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10-20 5pm Kristian: on Saints-Chiefs

Oct 20, 2016|

Kristian digs into the Saints-Chiefs matchup with Blair Kerkoff of the Kansas City Star.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rock and roll and our two of sports thought here's Thursday edition on WW LI MF women Debbie to mil dot com glad to have you with this. Stop on by here at hooters on vets in Metairie. It is set for the Saints players showed tonight linebacker Craig Roberts in the perfect to be here from six to seven tonight. The ball by your autograph. It to the center. At five when he will it preview on the Kansas City Chiefs Saints upcoming opponent this Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium. 535 QB QB with six quarterback Drew Brees. Indicating cannon Bobby Hebert player Kirk golf sports reporter for the Kansas City Star will help with breakdown Saints and Chiefs after our first curriculum course. It can't miss radio they get runner ER pro sports that are handicapped in the 7 o'clock hour you. From Vegas and also our fantasy football preview Albany at 7 o'clock hour. Just analyses camp few moments ago you heard theirs which flashed left tackle run Armstead. Limits today at practice says that he's gonna try to play this Sunday if the tees that would be BUT is. Not quite a 100% off that year treatise sidelined him since week two in which he also did not practice today. On the injury report separate groin injury in the win over the Panthers those seats be in at left tackle. Property debt laughing along line for yet. At W did you elect not LSU the Saints get off to disappoint starts who has a better chance to get a roll it salvaged their season by rule them out. Reeling off not repeat the reeling off the tech 3787. Was displeased with how often used the word rip ball benevolence. You know reeling off five or six wins 45 wins and if you if you look at it objectively. Odds are stacked against Ellis shoot the little bit more. Because of who they've got in the next gains a brutal stretch the Tigers started Saturday in Death Valley it's old it's. Off week in Alabama. Arkansas played in Florida. It's up navigate. The Saints this week Kansas City while 32 and in looks like it Tina might be start to figure some things out it beat Oakland last week. Seattle after that it San Cisco mixed in there as well. In Denver. Carolina who is not a team that. Represented the NFC suitable lecture. To me is scheduled start to soften it a lot also by Florida. And cast their vote property jet working people. Out go over the Saints they have a better chance of getting on a run because of that tough schedule that awaits Ellis shoot the next five games immediately lets off of one. The Saints now with that said. The seats I think it soon boring consistency. Obviously 23. And Allen shoot in. Arrows pointing up for LSU decline often it's all we've seen since Stevens Mears taken over it's our call the plays. Explosive offense fuels which forty points at southern miss now they haven't played the likes of Ole miss them play. That that kind of team offensively and defense that we haven't played the likes of an Alabama defense. So we are he sees some light and a higher office that's encouraging. Are pretty do our opinion poll results 68%. Of those voting on line. Say that LSU Tigers of one that the you know rule salvaged their season 32% saying the seat to cast your vote there at. Deputy Milan com or call me at 504260. Wait semi tech's 87. Eats at you break down Satan chiefs' next year. On sports talk to be to Molina and daka. Six linebacker Greg Robertson we here tonight at 6 o'clock and nice crowd on hand here at hooters on vets in Metairie welcome back to sports talk crushing Garrett in fourteen Sylvia. Then he should feel better about themselves to victory at the Saints have won two in a row for the third straight win. This Sunday in Kansas City itself please played all right stadium duplicate that with player. Whether or cough here. Sports reporter for the Kansas City Star and a few moments. And he temple want to open final 422187. Up there on right now Blair Kirk off on the kids the star power ointment. Great write nor. Apparently good that would afford this one in particular let's start that have been hour and a go for the first time this Sunday. In years so much about the history. Fan base and the noise level there. Com. I guess. What makes it's allowed aside from the fans but also isn't one of them is it would you agree that it is up there with Seattle in New Orleans perhaps is one most daunting place for his team. Yeah I would I think that would say. You know like Green Bay courses phenomenal Pittsburgh is great in. I think this year numbers thing in city place street somewhere between them by seven to now than. It and you know you know to build. It's going to be but they are on base. The tailgating actual B you know we start really early and then he did that smelling park watching them walk which would. Yogi here in this year's it is. Arrowhead in achieves crowd was much like I need these yet. I'll you. But he's he is. You know and LSU game in the SEC game of big twelve for a year they're they're just. They're that way he they cheer for the team that way I think that's what. That that's what makes an and it felt stadium well when you have Spain should it actually you could pitch. Each year I mean she's been in that that's. Look at the the game off feel obviously know the crowd's gonna have an impact at some point that ballgame. But this the Saints achieved this Sunday an hour ahead. I want to start with Justin Houston I know Andy Reid said yesterday it's unlikely that he plays the Sunday against the Saints is that change does that look like he could play we think. Now I don't think so I don't they've actually been open courses would be here. Would your knee injury side dish year we we thought Jamaal Charles back sooner. And he ended up coming back he he would return until the the court she's we thought he needs to start the year start up the season and did not. So I. I think they're they're going to be overly