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10-24 4pm Bobby & Mike: on Saints-Chiefs and LSU-Ole Miss

Oct 24, 2016|

Bobby & Mike break down the Saints' loss to Kansas City and LSU's win over Ole Miss.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of the second guess she'll like it that you obviate gap. Five from the snow was up a casino beach side in Hank got down in Mississippi couple by business obviously and I'll be on until 630 tonight. And it will throw it to the sites radio network will be the Saints coaches show the head coach Sean pay in his guest tonight will be the Vincent secondary coach. Aaron Glenn Bob before we talk sites on the news official today. LSU Alabama prime time 7 PM on C yes. Not this Saturday but next. Just unbelievable setting again and the state does Vince that sort of speak and we saw this week. Just how. You know publishing has been able to adjust so well in the second half but gains. The other part about it that I think is comical and notice only because. I think we saw this week minute when it to an 84 yards rushing just a phenomenal moment has been the performance of intelligent defense. And in the three games. Under coach Joseph. In the second half they've outscored their opponents 73. Seven. In the second half of the three games. They've ran this defense has given up. A grand total of eight touchdowns. In seven games so for all the talk about the improvement in the passing game. What that coming back ices impact on this football team. It they got a goal on on the Mets of side to football and you need every bit of it when you will face the champs in two weeks. Well just like let go are at that arkansas' defense. My understanding outing Norman scored a touchdown against LSU the cumulative field goals value when the game. But was on the award about elegy divas I think he gonna come to play. And what's going to be challenging and thought that LSU defense this how ballots that Alabama is. You gotta give out Lane Kiffin a lot of credit. You know coach Saban as the head coach but he's more deviates a minded. At the highest level he's coach Stevens of bags but. Make given what they do it offensively the average in 260. They have yards Russian. At 230 passing yards. Then they also lead SEC's scoring 44 point two games. Now the immediate I'd be extremely surprised. If they keep unit against LSU defense now they've begun the score not policy of scoring up forty plus points. I don't think you bullets wealthy score thirty plus points so that Belichick's defense. Can beloved hole on the the twenty some points. I think LSU have a great chance to winning and let it Barnett. As explosive as he is. I still think he stays in the Heisman race you know you look who's in the top four in the top five candidates. Simply because he had a mind boggling game against Ole miss. Kenny rush for a hundred yards. I don't know have to wait and see all those last year he had 31 yards. On nineteen carries though. Listen we need at link that have a great game. Not a good game very similar to he really gains that Denver had. It's Alabama in Baton Rouge in I got a bit below those numbers but if he can have. That kind of game where not that you don't beat a weekly not just manage the team that actually make plays. They got LSU be in the thick of things and have a chance to win at home. That's all I can acts for the fourth quarter to be in the game but you look Alabama that now won twenty consecutive games. Gotta go back to September middle September 2015 when they lost to Ole miss. 43 to 37 so it would be a big challenge but I think LS UV. To attack us not at all they'll win. I think they'll play hard and they'll have a chance to win. But that's it makes it so it tree in an interest in come Saturday night in Tiger Stadium. And haven't. You know two weeks to prepare. Mean it's almost like. You have a bye week you know all of us that you play well in the NFL and in you know at playing that first weekend. And he is doing the opponent so great opportunity to average everybody. To be the B well as well as they keep peace so to speak with the bye week coming up and being ready to roll with. Like it's an odd and Othella she's gonna win. And I see I see him having a great chance in Baton Rouge. Well don't you think this game's gonna come down to which quarterback than you make the most plays all at the least the bottom mistakes maybe sort of speak. Because we you look at it will be roots as a playing well will teams have a strong running game. It is gonna come down to which quarterback. Can make plays in the crucial situations. And give Alabama a lot of credit. Over the last few years that's been a huge part but the difference LSU's quarterbacks have not been able to do anything. Against that Alabama defense and yet we've seen it. You're reading your route in oh spit AJ McCarron if I was them a few years back last year it was Coco who made some plays. You gotta be able to make some plays in the passing game to open up your running attack. Well I Jalen hurts is not playing like a freshman quarterback Agassi of progressively getting better every game. But it's gonna come down to the little things though when you look at all phases office Steve inspection teams. And you look what Alabama has done a special teams to defense. About opportunistic. This is something LSU cannot shoot themselves in the foot we could you not gonna beat a team like Alabama. If you look with the etiquette seen him move though that twelfth touchdown. Score on either special teams or defense. That matches that number