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"Go For Two" Episode 7: The ever evolving hierarchy of NFL quarterbacks

Oct 18, 2016|

T-Bob & Seth discuss the evolving hierarchy of NFL quarterbacks. Is Aaron Rodgers truly still elite? Did Cam Newton ever get there? Plus, they think conference favorites have separated themselves from the pack. Who are those contenders? Listen and find out!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the goal for two podcast with the T Bombay there and south Dunlap. Yes it's 2016. Or week seven is in week seven of the national. Football league recording this on it's Tuesday October 18 and set to happy Steve Bob Hebert and follow on Twitter I'm Matt set to a lap he's at Tivo up 53. And right up front also email our show. Go pursue podcasts at gmail.com you can store that too on a spell out or you can just type number and to less than double the email accounts just in case so over to podcast you Nabokov. Trying to get these podcasts out about an hour's Brennan to our story. Cents a click buttons. Yeah. The biggest like coming out of this Sunday. A lot of talk about Aaron Rodgers and his struggles and we want a broaden the scope of this discussion to. Elites or supposedly elite star quarterback's. Struggling really struggling this year obviously Aaron Rodgers and this has been more than this year at the Hughes struggled. As Tebow do get into in just a minute but also we have the likes of Cam Newton is lowest rated quarterback in the league at least as far as guys who have qualifying attempts. You got Andrew Luck. Com public that is had last year is struggling still a little bit. Russell about throwing touchdown passes he's excelling and everybody asks well now there's darkness out that's got. Station starts. With the fact that Joseph Flacco is a 34 rated quarterback and video entirely. So that's a sign that all league quarterbacks there on that nice right now yeah get a little shaky of course you also have Sam Bradford this. And you know really struggling for an elite quarterback. I talked about last week and or not and now are not go down that road and also looking at passer ratings of reference fifth in the NFL cut. I actually have missed that an area felt and how well this is dumb this is just the right is like this he would he would via that I McGraw blows go up on this list. Tress way I guess who's upon her for Washington to clean the it's got a second highest rated passer in apparent now. But but yes it did Brad Bradford just thought Bradford might be taking Aaron Rodgers lead spot. Now again no we're not quite there yet but I'll get what does this. Lay out the case for why you think there's an air pressure. As he. Receded from the ranks of the leak permanently well I mean that's. OK so there's a very interesting article linked to me through the admin QB Monday column where it's. It's from Milwaukee sentinel journal story local publication waiting your reading about it team are subject it's the local reporters are writers that. Really know that subject and most it's really no best. And this was written before the loss to the calculus which Aaron Rodgers did not play very well a couple of red zone turnovers. Just really mean thirty to sixteen press guide companies put it on him Susan written before then but it's got laid out a case where year. If you look at the past twenty did the past 22 games for air Rogers he has. He's been average. I mean EEE he's been every day and it's one of those things where. He still does things that no quarterback can do right some throws that he's able to make. They're they're still serve like all of jumping up in the air he delivers a laser accurate tight windows X senator but. On the lawyer and and he's still buzzing like he's able to. He's understanding of the game calling all levels draw people outside take advantage of those free place like. East still is not easy by no means an average or better quarterback but he is most certainly not performing. The same way it has in now for about 22 games as has Drew Brees has has Tom Brady. That we normally thorough Aaron Rodgers in there right I mean he's the next one on the list easy his performed. Like a Ben Roethlisberger when you look at his past per attempt. I think it's down to like six yards over the past 22 games. Completion percentage about 56%. Yeah this is a very our existing agenda Ryder headed dugout which had to do with the first down yardage dreaded mean I've decided to successful offenses. Really a lot of times how successful your first down because it sets your upper right it's obvious to be it football. Did you have second ensured there in short your chances success grew up. This past what did you games or past two years exhibit the Packers are 31 no we. And you first down average last year and this 32 in the league percent average is your show. There is any melting pile of evidence that Arabs not backward either good quarterback. But it. He's not the quarterback that we think go look normally when we just. Say oh yeah Roger Davies best you know and how much of it goes back to how much are we still judging their rogers' body. The Super Bowl a year in the immediate after years where he was that year to year MVP type of level. And it just statistically speaking hasn't been there now in Iraq defense and make noises all bit overblown is. On the whole the Packers are still winning. Like therefore you are right and people are panic team up like the wheels have audio playoffs and there's still big files last year. Now it is interesting because he was kind of help a lot but it wasn't to hail Mary's last season three players. Last year but up both but it is is so it's. I guess I'd bring it up more this not to say like is that he's bad but he's just that. Sometimes. We get so used to. Mean locked in. To an idea of who the player is wrong. And they do it over a number of years are you become accustomed to it you just give them the benefit of the doubt. But at this point it feels like I'll play it is I think they did people be giving him the benefit of the doubt from 22 straight game. Sure well my counter argument that this is an of course everybody knows the famous Aaron Rodgers. Press conference reaction places Ariel Ajax and then I am a little bit of that mine of this as well because I just don't think you can take gave. And I do think it's just really at a six game sample here. Against really good teams from the city of state lawsuit are a combined ten and one. Sent her nine and one talent there and they're combined tenant on this season. The defense is that. He's played what the cowboys right now the top five ranked defense the vikings right now believer lead second or first rated defense. In the National Football League. And just throwing this out so you say the article you read this Arab Oracle's well and make great points of our goals some at a great points with some I think a little bit. So not that he. Skewed statistics at all because you just pick them out but I supposedly trying to warping his argument. Two fits his own narrative with the statistics that he pointed out and that Milwaukee. It was an article you know to go well let me I got. But let me let me give you this. So which of these two seasons would you consider leads and which would you not. 300. 3811 passing yards 31 touchdowns interceptions. Sixteen. 1% completion percentage and an editor or. 3800 passing yards 59% completion rating. 