courses it would Houston. And I'd we will see in this league game need be seen all of this weekend in but on the loaded bases but when he does impact he has absolutely difference maker this deep and so it's. It's sort of lack. So I thought that by being. That taught me about Jamaal Charles worker off Kansas City Star Jamaal Charles is slowly worked his way back and you think this is that we. That they start taking the wraps off a little bit and give them a little more of an expanded role. You know that's good question because. See. The dynamic of the back field as changed with sprint to win here. Former former she's going back. Who heads to really become you know studs back there for the Chiefs in the Eddie come at all with a career. Best. Watching game at Oakland last week and he had a little bit on the problem this year but they they really like the year and I I evil. I think it will be the featured back on Sunday and it was against Oakland and with Jamal pack or strain. It's been aware that the majority series with him in a majority production I think that'll. Don't need to take this week as well what you mean though with the creative. Indeed the finding ways to have media vote on the same time war. You know with mixing and match seeing it differently if need be blast the last Oakland. You know we threw it he threw a touchdown pass to it to a 346. Penalty that the pac. So these these great things all and but that getting. Getting those. Who use. Spencer ware and Jamaal Charles isn't crazy thing to be a very Smart thing that you try to do it. Player Kirk off cover indicates the keys to the Kansas City Star and how they protected the offensive line am talking about. How they protected Alex Smith this year. Hasn't been great I think they average. He's been at that time. Did that she saw that the line had some they've had injury problems that have sort of the same group in back to back game. It's funny because they went in spring training at this spring training training camp. Baseball on my with the with the ALCS and tells him. They did the tribe up and god let the people bring him. In hand. On a need the same five guys almost every day it in in the starting roles that you get to know each other and get negative. You know kind of create a bond with each other. In the in the regular season starts the injuries start happening in the got to mix and match club in. And I think that had a little bit of an impact on on the effectiveness. Of the line and the offense but couldn't tell Sunday. Alex Smith whose that is not you know when he was 1922. And a touchdown passes. But nineteen. 22 was patient he's been in. Good people well multiple times he was she was all in in terrible condition by the way in you know and so. We were talking Drew Brees in an inch on paper earlier this year but a lot of that means they've got out that the in the should eat I think it's pretty under rated quarterback. In debt and has the ability to unity game managed Chiefs and a lot of victories. Like it to one reason they have. Respect for the last played in the divisional yeah it's as though. Yeah beats beats like throws and a clutch run it that kept the Saints by all accounts. From obstacle when scheme but they felt like and it's it will caliber squad years Alex Smith was the party really. You know player took off Kansas City Chiefs report report Kansas City Star. How will will they say ultimately for electoral what they saying about this matchup this Sunday with the Saints though the players. A little bit as important but shoot I think. And injury unbelievable respect for your reason in that. In that locker room bidders. We talked everyone would be at the players and depth. And indeed they they talk about your reasonably talk about Brady and Roethlisberger. And any others so. It's certainly observed and yet played a lot these guys. On the skiing. What dislike Rory here soaking in the from the south. You know played in it see. It's silly you know they grew up that. Could grow up but maybe All Saints and Drew Brees is well joke. And I think even these teams haven't. Played a long time well of course saint and then yours so late. And exit in the here. At least with the Chiefs the players with with saint and in. And what that organization is about I think there's a lot of respect from from the from the she would be it would Saints. Blair Kirk off sport support for the Kansas City Star think much of the time in the inside player with two run thanks. It report. Yes indeed I'll be there. Ice that the way for the news headlines go QB DQB next here on the beat him well enough that. And welcome back to sports talk is now time for. You BD QB in QB to QB with Drew Brees about David Roger by the door auto locals auto insurance. Drew two straight for the black and golden opportunity now to get to 500. Going on the road to Kansas City. A big big victory over Carolina and bored doing that second hand that was dislike to box is gone back and forth and you got to new the last blow. Yeah it was a arms and regularly. Jumped out to sort of want him not to read the first that's who we knew that game responsible or aren't sure Burger King. When. You know we know how explosive they can be offensively so. We knew we had to keep hardware. On our side and a opportunity because some breaks some post that your church called you know so they were. Chalks yardage. But. Is it Tuesday. Respond well Alter street beat it sure that order to to work. Look at the big touchdown. That the leaner. Obviously had a few good about that we him have an explosive play is at third and fifteen scenario. What it's Avant this could happen on the play described it touchdown with some needing kind of there he intended again personally in the middle but it looked like Wellesley the technically I know it kind of worked out. Not planned but hate that that I was only one comment and pulled it. Yeah the the distribution let's say the you know pursue yours not quite early in Tampa. I restore the ball to Coby. You know we vote it was we've we tried to. Diplomats aligned which kind of a quick motion if you noticed we