of touchdown I think about this. They have twelve touchdowns on either the defense or special teams that matches the number of touchdowns on mild. Lot of Crimson Tide defense so for. So life in other words you can I get them the scoop which school or. Picks they'd sub par return. Now while with that being said. And yet now luckily entries in my you can evaluate where this guy was but. The injury you could tell next man up. But to replace injured safety Eddie Jackson I think that's a big low that they can be hard pressed because he was a leader he went only a playmaker you what he severed their ballot broken leg. On that part return against the Aggies which double ought to playmaker he every turn to put an innocence of a touchdown. I don't know at home. I that's been I might be a whole career ecstatic just to anyone season when it thinks it brought up yesterday was the fact that he was the sharper. In that in the secondary was the guy that got everybody in position. Know what you Nolan if you don't know look at me I'm good at you where you should be. And it happened that leader in that god can communicate what everybody that's like you quarterback on defense. Well and then and and last then as well and nick Sabin. That's his expertise is the secondary. So he's seen it the best and events and I and that's how highly thing to anti trust in him yet to cross the mentally no trust factor now you look at ate him you know that led the league the top rushing attack. They still at a 114 yards but no touchdowns on the ground. But they got after Trevor night was sacked five times it Forever Knight is mobile more mobile than antley. Well what can beat you to get the ball last out of hand let you know lies in the tied in the running back. The yards after the catch which you look at the top running back now he's not let it Barnett. What you look treaty Lou Williams he had point three yards on nine carries after. Coming into the game leading the SEC in rushing yards per game. Well mammoth that lately haven't you get that youth movement intimidation against us that's likely take a total team effort the volleys that I'll tell she's way. And you B plus one in a terrible market in a coach who ran that the instantly coach old. Senator Rickey plan and maybe make or fours Jalen hurt. To play like a freshman throw the ball because that's definitely throw it because as of late. He has gotten better he doesn't look like a freshman out there. Now that they do is that we get a good break this to think about it Ellison's tackles but got to leave it in his game that you block it. Not at that now little ones. Jim Williams on the other. Two guys who could be up at the Knicks in the when he seventy NFL draft you've got to be able to match up against those guys because. You got to give their epic slump on the total football rally in Williamsport good players they dominant college. Football what did they gave their coach and I would talk about. That you got to challenge the players. Even high you handle adversity. Let's say you can't be with so what. You gotta bounce back and and lived to fight another day let's say you do good so what. You gotta continues to do that before quarter yell at them asides or quarters. In other words you gotta like I know it's at night time. That is they pack a lunch. Back at dinner are midnight snack that a pack a breakfast yet yeah hey it is going on is this like a lesson. From the first snap. To the last that you gotta bring it it just trying to win those individual about it that you lose they'll those are itself bounce back in. You have that opportunity see what you can do. Ball with the second guess she'll run up the as break you all and negate seven. Welcome back that's what you get show like that to you Bobby Hebert a lot of the so we'll slip a casino beach side in Hancock county Mississippi. Bubba saint Kansas City this is the game we talked about pre game. Things didn't match up well against the Chiefs but yet had a opportunity to this game. But you have twelve penalties you can't turn the ball over twice gave up a touchdown in this game and get at the end you still had an opportunity. To win this football game it's got to be frustrating. But the coaches here. With the Saints to see you know the tees off we'll be all end up looking at all or impression you. Although the public they balance the Chiefs football game that I that's how they've led all ball that's already play small ball because you had an opportunity but it opens and that'll be. That's the thing that has the option on me up the wall well. You think about it something I think it might we talked about this in the regained the Saints at the number one reds don't often and it's fourth down with the cheese put them at regret they'll beat it but. That she's an oval and reds note even if the takeaways they had borne out they have five glut that you gotta give up a pick snakes. And it turn oval at the 78 yard line yet that we it's amazed that say two in their clothes that you minus two. In a terrible market that you know what the penalty but yet double digit penalties arguments the NFL I'm. Harvard Yard that's like attack them and look what they lost by 66 and a half I mean 66 Britain but the point of being with that. In the biggest deals with it though it did no partner. I mean whether you're at 66 and have six does that push you still it would just think that the points you won by half a point now with it just didn't right now. A C in early line with the Seahawks from the pound. And all of a sudden they got to travel. They would