35 touchdowns to interceptions. And a 99 via their Brothers that I sixty's but of period. Guess who's that to those questions and do the first on was Aaron Rodgers and the second one was Camden your ended it yet. So I don't that's why don't buy that he'd just go back to point two games yeah stroke as he struggled this year. Fantastic season last year but this is the problem it's still not up to this standard that Aaron Rodgers had. Necessarily set out when he's looking to add these sixteen games segments I believe. That he is. So OK okay to this day this is more the issue is that. In this article on this where you get into your time out and maybe it's a beta of statistical based information is that he's leaving now the first eight games of Roger's career and then for many minutes sixteen games segments. And he's isn't the fault really started halfway through last season. He gives a Broncos 43% 37 yards had a big game so. We got those first eight games looking at sixteen games segments past sixteen games for Rogers. There's an 83 point six passer. If you look at these seven previous sixteen games segments he was 110105113. 11011598. And 98. That's significantly lower completion percentage for this last segment 56. The last 765666066. X nine to 563. Significantly lower yards per attempt which is being. Great stuff that everybody loves past sixteen games six yards the previous seven you guessed it 8888. Almost 988. So so there is these. And then also the pass RTS 3600 yards the message to give tornado touchdowns like this look those are very good numbers I think theory and good. Veteran quarterback. But that's also the lowest of the segments that we look at and ten interceptions. Were the highest that we looked at so. And and then ultimately Camden there's compares him news ABP's talking from the ground as well wasn't just TV is very good to hear but this into the ground game is what. Brought Cam Newton the next to avoid being said look if this line from the very beginning of the article. Roger should be categorized as a good veteran quarterbacks skillfully to regain his elite form I think. When you look at some of these numbers and it's they increase. Large sample size. That there's an argument to be made that's the case now. What I'm really aggressive sees it this story lines start to gain momentum could it started to a little bit a couple weeks ago that got shot back down. But it is to insert to gain a little momentum. I want to see if Rodgers comes out just starts lighting the world on fire again. How we finishes this year but it certainly it's just. It's it's one of those things where it. We've just give a guy hey the automatic benefit of the doubt. Because it really got. I chose the Packers to win I can't answer that because of M Rogers because the rush defense every talked about they're going to get to cal was which was I was a boy and one that day in a big way. Every bit. But you it was a pretty shocking article is especially considering it's coming from. A local writer who knows that team you know better at one works with him on a daily basis. And he makes some pretty pretty impacts full points. As to that these statistical drop off or Rogers has been. Maybe not shocking but it's a startling to save Elise how. How much of this was specifically Rogers and I want your senses some of the other quarterbacks briefly but how much of Roger stroke was using the weapons the as a random yes just Jordy Nelson and Nelson has been injured the past two seasons. And those entries are taken console scene looked Randall Cobb he doesn't. You factor those injuries are coming freebie argument and of course is tight end situation now I think a pretty good argument that he has. Out of the quote unquote elites quarterbacks in the league or the ones the world eats he has fewer weapons than it remind including camp I would it count. Widger breeze over the last couple of years and I know it looks way better this year because my Thomas looks like campaign. San meteorologist. Did you release me without you breeze like whatever it adds more major reasons on light. I just need and I do not do that to discredit Snead did you works is ass off. He runs really good routes and so many other receivers who have failed liberties I don't make the team better kind of underdog type the characters. But I'm not it's idiots say they've really sees another team. You'd be great. That's that seems receiving corps looks and what is it top court granted to critical straight and a pretty bit but it also. Jordy Nelson puts up cooks type of numbers at least in his Brett Favre did away. But don't look at freeze this year look at breeze. During the years where like the immediate after Jimmy Graham your your pretty quiet it is that both on the breeze went to people bandwagon so. When I don't disagree with I guess my point is it that's the counter argument of the weapon argument. Is that and then hungry right in the what what different weapons does he have. Every single year and gets his crop are members of those banner years where. I hate to name their clinical. That's actually one of the points I was going to bring up look Tom Brady. As we both said greatest quarterback in league history. It's got to dig in anyway at top rate. What Rogers is going through. Is a lot of what's. Brady is gone through the last three or four years post though not last year for. Look grainy like Brady is the guy who's thrown for 5000 yards and 45 touchdowns two touchdowns average season again. Anymore he's just not because and I would argue it's because of the weapons that are around some bright he doesn't have the Randy Moss doesn't happen Wes Welker. And now get that he brought his last year he was. He was right at his numbers I mean in the end Suzanne Vega didn't look it looks like 2013. That would be Brady's worst year in the might don't want is Louis weapons that you're 60% completion. 25 to eleven touchdown interception that's especially on diagonal at the lower were looked like he went through three year stretch there. I'm not that's months I don't know if I'm seeing the three years. Leaving lately these EF 41 foot 4143. The we're in for it but it's an important in his that would probably all of this conversation is it so much harder to judge because of Howell. Out of whack the passing statistics are nowadays right what is 4003000. What you were easy court back there over 3400 yards out like oh man it's kind of via. Especially when he's elite guys you sit there and say oh that's a load productions is as of his music and I think it's RA as we've argued with Sam Bradford I eat quarterbacks should be judged in the system that they are end. So it's you or Sam brat for argument Bradford is not going to throw for 4000 yards. For 6200. Even what money with the game Austin might be right around 3000 Wallace I think he could have. You know an MVP type of season and winners of that but he could have a collegiate season. Not throwing for five I don't. Way I see I don't see a three year debt and Brady's careers that I see it 2013 year goes down you may need this is Rogers 23 team. But the same way that Brady bounced back. From that went on to win us your ball is absolutely I mean look at what he's done in two games this year he's at every team he leads the league right now he's averaging I. 360. Yards for it is to engage in these guys every present a he's completed 70% of his passes so. I look nobody's gonna say Aaron Rodgers isn't going to get back there. This is more to just put everyone on alert. A little bit of just just watch him with them more critical lie and we'd talk about what were the best quarterbacks a lead. Maybe maybe he doesn't do it in the air automatically maybe maybe you have to up. Go into the weeds a little bit look at the details to figure at organ I mean Mitt read your and seizing quarterback rankings I'm sure gonna come out of this battle perhaps this battle but still a Trent Dilfer category is beyond. What I see the day I anybody who give up anything to get him on your team member Russia Iran and and I'd get it and I get it and it's not that he's bad he's still very good. But he is not like. He's not Ken did too consistent a level of injured breeze consistent to a level of Leah Tom Burke releases. So really quickly just I guess bullet point thoughts here on the other quarterbacks are struggling are you were in the same way about Camden. Oh man I mean to hear what what is it to