call current. You're a good day. It's things like this sin and I even have moved BBC report here. Talking about. How much he. Averaged jobs things we think of never going way. That soon are gonna be done by its software. And lead the problem be calm and OK if we start taken well these John's. What do we do review unemployed. In you can look it up. Second richest man in the world does not. Buffett. It's a guy in Mexico Corel Corel slim. He is barely eat. Fairly poor than bill gate huge number two. And his company is all over the world are going to three day work weeks because. Of the coming software. Taking jobs away gets complicated. Come right back to a bit Libya. About you broke the news in the lists. Election. Is it and I think kids it's causing a hundred approach certain law. Anger. A lot of people just not feeling good about the world in general. How about a couple of reasons one this lull in one total lack let trial and a little slumped and their. Here's what happened. Advertising. Agency in Canada I think it was an advertising. Agency. Got your idea to go on to regular Canadians. Got good Saturday and agree. America. To be made great begin your already great and one had listened to wanted sound like. If you would please share. Act out what that America may guys and we're just on here and talk. Pretty dire downer I would just say you won't know pink pants. I think yes we know he's got some really big decisions made as you're thinking about your teacher and we just wanted an hour back you guys are you really are hurting you and any heat if you guys are going to. Smith's arts. National parks systems protect some of the most beautiful places on earth and only university. And only your openness and. It just giving an inch over 250. Billion dollars a year is donated to charity that's so wonderful and warm and accommodating those things are tough. If I sleep well and decently written and been an accent in me. I infectious. Containing your gift to the world and sadness anger. Cities are in the teeth aren't really cool and so she asked diseases working your tracks you dream speech. You're blessed to be the best. Creates the land of opportunity where anyone can get anything they want to beat the vibrancy and diversity and the idea regional all insecure and you know only care. Gerald creates through Canada we all love you. You think you've always been a great sense there I think yeah yeah. Did you smile didn't. Canadians got to get over there may have valid commercial say you don't even think about bing made great again Euro already regal sometimes smile about it. And the miss all of his bed use hopefully this one won't make you laugh. If you ever wonder how politics works I'm an idea that says secret just between you were in the if I had a son and I told him you'll married the girl I'd choose. He would say no. If I told Clinton she is Bill Gates dollar. He would say yeah. I called Bill Gates and said on that your daughter to marry my son. And Bill Gates said no. Well a storm Bill Gates was Sullivan is the CEO all of World Bank. Bill Gates said okay. I called the president of the world bank and ask him to make my soul and as CEO. He said no the tone wedeman my son and this Bill Gates son in law. He said okay. And acts exactly. How politics works. Common ride back. You've got a couple minutes could go to a listener dongle on cell phone appreciated call. Carlin I sometimes get you know disgusted and depressed listening to elections stuff but I stopped but are members of the more market street Petri. That brought mark ice bowl talk. If you look over at the recorded history most of humanity. Light has been short nasty and brutish almost everyone like you were top 1% of the wealthy in if you look at the modern day Mary and lifestyle even those that are outlets economically advantaged the vast majority. People lives. In this country right should be extremely grateful for their blessing and I bet she's not nine point 5% of the people who put their lives. Going back to this started humanity. Would give not only their right arm but there right play. So live in modern America and I have. You're absolutely bribed I had occasion while back. Broke through via Vanderbilt home I think South Carolina. Sure I can't think mentioned. Bowling Alley and everything else. In his arm went through it and said we live better and then day. Our brood is better water is more pure. Hit. We have cell phones that the allowance to learn anything in the world and tell them we want to and in your you're absolutely right sometimes and is just good to stop in saying that. Yes we got problems India will always had problems moved continue. But it's still looks like about the best country known and heard there's still blood we have achieved and the more we're trying to do. Like here is not perfect but there is no where else. That I would rather it and absolutely no other point I would rather be. A lot of them right now in America I still think despite our problems we have the best opportunities. And I'd I've regretted bugged. Until I heard that Canadian and it would be him. You know unseating. The injured to pocket about and more. A really hadn't thought about that in Monrovia. Tied in the election nightmare in the economy and all we abuse them. We cover on there showed so. I've appreciated the positive call I've appreciated the positive thoughts and once a legal thing to and it's good to have left pin was smile. Thing we did bowl. Coming up next. Mean that it happened not so laughable. Student. We're gonna get a chance to. Vote in November as to whether or not we want your birds a news. Or the legislature. Jews said tuition rates. But we'd forgotten about the gigantic. Open in the room does student may make all those kind of book. Minor conversation Borg and think about boat. Coming up acts.