an overtime game. And look at the time strain not even a full week is not my that night but considering when they gave finish. And the Seahawks that's all about right guess what this exploit like they. And and I think is that. I don't know the thing to Italy but it's QB it just didn't I think it's gonna go down that right now it's eight. I think it might take the state at home an adult but -- show it take this late in the point I don't know they can win but I think it will cover it. Beyond that. I think that this week I didn't think it would be it over gave up what would be about the game at the wind Seattle plays on all this. I know what David based rubble and Scola and that tackles blocked with that bit. While can't target to dominate yeah I got out of listening that's one thing now the Cardinals beat at the line Cologne. I think compared to the Saints if it's liners like at night and day but the one thing to Seattle feel talk with the lines like good. That they'd not very good but you know it is they need job what ultimately deals that now fantasy football a lot like that game last night. I'll watch in a hotel where it was greeted very unlike say watching this game I don't get there once Gordon it was not bubble football. You go by a the it's it's up flying at that a ball. You know fantasy football and yet even wanted to because I really thought that at all that gave me why you don't play and to see him Nick's cool off the way. That way at all late. With unbelievable public got to go to break thanks so much. But the first half hour it will be back with the war the second guess you'll write it is new brake let. Chris Miller. Welcome back then it's like intentional like that that you Bobby you've been alive but so was with the casino. B side and cut down in Mississippi are definitely operated Jack or opinion poll. Are you more impressed with L oceans the Mets. Then it Cornet. Our coach old any staffs adjustment. During gains. I'll Nazi ideology is the pit you can cash pupil now it definitely L dot com listen that the Mets has been one probably Furrey de. Tickets they partner at that old is the and it's not having been bad there terrible against the run that he cashed. Look at those holes now you know let it part I it's like he's back with his ankle its ability this ran away at this burn away you know track you down and you get a home run its day instead of a long run. Well but they'll all Leo is I Jackson they. Why knighted day compare that might with they had in the trenches. If you look at our Jericho yeah a year ago but not at the end of the city year when you to the next man up the next man up and in. Go to the commitment you know and as but it's like to steal if you win what you had Kelly. Believe it's more about that evening but really he's he's like Drew Brees hit play good little miss to win he's got to play great. Because his defense gives up so many points so much yardage and they got virtually no running game I thought they ran the football OK intelligent but it was not been great. He's got a big play at the plate at the plate. But look at the one thing comic Jay right now and I think Alabama's challenges their offensive line is that at the point of attack north itself. I'm talking about inside shoulder of the right tackle and the left tackle. Not turn out like Ellis Hubert running right at the heart and Dallas used the it's going to get a tried that that that's where to me Ellen she's still has questions. I'm not learn about them all the expert right. Right at the guys that weren't times I asked. The plate being that you take its gonna look silent a silent what you do when they're running right that. It got a mid city big John in Ottawa a bit. Thank god there have been an hour ago just on be done. Then I'll. You know like the Saints yet there I was listening to move to the post Pete show wouldn't and so post game locker room are meant to. There are really focused there and real well and crawled. And a couple of things that he would say it and Bobby you'll beat talked about this a great deal after those comments say it. And are are beginning to really the only LA. You know I'd like he taught my kid you could narrow road and I overall it is the Cairo but not. Excuse me my my mom that I'm. I was in your appeal when that I've kind of felt the same way and let's hear it at NC. Without people like Tyrone great certain it badly but I'm used to just the muscle up the slack with them. Not really not really cheer them up about. On the right things at all like. And I got that sense late in the caddie you know and ready to walk. You know it's our policy people out. I couldn't throw it up but as coach me now really realistically you can eat he ran out there you can not call it now because that's not. The team is well coached me when it was you know behind closed doors but he beat me calling each other out and I although I did not carry signs yet. Right I didn't think you'd be caught about it parts of our I feel like it seems to be reckoning about that happened in that locker room. Well between you know players that you would be about what they do when. And the guys that you know their lineup off sides. Order brought people down you know what shall let it happen it's a better problem when he can't gain. You know the me first mentality. And you know one or two things can happen and I've been in this sport that goes. You know one guy steps up inside a lot more pop sidestep all the way to law. Everybody gets one line that may move full or break so well room and you have to ask but please. Bobby