be worried about with the Carolina camp you're talking about. More aggression on every single level of your team offensively. Defensively. Special teams it is it is shocking. At what has happened to this Carolina team and a lot of it starts with Kim and as you pointed out. Lowest rated passer in league again. And the big idea was badly at Calvin did trim back. Mean dominant begin to get out and it just. All of camp or anyone but that's got to call a spade a spade it's important this is not a very good Carolina football team and Cam Newton is certainly. Not looking like the MVP that he was last season Carson Palmer. Showcasing corporate farmers weird because. I think it's actually having a better season than we originally gave him credit for. Upon. Further inspection. I got to. I don't Obama has got to look up by guy got to look upon respect what you. I. Pelosi last night out I'm all give him a little bit of them more raked them in and then Newton and really even Rogers display just because. He's got a very streaky Indiana. Pretty darned volume yesterday yeah. Didn't look overall on the air is numbers still not that that that he would and really the most offensive one would be. The seven times out of five picks and he also six fumbles so. Of course bombers old so so I guess that's that's no for real that that's the aspect to go right we we we expect a quarterback. To eventually just hit that age where the we. Wheels fall and finally for a different reason obviously completely different reason Ben Roethlisberger this judges can't stay healthy anymore and the slowly said in the pre season his injured again panels well he's going to be out. I don't need to be very laundry. Yeah I the and reviewed the weird part is that it's not like Roethlisberger. It I hate stuff like this for players because it's not like he. He's got salt he's played there and seen injuries we'll continue to play guessing injuries he just. And there's preventative measures that you can take in these arguments he made about a ways babies are getting rid of the ball soon enough or is taking too many heads. But dumb. I got some big that's a bigger is now if you watched the film you watch these games he's taking hits the frankly did you should take Smith after being in this league for a dozen years or it was an eleven years. What's the victory gave it to go do you love him can you teach an old dog new tricks does he try to change or does he play how he's always played the same thing could remember the begin to create the same thing the main great that I help the ones who roles was his extending a place. During these ridiculous like Brady shedding these acts and then somehow gave off a touchdown grosso. Can you want. He can he graduated pass that while maintaining his I'll level is just out imagine that can level this message the sooners need him to beat. Because when anything little hole in the AFC cerebral without him Cordero gave me they're one in twenty the next twenty something days to an interesting. Around as that's obviously one they're going to lose now but it's it's the patriots even though it's what led to bomber for us stands and argues he has full strength that you know as a minister it's probably your FC championship preview as long as you ought roster gets back but. Unfortunately for the Steelers because they'll have lost this game most likely. Don't have to go to Foxboro. In January split and if that happens yeah so it wherever they. Ben Roethlisberger still he's still on top his game but and fortunate. And he got injured when exact member men are accessible era story line of the week let's move bought into our. Best players that's. Barbara slides of the week. I tell you man. Absolutely does because it was a fantastic football game that they were so close to a winning is Matt Ryan what he did in the second half against. For my money. After watching this league forum and pretty much every minute of almost every game's a kind of DVR amend the wash through each of them but I think Seattle's best defense in the sleep right now on what Matt Ryan did that second half especially the third quarter. Three consecutive touchdown drives against that secondary absolutely shredded them. He's my front runner for the league MVP. I think that rematch will happen if I had ticker right now I think it's a plan in Seattle the two best teams in the league with the Dallas right there behind them just because of what they do at that offensive line. But Matt Ryan. Unbelievable. In Seattle which so few quarterbacks are. Yeah Yeltsin took a little home cooking to. Pat Taylor out little hope they don't get to pulled off the and they don't broad example. We'll talk about your day talk about the past not pass interference call. On Richard generals like about that gets totally gets the week interview bit Matt Ryan yeah what do you know lots. Last week yeah and he's. He's gonna have to incredible this year along with Drew Brees then then but. Now those three right now at least here 26 team. Those three look like the guys Brady Brees Ryan. He look at the yards per game this is a bit about system type of deal so we can take you with a grain of salt. Brady's at 391 while the trees and wanted to use still breeze and Bryant 346345. Number four on this list. Eli Manning to 98 so did these guys are really separating themselves from the pack and that brings you much of the week which. Like Dick do you dream team that we cover but. Lee getting greater credit student Drew Brees Drew Brees is on that. Forget unbelievable. 46 Rob Kurz that the NFL record for forty yard games. He stated that if all right number three in your games port touchdowns one pick only sacked one time. Did. Not just the numbers though it's the fact. Every team knows you have nothing beyond your breeze. And they still can't stop and say well. All of it was a little bit their weapons on on we set on the wide receiver said they got could no I mean when you're game planning you know that they're sure the ball stripped the hell out of the ball and you got to come up with ways that you just can't not doing there's no right there's not a running there's no running game to speak out. Whatsoever. And increases decision making is do you sell actual actors he's execution that he can't be stuck in a way as this great is his game wise. And I'm happy for saints fans you know enjoy the win. It's thoroughly depressing. Because if he was on. Eighteen with even it. The halfway decent defense. You've been threatening for championships you'd be you'd be threatened play like you wouldn't be making the playoffs you'd be at threat in the playoffs you have to deal he. They were up 21 nothing in this game. And he barely want it took him going eight of nine on the final drive. To leading and winning field goal a game where you're 21 nothing. And it's like the office stagnated and put up 41 points its debts they like magic Carolina's opens it didn't know about it. Here so that is. Is good his lawyers it kind of started to really almost make me angry in another sense because it. Your waist and a guy who is performing. Actual I don't care result he's performed like he's in his prime steel. He's still got. He's got a few years left so it leads the way quarterbacks where Albert let's let's talk about this game more movement or a week in review Carolina and two more months. Here's the week in review. Saints' 41 panthers' 38 to about kennel laid out. The other game flowed there the saints almost blew at 21 point lead. What what else can you say about the softens man I think that I do think. I actually think that breeze. Is getting enough attention right now and local EB you have some national guys start to talk about it yeah that is MVP candidacy even if the saints. Don't you know somehow make a playoff for an hear what's actually think the tape. Level talks about that odd but it to bits a Smart man yeah man yeah. Don't quite get to this day I gotta do this