motion Willie. Across the formation snap the ball over quickly. They were. They haven't looked like be they want to bring pressure in the all of the sudden with the ocean where they got confused that maybe who is gonna come and pressures so they all dropped. But they won't try to run to different locations. But so it was basic right up the middle on equally pretty loose. He was coming from the other side of the formation sucks so like OK well there's a matchup. You can throw Coby. A high ball and all the sudden it felt all these bodies begin to congregate in north Sheila. It's gotten the ball out of my hand. And you know Willie did hit it it was on the seam route that that he basically bent toward the bills shield. And here come these safeties but it's. Really took the brother that bud. That you needed teachers yeah I think they were more focused on him at Arco. I'm accessible inspector. Now what drooling when you try to push of the Volvo on the field and that you know you're talking about those angles it's needed leaner and high yet to anticipate. What happened. On on this particular play with the interception was just miscommunication. On that angle to describe that play when that record. He thought I destroy not. I replied to mr. Wilbon it was done they were they were under pressure that it that it has anything to do order. I would play action player in. You know there's varying angles which you can come out of it depending on short corner chased you are but. I just that the beer the safety was underneath (%expletive) and I just aired on the safe side try to put it a little bit higher. And unfortunately in the order overlap at most it would give it so that was completely my fault it is what sort of. Now drug a huge Sean always talk about this are really paying attention to detail we talk about flip in this field and few positions just talk a little bit about the importance importance of it Thomas Morse then. And his play and how he's held when the team went few position and is. A great compliance and amongst the best and NFL meddling girls club but also net put. But so -- you your ability to choose what the field and educational leadership. It's huge. And every every yard child she I mean there's. We shall calculation to position. Our basically direct result of sports. So when you have. Oh on or the other force. As to secure he's such her advantage to steal and cheat inside. There are territory or your trouble is back. EG oh sang it trying to locate that far. True location where you know we can get our centers down there make the tackle and nobody out proper term it that action that Arabia changed she grew up the. Now I drew Obama got a number of big plays though pushing the ball log down the field through six weeks. Right now you the most accurate NFL passer. Right at 67%. On deep balls and looking at you can we're branding coach I was reading here where. You look at it season over in 98 yard touchdown and then you look at 87 yarder that. On that. Brandon is only the second player with two tires down receptions of 87 yards or longer in his in the same season in the history of the league. And now you have to go back in the Shawn Jackson did it and we all know how fast he is. We did with the Eagles in 2002 incidents. For a pretty good a company went to about explosiveness and that the question I have. How would you compare. That trust factor yet we're Brennaman and now like you had would every in this and hitting on a number of deep balls. Yet you are avatar trust that there are some of the that we work all. These years. Trap to reach your opportunities what. They should everybody goes that. But you deuce there's that there's a patient through it and that there would chop so it is a pot pot. Get the ball or shut. Those two HH plates at. You like that book back to last year's. That's mop victories you know like that where am I upset people up to that where it ought somebody's urged the deep ball. Go out double move order by deep that. That's what you that we talk about. Spoke on their work so. Now what drew when you I'll watch in the field together as office of a group and Leo get position meeting rooms running backs receivers quarterbacks alignment. When you together with Mark Ingram or is this more as a running back position that you ever talk with him. Or do you let him. Against the running back coach if you miss the cut our missed the hole where. He ended up with 51 yards and averaged 3.2 yards a carry. And that's one question and tied it with Ingram and against the running backs also. Why haven't had as much success on screen plays like in the past and you know the fans that's it no drew story in the ground is that eight of the screen is it. Accommodation of the align maybe leaving too soon to back nets and I've just break down those scenarios that is broke. You know. Question I mean we there's two types screens they're there's what it back there street so what worries out of the backfield that. Other who work eclipsed what he'll drop or hit one out AL and their receivers steelworker dished the ball out there which. To receive screen spoke to to Wear coats at what was the last one or two triple. Burgos Emery dollar it's pretty critical. In order a lot of the cheaper to triple. So. Yeah you like we got a few of those that have been a force. We only attempted one. Scream at running back didn't dispute pressure. And you know honestly when cheek reduced it about rookies great player should Iguodala. Right and ER is terrific defense is so small because that play it was unbelievable what you would Pierre Thomas and O line. Yeah you know we we had a run there with Pierre Sproles where. We're you know some strange strange respect replace. You know we just haven't quite had so looks that we you know perfect worksheet on me so I doubt that screams sailors might ride in. You know it's. It's either going to be huge players and not and you know but it's just been you know it's one of those big gambles are so we're. It's one thing if you throw on third and fifteen and you know you're just gonna go get a yard and your upon it it's another