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Oct 20, 2016|

This hours guest: Will the final debate sway your vote? And, is a vote for your party more important than the truthfulness of your candidate? Dr. Ryan Teten - Associate Dean, University College & Associate Professor of Political Science at ULL (University of Louisiana-Lafayette)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

About you when Hank good news is good presidential. Debate Sorrell over. Awad border read 20/20 one days I'll but for the election itself and I get a tail like a black ops broke poorly in the open on the boating for I the one voted no on listened to these debates I do did you shake my way it. But. We bring me experts in two get a bit rough idea board did and didn't happen. And often turn to a doctor Brian T eaten. Professors. So to professor of political side it's fuel oil. University of Louisiana Olympia professor is always think your biblical. I. So of your thoughts in and watching this debate. You know if I I think it's probably gonna have a lower view lowest viewership of all very. Polls are coming out all over the place existing kinda different winners I think most rumors suggesting that Hillary won the apple. Heard the debate I I think this was trounced best debate. I thought he looked like hearing it again. For the most part is in eruptions were far fewer the focus on policy was. Much much greater. The attacks on each other were far fewer. The discussions and some of the gutter things that we have discussed in the past were far fewer. So I mean if you looking for information and differentiation on policy. And this one wants a better debate for you. But I'm gonna have to blunt question and enduring sort calling me and telling me on and cut pro and trumpet and Clinton. And I'll talk about what I have to use Clinton's weaknesses independent positions. But I got to tell you professor. In London overtures students to think I have never thought this bowl war. But his lack of vocabulary. When he was askew breathe if he would accept the results of November 8. All he did say he would well when you look at Florida do during. The gore bush campaign. Six million votes of 500 vote margin. We have something like that book or a general I can't see into a let's see the resulting sets. They'll look at that time and will keep you glimpses isn't just seemed very neat. They you know that has become a message that all the media are bank in the drama on purpose debate. That this is disrespectful to democracy etc. etc. In an all he would've had to say was in 2000 it was challenge because it was close. In 2004 John Kerry waited infected at midnight in Chile and then John Edwards out and said we're not gonna conceived as Ohio's too close. So if you're looking at the past few elections. The challenge. Have come from the democratic contenders not the Republicans in the kind of set a precedent that this is the tight election no one would expect any different. I mean it would be like yeah expecting have to country today. Yeah you're right it's close but go ahead you can happen for the next four years and then I'm gonna do it. Think you're absolutely correct it's been nomenclature involved it's the words that argues that become the lightning rod in. And I got to say trump is he said he had the best words that's a quote from him and it kind I kind of doubt that. At this point he's got to work on what he's saying and how he says it. Isn't that lengths and so I mean you you've got broader fields you got they have bright barred. You got some brilliant political minds behind you if it's just basic basic basic. Training. And invasive you know you're going to be ads all this talk of rigging and you'll accept the election. I don't get it I think gutsy of broken them when it comes to real loosely. But vocabulary. And in response is that these I just don't get the. Play devil's advocate say that's exactly what this country needs Garland that somebody who doesn't talk like a politician and as a used all the buzzwords it's better etc. Just obviously tongue in cheek there but you know his his campaign is trying to keep up the perimeter at a rally last week. Somebody yelled stay on the issues in his campaign director at call that was made that was me I it was as somebody who was actually in our crowd that was me. And you want him they're trying to keep them on message and where he gets into trouble is where he gets off the cuff and gets off message and you could see that last night referred. Recourse to debate on message. Looking presidential and yet they knew he would sit who has an escort speaker and a bitten and you don't scorched beer and it doesn't end in bloodshed then probably that's a successful debate for you but when you get off message and start saying things like that it becomes an issue. In the thing gets ugly. Whenever you beat them the pro Hillary's big thing she won when robbery the probe for him to think he won. What I see you all over the way the police's Chris Wallace did a great job image that things you did a very good job. What an old yet is one of the Montgomery. Why this system is not set out in the very beginning Tuesday here's my question please interim. And once they they gold wobbling at all than to their talking points. And to say at the end of it let's go on record you'd been named to the question sure wind when he has Hillary Clinton. What's your Palin's global charity of aid to plea arrangement. Emerged donors got special favors from the State Department. She you have certain though in infinitely workers' wallets and ask you again she simply said there's no way governments. It wouldn't it should. Just two point in the debates. When the moderator. Has the responsibility. Does say. This was the question and how's U demands of the. Should that part yet. I mean yes following up on a question is the job with a moderator. But I'm proposing the research I'm working on now is the transition we've seen in the