now but anyways like. That lead didn't last effort talking and we're a little Brothers in town you scourge Basilan outwards and I go to C one of those games. Him whatever legal opinion of what the same security January legs which have been wondering general total out. This offense. My friends is too good to ignore them they are eye is true good and that's why they'll be seven and nine. That's why it'll be eight may shirt that's. Just what in the last two years absolutely and that's why I get back to my original point that if you had built this roster. And even halfway decent fashion. You would be threatening the unity truly threatened yes I do think that they are. 88 type of team because that off it's a pseudonym because these ads is so bad however. Because of the middle of this conference is starting to beat up on each other. Those two wildcard spots are probably going to be nine in seven type of teams here. And if this it's gonna take a couple of you know lucky finishes a couple of close wins games that you didn't expect to land. Such as maybe Seattle. In the dome and a couple weeks he didn't somehow win that one. But if they went a couple of those type of games I think they are playoff fringe I think they'll be there week 1415. Still within range. There's not much as I'm not want to write them off because this offices of you know. Would be willing to not write them off because of the point you just made it which is that. When you look at the NFC right now it looks a lot muddy here than it did a couple weeks episodes of the day that say he. That's a fair point but it just I cannot have faith in it defense that is so. Just so that now OK okay if I'm gonna play. The optimism and eternal optimist you're gonna get children expect the union tell them Brokeback. Mean double brought me especially would have a huge almost night and day difference. On that secondary. Reagan's. I mean really fairly is doing the job great you gotta figure Abbie both of them only the it only helps right now it only makes each other better so. And maybe convince me maybe so I guess I won't fully write them off either but. Here of 21 nothing on the other SanDisk through Wellington interception a Mike third quarter relates. The the game should have been close most Malaysia don't want this game by at least ten points are you. Almost lost on the other side of this is this game Panthers pretty much done now is there. There one in five and I remember seeing a fall is alleged curse right via. Super Bowl losers ever gotten back to the Super Bowl however recently to have gotten back to the playoffs not probably happen for the Panthers but I can't remember a fall. I ever fall from grace. This so complete so completely this quickly get sick and needed the 49 released image took them a couple years well the weird thing is think about out. Good the Panthers looked week one against the Broncos like that was say I can of the game I. Was it good folk oriented to really good teams hard hit and go and add it. And it data that is it's the first week you have got this like energy needs I don't know how good teams you yes you don't know who's who show everybody thinks they target and now there. I want it for your way more discourage you cub today it would Korean like the middle of season like there's been. A lot of negative he bit bit like we mentioned earlier it's the manner in which they're losing and it's hell why did. It's it's every facet of the game offense defense special teams it's all that right now and I go back to life you have last week where. So imagine the pair Thursday got this is the job. Because the roster. And goodwill how long do we keep saying that for right and had fought a lot by the of the week you mean I'd pick this saints. To wit my pick six and everything because. Yeah maybe they could exploit some match it's a real dumb and yes it's really bad Panthers keep it to really is as weird as it sounds I don't get it when you lose Keith Lee Thomas Davis case of one short. Charles Johnson you have all these guys this is a team that. Panthers defense so just shocking. What does happen. You know this proves anything it proves he can't honestly not a secondary you just can't yet you absolutely cannot yeah build your team from guys out there. He has absolutely sure he can build your team from inside out you can't completely neglect the back into your defense this is what. The Panthers have done. Also if you do believe classic on this game odd if you do believe the saints are a real playoff bridge. There really depressing part is. I've been much more media bought that argument is 'cause data continue to get hurt I think. Another quarterback went down onto it was sterling Moore now think sterling Moore at least gain interest peeked into the lead of the game early so. Alarms that. Should be your mom did you get close outlook and windows are we never know who's had. How bad anyone's actually hurt on that team because they just mislead you urged. This information but but yes it looked great win for the saints in the dome you destiny that you are for eleven there and go home fans happy. But I'm not. Feeling too great because you were up 21 nothing. On a one and fourteen. And you almost somehow managed to blow that game. Our us oh run through the rest of our weekly reviewed the what turned into the game the week. Seahawks falcons 2624. Seahawks win at home and they actually blew a fourteen point lead and Seattle has not blown a fourteen point home quarterly. Or 7373. At halftime and then all of a sudden whatever damn quit and and and Shanahan did. In the halftime locker and the adjustments were were fantastic 21 points in the third quarter. Look like they are gonna win this football game especially after Seattle by the name missive you'll miss an extra point in the fourth quarter deadlocked yet yet you just don't win football games matters arrested tied to lose 2423. And they got a blocked with four minutes left that's supposed to be rap yet that's supposed to be it. You know Russell Wilson doesn't he does that's is that thanks eight and nineteenth fourth quarter comeback in four years. But it's everybody's going to be talking about the final play so that we obviously have talked about global for a redo. Really the play that decided this game was Julio Jones. Letting the ball chemical agents pronouncing them but ever messes up. Late in the game when the ball potter's fans and get out picked off could do that targets over. Either the time that that was right after that miss that point it was a and second down and long about oil Agilent and parents are staff here colored ribbon club am I. There's talk about why you throwing the football. Minded because Joe's been having held today correctly they cast players drinks for a it went we went teams grow up is when you get outside yourself that he first stay in the game be it solid. Message or injury wanna burst out in the game if you see you gotta go go go four point you know you you know what this reminded me of those at wash in this game on Sunday personalize this reminded me of that Super Bowl Seahawks and patriots. Because. Just like the soup rules Seattle lost their best defensive lineman. And they lost one of their best they were playing out camp chancellor Michael Bennett went down with a knee injury in the second half and the camp chancellors that now and right arrow that happened. This just into an inning continue to pass rush could not stop the pass came Atlanta and it looked like it was all she wrote that. It's just that they do they went home but that that file will be one that a lot of people talking I think both sides that was a call that was it by the book Al. Absolutely pass interference should and called. But as I go back and look at that at full speed. And then I'll listen to what's that guys like Mike Pereira said and then a little bit of a home talk with guys like Pete Carroll Thomas say. They sit back stuff