thing when you know you just call with them haven't fully game and mental side of acerbic. Now drew are the go back. And talking about Ingram and his self and and I try to tell fans I think it's more position groups like when you get what you coach. Where you know he'd say whoa you know. On this throw what were you thinking you does that throw would that be the case also with Ingram that would is that there's the running back coach that. Actually say well I think me what about this 'cause it's that it. You know taken the wrong angle are making the wrong cut. In order that run the run game is is pretty collaborative effort you know it's. It's done received very well thought out game plan out where polite approach I think coach at church or greater greater but it can throw that art he has that there that would come through. You know kind of analysis from the game I mean much and things are happening fast out there you go on and sometimes you get books pitcher in that certainly plants or war. Start up front by the bee line and all the sudden Crosby try to be. Different than what you anticipated but that shopping outing marked a tremendous job of that. You know in this basket murderers or run it we. We had a beard situations where we are raked in some plays in the passing game and short which it batch of south side so we try to. Exhaust those options you know so they were targeting called me right plays we. And on call just to Churchill is mostly played without. Now drew out what do you see on film. With the Chiefs and I got a lot of past experiences. When you start out in the league with the Chargers and I talk about what you seen on film on this Chiefs team and also your past experiences of playing at Arrowhead Stadium. Yeah there has more amateur places venues to play having sort groups and use it at all spiritual so all that's been there for a long time starter great tradition there. That's great sand base. And that much as to what supply it's loudly it's extremely well let's say our. Our own and then Seattle and in Kansas City or throughout this places them normally without question. All of which just. Part organization you know. That's the sort thirteen of their defense goes the other stout group church you are. Predicting that cute in the in the catcher rush and then it got. I actually won the most opportunistic. Secondary I've seen in a long time. Kind of led by Marcus beaters in order corder who. I think at nine kicks Clijsters five or to pressure the ball well you know it's a great instinct she's got exceptional skills. In reverse just anticipating routes in. Jai you like to break on the ball on a chance on trust doubts they're very distraught speech which saw. But honestly it got. All these guys shouldn't sector workers say he's or. Corners that can copper which cover man. Afraid to match in my across the board. And they get to capture Russian pretty stout. Were there with the run defense to a doctor told her nose guard in the middle so it's it's it's pretty formidable group. Drew down a Gannett the Kansas City Chiefs I know allow Pete was saying. This is the closest thing to a big time college about coming you don't have to look for you look at when their home everybody's pretty much dressed the same. Arrowhead Stadium you've been it's a big college thing you would it what is it about Arrowhead Stadium that makes it such a tough place to play. I don't know it's the stadium desired it's an old stadium you know. Sixties. It is great that it's it's. But I remember the days instrumental in dogs you know I mean just from like watchable. And so films. About those guys and kind of heyday and by the way it goes both Purdue got occasional. And then and then the but ninety's with Marty Schottenheimer. Should mark athletic urchin in San Diego humorous. He was enough intensity for ten years or that time and then they. They had some great changed during that stretch mentioned great changed on the playoff appearances. Under great players. They want party games. Ed Ed Ed drew does it is say like they always have them on the plus side in the turnover margin. That's yeah and others Marty Marty was there for change in ten years she was close ninety's. Well. In turn or Sabres sure plus nine almost cost him here that's pretty ridiculous injuries forced 34. Blustery it's your role on Warriors so. That's their. That environment. You know just they can reach out there in under about San Diego to five years we course but in December. Regarded big game your fight for playoff spot or some like that are we speaking to sort out routes. Acclimated Priest Holmes and Dante Hall where the running backs and Trent Green in Tony Gonzales and they had a. Yeah that's off the top three off him. There were zero Willie ropes which was on the O line I mean they had such great change during that stretch and so that we know we battled them but I. We just pulling in the that old venue you know. On the kill gators it's like a sea of red no byes are cured and then he didn't the stadium and that's it's pretty true Dempster. QB to QB is brought him back. Go the go auto locals on injured drew as always thank you so much for the time good luck to you in the black goal on the road this week it. What effect things route. The final results of our credit that our people online at W to mold dot com Ellis shoot seats got off to. This point starts with a better chance to get on a roll and salvage their seasons 67% of those. Voting on line it's a Ellis shoot 33% saying. The Saints the black and gold taken on the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday right here on C radio coming up. Saints linebacker Greg Robertson for the Saints players show presented by our partners patio drugs that are in Metairie at the Bears casino hotel in. Baton Rouge also get our view from Vegas in the 7 o'clock hour fantasy football preview and would you rather LSU playoff berth saints' playoff berth. When pelicans to break 500. Clinton would you rather gave up next as well the next two hours here on WW LA about it W well dot com coming out of this and who were on that it matters.