world the moderator and that it's become moderator as fact checker. Moderator as antagonists and moderator as a character which in the debate if it's like a rapper Garland. You're not spot the talk about the referee unite its most noted there and it they do a terrible job then you know there there. And these mine operators have kind of done this where they need themselves BP. Police of the public are on the chart check you will that's paired with this being the most partisan media I have. Ever seen and that's a lot a couple of blocked. I said that during the constitutional period the first newspapers were founded by the candidates themselves. Just vs fox pursue it meant for five minutes is. So disgusting way right or left the average voter just trying to find out what the hell happened. Good luck with that. And it ended there and I knew what she was saying. But if there's a whole body just does say you didn't dance in the day and questioned. Then debates at all what the big war. Because even if they critic Chris closed out some really hard questions. They didn't answer read Bruce and job. That's right and and much you find a way to control their inner action and make them answer the question. But you know. Answer and that's what the larger discussion today is and what kind of impact did it actually have because you can't force them to do it we don't have the terminology tended. Because people want to answer questions Garland I mean that hard and fast line is don't ever answer the question that's asked. Answer the question you want answer. And so that's what we see in the debate if I don't want to address open borders will then I just start talking about taxes and you don't have time to get back to it. So early in much you just made it a stream of consciousness hour and a half and said you know. I'm asked questions and if you don't answer organist stay on it before we move to a different subject topic. But what they do is say here's the format we will cover fifteen topic you get two minutes to cover how you hope the economy at four years. It's hearing and immigration he didn't so the most as a reform Manning unless we figure out something else to do you you're never gonna get those. No so we could we educated devoting popular. And sent to them. There's no real reason to have to watch the debate no matter how to up the questions all of our. They have been trained. To mood to do lightly touch on the porch and and then go to talking points there's no time there's no format to say you hit of the day and question where did break. Governor ride back what do you think to use eggs or 187. Do you watts is debates and come away winning at Indy you leaned. That you've got information. That swayed you the way he or did you just hear that same stop you hear over and over. Regardless of how topped the porch and it's 2001. Sept. Our ball going back where you're thinking about the debate last night obviously. We have dark road and treated with the it's professor of political science fuel though university and he's you know let you know that. Protestor you don't mind let's bring in some of our listeners kept the Garrett Jones dropped off. It's something before we get back to that debate I've I've heard people talk about this. Can you do write in vote when you go to vote. It depends on me system I. In Louisiana probably can't with the move to the digital if you have the touch screens they become and I'm not. I I do not know the different voting machines because they can even vary by district Garland this is something that that very quietly. So some may have the ability to do it some may not and I'm I think in Lafayette that is not possibility. And forward somebody. Take a look at all poor candidates including the third party. In saying I just can't vote for any of that and we still exercise. Our right to vote if we just bowed down ballot right. Absolutely. Yet there's I mean it's. You couldn't vote for one thing on the ballot if that's what you care about then that's the power that you're exerting your voicing your opinion. It is the choice to vote is on Sunday in what you're voting for and in doing yourself so that's that's the case. Or what what are you doing what are your students think about his continued talk. A vote rigging them voted for all good sire of cyber security. I Joseph in Norwood to own children secretary of state in in top. I'm danger in that Howard chose it being give is in convertible true. Bad bad though the fraud in the vote rigging that cyber. Attacks or just a bit of it in particular in the league not just cannot happen. But for the young people you talk to does this make him out. Our system more than ever. Actually they're incredibly un needs to. I did this has. On park kind of with Abbott and Edwards noted announcement that the government collecting six billion pieces of data per second on us and listening and everything. When you tell this is stayed in state and yet you know I figured it I think about probably the case and just roll. And that's exactly the same thing here in music you know there is corruption that occurs across the board whether it dead people voting are people who aren't felons have been purged because they. Have a name that similar to a ballot or eight digital voting machine that salary has votes to monitor changes. And students are kind of like deli you know we figured that's the case and so it's it's. It's completely unfazed in that regard. Or they. Do you think they're gonna vote or the interests of courts or in your clients gives you are. But when they when they talk about. Their generation do you think they're gonna short of the poll. Well I mean that. I I put this on the last showed that we have yet and it's that I think the turnout among many teacher Tony nine year old is going to be disasters. And you'll be incredibly low look at which usually low. But unless there's somebody who really inspires them then they stay home here collars and I think that's absolutely