kind of happens on every single deep ball pass play and it kinda does so. Yes should have been called. I'm nights. As complete a leg up in arms about it that would and I know it ever business because yet your CI accounts Williams a bit. That kind of jostling happens literally on every single deep body for your call literacy and we have pass defense on every. Eight. I don't I don't I don't completely agree with that what I do agree with is that it wasn't. It was an egregious that I did not to have it actually was pacers' Danny was more than every people like I don't buy out. Don't buy that but. It was a nice better way of doing it because it mildly Jones any kind of turnaround for the potentially. Live action and these are the easiest to spot it's ugly episode you look at you like oh that's obvious right bit. Like action because of where the ball was because of how sure made it look like he was playing the ball all kind of grabbed his arm like I would when I saw. Even those obviously pass interference it was it was a big veteran. The veteran to by sure and that's all I did any kind of veterans sneaky under the radar it would to play and I don't think that's like yeah. I would say that's the regular amount of jostling go to gig going on I just think Sherman did a good job. Blah of masking it don't look I'm not going to be upset necessarily about. A non flagging in the game because a lot of flags they get thrown that I don't agree with that extended games so that that cuts both play. I I would not have been upset to see a flag thrown there I'm not upset to see if like not thrown their it's one of those where like I said that. The U I guess we're gonna disagree on this I think I think that kind of stuff happens on almost every single night every singles obviously a little bit of hyperbole but almost there were some people help me turn it around. Can help absorb I think well I I thought that. Jones was turning around socially to try to make playoff. Well he he what did that's right you into the gotten better exactly yeah Jones was. And Megan didn't charge you much credit here. But I feel like Mozilla does that so yeah yeah exactly you do it up Brett asked you know how to how to Qaeda hide it think it's a great offensive line didn't what everybody older you have to hold but the great all deployment no. Just had to push it to there edge to where you're not getting I would do it. It's but he's a veteran move just watch Sherman a key until the even Revis yeah as they watch those guys play quarterback and that's. Really that's economists that you have to do a little bit grated. Of that final I'd be happy to walk and you get it called some time did so I'm glad glad that you agree that was more on the regular amount of Jocelyn whether. I established a point. Do you expect. Atlanta to be there fighting for a conference championship on a close enough I can see these two teams playing in Seattle in the NFC championship legacy every match up and yeah look I can't. I can iron. I degenerative falcons they did their officers give the defense looks like it's. Plain wood more and more confidence also they only have four road games. Already they've they've really did they got through. We said these next two weeks begins Denver and Seattle we're gonna tell us what kind of team they were going to want it want him. Yeah that close to doing that you know I Atlanta Falcons data yet how many give the benefit of the doubt here. I I think diligently going to admit I guess the reason why I feel comfortable saying this is. One of the headlines that really I was taken aback by that I saw this weekend was. What did somebody. Let somebody as you know or is this falcons team just like last year's team a sham like I. They get it you know I'm likely wouldn't get to this loss that's that's where you're kidding me out of it I don't. If anything this is kind of one of those moral wins right this is one of those moral victories where they can say. And we are most but we we it was Jeff hawks in Seattle and look Seattle deserves better and better. Every week it right now is arguably the class of the NFC. Element in the vikings they'll suffer they were obviously a lot obviously decides yes. Besides besides him that I will say this and they had a little meltdown after that was after the injuries happened that I'm sure they want prepared for. Chancellor and Bennett out blip. This defense man it's it's better than them I actually wash in the first resigned as betterment or even and it is gonna raise eyebrows is better than they were even in the soup you'll hear him. Just the I think it's more complete. And I'm cowboys Packers. Another NFC team that we didn't expects to be a contender this season kind of assert themselves. Deck press gut I think is you or here now and future starter. Of this team and we even went on your own it's I don't know how you analyze your place this kid. As flame not a lately. They've used those were originally to be honest. He's a veteran Tom Brady. He just broke his record this is the first Mozilla divers records that he's gonna break yeah hero of this is like being big deck press got rather. He broke Brady's record for most pass attempts to start a career without an interception when he threw that one tonight. And he threw like an egregiously bad one which is like ever on record and an Israeli Arab record that you like eight not even OK what is pretty ugly like it was the first time I'll play Roosevelt as a rookie throat or did it right like I don't developer can throw us. Yeah we talk about last week if they continue to weigh in which they are this way kind of cement and it I don't think you can risk making it changes dagger locker room. It like going into full open rebellion so Prescott's. There to stay. As he goes Eliot third game road at least a 130 yards that. It's all of the cowboys off and I'm really is it ever everything is they do look I love press got end. This is not diminish what he's done. But you are helped immeasurably. As a young quarterback by the amount of time and the amount of security that yes the pocket look at these just big chill he's kind of like Brady and that regarded now and where it breaks down adverse result of this would really does but it too is. Considering he wasn't a pro style quarterback in college he didn't dew drops who's always in the gun he did it. Had demands of populated is now he's taking that like a fish to water. But what helps is when the majority of the time you're pretty clean because of your credible offensive line indeed their schedule. Looking back on it. That was the first team with the a and M brokered a 500 feet deep and we just had this conversation about green mile how good are they really it's. The office is enough. They're going to be able to go on the road ball control enough to win in places like Seattle went in places like Minnesota with I think what makes him kind of a sneaky dark horse now in the NFC. I don't know though I'm I'm still a metal wait and see approach on this defense yes statistically there at top five unit right now. But the office is they've played at Washington Chicago. San Francisco even Green Bay talked about their struggling Cincinnati's been struggling. Well it is if somebody does I don't know if they have a defense it why did I get enough to. Beat those upper Echelon teams and an associate beat the ads that it's yeah I agree. So. View the cowboys' Super Bowl threat. I don't I think when push comes to shove in the playoffs they will get our class or Regis made. I would say this though I don't also cared too much about who they'd be underplayed at this point. Because everytime I see then they're playing with the utmost confidence led to get these worried about which team is. More they continue to work under the become religious become better in the otherwise would have been in on CNET especially. On Dallas is deep at remote clay birds finally. Playing like a top ten pick you