you you'd like to award or leave what you waited for the series. What do you think it happened in the locker room with this. Well I don't know if they have any Ricky Jackson in the locker room are as I was never worried about I I can't speak my mind in on that Ricky had my back. And not an outdoor but nobody jumping me kick him out behind. Are not so what you look like a ray lewis' it does certain leaders like Robertson ages people on the team. Well what he's like that brought out best linebacker. So locked camps aren't. I don't know that can't aren't personality. I know Katie Carlson with talent like it is and it might be out with an art a couple of names low light like Jared bird. I mean out come on he's supposed to be a season pattern and a leader you know lead by example and make plays when they have big guys this kind of film doesn't lie. So when you look at that also like Jonathan Jake. I mean hey here's the big guy is happy to be playing in the NFL are you doing your assignment at the point of attack. So you really would need to be that we meeting room. But I guarantee you the giant. That the coaches are calling out the players that have not gotten it done like Britt is the finance and he was not active you know why he was an active. If you pay me like a great player and have a nose for the football run sideline to sideline tackle and know what you do at some at a time. You have to many middle bus Kate plate which. Because you hit there in between you have to be like a glove and at the bit. So when you look at I'm just they were with the players that I think that can have a Carl's been here long enough. And that Pena hit it the jail like what did he say when I look at the film like I let the coaches I knew we can't syndicate that I gonna take that they do. They get a run all of our Duke play action. It's almost like would be a miracle and it gave the cheese don't wanna play it if all of us that Alex is throwing the ball with thirty times they don't want to do that. Those that do you study the film you pay an extra attention to detail. Read that that's green's desperate to where he got the running back flexed out. Did you wonder ran a wide receiver screen. It's what you might have got out Blake Wood no wait actually have been attack them now activity may be a long gain. But on this on a tackle and you don't wanna give them 52 when he are you can't get to actually give it to them that way. Dot let me talk a real quick thing about now you and Barry buried there for a buy everything. But in the days would have wondered what that is running at 70% capacity. At the old way. There are accurately be at least that the OL in that that at light speed. That was marked the Greek style yet mormons yes I'm at midnight in inside this date. Odds are in a few guys in that big John like commercial will Jackson and Marcus Dupree. Hit very guys that can do it at that level and you thought about a guy three weeks out of the game. You you know he's with them and you can see got that big runs he was signaling and listen I gotta get out. But didn't hit another big play in another big like people say what Ole miss people it's as bad it might be. But still it's an SEC defense and a lot of those same guys Ellis she went from a recruit. The guy he ran no limit on that was basically on his body guard when he came. Or the LSU campus. That's sick guys. Yeah right sides it's all. Right thanks a lot. I've not excellent but I'll while with the guys who run rate Q on them. Welcome back to second guess Joseph Mike to take about you realize. From the supposed to the casino excited Hancock county Mississippi who detonation double Libya was a senior to a site home game. Just listen to call it Robinette on Thursday front in the one we you're with a slight pull watching again. Call 260 wins this 26094673. Chance to win tickets Thursday. You can win tickets to the site home game against the Denver Broncos. Sunday November 13. This and went Saints tickets from the public Robinette show currencies AM the 1 PM wants to radio. Evidently you out or with the second guess she'll write up that is. Ricky on the negates that and. Welcome back that is what you get she'll Mike the thing about you've been alive this almost looked a casino beach side and it got comic. Mississippi it go to permanent that rule retirement you're no huddle with Bobbitt might. Up. Yeah RBI meant. And if Ellis who pre game. Well one. Are. An. All time. I. Are. Now. At the op. Note rent. Them. All about Greg. China. Bubba aren't is if he has to be aggressive. I mean. You help me. That there's so to speak panel to them at all. And you know as the likely front part of berth at the got the momentum and yet the league and now why would you be more it's there. While I putted it at that they wanted to be aggressive because now. It doesn't matter. It and it's that is the appellate shoots up against Alabama like that. If you take the same approach at that time. It's the injury boy yet eight point lead. The halftime it's Alabama might not want to take it. I think overall he will be aggressive. And just. Eight and average them the ball at them that we can try it. You end up in the top I bought. That that's pretty strong the commitment he's got a real tough schedule. Down the stretch to listen we all pulled a quiet you know Bob you go back longer than that I am with with coach hill but man we don't pollute but that Belichick team because you know what. They plan to what I think everybody thought they would be when the season started however thanks so much for the golf.