not the case that the turnout large droves. And I think you know it without Bernie Sanders there they stay home and he's so well what about third party candidate and I think the third party candidates may have benefited from not being in the debate because the more you learn about policies. The more difficult it becomes this see them as serious candidates so I'm actually expecting that this election will have low turnout. And fruits and our religious code to its leave the man to build sleeve appreciated called. Earl Woods professor Teague and. Is there. My concern do it. I've noticed that it's not paid much attention to. I am Chris I'm from the wall with the Catholic school in long. That practice moderately. And you know. Now you know I killed one to ten commandments that I'd like to bring up. Because Hillary Clinton has broken neck commandment. Added distance more than. A dozen top that I can call from a date and Arkansas. As. Porter rule of law aren't all the way through. So what would you you know. Oh. There were seeing huge religious difference. Between the two candidates when you look at our product that isn't among Protestant voters non Hispanic evangelical product since 76% of their Republicans. 20%. Our our Democrats and it Hugo black nonhispanic Protestant 88%. Our Democrat. In that so you're looking at Baptist it's better. Among Catholics they're nearly evenly divided we look at not if we look at all total Catholic but if we divide by Hispanics. Then 70% of Hispanic templates are Democrat. And 23%. Are Republican. And what's even more than that is those were not feel league eating which any religion. Are increasing absolutely dramatically. It in the independent voters 45%. Of them. Do not affiliated with the religion. So it's become a very very interest to divide where. At 39% Democrats to affiliate with the religions lead you see that among Republican voters they're that there is perfect religious affiliation but it. Among those that don't have it they are clearly Democrat by huge numbers. There you drizzling. Don't go away if you were with the doctor Brian T and at a political science university Louvre Museum in Olympia that gives co two's eggs or 187 Ingrid Lincoln about lamps and I'd just debate. Our lives were thinking about the presidential. Debate last night. We've print professor of political science university Luby's you know that the delicate line to Eaton. Doctor you know among the string in another caller I think in min ago appreciated. Don't. I have one question of what he you'd think. Children Clinton met. Trumps all of deplorable and what you think at. A truck at call. Heart constituents horrible it would have been more me. A big deal the tres I hadn't seen anything they'd ask any questions about what would you call or that taxpayers. At the Port Charlotte in one of the well first tee and are just from even a question about it. Yet the win when you're looking especially that comment. That got its fifteen minutes and even less than that it was probably covered or maybe two decades. Age and even follow that up with Oakland this past weekend talking about Al. The base of the democratic or the Republican Party was just white rednecks. You know there's there's dressing down and insulting. Of the specific group. And I think she thought she cover that by saying I'll be the president for all people but when you look at the policies that they both proposed last night. The country's going to be very very upset. If any of those yet initiated so I mean I think that she probably still use that as the case or we wouldn't have the creation of a all rights as being you know this kkk dripping group that is supporting drop by CNET that brand new of this election. But it but it that many people are so full trial. And by an opposite expect. Am a lot of people that support. Clinton all mentions. Them. I think that let let's rephrase that everybody's supporting. Probably think that way about the the Clinton supporters out there and everybody's Portland probably thinks that ultra supporters are deplorable it's gotten to that it is to that extreme I think. Incumbent strange question about always wondered this. If if you're being an expert you've seen politicians. Frame rate. If I told you wondered to run for president and there would seem to be two basic things don't. Email. Personable dole email. Anything other then call me a Mormon talk to you. And and and to. When it comes to speeches. Don't put something in his speech that you can't cede. Fine in the light of day. What what isn't good these people. That no four years ahead of the time before them in particular Clinton. That she's gonna run for president. Making its beaches were she's trying to hide the content. And emails is just sing that well. It's it's escape but the rhetoric is getting off message is getting off teleprompter. I mean they and that is what most of the voters I mean those will stay home basically say you know all these off the cuff comments everything that's coming from both Hillary and the actions. I'm from Hillary and trump are really the insight into who they are everything may actually say using a teleprompter that's by somebody else. And if that span it's terrifying. And in by the way a Garland I wanted to follow up and say in the state of Louisiana I did check with the secretary of State's office. And write ins are not allowed so you'll have the choice from roughly twenty candidates for president of the United States who have qualified. But there will not be right. Are in the Olympic break injured don't Goteborg ten more minutes promise that says. Where would doctor Brian T move out of political science you low level. Inland Fiat and Jeff in mid cities stand by I won't come do you connect worth thinking about the debate of courts. Are welcome back still thing Obama did debate we have had a blue group called science Hugo well Olympia. Doctor Brian king protesters bear with me a couple of more called jabbed in mid