got you got guys. All over that you've been that TV playing above their heads. So. I mean get the scheduled Helena could on an animated that doesn't get any harder they've got Philadelphia home they go to Cleveland. To Pittsburgh in the game a Ben Roethlisberger might not be back that's on November 13 Baltimore and then Washington again. Yeah schedules very favorable for the cowboys they can keep winning it. And were only they can sneak into one of those top two seeds you don't play Afghan pilots are sued coatings for. I didn't get that happening I just. It's like you said I still don't because it and maybe it's his. Get and everything in my face with a get the rookie quarterback because. The defense. When you're going to have its ambassador on how to hold up well lie yeah and I don't want that division I mean that's becoming increasingly clear. Hey Washington Philadelphia and ask him on the docket Tony 720 Kirk cousins in shakes out on him he hasn't thrown more than the total one gamer he's thrown more than one interception. The last two seasons. One of the only. Two quarterbacks who do that in the entire league. Washington's back they've also won four pro immoral it's like the bills in the is he would leave. The crawled back into it car back in the NFC race and look like I'll look like a playoff team again Philadelphia kind of progressing so where we thought they'd be. Yes a good it was a rookie quarterback they're just. The front for frankly that they are there was a cake for jobs out there any pick for a touchdown narrative here good team you do. Things in which you score fourteen. Non offensive points and just go yet they're not ready for it. I'm Matt Jones. It was a 140. Yards. Here as well so. I quality of matches and today you'd be year Washington running certain. Get on him the job mad at us. How about over O'Dell back and giants 27 ravens' 23 giants some much needed wins and that they're skid and at least momentarily stopped the media circus around him. Coach Mack adieu and the New York. I also think giants to me a camera with their with Philadelphia's still. Well I don't know man it must go on some weird run here in the middle part of this is an associate them as a playoff team and any NFC even with this one over Baltimore. And now okay. Then we're like it's your odds in your writing him off but now. I mean it in restaurants or fringe team in the gee I sure apps especially in this super muddy. It can't see the giants did that yes they. There's still pieces of that team that I really like. What she did pick up excited to Auburn after diesel to talk about it back because right that's the guy. Dad's dead hi. Topic is theoretically yeah incredible. Incredible he got under way once you have proposed to the nets after the game me kicking meant and I don't know how to feel about this. Okay ask that what are my biggest complaints this year that's really been bugging the hell out of me. As being in how the no Fun League seems back in a big way right outlaw it bring any coach arrow celebration. Vernon Davis got a penalty for shooting a free throw after touchdown is somebody got a Tony till you're spinning the ball last week. I want celebration a warm personality and what these guys do crazy things that as far as that some celebrations go Beckham's is about as out there. As you can get. And that it does everything you said in the last sentence isn't that exactly. Describe it builder to know what you'll not know does it personally get someone you know what the player not biased well. He's a little do she's a player I just got here Neal hot hot now it several. Man I don't know and it did it this release awesome it is that simmering class you look I actually think I would like that would that the finding stuff when Josh Norman do you think that is like. Did you about it is a bit extreme like a bit like. I thought of acts is kind of cool he's I don't primadonna wideners. Check out there like you know like one to fight you know it's interesting and maybe it's changed since he was drafted. A few seasons ago I talked to coach Nelson suitors is high school coach Ed Newman here in New Orleans and a series of really. Really good kid plays the way yeah I mean on the field I've played it and he's got flu best but you've kind of wanted to better teammate and he was really bonding outwardly he's super cool dude. It just. Did that celebration in Britain Britain's exit partly what is important out of principle that's tough because I want more baton. Lightly kissing good day in the news that way is the it was very. Athens. And had to be and had to be NFL wide receiver that did that it was a little graduate. But look at the great celebrations and he just doesn't stack up said I don't know ourselves well. Randy Moss team. Did you work inside you know look I'm always Owens at midfield and he ran the midfield and a dance on the cowboys logo. Apple no one's heard of Chad Johnson when he entered the hall of a jacket on like those that are. I would put all of those above the they keeping that celebration. Goes only time Chad Johnson are closed off in jacket but hey hey hey hey Chad Johnson was better in these big yard go pour into the numbers and yes he's got all of it. That's. Oh it's. Run through quickly the west it is recipes give me. Quick thoughts about full Fisher yeah rams 28 lions thirty want. Big when it comes playoffs in lions back to our lives better make that. Mix house aboard flipped it meant I. You should it be waiting for them at the bandwagon station and they actually show up apparently go to the next stops you have always been Israeli and seeds and quick what ya got it now that is true Jiaka America. You aren't always good energy agency I tried a back with the may well how'd I mean. I didn't notes there about I rented it I didn't get highs this game but it. Moran via credit I don't of the rams guess what guess what they are now 500 yeah grid that you'll call congratulations. I mean dramatically next what's addicts into it Steelers lose big bin de Luce of the dolphins team that I thought. Was absolutely neutral uploading turning in to be most mismanaged France gently I still think they might be but. It's a big win for them and big went for an Adam gaze and his her Kia head coaching or even without Ben Roethlisberger. Yeah I guess I don't know that he said let's over the dolphins Steelers and Steelers are a little bipolar viewed. Yep that's your look they they get blown out by the Eagles even without look if you're eight championship level team. As the patriots have shown you got to deal when he scans the backup quarterback you just. Like you did have a whole week of preparation like the the patriots did going into those games with the quarterbacks bit. So dolphins man. Yeah everybody it is towards the Philadelphia. Everybody has games. But knowing that look at the picture did that she's gave a couple years ago win money affable guy at the dead bit of knowledge and recent I hear. How they work whatever they're close I mean they're always exactly you make the final four though I'm willing to say that insulate. Wash it's a law should be making his that what whatever that one game hey guess what the rate. There's finally played not a last second. Field goal tied the game this season but so their fans' dismay it is a to score a loss of the chiefs' 26. To ten cheats hey I don't know what they say chiefs always I was on the nose off last week we said Andy Reid come off a bye week and invest in NFL history expert at this he proves that again what Andy Reid does drink he is a bottle that. Cheats with the Broncos struggle I think. Our prediction during the pre season I think the best in the AFC west the most complete team I don't think there I just don't think that there are putting him beat the patriots I don't think we can beat the Steelers won Steelers are fully healthy as you better raiders' number. I want to run generators there's beat the raiders are two scores on the road. The other rather what into your house lets it go and arrowhead and and do that on it looked wolf figure out via a sense yes and we're so let's go to our weekly preview great segue because some Symbian narrow it. And for those weekly preview. The battle feed the New Orleans. Saints. Again that night did you not give them. Any chance to and frank this is a defense that is going to be able to rush Drew Brees going to be able to stop the pass. And look it's an arrow head which is one of the three toughest places to play in football over the last twenty years. Change can be done here I don't. It's just it's a match of first good of a massive as the Panthers were for the saints teams and I think we both in and pick him the saints to win that India was last week. As we said that they could well actually. Yeah idea that the nail on the head as far as the saints taking advantage of the Panthers weaknesses in getting turned over to to help the calls on the way now. So if the saints but I said they do and maybe kind of it's neat idea playoff push type team. He's leading into the gonna have to steeled. Just. We are now quietly time I'm on the I'm still about these believer. And things. Me as far as negatives go especially dude. What's gonna have with the saints left tackle position. Because if in his feet and Toronto are considered out and Cody gets Tom Foley you'll as was the Antonio yeah he. Looked like dismal yet but it's like what's what's he supposed to you always. The bone headed pre snap is the reason why this guy you know birdies and no I don't exactly it is preached that penalties in the playbook equities yards downfield like. And that was all that because he's been the way there for what like a week like how long has Tony been here two weeks. The linemen is there anything more embarrassing than what have nobody's although I'm still I mean so what happened that Drew Brees has made Adobe called her off Carolina because. Care deeply seems off in the cut and politics are. Reason that you don't recall hills heard it as the real call like oh he's Arnold is rotten and so. Be the odds I mean I stay. It's understandable considering I mean the first time they'll play wasn't literally on theater in three days immediately entire game that us. That's pretty as this you know could begin. Via so so I don't. I think Tony Hills is a victim of circumstance ability. He should be polite. Yeah well I think yes he should not be playing we can agree on Massa now you have I don't know another option was going up against the deal because injures. But you now now we got to go to just using Tom holly that's gonna be deluxe and. Yeah and good luck. I next up the almost. Venture to say this is mid season elimination game here in the NFC playoff race you've got giants going to Los Angeles take on. The rams both teams three in three the ever persistent tiebreaking rules and believe you make this a very big football and we got. In LA and say this he's got no way to reset to exactly that thing was calling it doesn't matter I didn't watch it's kind of a wash because you started a new biological clock anyway yeah a lot of what are at three. Herb four. To China later in the day ballots will they know what is the judge the judge players if you like 1 PM I take. Know before is a starting at 1 PM Pacific. I'll look at how time works with the I was here you have your right OK okay. OK yes yes it worked better yeah oh and I still it's obviously going that long trip it's it's gonna favorite haunt him that's quite a compliment but. Coliseum. Be sneaky tough place to play and I think entered its in house how do we 80 practicing for ram this thing I'm just in general because you've got that bull stadium. Vary allow you into the coliseum it's a two very unique setup as well. Do you put calls for it yeah Sudan nucleus and then you know that. Prequel stadium. Hey look maybe maybe it's just quietly they also beat Seattle in LA and Austin we have. I don't wanna. I of course there are and stuff right there wasted this image and win it together and so. I guess I'm the ams is because of that there one auto tune into on the road because of course of course. I have I I really don't even have figured logic here monitor those giants are last may divisions their field pressured a big giant. Jeff Fisher two losses away. From tying the NFL record for most Austin's quote price paid. People are gonna. Like this crap but. Is to be a head coach reduce a long time to get that record to meet you do it just enough right. With a there's nothing to describe Jeff Fisher. More than doing just that and how many people got fired along the way. And to that record that would have been fighting for the record mr. Dugard. Get off pitch. According to gradually since mr. Washington which it did for our alliances. In that Detroit go to. A 180 yards this last course finally after having him on. But this is starting lineup for a year and a half he finally did you mean I had to pull my fans teams and into a drop from and one interest among the bench and Ali in Somalia maxim go that this happens on the bench. So. Yeah and this is huge obviously Washington I was kind of surprised Rios and now won four games in a row. Our in my back lie out it would GMC envoys generalize here it's at home in the alliance that home. Patriots Steelers what was supposed to be just target the ball game in Pittsburgh Pirates. And Susie misses and bad girl as well it happened ads have been up and down apparently good team does that mercurial at a saint operators and threw for 400 askance or he's averaging four and stuff. I mean they are because they are lining up for Tom Brady in you know twelve games and throw for like a thousand yards the just. Somber. Yes you heard it aged easily new questions this. Game of the week and actually in prime feuds we actually see our game of the week off the biggest stage of the week Sunday Night Football. Cardinals cardinals are right the ship there's three and three either announced two games back of Seattle this loans at home. Seahawks coming out that buys it it's always data off the pie for adamant that we can review the that you're just abysmal off the bye I usually do and when those games somehow it did. That call. In Arizona. These teams want to have some foolish rehearsal Seattle CO londoners on a late in the season. Tell your breakdown of Islam mr. Davis is yours cardinals against my COC. Well. Arizona's better red birds are back slightly but I guess the question becomes. As Arizona look good enough to him think that they will I got it good enough to say they've looked like the Seahawks have thus far I'm. I'm not sure about that this is Seattle's answer consistent. Then again is here's our homes currently tough place to play. Divisional opponent a case this is where we get to tripped up is the game is going to be I feel like it's going to be coin flip. So my feeling is going to be corn flip. And we have to take the home team of the cardinals even though I don't feel good about sending Seattle I think Seattle's a better team. I think the desperation. Of the situation for Arizona. Verse Seattle combined to beat at home. Maybe gives them cited so also cardinals but no confidence that. This this kind of it's a little to have put me here is in division games on the road always tough as the enemy. Uh oh I can I just pulled off Olympics element though if Michael Bennett camp chancellor plateau Seattle here if those hard as you dot. Com. I would say the cardinals it's. Everybody toddler to Sherman and Earl Thomas to probably future hall of famers is but the key cornerstones and defense. Settle it every time there's nobody more important that he can chancellor like they are completely different football game with his you have little presents two years. And at least it looked like it. And look like if it's. And second half of that game. Injury news just broke thirty minutes