city your home with a protester. Hello I know that bonds due tiger that caller. Which just proved what you their own say it still go that people to split that. And hear what they want here. The I'm not defending Clinton about her comment would happen in order forward she would call deplorable. And then she immediately describe the sheet so deplorable over. The one to the victory right mother people why and who. I hate mongers. Etc. and she's very clearly that it. And I came right back in politics though that guy actually own agenda and it just it it's ridiculous that inspired them you call the because. In decade we're currently about 1% of the country will not play here a decade. Ago that apple lot of people capital. And we're strong supporters. Locally and property before. And we have talent in perspective and we all agree however I'm not an acting as we like the the president elected of the joint. But in the big picture. It's. It's going to be what it's going to be and that's that the senate. Jet looked thank you for calling. I didn't respond. Professors not here to respond to those cut the cord from front talk about the debate. And when he went off with a different subject among current law but certainly. At new entrants from responded to were thinking about the election thinker about the debate itself. Professional woman and something we always welcome. Electoral College win when I first begin to talk to you get educated and if so what do Electoral College was. There was a divide in the beginning between Clinton. And in trump I think was 300 and something 200 and something great. He even last year. And now or writing back to 341. Or. Clayton 196. Were troll. And her brother Walt street journal report yesterday that said you know. All of the holds all the results all the percentages are pretty much back to where we started in the very beginning. Is is that true it in. Ten from. It didn't and didn't move. Make up ground here yeah a larger light like teach them before. Yet Arlen I think that. It look like he lose. Getting to learn the system and to figure out how to debate. And that may be you know he he claims to be an outsider and from a lack of political debate you know in in engagement that this may be that case as well but. You know I'd I'd think this was his best debate. I think if you gave him one more. That he might have been viewed as winning that debate. But you don't get anymore. And Ian awaiting debate you're not only reaching out to your core because they really don't matter there and turn out well for you or the opposite they're gonna turn you know that the other courts can turn out vote for the opposition. But you're you're trying to make headway in areas where you are. Losing headway and so for trump he needed to make headway into you GOP female voters. He needed to try and get independence he needed to try and maybe make some inroads with Hispanics or African American voters. And although he provided more debt on specific policies that he would like to see enacted. I don't think that he made those inroads last night and in just a quick by the way to respond the last color. I think it's easy to say that everybody's always in favor of Iowa support the other candidates. But but it here Hillary supporter and the first thing trump doesn't issue an executive order to reverse. The same sex marriage. Ruling by the Supreme Court or to try to tackle Roe vs. Wade or something like that it becomes an entirely different ball game. So would be you know it it's easy to say when the candidate out by thirteen to fifteen points in the polls nationally I think. Did that Floyd you look at the polls if you look at most of these liberal me. I think the consensus is that if the election and could include and which one and but how many people do you think organs that we're not home and which groups do you think my rights they hold. Indy if that occurred were trumped. Have a chance regardless of what the polls say. Young voters and independent voters I think we'll stay out. The older voters always turn out that most reliable turnout. It I think that the alienation of that independent vote and you'd vote. Will make its closer election problem in the polls suggest because what they had the police are looking at all registered voters. And you know if you just have the course of both sides turning out there and you could see an election 2000 which is. You know the core of both sides turned out there wasn't much there but right vs left then and you're seeing that again here so we might have one of the elections. And everything are breed. The Hispanic vote is really not motivated. At this point. You know it I think the policy will drive that. Their determination right now Hispanic vote is is eighty and over four Democrats so this is going to be an issue where. If they have to make inroads or I don't socialize but I'd I would think in a discussion in an election or immigration. Is one of the issues which both candidates are talking about in literally the lawless being repeated over and over again I think they probably have a motivation. Doctored to ignore words of pleasure thank you for almost an entire hour and a have a good day you look forward talk and you'd get. Coming right back double the bill brigade celebrity immoral five reopened soon hold on what you would give them time home we come back to bring into the pole. Or I would try to squeeze in Susan we got about a minute I appreciated the call. Cleveland beat the New Orleans. I'm a retired regional director of indoctrination pearl. Talent listening to your show earlier now. Compliant with elections. And accuracy of voter registration. And I can't make that balance cannot. And I think that can be misleading. Okay. Got about did dream suck and so how. Can get it in. The one who is not serving. Up and jailed in Britain or in jail or who is. All of confrontation parole is eligible to. Sued him appreciated the call dub in of the outcome few bright back.