ago seed here it looks like Michael Bennett. Is going to play. He says this week I guess doesn't matter what he says measurement that is the tree and mental trainers and Carol says. Yeah they're both whale Luke Wilson not going to play and I know equals applicable blazer there. And a using gloves he's their tight end the architect and so more snaps for them. It's. Let's say I'll take the Seahawks have been disciplined article. I've no idea that ended I really don't. You're sort alliance oh yeah it's time for this. Image genes in the business. Soccer line. You want to gloat here. Definitely my. I might hit. Spoke on this show and in my normal radio show have quite literally get on fire. This week import to issue no big six games every week in my show I have yet to go 500 or worse. I think I might add my first 33 week this week but. This feels a little bit man had falcons plus six and a half they considered a big way almost one out right it. That goes against one of the golden rules we established on the show which is. Just pick the Seahawks at home and more often than not you'll be right and Leno. Yet put up a fight no absolutely true I consuming five I had the bills I did not take the bills that minus nine and a half. Obvious what the bills who resets every hill or they again. Aren't the timing yet to be have been ordered to do that now that I don't get this thing. Are they good yeah I think their playoff in May be defense is is too good. Not to be kind of a director with. Teams like who beat the playoff the wild card teams over there are teams like the chiefs. Broncos raiders. Did the jets just like did the bills take all the power from the jets and now they're just using up all that. Yes so. I know the AFC playoff picture is this more defiance. About top rated. Again I guess they can't make in my mind I mean you've got the patriots even with the injury Steelers and when that divisional Roethlisberger gets back. And then you've got it's the chiefs Broncos I think two playoff teams so that we won. Yes it got us. Requires a raiders really. Failing down stretch what you mean whatever the raiders having given you reason to. Be too confident and over the course of a sixteen game season. I don't know. I don't know of mama I may yet halt all the bills of the exact wrong time I'm not willing to go back on it. But nevertheless I'm two and five in my. Suck reliance which I think it is my hope my full picks. In my high oh weekly pick of article that this is on Fran am actually about 500 so. Was that that. Weeks ago here in this loss Libya parliament locked the week but my alliance Thursday night football all this talk about Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay seven and a half point favorites over Chicago. Give me Green Bay in an absolute wrong here after all this media firestorm. Green Bay. Minus seven and a half. Myself and you call it fires are. I don't think it's to fire storm levels yet I really there's been like couple articles on it I just think it's. Something to pay attention to you because we automatically. Give Rodgers the benefit of the doubt where you may be hasn't port that only you that said. Thursday night games are terrible they're always blow outs. I'm I'm I'm in complete lockstep with a guy like that take however. Might lock of the week this is the easiest it literally jumps off the page and slaps you across the face. And that is San Diego game six in Atlanta. And Elaine is good didn't. San Diego's great they just don't win they are not great the thing finally is that what they are a great team they're not waiting. They have outscored opponent opponents by over by almost twenty points this year I don't like yours they say they're too. Before it's a very big trap game come off that hugely emotional game in Seattle they got to fly back it's been since two weeks or on the west part of country in Arizona and then. And I in Arizona who they play two weeks until they were obelisk in Denver they were in Denver and then in Seattle so they'd actually just stayed out on the West Coast the entire. And last week so that. I epic. It's it's like a trap game definition of true meaning that it that it is Trevor if it's like tiger are pretty good how do you get up for the chargers after playing the Broncos and Seahawks playing better bit that they also that you like a chargers entered. They are pretty good not let me just yet they just don't think but nobody like him you don't. I know you're not giving up I pleasure I prayed. It's too good or like we really supply at Vanderbilt right when you read that if always vote yet you knew that market you so it was a turning up well not not always tough. Now there is no there's no stress goaded a little biased or what was the this that was at Vanderbilt snapped him. No doubt as Tennessee does and doesn't know if we're going to have a. If we were going to have a game that. The team always played over in tatters Arkansas but boom boom boom whatever yet so. San Diego. Plus six or give it to K this girl are truly close out our show. Lock called the week I let us stay with my boy Darren Rogers REL a X Thursday night football he's angry. Mike McCarthy the opposite coordinators and regards receivers are angry give me Aaron Rodgers. Three city three touchdowns. In a wrong against Chicago and all this is the problem that. We're the these struggles ever talk about Aaron Rodgers are not. They're not single game struggles right I mean it's not. That's obvious like guy it's that it's president all he comes on has a huge game the question is. Kenny give back to doing that pays on a week in and week out basis like Brady like Greece. Like this season Matt price well Fred mile lock it resist for this week so Hakim how often do we care and Chicago Franchitti three touchdowns and around. How many have old trouble Ramallah and we there's nothing really. Oh by the way it's assumed we did last barrier. Identical on this incredibly Ugoh I had gra twenty foot plus fantasy points this he comes back he's won in standard this morning Alex last week so I'm 33. You had we're gonna wait seen on this browns titans ratings. Worse. In the early so Torre in the league yet there's an entire year we don't know yet because they're welcome values until Wednesday or Thursday morning Serena wins in the year were the ratings are struggling anyway yeah it's about washer to three possibly. Okay. Are. You big baby Davis Ella and I and our sales and I agree with you I think Rodgers and Packers are gonna. Blow out no I'm not if I agree with you I think. A year ago this is just because it in the humidity else's dispute the rule despite in your direction spinning your direction a little bit CS cars and Paul. I'm 75. To keep it to you to win. It is nearly over 32 TDs. No topics yet he's no Pixar that Bryant like that no crime right now. And he's played better and he's played his career and ask you this week Perot you can see. It is a little it's it's not libel this now alliance. I understand you gotta get back about 500 yet Waldo now not that it's him getting 500 wins debt ratings of the game comes out but. And everything else really that's quite mustard and that way I can now. If he does come to pass didn't gloat bathe your tears yes it was a great show I think everybody tuning in be sure to share. Senator bitty note podcast downloaded some interact with us on Twitter again I had system that he's that he about it disagree on Twitter gives you followed it can also send us an email if you like. WW well known as the angels for two podcasts at gmail.com. Over to broadcast ads in gmail.com. We here Alex good well. Yeah Seahawks cardinals debut at the island because. Well I can't believe it's an eye on the night the longer a thanks and down. Earnings and a yeah Arnold's number that you actually planned and aren't gonna take decent Alexa. I don't know don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. Around. Do. Okay. Yeah. Okay.